SECRETS OF MAP OF ILLUMINATES. Or the secret of the “Union of Nine Unknowns”.

Today there are a lot of people who have already become familiar with the mysterious card game “Illuminati”. But few people know about the secret of the most “cherished nine cards” – which are the main ones in this game …

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Although the Illuminati card game itself appeared in 1994-1995, the majority became acquainted with their existence after the events of September 9, 2001, when, after the explosion of the twin towers, it became clear that it was this image that was present on one of the cards, and the other could see the Pentagon explosion. , moreover, just on one side of the complex. Since then, similarities with real life and key events have been discovered more than once.

Illuminati Cards – Nine Unknown

The most interesting thing is that for the most part, even people who know about these cards, this is where all the knowledge is limited. I think few have seen a full deck of over 500 cards. Although they are all quite possible to find on the network, without spending a lot of time. The deck is divided into three groups: events or actions (298 cards); groups or individuals (205 cards) and the Illuminati itself – 9 cards. And that’s just the last 9 and caught my attention.

Картинки по запросу Союзе Девяти Неизвестных», управляющих миром

The fact is that on Earth there has long been a legend about the “Union of Nine Unknowns” who rule the world. Those who want to get acquainted with this topic in more detail can easily do it with the help of Google or Yandex. I will only note the most significant features of this legend from my point of view.

1. It is very ancient. Although the first mention of “VOS” refers to the 3rd century BC, I think this legend itself appeared to conceal the truth, since traces of some powerful forces that can be attributed to VOS are found in much earlier periods. Starting from the Sumerian civilization.

2. According to the legend, the whole body of knowledge inherited by mankind from the previous civilizations was divided into 9 books belonging to different areas of knowledge. Each book received its Guardian. Thus, it was possible to control the development of humanity and at the same time the impossibility of usurping all the ancient knowledge by one clan.

3. Since ancient times, the mention of VOS has been found periodically, including in relatively recent times, which makes it possible to think that VOS has safely survived all times and has continued its activity to this day. The basis of its activities is the control over the development of mankind and the prevention of key breakthroughs in any areas of scientific knowledge.

4. In various variations of numerous schemes reflecting the power structure of the world behind the scenes that have emerged in recent years, the VOS is present either as the ruling elite or as the “first after God”.
All this makes it necessary to treat the 9 Illuminati cards with somewhat greater attention than superficial curiosity.

So, there are only 9 cards.

“Bavarian Illuminati”

The first card, the most easily amenable to decoding, is called the Bavarian Illuminati. In contrast to the Illuminati “ordinary” in relation to the history of the “Bavarian”, a little more is known. The Order was founded on May 1, 1776 by Adam Weishaupt

Pildiotsingu баварские иллюминаты tulemus

Of particular interest is the fact that he did it not according to his own plan, but by order of his creditors, who were the Rothschilds. Among the main tasks assigned to the Order were all available forces to achieve influence on all key political figures in Europe. For this, any means could be used.

Somewhat later, in order to expand their influence, members of the Order of the BI began to penetrate and take over managerial positions in numerous masonic lodges. So far, in 1782 it was not possible to carry out their unification into one integrated structure.

At the same time it was decided to admit to the membership in the Lodges of the Jews. All this already in the very near future allowed the Rothschilds to openly crush the entire multi-level structure of the secret societies of Europe of the Masonic type.

Thus, we can at least assume that the Rothschild clan still represents one of the “unknowns” (namely, it represents, and is not personally this Unknown). The sphere of unique knowledge is approximately sociology, politics, management of public consciousness.

 “Dwarfs of Zurich”

Another card called “The Dwarfs of Zurich” sends us to Switzerland. The phrase “Gnomes from Zurich” was first pronounced by George Brown, the vice premier of Great Britain. It was 1964, and the Labor government had just squeezed in to power.

Seotud kujutis

The Laborites had been waiting for this for a long time and had gotten a whole bunch of plans, so they were very upset when they nevertheless seized upon the authorities and found out that they would have to wait with plans – there was a financial crisis in England.

The point, of course, was that They, whoever they were, maybe They were a whole international gang at all, carefully reviewed the UK trade balance and its balance sheets, after which they decided to sell pounds sterling.

Here, all currency speculators began selling pounds, and soon no one bought them, except for the Bank of England, which was obliged to do this, and Mr. Hayes from the Federal Reserve Bank in New York had to spend all night on his feet collecting financial surgery and preparing a massive transatlantic infusion. It was then that George Brown attacked the International Conspirators, who aimed to finish off the pound, and at the same time England.

“These are all Gnomes from Zurich,” he said in a voice that trembled with hatred. Each word Brown uttered slowly and threateningly, especially lingering on r “in the word” Gnomes “, which is why an extra syllable appeared in it. Thus, the “Dwarfs from Zurich” began to be called International Speculators, as well as skeptics.

“Gnomes from Zurich,” although it is not quite right to call them that, since most of them are not from Zurich, but from Basel and Geneva, are responsible for Gold. It is with a capital “Z”. Wherever in the world there is physical gold, it is controlled by the “gnomes”.

It is they who know all about the sacral meaning of gold, as an energy accumulator, which gives its owners almost magical powers and capabilities. I would not be surprised if every gold smelted and numbered gold bar is controlled by the “Dwarfs”.

By the way, apart from mysticism, we will quickly understand that, with the exception of the last 40 years, the bulk of gold was stored in Switzerland, and the entire global financial system was spinning around the “yellow metal”.

Then (possibly by the Rothschilds), an attempt was made to remove the significance of gold for the financial system through numerous derivatives and through the control of the issue of money supply. However, it is still not clear who has won more from this. Personally, it seems to me that in the process of these “games,” the concentration of gold in one hand only increased.

Meanwhile, the financial system untied from it is already breathing its last, and gold is once again preparing to occupy a central place in mutual settlements. Thus, if you don’t quit the topic about VOS, then, most likely, the “Gnomes from Zurich” control gold (as the basis of the monetary settlement system), and through it the whole world business.

I want to immediately make a reservation that I am not going to say that there is an exact correspondence of the Illuminati maps to the real division of the Unified Knowledge into 9 parts in strict accordance with these maps. Rather, through maps, I’m trying to try to grope these 9 areas of knowledge. Perhaps not always well.

“Society Discordian”

The third map of the Illuminati, which we consider is called the Society of Discordians. Anyone interested in the meaning of the word “Discordian” will easily find that this word is associated with the concept of Chaos. And this “society” itself is a kind of seemingly funny version of the religious worship of Chaos and its goddess Eris. But as soon as we digress from the specifics, we immediately understand the depth and great importance of this area of ​​knowledge.

Pildiotsingu society discordian tulemus

Anyone who could accurately and in detail imagine the interrelation of Chaos, Order and Entropy, would have gained tremendous power. Is it possible that there are any? Why not. We are all witnesses of the fact that the theory of “controlled chaos”, which appeared relatively recently on the surface, being adopted by the US strategists, has already had a huge impact on the current state of the world.

Indeed, in essence, it is the interaction of chaos and ordered structures that predetermines the death of the old order and the birth of the new. Moreover, the new order is born due to the binding of the free energy of chaos, which was formed during the destruction of the old ordered structures.

Externally, at the level of abstract logic, everything looks quite elementary. But there is one key point, without the knowledge of which any process of this kind will flow before our eyes, but without our control. This is the ability to capture, control and direct the chaos energy in the right direction. Indeed, this section of universal knowledge can be considered the most crucial.

Therefore, it is not surprising that this particular area of ​​conspiracy still remains the least opened up. Everyone sees the manifestation of these forces, but no one understands who is behind this and what can be opposed to this. The most interesting (more on this later) is that all 9 Unknowns are in a dual state of unity-war.

On the one hand, all lead human civilization to the same finale, on the other hand, I get the impression. That for each of them his role and influence on the final process are of great personal motivation, forcing him to constantly insert each other “stick in the wheel.”

For example (from the cards already reviewed), BIs strive to reduce the influence of the GC in the financial and economic sphere by taking money away from gold. Those, in turn, undermine the foundations of the “paper money system”. But both of them are striving to build some kind of order convenient for their power, which immediately tries to destroy ML, since it knows best how to build something new from the free energy of Chaos (of course, according to its own patterns).

From the power figures known to us (I can be mistaken) I would connect this “branch of power” with the Rockefellers. I somehow associate Chaos with this group. Knowledge Areas – Art. Management tools – all sorts of public organizations such as “Green Pis”, “antiglobalists” and the like.

“Lost Horizon”

The next map, which undoubtedly has a clear indication in its title to a special area of ​​Knowledge, is Shangri-La. This very name is fictional and first appeared in 1933 in the novel by science fiction writer James Hilton “Lost Horizon”.

Pildiotsingu shangri la tulemus

However, it clearly indicates the much more well-known mythical name of the secret country Shambhala, being its literary allegory. If we consider the information related to Shambhala, we can highlight the following:

• Location – Tibet (now under the jurisdiction of China);

• A place from where buddhas periodically come to people to transfer a certain portion of the Knowledge of the Universe;

• A place that is one of the few that has been preserved in its original form since the time of the Flood (it was not flooded);

• The place where the sacred mountain Kailash is located, which according to the Vedic tradition is the residence of Shiva, God who looks after the world of the Earth during the night of Svarog;

• The place where, according to some mystics (Blavatsky), is the headquarters of the Great White Brotherhood, which holds knowledge of past civilizations, and where the coming Messiah, the avatar of Vishnu, must be born before the decisive battle of good and evil;

• The place from which a number of sacred knowledge about the technologies of the Aryan ancestors were transferred to Hitler during the expeditions to Tibet, which he fortunately did not have time to use, although he was quite close to this;

• The place where, according to the testimony of the Russian research scientist Ernst Muldashev, in some deep sealed caves some representatives of the subhuman civilizations of Atlantes and Lemurians are still in a state of the deepest meditation (samati).

I do not want to go into details, how much fiction is here, but how much truth. I do not know. But there is no smoke without fire. And the sacral character of this area is recognized as a matter of fact by all religions of the world. According to legend, in Tibet, Christ spent a lot of time before his 30th birthday.

If at least part of what was said above is correct, then we are dealing with such a section of Universal Knowledge, as the structure of the Universe and the Knowledge of the Divine laws of the Universe. With that said, I would refer to the same and all the existing world religions Christianity, Buddhism, Islam and Judaism.

Hence, in the hands of this “unknown” of ours, enormous spiritual power is concentrated over billions of people, supported by a no less impressive administrative structure. This group of the most frequently mentioned contenders for the players of the first level can be attributed to the Vatican. However, like the rest of the Church.

“Adherents of Hermes”

The next card, which also has a relatively clear interpretation, is the Adepts of Hermes. Apparently, we are talking about Hermes Trismegistus, who bore the name of Thoth in Egypt. Even a simple reference to Wikipedia gives us a rather detailed understanding of the areas of Sacred Knowledge that may be associated with this name. These are writing, jurisprudence, philosophy, alchemy and medicine.

Seotud kujutis

In a more general form, one can obviously talk about all the natural sciences. Needless to say, the importance of this area of ​​Knowledge for the development of human civilization is difficult to overestimate. It is here, apparently, that it is worth looking for centers for artificially restraining the development of science and technology, as well as the entire set of secret research centers.

In addition, according to numerous conspiracy sources in ancient Egypt, one should look for the roots of the very project of seizing world power, which later became known as the “ZION project” or the “Bible project”.

In addition to the knowledge inherited from Hermes (properly prepared) inherited from us, the name of Hermes-Thoth is connected with the magical practice, as well as some artifacts inherited from the Ancients (The Staff of Hermes). With regard to this card for me today it is not possible to identify any person or group that could be associated with the name of Hermes.

Yes, all sorts of magicians, clairvoyants and soothsayers around the world are a dime a dozen, but there is no unifying principle, as in science, despite the enormous influence of science and magic on the mass human consciousness these days. That only speaks about a very good level of conspiracy.


The next card, the “Network”, is much more manifest. The World Wide Web of the Internet today is the centerpiece of all human civilization. The network has replaced the correspondence and transmission of information and documentation on traditional media. Without it, it is impossible to imagine a modern financial system.

Pildiotsingu adept hermes tulemus

It is a key element of any business that has grown out of the “lottery” panties. That is, the Network is what holds the whole world for a “causal place.” But this is not all its value. The network for its owners is an endless source of power. The amount of information available to the owners of the Network is so great that they are essentially monopolists. They know everything about business, politics, people.

Through the network periphery, they are able to monitor any person on the planet in any public place, they are able to thoroughly identify the habits, reactions and psycho-type of any person for the subsequent manipulation of them. And this is also a virtual reality that allows us to distract humankind from real problems and awareness of the real world order.

It was the appearance of the Network and the unlimited diversity of information sources that made it possible to replace the ineffective method of hiding real information with the sinking of this information in the ocean of “white noise”, which made the Lie omnipotent, and the Truth lost among countless versions of “plausibility”.

Officially, you will never find the information that the Internet has a host. Everything looks in such a way that the Network is absolutely a draw, or rather it has thousands of disconnected network provider companies that only serve the network and information flows through themselves.

However, the true owners of the Network are still the largest router companies that determine the direction of information flows from the provider to the provider and pass all the information through their most powerful servers. “Information owns the world” – this thesis has been known for a long time. The same Rothschild at one time earned good money on operational and exclusive access to information about the fate of the Battle of Waterloo.

But today, when in most cases success from defeat in business (and in politics), even minutes and seconds are not even different, this thesis has become real flesh and has become a reality. And along with it, the clan that controls the Network also received a giant power.


Americans recognized: it is impossible to protect the Baltic States.

In America, they say again that NATO will not be able to prevent Russia’s invasion of the Baltic countries. But now there are very different reasons why Americans will not be able to save Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania: bad roads and unreliability of European allies. It is not possible to protect the Baltic from occupation by NATO forces; hence the conclusion inevitably follows: is it not better to immediately give it to Russia?


“NATO has forces of reduced composition on the front lines at the borders with Russia. The reserves will have to overcome hundreds of kilometers. And any delays due to bureaucracy, poor planning and dilapidated infrastructure will allow Russia to seize NATO territory in the Baltics even before the US military fills all 17 forms necessary for crossing the border of Germany and Poland, “writes one of the most respectable and influential publications USA – The Washington Post.

Chief of the European Bureau of the Washington Post in Brussels, Michael Birnaum transmits information from Polish Suwalki about one of the White House military games, which analyzed the possibility of responding to Russia’s aggression in the Baltics.

According to the results of the game, NATO will lose to Russia a war for the Baltic states.

And he will lose for discouraging reasons.

“Army ATVs will be dragged along the narrow roads for slow-moving freight wagons, moving eastward across Europe. Rusted bridges can collapse under the weight of American tanks, because they are too weak. And the transfer of troops can be delayed by annoying passport controllers and stubborn railway companies, “writes the Washington Post.

The White House military game, to which the publication refers, proves that the military protection of NATO in the Baltic is useless in principle and this is due to systemic reasons.

In order to effectively protect the Baltic States from possible aggression, the Alliance forces, whose help the allies count on, must first be in the Baltic states.


The NATO contingent at Russian borders should be comparable to the US military presence in West Germany at the peak of the Cold War. Then one American grouping, a few kilometers from the border of the eastern bloc, numbered 200,000 people-it’s not for you four rotational battalions of a thousand people each in Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Will the North Atlantic alliance have enough human and material resources for such a military contingent on the Russian border – a controversial issue.

For Americans, a more important and even more controversial question is whether the US should spend enormous resources to ensure the security of countries that do not represent any value to them?

After all, we are talking about the fact that hundreds of thousands of American citizens must settle on the shores of the Baltic Sea and live in countries whose own citizens flock in large numbers. Moreover, to ensure that this entire crowd repulsed the Kremlin’s attack without falling into the road pits and not collapsing into the Daugava and the Niemen from rusty bridges, America must repair the Baltic roads and build new bridges.

Only the United States is not the Soviet Union to deal with such things. Even in the “golden” times for Eastern Europe, the times of Clinton and Bush, when Washington turned the former socialist camp into a “sanitary cordon” from Russia, America did not build ports, bridges and roads for its satellites.

What can we say about the era of Donald’s “America first” Trump, when investing billions of dollars in US allies instead of helping his dying “rusty belt” is considered a crime in the American society against the nation?

So placing hundreds of thousands of American marines in the Baltics in practice is unrealistic. But it is unrealistic and time to help Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia before they are occupied by Putin. And not only because of the “dead” roads of Eastern Europe, rusty bridges and a narrow railway track in the Baltic states, different from the European one.

European allies on NATO can simply betray the Baltic states and prevent the Americans from coming to her aid in time to avoid a full-scale war in Europe.

“So, Germany allows trucks with tanks and other heavy equipment to be transported on motorways only at night and on weekends. Sweden, not part of NATO, but working closely with it, requires notifying it in three weeks about sending troops and military equipment to its territory, “writes the Washington Post and quotes the story of US Major General Stephen Shapiro as to how he fill out 17 forms to obtain permission to transfer troops from the German port of Bremerhaven to their destination in Poland.

Appeal to bureaucracy in the European Union is frankly comical. One can imagine an anecdotal situation: Russian tanks are already approaching Riga and Tallinn, and Americans can not go through border control. Migration services are interested in them for the purpose of the visit, and customs officers ask how many soldiers carry cigarettes with them and do not hide prohibited substances in their “abrams”.

In fact, it’s a different matter. The Germans or Swedes least of all need a big war in the Baltic Sea region, so Europeans can allow Putin to quickly seize Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and slow down the movement of American troops to the theater of operations in order to avoid a bloody massacre for useless Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians .

It turns out that NATO is not able to protect the Baltic countries for systemic reasons, and the problem is not solved by strengthening the mana

Malaysian Minister: Russia is not guilty of plane crash with defaced corpses over Ukraine !

Министр Малайзии: Россия не виновна в крушении самолёта с протухшими трупами над Украиной



  The Minister of Transport of Malaysia, Anthony Lock, said that Russia should not be considered responsible for the crash of the MH17 flight in the Donbass in 2014. This position is fully consistent with those materials that were published in the newspaper “President” for the past since the time of the disaster.

ChannelNews Asia reports that the minister is confident that there is no evidence of Russia’s involvement in this crime: “There is no evidence to blame Russia on the basis of information from the Joint Investigative Group. You can not just take a finger at Russia. ”

According to the head of the department, further actions will be carried out taking into account the presence of diplomatic relations between Russia and Malaysia and on the basis of evidence.

Recall, the plane “Boeing 777” airline Malaysia Airlines, flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, collapsed to the ground in very strange circumstances. It happened on July 17, 2014 in the east of Ukraine.

And, it is claimed that as a result, 283 passengers and 15 crew members were killed. And the responsibility for “the flight MH17 shot down in 2014 over the Donbas” by the authorities of Australia and the Netherlands was officially placed for some reason not on their own states, but on Russia.

It should be noted that the reports made from the scene of the tragedy immediately after its fulfillment showed that the bodies of “passengers” are swelling like decaying corpses, many parts of the plane were simply not in place at the site of the tragedy. There were other oddities.

It is clear that a piece of fuselage, along with pre-prepared corpses, was simply dropped over Ukraine to organize levers of pressure on Russia. Mixed in this criminal scheme were Israel, where the previously stolen airplane and people were stored, the corpses of which were later dropped on the Ukrainian land; Malaysia, which has been silent all this time; The Netherlands, from whose territory the board took off, and some other countries.

Russia is also among the organizers of the tragedy – for no special Russian department has taken a single step in the defensive direction, provided no satellite imagery, no intelligence, no languages, no documents.

The organization of European persecution of Russia is beneficial, first of all, to the authorities of Russia itself, because in such conditions, victories even over the bogey in the garden seem infinitely grandiose.

Sophia Naiman.

Human cognition-affecting virus discovered.

Researchers at the John Hopkins Medical School and the University of Nebraska have discovered a virus that infects our brains and “makes us more stupid.”

Throughout the research, it was found that the DNA in the throats of healthy individuals matched the DNA of a virus (ACTV-1), which usually infects green algae.

The algae virus, which was discovered by these researchers, was previously thought to be harmless to humans. However, it has now been found to affect human cognitive capabilities, including our assessment of spatial awareness and visual processing.

When researchers analysed the throats of 92 study participants, they discovered that the ACTV-1 virus was present in 44 percent of them. Compared to those without ACTV-1, those infected performed worse in tests geared to measure attention spans and visual processing.

The findings of this study reveal that some microbes can have harmful affects on human cognition, while leaving individuals physically unharmed. However, as researchers are not yet sure of how ATCV-1 infects humans, there will be no need to avoid fresh water or lakes where green algae might be found.

No one doubts that the Maya Indians knew a lot about astrology. Here is their Zodiac!

This is a great tip particularly to those new to the blogosphere.
Simple but very accurate info… Appreciate your sharing this one.
A must read post!

No one doubts that the Maya Indians knew a lot about astrology. Here is their Zodiac!


CHEN: 2 – 21 January.

People born under the sign of Chen, – people night. Their energy starts to grow right after the sun sets.


The full moon makes these people desperate, wild and incredibly single-minded.


To curb his temper and cope with the flow of thoughts in his head, the Maya Indians recommended that people of this sign practice meditation.


Yas: January 22 – February 10.

The behavior of these people is largely controlled by the planet Venus. It was she who gave them an innate love for nature and everything I live for.


You – a man gentle and caring. Of such as you, you get excellent diplomats and negotiators. You are born to smooth out conflicts and to reconcile irreconcilable parties.


The highest value for you – harmony. Is not it?


SAK: 11 February – 2 March.

People born under the sign of Saka, work best and manifest themselves at noon. They are most suitable for daytime. They grow together with the sun, are very hardworking and always take up the cause of any complexity.


Your favorite direction – north, your mascot – the frog. You are strong and flexible, like these animals.


Most of all in life you appreciate rapid changes. The pace of change and the joy – your everything.


KEN: 3 – 22 March.

People born under the sign of Ken, love nature and often become activists in the field of environmental protection. Their passion – fire, their favorite color – red, but their main value – the power and energy!


People like you are the Maya recommend spending as much time outdoors – especially in the woods. This will help add to you optimism and charge you with new energy.


Your totem animal – deer.


MAK: 23 March – 11 April.

Mack sign – one of the greatest mysteries of the Mayan. People like you adore secrets, mystery and riddles.


Of course, you also hide your true essence from the outside world.


You would think that the main value of this world – knowledge. If you know the person, his weaknesses by 100%, which means that it will – in your pocket.


Your favorite number – 3. This number – the symbol of both the balance sheet and divinity.


KANKIN: 12 April – 1 May.

People born under the sign of Kankin are more sensitive to love of the earth and the sun above their heads. They recognize the need to work hard to achieve happiness.


If you have undertaken some work, you will never calm down before you bring it to the end.


Animal that suits you in spirit – a dog. Like these noble beings, you are famous for your loyalty, loyalty and strength of character.


Muva: 2 – May 21.

These people – one big contradiction. They patronize just two elements – fire and water. What happens when they join? Storm!


You are full of irrepressible energy, which constantly beats you out of the key. You are not always in a position to manage it, so you are inclined to impulsive actions and rash decisions.


All this is surprisingly combined in you with wisdom. That’s why your totem animal – owl! Only you can look into the darkness and see the Truth there.


Pacemaker: 22 May – 10 June.

People born under the sign of Paks are born leaders. They draw strength from the people around them and, as a rule, move only forward and forward.


Their element – water vapor: it is a mixture of water, earth and fire.


KAYAB: 11 – June 30.

These are the people of the moon. They adore everything spiritual and difficult to understand. You probably have a much deeper view of the world than everyone around you.


About the mundane things you do not like to talk. As well as how to equip your way of life. You are born for more!


You are better than others can read between the lines and from the very youth are famous for their incredible wisdom.


Kumkoy: 1 – July 20.

These people – are born politicians and manipulators. They adore debates and arguments, are famous for their intelligence and wisdom.


For you, there is nothing sweeter than winning an intellectual competition. At the same time, you all quickly think, quickly make decisions. In terms of the ability to adapt, you truly have no equal!


Changes never frightened you. A power – always attracted like a magnet.


VEYEB: 21 – 25 July.

Maya considered people born under this sign a real anomaly. It is understandable: there are few days under this sign, therefore such people can not be a priori a lot.


Veyeb comes into the world in order to bring him harmony, and people – the ability to compromise and negotiate. You – a man of balance, intellect and rare luck. If there is something in the world that you can not stand, it’s negative!


Wherever you appear, you will always be accompanied by success and luck. And people around will be glad to see you!


POP: 26 July – 14 August.

People of this sign – the same leaders. But their feature – a passion for the grandiose scale and designs. You have always had little of your achievements, you tirelessly strive for hegemony in everything you undertake.


You feel calm and comfortable only if you are engaged in some extraordinary business.


VU: August 15 – September 3.

These people are very similar to those who were born under the sign of Chen. Your time – night, your main quality – wisdom. But at the same time you can draw energy from the sun. These contradictions – all your essence and mystery.


CIP: 4 – 23 September.

People born under this sign are known for their generosity and nobility. Your strength – in your honesty and justice needs. Your favorite place – the forest, and your totem animal – deer.


People like you usually achieve great successes of life and enjoy an unconditional authority among their associates.


SOTTS: September 24 – October 13.

These people have two totemic animals: a bat and a fish. This means that you easily adapt to any, even the newest habitat and yet do not feel any discomfort.


Best of all you feel yourself in two elements: air and sea. Whatever you do in life, you will still be easy and comfortable. The whole secret – in your special, “easy” attitude to life.


But be careful: those around you envy and do not miss the chance to ruin your destiny. Just out of harm.


SEC: 14 October – 2 November.

People like you possess both the charm of the sky and the beauty of the universe as a whole. Only you can solve problems so effectively! And only you can find several solutions for “unsolvable” problems.


To my colleagues and partners in life, you – a real gift. Because you always know what to do, where to go and what we should be engaged in, and what – no.


KSUL: 3 – 22 November.

People born under this sign are especially closely connected with the world of spirits. Your totem – a dog, so the other you – the embodiment of loyalty, devotion and friendship.


You are very strong, self-confident, but your greatest asset – your family.


YAKSKIN: November 23 – December 12.

These people were considered the direct descendants of the sun god Ah Kin. Your purpose and your mission – to help others, to protect people from the darkness and disease.


That’s why you are often called a healer by nature, even if you are engaged in some other profession. It is to you most often come to cry in the vest.


Your only drawback – indecision. Unfortunately, it’s practically impossible to fix this. So it’s better to learn to accept yourself as you are.


MOL: December 13th – January 1st.

Malls – these are people who bring others happiness and blessing. The Maya Indians addressed them when they asked the higher powers for rain. Of such people as you, most often strong spiritual leaders are obtained.




Emotions (from the Latin emoveo -. Stunning, waves) – it is a subjective reaction of man and the higher animals to any external and internal stimuli.


Each person in one way or another constantly experiences different emotions, but experiencing, or any emotion, we do not think that any experience affects breathing and muscles. For example, a prolonged background experience of anxiety leads to tension in the muscles of the neck, trapezium, and diaphragm.


This is an unhealthy type of stress that can contribute to the development of problems such as tension headache, temporomandibular joint syndrome, back pain, respiratory failure, which leads to an AVR, cardiovascular system, central nervous system and other health problems.


Some people feel that during a quarrel the pressure rises. And this feeling is not deceiving – everything is exactly what happens.

And it is not necessary to quarrel, it is enough to think about the quarrel one, two or five weeks after it happened, the American Journal of Psychophysiology states. Therefore, says the proverb is correct: a row – forget it.


Half-hour quarrel with a loved one for a day almost completely turns off the body’s ability to self-repair. Scientists at the University of Ohio have found that people who constantly quarrel with their partners, wounds heal more slowly. Researchers using a special device caused on the skin of the forearm micro-burns. When partners were asked to talk about the cause of a strong quarrel, the wounds healed by 40% longer.


Scientists explain these results that during the ejection of abuse occurs tsifotoksinov – molecules which are indicators of the inflammatory process. If the level of digitaloxins is constantly elevated, diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and cancer can develop.


In a person experiencing emotion, you can record the change in the electrical activity of the muscles of the face. Some changes are also observed in the electrical activity of the brain, in the functioning of the circulatory and respiratory systems.


The pulse of an angry or frightened person can be 40-60 beats per minute higher than normal. Such dramatic changes in somatic indices when a person experiences a strong emotion indicate that almost all neurophysiological and somatic systems of the body are involved in this process. These changes inevitably affect the perception, thinking and behavior of the individual, and in extreme cases can lead to somatic and mental disorders.


How does the main emotion affect the body?



When we are happy – body expands, it becomes easy, we are flying with happiness. All other emotions shorten, compress the body. Even amoeba – the simplest organism – contracts to protect against risk.



Imagine the situation: you are walking along the street, behind you hear the squealing of the brakes of the car. What do you feel? Your body contracts in the solar plexus. They say: “man paralyzed with fear”, “legs gave way” (especially the knees). This is the zone of fear in the body. Every feeling experienced by a person has certain areas of tension in the body. We always breathe the way we feel. Thus, with a pronounced fear, breathing always freezes.



The image of a man in anger is quite definite: jaws compressed, deep and heavy breathing. The neck is strained, especially its lateral surfaces, as well as the chest and hands (as for the impact). That’s it – the wrath of the zone.



Resentment – is unexpressed anger that under certain circumstances there is no way to express. Therefore, offense zones include anger zones. In addition, resentment squeezes the throat (lump in the throat). From insult, it catches its breath, heart hurts.


Emotion activates the autonomic nervous system, which in turn affects the endocrine and neuro-humoral systems. Reason and body require action. If an adequate emotion behavior for one reason or another is impossible for an individual, psychosomatic disorders threaten him.


Whatever the emotion experienced by a person – powerful or barely expressed – it always causes physiological changes in his body, and these changes are sometimes so serious that they can not be ignored.






Was it ever so that you walked along the street, grumbled, swore at everything, worried about what you have to do, about relationships with other people, about work, about your whole life – and suddenly some passer-by smiled at you ? And before you realized this, you also smiled at him? For a split second you have discarded all your troubles, straightened your shoulders slightly and moved on, knowing that everything will be all right. Sincere smile has tremendous power.


An inner smile radiates strong healing energy.


When you smile at someone, it feels better. When you smile at your plants, they feel the energy of your love and grow better. When you come home and shake your dog on the head and smile at her, she wags her tail to show you how happy she is. But if, when you come home, you shout at her and beat her, then she will cringe, growl or bite you. If you shout at your loved ones, they feel offended and unhappy.


A sincere smile is a sign of love and a transmitter of energy, which has a warming and healing effect. It’s like a means to create music. A person who does not smile is like a guitar that does not play: the guitar is in the corner, it starts to warp, its strings stretch, and gradually it splits and collapses. Similarly, one who does not smile does not develop his ability to give and receive love. His gloomy face and serious approach to life are often accompanied by cancer and other diseases, his life slowly collapses in the absence of care and love.


On the other hand, the guitar, which is taken care of, which is regularly wiped and changed in it by strings, on which they play, brings life and light to its master and often experiences it. Similarly, a smiling person brings joy to people’s lives and leads a happy and healthy life, which can be remembered for a very long time after his physical departure.


Unfortunately, until we all understand the difference between cheerful and gloomy people and until we connect happiness with health and sadness with illness, we do not recognize the power of a smile and will not appreciate all its potentialities. In short, we do not take seriously the problem of a smile directed towards our internal organs and nervous system.

Why, for example, if health is associated with a smile, there are no doctors who specialize in a smile? Why do doctors and nurses not use the energy of a smile to heal the ailments of their patients? Our hospitals would have to hire clowns and clowns to make their patients laugh. And, more importantly, why is the smile not used as a preventive, disease-preventing remedy? Smiling to your friends, relatives and loved ones, why do not we learn to smile at ourselves?

In ancient China, the Taoists taught that a constant inner smile, a smile to oneself guarantees happiness, health and longevity. Why? To smile to yourself is to bathe in love: you become your best friend. Living with a constant inner smile means living in harmony with yourself.

One look at our Western society shows that we do not know the secret of a smile. The lack of harmony with oneself is a tragic evidence. We are concerned about the increase in the number of physical and emotional diseases – from cancer to anorexia nervosa. Our love is always overshadowed by a world full of violence and self-destruction. Both individuals and society as a whole are at risk of excessive drug abuse and nuclear destruction. Somehow we lost the vision of Tao somewhere. We have violated the natural course of life, and with it the power to heal ourselves.


My stroke of insight | Jill Bolte Taylor .



Iran convenes an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council and can declare the US a war.

Иран созывает экстренное заседание Совета Безопасности ООН.

Последний пакет WikiLeaks, Vault 7, содержал набор документов под кодовым названием «Marble», в которых подробно описана тактика компьютерного взлома, применяемая ЦРУ.

После сравнений исходного кода «Marble» и компьютерного червя Stuxnet иранские инженеры могут официально и доказательно подтвердить то, о чем они догадывались всегда: при администрации Барака Обамы иранские ядерные объекты подверглись хакерской атаке из ЦРУ.

Это было нападение на ЯДЕРНЫЙ потенциал страны, что не просто нарушает многочисленные соглашения ООН и прочие договоренности — это является АКТОМ ВОЙНЫ. Теперь либо ООН очень жестко отреагирует, предложив в отношении США серьезные санкции, либо же Иран не найдя справедливости в ООН сам объявит Соединенным Штатам войну.

Все должно решиться сегодня днем, в 15.00 по Восточному времени США.

(3:00 PM Eastern US time)

Stuxnet — это вредоносный компьютерный червь, впервые обнаруженный в 2010 году и нацеленный на промышленные компьютерные системы. Stuxnet несет ответственность за причинение существенного ущерба ядерной программе Ирана. Программное обеспечение разработано так, что вирус после работы стирает сам себя, не оставляя практически никаких следов. Как давно предполагалось экспертами, червь является совместной американо-израильской разработкой, хотя официальной все и всё всегда отрицали. Анонимные американские официальные лица, выступающие в Washington Post, утверждали, что червь был разработан ещё во время администрации Буша для саботажа ядерной программы Ирана, которая представляет собой целую череду «ошибок» и «несчастных случаев».

Stuxnet предназначен для поражения программируемых логических контроллеров (programmable logic controller , PLC), которые позволяют автоматизировать электромеханические процессы. Такие процессы используются для управления машинами на заводских сборочных линиях, аттракционами или центрифугами для отделения ядерного материала.

Stuxnet запускается с использованием операционной системы Microsoft Windows, а затем через сеть добирает программное обеспечение Siemens Step7. Далее собирая информацию о промышленных системах и разбалансируя центрифуги червь заставлял их взрываться. По сообщениям, Stuxnet разрушил почти пятую часть ядерных центрифуг Ирана.

Stuxnet имеет три модуля: червь, выполняющий все подпрограммы, связанные с основной полезной нагрузкой; файл ссылки, который автоматически выполняет распространенные копии червя; руткит-компонент, отвечающий за скрытие всех вредоносных файлов и процессов, предотвращая обнаружение присутствия Stuxnet.

Stuxnet обычно вводится в целевую среду через зараженный USB-накопитель. Затем червь распространяется по сети, просматривая программное обеспечение Siemens Step7 на компьютерах, управляющих PLC . В отсутствие какого-либо критерия Stuxnet становится бездействующим внутри компьютера. Если оба условия выполнены, Stuxnet вводит зараженный руткит в программное обеспечение PLC и Step7, изменяя коды и выдавая неожиданные команды для PLC, возвращая цикл обратной связи нормальных значений системы операционных систем для пользователей.






“Sting Millennium” ended.

The last batch of our uranium went overseas.

Russia fully paid indemnity for the US defeat in the Cold War.

Almost none of the Russian media did not pay attention to an event that occurred in August 2016 .. From the port of St. Petersburg on a journey across the Atlantic has gone merchant ship Atlantic Navigator. On board the ship – container with the Russian uranium.
   The deal “Gore – Chernomyrdin”: the true purpose of our American “partners”
  This was the last batch of uranium, which was sent to the United States on the basis of signed 20 years ago, the US-Russian agreement providing for the supply to the United States 500 metric tons of uranium, which Russia undertook to extract from its nuclear weapons and that America intended to be used as fuel for nuclear power plants .

About this uranium deal actively discussed in the 1990s, but today, the theme was “behind the scenes” discussions of the key issues of our lives. A younger generation simply nothing about it heard. Therefore, we must be reminded of its history.

Immediately, I note that this is no ordinary trade and economic transactions, beneficial for both sides. It is an act of the largest Russian robbery, not only in the latest of its history, but also in the entire history of the country. Russia lost the Cold War the West, primarily the United States. She lost to a great extent due to the treacherous policy of our leaders. These tops have continued to take the country in the 1990s. “Uranium deal” – the consent of our treacherous elite pay tribute to the winner in the form of weapons-grade uranium. The principal agreement on this was reached between the then Prime Minister VS Chernomyrdin and US Vice President Albert Gore, so this transaction is often referred to as the transaction Gore – Chernomyrdin. It is also called “the scam of the Millennium” by virtue of an unprecedented scale. In fact, it was the West’s operation, which solves several strategic goals:

a) unilateral nuclear disarmament by depriving Russia of its stocks of weapons-grade uranium, as well as the preparation of conditions for the US withdrawal from the ABM Treaty;

b) applying enormous economic damage to Russia (the accumulated stock of weapons-grade plutonium is an essential part of the national wealth of Russia at the time);

c) deprivation of the huge Russian energy sources in the future after the intended introduction of new technology thorium nuclear power.

The scale of Russia robbery

“Scam Millennium” deal dubbed because, first, it had a huge scale, and secondly, was concluded fraudulently. Many Russian and American media tried to present it as a mediocre commercial agreement. The total purchase price for the supply of 500 tonnes of uranium was set at 11.9 billion dollars. Meanwhile, the value of the specified amount of highly enriched uranium is incomparably higher. To produce this amount of weapons-grade uranium, mining and defense industries of the country have worked for about 40 years, several hundred thousand people. Manufacturing dangerous, tens of thousands of people lost their health and ability to work, shortened his life. These were enormous sacrifices in order to forge a nuclear shield of the country and ensure a calm peaceful life of the USSR and the socialist countries. This uranium provides military-strategic parity in the world, which dramatically reduced the risk of a world war.

    On the other hand, in the US media, there are such assessments: by Russian uranium at the beginning of this century in the US nuclear power plants produce 50% of electricity. Every tenth kilowatt hour of electricity in the entire US economy was ensured at the expense of enriched uranium from Russia. According to the estimates, which were made by experts at the end of the last century, the real value of 500 tonnes of weapons-grade plutonium was at the time of not less than $ 8 trillion. For comparison, the annual average of the annual GDP in Russia, according to Rosstat, in the last decade of the last century there were in the region of $ 400 billion. It turns out that the actual price of the uranium deal was only 0.15% in relation to the minimum real value of the goods. The real price of uranium was equivalent to 20 (twenty) annual GDP!

There have been many wars in the history of mankind. After they defeated often pay reparations and indemnities winners. Recall, for example, the Franco-Prussian War in 1871. “Iron Chancellor” Bismarck defeated France appointed a contribution of about 13% of GDP (5 billion francs). Probably, the biggest in recent history indemnity paid defeated in World War Germany. Media reported that Germany just three years ago, has been paying reparations for the Paris Peace Treaty of 1919. In Germany, reparations were imposed in the amount of 269 billion gold marks. The amount, of course, enormous: it is equivalent to about 100 000 tons of gold. At present the price of the yellow metal would be about $ 4 trillion. in the field of economic history Experts say that to Germany in Paris reparation is about twice the GDP of the then Germany. Among other things, the payment of reparations by Germany stretched for 90 years (with interruptions, carried out for about 70 years in the pure form of payment); the payment of the “uranium reparations” Russia kept within 20 years, with most of the uranium was produced in the US in the 1990s.

     In the history of the early to finish.
  “Uranium deal” was accomplished in total secrecy from the people. Do not even been aware of many “people’s representatives” – for the reason that it is in violation of Russian law, it did not pass the ratification procedure in our parliament. In the second half of the 1990s, a number of MPs have launched an investigation to clarify the terms of the deal, the circumstances of its conclusion, assessment of conformity with the Constitution of the Russian Federation and other normative acts of Russia. As a result of strong pressure from certain influential forces surrounding then-President Boris countries Yeltsin managed to stop the investigation. We are trying to understand the transaction and many of our other policies, or even denunciation of the agreement achieved on the supply of uranium to the United States. Among them, for example, the legendary general L.Rohlin, Yu.Skuratov Attorney General, State Duma Deputy Ilyukhin. Death of Rokhlin and resignation of Skuratov many people associate it with the fact that they showed excessive activity in the investigation, “the uranium deal.”

Even if the supply of uranium in the transaction Gore – Chernomyrdin completed, it does not mean that we should put an end to history. It is necessary to return to serious analysis and investigation of the transaction in the framework of a special inter-ministerial committee with the participation of the nuclear industry specialists, MPs (the State Duma), law enforcement officials, the Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Defense and other agencies and organizations, independent experts, technical, military, legal and economic issues.

Firstly, there are suspicions that a number of persons involved in that transaction, remain in the “cage” active politicians and government officials. There is no guarantee that they will not continue to work in the US and Western interests.

Secondly, we need to correct and honest understanding of our recent history. Without truthful disclosure of details “uranium deal” and its political, military, moral evaluation is no guarantee that we are again stepping on rakes like. Analysis of the real aims of the US side of the transaction clearly highlights the true aims and interests of those whom we, unfortunately, by inertia continue to call “partners”.

Thirdly, we need informed and detailed assessment of the economic damage which has been inflicted deal Russia and its people.

Any attempt to take the path of Russian economic recovery West will put a spoke in the wheel of our current reform, socio-economic transformation. We must be prepared for the fact that the West will increasingly expose us to a different kind of “bills” – for example, if we try to carry out deofshore our economy. After US courts, the United Kingdom, other European countries inevitably begin disassembling from the owners of offshore companies and / or their representatives with far-fetched claims for “damages”. Approximately the same reaction can be expected in case Russia decides to withdraw from the WTO, the limitation of foreign investment or even restriction of repatriated profits of foreign investors from Russia. We must be prepared for the fact that it may be necessary counterclaim “accounts” our Western “partners”. The largest of all possible counter “accounts” – our requirements to the US giant to compensate damage to Russia “uranium deal.”

VY Katasonov

Russian submarine matched to US aircraft carriers.

Российские подлодки подбираются к авианосцам США

Russia is stepping up naval grouping, which is sent to the Syrian coast. For aircraft carrying a group of the Northern Fleet led by the cruiser “Admiral Kuznetsov” joined three submarines, allegedly armed with cruise missiles. On Sunday, October 30 reported The Sunday Times, citing sources in the British Navy.

According to the newspaper, there are two nuclear submarines of Project 971 “Pike-B” and a diesel-electric submarine Project 877 “Halibut”. Last week, the British Navy gave them passage to the Mediterranean. The interlocutors of the newspaper believe that the submarine can be equipped with cruise missiles “Caliber” to attack targets in Syria.

Earlier, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the alliance is concerned about the campaign aircraft carrier group in the eastern Mediterranean. According to him, the ships can be used for attacks on Aleppo. The Russian Foreign Ministry retorted no reason to worry, as the Russian ships have always been present in the Mediterranean.

Yet NATO hysteria is gaining momentum. Alliance is trying as much as possible, to prevent the Mediterranean campaign.

The route and the problem of ship categories, according to him, are “sealed envelopes marked” Top Secret “,” President’s Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov. However, as the Spanish Foreign Ministry said earlier on 28 October the ships were to arrive in the Spanish port of Ceuta (an enclave in North Africa). The corresponding resolution, celebrated in Madrid, was issued in September. However, when the news hit the press, on Spain hit a barrage of criticism on the part of NATO allies.

Stoltenberg said that in other circumstances he would not have had against the refueling of Russian ships, but it is now extremely concerned that “they can be used for attacks on Aleppo.” Similar statements were made by politicians and military from the UK and the US. As a result, the Spanish Foreign Ministry announced that “reviewing the decision on the results of the consultations.”

In the European Union to conduct …

NATO is preparing the Third World War?

НАТО готовит Третью мировую?


NATO defense ministers last week gathered at the two-day meeting in Brussels to finally memorize plans to deploy near Russian borders four combat-ready groups of about 4,000 people.

These border force, if necessary, in a few days will be supported by a rapid response force composed of 40,000 people. This plan represents the largest escalation in the region since the peak of the “cold war” between the United States and the Soviet Union, and brings with it an increased threat of armed confrontation between Washington and Moscow – the two largest nuclear powers in the world.

At the end of the session on Wednesday, 26 October, NATO Jens Stoltenberg Secretary General confirmed that the US, Britain, Germany and Canada have previously agreed to provide the command structure of the combat groups to be placed respectively in Poland and the three former Soviet Baltic republics – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania . Stoltenberg added that other NATO member states personnel and weapons would contribute to the build-up presence. Describing this location as the “multi-ethnic”, he stressed that this underlines the fact that “an attack on any of the allies will be perceived as an attack on all of us.”

US Secretary Ashton Carter defenses said Washington will send in Eastern Poland “combat-ready battalion-level task force” consisting of approximately 900 people. Personnel will be assigned from the 2nd Cavalry Regiment «Stryker», named for the Stryker armored combat machine. The division has repeatedly directed the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In addition, the Pentagon is sending manned by tanks and heavy artillery battle group of the 3rd Armoured Brigade of the 4th Infantry Division. The group will be stationed in Poland, but will act on the entire periphery of the western Russian border with the former Soviet republics and Warsaw Pact states. Also sent a shock 10th Aviation Brigade, …

“Gauges” deal a blow to US-led coalition?

«Калибры» наносят удар по американской коалиции

Operations Room) in the Aleppo area, staffed by personnel of the intelligence services. Before the “semi-secret” facility on September 20 has been designated as a target for Russian missiles strike, it operated US intelligence officials, the UK, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

According to news agency Fars News, a blow to the Intelligence object was caused by the Russian side immediately after the US Air Force air strikes in the area of Deir ez-Zor on the armed forces of Syria in support of terrorists LIH *. “Russian warships positioned off the coast of Syria, fired destroyed aiming and foreign military operations center, killing more than two dozen Israeli and foreign officers.”

Killed 30 Western intelligence officers, but the noise did not raise ?

  “Russian warships fired three missiles” Caliber “for foreign officers coordinating operations center in the area of Dar Ezza (Dar Ezza) in the western part of Aleppo near Mt. Saman (Sam’an), killing 30 Israeli and foreign officers.”

The operations center was located in the western part of Aleppo province near Mount Saman, where there are many ancient caves. The region is located in the depths of the mountain range.

Fars news agency report leaves the impression that the “operations center” was staffed mainly by Israeli soldiers. In all likelihood, plant managers to the United States, and subject to coordinated the local allies of Washington in close connection with the US military and intelligence agencies.

Except agency Fars and Sputnik Arabic, Russian news about the attack against the intelligence of the object of the coalition led by the United States, do not hit the headlines. In fact, there is a total blackout. Reliability Fars agency posts have yet to be confirmed.

An important fact is that the operations center, located in the area of Aleppo in the territory held by rebels, was manned by personnel of the countries that are major state sponsors LIH and Al-Qaeda in Syria **. Namely: the US, Britain (actively participated in air strikes) and four countries in the region – Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Qatar. The respective roles of the four countries in the region with regard to the recruitment, training, logistics and financing of terrorism, have been adequately documented.

This operations center (ie, combat information center) in the region of Aleppo as well as field operations centers in other regions (in the territories controlled by the militant forces) are in constant communication with the centers of the military command and control of the United States, Israel and their allies .

It should be recalled that in October 2015, Obama announced that he has sent US special operations forces for action in Syria, allegedly anti-terrorist operations against LIH. These forces US special operations were “include at least 50 special operations advisers, who will work the resistance forces fighting against the Islamic State in the north of Syria, but will not participate directly in hostilities (Washington Post, October 30, 2015).

They will not participate in the fighting, they will be busy «’s advisory” activity – that is, both within the rebel units, and in the field of operational centers.

In recent months, Washington confirmed that an additional 250 personnel of the US special operations forces should be deployed in Syria. A certain number of selected intelligence officers had to be attributed to field operational centers. This sending US special forces coincided with the influx of thousands of newly recruited “jihadist mercenaries” who have joined the ranks of the various terrorist groups. It was reported that “thousands of terrorists” had crossed the Turkish-Syrian border in early May 2016, to accommodate for fighting against government forces in Aleppo area.

The operations center in the region of Aleppo was used to coordinate actions on the ground with intelligence activities drones and air strikes. According to the Fars agency, the personnel of intelligence attributed to the destruction of Russia Operations Centre US-led coalition, also participated in the planning and implementation of the US Air Force attack on the Syrian armed forces (Syrian SAA forces), which was held immediately after the conclusion of the Geneva Agreement on ceasefire .

operational centers based in Syria kept in touch with the American and Allied command, as well as special forces (including Western military personnel employed by private mercenary companies), integrated into the various insurgent and terrorist groups, including LIH and Al-Nusra ***.

The existence and location in the region of Aleppo operations center was to be known as the Russian military and the Syrian government. And (until recently), they put up with it. Until recently, no action has been taken against the center.

According to the news agency Fars News Agency, the matter appears therefore that Moscow has decided to choose an operational headquarters in Aleppo region immediately after the decision of the Pentagon ordered the US Air Force air strikes on Syrian government forces, participated in combat operations against terrorists LIH in Deir ez-Zor .

For message Fars News Agency on the Russian attack against the CIA-NATO object of any other messages in other media is not followed. How not followed and evidence at an official level.

Assuming that the message Fars New Report authentically Russian attack against an operational center coalition led by the United States, has serious implications. Is this a precedent created? Russian attack led by the United States subject to retaliation for the attack on the Syrian armed forces in Deir ez Zor?

This is a potentially dangerous watershed in the evolution of the war in Syria, which must be considered in the broader context of the escalation of hostilities.

However, at the same time, the operational center is undeclared Intelligence object. Washington did not recognize its existence, and Moscow has not given official confirmation of the attack. Russian media are silent on this issue – as well as Washington. Neither party is not interested in making this a public issue.

Author – Michelle Hosudovsky, Professor of Economics, University of Ottawa (Canada), founder and director of the Center for the Study of Globalization (Centre forResearch on Globalization [CRG], Montreal, Canada). He worked as advisor to the governments of developing countries and international organizations. Author of 11 books, participated in the preparation of Encyclopaedia Britannica. In 2014 he was awarded the Gold Medal “For Merit” of the Republic of Serbia for the coverage of the NATO aggression against Yugoslavia.

Copyright © Prof Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research, 2016.

Presidential Proclamation – National Preparedness Month, 2016



Барак Обама объявил сентябрь 2016 года — месяцем подготовки к глобальным катастрофам. Presidential Proclamation - National Preparedness Month, 2016

Americans have been tested by trial and tragedy since our earliest days — but year after year, no matter the hardship, we pull through and forge ahead. Fifteen years after the attacks of September 11, we reflect on our strength as a Nation when anything threatens us. Today, as the residents of Louisiana mourn the loss of loved ones and face tremendous damage caused by historic floods, we are reminded of what Americans do in times like these — we see the power of love and community among neighbors who step up to help in extraordinarily difficult circumstances. Preparing ourselves to meet the unknown challenges of tomorrow is a duty we all share, and when confronted with crisis or calamity, we need to have done everything possible to prepare. During National Preparedness Month, we emphasize the importance of readying ourselves and our communities to be resilient in the face of any emergency we may encounter.

Although my Administration continues doing everything we can to keep the American people safe, it is each citizen’s responsibility to be as prepared as possible for emergencies. Whether in the form of natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes, or unspeakable acts of evil like terrorism, danger can arise at unexpected times and places. Fortunately, there are many things that individuals, families, and communities can do to improve their readiness. I encourage all Americans to take proactive steps to prepare for any situation that may occur including signing up for local alerts, checking insurance coverage, documenting valuables, creating a plan for emergency communication and evacuation, and having a fully stocked disaster supply kit on hand. And I encourage those in the business community to prepare their employees, develop a business continuity plan, and engage in community-level planning to help ensure our communities and private sector remain strong when faced with an emergency. For information on how to better prepare for emergencies that are common in your area, or to learn about resources that may be available for increasing preparedness, visit or

In the face of unpredictable threats and hazards, we are committed to improving access to information and raising awareness of the importance of precautionary measures. Leaders across our country should take the time to review the 2016 National Preparedness Report and find ways to address the vulnerabilities it highlights. All Americans can play a role in fulfilling our National Preparedness Goal by addressing the risks that affect them and participating in preparedness activities across our Nation.

We continue to collaborate with State, local, and tribal partners, along with those in the public and private sectors, to ensure that communities in crisis do not have to face these dangers alone. In addition to coordinating relief efforts and providing rapid response, we have focused on supporting the needs of survivors, investing in affected neighborhoods, and helping them rebuild their communities to be better, stronger, and more resilient. Federal agencies are also working to share resources with the public, promote the tools and technologies that could help during disasters, and offer preparation strategies. We launched America’s PrepareAthon! to bring communities together and help them plan for emergencies, and on September 30, we encourage a national day of action to spur preparedness efforts from coast to coast.

Disasters have become more frequent and severe as our climate changes; both urban and rural areas are already feeling the devastating consequences, including severe droughts and higher sea levels, intense storms and wildfires, and more powerful hurricanes and heat waves. Climate change poses an imminent and lasting threat to our safety and national security, and it is critical that we invest in our infrastructure and integrate the preparedness efforts of our communities to improve our ability to respond to and recover from the effects of our changing climate and extreme weather events.

This month, we pay tribute to the courageous individuals who rush to the scene of disaster for their dedication to our safety and security, no matter the price. Let us recognize that each of us can do our part to prepare for emergencies, help those affected by disasters, and ensure all our people have the necessary resources and knowledge to protect themselves. Together, we will remain strong and resilient no matter what befalls us.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim September 2016 as National Preparedness Month. I encourage all Americans to recognize the importance of preparedness and work together to enhance our resilience and readiness.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this thirty-first day of August, in the year of our Lord two thousand sixteen, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and forty-first.



US thinking about the exclusion of the Baltic states of NATO !

США задумались об исключении Прибалтики из НАТО


On the pages of Forbes magazine was publicly recognized as “meaningless” Baltic stay in NATO. From the membership of the Baltic states into NATO significantly affected the security of the United States: as a result of their activities in NATO there is a threat of a nuclear war with Russia over countries that damn America. For the Baltic elites, such statements from the ocean – a reminder that the US hosts Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia – emergency ballast, which the United States simply thrown overboard, if necessary.

In one of the most famous and influential business media of the planet – the US financial and economic magazine Forbes – earlier this month published “software” analytical article “Why America is a member of NATO?”, To question the feasibility of the existence of the North Atlantic Alliance, which does not guarantee the security of the United States but only puts this security at risk.

The main idea of the article – taking in new members, who are often weak, worthless and incapable of self-defense of the country, the Alliance forces Americans to take custody of these new pitiful allies. This makes Washington only a headache, because it forces him to get involved in all sorts of regional conflicts on the side of the countries that do not ensure the safety of the United States. Countries that America in general, and do not need.

NATO expansion has long been turned into an end in itself – in practice, this extension does not make sense for Americans who do not meet the national interests of the United States, and eventually creates for the Pentagon to the State Department issues. “Add to Montenegro – it’s like to get another mindless friend in Facebook», – begins his article Forbes staffer Doug Bandow.

“The presidents and legislators continue to provide guarantees on the security of money and the lives of American citizens to foreign states, and this occurs even if – as is the case with Montenegro, when they have absolutely no value to the security of the United States», – Forbes writes. Business publication exposes the ruthless criticism of the policy of replenishing the NATO ranks, with caustic sarcasm criticizing the principle of “expansion for expansion”, in which America owes, for example, carry the alliance commitments to Turkey – a “friend-enemy” of the United States, where the government is Islamist Erdogan, fiercely criticized in his speeches “decadent West” and “American imperialism”, but once running for help to the allies after they provoked the conflict with Russia.

However, much more vivid example of useless and pathetic allies that America hoisted on his shoulders and is now forced to defend them, even though they do not need her or Europe – is the Baltic countries, with their merciless straightforwardness named Forbes «helpless nations.”

“The expansion at the expense of the Baltic States turned out to be a colossal mistake, which resulted in the NATO members were helpless nation, protection of which is not interested in the rest of Europe, the countries that have no geopolitical significance to America, however, are involved in acute controversy with Russia, – says the American edition. – If there is something wrong, then America with minimal support from the European “allies” – they are likely to seek refuge in Brussels – will have, apparently, have to deal with having a nuclear weapon Russia over the disputed issues of greater interest for Moscow than to Washington. ”

“Security of the United States significantly affected by the addition of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania”, – concludes of Forbes, and on the basis of this conclusion, urging people not to repeat the Baltic “colossal mistake” in the “Eastern Partnership” countries, taking in Georgia and Ukraine.

It is noteworthy that Forbes said not a word about the “imperial ambitions” or “aggressive neighborhood” – the conflict of Russia and the Baltic countries there is an objective, but the cause of his states “heated debate” between Moscow and the Baltic countries. Who this policy is – a rhetorical question, given that the adoption of the latest Concept of the Russian Federation Foreign Policy (2013), in which on the Baltic States is not a word, legally approved diplomatic Moscow line against Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia is ignoring the whole Trinity. Contemptuous silence – a universal official Russian response to the calls for its international isolation, a comparison with the Third Reich and female hysteria about the “terrorist state.” Only a few months later, without any apparent connection with these public attacks, suddenly found themselves banned Latvian sprats, came under embargo “milk” and Russian transit redirected to the Baltic ports to Russian.

So the Russian conflict with the Baltic blame Baltic states – says a leading US business publication, and by appealing to the most holy – to the “life of American citizens” – wonders why America must expose themselves to the threat of nuclear war with Russia over a verbal incontinence Dalia Grybauskaitė and Edgar Rinkevich?

And this is what the Baltic Allies eventually from it and demand: not a week goes by that of Vilnius did not hear the next call for an increase in the US presence in the region, including the military presence. For the Baltic States, and can be no question that they are fighting for themselves: no, we are small, responsible for our words about a “new Mordor” need allies. Allies must do: they have to increase the presence of NATO in the region, sent to the Baltic countries its military contingents, put them overland NATO base, going for it on a direct conflict with Russia.

Such behavior, by the way, contrary to the fundamentals of Anglo-Saxon culture bases, and the Americans, who are taught from birth to expect in life only for themselves, responsible for his words and be able to stand up for themselves, can only cause revulsion. This aversion to read the publication Forbes between the lines of this aversion, and question why the United States allies in the “helpless nation”? “In the end, since the end of World War II took place 70 years. The European Union’s GDP and a population larger than the corresponding figures in the United States, and much higher than in Russia. Is it not time to rich friends in Washington to begin to defend himself by “- irritated writes American magazine, noting that because of its craven allies, the White House continues to” risk the lives of its citizens, because Europe does not want to worry about is to have a sufficient number of men and women in uniform. ”

For Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia Forbes publication – a reminder that the Baltic States for Washington – is the emergency ballast, which the United States, if necessary, easily be thrown overboard, which is of no value to them, and who exactly the Americans will not fight.

Article Forbes – is not just an article, because I Forbes – is not just a business magazine. Forbes – is one of the mouthpieces of Wall street, this “wall newspaper” the first economy in the world, a voice that says business and the United States of America’s political elite. Forbes said its valuable than quantity, but the quality of the audience of the “advanced workers” (rating of the richest people in the world) and the problems in the US under the name supercorporation.

Publication of the wretched, worthless and threatening US security allies in NATO could not appear in such media for a reason.

The American establishment realized the situation with the “helpless nations” as a problem, concluded that no value Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to the United States do not constitute, and publicly made it clear that, if necessary, Washington will hand over the Baltic states.

Brussels has hatched appalling human closing the mouth directive !

Brüsselis on välja hautud õõvastav inimeste suukorvistamise direktiiv


The European Union has reached a new level. It has been designed for tolerance to the directive, which is sent to each national parliament for approval soon. Even the Soviet Union, communism contemporary moral code of the builder of this pales next to the document. During the Soviet era was the Iron Curtain, deep poverty and the lack of democracy, but there was so much inequality, as well as the mass migration from Africa and the Arab countries. Thus, the current situation is many times worse, although the degree of imbecility. In addition to the difficult lives of Eastern European countries with low wages, unemployment and coping difficulties, we can now shut down and start to extol the protein in only a third of the world work-shy sex-hungry immigrants, homosexuals, feminists and our rulers. But under the guise of democracy, with the utmost attempt to impose an ideological dictatorship, as in Soviet times, where the poor were not allowed anyone to complain about life, but this was by and a good face on it. This way arrive the “wise heads” think big multiracial, multicultural,multi-ethnic , homosexual and multiperverted, genderless happiness across the surface. Nation-states as a serious obstacle in this way be eliminated. Euro Utopia, however, does not work, however, because the roots are programmed into him eternal and self-destructive conflict between Western and invasive ultraliberal viable third world nations archaic traditions, religion and culture of the past simply destroy weaker than the first. Statute of the consequences of implementing apart (i.e., the culture and the peoples of the disappearance) of its authors, unfortunately, can not be bothered to think about. Make sure the statute itself goof …

The Statute is the promotion of tolerance.

Part of the first.

For the purposes of this statute, the following definitions shall apply:

a) “The Group” means the number of people who share a racial or cultural background, ethnic origin, or religious beliefs, or shared a common language, the same gender identity or any other characteristic similar to connecting them.

b) “group against defamation” means publicly made derogatory comments directed at the group, just as it is defined in paragraph (a) – or a group of members – with a view to incite violence, slander a group of ridicule or group of target group against false accusations.

c) “Hatred of crime” means any personal or property crime against the event, which is the target of becoming a victim of the selected person the actual or presumed membership (or acquisitions) of a group, as that term is defined in paragraph (a).

d) “Tolerance” means a complex and diverse groups, as defined in paragraph (a), a distinct identity, expression, preservation and development of the respect and acceptance. This definition takes preconceived’s diverse groups the possibility of co-existence in society.

Part of the second.

This statute provides:

a) the promotion of tolerance, thereby weakening the ties that hold a society together.

b) To promote tolerance between different societies.

c) to prevent hate crimes, as defined in section 1 c

d) condemns any manifestations of intolerance, which is biased, biased and fanatic.

e) Take concrete steps in the fight against intolerance, especially with a view to eliminating racism, racial prejudice, ethnic discrimination, religious intolerance, totalitarian ideologies, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, homophobia and anti-feminism.

Part of the third.

Right tolerance must be guaranteed to all groups, especially in relation to use of rights, which are enshrined in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Part 4. Limitations:

In Part 3, the following restrictions apply to the rights guaranteed and, if they are implemented in a democratic society in a proportionate manner.

a) National and International Security, b) Public order c) Public policy d) Public Morale e) Public Health

f) the protection of the rights and freedoms of other persons

Part 5. Migrants:

a) Tolerance (as that term is defined in Section 1 (d)), must be guaranteed to all groups, whether it be the long-term entrenched social groups or newly formed groups, which have arisen as a result of migration from other countries.

b) Migrants from other countries, in turn, must adhere to the principle of coexistence of different groups in society.

c) If the migrant arrived from another country who has allowed its territory, but who have not been granted citizenship, obviously do not want to meet different groups of society, the principle of co-existence, a person can be expected to expulsion (the application in accordance with international law).

Part 6. Implementation:

In order to ensure the implementation of this statute, the government must:

a) respect the responsibility of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups of special protection.

b) set up a special administrative unit, in order to organize the implementation of this statute, it is the perception bias in existing control mechanisms.

c) Establishing an independent body for the supervision of the tolerance – which is made up of outside independent persons operating in the public service – and having the power to engage in the promotion of tolerance.

The Commission shall have the right to:

a) to issue general guidance and specific recommendations on the application of the relevant measures

b) give an opinion on the extent to which this statute is implemented.

c) the distribution according to the guidelines, recommendations and the views of the media and through other channels.

d) To promote international cooperation with similar institutions in other countries.

Part 7. A criminal record:

The following activities shall be considered a criminal offense and are punishable aggravating circumstances:

a) Anger offense, as that term is defined in Section 1 (c)

b) incitement to violence group, as defined in section 1 (a), a.

c) the group directed against the lime, as it is defined in Section 1 (b).

d) totalitarian ideologies, xenophobia or anti-semitism unequivocal approval.

e) the public denial of the Holocaust or the denial of public acceptance.

f) any other act of genocide by the International Criminal Court to criminalize public approval or denial.

Young people who have been convicted of any criminal offense listed in paragraph (a), shall undergo a rehabilitation program, which has been drawn up to develop tolerance.

Paragraph (a) above offenses are not considered political offenses extradition.

Paragraph (a) victims of crimes listed in the legal basis for the present action against the perpetrator and the right to compensation.

Paragraph (a) above crimes have a right to free legal aid, irrespective of the victim’s economic situation.

The government must ensure that:

a) school programs, the younger to the older grade level, will be introduced to subjects that help students to accept diversity and to foster a climate of tolerance of different cultures and characteristics.

b) Similar courses should be added to the military and law enforcement agencies täiendkoolitusprogrammidesse.

c) refresher courses for tolerance and awareness-raising courses should be available to different social groups, with a focus on professional groups.

d) tolerance awareness courses, educational materials (including curricula) prepares the Board of Education to meet the demands.

e) training providers, in turn, undergo training for trainers to prepare them for their tolerance, awareness-raising courses on the other.

f) Board of Education must ensure that the courses of study materials do not contain any clues or labeling of any part 1 (a), defined as a group.

g) It is desirable to produce a climate of tolerance, the promotion of books, plays, newspaper and magazine articles, films and television programs, which is financially supported by the government, for its part.

9. Part of the Mass Media:

a) The Government shall ensure that the public media (television and radio) separates their programs to the extent prescribed airtime to promote a climate of tolerance.

b) The Government encourages the privately owned mass media (including the written press) to contribute to the promotion of a climate of tolerance.

c) The Government will encourage the mass media (both public and private media) to adopt a code of ethics that prevents the spread of intolerance and monitored by an Ethics Adviser to the press.


Excellent” stauudi is prepared: the auspices of the Council of tolerance and tolerance sub group of experts: Yoram Dinstein (Chairman), Ugo Genesio, Rein Mȕllerson (NB Africa), Daniel Thȕrer and Rȕdiger Wolfrum.

This “brilliant” Soviets directive was developed in 2009-2014, right now it is the time to start more decisively implemented. Perhaps many people will now also understand why our mainstream politicians and -meedia is precisely such as they are, after all, seek a special fervor to Brussels mõtelmata be pleasing to his people, and other things. Immigrant major offensive in 2015, this ardor somewhat cooled down already due to the conflict, but still …

Check out the full text of the statute in English here:11_revframework_statute_en-1

Translated by Triin van Doorslaer.

Czech media: How to win a nuclear war without Russia?

Чешские СМИ: Как победить Россию без ядерной войны?

Despite all efforts in the media war, to impose sanctions and the permanent establishment of a Russian threat to the fore the option of direct military confrontation. War propaganda rather dulled the consciousness of the population, and now remains only to lose the mask and push nations to fight in the name of values.

Spending on arms grow militant education goes to school, and the phrase “contain Russia” entered the everyday vocabulary of the Western media. Nobel Peace Prize winner and organizers colored coups advised fooled the masses not to succumb to Russian propaganda under any circumstances. The plans of the Western powers on Russia – are the same: leave all 15 million (!!!) of Russians in their own territory. For these words of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher ripped loud applause. Implementation of the plan continues.

Russian resources should be divided.


Still need to finally add an image of the world of tyranny in Russia, and then everyone will agree with the murder of the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin – a demon, and it is better to kill Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi. Cost recall frames with Clinton and Albright, on which the ladies were happy tormented president, and one can easily get an idea of the person as the US head of the candidate.

Russia – not Libya, and Putin – the Russian and the Slav. And what to do with its nuclear weapons? A good army, a large area, its own resources, but instead of mercenaries – patriots. mentality of Russians – against a large army of the NATO pact with a good military equipment. All the renowned Europe and its values – a group of corporate magnates, not warriors. And she is going to war with Russia?

The European ruling elites are not able to solve their own problems, the problems of their own peoples. They can not talk about anything except their own benefit. Despite all the agreements signed in the past, they have always betrayed each other. This company is the elite, living in a different reality, has its head overseas. For the world’s policeman, there are no rules – he defines them as well as us appoint enemies. Nothing else but extremely impudent attacks on government and foreign resources assignment, did not occur in world politics, and does not occur.

War in the name of freedom – this is the biggest hypocrisy of the power of economic elites.

Neither of which human rights and democracy, and there is no question! Only the interests of power and control over resources and their distribution.

These world’s most terrible criminals abusing the word humanity. Who participated in the wars in Kosovo, and who created hell in Africa? All modern murder – on the conscience of the United States, France, England and Italy. This colonial country in the past and in the present. A UN closed his African campaign silence. Recall and instigators of war, propaganda army of NGOs and political leaders, including the corporate media.

All of them support the war for resources. The one who will control the resources in Russia will be the world’s hegemon in coal distribution and drinking water. The human rights situation in Russia and China – threatening, and properly punish those countries and constantly remind them of what they have tyranny reigns.

Western society is not looking as critical to the United States, France, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and other Muslim countries, including Turkey.

All these Russians understand. They know what it is, and do not want to take ownership of the corporate model of resources.

They know how to act hypocritically, and which has a double standard western humanity. Those who have their own resources, is not under pressure and may seek his. Russia needs peace, and it will carry a lot of resentment. Russia diligently looking for internal stability and has the power to handle even the coup. The Cold War never ended – it has only changed form

So how do you win Russia?

The sanctions continue, the army is ready. The collapse of the Soviet Union for the second time will not be repeated. All have forgotten that modern Russia – not the USSR Yeltsin.

 Military strategists have developed a plan: the small Baltic states near Russian borders play a key role. In Poland – historical trauma and dream of becoming a European power. Ukraine has not fulfilled the task of beginning of the war, despite the assistance of trained instructors. Not helped by the downed aircraft.
Another attempt of NATO to bring the case before the collision failed in Turkey. And rend the pilots had no effect on Russia’s nerves and not motivated by a desire for revenge.
How do you start a big war and deprive Russia of resources once and for all?
 Plans – much, but the main concern the Russian borders and arson Europe. Proven history of tactics! Provocation as close as possible to the borders of Russia and the mandatory support of the Slavs!

The military encirclement of Russia can not be only in the hands of the Anglo-Saxons. Something that would not be so. The strategy and the Slavic peoples must want to destroy Russia. Plan on NATO enlargement clear about this, as well as the appointment of a Czech general Paul on a high position in NATO, and Tusk, Polish, Head of the EU. Only with the help of Russian Slavic peoples can be the most vulnerable.

The air is filled with another provocation – one that will affect the emotions and cause a desire to start a war. Operation under the false flag – the usual practice of military strategists. Permanent environment Russian NATO Pact, approaching as close as possible to its borders, military exercises, increased tension – all this will sooner or later result in a collision. War between Russia and NATO launched, and it is almost inevitable.

Sanctions never canceled, and the military machine is not so easy to stop. Containing Russia is placing an increasing number of heavy weapons on its borders and the completion of the start-up bases around the whole territory of the Russian Federation.
 One thought about the war the Russians with Europe and the United States is superior to the power of weapons and the consequences of the worst hell.

Another civil war for life and death? The desire to subordinate against his courageous defense of the country?

Destroy Russia!” – But it will have only a couple of minutes.
And what is the reaction of Russia surrounded by NATO pact?
 Tactical nuclear missiles that are listed in readiness, to execute the order. The objectives are known – a US and NATO member countries. Huge numerical advantage, NATO armies impossible to resist for a long time, using traditional weapons. Russia will defend vigorous arsenal.

We calculate the scorched country for five or ten or twenty minutes – it will be the whole of Europe, and a few minutes later and England. Neutralize air defense missile a maximum of 30%, while others will hit the target. After the first mutual nuclear strikes Supreme Commander will try to finish the apocalypse. Emotional paralysis would deprive both sides of the political opportunity to negotiate. Combat system operates without human, and this is done the calculation. Russian submarine hurl all the nuclear missiles on the east coast of the United States. Time – five to ten minutes. The first mutual hitting, as always, will be applied on the bases and command, and then agglomerates, power plants, a strategic industrial facilities. All that is vital for the country, will be destroyed.

Large Russian cities, including Moscow, probably, will kick hydrogen bombs, which are more destructive than nuclear.

Automatic Russian system of nuclear war will strike most powerful ballistic missile “Topol” and “Satan” on selected targets in the EU and the US.

How will China and all of Asia?
Global exchange of blows will be on modern military calculations, the 5300 and 6000 theater missile medium-range missiles at the same time. A similar number of rockets will overload the system of air defense on both sides. In the first 60 minutes to overwhelm Russian tactical missiles in 2500, and the big fireworks will only be completed in five hours.

According to current estimates power of nuclear weapons, blow immediately entail 60-100 million victims. In the following 15 days of radiation and contamination of the environment will be lost even 300-400 million. Within six months from the devastating effects of the destruction of basic vital resources, 800 million will die. None of the state will not be able to bury the corpses. In all affected countries will no longer work infrastructure, industry, the health care system. If you can imagine the chaos and the suffering of all those who survive, the picture in front of you, the reason for and the consequences of action possessed by the power of psychopaths.

All supporters of the sanctions and hostility against Russia may, in addition to mentioning the determination to go to war, tell their children to political lectures will look like a war with Russia. To provoke a nuclear power in the war just, but it is impossible to stop. The military commanders and politicians will get out of the bunkers and will move to Australia, where they will agree on a new world order. Australia and Canada – are those countries that, by decision of the elites, will remain untouched.

Publications about the consequences of a nuclear exchange between NATO and Russia are in the public domain, and anyone can make their own conclusions.

The idea of US military strategy that will be a war that “pat” Russia and make her suffer, has no relation to reality. Russia will not go along the way of defense only on its own territory. She does not have any advantage on the size of the army, nor on the number of machinery. She had no choice, therefore, Russia is making clear that its defense will use the most powerful weapon.

Is Europe so stupid and so waiters have politicians who stubbornly go to his own death? Does anyone of bureaucrats in the European Commission and NATO leadership seriously believes that Russia can starve under sanctions, and after the win by military means without nuclear weapons? Why do they listen to the servile US? Perhaps the reason in their allocated power and profit, and perhaps, in a total nonsense, and it’s all backed up by long-term spy spying for the top leaders of the countries, dominant in Europe, ministers and presidents. The Allies listen allies. Today, all okay. They hug again, and love each other in the same way as yesterday.

What do we answer our generals, including Paul? They deter Russia or preparing a first strike? As Paul himself says Russia – the biggest threat, worse migration. Perhaps they are afraid of information from the past and the fear that it can take advantage of the enemy. Who knows? After years of espionage all his victims have found a common language and a common enemy. Daily spread rumors so-called European values and Western culture – a spectacle and the height of hypocrisy. This union must be reformed, to put on another fair, basis.

It is necessary to remove all the EU leaders and the European Commission to accelerate the proverbial. Modern elite association should be removed from office, from management process at all levels. The peoples of all EU Member States have democratic way to get rid of parasites. In the interests of all the need to lift the sanctions against the Russian Federation and to begin to trade normally and establish connections. Europe must find the courage to reject the dictates of the United States. Pact, NATO has shown that is not a defense, and attacking union hawks, defending the economic interests of the international power elite.

How and what to transform NATO? This is a task for new politicians who are willing to carry out reforms and want to prevent global war. Not replacing the current policy, to find solutions.

As the stories have never been able by any means to prevent war, then most likely, nobody will prevent the one that is scheduled today. And the same end attempts to reform the EU. Is the European elite will be with us until the very end?
The process ends with a controlled mental debilitation, and the abyss.
Will we elect politicians to guess what would happen if our people achieve from the war with Russia and to send the Slavs on the murder of the Slavs under the flag of NATO pact? What will be the reaction of the public, the freedom fighters, the heroes of our past that Russia – the enemy? Brainwashing by the media and the hunt for the so-called pro-Russian sites are gaining momentum, so that even small children are see in Russia a hell with Satan. For the case brought all the boys and girls of NGOs, celebrities, and we must not forget about the self-appointed activists. The media and the stars – a key role. They do an excellent job with the conduct of information warfare.

The enemy is known, but our fellow citizens are still not overwhelmed determination to fight. The elite from the ranks of these journalists barred. Petranek supposedly crazy, so we write political analyzes twenty years activists from foundations and trusts brain. Martin Koller, who is very professional and truly describes the situation may even “obpisatsya” – and in response to silence.

If we compare the circumstances, to take advantage of the knowledge on the structure and mentality of all sections of the population of Bohemia and Moravia, we get material for analysis. Dumb and spoiled young people too lazy to work and spend mental strength. The middle generation is fighting for food, and retired completely lost under the burden of low pensions. Senior bureaucrats just want to do business, and 3.5 million poor people do not want war with Russia. National Army does not exist, and mobilization can find some moral limits, and possibly lead to political changes in the General Staff.

 The same situation with the same tools debilizatsii reigned throughout the EU. In many well-aimed commentary asks: why fight it? For plunder the state for the property of transnational corporations, with the megamillionerov and the ruling elite? For the freedom in which the greed in the first place?
But this issue has been resolved.
 The reluctance of the masses to fight the problem decided to builders of the new world order (NWO). Just start war mercenaries. No negotiations, no surrender – the beginning of the war must be ahead of all the information channels for speed. Russia without nuclear weapons will not be defeated, and nuclear war will not be deployed only on the territory of Russia. The geopolitical situation – much worse than during the Cuban missile crisis. Countries that during the Second World War, attacked the modern Russia, surround her again.

To understand the stability and fragility of the modern system fatal to mention things.

Several natural disasters capable of paralyzing the government and all political bodies and turn them into socially dangerous. Shutting off the water and electricity a month will lead to an apocalyptic state of society. Two months later, completely overwhelm any system – even without a major war, all plunging into chaos. Those who are preparing for war and indirectly supports it, who destroys the stability of the resources of another country, who want to kill people by hunger and thus achieve the overthrow of the government, must take into account the consequences. Russia has nowhere to retreat, and she never retreated. All countries, which it brought freedom, betraying her today and preparing for war. The fragility of the system, depending on the daily supply of all necessary literally terrifying.

For the ruling elites all minor aspects: there are too many people who are eager to resources. Russia will not attack neither any state nor Europe in general – in Russia for many centuries, has its own resources. These are the last the world’s largest resources, and there is only one ally for his defense in Russian – nuclear weapons!

Yakov Kedmi: The first blow will get the United States !

Удар по США


We are once again trying to scare NATO increased in Europe.
Offer see video from Iton.TV Yakov Kedmi, the former head of one of the intelligence services of Israel. More recently, he has not only commented on the situation on the international internet-channel, but has repeatedly been a guest on Russian television.
His opinion in the latest issue of the transfer on the topic “How should Russia respond to the new part of NATO in Europe. (Sm.13min.20sek.) Here is his view:
“… As far as I understand, as Russia refers to this matter … Russia has repeatedly explained, and the US and its European allies that NATO is the problem. Any adventure of NATO towards Russia dress-up will go primarily to the United States.
Any adventure in Europe, the first blow, which will receive for it, get the United States. So constructed Russian doctrine. So Russia is preparing his army.
NATO, too, will get his. On this, too, it will be set aside, some part. But the basic receive, those who control NATO – it is the United States.
Never again will be in the history of what has always been! The war, anywhere, and the Americans are at war anywhere but the United States, their territory out of the war.
Here’s what the Americans explained to the Russian military. Quite clearly. Any war in Europe-will be on American soil. In American cities, the American industry, the American army. Wherever the US military was not.

P.S. Israel, one of the few countries that does not live in the virtual mirages, and in the real world. In my opinion, they correctly evaluate any increase in the level of conflict and the consequences that may ensue.
Source material
Material: Sagamor

The truth about World War II !

Tõde II maailmasõja kohta

For decades, we have reiterated that the cause of World War II, Adolf Hitler and his plan was to conquer the world. The reality, however, was not far from a war, and the reasons were quite different. The reason was the Treaty of Versailles caused enormous injustice against Germany. The winners will put the entire responsibility for World War I for Germany, which is ridiculous. Germany had to cede vast territories that had historically been a part of Germany and the German inhabitants were displaced. Versailles Peace Treaty was as a ticking time bomb that had been put in place by western countries and exploded in 1939.
The German leadership has not dreamed unleash a war, but dreamed  international banking and arms industrialists, as well as the Soviet Union. Probably not, although World War II, however, the conflict, however. And offered an Englishman in Germany before the war as well as several times during the war, an armistice without any strange clauses. It was not adopted and expanded military action instead.
The war itself is very rewarding activity as
armed industri, credit institutions – where they will stay away from himself. It is also an effective tool for social and political war to maintain control over the large number of people. Martial law has been able to take advantage in order to influence the people to approve the creation of the institutions to which they would normally not agree. Estonia is one of the most prominent military historians Mati Apple: “It seems to me more and more that World War II was put in place baseline scenario European and American financial industry and the geniuses long before the beginning of the war. A new world war Russia was prepared and the preparatory work went to the capital of international joint forces. “Germany was determined by the huge reparation charges to the war-torn Germany would not in any case come to be disbursed. Since this was the case, occupied France the penalty to Düsseldorf and other cities in the Ruhr region, putting yet more difficult economic situation in Germany.

 Austria. Austria’s population consisted of Germans, who spoke German, the Germans thought and felt like Germans. Vienna had been almost ten times more than the German capital of Berlin. Only the periods 1806-1815 and 1866-1938, Austria was not connected to the national level in Germany. After the First World War, Western countries have banned reunification. 1920/1921. a. Held Karten, Tyrol, Styria and Salzburg in a referendum in which 99% participation in voted for reunification, but the Allies banned hunger blockade of threatening to continue voting for democracy, and thus violated the basic principles – self-determination. On 12 November 1928, declared the Austrian Federal Chancellor Dr. Karl Renner publicly: “Let Austrian citizens to vote freely, and they choose the 99% in favor of the reunification of Germany.” When Hitler to Austria on 12 March 1938 with Germany, adding many millions of people in the democratic self-determination finally implemented the way it was called usurpation? Rudolf Hess, accused of Nuremberg, even Austria Anschluss organization! The German leadership had abandoned the sustainability of peace in the interest of South Tyrol, Alsace-Lotringist, EupenMalmedist, North Schleswigist, Poznan, West Prussia and Upper Silesia in the East, the areas that were included in 1914. The German and Austrian sides. Their sole desire was to get back to the city of Danzig and the Polish Corridor connecting establish extraterritorial Germany divorced Great East Prussian province to escape bothersome customs control.
September 1 Germany invades Poland, whereupon England and France declared war on Germany, while the Soviet Union invaded Poland. Britain and France declared war to the Russians. This indicates that there was a significant problem in Poland, but the destruction of Germany. To French and England declared war on Germany attacked Poland penetration after starting as de facto World War II. I wonder why they did not have it at the end of the war in Poland with warm or cold, as it was under the yoke of the Communists?
Many think that the Nazis
dreaming of conquering the world, which is obviously false, but the communists did it. This plan have emerged on the agenda immediately after the takeover of power in Russia. Kisas Lenin: “Socialism in one country achieved the victory can not yet rule out all wars.” Brest-Litovsk, commented Comintern chairman Grigory Zinoviev as: ,,; If Russia enters into peace, the peace that only the cease-fires. The socialist revolution in Russia will win only if he is surrounded by socialist sister republics. Peace concluded imperialist Germany, is a temporary phenomenon. This gives time to breath, after the war breaks out again! “But the real Stalin began to prepare for the advent to power. In 1927, Stalin declared: “The second imperialist war is absolutely inevitable, as well as the inevitable resignation of the Soviet Union in this war.” But Stalin did not want to start a war with yourself and be a party in the earliest days: ,, We are taking the war, but we will proceed by the latter to take a pan whisk, which is able to consider everything. “

 Stalin’s industrialization was initiated, with the primary objective of the military industry of such a level that it is able to keep the course enormous, we can conquer the whole of Europe of armies. The whole country’s economy worked in the military industry to increase capacity for and this contributed actively to the west Financial Tycoons. They knew that the war is extremely costly for fun, and most states, anyone who considers himself to be the ongoing conflicts, needs financial support from the world banking systems. They are forced to borrow in time of war (weapons industry run), and at the end (to restore what has been destroyed). However, for the loans to pay high interest rate. Both are occupied by independent national economies …
When in 1923 the Red Army had 550,000 men, then on 19 August 1939, there were 2 million, and by 21 June 1941 to 5.5 million + NKVD troops! The beginning of the war, Stalin was at the disposal of the world’s most powerful and best-armed army. In 1941, the Soviet Union was the only country which produced heavy tanks. Their mission was to break through the defense and open up easy access to tanks German motorways. In 1940. between June 1941 and June was set up in the USSR 61 new tank divisions, each with 375 tanks .While entered Germany in September 1939 addressed during the second world war just six Panzerdivision. To conquer the world?
1939. In September, the world’s most powerful series production in the fighter weapons designer Polikarpovi I-16th Firepower still exceeded the 16 double-Messerschmidt-109e, and almost three-fold; Speedfighter.1939. September of 1941. June was formed in the USSR 295 New Rifle.From 1940 to 1941 a. was formed in June of 79 new aircraft in the USSR Division, igaühes200-300 aircraft.1940-1941 USSR was formed 30 new motorized division.In June 1939, the Red Army’s Field Artillery composed of 144
artillery Regiment, every 24-36 cannons, but by June 1941 the Red Army was already 900 (!!) artillery Regiment.
On 19 August 1939, the VK (b) P ,, Politburo adopted a Decision on the release. ” Guided by the principle: Pull the war, while remaining neutral, then the opponents have bled, throw into battle throughout the power of the Red Army. At the beginning of August 1939 had a British and French military delegations held talks in Moscow, Stalin information that allowed Stalin to combine in such a way that the outbreak of war to all the advantages of Russia. Namely, they told Stalin that the German attack on Poland in the case of France and Britain declare war on Germany. This is only needed Stalin. On 19 August 1939, Stalin, Hitler declared that if he invades Poland, do not fall of the Soviet Union not only neutral but also assisted Germany. Diplomatic straits staying Hitler
swallowed up hook down. Ribbentrop was in Moscow, and on August 23 he wrote down with Molotov Pact of conquering Poland.

 The big lie is, however, that the then leadership of the Republic of Estonia did not know the secret Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact additional content. It is easier to hide people. Freemason, and a high-paying NKVD collaborator Konstantin Pats, with its tail in the cells was performed in a military coup in 1934, shortly before a democratic election would have come to power through the War of letting the men who were in our country shed the blood of the War of Independence. One of the causes of the War of the repression of the children was that they knew Pätsi and Laidoneri major thefts of the Bank of Estonia and Harju Bank. Pats knew that veterans coming to power would be waiting for him to prison. After the coup did Loaf statement that the Estonian people are sick … but the people received treatment for six years on the eastern border of the back instead. But hit a loaf of traitors appropriate fate. Damage to this Estonians had cost so many innocent lives. A loaf of co Muurlan, US President Roosevelt commented that the Soviet occupation of Estonia, with a special cynicism – When the Estonians do not like communism, they may, after all, to leave Estonia … By the way, patchouli myself had in my pocket US visa, a passport, but their crimes for the consequences she no longer tried to escape is not an accident.
Now the situation was created in which Germany was particularly dangerous. The German authorities started to realize Stalin’s devilish plan. Stalin was preparing an unpleasant surprise for France, which defeated Hitler in 1940. very fast, even though Stalin had hoped that France and Germany sink into a bloody war and exhausting his army will then only scattered remnants of their beat. France was one of the main reasons for the rapid loss to nationalism. Full nationalism slump. Since the British have tended not specifically a fight, the Germans decided to begin withdrawing its troops from the eastern border to concentrate. Here Stalin made his second mistake, which would have been an almost fatal. He did not believe in his intelligence, and the generals, who warned him against Hitler and his troops continued to calmly concentrating the country’s western border. The German leader Hitler knew very well what risks he took for MRP concluding the contract; , only the establishment of relations between Germany and Russia would be an inevitable war. The Prince von Bismarck was warned not only against the war on two fronts, but also one of the fronts, if there’s war with Russia. And yet Hitler attacked. And none of the historian is not his motives expressed interest? But Hitler himself said Earl Schulenbergile: ,, Count, I have no other way out. “

 The fact that the Soviet Union will not be ready for war, and it had hit him suddenly, it is a complete lie. For example, Irakli Toidze patriotic poster which calls on all battle (,, Mother Homeland Calls “), appeared in the streets of Yaroslavl in the evening on June 22, 1941 June 22 Saratov afternoon, Novosibirsk and Habarovsk 23 June. When the artist created it, when it was printed and delivered as a sudden ,, “The Great Patriotic War began on June 22 in the early morning? Minsk military recruitment arrived at these posters, however, already in 1940. December !!! 1941 June 22 radio speech Molotov announced that Germany had declared war on them. The same information can also be found Soviet Marshal Zhukov memoirs. However, on 3 July 1941 there is a radio speech by Stalin, who in the meantime has got over the shock, to prevent Hitler came to him. And this is where we all become the treacherous ,, Germany invaded the Soviet Union on the peace loving “German attacked in self-defense, and thereby breached the advantage of Stalin’s plan of conquering Europe.
During the war the Red Army was spending 427 million artillery shells and mines, and 17 billion rounds of ammunition. This is not included hand grenades, land mines and aircraft bombs. Divide by the number of German soldiers! In war, the Soviet Union used the advantage of the 15% of People’s Commissariat of Munitions production capacity. Stalin, Hitler gave a preemptive strike, destroying or capturing 75% of Russian ammunition. Stalin drove the German troops, on the basis of the People’s Commissariat of Munitions of 15%
vestige of power. We all know the outcome of the war. What would have happened if Stalin had come to attack first?
Hitler had anticipated the communists in just a few weeks, knowing that if Stalin is attacked first, and Europe is not any hope. Breaking the first weeks of the war the huge Russian troops took Hitler to Stalin the opportunity to conquer the whole of Europe.
The world-famous British historian Liddell Hart wrote on September 3, 1949 in the newspaper ,,, Picture Post ‘: ,, Hitler wanted anything else, but not only a world war … After the end of the war the most important German archives fell into our hands, and we can get a clear idea of how extraordinarily there was great fear in the leading circles of the German war front … “

 Gaul Brennus commander said ,, the vanquished Woe! Vae victis! “Really. Only the winners decide what were war crimes. Nuremberg trials were a farce. In many cases, the Germans were attributed to acts which were committed communists. At one hearing, Goering said: “When I sit on this bench, you should sit on my right and left of Stalin, Churchill.” The Nuremberg defendants were beaten, and the interrogator told in advance what he wants to hear. The German defenders were threatened verbally and physically so that they will not produce the crimes of the Allies. But despite this, they did not believe that German statesmen and generals killed Cowardly both ways – by hanging. According to the Geneva Convention, the victim may be sentenced to death but the firing squad! The conditions in which the Germans worked in Nuremberg defenders can read books ,, Len Deightoni Blood, Tears and Folly “Soviet prosecutor Roman Rudenko said in his oral arguments that led the Germans from Russia Fortunes. On top of this, Göring said that Russia got millions of them, yes, but they were mostly Russian-performing. Rudenko grabbed the gun and let (!!!) in the direction of Goring 4-5 shots before the gun was confiscated from him. As Goering bullets did not hit, he said calmly, let the Russians, who in such a short earth knows how to miss. Soviet specialists constructed a special boom for hanging place. Guests to the store very slowly, about 24 minutes after the doctor declared hanging dead. Field Marshal Keitel said before hanging his last words: ,, Let me die ass towards Russia. “Ribbentrop: ,, Hanging us today, but tomorrow you hanging Communists. Our hanging above the future, but a monument. “The Nuremberg process serving 3,000 people since 2400 were Jews!g


Everyone likes to talk about the crimes of the Nazis, but what about our allies?
English fire bombs thrown from airplanes in 1943 changed the Hamburg city reduced to rubble.
Fire tornado killed 50,000 civilians.
In September, fire bombs were thrown Darmstadile 250 000 – 12, 000 people dead.
In October, 8,000 people were killed in Kassel. Attacked in Bremerhaven, Braunschweig and Heilbronn.
On 14 February 1945 the Dresden huge crematoria. The city was called Elbe-edge in Florence, this was one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. 13 February, 1945 in Dresden, supposedly lived 950,000 people, including 250,000 war refugees (women and children). Englishmen have passed the two attacks on the substance – a total of 650,000 fire bombs, along with 
land mine Bombings 2659 tons. In the third attack by the United States were the subject of B-17 planes – 771 tons of bombs. The second and third wave was planned so that the bombs would be hit between the buildings rescuers working. Low-flying fighters mowed the machine gun fire of crazed people. Dresden burned for seven days. 90,000 houses were destroyed. The smallest estimated number of deaths was 35,000, the largest of more than 100 000 people. The strategic and military sense, there was no significance Drezdenil !!!
May 31, 1942 in Cologne in 1046 attacked the English bombers. Civilians were killed simply for sowing terror. Second World War in Germany fell by 1.35 million tons of bombs, of which 55.8% of the cities and the junction of 9,3% in the chemical industry, 1.8% in the manufacturing industry, 30.5% and 2.6% points to the military base and other objects.
Civilians killing Englishmen called themselves “comfortable war” – a war comfortable! It also happened in Japan. For example, on 9 March 1945, was the World War II air raid strict Tokyo bombing killed 83,800 people, 41,000 wounded and 1 million homeless. Was destroyed 267,000 houses. Between June and August 1945 passed the 58 Americans in the Japanese city of 60 air strikes and Toyama, Fukui Nazamu and cities were razed to the ground. Americans are not interested in the military, but economic injury. Hundreds of thousands (the exact number can not be determined) were killed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bomb attacks.
Is the killing of civilians is a war crime only to the Germans? Everything is to blame only the Germans? Nuremberg Tribunals Statute of the sixth article of the war crimes in occupied territories civilians killings, ill-treatment and forced labor deportations, prisoners of war or the sea seized the persons killings or ill-treatment, hostage executions, public or private property, looting, towns or villages unjustified looting or destruction by military necessity can not justify. Would not have had to sit on the dock in Nuremberg, Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill? The first was organized by the Germans during World War 500 English
various brigades as many as 768 gas attack. However, the school’s only about the Germans.
Twisted history is not history.
If you take a few steps back and watch it all on a large scale it would seem that the two without a war, won most of the Jews who were new to your country and the United States, whose gold fund increased from 1913 until World War II until the end of nine times (!), And who became the world’s powerful economy.


Russian maneuvers over the Baltic Sea – a warning to the West – the Polish media.

Маневры русских над Балтикой — предупреждение Западу, — польские СМИ

Experts agree that the actions of the Russian aircraft over the Baltic Sea – a deliberate and directed against NATO’s action, writes portal Wirtualna Polska.

Fund representative named Casimir Pulaski Tomas Smouri believes that incidents involving Russian bombers – is the result of political tensions between NATO and Russia, ongoing since the “annexation” of Crimea.
The objectives of this type of action double: on the military level – this is a test of the alliance opportunities, and at the political level – is a signal to Russia that it will continue to be a military power, highlights the Polish portal.
Tomas Smouri draws, however, attention to the fact that such cases affect the NATO decision, contributing to strengthening the alliance’s activities in Eastern Europe. As a result, they help Poland bring to the Western allies about the need to strengthen NATO’s eastern flank.
Expert portal Defence24 Juliusz Sabak notes that the incidents with Russian bombers, despite their military character, are also political goals: they are preceded by a meeting of the Russia – NATO Council, as well as the alliance summit in Warsaw.
According to the expert, Russia seeks a way to demonstrate their presence to put pressure. Juliusz Sabak believes that Russia does not need a dialogue with NATO on the Alliance’s presence in Eastern Europe, and the incidents are addressed to public opinion of the United States and other countries, taking decisions on the placement of troops in Eastern Europe. As Sabak said, it is a signal to the fact that these countries are subjected to certain risks.
In the night from Saturday to Sunday reported that a US reconnaissance aircraft was intercepted Russian bombers over the Baltic Su-27. As the Pentagon said the interception was “dangerous and unprofessional.”
In turn, at the beginning of last week, Russian warplanes in the Baltic Sea a few “close Flight” on the American destroyer “Donald Cook”, which carried out joint exercises with the Polish air force, reminiscent of Wirtualna Polska.

Reader comments on the site:

żarcik: Yes, yes, the Russians, do not cry. You military power :)

expert: There is nothing to play with Russian terrorists, it is necessary to shoot them – and they will learn to respect the West.

historia: Only a united Europe and NATO can be active and to repel force Russia and other threats.

mix: Yeah. Russian planes dare to fly over the Baltic Sea! It’s almost near the border with the United States.

Karkses: Well, yes … Americans swim on the destroyer front of their nose, and they sent against them the bomber. So Russia provokes. In the end, Baltika – is, of course, the United States territorial waters.

Jan: Shoot down. The Russians understand only the language of force.

Tasak: «The actions of Russians over the Baltic Sea – a deliberate action”, but can there be another? Ostensibly by accident they did fly over the US ship?

Nik: That shoot down at least one, then you will see that NATO rules, and then they shot down the plane, the matter was hushed up.

AO: This is the United States and NATO are pushing us to war with Russia … Open your eyes … They make us cannon fodder, we provoke a nuclear power, and, if necessary, we will not help anyone!

Le: Is this stupid world does not understand that the time of peace for Russia – loss, and war – the rise? Unfortunately for them, a profitable business is possible only during the war.

ghur: Split Katsap.

stańczyk: I suggest to the Americans not to poke his nose in the Kaliningrad region, and the Poles did not arrange smokescreens.

Ewa: The Americans deliberately sailed into the Baltic Sea to the Russian border, to arrange baiting.

BBC: The Third World War – a look through the keyhole.

Третья мировая: две новости, хорошая и не очень

Special topic Southeast Summaries militia Former USSR Military conflicts Your news
The strength in the truth “Analytics information view” the BBC: World War III – a look through the keyhole
BBC: The Third World War – a look through the keyhole
Analyst opinion data
02.08.2016 03:54
BBC: The Third World War – a look through the keyhole

I would like to thank the British broadcaster BBC on behalf of all Russian citizens and citizens of the Baltic states, for helpful tips and visual footage demonstrated in their film “The Third World War – a view from a staff room” – as himself have to lead when it is absolutely them there pressed ethnographic order enforcers west in these countries. At the practical value of the film actually ends. Most of the meeting of the “headquarters” for the salvation of the Anglo-Saxon world order, at times reminiscent of the ward residents home for the elderly, it is impossible to watch without a smile.

And now seriously. Authors telefilm desperately lost between the propaganda genre loyalty paragraph 5 of NATO and the real exchange blows on the territories of the two nuclear superpowers. There is a vain attempt to this group pull the ears and the UK. But she, with all due respect, does a nuclear superpower is not drawn. She does not have the capacity, which would compete with the US and Russia on this issue on an equal footing.

In fact, nuclear war is not as easy to start as it seems. But even if it starts it will be by no means fatal to the whole of humanity as predicting many skeptics. Russia, with its expanses of war will transfer much easier than the US, but Europe has a chance to move her not at all. A number of experts (both in the West and in Russia) have described in detail the various scenarios possible conflict between NATO and Russia. To summarize their essence with regard to the bottom line we get the following:
1. Start a war with a nuclear exchange in the United States and Russia to each other no one in their right mind would. And not to sound too.
2. Nuclear strikes (tactical) depending on the current military and political situation will be applied only on the third – the non-nuclear countries.

3. Conflict can start with the use of conventional weapons on the territory of third countries. And according to most forecasts and it is likely to be limited to the territories of these countries. Skopje no one on the Russian attack will not be exact. Why do it, say France, Italy, Greece or Germany? These countries are not going to touch anybody, why should they attack first if they are guaranteed to lose after all. In France in the military doctrine even says that it can use nuclear weapons only if there is a direct threat to its territorial integrity, IE, the enemy rushed into the depths of its territory. Russia has no such plans, and has never been (not to be confused with partiality plans in the USSR). Therefore, it is not clear who still might want to launch missiles with nuclear warheads on the Russian territory and under what circumstances.

In the west give in vain euphoria and think – as now we all hit Russia and let her Feeds on the eyelid. Unfortunately, as history shows, the country die in wars, as the people in your life – alone. Therefore, there is still easily make out on the shelves.

Who can actually theoretically hit the Russian nuclear weapons? This is – the US, UK, France. All!
About France, we have already said, it will hit only if Russia decides to bang her or nuclear weapons Russian ground troops will leave France on the border with the intention of it or go cross. But both options utopia. Prior to that, France will not risk their complete destruction.

UK – it has a very limited number of missiles with nuclear weapons and their means of delivery. In addition to the tiny UK to get involved in an exchange of blows with Russian nuclear weapons is like death. If Russian spitting radioactive dust from the teeth will only become angrier, the British simply will not be on their island. Therefore, the striped beetle least of all interested in direct conflict with Russia.

Well, there is the United States. The US goal to weaken Russia (they understand that you can not destroy it completely), but it would not hurt himself. In direct nuclear exchange would have to suffer, and very strong, stronger than the Russian. Hopes on frivolous Washington selfless sacrifice for the sake of a mythical democracy is not exactly in the Baltic mills. Here in the first place will not promote the primacy of the image of a fighter with a “despot” Putin and “revanchist” Russia, as more prosaic desire for self-preservation.

Therefore, as the majority of military experts, everything is reduced to the war on the territory of third countries, not excluding the use of tactical nuclear weapons there. And in such a war the Americans will beat on the territory of its allies, potentially exhaust Russia, massaging and much more carefully than the Russian Armed Forces. Recall the famous bombing of Dresden, the waste in the zone of influence of the Soviet Union. Baltic countries, Poland, Romania – Russia having strategic advantages in the European theater of operations can take control and conventional arms. But, after this, these areas may well be subject to a massive US attack, including the use of tactical nuclear weapons. After all, if you choose between the lives of people in these countries and a desire to harm Russia’s position in Europe “pragmatists” always choose the second in Washington.





West Framed pass Estonian fools, and they are happy to try!

Запад подставил под удар эстонских дуралеев, а те рады стараться!

Prime Minister of Estonia, and along with the chairman of the right-wing liberal Reform Party Taavi Rõivas said that the US military presence in the country is important for the security of the region, so the government will do everything to keep the US “an excellent host country.”

Naive fool! He seriously believes that an increase in funding such a presence in the four-fold to US $ 3.4 billion shows that the fate of Estonia to the United States “very important.”

Talking shop “the Washington Regional Committee” for the eccentric takes “good faith”, believing in a pivotal role in the Estonian real deterrent alleged Russian aggression. For the sake of the Estonian government is even ready to cover the costs in case of increasing the presence of allies.

Estonia has already allocated to the 2015-2019 years, 40 million euros to build the infrastructure needed for the allies: the barracks are being built in a military town in the Tape, upgraded central landfill and built the building in Tallinn NATO headquarters element. Military expenses in 2016 will amount to 449 million euros (2.07% of GDP), which exceeds the criteria for NATO.

Western countries are not left behind. Thus, the States have allocated $ 33 million for the purchase of Javelin anti-tank systems. We invested approximately $ 35 million in infrastructure in Tapa and Ämari (northern Estonia).

In the area of ​​special attention allies proved central landfill, which has built a variety of objects, allowing to carry out training exercises. And they will not stop …

The Estonian authorities are increasing power, informational, financial and infrastructural power, forgetting that such activity will not be ignored by Russia. The Russian Defense Ministry has pointed out that in the Baltic States is building up forces air cover, and tensions over the Russian border has increased by an order.

Even last year, the representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Army General Yuri Yakubov said that the appearance of US combat equipment in the Baltic States Russia will give an adequate response. group of forces along the perimeter of Russia’s western border will be strengthened (tanks, aircraft, artillery).

Estonia, indulging allies jeopardizes St. Petersburg, which is comparable, according to experts, only the placement of Soviet missiles in Cuba in 1962. This is pure aggression, a military challenge.

Estonian authorities to lick the heels of the Americans, it would seriously consider. The military doctrine of Russia, NATO has called the main geopolitical enemy, which entails certain consequences.

And do not forget that the Americans do not do anything just for beautiful eyes. All their investments in the Estonian military infrastructure, they easily beat off, billed Tallinn in the future for the “post” their military equipment. Intimidation Russia, as well as Estonia’s security (in this case, the imaginary) is well worth it. And do not care what Moscow attempts ridiculous action Reyvasa ..

Up to this point a chic life was relatively calm. Russian strategic missile “flew” through its territory. But now everything has changed: intermediate- and short-range missiles will be aimed at the Estonian town. However, such a fate can not be avoided, and Lithuania and Latvia.

Choosing the path of NATO bridgehead near the Russian border, the Estonian leadership to substitute the country under attack. In the case of NATO’s military aggression against Russia, not Europe, and Estonia will remain in the past … was small West coins forever erasing itself from the political map of the world.

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