BBC: The Third World War – a look through the keyhole.

Третья мировая: две новости, хорошая и не очень

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The strength in the truth “Analytics information view” the BBC: World War III – a look through the keyhole
BBC: The Third World War – a look through the keyhole
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02.08.2016 03:54
BBC: The Third World War – a look through the keyhole

I would like to thank the British broadcaster BBC on behalf of all Russian citizens and citizens of the Baltic states, for helpful tips and visual footage demonstrated in their film “The Third World War – a view from a staff room” – as himself have to lead when it is absolutely them there pressed ethnographic order enforcers west in these countries. At the practical value of the film actually ends. Most of the meeting of the “headquarters” for the salvation of the Anglo-Saxon world order, at times reminiscent of the ward residents home for the elderly, it is impossible to watch without a smile.

And now seriously. Authors telefilm desperately lost between the propaganda genre loyalty paragraph 5 of NATO and the real exchange blows on the territories of the two nuclear superpowers. There is a vain attempt to this group pull the ears and the UK. But she, with all due respect, does a nuclear superpower is not drawn. She does not have the capacity, which would compete with the US and Russia on this issue on an equal footing.

In fact, nuclear war is not as easy to start as it seems. But even if it starts it will be by no means fatal to the whole of humanity as predicting many skeptics. Russia, with its expanses of war will transfer much easier than the US, but Europe has a chance to move her not at all. A number of experts (both in the West and in Russia) have described in detail the various scenarios possible conflict between NATO and Russia. To summarize their essence with regard to the bottom line we get the following:
1. Start a war with a nuclear exchange in the United States and Russia to each other no one in their right mind would. And not to sound too.
2. Nuclear strikes (tactical) depending on the current military and political situation will be applied only on the third – the non-nuclear countries.

3. Conflict can start with the use of conventional weapons on the territory of third countries. And according to most forecasts and it is likely to be limited to the territories of these countries. Skopje no one on the Russian attack will not be exact. Why do it, say France, Italy, Greece or Germany? These countries are not going to touch anybody, why should they attack first if they are guaranteed to lose after all. In France in the military doctrine even says that it can use nuclear weapons only if there is a direct threat to its territorial integrity, IE, the enemy rushed into the depths of its territory. Russia has no such plans, and has never been (not to be confused with partiality plans in the USSR). Therefore, it is not clear who still might want to launch missiles with nuclear warheads on the Russian territory and under what circumstances.

In the west give in vain euphoria and think – as now we all hit Russia and let her Feeds on the eyelid. Unfortunately, as history shows, the country die in wars, as the people in your life – alone. Therefore, there is still easily make out on the shelves.

Who can actually theoretically hit the Russian nuclear weapons? This is – the US, UK, France. All!
About France, we have already said, it will hit only if Russia decides to bang her or nuclear weapons Russian ground troops will leave France on the border with the intention of it or go cross. But both options utopia. Prior to that, France will not risk their complete destruction.

UK – it has a very limited number of missiles with nuclear weapons and their means of delivery. In addition to the tiny UK to get involved in an exchange of blows with Russian nuclear weapons is like death. If Russian spitting radioactive dust from the teeth will only become angrier, the British simply will not be on their island. Therefore, the striped beetle least of all interested in direct conflict with Russia.

Well, there is the United States. The US goal to weaken Russia (they understand that you can not destroy it completely), but it would not hurt himself. In direct nuclear exchange would have to suffer, and very strong, stronger than the Russian. Hopes on frivolous Washington selfless sacrifice for the sake of a mythical democracy is not exactly in the Baltic mills. Here in the first place will not promote the primacy of the image of a fighter with a “despot” Putin and “revanchist” Russia, as more prosaic desire for self-preservation.

Therefore, as the majority of military experts, everything is reduced to the war on the territory of third countries, not excluding the use of tactical nuclear weapons there. And in such a war the Americans will beat on the territory of its allies, potentially exhaust Russia, massaging and much more carefully than the Russian Armed Forces. Recall the famous bombing of Dresden, the waste in the zone of influence of the Soviet Union. Baltic countries, Poland, Romania – Russia having strategic advantages in the European theater of operations can take control and conventional arms. But, after this, these areas may well be subject to a massive US attack, including the use of tactical nuclear weapons. After all, if you choose between the lives of people in these countries and a desire to harm Russia’s position in Europe “pragmatists” always choose the second in Washington.





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