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Malaysian Minister: Russia is not guilty of plane crash with defaced corpses over Ukraine !

Министр Малайзии: Россия не виновна в крушении самолёта с протухшими трупами над Украиной



  The Minister of Transport of Malaysia, Anthony Lock, said that Russia should not be considered responsible for the crash of the MH17 flight in the Donbass in 2014. This position is fully consistent with those materials that were published in the newspaper “President” for the past since the time of the disaster.

ChannelNews Asia reports that the minister is confident that there is no evidence of Russia’s involvement in this crime: “There is no evidence to blame Russia on the basis of information from the Joint Investigative Group. You can not just take a finger at Russia. ”

According to the head of the department, further actions will be carried out taking into account the presence of diplomatic relations between Russia and Malaysia and on the basis of evidence.

Recall, the plane “Boeing 777” airline Malaysia Airlines, flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, collapsed to the ground in very strange circumstances. It happened on July 17, 2014 in the east of Ukraine.

And, it is claimed that as a result, 283 passengers and 15 crew members were killed. And the responsibility for “the flight MH17 shot down in 2014 over the Donbas” by the authorities of Australia and the Netherlands was officially placed for some reason not on their own states, but on Russia.

It should be noted that the reports made from the scene of the tragedy immediately after its fulfillment showed that the bodies of “passengers” are swelling like decaying corpses, many parts of the plane were simply not in place at the site of the tragedy. There were other oddities.

It is clear that a piece of fuselage, along with pre-prepared corpses, was simply dropped over Ukraine to organize levers of pressure on Russia. Mixed in this criminal scheme were Israel, where the previously stolen airplane and people were stored, the corpses of which were later dropped on the Ukrainian land; Malaysia, which has been silent all this time; The Netherlands, from whose territory the board took off, and some other countries.

Russia is also among the organizers of the tragedy – for no special Russian department has taken a single step in the defensive direction, provided no satellite imagery, no intelligence, no languages, no documents.

The organization of European persecution of Russia is beneficial, first of all, to the authorities of Russia itself, because in such conditions, victories even over the bogey in the garden seem infinitely grandiose.

Sophia Naiman.

No one doubts that the Maya Indians knew a lot about astrology. Here is their Zodiac!

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No one doubts that the Maya Indians knew a lot about astrology. Here is their Zodiac!


CHEN: 2 – 21 January.

People born under the sign of Chen, – people night. Their energy starts to grow right after the sun sets.


The full moon makes these people desperate, wild and incredibly single-minded.


To curb his temper and cope with the flow of thoughts in his head, the Maya Indians recommended that people of this sign practice meditation.


Yas: January 22 – February 10.

The behavior of these people is largely controlled by the planet Venus. It was she who gave them an innate love for nature and everything I live for.


You – a man gentle and caring. Of such as you, you get excellent diplomats and negotiators. You are born to smooth out conflicts and to reconcile irreconcilable parties.


The highest value for you – harmony. Is not it?


SAK: 11 February – 2 March.

People born under the sign of Saka, work best and manifest themselves at noon. They are most suitable for daytime. They grow together with the sun, are very hardworking and always take up the cause of any complexity.


Your favorite direction – north, your mascot – the frog. You are strong and flexible, like these animals.


Most of all in life you appreciate rapid changes. The pace of change and the joy – your everything.


KEN: 3 – 22 March.

People born under the sign of Ken, love nature and often become activists in the field of environmental protection. Their passion – fire, their favorite color – red, but their main value – the power and energy!


People like you are the Maya recommend spending as much time outdoors – especially in the woods. This will help add to you optimism and charge you with new energy.


Your totem animal – deer.


MAK: 23 March – 11 April.

Mack sign – one of the greatest mysteries of the Mayan. People like you adore secrets, mystery and riddles.


Of course, you also hide your true essence from the outside world.


You would think that the main value of this world – knowledge. If you know the person, his weaknesses by 100%, which means that it will – in your pocket.


Your favorite number – 3. This number – the symbol of both the balance sheet and divinity.


KANKIN: 12 April – 1 May.

People born under the sign of Kankin are more sensitive to love of the earth and the sun above their heads. They recognize the need to work hard to achieve happiness.


If you have undertaken some work, you will never calm down before you bring it to the end.


Animal that suits you in spirit – a dog. Like these noble beings, you are famous for your loyalty, loyalty and strength of character.


Muva: 2 – May 21.

These people – one big contradiction. They patronize just two elements – fire and water. What happens when they join? Storm!


You are full of irrepressible energy, which constantly beats you out of the key. You are not always in a position to manage it, so you are inclined to impulsive actions and rash decisions.


All this is surprisingly combined in you with wisdom. That’s why your totem animal – owl! Only you can look into the darkness and see the Truth there.


Pacemaker: 22 May – 10 June.

People born under the sign of Paks are born leaders. They draw strength from the people around them and, as a rule, move only forward and forward.


Their element – water vapor: it is a mixture of water, earth and fire.


KAYAB: 11 – June 30.

These are the people of the moon. They adore everything spiritual and difficult to understand. You probably have a much deeper view of the world than everyone around you.


About the mundane things you do not like to talk. As well as how to equip your way of life. You are born for more!


You are better than others can read between the lines and from the very youth are famous for their incredible wisdom.


Kumkoy: 1 – July 20.

These people – are born politicians and manipulators. They adore debates and arguments, are famous for their intelligence and wisdom.


For you, there is nothing sweeter than winning an intellectual competition. At the same time, you all quickly think, quickly make decisions. In terms of the ability to adapt, you truly have no equal!


Changes never frightened you. A power – always attracted like a magnet.


VEYEB: 21 – 25 July.

Maya considered people born under this sign a real anomaly. It is understandable: there are few days under this sign, therefore such people can not be a priori a lot.


Veyeb comes into the world in order to bring him harmony, and people – the ability to compromise and negotiate. You – a man of balance, intellect and rare luck. If there is something in the world that you can not stand, it’s negative!


Wherever you appear, you will always be accompanied by success and luck. And people around will be glad to see you!


POP: 26 July – 14 August.

People of this sign – the same leaders. But their feature – a passion for the grandiose scale and designs. You have always had little of your achievements, you tirelessly strive for hegemony in everything you undertake.


You feel calm and comfortable only if you are engaged in some extraordinary business.


VU: August 15 – September 3.

These people are very similar to those who were born under the sign of Chen. Your time – night, your main quality – wisdom. But at the same time you can draw energy from the sun. These contradictions – all your essence and mystery.


CIP: 4 – 23 September.

People born under this sign are known for their generosity and nobility. Your strength – in your honesty and justice needs. Your favorite place – the forest, and your totem animal – deer.


People like you usually achieve great successes of life and enjoy an unconditional authority among their associates.


SOTTS: September 24 – October 13.

These people have two totemic animals: a bat and a fish. This means that you easily adapt to any, even the newest habitat and yet do not feel any discomfort.


Best of all you feel yourself in two elements: air and sea. Whatever you do in life, you will still be easy and comfortable. The whole secret – in your special, “easy” attitude to life.


But be careful: those around you envy and do not miss the chance to ruin your destiny. Just out of harm.


SEC: 14 October – 2 November.

People like you possess both the charm of the sky and the beauty of the universe as a whole. Only you can solve problems so effectively! And only you can find several solutions for “unsolvable” problems.


To my colleagues and partners in life, you – a real gift. Because you always know what to do, where to go and what we should be engaged in, and what – no.


KSUL: 3 – 22 November.

People born under this sign are especially closely connected with the world of spirits. Your totem – a dog, so the other you – the embodiment of loyalty, devotion and friendship.


You are very strong, self-confident, but your greatest asset – your family.


YAKSKIN: November 23 – December 12.

These people were considered the direct descendants of the sun god Ah Kin. Your purpose and your mission – to help others, to protect people from the darkness and disease.


That’s why you are often called a healer by nature, even if you are engaged in some other profession. It is to you most often come to cry in the vest.


Your only drawback – indecision. Unfortunately, it’s practically impossible to fix this. So it’s better to learn to accept yourself as you are.


MOL: December 13th – January 1st.

Malls – these are people who bring others happiness and blessing. The Maya Indians addressed them when they asked the higher powers for rain. Of such people as you, most often strong spiritual leaders are obtained.




Emotions (from the Latin emoveo -. Stunning, waves) – it is a subjective reaction of man and the higher animals to any external and internal stimuli.


Each person in one way or another constantly experiences different emotions, but experiencing, or any emotion, we do not think that any experience affects breathing and muscles. For example, a prolonged background experience of anxiety leads to tension in the muscles of the neck, trapezium, and diaphragm.


This is an unhealthy type of stress that can contribute to the development of problems such as tension headache, temporomandibular joint syndrome, back pain, respiratory failure, which leads to an AVR, cardiovascular system, central nervous system and other health problems.


Some people feel that during a quarrel the pressure rises. And this feeling is not deceiving – everything is exactly what happens.

And it is not necessary to quarrel, it is enough to think about the quarrel one, two or five weeks after it happened, the American Journal of Psychophysiology states. Therefore, says the proverb is correct: a row – forget it.


Half-hour quarrel with a loved one for a day almost completely turns off the body’s ability to self-repair. Scientists at the University of Ohio have found that people who constantly quarrel with their partners, wounds heal more slowly. Researchers using a special device caused on the skin of the forearm micro-burns. When partners were asked to talk about the cause of a strong quarrel, the wounds healed by 40% longer.


Scientists explain these results that during the ejection of abuse occurs tsifotoksinov – molecules which are indicators of the inflammatory process. If the level of digitaloxins is constantly elevated, diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and cancer can develop.


In a person experiencing emotion, you can record the change in the electrical activity of the muscles of the face. Some changes are also observed in the electrical activity of the brain, in the functioning of the circulatory and respiratory systems.


The pulse of an angry or frightened person can be 40-60 beats per minute higher than normal. Such dramatic changes in somatic indices when a person experiences a strong emotion indicate that almost all neurophysiological and somatic systems of the body are involved in this process. These changes inevitably affect the perception, thinking and behavior of the individual, and in extreme cases can lead to somatic and mental disorders.


How does the main emotion affect the body?



When we are happy – body expands, it becomes easy, we are flying with happiness. All other emotions shorten, compress the body. Even amoeba – the simplest organism – contracts to protect against risk.



Imagine the situation: you are walking along the street, behind you hear the squealing of the brakes of the car. What do you feel? Your body contracts in the solar plexus. They say: “man paralyzed with fear”, “legs gave way” (especially the knees). This is the zone of fear in the body. Every feeling experienced by a person has certain areas of tension in the body. We always breathe the way we feel. Thus, with a pronounced fear, breathing always freezes.



The image of a man in anger is quite definite: jaws compressed, deep and heavy breathing. The neck is strained, especially its lateral surfaces, as well as the chest and hands (as for the impact). That’s it – the wrath of the zone.



Resentment – is unexpressed anger that under certain circumstances there is no way to express. Therefore, offense zones include anger zones. In addition, resentment squeezes the throat (lump in the throat). From insult, it catches its breath, heart hurts.


Emotion activates the autonomic nervous system, which in turn affects the endocrine and neuro-humoral systems. Reason and body require action. If an adequate emotion behavior for one reason or another is impossible for an individual, psychosomatic disorders threaten him.


Whatever the emotion experienced by a person – powerful or barely expressed – it always causes physiological changes in his body, and these changes are sometimes so serious that they can not be ignored.






Was it ever so that you walked along the street, grumbled, swore at everything, worried about what you have to do, about relationships with other people, about work, about your whole life – and suddenly some passer-by smiled at you ? And before you realized this, you also smiled at him? For a split second you have discarded all your troubles, straightened your shoulders slightly and moved on, knowing that everything will be all right. Sincere smile has tremendous power.


An inner smile radiates strong healing energy.


When you smile at someone, it feels better. When you smile at your plants, they feel the energy of your love and grow better. When you come home and shake your dog on the head and smile at her, she wags her tail to show you how happy she is. But if, when you come home, you shout at her and beat her, then she will cringe, growl or bite you. If you shout at your loved ones, they feel offended and unhappy.


A sincere smile is a sign of love and a transmitter of energy, which has a warming and healing effect. It’s like a means to create music. A person who does not smile is like a guitar that does not play: the guitar is in the corner, it starts to warp, its strings stretch, and gradually it splits and collapses. Similarly, one who does not smile does not develop his ability to give and receive love. His gloomy face and serious approach to life are often accompanied by cancer and other diseases, his life slowly collapses in the absence of care and love.


On the other hand, the guitar, which is taken care of, which is regularly wiped and changed in it by strings, on which they play, brings life and light to its master and often experiences it. Similarly, a smiling person brings joy to people’s lives and leads a happy and healthy life, which can be remembered for a very long time after his physical departure.


Unfortunately, until we all understand the difference between cheerful and gloomy people and until we connect happiness with health and sadness with illness, we do not recognize the power of a smile and will not appreciate all its potentialities. In short, we do not take seriously the problem of a smile directed towards our internal organs and nervous system.

Why, for example, if health is associated with a smile, there are no doctors who specialize in a smile? Why do doctors and nurses not use the energy of a smile to heal the ailments of their patients? Our hospitals would have to hire clowns and clowns to make their patients laugh. And, more importantly, why is the smile not used as a preventive, disease-preventing remedy? Smiling to your friends, relatives and loved ones, why do not we learn to smile at ourselves?

In ancient China, the Taoists taught that a constant inner smile, a smile to oneself guarantees happiness, health and longevity. Why? To smile to yourself is to bathe in love: you become your best friend. Living with a constant inner smile means living in harmony with yourself.

One look at our Western society shows that we do not know the secret of a smile. The lack of harmony with oneself is a tragic evidence. We are concerned about the increase in the number of physical and emotional diseases – from cancer to anorexia nervosa. Our love is always overshadowed by a world full of violence and self-destruction. Both individuals and society as a whole are at risk of excessive drug abuse and nuclear destruction. Somehow we lost the vision of Tao somewhere. We have violated the natural course of life, and with it the power to heal ourselves.


My stroke of insight | Jill Bolte Taylor .



Terrible excited cryptographic puzzle online !

The ominous message from an unknown destination, what could it mean?

It all started with the fact that the author of a technical blog named Johnny received an envelope from Poland with a mysterious CD-ROM to your Swedish postal address. On normal “pig» DVD black felt-tip pen was written some code, similar to a serial number.

After inserting the CD into your computer, the blogger found it quite eerie at the video, which contains an incredible amount of encrypted messages and shows a man dressed in a typical costume “plague doctor» XVII century.

Hand with flashing a flashlight in his hand, he submits certain signs that can be Morse code or something similar, such as binary code. The mysterious man is in an abandoned building, the walls of which also contains a variety of ciphers.

Being pretty intrigued, Johnny asked his readers to help him decipher this message, but experts in the video found some very disturbing things. For example, some missed the video soundtrack via the spectrogram and saw several messages.

Among them – the phrase You are already dead («You are already dead»), We are the antivirus («We – Antivirus”), as well as some kind of screaming creepy image of a human face, bound women and men without legs.

Another user tries to decipher the signs that flash on the video, and suddenly got the code «E2-E3 D1-F3 F1-C4 F3xF7» – checkmate in four moves in chess. The video also appeared encrypted GPS-coordinates 38.897709, -77.036543 that point to the White House in Washington DC (USA).

Among other things – recorded Morse offer RED LIPSLIKE TENTH, which proved to be an anagram KILL THE PRESIDENT («Kill the President”), the binary string that indicates the phrase “you have only a year or even less” in Spanish, and someone found out that a week ago, a user with the nickname Parker Wright uploaded this video on Youtube titled 11B-X-1371.

Anyway, the mystery frightening video is still not solved and users around the world trying to decipher ominous messages. Maybe you can help?


«UFO» sucked the water out of the lake in the US !


The intruders took a picture of a pilot flying alongside aircraft
The pilot, who asked to remain anonymous, shared his observations with the famous ufologist Uaringom Scott (Scott C. Waring). And he too denounced them to the general public.

Photo taken by the pilot. Lined by ufologists.

«Летающая тарелка» высосала воду

The pilot of a small aircraft for local airlines on approach to the aerodrome of Nevada saw a saucer-shaped object hovering over the lake Scotts Flat Lake – an artificial, but very beautiful body of water, created by the dam. From object to the lake stretched a kind of translucent spoke.” Looking closer the pilot realized that spoke” – water. He tried to contact the UFO on the radio, but he did not answer. And soon, just flew away. Spoke” is broken up in the air. It was in mid-May.
Spoke” water becomes visible in the enlarged image.

«Летающая тарелка» высосала воду

UFOlogists believe that the pilot found the aliens steal the water for some of their needs. This is usual for them. But then you have to assume something else: that the aliens do not just suck up the water in the “bowl” and immediately it somewhere teleported. Since the water in the lake was much less even the coast a little bare. So much in the “plate” would not climbed. One word, fantastic. But the picture that had to do the pilot, visible and “Dish” and “spokes” of water.
It looks like a UFO in the enlarged view. Not very clear.

 «Летающая тарелка» высосала воду

 Scotts Flat Lake Lake is located at an altitude of 940 meters in the reserve Tahoe National Forest of Nevada County, California, about 10 kilometers from the city of Nevada (Nevada City). It occupies an area of 340 hectares. These sometimes come locals barbecue and swim.
Scott asked Uaring colleagues say that there are no other witnesses to the incident? It turned out that there is – there is a “bowl” and from the shore and from boats. Someone even photographed. Ufology is now busy investigating.

Prior to the visit of a UFO in the lake water was higher.

 «Летающая тарелка» высосала воду

In Chile stolen documents about the Nazis built underground cities in Antarctica.

In Santiago of the Syrian National Military Historical Archive of the documents stolen from the collection of the famous philosopher, conspiracy theorist and occultist Miguel Serrano, which contained material about allegedly built by Nazi Germany at the end of the war underground cities in Antarctica, where the April 28, 1945 on the aircraft, created scientists “Ahnenerbe”, flew from Berlin spouse Adolf Hitler and Eva.

Chilean press claims that the loss to the archive may be involved in environment ex-dictator Augusto Pinochet – a great friend of the famous occultist. This information was announced by the community, “In light of the Black Sun”.Before becoming a scientist, Serrano was Ambassador of Chile to Austria and India. In the 30s-50s of the last century it was close friends with the largest European scientists and mystics Hermann Hesse and Carl Jung. And in India, Serrano talked to Indira Gandhi and Nicholas Roerich, Chilean Ambassador to enlighten the mysterious Shambhala as a world center of esoteric knowledge.In the 50s-60s Miguel Serrano in several books put forward the thesis that Hitler did not die, and arranged carefully prepared “Twilight of the Gods” in the spirit of his beloved epic of the Nibelungen and Wagner’s tetralogy. Arranging mystical wedding with Eva Braun in Berlin on fire and preparing a performance with “suicide”, which was double, even teeth structure which repeats the own, Hitler and his wife left the capital of the Third Reich. They flew to Antarctica and found refuge in the vast underground city somewhere in the region of New Swabia – Dronning Maud Land.
 Pushing his hypothesis, Serrano partly relied on the well-known facts. In 1938-40 years of Nazi Germany sent two expeditions to Antarctica, which swastika pennants staked out a large area of ​​the sixth continent. Thereafter, on behalf of Admiral Doenitz expedition divers found in the New Swabia strange system of tunnels, which was the warm air.
Well-known American historian John Stevens argues that by autumn 1943 in Antarctica was a powerful Nazi underground base, held in the documents as “Base 211”.
American and British intelligence was unable to find out what the Germans were engaged in Antarctica, Chile and Argentina since then sympathized with the Nazis and prevented European allies. No coincidence that there, as well as in Paraguay, so cozy feel after the war, many Nazi criminals.
And Serrano, and Stevens argued that in the years 1942-44 in the secret laboratories in Germany, including the participation of experts “Ahnenerbe”, was created by a new generation of aircraft, only some of which – the famous “V-2”, terrifies the London, able to bring to industrial production. Creating a single spetsapparatov for the Nazi leadership seems very likely.
In his last letters Pinochet Serrano reported that in his archive there is evidence that the secret base of Nazi Germany not only survived the war, but also significantly increased. During the evacuation, which began in September 1944, there have been delivered to selected methods of the Third Reich “truly Nordic family”, and the 1960s in the depths of New Swabia there was an underground city with two million inhabitants. Now it seems that the evidence disappeared.

John Stevens in his books shared the views of Serrano, referring to him became available a report on the US Navy expedition to the shores of New Swabia in 1946-48, respectively. According to the report, American ships have been shot several times by unknown assailants, and many sailors saw suddenly appearing from under the water flying objects bizarre and strange atmospheric phenomena, causes them depression.

WHY BALTIC REMOVAL FROM RUSSIA CAUSED Russians have a sigh of relief?

1314706693_0238.250x200 (324x200, 14Kb)

The answer to the question: Why the Baltic disconnection from Russia in the decay of the Soviet Union was a good sign for the Russians themselves and made them a sigh of relief, as if he were finally dropped from the back of a bag full of heavy stones …

Average wages Baltic workers and engineers from the late 40’s and up to the 90th was doubled, and almost three times as higher than in the Russian Federation and Belarus. A collective farmers and state farm workers the difference reaches three times. It is also significant that in the 40-60-ies in the Baltic kolkhoz passport is not seized, as in most Soviet republics.

Not Kaliningrad, namely, Latvian, Estonian and Lithuanian ports were the main western sea gate of the Soviet Union. Built back in the Soviet era ports continue to generate revenue Baltic countries.

In 70-80s to these ports were laid pipelines. Highways in the Baltic States were also at altitude. Their quality is ranked first in the USSR. Second place goes to Western Ukraine, the third – the South Caucasus. RSFSR was 12-13 th place.

We now turn to statistics. Let’s start with a comparison of capital investments. For example, the Lithuanian SSR received capital investment arable area of ​​1 hectare is 3.5 times more than these investments averaged for the Soviet Union. In 1987, the energy capacity for acreage in Lithuania were 2.2 times higher than in the RSFSR, in Latvia – 2.08, and in Estonia – 2.3 times. In this case, if someone believes that Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius were able to implement such energy supply agriculture at the expense of purely republican means that such a person is far from the truth. Union center was distributing fertilizers for agricultural land in such a way that the Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian SSR fell to 155 kg, 196 kg and 209 kg per hectare of arable 1 respectively, but had to settle for the RSFSR 32.9 kilograms per 1 ha of arable land.
Immediately after the end of the Great Patriotic War, melioration touched 80% of farmland Baltic. Comparable to land reclamation in the whole of the USSR. All-union measure does not go to any comparison with the Baltic. It is only about 7%. As they say, feel the difference. Since the Soviet “invaders” -melioratory “committed atrocities” in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, actually turning the land into a sample of fertility throughout Eastern Europe.
In 1988, the average Latvians, Lithuanians and Estonians consumed per year of meat and meat products 84, 85 and 90 kg, respectively. On average, the Soviet Union, the figure was less than 64 kg. Consumption of milk and dairy products: Lithuania – 438 kg / person per year, Latvia – 471 kg / person per year, Estonia – 481 kg / person per year. The average for the USSR – 341 kg / person per year. In this case, the state budget of the USSR for the elimination of purchase and retail prices for the agricultural sector of the Baltic states is also allocated multimillion-dollar (for the – Soviet money) subsidies. It turns out that for the year the average Soviet citizen ate approximately 20-25 kg of meat and drink 100 liters of milk and dairy products is less than the average Baltic states.

Already in the mid-1950s, Latvia and Estonia became “standard” material well-being in the USSR. In 1961, the share of national income per inhabitant in Estonia was 720 rubles., In Latvia – 717 rubles. Given that the average all-union rate was 547 rubles (Russia – 598 rubles., Ukraine – 559, Lithuania – 489). But there was also the construction of housing, industrial, educational and medical institutions. Was developed processing industry. And all this for a considerable percentage of financed from the Union byudzheta.A here retail prices, electricity tariffs, transportation, rent and other prices in the Baltic (and Caucasus!) Republics were often two times lower than in the Russian Federation and Belarus.

All three “Baltic Sisters” received huge for these days and the cost of financial subsidies from Moscow. It should be noted that Moscow itself willingly went to the Baltic financial assistance, trying by all means to tighten its economy to the level of, for example, neighboring Finland. Like, a showcase of the USSR should look spectacular. And it looked the same.


Famous conspiracy theories: one participant through the eyes of the Philadelphia Experiment.

Philadelphia Experiment was an alleged attempt to make a big secret US Navy warship, the USS Eldridgeuss eldridge 300x139 Kuulsad vandenõuteooriad: Philadelphia eksperiment ühe osaleja silme läbi invisible to enemy radar. Although the US Navy denies that such a test would ever take place, the ‘conspiracies in the world , and much of the material witnesses who claim the opposite an experiment to be performed in Philadelphia in 1943.

 Initial rumors of an alleged attempt to move began in the 1950s, and did not want to end somehow. The Philadelphia Experiment has been extensively studied, and in 1984 was also a Hollywood film of the same name. This is an extremely controversial story, in which the ship invisible to the amendment failed, the secret experiment. Most of the occupants on board were killed, but the two men who participated in the experiment, allegedly jumped overboard and ended up in the middle of the test time of 40 years on – year 1983rd


philadelphia experiment Kuulsad vandenõuteooriad: Philadelphia eksperiment ühe osaleja silme läbiIn 2003, the US Coast To Coast AM radio broadcast an interview with a man named Al Bielek (1926-2011), who claimed that he had just participated in the experiment, one of the men, and one of the two who survived. During the operation, they jumped on board the ship and landed in a strange way, not water, but rather Montauki military base in New York, since 1983!

Many investigators do not believe Bieleki para phenomena discussed, including well-known nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman and ufoloog. However, a number of things to overlap Bieleki story of another controversial Piper Andrew Basiago claims. We bring to you a summary of 10 years ago that was broadcasted radio program Al Bielekiga.

 al bielek 1024x819 Kuulsad vandenõuteooriad: Philadelphia eksperiment ühe osaleja silme läbi

Al Bielek: I was born in 1916 and my name was Edward Cameron. My brother was Duncan Cameron. Our parents were quite wealthy, because his father worked in secret government programs. We both learned from his brother at the university. In the summer of 1939 at Harvard doctorate in physics. Duncan studied at Edinburgh University in Scotland. After receiving degrees in the US Marines, we took his father’s footsteps, after a 90-day training was carried us over the research center at the Institute for Advanced Study, located in Princeton, New Jersey.
Researchers who have taught in this school, were John von Neumann and Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla as well as a consultant. Tesla himself was with the ship invisible to the idea of ​​changing the order of the author and became President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s approval. The first attempt failed in 1936, making the ship invisible. In 1940, the Brooklyn Naval Base was conducted successful test a small boat, whereupon the project was declared secret, and he became known as Project Rainbow (Rainbow Project). Since Tesla did not want to test it on top of a large warship, the crew conducted risking lives, then he stepped back and began to lead the project, Dr. John von Neumann.

 tesla 300x119 Kuulsad vandenõuteooriad: Philadelphia eksperiment ühe osaleja silme läbiThe ship had four copper coil, which is fueled by two huge generators, radio waves, and a separate system for the management field. Out of the so-called space and time warp in which the radio waves received a total field magnetic, gravitational field and the time field. Initially the plan was to make the ship invisible to radar, nothing more. Most sources write that the warship USS Eldridge (DE173) was a ship of the infamous attempt was made, but it is not true. The USS Eldridge was just a smokescreen, because while the marine base in Brooklyn produced a copy of a ship, on which was written only for the USS Eldridge, and it was later called 173-ks.

 How much was the top of the ship’s sailors participated in the experiment?

Approximately 30 sailors, plus staff and officers. The whole team was specially selected. The first successful test was carried out on 27 July 1943, ten kilometers from the base of the vessel. The vessel was changed 20 minutes invisible. When the ship was brought back to the port, the problem was discovered. Strong magnetic fields had a negative effect on the sailor, who had been sent to the deck specifically for the test. The rest of the team was in the hull, protected by a thick steel shell. At that time, were all the ships of steel.

 15 0410 Kuulsad vandenõuteooriad: Philadelphia eksperiment ühe osaleja silme läbiWhen you say that the test was successful, you will either have to mean that the ship became invisible, but in fact he was physically still there?
That’s it. The generated field was so strong that the ship into the water was so full of energy that the ship was not able to touch your hand go.

If you ship your brother were there, either sensed something for yourself?
Do not perceive. This field was created sõõrikukujulisena or no effect on the central part, where the ship was located. In other words, the ship was surrounded by an outdoor set up, but it had no actual contact with the ship. That’s why the team did not perceive and did not see anything special, except for those who were on deck. Deck was described by the team that they saw during the test vessel was surrounded by dense green mist. Later, they complained of nausea and malaise over.

It sounds as if they have been exposed to radiation.
Yes, the symptoms were the same, but there was no radioactive substances in the game. Project leader von Neumann announced that a new test and investigate what went wrong. The Navy announced that the ship should be invisible to radar only and not to any other ships because of stormy weather so they could collide. At that time there was no more satellites, so there was no immediate need to be invisible to the enemy.
A new test was conducted on August 12, 1943, and this was followed by a disaster. Three nights before the test occurred in the majority of the crew, including the mine, and Duncan, a bad gut feeling that something terrible is waiting ahead.
On 12 August 1943, when the experiment was started at the beginning of everything went according to plan. The ship disappeared from the radar, but through a green mist was still in the eye to see. Suddenly a flash came, and the ship vanished completely. Radio was also not possible to ship via the contact and get a bystander in the vessel was completely lost. Also, the water is somehow betrayed the location of the ship.

 Four hours had passed and was released back to the ship. Then you discover that something has gone terribly wrong. The team was not able to communicate. Team captain, and my brother, Duncan had disappeared. Two sailors were still buried in the ship’s steel hull since they writhe on the floor and in terrible pain. Two sailors were half-hulled vessel wall stick. The fifth man was detained by the hand to the wall. His arm was amputated, and he was the only one of the five who survived.


the philadelphia experiment inexplique mystere Kuulsad vandenõuteooriad: Philadelphia eksperiment ühe osaleja silme läbi

 When the ship was gone, then what you have experienced and the crew of the vessel?
Me and Duncan were in an enclosed space, and we do not control equipment seen, which was held outdoors. The first twenty seconds was all normal, then something strange began to happen. Our room had lights began to flash different colors machines.
The radio was silent. We had previously said that if anything goes wrong, you are on your own. So we decided to turn off all appliances that can be. But it failed because all the buttons and switches were like ice. So we decided to escape to the deck, where we saw just around the Roman sailors. Nobody was at the time the body was still stuck in the floor or walls. We decided to Duncan jump overboard and swim to shore.
What followed was immediate particularly bizarre. We jumped overboard, but never reached the water. We fell like a never-ending shaft. I can speculate and say that it could last for 2 minutes. All the time I thought that, although it occurs. Suddenly we found ourselves, and we landed in a foreign location. It was low and behind us was a wire fence. Before we got to think about where we are now facing, placed somewhere towards the top of our strong searchlight. We were arrested and taken to the corridor along Liftin, which drove several floors below. The lift doors opened, we got some big hall where the fuss all sorts of people, some dressed civilian and some military forms. We had one of the older bald man in the gray suit, and said, “Welcome, gentlemen, I’ve been waiting for you. I’m Dr. John von Neumann. “

 PhiladelphiaExperiment1 Kuulsad vandenõuteooriad: Philadelphia eksperiment ühe osaleja silme läbi 

 We had a big mess, we were only an hour ago was von Neumann together and he had a much younger man. Now, however, looked at us and said, “Gentlemen, I am the same John von Neumann, who you know in 1943, is currently in year 1983 and you are located in an underground military base, Montauki on Long Island.” He gave us a nice tour, we saw all kinds of apparatus are unknown to us, including computers, such as the IBM 360 and 370. Then, he asked to sit on the couch and said he’d be right back, look upon us as long as the TV. It was a great CTV, which seemed to us as well as over the mind. We saw the footage from the big cities, hailed from the Cold War, the human walked on the Moon and other space-related. It was all so unbelievable that in the end we said to each other that maybe this old man is valetagi.
When von Neumann came back, he said that we have a serious problem: “You Eldridge’ilt I jumped overboard, and you’re now a year in 1983. We do not know exactly how it happened, but you have to go back to the ship and turn off all devices, because the ship is sitting at the hyper-space bubble. Since the board is fuel for another three to ten days, then you must now go back to the ship and everything is switched off, because otherwise it can bubble to go so high that the entire globe to blow up. “We replied that great, but how are you going to us returned, if any of us do not even know how we got here. On top of this, said von Neumann that Montauki base has all the tools and time travel, they can send us any time and place. So we were called into a time machine, what they called Montauki tunnel. Soon we were back on deck and began to destroy the system, as we had been told to.

 When you return to the ship you were, whether you were then only specific and clear memories of going in the future?
Yeah, totally. We had the radioactivity Space suits and protective systems to break the commandment of all, with one exception.

Does the rest of the team was still in the deck?
Yes, but we did not pay special attention to them, because we immediately went to his control room to destroy the machines. We took it easy because we knew right away that it can be carried out as soon as we have done and been lost harmless generators.
When we went back to the deck, we saw the sailors on the floor and walls. We were bewildered, Duncan was quite nervous, and again jumped overboard. He vanished. If the field finally disappeared, we saw again the other vessels and the coastline. When I got to meet his superiors, then of course nobody believed my story. Von Neumann said he believes half of me, but he wanted to see the evidence. Von Neumann said he builds a time machine and let me give you something for the future. I replied that I agree with, because the time machine itself was, after all, already exist in practice. So I käisingi several times a year 1983rd


Screen shot 2011 01 19 at 12.10.38 AM 1024x755 Kuulsad vandenõuteooriad: Philadelphia eksperiment ühe osaleja silme läbiIf you went back in the future, whether it met his brother who was lost when he was jumped overboard again?
No, I saw many years later, Duncan Montauki project. When Duncan jumped overboard, he came back to the year 1983, and he began to work Montauki end of the project. The first six months, all went well, but then something happened to Duncan – his ajalukk broke. Namely, if a person is conceived, it must be in his soul, and attaches ajahoovusesse. If ajalukk interrupted, it may be three possible scenarios: a person not old at all, a person starts to get old, or a person begins a rapidly rejuvenated.
As Duncan worked Montaukis where there was also a time machine or Montauki tunnel, then went back to our father, and was informed that Duncan is dying. As Duncan was a very important project, then went out to the scenario that our parents do, and they are likely to increase as soon as a new child Duncan’s soul, and knowledge into a new body. And something like this was done. My father had married a new wife, and they already had one daughter. New Duncan was born in 1951, the first 12 years, he did not know who he really is. In 1963, raised all the knowledge and memories of previous Duncan him around. We call him Junior.

 What you got at Al Bielek?
It was 1953 and I was working out of space systems company with several other people to develop their Phildelphia days of the experiment. We were quite successful, and it is becoming a major support from the state, as on 15 March, in the middle of the day, I was at work forcibly detained and taken to the Pentagon. I was kept there for four days of interrogation, among others quizzed me with extraterrestrials. They are very interested in establishing our company in detail and deals with our plans.
During the interrogation, but I also got a lot of interesting to know more about yourself. I remembered ajareisid year 2137 and up from 28 th century, where I met makeritega Wing (Wing Makers). These are memories that I had somehow deleted. When I began to tell them of their meetings wing makeritega went aliens especially nervous. All in all, it was clear that they do not like in our business, and they put all of our business round. Since I was still the captain rank, then I went to the Pentagon constantly ask that of me now you can. Finally, the reply to me: “We can not do anything with you, it is no longer for us to decide.”
Finally, the decision was made and I was sent back to the year 1983, in which John von Neumann got together again. Von Neumann said that she does not like what you intend to do with me. The plan was entirely wiped out, and my memory back to me as a young, 9 months old imikuks change the way that I do not remember anything. And so they did. I became a baby, and I pledge to live Bieleki family, my name was Alfred Bielek.

 But your physical body that it became?
This young muudetigi back. I do not know how to do it, but I know that many people have gone through the same process. My first memories come from family Bieleki 1927 in celebration of Christmas. My birth certificate is the birth date stated on March 1, 1927, I personally believe that this is a pretty Al Bieleki birth certificate, which I replaced. I remember them this Christmas with our family and what people are talking about in the middle. Only later, I began to think that, after all, I could not understand what he was talking about, because I was only 9 months old baby. I grew up in Al Bielekina for years and I had no memories of what actually had happened. I believe it was some kind of communication with children. I’ve shown the experts in their childhood photos, and they say that these images are two different children. During the first six months of the photos are probably already in the initial Al Bielek and older self.

What was the original child?
When I began to remember my past, I was a new mother, an old and dying. He was in a psychiatric hospital, and do not even know me away. Once when I went to visit him, he told me: “The child is dead, right?”. So he probably died because I was an only child in the family. I was probably my new adopted parents were brainwashed.

 Why such a big effort to get you to forget about what had happened?

We used to do, and was kept in complete ignorance. In 1996, Duncan experienced mental disorders, and in the end, he was placed under hypnosis download, view, which is his life
occurred. Over-by Duncan was back to my childhood, everything seemed normal until the age of 12. When he was 11 years and older, Duncan said under hypnosis that he has some insanely ship named Eldridge and with him is a man who knows her today as Al Bielekit. The reason why me and just do not murdered Duncan, was that they were not quite sure what the effect on the timegate.

 philaexperwormhole Kuulsad vandenõuteooriad: Philadelphia eksperiment ühe osaleja silme läbi

What started the moment you realize that you’re Edward Cameron?
It took quite a long time. First of all, I met Duncan in 1985 at a conference where I was invited to speak. Duncan was there too, and we went together to eat. After some conversation I realized that was something familiar about him. So I asked Duncan to whether he has the feeling that he knew me from somewhere. Duncan said yes, but did not know which way. We kept in touch over the years, and I started to remember things to Montauki project. In 1988, HBO TV channel showed the 1984 film “The Philadelphia Experiment”. For the first fifteen minutes of reminded me of my own life the forgotten events. I thought to myself that I do not know what’s going on, but I never took part in this experiment.

What was your first wife when Ed Cameron had been lost?
He looked all around me, the Pentagon and the Navy did not answer him. It is possible that he got to know about it, because he was killed in a car crash in a rather suspicious circumstances in 1957.

Where did it originate as a powerful technology that could lead you to migrate over time and in the same backward as a young child change?
I believe that it comes from an alien boiler. One of the high rank military commander told me once that it is a young technology making system comes back to the Nazis, and was recovered after World War II. However, the op- portunity to know where the Nazis had received it.

 Talk a little of the future. You state that attended the 28th century saw the wing and make posters who are they?

They are genetically enhanced individuals who created sometime in the 24th and 25th century around. Since they were ordinary people much more advanced then they became a completely separate species, those who kept together. I remember the 28 th century, floating cities, anti-gravity technology, and many other things which we can not imagine.

 FLYING CITY 1024x459 Kuulsad vandenõuteooriad: Philadelphia eksperiment ühe osaleja silme läbiAre we in the meantime of a large asteroid hitting the can?
It can not be. The 21st century brought great challenges to humanity, we almost destroyed. Major problems began around the year 2010. If all stabilized, the world was built up again, but the people were not allowed so as to reproduce the record today. 28th century, the people on Earth, only about 500 million.

I heard there are organizations who are just kind of want to see the number of people on our planet.
Exactly so. I remember the 28 th century socialism spread to the full. Nobody had anything other than a shirt that was wearing. Everything was free – school, meals, etc. But every man had a social obligation in this society. Bird led the big genetically engineered synthetic computers, which, in turn, led by Wing Maker.

Is 28 th century there were more cars or went to all the traffic in the air?
You were right, though there were all sorts of other strange movement of funds, while the railways were still in use. Interestingly, there was no longer the police, the army, the judiciary, the legal profession, nor money. All went credits. People had a lot of arbitrariness and tremendous opportunities, but all had their firm commitment to society. If someone did not like it and started the system, there were two options. Have to leave town or give Computers understand.

 What source of power for all of society working?

The largest power plant, such as we have today, they did not use at all. Everywhere were independent sources of energy, it was the free energy. I asked makeritelt wing, that way they will feel extraterrestrial threat of such alien, protected, if they do not have an army. They said to me: We has own ways.”

Did you like in the future?

Very liked, I did not want to leave. Finally, I asked that those who built the high peak power computers that run the society. It turned out that they were all created Wing Maker 26 th century. In the future, there are no nations and countries all have one planet.

All the people and the society as a whole was extremely peaceful. There were a few so-called criminals, who had violated the Code of Ethics, and had to report back to the computer.

 tulevik Kuulsad vandenõuteooriad: Philadelphia eksperiment ühe osaleja silme läbiIt sounds like Big Brother …
Indeed. If you’re going to meet with the computers, then you need to put on a strong radioactivity resistant suit, because the chamber, where the computer was located, was high radioactivity. The interrogation and communication with the computers went telepathically. Minor breaches sentenced to community work, violations of the mega-criminals on the spot just evaporated away, and that was it. If you do not start the system, then you did not have any problems. 28th century, humans have much more freedom than we have today.

What happened to the billions of people who are living on the planet today?
At one point, more people began to die than to be born, and that is exactly what they are the Order New World (New World Order – Ed.) Soovivadki people. I would like to add here that this is not necessarily the way to go, as I saw the future. For a time, I did jump in 1943 and a lot has changed in the meantime, the situations are so different. Even the slightest event can change the future. People need to wake up and acknowledge to yourself that we will not lay an obligation not only to our family, but the whole society. Our freedoms are restricted to absolutely every day more and more, and so we planned we come to ruin. We have an opportunity to reverse this trend perfectly.

 Are you glad that your life was just so – that you participated in the Philadelphia Experiment or do you wish that things had not gone so?

There are moments when I want the opposite, because so many people have been affected the most because of this.

Your assertions are even created a separate web page, where it says that you are lying. How do you feel about it?

Let them entertain themselves. I know most people do not go to these allegations. I am aware that my objections to attempt to put down and deny everything. The government does not recognize today, the Philadelphia Experiment took place at all. I can totally understand people who do not accept my arguments, and I do not blame anybody.

 bielek  Kuulsad vandenõuteooriad: Philadelphia eksperiment ühe osaleja silme läbiThese aliens, who you spoke to, whether they are visiting us, and whether they are still here?
Yes. Montaukis had a lot of aliens, they had built up a whole system.

What are these aliens look?
It was different. Some were quite like a man, that he did not know it. In addition, both the small and large two-meter gray, and the 2.4-meter dragon (reptiles – Ed.). One of the great dragon was coordinated by other aliens. I also interacted with him. I understand that aliens are watching you in the beginning, and then see whether you are a fool or a clean little wiser person. They are a race of people rather silly. He told me that you know how to do time travel, but you do not know how to connect to space travel. They promised to show you how to combine the two and create a portal or tunnel that allows to go anywhere in time and space.

What is their relationship with the people all the aliens on Earth?
Different aliens have been here for a long time. In short, they have infiltrated government anywhere in the world. In my opinion, the Illuminati organizations working directly alien approved. In addition to living in an entirely human-like aliens are also free for all of us in the middle. They work for the government. In addition, we have a constant interaction between the aliens from other planets, with whom we trade. Many of our modern military aircraft contain an element that is not found on Earth, they are all imported. I do not know the precise details of these exchanges, which are the ties created and what we are giving.

 You’ve said that the project went Montauki Mars.

Yes, we were sent there to work underground Martian colonies accesses to detect them because someone was deliberately isolated.

Have you attended any physical or mental condition on Mars?

Montauk sent us to the whole team, physically Mars.

How was the Martian atmosphere? How are you breathing?

Mars has plenty of air that a person can exhale. Underground tunnels, but the air is much more completely tolerable conditions.

Did you see there traces of ancient civilizations?

Follow had many, but not to civilization itself. Buildings, from what I saw, in my opinion, could be up to 10,000 years old. I saw no running water, but there is no way the water definitely exists because human colonies in need of it. We have been in the colonies on Mars since the 1960s.

 Are these colonies are still out there?

Yes. People living on Mars.

 The entire interview broadcast, you can listen to Coast to Coast

See also AlBieleki video Autobiography

Sources and Further Reading: Wikipedia (Philadelphia Experiment), Bielek, Bielek Debunked, Coast to Coast

Quantum physics and thinking p.2.

Scientists from many countries came to the discovery that most people thought energy directed toward a common goal, combined in energy field, and then in the world, in society, in the world around us there is that inherent in the mind of most people. Since ancient times, it was known that in mind lies a tremendous force that can directly create or destroy. (“In the beginning was the word …” “What are the thoughts of a man, so is he …”).

Human thought is material. She – a bundle of energy. This is proven by Academician AF Okhatrin, an American doctor Teutsch and so on. “The human brain has a direct impact on reality. Human thought, it is the energy of Consciousness is in the finest form “- these discoveries were published dean of Princeton University’s RJ. Gianni and his assistants. Founder of wave genetics P. Goryaev argues that “people can influence thought, word, feeling on the DNA molecule as its own and other people.”
Any spoken or read the word – is the wave genetic program that can change our lives and the lives of others. The human mind is capable of producing a molecule of DNA, which is the basis of all life on Earth, any program.

According to R. Gerard US “program DNA can be altered by efforts of the person and the cultural traditions of the people around him.” Academician VI Vernadsky wrote that “at a certain stage of development people will have to take responsibility for the further evolution of the planet, otherwise it will not have a future. You can not with impunity go against the principle of the unity of all people, as a law of nature … Humanity will open a great future if it will understand it and will not use your mind and work on self-destruction. “

At the time, a group of scientists under the direction of Janicki in the Institute of Mineral Resources USEA emphasizes the relationship of social cataclysms of natural disasters and catastrophes on Earth. Janicki argues that negative energy of thought provoking destructive natural phenomena. You just remember this year – as floods, as the tsunami and the terrible forest fires? And every year disasters are becoming more and more. You may say that this is due to ozone depletion, deforestation and other activities. The energy being thought? But at first thought, and then ACT. The thought always precedes! The materialization of thoughts running! Now many people realize that life is destroyed, and from the evil thoughts of revenge, the constant hostility caused by lack of spirituality. “Unkind people’s thoughts are adequate geological poems” – aptly Academician Vernadsky.

Everything that happens to us is a result of the materialization of thoughts and feelings. When we master the art of intelligently manage thoughts, then gain the ability to create a life, what we want it to be. Everything that happens to us is determined by our inner state, our mood. How often do you feel good? In good spirits? In high spirits? How often do you say to yourself: “All is well, all is well, everything will be sure.” How often do you try to control thoughts? Brilliant phrase Scarlett O’Hara from “Gone with the Wind”, “I’ll think about it tomorrow.”

Do you remember what the test fell on her head – famine, destruction, loss of loved ones … How could she know a few centuries ago that you can not think about the bad, otherwise it will be even worse? It’s like a snowball – one thought clings to another, and here we are dumped with a nervous breakdown. The materialization of our bad thoughts occurred. You must be able to control yourself. This colossal work – every day win over the victory, control the energy of thought. When people really change their attitude to the past and the present, no one blaming, then really changing present and future for themselves and their children! The key to creating a desired future in our current thoughts, feelings and beliefs. So how do you materialize your desire? Arguing that we have something we can not, we immediately lose the real possibility is to have. We materialize thought in my life all about what we say and think.

Writer, researcher of the human brain George. Kehoe says that a person can change whatever he wants to change, just learning to control your thoughts and feelings. The man begins to change reality when it ceases to constantly react.
Russian researcher nugget Ivanov during his 50 years of unique experiment to which he devoted his life, proved that “Everything in nature is done on a person’s thoughts, by his request.” Our world is anthropocentric and that human ideas give it shape and laws. This radically changes the conventional wisdom that represent me in accordance with the new knowledge of the truth, with new geographic, and other scientific discoveries. Man opens up the world and creates it. It’s simple: the world is because we believe in what he was. People have yet to fully grasp the true power of the energy of the words and feelings.

When changing ideas about life changing and life itself. A number of researchers in various countries independently experimentally proved that the universe space possesses the property of the hologram. This means that each point (cell) of the universe contains the information of the whole. Therefore, everything from atoms to galaxies, including man, are interconnected “cells” of a single organism (as many creeps as to imagine what you are small compared with the whole universe, and that you’re just maaalenkaya cell).

If the “cell” is in harmony with the body, it gets away from it all you need for development. In “cells” have the opportunity to be healthy and happy, infinitely improved and developed. If the “cell” disturbs the harmony, ie begins to live by the same laws do not, it breaks the connection with the body of the universe and lose support. This “cell” is doomed to illness and misfortune, begins the process of degradation, leading to its disintegration and destruction. Therefore, a systemic crisis that engulfed the technocratic-industrial society – an indicator of non-compliance of the laws of the society the laws of life in the universe. Learn more about the effect of the hologram associated with our brain can read in the article “Our way of thinking creates our reality.”

Psychophysiology G. Shichko discovered and proved the psychosocial programming of all people. All habits as bad and good, programmed technocratic social environment in the subconscious mind of man. Breaking protective biological barriers inherent original nature, people fight, drink, smoke, under the influence of their environment, as slaves of false programs. But a person always has a choice: either it develops or it degrades. According to the physiologist Pavlov “man – a system of self-regulation only on the highest, restore, guides … perfection.” Neurophysiologist Karl Pribram of Stanford University coined the term “image of achievements.” That is, people’s lives change when they make themselves “to the achievement” – positive images of what they would like in the future.

True harmony between Man and Nature suggests the rejection of consumerism, that is, the rejection of murder in any form. This will open up to humanity than ever before possible. On the free man who needs to learn to live without dreaming (thoughts) Russian cosmists: Fedorov, V. Soloviev, Vernadsky, K. Tsiolkovsky. And these people have already appeared on Earth !!! They can be read in the article How to live without food and water? “

Human capabilities are limitless.

Quantum physics has revolutionized our understanding of the world. According to quantum physics, we can influence our consciousness on the process of rejuvenation! Why is this possible? From the point of view of quantum physics, our reality – a source of pure potentiality, the source of raw material that makes up our bodies, our minds, and the whole universe. Universal energy and information field never ceases to change and transform every second turning into something new.

Do not believe that thoughts have real power? Then imagine that bite off a juicy lemon and chew its acidic pulp. The expression of your face immediately becomes not less acidic, teeth will bring. But nothing but thoughts of lemon, in fact, does not exist. There is a classic example of self-hypnosis, which now come up with more sophisticated terms: mental programming, positive thinking, self-training, self-hypnosis, psihokibernetika, alpha-method

The power of thought and visualization

One of the ways of using the power of thought is the human visualization. This is when you create a mental movie of your dreams – imagine most intimate dreams and fantasies. When you see this mind’s eye, your desires already partially materialized – in fact, according to scientists who studied the brain cells, the human mind does not differ from the actual image invented. This is the power of thought.

As Albert Einstein said: “Imagination – it shows upcoming events of life.”

Visualization contributes to the emergence of positive thoughts (with your imagination), aimed at the changes that you want to achieve.

Scientists have found that about 80 percent of the information we receive through sight, about 15 – through the hearing, the rest – through the sense of smell, taste, touch. No wonder they say: better to see once than to hear 100 times. Thus, presenting a picture of his happy life, you can greatly speed up the process of reprogramming your subconscious mind to a new, successful scenario.

For more information on what is the visualization and how it works, about the rules of rendering of what to avoid when rendering more on this topic, you can read on this site.

The power of thought and affirmations

Also one of the methods of using the power of human thought by acting on the conscious and subconscious are affirmations. Affirmation – a verbal formula that helps us to believe in yourself and get rid of the problems.

Word – is an important element of human culture. In all the religions of the world is given to an individual word the place of honor. The Gospel says that initially “the word was with God, the Word was God.” The ancients believed that a specific sequence of syllables may itself possess miraculous powers.

In an exceptional impact on the human psyche words no doubt. Person communicates words, the person often thinks in words. Thought generates emotions and images that most directly interfere in our behavior. The influence of words devoted to the serious part of human research in psychology. Some psycho, such as auditory training, completely built on the work of the word.

What is the mechanism of verbal programming? Frequent repetition of a verbal formula eventually leads to its permanent fixture not only in the mind, but also in the subconscious. Gradually, it takes a dominant position.

On the rules and methods of affirmations, we’ll talk in detail.

Our mind has unlimited ability to learn new things. We only use 10% of our abilities, the remaining 90% is simply not investigated. The most important step to opening their latent abilities is making contacts with these abilities. We have the power to take a step out of this mass consciousness and choose our life beliefs.

We need to program our subconscious for a positive attitude. Remember, what we sow in our subconscious, we will reap in the material world. Our mind can be our enemy or ally. If you say to ourselves that we can do something, we will certainly succeed. Our subconscious immediately find reasons to duplicate this statement. The main thing to believe that the attractive force of thought is a reality!

Quantum physics and thinking p.1

Quantum physics, science, founded in the early twentieth century, is engaged in the study of elementary particles that make up the universe. Many scientists, including Albert Einstein, Max Planck and Niels Bohr discovered that these particles exhibit unique behaviors, switching between matter and energy waves.
Many Nobel laureates in physics, since the 1920s, no longer doubt that the physical world – there is one big sea of ​​energy. There is nothing solid. This is the world of quantum physics. They have proven that thoughts are original architects, together, embody this changing field of energy in the “objects” that we see.

Quantum Physics provides scientific evidence:

1. Everything in our universe is made of energy.
2. It is the energy that creates all things in the universe.
3. Scientists have discovered that subatomic particles act and react in accordance with the ideas and expectations of the people who carried out the study.
4. We are immersed in a sea of ​​quantum energy, which responds to the vibration of the energy of our mind. Your mind can cause the quantum energy in the universe in motion.
5. concentrating his thoughts on the desired result, your energy vibration can attract like energy from the universe and turn constantly changing sea of ​​energy in the observable reality.

The energy of your mind can turn into matter.

If you are still not able to understand what quantum physics says, here is the power of your mind:

Your mind produces thoughts, and thoughts can carry with it an enormous amount of energy being emotionally charged. You may have seen the following experiment before running a piece of magnet charging electric current. The longer it is charging electrical current, the stronger it becomes. A fully charged magnet can lift a weight that is much heavier than before. Similarly, our mind is able to attract the masses of energy, producing thoughts that are charged a strong sense. Like clouds, which reached the saturation point, pour rain, mass energy will eventually manifest in physical reality, which renders the mind.

You literally become what you think about yourself. Your life is the way you imagine it. World – literally your mirror, which allows testing of the physical plane what you hold as truth – until then, until you change it. You intuitively know that it is the truth, and so do most people and that is why people suspect that positive thinking works.

Quantum physics shows you that the world around you is not really so steadfast and unchanging as it may seem at first glance. Instead, it is a very fluid place, constantly under construction, based on our individual and collective thoughts and states of being, society, country, family, planet, solar system or the universe. We have already begun to incriminate such a great illusion.

Following this logic, you can master the technique of creative visualization (an effective tool for unlocking the secrets of mind power) to create what you want to create in your life. Shakti Gawain, author of “Creative Visualization”, explains the process as follows:

“In creative visualization you use your imagination to create a clear image of what you want to manifest …. The idea of ​​how the plan shape creates an image, which is then attracts and directs the physical energy to complete this form, and eventually, it appears on the physical plane. “

Einstein always stressed the importance of imagination, as shown in the following quote:
“Imagination is the eve of the nearby attractions of life.”

In other words, energy is the basis of all things, including humans. People can learn to consciously design their energy on the formation of events that eventually becomes their reality.

All things were first created in the mental or spiritual dimension. All things begins with a thought. Using mental imagination, you can direct and focus your energy so that the things that you wish to manifest, have passed from the spiritual realm to the physical plane.

This is the essence of the power of the mind and the power of thought. You can learn to control what appears to be an illusion of your mind, after fully able to understand the view of quantum physics to the secret power of the mind.

Through years of research and development, quantum physicists have found strong evidence that explains the many “why” and “how” on the secrets of our most valuable asset – the secrets of power razuma.Kvantovaya physics, science, founded in the early twentieth century, is engaged in the study of elementary particles, components of the universe.

Many scientists, including Albert Einstein, Max Planck and Niels Bohr discovered that these particles exhibit unique behaviors, switching between matter and energy waves.

Although these microscopic particles behave as energy, they exist as a phenomenon of illusion of the mind. How so? Becoming an object of observation, these particles behave like solid matter, concluded in time and space. For human feelings, they are like an illusion of the mind. What we perceive as solid matter, there is not nothing like a beam of concentrated energy. Albert Einstein came up with it in his famous formula explains the relationship between matter and energy: Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared. Thus, the matter is a bundle of energy. The converse is true, the matter can be converted into energy, which in turn can be converted into a particle.

Another misconception is that, despite the apparent hardness material, such as iron and steel, each particle of matter more than 99.999 percent consists of empty space.

If you can understand this concept, you will understand why some Chinese martial arts can break bricks with their bare hands, or do other amazing things. The secret lies in the fact that the energy “Qi” wizard can make his body light as a feather or hard as steel.

What is the impact of quantum physics to the concept of power of the mind?

Many Nobel laureates in physics, since the 1920s, no longer doubt that the physical world – there is one big sea of ​​energy. There is nothing solid. This is the world of quantum physics. They have proven that thoughts are original architects, together, embody this changing field of energy in the “objects” that we see. So we are deceived by the illusion of our own mind? Why do we see a person instead of a flashing cluster of energy?

You can spend a good analogy with the film on the reel. The film is a collection of about 24 frames per second. Each frame is divided slit. However, due to the speed with which each frame is replaced by each other, our eyes begin to be fooled into thinking that this is a continuous pattern. Or the same television, with cathode-ray tube in which electrons with great speed bump on the screen, creating the illusion of form and movement.

We all have our five physical senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste). Each of these has a specific sensory sensitivity range (eg, a dog hears a different range of sounds than you, the snake sees a different spectrum of light than you, and so on). In other words, each set of senses perceives the sea of ​​energy is limited, making this limited information from the image. This is not a complete and accurate picture, it’s just a translation. Our thoughts associated with this energy, and they determine the form of energy. This explains some things like positive thinking, prayer, faith, creativity, goal setting, disease and more. Your thoughts literally carry the universe particle for particle to create a physical life. Take a look around. Everything that you see, has a beginning in the form of ideas, thoughts, which grew were combined and expressed as long as the increased enough to become a physical object through any number of “production” or “growth” steps.

Quantum Physics provides scientific evidence:

1. Everything in our universe is made of energy.

2. It is the energy that creates all things in the universe.

3. Scientists have discovered that subatomic particles act and react in accordance with the ideas and expectations of the people who carried out the study.

4. We are immersed in a sea of ​​quantum energy, which responds to the vibration of the energy of our mind. Your mind can cause the quantum energy in the universe in motion.

5. concentrating his thoughts on the desired result, your energy vibration can attract like energy from the universe and turn constantly changing sea of ​​energy in the observable reality.

The energy of your mind can turn into matter.

If you are still not able to understand what quantum physics says, here is the power of your mind:

Your mind produces thoughts, and thoughts can carry with it an enormous amount of energy being emotionally charged. You may have seen the following experiment before running a piece of magnet charging electric current. The longer it is charging electrical current, the stronger it becomes. A fully charged magnet can lift a weight that is much heavier than before. Similarly, our mind is able to attract the masses of energy, producing thoughts that are charged a strong sense. Like clouds, which reached the saturation point, pour rain, mass energy will eventually manifest in physical reality, which renders the mind.

You literally become what you think about yourself. Your life is the way you imagine it. World – literally your mirror, which allows testing of the physical plane what you hold as truth – until then, until you change it. You intuitively know that it is the truth, and so do most people and that is why people suspect that positive thinking works.

Quantum physics shows you that the world around you is not really so steadfast and unchanging as it may seem at first glance. Instead, it is a very fluid place, constantly under construction, based on our individual and collective thoughts and states of being, society, country, family, planet, solar system or the universe. We have already begun to incriminate such a great illusion.

Following this logic, you can master the technique of creative visualization (an effective tool for unlocking the secrets of mind power) to create what you want to create in your life. Shakti Gawain, author of “Creative Visualization”, explains the process as follows:

“In creative visualization you use your imagination to create a clear image of what you want to manifest …. The idea of ​​how the plan shape creates an image, which is then attracts and directs the physical energy to complete this form, and eventually, it appears on the physical plane. “

Einstein always stressed the importance of imagination, as shown in the following quote:
“Imagination is the eve of the nearby attractions of life.”

In other words, energy is the basis of all things, including humans. People can learn to consciously design their energy on the formation of events that eventually becomes their reality.

All things were first created in the mental or spiritual dimension. All things begins with a thought. Using mental imagination, you can direct and focus your energy so that the things that you wish to manifest, have passed from the spiritual realm to the physical plane.

This is the essence of the power of the mind and the power of thought. You can learn to control what appears to be an illusion of your mind, after fully able to understand the view of quantum physics to the secret power of the mind.

You are what you think, the power of thought Details

Technology thinking: “Finally, brothers, all true, all right, everything is noble, everything is clean, everything nice, everything is fine – if anything is wrong – think about such things” Philippians 4: 8 About the idea of ​​writing a lot of great books. His early knowledge of the power of thought, I learned from the book of James Allen’s “thinking man”. In this small book, the author shows how your thoughts create harmony and chaos in all spheres of life.

Thoughts affect us in several ways. Thoughts are a vital tool in shaping the reality we face. They create our emotional states. They affect our bodies, therefore, and health. Thoughts influence our attitude towards life and our relationship. Thoughts determine our choice.

Take a moment to write down the three main points that you visited today. Do not come to this too seriously. Just write down three ideas that have been in the last days. Any three thoughts. Please do this before you read the next section. This will help you put these ideas into practice. Write down these thoughts in my journal.

Categories of thought.

Thoughts can be divided into three broad categories: what I want, or positive thoughts, what I can do, or actions, and the fact that I do not want, or disturbing thoughts. There are thoughts about the future and the past. Very few are present in the present. To make it easier to understand all of this, let’s assume that the majority of my thoughts walks around the upcoming operation. If I think about luck and that I am a great surgeon, this positive thoughts. If I think about the details of what I need to do to prepare for surgery, it is the thought of action. If I think that something can go wrong during surgery, it is negative thoughts, or simply – anxiety.


It is unlikely that you will be surprised that in the anxiety of your thoughts, you are not alone. Most people are not aware of their thoughts. Thoughts rush through their minds in the background, they do not understand and emerging feelings and reactions.

They believe that their emotions and thoughts, it’s something that happens by itself, and they can not control them. Many consider it their duty to worry about anything. They are fiercely protective of their restless thoughts. They believe that if they do not worry, they do not do everything in their power to prevent any negative situation.

These people resist the concept of positive thinking, because they do not see them as values. They believe that they can not affect the outcome of the situation, so why waste time on positive thinking. It’s like preparing for the worst possible scenario. Most people protect disturbing thoughts simply do not know about the power of thought.

Let’s look at some of the beliefs on which the concern. Perhaps among these beliefs, you can find something close to your personal beliefs. This may be the conviction based on your personal disturbing thoughts.

My thoughts – a reflection of who I am. I can not control them, they just are.

You are not your thoughts. Thought only of all, the result of the activity of your mind. You have the right and just have to choose your thoughts. Your thoughts are based on what you know about the world, and what you believe. They are the perfect reflection of your core beliefs, rather than your personality. During his lifetime, you collect a certain belief system from which, ultimately, your thoughts are formed. You can change your thoughts and beliefs.

Many of my thoughts occur at an unconscious level, but because I do not know about them.

You can easily determine your thoughts, which, as you could not seem to exist on an unconscious level. You do not just allow them to appear in the background of your subconscious mind. If you concentrate on what you think you can really be surprised by what thoughts do you spend your time.

My thoughts have no effect on my emotions and events of my life.

Emotions follow feelings. If you think positively, you will feel happier. Restless, negative thoughts create fear and anxiety. Disturbing thoughts impede the flow of energy and block the adoption of life decisions. Positive thoughts stimulate activity and help you change your life the way you want it. Disturbing thoughts blind, and do not allow you to find possible solutions to your problem. Positive thoughts relax thought processes, allow us to see new ideas and opportunities.

Fear and anxiety caused by anxiety interfere with your personal relationships, creating divisions and conflicts. Positive thinking creates joy in all aspects of your life. Positive thoughts strengthen the immune system, but negative thinking interfere with the natural healing.

If I’m not worried, I’m not doing everything necessary to prevent a disaster in my life.

As mentioned earlier, restless thoughts impede action. Thoughts of action are of fundamental importance to prevent problems. When you take all the necessary measures, positive thinking becomes most useful of what you are doing. There is no benefit from negative thinking.

Suppose that in an opaque container is 90 equal-sized balls of red, black and yellow. We know that the red balls in the container exactly 30 pieces, and the remaining 60 balls – yellow and black, how many of them separately is unknown.

Now it is necessary to imagine that you are willing to bet that someone will be able to get the ball at random and it will be red (Option 1), or bet that the ball will be black (2nd version). Which version of the name you are willing to give preference, wanting to win an argument?

In the second phase of the experiment based on the victory in the dispute, you make your choice that will be extracted red or yellow ball (third option) and, accordingly, the 4th option assumes that eject black or yellow ball.

About such questions asked famous Belgian scientist Diederik Aerts nearly six dozen of their friends. The responses received were as follows: 34 people expressed a preference for 1 and 4th options; 12 people prefer 2 and 3rd option; 7 people chose options 2 and 4th options and 6 people made their choice in favor of one and the third option.

The fact that most of the participants prefer 1 and 4th options beyond doubt scientist for the reason that in the 60s of last century, when a similar problem was first formulated and it became known as the Ellsberg paradox, was to obtain similar results. This situation looks rather strange for the reason that, in accordance with the modern theory of decision-making, participants were required to make a completely different choice.

According to this theory, a person is required to make decisions carefully evaluate the possibility of the probability of drawing a ball of each color, and only then to predict the chances of winning or losing in the proposal of solutions to the dispute. Carefully examine the available alternatives, it is clear that there is almost no any reason to prefer the first option instead of the second or fourth embodiment, instead of the third.

Let us try to understand this situation. The probability that a red ball is ejected equals 1/3. The probability of drawing a black or yellow ball completely uncertain. The classical theory can not make the right decision, taking into account this uncertainty, just as we are unable to make the right decisions if formally always guided by the mathematical logic of events.

Yet most people are quite deliberately preference in favor of a particular situation. How is it possible with the help of ordinary logic to explain this choice? Perhaps in resolving this paradox will help logic of the quantum world?

Scientists have repeatedly tried to use quantum description to solve the paradox Ellsberg, and use it to connect a known probability (extract red ball) with an unknown probability (extract yellow or black ball). Along this path and went Aerts with his colleagues, recreating the model quantum logic chain pushes the person to make this decision, basing the theory of quantum probability.

Model developed by scientists has led to the same results, which were obtained in the form of people’s responses to the questions posed at the beginning of this article. According to the authors, human thinking at the same time allows you to combine probabilistic logic of both classical and quantum physics. It turns out that to create a full artificial intelligence must learn to combine the two, hitherto strictly alternative approaches.

We live in what we call reality. But what is reality and how it occurs?

“Any unusual knowledge of this world must pass through three stages. At first, it is considered to be absolutely ridiculous. In the second stage, it seeks to challenge angrily. In the third stage, it will be embraced by all, like any other self-evident fact. ”
Arthur Schopenhauer.

We are in the thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of years taught that reality is something that is objective, and we, the people, are living in the objectivity of the subjects, who must adapt to the objective reality. Unfortunately, the reality is quite different, and people are beginning to rediscover that there is neither objective nor subjective but all are designed and created, and there is no difference between the created and the creator – all in one.
 Treatments of the world’s Orthodox Christians have always taught us to see the world in such a way that, as if there were something that is the ultimate of us (whether natural or the God over us), and a person is just a tiny insect, who must obey the natural / Loomis laws that our being is above the set. Yes, in a sense, these “providers of the law” right, that there is a universal regularities, but unfortunately we have been taught since prehistoric times, false and misleading laws that do not meet the vast majority of the truth or not natural or comfortable to administer our fictions. We have been systematically kept out of knowledge, which give us an understanding of who we really are and what we are capable of.
 Here, I will present the ultra short list of these systems, which keep us away from the knowledge of who we are, what constitutes reality as such, and what are we, the people, the actual role of the reality of cancer. These systems have in our educational system, an orthodox academic research, so to speak tõendi- and science-based medicine, the current economic system, and all kinds of manmade religions (including any “new era” of the New Age movements).
 Over the past century science on the borderline players discovered (actually rediscovered) an endless array of academic science until the real reasons for the phenomena considered anomalies. Over the past few decades, we have seen more and more that the anomalies do not exist as such but there are an infinite number of phenomena, which are petrified of academic science beliefs (not the truth but what is true) is not able to fit into the existing failure and arbitrarily defined maailmakäsitlusse. Key re-discoveries concerning the nature of matter and consciousness, for example, and how the two phenomena are interrelated. This relationship can be summed up in a simple sentence: Consciousness is the matter, and all matter ON ALL perhaps conscious of consciousness, and consciousness outside of the matter does not exist.

 Creative approach to the world of reality, and is based on the teachings of scientific disciplines, called physics.
Quantum physics is a branch of physics today that explores and explains why attempts to predict the quantum-mechanical processes. We are not yet a formal research system is supplied by the clear teaching of quantum physics is something so complex that the so-called ordinary people can not understand anything about it. Academic research defines a quantum mehanical with something that works only in the micro world, ie elementary level, and this has nothing to do with what happen with something that is larger atoms. Strangely enough, not considering the fact that the whole world consists of macro and micro-world of quantum processes are taking place everywhere and in everything boson galaxies, and there is also a human being, ie midway between you, me, him (dog, cat, and not to mention the pink semolina).

 The reality is something we create our own self-consciousness of the concept of the most fundamental level. Man is, according to everyone’s own standpoint, the creator of reality. A person involved in your consciousness physically perceive the reality of creation.
That last sentence implies such a profound and simple truth is that the sheer simplicity let us first do not comprehend the nature of this
moment, because we have been taught for thousands of years, that nothing can be so easy. Today, we are recognizing that everything is even easier than it seems to us, and allowed to see the show.
Here I go out of this with the utmost simplicity, which can confuse your brain is burning nicely: you who are reading these lines, you are in your reality only one who creates this reality, and there is no one else like you in this form they perceive; there are only present in the form of a wave of energy, ie the information that you alone own the observer and the observation of the change of the information you are physically tangible reality.



 You understand?

 Of course not. In order to chew through quantum physics and mathematical models must be a mathematical genius and all his time and attention to the tangle equations cluster. But I reassure you that not all of the equations of quantum physicists themselves all too obviously do not understand, and they have no hope of ever equations equilibrate because all quantum phenomena mathematically inexpressible is one of the variables, which will never be counted, and this variable is consciousness.

 Quantum mechanics, the Copenhagen interpretation.

 Here I recommend you examine the quantum physics of the Copenhagen interpretation, which is in accordance with the experimental evidence for quantum physicists to become among the most widely accepted interpretation. Download this article as a PDF download
Copenhagen interpretation of quantum physics in simple layman terms:
“Each box is empty in there to have been viewed.”


 Here you can easily find one fundamentaalseima, but obviously underestimated the discovery of quantum physics, which is proven by the classic double slit experiment.

Creative Reality explains the effect is precisely the same as the supreme observer effect, ie looking at the information affects the consciousness of the physical reality.

 Two slots TEST
Thomas Young made his famous double slit experiment demonstrating that light is a wave. This experiment was a meaningful legacy that affects the majority of physicists of the 19th century, the quest to find the so-called ether, or transmission of the light environment. Although this experiment was to study the characteristics of significance in relation to the light, you can actually perform a similar experiment with all kinds of waves, including water waves. This time, however, we focus on the behavior of light.

Which of the two-slit experiment it was?

 Thomas Young was organized by his experiment of the 19th century. in the early years (1801 to 1805 depending on the source). He let the light through the barrier, and the slit of light spread in the gap expands as it were independent, having been based on the wave front of a light source (Huygens-Fresnel principle basis). This, in turn, the light passed through the two slots in the second barrier (carefully placed in the correct distance from the primary barrier). Either turn tifrakteeris slit of light as if it were independent light sources. The light from both slits hit observation and left the tap on the wave interferentsimustri. (See. Next to the picture.)

Young’s experiment, the effects

 A century later, Einstein worked on the photoelectric effect, and in connection with his work began to dominate the spread of the theory of light particles, ie the photon theory.

Topeltpilu test Extension

In addition to spreading the photon theory of light out of attendance, which said that light travels discrete quantized, the air was still the question of how particles can behave like a wave. For years, physicists studied the light “weird” attribute to behave as particles and waves as a stream, but one answer is not found.

The 20th century. the beginning was still on the agenda the question of how light – recognized as the quantum energy of particles called photons – at the same time be able to demonstrate the behavioral characteristics of the wave. It was believed that this phenomenon may be the same as the water atoms (particles) present in conjunction with the movement of the wave.

 One of the photon at a time.

 Got it possible to construct a light source, which is emitted photons one at a time. This would allow such a microscopic ball spinning through the gaps. By putting in place of observation tap a sufficiently sensitive detector that is sensitive enough to identify a single photon hit, it should be made clear whether there is or there is no interference pattern.

Over the screen using a highly sensitive photographic film, and the film was developed after a certain time to see the light to indicate the nature of the pattern. The result was a wave interference pattern.

Strangely, however, it turned out that, since the photons of the barrier was shot through the two slots one at a time, it would not in any case, the interference pattern could occur because of one photon can pass only one slot at a time, but not two. How was this possible? It had to explain a number of intriguing interpretations of quantum physics in Copenhagen interpretations of several world-interpretation.

 Things get even more curious !

Now, the experiment was small change. One slot to put the detector, which should show whether the photon passes through the slot or not observable. If we know that a photon passes through one slit, then he can not go through the other side of the barrier and the second interfere with itself.

However, it turned out that, after the installation of one slit to the detector is not generated over the interference pattern on the screen! Having passed the same experiment as before, but this amendment was included in the experiment measuring device, the result of a dramatic change in the experiment.

The mere act of measurement, to determine which slit the photon passes through the lost property of the wave completely. It was the moment when the measurement device, the photons behaved exactly as it was expected that the particles behave. If the measurement of the single slot is removed, then the wave due to the interference pattern of light and rehabilitation particles (photons) acted as the waves again.

 More particles.

 Over the years, this experiment is repeated in many different ways. Claus Jansson was organized in 1961 and was the result of this experiment, the electron wave Young’s behavior, the observation that the expression of the interference pattern appeared on the screen. Jansson version of this experiment was voted by the readers of Physics World magazine in 2002, “the most beautiful experiment”.

By 1974, the technology had advanced to such an extent that it became possible to carry out the shooting of two slit experiment in the direction of the barrier electrons one by one. Again, the interference occurred. However, if one was installed in the slot in the detector, the interference pattern disappeared again. In 1989, repeated attempts by Japanese scientists, who were in possession of a very subtle instrumentation. The result was inevitably the same phenomenon – the detector slit at either or both of the slots at once overthrew the total wave function of the observation screen is not generated interference pattern.

 The experiments are repeated photons, electrons, and even atoms and molecules (molecule fulleren was visible in the Figure), and every time it appears one particular phenomenon: there is a slot for a particle measurement eliminates the wave behavior.There are many theories as to why this is the case, but so far everything is just speculation, but the vast majority of the scientific theories are rooted in assumptions that the passage of time has been confirmed, and which we take for granted today we read.……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
The above version of the two-slit experiment Multiplied is an illustration of one explanation of quantum physics and the so-called problem of the “problem” of consciousness of the human impact on the experiments carried out. Kvantfüüsikud not deny anymore for a long time that has been repeatedly confirmed by the facts that in many experimental results of quantum physics experiments (eg. The two-slit experiment) determines the experimenter’s presence on your monitor. Consequently, the research does not deny the effects of human consciousness characteristic properties of matter.Faculty of Physics, however, recognizes the physics theories, unfortunately, but if this object can be expressed mathematically, and that is the academic science biggest stumbling block: if the attempt to “translate” the consciousness of participation effects in experiments carried out in mathematics language, you should be conscious to be mathematically defined and determined, but it is not academically accepted Science has not yet capable of doing.

 However, if different kvantteooriatelt peel off and math equations, it becomes all the easy and logical. It is suspected that the universe is still the universal language of mathematics ?!



Mystical holes in the ice – whether Valga tolerate visiting aliens?

FOTO: Müstilised augud jää sees – kas Valgamaa talu külastavad tulnukad? 
The hole in ice lake Bagpipe farm.
 Independence Day morning, his wife sitting on the coffee table, and looking out the window of your lake, we noticed that during the night the ice caused the mysterious hole with a diameter of two meters. To tell the truth, we have grown accustomed to these strange holes, as they are encountered in there almost every winter since 2009.
Six years ago, created nine holes were roughly 25 centimeters in diameter. At that time the media got holes in them informed. “Bagpipe farm lake ice broke meteor shower” with esiuudis of current camera. I was very frightened of it, where you’ll get this kind of information that, if someone had not arrived yet examined at all the case.
Auke investigators went to the study of all kinds, from meteoriiditeadlasest Reet Wander Mast and ending ufoloog Ivo Tarmistuga. Though the water temperature was measured and the radiation level, though the chemical composition. Ice diver went down. There is not a trace of meteorites found in sources or holes underneath. Excluded were fishermen, fish and aquatic organisms.
One of the most famous scientist in response to a radio listener’s question of the causes of vulnerabilities, said that there was someone just for kicks. If Latvians were dug into the ground and the bull made to fit “meteorite”, wrote the Post Man, that similar scams have also been conducted in England, where people make themselves fruit circles, and in the South, where they make holes in the ice of the lake.
Two years later, in the winter of 2011, we discovered in the morning, two 2.5-m-diameter holes that were created for one night over a 40-centimeter-thick ice, I decided to remain silent and the media not to interfere with the question that I cheater and bull brother would not mention.
Dear people of Estonia, now, our country’s birthday post, however, I decided that the anniversary opened sight to share with you. As you can see from the photo, is a large hole in the lower side companion. These two committees hole like a Nazi symbol of expression in our home planet Earth, which orbits around the moon.
As you can see, there is still quite a hole on the ice melted away, and this is seen even ski trails, which proves that there is a hole in the bottom to the top. I know of no bull brother, who could do such a bull.

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