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Хлопцы просят Stinger. Украинские власти требуют у Вашингтона оружие для элитных частей спецназа

Ukrainian authorities require Washington weapons for elite special forces units.

The hacker group “CyberBerkut” November 25 announced the access to the US State Department documents related to US aid to Ukraine. Hackers claim that information is stored on the mobile phone environment officials from the US Vice President Joseph Biden, who visited Kiev for a visit on November 21.

If you believe the published documents, the US provided financial assistance to Kiev in various fields, including the military. For example, Washington Ukrainian officers paid travel expenses during the exercise Rapid Trident“, which took place this summer in Ukraine. Part of the funds are transferred directly to the card accounts of military personnel.

Some documents tell of US military supplies to Ukraine. It is known that for a long time Kiev is asking Washington to help lethal weapons. Said this Poroshenko during a visit to the US in mid-September. The supply of arms and leaders discussed volunteer battalions” Semen Semenchenko, Yuri Birch and Andrew Teteruk at a meeting with Senator John McCain in November. Finally, before Biden’s visit to Kiev a number of high-ranking officials said that the State Department are considering to provide Ukraine with lethal weapons. But until now, officially the White House to all requests to be rejected.

Declassified materials confirm that the United States put the Ukrainian army counter-battery radar three in the amount of 400 thousand. Dollars. But of particular interest is a file in the Ukrainian language On the priority needs of the logistical support to the armed forces of Ukraine” (marked “for Congress”). It provides a list of weapons that Kiev would like to receive from their American partners. It’s 400 sniper rifles APR, Neckler & Koch and Barrett, 2000 assault rifles of the same brands, 720 hand grenade brand MGL, 200 mortars from 60 to 120 millimeters, 80 anti-tank missiles Javelin, 150 portable anti-aircraft missile systems Stinger, 280 armored MRAP, 1312 Car Hummer, as well as ammunition, mines, remote detonators and other ammunition. A separate document provides assistance to the naval forces of Ukraine, in particular, equipment for 150 combat swimmers.

It is worth noting that the US signed the document yet. Perhaps this is just the wishes of Ukraine. On the other hand, on November 26 in Kiev again flew senior US military, the commander of the US Army in Europe Philip Breedlove. Such activity USA Ukraine suggests the idea that the supply of lethal weapons, if they do not exist a matter of time.

A decisive influence on the course of military operations it can not have weapons – the director of the Center for Strategic conditions Ivan Konovalov. Firstly, it is mostly infantry weapons grenade launchers, rifles and light armored vehicles, and very much like an attempt to create some of the elite special forces, light infantry. These units are unlikely to something fundamentally change. Until now, the whole war was fought mainly artillery pieces howitzers, multiple launch rocket systems. Although clashes also occurred, but they were not decisive.

Secondly, I would note that this list of weapons so far only shows the desire of the Ukrainian side to get it. Will these supply the American side – the big question. I think not. Still, Washington is not one rules the world and looks back on its NATO allies. And they strongly oppose retraction of the Alliance in the conflict. Perhaps the United States only supports the United Kingdom, and even then very carefully. It is one thing war rhetoric, and another – the official transfer of weapons. It is not hard to imagine what the reaction of the militia of Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republic of such supplies. They definitely consider it a direct US participation in the war. Immediately be followed by Russia’s harsh reaction.

The Ukrainian side really wants to get Americans lethal weapons. And it’s not that it is so necessary. Direct supplies of arms Kiev wants to bind Washington. Please note that the list does not, for example, “Abrams”. Present Javelin” – a modern, expensive and a good weapon but in small quantities. Kiev wants to tie the Washington these supplies, and thereby to discover the path to NATO. Although this, too, will never be Ukraine does not match any of the requirements for joining the Alliance. Perhaps in the future, after six years, Poroshenko able to count on it. Although the current developments suggest that in six years will not be fast Ukraine as a state. At least its current authorities are to do that.

“SP”: You said that these weapons characteristic of light infantry. Why Kiev need these parts than they do? Recently, Ukrainian authorities said they were going to create a battalion of “Shadow”, which will deal with specific tasks

– Apparently, the Kiev authorities hope to create some elite units, but believe in it with difficulty. If this happens, they will undoubtedly prepare American instructors. In fact, this subversive groups. They may engage in conduct mobile warfare, rapid deployment of the enemy’s rear. Conventional part, relatively speaking, are fighting on the front lines. Light infantry – a special forces, elite fighters. They are well trained, armed with no heavy guns, namely this set, which is on the list. These parts are usually applied short bounces and wastes act as saboteurs, penetrating the front line.

Kiev authorities have a general problem with the infantry. It was one of the main reasons for the defeat in the war. Technology can not fight alone. Well, a lot of them MLRS, howitzers, tanks. But all this must accompany the infantry, and it has not appeared in Kiev, not to mention the special forces, which did not exist. National Guard under – it’s just thugs who have no training no.

“SP”: – Another promulgated document provides training frogmen”. Than they can deal with, given that Kiev and the fleet is almost gone – really subversive activities in the Crimea?

Frogmen – is also a riot. Americans have it seals, the British – Special Boat Service (Special Boat Service). They have a very well-trained combat swimmers. There is also clearly seen the desire of Kiev to create subversive groups.

The problem for Ukraine is that an open attack on the Crimea will direct aggression against Russia. Poroshenko, and any most rabid nationalist, is well aware. But the use of saboteurs, action and whose belonging to a country still need to prove, that’s another matter. They may commit acts of terror, sabotage, explosions. Such examples are sufficient in modern military history. For example, in Angola, the South Africans attacked our ships staged explosions, but the empirical evidence we had. Everyone knew that it was the South African swimmers, but none have been caught.

It can be seen that the leadership of the Kiev new trend the creation of such subversive parts. I doubt that they succeed. Although the decision is quite logical. Create a large and well-trained armed forces Kiev can not afford, it’s useless. But put together a few elite units, in principle, possible. Apparently, it directed the efforts of Kiev. But special forces, whatever it was prepared, can not play a decisive role in the war. In war, it is all the infantry and modern technology. Where there is no boot infantryman, there is no victory.

Deputy Director of the Center for Analysis of World Arms Trade (TSAMTO) Vladimir Shvarev not rule out that Washington can begin deliveries of these weapons, but not officially.

According to the policy, which takes the US, such illegal delivery is possible. This is a fairly inexpensive weapons systems. Party voiced a few tens of millions of dollars. In comparison with the major weapons systems, such as aircraft, which one is worth more than 50 million. US., A small amount of money. At the same time deliver systems, including mortars, granotomety, MANPADS “Stinger” quite a serious weapon that can strengthen the capacity of Ukrainian troops. These supplies will exacerbate the situation in Ukraine.

“SP”: If the facts of US arms transfers are proven, it somehow weaken the position of the United States?

– The United States will never make excuses, because they are always right. This was repeatedly told US President Barack Obama. If there are any evidence, that such deliveries took place, from Washington will not have any regrets.

“SP”: Why Ukrainian General Staff orders such weapons as MANPADS “Stinger” and equipment for combat swimmers? After all, no militia aviation or navy?

Ukrainian army, according to the President Poroshenko, is going to wage all-out war against Russia. One of the options for the purchase of MANPADS implementation of these plans into action.

If hackers CyberBerkut” not exaggerate version of these swimmers will be used for sabotage in the Crimea, has the right to life. Remains of the Ukrainian Navy relocated to Odessa, and in the condition, in which they were prior to the events on the peninsula. Most ships today is absolutely not for battle. Therefore, if you really ordered equipment for underwater sabotage units, they may only be directed against Russia.

“SP”: Is it normal that Americans actually pay salaries Ukrainian officers, paid travel to exercise?

No, this is an exception to the rule. Recently held a joint Russian-Chinese exercises in China. All shipping costs, fuels and lubricants, travel takes on the Russian side. So what makes the United States direct support of Ukraine. Of course, in such circumstances, it is impossible to talk about the independence of the Ukrainian army. The other day someone called Army of Ukraine branch of the US Army. I agree with this statement.

“SP”: Why then do not bluff Washington and begin openly supplying arms to Kiev?

Because of weapons to hot spots of the world can not be officially delivered. Ukraine is now in a state of internal conflict, and international law supplies the weapons are prohibited. In the case of the US supply openly would violate international law.

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