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Bonis nocet, quisquis pepercerit malis.

The universe is finite or infinite?

Конечна или бесконечна Вселенная?

There are two options: either the universe is finite and has a size or is infinite and stretches forever. Both options make you think about it. How great is our universe? It all depends on the answer to the above questions. Astronomers tried to figure it out? Certainly tried. You could say they are obsessed with finding answers to these questions, and thanks to them we are building a sensitive search for space telescopes and satellites. Astronomers peering into the cosmic microwave background, the relic radiation left over from the Big Bang. How can I test this idea, just watching the sky?

Scientists have tried to find evidence that the features at one end of the sky associated with features of the other, like how the edges of the wrapper on the bottle connected to each other. So far found no evidence that the edge of the sky can be connected.
Speaking in human terms, this means that over 13.8 billion light-years away in all directions, the universe is not repeated. Light passes back and forth, back through all 13.8 billion light-years away, and only then leaves the universe. Expansion of the universe pushed the boundaries of the light leaving the universe 47.5 billion years old. You could say our universe is 93 billion light-years across. And it is a minimum. Perhaps this is one of the 100 billion light-years, or even trillion. We do not know. May not know. Also, the universe could be infinite.

 Конечна или бесконечна Вселенная?

 If the universe really is infinite, then we get a very interesting result, which will cause you to seriously break down.
So, imagine. One cubic meter of space (just spread your hands a little wider) is a finite number of particles that can exist in this region, and these particles can be a finite number of configurations based on their spin, charge, position, velocity, and so on. D.
Tony Padilla from Numberphile estimated that this number should be ten to the tenth degree in the seventies. This is a number so large that it can not record all the pencils in the universe. Assuming of course, that other life forms have not invented perpetual pencils or not there is an extra dimension, filled entirely with pencils. Still, probably not enough pencils.
In the observable universe there are only 10 ^ 80 particles. And this is much less than the possible configurations of matter in one cubic meter. If the universe is indeed infinite, then removed from the earth you will eventually find a place with an exact duplicate of our cubic meter of space. The more, the more duplicates.
Big deal, you say. One hydrogen cloud looks the same as the other. But you should know that passing through places that will look familiar to more and more, you’ll eventually get to the place where you will find yourself. And find a copy of itself – this is perhaps the strangest thing that can happen in an infinite universe.

 Конечна или бесконечна Вселенная?

 Continuing on, you’ll discover the entire observable universe duplicates with accurate and inaccurate copies you. What next? Perhaps an infinite number of duplicates of the observable universe. Do not even have to drag the multiverse to find them. This repetitive universe within our own infinite universe.

Answer the question, the universe is finite or infinite, it is crucial because any of the answers will be breathtaking. While astronomers do not know the answer. But do not lose hope.

US draw Russia into war in the Baltics !

США втягивают Россию в войну на территории ПрибалтикиAfter the failure of plans to draw Russia into direct military conflict with the West on the territory of Ukraine, the US and its European allies are considering an alternative. In the Western press, one after another out articles and expert commentary that Russia is about to attack the Baltic. The flow of publications on this topic has all the hallmarks of a planned information campaign. The purpose of this information campaign and other actions of the US and NATO in the region – to convince Russia that the Baltic States really is an easy target, and it can attack with impunity.

 In political science, there is a theory “Overton Window.” The essence of this theory is that the most crazy, unbelievable ideas, concepts, assumptions can be made a social norm, if introduced in phases to impose their public opinion. Of these crazy ideas will only radical, then acceptable, then accepted. The main thing that they hit the “window” of opportunity – that is obviously unacceptable from steel such that others can debate.
For example, a year ago, even after the Crimean events in Western political and expert community consider to be impossible that Russia could attack the member countries of the North Atlantic Alliance. However, a year of hard work, the media, politicians and experts of Western countries belonging to the radical “hawk”, has led to the fact that the assumption that the Russian president Putin can not be frightened of Article 5 of the NATO Charter of the collective reflection of the aggressor and attack Poland or Baltic states, was only radical, but not impossible.

 The idea of Russian aggression against a country or group of countries, NATO hit the Overton Window – and that this is possible, it is acceptable and can be convinced it is Russia.

 “After Russia annexed the Crimea and destabilize the situation in the east of Ukraine, military confrontation between Moscow and the West over the Baltic countries became quite possible – wrote in a recent article in The Finansial Times political analyst Yoel Sano. – Alternatively, Russia could seize the Baltic countries during rapid operation possible, taking into account the small size of the armed forces of these countries. However, the “sudden” seizure is unlikely because Russia would in no matter what was to seek justification for their actions. Less severe variant of this scenario would be a transfer of Russian troops on the territory of Estonia and Latvia, located close to the Russian border, is home to a significant part of the ethnic Russian. Or capture of critical infrastructure – ports, airports and railways. “
“Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite has once again acted in Brussels with the criticism of the Kremlin. She demanded to toughen sanctions against Russia. To negotiate with the “aggressor country,” the president said, “pointless” – writes the Austrian newspaper Kurier, – According to the paper, are particularly concerned about the Lithuanian leadership missiles “Iskander”, placed in Kaliningrad. In Lithuanian schools distribute brochures with instructions on how to behave in the case of the bombing, conduct classes on defense. On the streets of Vilnius has never been so much military as they are now. “

 Kurier emphasizes that the first three days of the Russian aggression Lithuania will have to survive on their own. The same was said of anti-Russian Patriarch geopolitical thought Zbigniew Brzezinski: “In my opinion, the Poles should be ready for some time to fight alone. In the event of an attack on any NATO country further NATO action can paralyze one of the alliance members, namely protest against involvement of the 5th paragraph, use the veto. In today’s environment, in all probability, this country could be Greece. In this case, the Poles for some time will have to fight alone. “

 That is the Western “hawks” openly hinted that Article 5 of the NATO Charter in the case of the Baltic States and / or Poland may not work. Hint including Russia: Forward I do not want!

 Financial Times while she comes up with an excuse for Putin for the attack. “Ethnic Russian make up a quarter of the population of the Baltic States. Many thousands of ethnic Russian was denied citizenship. Therefore, in the Baltic countries, there are serious concerns about the possible military intervention on the part of Russia … It is quite possible that Russia could try to repeat such actions (“Ukrainian scenario” – approx. and in the Baltic States and after a few months clashes request to resolve the conflict with the help of a settlement agreement, which would provide more ethnic Russian authority in matters of domestic and foreign policy of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. ” Characteristically, the British edition did not deny that the situation of ethnic Russian in the Baltic States have problems. But also to solve these problems to defuse tensions it to the authorities of Latvia and Estonia does not offer. On the contrary, Yoel Sano though suggests how Russia could solve these problems: to organize political destabilization and even direct military intervention in the Baltic states.

 In parallel with this intensely continued militarization of the Baltic States (the answer to that is just the placement of “Iskander in the Kaliningrad region).

 Experts also both Russian and foreign recognize that the real threat to the Baltic from Russia there, and Article 5 of the same protects all members of the Alliance. “I think that Russia’s attack on the Baltic countries is very unlikely. There are Article 5 of the NATO Charter on collective defense – said the portal RuBaltic.Ru American journalist Michael BPO. – There is a very popular version, according to which an insidious strategy of Russia – is to check the strength of the 5th article. That is to undermine precisely this guarantee of collective defense, put the US in an awkward position to allies – to show the world that the US guarantee does not cost anything, and it can have far-reaching consequences. Such a theory is. Russia’s task was to join the Crimea in the first place, of course, but at the same time Russia had a good side benefit – to undermine US security guarantees Ukraine. After all, the United States played (along with Russia, among other things) a guarantor of the territorial integrity of Ukraine, when Washington and Moscow signed a memorandum of Budapest in 1994. As a result of a breach of this memorandum – and thus undermining US security guarantees Kiev – other US allies such as Japan and South Korea began to wonder: “What are the American security guarantee for us?”. But it was a memorandum, not a contract. A North Atlantic Treaty, under which NATO was created in 1949, and then expanded to 28 members today – this sacred task. This is the backbone, the foundation of European security and the entire transatlantic alliance. Therefore, this theory is an attempt by Russia to undermine the fundamental guarantee of NATO is unlikely. Putin’s not a fool. Perhaps, in some way, and it is tempting to try to undermine the foundation of NATO, but it’s too risky and unrealistic. So I think that the real threat to the Baltic States is not. Putin is unlikely to attempt to undermine the 5th article of NATO. “
 The only real source of threat to the Baltic countries – this is just a provocation on the part of NATO. “The activity of the US and NATO in the Baltic States is growing – this trend is quite obvious, and clear it is the epitome of the arrival of 150 armored vehicles to Latvia for exercises. In addition, on a permanent basis in the Baltic States placed units of special operations forces of the United States, the task of which is either the military or the pre-war actions. This is very serious. Obviously, there will be new, large air bases in Lithuania and Estonia, will be placed elements of the electronic surveillance of NATO to the Baltic states in the vicinity of the Russian border. A tactical aircraft and naval forces, NATO will use airports and seaports of the Baltic countries to practice combat missions, “- said Russian military expert, chief editor of” National Defense “Igor Korotchenko. “During the recent NATO exercise fulfills two objectives: the occupation of the Kaliningrad region and the blocking and destroying forces of the Baltic Fleet. Finally, we can not rule out in the future that those NATO Air Force planes, which are rotational while, and then, apparently, on a permanent basis in the territory of the Baltic countries, can be used as carriers of US tactical nuclear weapons, which is in Europe. So everything that’s said that the gun is not just hanging on the wall – it can shoot at any time “, – said Igor Korotchenko portal RuBaltic.Ru.
 Thus, the Baltic states confidently converted into a military base for an attack on Russia. At the same time as the Russian push for an attack on the Baltic States, making it clear to her that it is not beyond the bounds of the possible – a section on collective reflection aggressor may not work, there is a guaranteed occasion as discrimination of Russian-speaking population from which the Western Allies did not even need to give that Putin had no reason to. Finally, you can manage until the formation of a military springboard is not yet complete.

 After Russia get out of almost a stalemate in the Donbas, retaining support self-proclaimed republics, but not entering their troops on the territory of Ukraine, the Western “hawks” calculate new strategy: to provoke Russian military aggression in the Baltics and still draw it directly in a full-scale military conflict.

 The Russian leadership between succumb to the lure of these is going. The statements of the Russian Security Council over the past year has repeatedly stressed that Russia is trying to draw into a military conflict, but Moscow do not allow it. And if so, to all to draw Russia into war, we need a provocation. On the role of provocateurs ideal leaders ever Baltic countries, which are planned to make the object of Russian aggression. However, in the fight then began the first of these provocateurs will also be destroyed. But this is nothing new: it is the fate of all the agents provocateurs.

The US is preparing to strike at Russia !

 США готовятся к нанесению удара по России

Well-known American expert on modern Russia Stephen Cohen during his entry on American television made a statement on the preparation of the United States to strike at Russia and the possible outbreak of war between them: “… for the first time in my life, since 1960, I think it is very real the possibility of war between Russia and the United States, “- said Cohen.
In his speech, he accused the US administration in this situation, says “a fateful turn of world history” and prepare for the application of the initial American strike against Russia via third countries – Ukraine and the Baltic states, which they soon begin to actively arming and cook. As for the Ukrainian leadership, he said: “This is not a democratic regime. … If the United States will continue to support this format in Kiev, we will very soon see the beginning of the war with Russia.”

Next, Steve Cohen said: “The problem began in the 90s., When the Clinton administration began to consider himself the winner of the USSR. The same position was occupied in the future and in their relations with Russia. Russian Federation considered by the US administration as the losing party. American policy was guided by the motto: “Russia is second, we take and demand further concessions.” The main aspect of this policy is the decision to consider the zone of influence of the United States all over the world to the borders with Russia, including the countries of the former Soviet Union. Even within the CIS and neighboring countries, the United States refused to Russia the right to protect its interests. Ukraine and Georgia, countries that were part of Russia in the days when the United States did not exist, were officially recognized sphere of American influence, where Russia had to be necessarily squeezed.
Speaking of Vladimir Putin, Cohen said: “From November 2013 until the present time, Putin’s policy was not aggressive and reactive, at each stage. There is no need to replace these concepts.” Aggressive in the opinion of the famous political scientist was just US policy.
Stephen Cohen, in his speech also recognized the right of the people of the southeast of Ukraine to choose their own destiny and the state language of communication. He accused the US and Western leaders in supporting Nazi groups in Ukraine and urged the West to stop any cooperation with the forces justify Nazism.

 Steven Cohen in his speech repeatedly stressed that the current corrupt American leadership, which depends on their actions on leading oligarchs United States, has the primary responsibility for the current situation in the world.

At the end of his speech, Cohen called on the US government began a policy of detente with Russia, reports Pravda.Ru.

Lyudmila Putin: “My husband was long dead”

The German newspaper Die Welt published a sensational interview with the former First Lady of Russia Lyudmila Putin.    
My husband, unfortunately, have long been dead. I have to admit it publicly, because I could no longer see what is happening on his behalf. It’s terrible people. They did not stop at nothing. I am afraid that now they will kill me and daughters as well as killed him.
Our family was not exactly ideal. When I got married, I was in love with intelligence officers. But the reality was quite different. Putin was vile, cruel man, a tyrant. He never considered me, simply did not notice my existence. I needed him only for reference and the composition of the family as a mother for his children. I find it hard to talk about it, but Putin beat me, humiliated, mocked me. Life with him was torture.

I tried to fight, not just going to file for divorce. But this man was not anything sacred. To silence me, he handed me over to a psychiatric clinic. I went through all the circles of hell … narcotics, psychotropic substances, bullying. For a long time I was locked up in prison for a long time and I have not seen sunlight, did not see the people. I still remember it with a shudder. Of young and confident woman I became a shadow, my will was broken, I agreed to all conditions, only to come out.
But what began after his death defies description.He then was a difficult period. I of course he did not tell, became even more withdrawn. A month before the death of the night, without warning brought daughters – I do not even know where.
And then he was gone completely. At night we came home to some people – some of them I knew someone had seen for the first time. Break everything upside down, reviewed all the papers, all the walls in the house rattled. They told me only one thing: “If you want to live – be silent.” All questions about her husband briefly replied that he would soon come that he important retreat and in the interests of national security is not worth it to me with anyone to discuss. A few days later came his first … understudy. Later I learned that the murder of Vladimir prepared ahead of time, it eliminated when the first twin was almost ready to take his place. Outwardly, he certainly was very similar to Putin – I was impressed. But it was a completely different person.They somehow managed to track down the girls. And I issued an ultimatum – either I play the role of a loyal wife or me or daughters no longer live. I had no choice. I first tried to avoid public events. Corrosive media attention, intrigue and gossip – all this sickens me. But to pretend wife of another man I was even worse.
So they prepared for me and the double – to when I said something wrong, as planned scenario, wipe out embarrassments. If they had time to bring my siblings to more or less successful similarities, I would long ago have been killed.

 Miraculously, we managed to escape. For obvious reasons, I can not call the people who helped us to stop this terrible dramatization and escape. “Divorce” was my deliverance. Now I live abroad, I’m fine. But I’m scared to see what is happening with Russia. 

This Putin – is dead. Who runs Russia?

In Russia came turmoil. President disappeared. Who controls the state – is unknown. We must get involved in politics, to understand what is going on and to restore order in their own country. Delay could cost us our lives.In the order of our editorial staff were sensational documents. We can not publish them officially, but I remain silent as a journalist and a citizen does not have the right.In front of me is a letter from a doctor governmental clinics, the name and title of which, for obvious reasons I can not name. Granted to them from the documents that Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is dead. The Russian President has died June 6, 2004 at 23.15 Moscow time from atherothrombotic ischemic stroke“By the evening of June 6 the patient began to complain of a severe headache, nausea and vomiting, pain in the eyeballs, confusion, speech, drowsiness and weakness. He was diagnosed with high blood pressure (220/120). As a consequence of recurrent ischemic attacks the patient’s condition rapidly deteriorated, he lost consciousness and was urgently sent to hospitals. In the context of medical facilities has been rendered timely assistance, but to save him failed. Due to extensive cerebral edema occurred impaction in the foramen magnum of the cerebellar tonsils with compression of the lower medulla, which caused the death of the patient. “In a letter to the doctor shows an extract from the map of the patient and of the autopsy report, the results of analyzes.

 And what does it mean? This means that since 2004 the country is ruled by anyone, not just the Putin, whom we voted in 2000.

 But that’s not all. Wished to remain anonymous doctor writes that in the clinic where he works on the strictest confidence cook twins Vladimir Putin. He found out about it by accident, intrigued by his research colleague, who is directly involved in this experiment. To prepare the twins apply the latest advances in medical science – works the whole team of leading plastic surgeons and psychologists. Results that they have achieved impressive – because almost no one notices the change.Clinic itself is not located in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and in the suburbs of Sochi. That is why the “Putin” as much time on the Black Sea resort. The interior of his residence completely copies of his Kremlin office in Moscow “president” does not appear for months.In documents submitted to us anonymous expert, a brief description of the procedure for preparing double. Preparation of the physical body goes along with psychological training. Double should absolutely identify with the subject. Therefore, they are subjected to severe hypnosis sessions, treated with various psycho kept without sleep or food in an isolated room in complete darkness or in front of a few days forced to spend in a bright room that the person has ceased to be guided in space and time. This achieves an almost complete destruction of the self-twin.It is inhuman treatment of those who meant to be the double, forcing doctors to publish this information. The fact that they cook it doubles for Putin, he learned very recently, because calling any names prohibited person twins from ordinary workers clinic hidden by masks. After learning the truth, he could not keep silent. Think about it – someone to organize genuine factory twins. Behind them, a country run by a completely different person, who naturally do not care about the welfare of the people of Russia. Who is it? Regime-supervised clinic FSB and FSO. And who manages them – can only guess.

The scenario of the third world war !

In the conflict in the south-east of Ukraine interfere volunteers United States and Western Europe.

Mihhail Hodarjonok .

Have to repeat once again the statement from time to time voiced by Russian politicians ultraliberal views of the “problem has no military solution” and “end all wars of the world”, to actually have no relationship. Wars end only one – a crushing defeat some brilliant victories and others. If there was the phrase “there is no military solution”, it means that one of the parties to the conflict simply have no strength for the victorious conclusion of the war. And if some armed confrontation and ends kind of like a draw, so it is perhaps with the complete depletion of military capabilities on both sides. Of course, possible options with some very minor deviations from this general line.
At the beginning of the next and future tasks parties to the conflict in the south-eastern Ukraine.
For the Kiev leadership and the nearest, and further, and enduring purpose at historically foreseeable future is only one thing: to restore the territorial integrity of the country by any means, primarily military. Strategic goal – to wipe out militias southeast. Waiting for negotiations to change the constitution of Ukraine in the right way for unrecognized territories, the federalization of the south-east – all from only assumptions and imagination games. Carthage (ie separatist southeast) must be destroyed – and this thesis, no doubt, will be dominant in all Ukrainian foreign and domestic policy. Adhere to today different views among the elite Square means immediate political suicide. While the forces and means to solve the problem by military means, Kiev has not. But this does not constitute a waiver of the Ukrainian leadership on the policy of the military crushing the southeast.

 In the south-eastern Ukraine are fighting two Soviet armies: one sample 1991, other more modernized version.

 Harder with unrecognized southeast. It’s all a lot of fog. Demand self-determination of these areas is possible, but what’s next? How to live on this piece of land when it is impracticable to provide economic, financial and any other independent southeast (or rather, two ragged and extremely curvaceous pieces of Donetsk and Lugansk regions)? Require federalization also theoretically permissible, but it never, under any circumstances, give the official Kiev. Return to the Square? But already shed so much blood, the scale of the destruction of infrastructure in the region is amazing, and the gulf between the parties to the conflict is so great that it is hardly possible without subsequent massacres and mass executions of insurgents from the central Ukrainian authorities. In general, full zugzwang – what to do, it is not clear to anyone, and each step can only worsen the situation. It seems that the political line of the south-east, in these circumstances, there can be only one – hiding behind a veil of verbal, temporize. And then, suddenly, something will happen.
In this regard, we should not forget one important fact. In predicting the future futurists of all stripes often used the same reception. From the point of view of the representative anti-aircraft missile troops, what in the past was the author – is the hypothesis of rectilinear uniform motion targets. A significant part of the forecast is based on this postulate.
But there is a theory of the “Black Swan.” Its author – Nassim Nicholas Taleb, who wrote about her book “The Black Swan. Under the sign of unpredictability. ” Theory considers difficult to predict, and rare events that involve significant consequences.
In other words, the processes of the real world it is impossible to describe in terms of only one of mathematics using even the most advanced models. From a certain point, anything and everything can go contrary to predictions, extremely wrong. It seems that this is built unspoken political line of the south-east – to wait. And we’ll see. Good or bad – only time will tell.

                                                                            Сценарий третьей мировой         Today, in the south-eastern Ukraine, the cease-fire. But all parties seem to realize that this is not the end, but rather just a pause before the summer campaign.
We now turn to the hypothetical scenario of the situation in the south-east of Ukraine (particularly emphasize – only scenarios from hypotheses and assumptions).
What is a war in the south-east from the point of view of the art of war? In fact the two are fighting the Soviet army. One – sample 1991 (it is the armed forces of Ukraine), the other – more modernized version of the same Soviet army – better prepared tactically against staffed by more competent professionals to manage quality. And with the recent armed confrontation is carried out solely on the ground – only by the combined arms units. Their air forces in the south-east is not, and Ukrainian – before a few – Air Force during the conflict gradually disappeared. Serviceable aircraft and trained pilots from the Square is almost gone. Many similar development environment contributed by volunteers southeast to regular air defense. Sometimes for the same purpose and skillfully acted fairly quietly and vacationers on their planes. But from the point of view of the art of war armed confrontation in the south-east – just a few of the modernized version of World at its final stage. Neither one nor the other side is not nor has identified new weapons and military equipment or new techniques and methods of warfare.

As you know, on the southeast side of the battle volunteers vacationers. As a rule – on the regular armed. Now suppose that option (again, hypothetically, why not), that the armed forces of Ukraine began arriving volunteers and vacationers from the United States and Western Europe, and also on the regular armed.
Let’s start with the Air Force. Suppose airfields Kharkov, Poltava, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye steel landing F-15, F-16, F-22, A-10, “Panavia Tornado” E-8A, E-3A. Previous markings and hull numbers painted on their site marked trident and yellow-blue flags of Ukraine. Prior to this, many trains on the Ukrainian airbase imported fuel and the most modern air attack.The scenario of the third world

Сценарий третьей мировойCollage Andrew Gray
In the Black Sea coast for the past 140 years prostituting politically Bulgaria deployed three AUG (carrier strike groups). A typical composition of each – one nuclear strike aircraft carrier, two cruisers URO-three, three-four destroyers URO, three or four drums of nuclear submarines.
In the area of ​​Mariupol, Pavlograd, raisins, Lozovoi unloaded armored and mechanized divisions of volunteers from the West, complete with tanks “Abrams”, “Leopard”, “Leclerc” BMP “Marder” and “Bradley” modern artillery.
In addition, it should be mentioned about the volunteer units and subunits (also staffed holidaymakers US and Western Europe), electronic warfare, communications, unmanned aerial vehicles and so forth., And so on. Do not forget also about the volunteer units logistics and technical support, without which modern war.

 Now the question. How long will hold on militias southeast if the war enters a qualitatively different enemy units and on LC and DNR showered modern aircraft weapons – bunker busters, bombs with laser and satellite-guided cruise missiles, combat units of the air and sea-based? If the battle formations will be attacked newest armored combat vehicles and artillery? And all of this action will be provided by the military splendor has no analogues in the world, even an approximate US intelligence of all kinds? And the planes of the West volunteers will be chasing each BMP, gun, tank units and formations of the south-east, bomb separately taken trench firing point, the position of the mortar. And hit the target with penalties commensurate with the size of the trench.
I repeat the question: how many armed groups will hold the southeast? Day? Two? Week? The answer, unfortunately, is: well, if several hours.
Of course, the volunteers from the southeast can support their elders – the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. And now at this very moment – perhaps shave – start World War III.
This version of events – Crystal dream of the modern Ukrainian leadership. But the Anglo-Saxon blood is too expensive to shed her future happiness of some semi-wild Ukrainians. Therefore, such a scenario is still to be assessed as a game too heated imagination.
And if you still continue to dream and try to imagine how the development might look like the conflict in the South-West strategic direction, if it under whatever flag turn on all the parties concerned.

 For example, we still do not have any operational Air Force Association (however, no longer themselves as the Air Force of the Armed Forces), equipped with modern aircraft with a margin of new aircraft weapons at least 30 days of warfare.
Black Sea Fleet today, unfortunately – a branch of the Central Naval Museum. On the Black Sea Fleet ships can study the history of the Soviet shipbuilding 60-70s.
Yes, and combined arms formations and units, if you collect all that is in the former North Caucasus Military District, will not exceed 1.5 Army Corps (by Western standards). 1st Ukrainian Front from the available set of forces and resources is clearly not sformiruesh. Operational nature reserves in the district no. That is the operational-strategic tasks available on YUZSN formations and units clearly can not afford.
Add to understanding the gravity of the situation only one thing: if every American aircraft carrier four – six specialized electronic warfare aircraft, we have all the BBC there is no such a machine.
There is another very important point – the operational equipment theater of war in the South-West strategic direction very little meets the challenges of successful warfare. Airfield network, the number and quality of roads and railways is not fully meet the requirements of armed confrontation. It suffices to note that some railroads pass through the territory of Ukraine and it is famous for YUZSN quadrangle in which there are no railways. In short, the first rokadnaya railroad goes through Ukraine, and the next – only through Volgograd. And as you know, where it ends the railway, and there ends the war.

 As for the quartering of formations, units and divisions on the Armed Forces YUZSN, they are located mainly in the North Caucasus Military District funds Soviet era. In those days, it was a district in the rear with a small set of units and reduced strength and frame. The situation in this respect since 1991 has changed slightly. But now the neighbor County is the most militant and anti-Russian sentiments country – modern Ukraine.
 There is a legitimate question: what did you do the last 20 years? This period in the life of Russian Armed Forces still waiting for its impartial historian. While concisely can say the following. All the power in 1990-2000, probably went to the continuous organizational and staffing measures. Type: form, then the same disband, then it is restored again to disband, and incidentally with the purposes exclusively optimize and improve the organizational structure of the reset military science and education, to cut at the root of the military academies under the pretext of their relocation, during continuous cuts and Regroup lose valuable employees. Just two words – “reform” and “optimization” – Harmful effects on the lives of the Armed Forces are comparable, perhaps, only with the consequences of the application of a series of MRAU (massive missile and air strikes).
Perhaps, if we look at the matter critically, a brand new it never created (at least this is debatable). Marking time, in fact, more than 20 years on the spot, while other countries have made a breakthrough in military affairs. If there has been a positive trend, it is only with the advent of the Ministry of Defense Sergei Shoigu.
And somebody should be responsible for it – at least in terms of objective analysis of the situation. Let’s try to sort of defense ministers in recent years – from Pavel Grachev to Anatoly Serdyukov.
One of them can be called “a prominent builder of the Armed Forces of Modern Russia”? Or enter a line in the performance appraisal: “A talented military theorist, has made a significant contribution to the strengthening of the defense power of the state”? Finally, the “developed, established and introduced, adopted a”?

 Try to include in their characteristics the following lines:

    “Extraordinary concentration, inquisitive mind, analytical skills, ability to make correct conclusions forward looking”;
“Creative mind and a remarkable memory, the ability to quickly grasp the situation, to foresee the development of events”;
“Has a rich combat experience, erudition, high operational and strategic training, gave all his strength training and education of military personnel, the development of military science”;
“Differed deep knowledge of the matter, persistent daily work, high culture and personal charm”;
“Dedication, professionalism and intelligence.”

Presented a line above heads, we can say – almost nothing fits, however. Or suitable, but very little. At best, all of the persons engaged in only one – “merge-pour”, and then cut. But the court is impartial history – no matter how inflated cheeks and shaggy eyebrows John Doe in the past, he will write response is not the generals for special assignments from his inner circle.
As a conclusion. What can we do to domestic armed forces in the event of such conflict development? Report threaten to use tactical nuclear weapons? Type: if you do not stop, we will strike at the Ukrainian nuclear power plants, chemical facilities, a cascade of hydroelectric power station on the Dnieper River in order to create areas of flooding and destruction. But it is known to be a double edged sword. And the long-range tactical nuclear weapons delivery vehicles not so much. After all, their own hands destroyed most desired class missiles for defense – INF.
 Of course, all of the above described and no more than speculation, imagination and conjecture.
A conclusion of the Ukrainian crisis can be only one – under no circumstances should not be allowed to pull the conflict in the south-east of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Our country, the army and navy, it is necessary to objectively observe are not ready for large-scale armed confrontation using only conventional weapons. If you sort out all the criteria of the state of readiness for war (training of the Armed Forces, preparing the country’s economy, the preparation of the country for the benefit of the Armed Forces, preparing the population for defense), then most of them have very significant problems.
And it should be uprated (downright Bolshevik) rates strengthen the country’s defense, to create the Armed Forces of Russia, meeting the highest standards of modern warfare. And the first thing to stop nervously organizational and staffing fever.

NASA: kilometer asteroid threatens Earth !

Giant asteroid flying toward the Earth and will be held at a record close distance to it in the coming days, according to The Mirror, with reference to forecast NASA.

According to experts, the width – about a kilometer, and length – about 990 meters.

The object was naming “2014-YB35”, and is forecast to sweep close to Earth on Friday. It moves at a speed of more than 23,000 miles per hour. The asteroid will fly about 2.8 million miles from us, it’s just a tiny distance in astronomical terms

In that periodically pass by the Earth small meteorites, there is nothing unusual, but the asteroid so large – it is very rare, and it is a very serious threat, according to experts.

Any of its effects on our planet would cause devastating changes in climate, earthquakes and tsunamis.

Bill Napier, a professor of astronomy at the University of Buckinghamshire, said the publication of The Express, that this time there is a “real risk” of negative consequences of the asteroid impact.

НАСА: Километровый астероид угрожает Земле

Experts warn that it is only a matter of time when the Earth will encounter with an asteroid that can change life on our planet.

Object “2014-YB35″ was first seen at the end of last year, and now astronomers are particularly closely watched its movements this week.

If he hit the ground, its debris would fall into the atmosphere and led to such climate changes that would make the planet uninhabitable. The smallest of the consequences of such a possible collision – the destruction of several cities.

NATO has no protection from the operation, the course which fulfills Russia.

У НАТО нет защиты от операции, ход которой отрабатывает Россия

The Russian army during the sudden teachings throws in the Kaliningrad region missiles “Iskander”, as Poland prepares to host the air and missile defense systems. The bad news for NATO is that in this case to oppose anything the Russian counterattack, it can not. Now it does not matter what happened before – the redeployment of Russian “Iskander” or attempt to probe placement in Poland missile defense system of unknown origin. The fact that the territory of the neighboring country with Russian missiles will air and missile defense, has long been known. And the fact that it can not be solved by diplomatic means, too, was known long before the Ukrainian events. It makes no sense to retell and prepositions that the US invented to justify the idea of ​​placing a missile defense system in close proximity to Russian borders. Who’s supposed to, and so they will remember: it was supposed to be protection against a non-existent Iranian threat posed by non-existent Iranian ballistic missiles with non-existent nuclear warheads. The ensuing discussion diplomatic disputes reminiscent of Spanish rabbis with Torquemada: the decision to deploy missile defense (expulsion of the Jews and Marranos) were still made in advance for reasons of mystical character, but still interesting to listen to. At the same time (almost ten years ago) was first told about the response deployment of Russian missile systems “Iskander-M”, precisely in the Kaliningrad region, and not somewhere else. These plans are strategic, they are known in advance – this is not the battalion group of marines, which can be flown anywhere. No one has made no secret of that system “Iskander” just was a response to the deployment of US missile defense systems, and in northern Poland (both on the southern flank of the response to a similar attempt in Romania was the transformation of Crimea into a fortress, teeming with exactly the kind of means of destruction). “Iskander” – “the perfect assassin” is precisely such systems that the US and NATO are trying to arrange a new, reinventing them in real-time theater. That the US “Patriot” that competing with them French counterparts are unable to repel the attack on themselves medium-range cruise missiles. Location in the Kaliningrad region “Iskander” makes a highly publicized NATO missile defense system in another target. In this sense, the remarkable number of mutually planned placement systems: the United States and Poland talking about batteries 9 “Patriot”, while talking about the alleged 10-powered Russian “Iskander”. This may well be true, because Washington does not have a free supply of missile defense systems and defense and the armed forces of the Russian Federation “accumulated” “Iskander” in the two theaters of military operations, which had never been in recent history. Moscow is able to consciously distribute high-precision weapons for several HPT, so even with the stock. In this context it is worth to look at some details of the sudden inspection training, running now in parts of the Western District, Northern and Baltic fleets, Airborne and Special Forces. Ivanovo paratroopers landing work out in the area of ​​Pechenga (ie, on the Norwegian border), Arctic brigade occupies the Franz Josef Land, the Northern Fleet relieve the so-called road Gorshkov – corridor progress in the North Atlantic from the coast of the Barents Sea between Norway and Iceland, and the long-range aviation eyeing Norway, Iceland and the UK. Like it or not, but this is the scenario of the Russian counter-attack in response to a possible NATO aggression. This scenario was developed in draft form in the Soviet period and since then has not lost its relevance. Change only the weapons and tactics of their application, but the meaning has remained virtually unchanged. In short, it is assumed that the collision of European Russia and NATO importantly – it’s a matter of time: how fast can (if he can) go to Europe reinforcements from North America (USA and Canada). The only way to deliver a very large masses of manpower and equipment were and will remain for a long time naval convoys. To stop the convoys, Russia must be brought under control of the North Atlantic area. And it is achievable to comprehensive amphibious operation in northern Norway with the capture airfields NATO, which there a lot, including a key one – Icelandic Keflavik. Keflavik provide control over the Russian Air Force (including strategic bombers) control over the entire Atlantic to the Azores – the southernmost point of the route potential convoys. Thus, the question of destruction of such convoys becomes purely technical. On the northern route, you can forget, the transfer to northern Norway and Iceland Russian special forces and air force will break the whole balance of forces in the European theater as a whole. At the same time, the Northern Fleet, including submarines with nuclear weapons, can freely pass into the Atlantic, then war can be considered complete. At this time, the Poles and 12 American tanks in Latvia can indefinitely (probably an hour and a half) to depict the heroic defense. But to ensure that developments may be, including, and after the opening of the airspace over the Baltic and Scandinavia (ie destruction of airfields and cover them), and for which there are “Iskander” in the Kaliningrad region and on the border with Estonia (in fact there are another Norwegian air defense system in Narvik and Mo i Rana). Special Forces and the Arctic with its quiet landing above the Arctic Circle – as it is now the Ivanovo paratroopers on the Norwegian border. This script is afraid of NATO, when so focuses on long claimed the idea of ​​relocation “Iskander”. The Alliance does not have a mobile defense system, many years of his military-strategic thought or idle at all, or focused on the execution of a foreign country “Tomahawk” without any resistance from the enemy. In our case, once the potential vulnerability of land – the Arctic Ocean – now turned almost into the lake. A group of US in the Persian Gulf has become vulnerable and our fleet (he appeared base in the region), and the response to missile attack. And most importantly: the plan to deal with counter-attacks, as described above, they still can not. That is why the placement of “Iskander” in the Kaliningrad region (even if temporary, as part of the exercise) has attracted much attention. It is, by the way, followed immediately after the final output of Russia from the CFE Treaty, which is formally proposed classifications affected. So the word Shoigu “on our territory where we want, and place there” is no surprise. But many people happy. Eugene Krutikov Source:


The natural world is one big ILLUSION! Our reality !

Get Visitors And Consideration By Using These New Tips In Webpage Design and style

It can be popular expertise that efficient web design is the most important thing that can determine no matter if a web site is useful or otherwise not. Though the possibilities are limitless, and style ideas are possibly-altering, it can be possible to arm oneself with reliable info that can lead to the ideal web site to meet your needs. Luckily, you’ve come on the right place. Continue reading to get a valuable assortment of advice on web design.

free website design graphicsHave your web site noticeably come with a tagline. A tagline is seen as a assertion that informs men and women just what a business’s site is about. Clear taglines are effective in most likely capturing the attention of your reader in the crucial first couple of moments they view your website.

Forget about put-up advertisements. No-one appreciates new home windows sprouting up instantly when they visit a website. The majority of users will just exit an internet site with put-ups. Keep away from these sorts of annoying adverts, along with your customers will be happier. In case your variety offers you no selection about making use of take-ups, you most likely should pick a fresh one.

Use a reasonable history to your site. You can find internet sites available designed to use computer animated GIF graphics for backgrounds. This might be Fine for the personalized internet site, but it is also a significant diversion which makes it hard for visitors to pay attention to the words. If you treasured this article and you simply would like to be given more info about website design el Dorado county kindly visit our website. Your audience can have a more satisfying exploring experience should your track record is favorable to reading through your written text.

A good website will never ever demand a visitor provide you with the same information and facts more often than once. Guarantee that private data for every of your website’s visitors is safeguarded. Conserve users’ info like enrollment information, therefore it doesn’t really need to be entered more than once on different forms. Developing “tacky”� details in this way makes the complete procedure considerably more simple and easy clean, as well web design ui best practices as your guests are certain to take pleasure in enough time you save them also.

Use shortcuts. On the planet of web development, shortcuts are normal location. Explore them and you may uncover that they may assistance with most things. It doesn’t take that lengthy to discover the Web coding computer code that you could insert in your website’s layout to assist you change any web page without needing to add the page yet again.

Stay away from utilization of way too many distinct fonts in any one internet site design. You possess to be aware of how these fonts make on the pc screen for instance, little serif fonts are hard to see. Most internet sites use Verdana, which happens to be very easily study in numerous colors and sizes.

White colored can be quite a wise and effective option when you’re contemplating which shade ought to be the background for the website. Audiences will truly feel confident in the expert look provided by a sound white-colored history. Gaudy backgrounds, by comparison, usually merge with all the content, and make it look like quickly created. For qualification, simpler is normally better.

Every matter requirements their own webpage. Each and every different matter should have another page on the website. This ensures that nobody ends up baffled leaving as a result. Search engines like yahoo will also have a more simple project of position distinct web pages.

When you’re establishing your website, it’s great to have a look with the characteristics and fashions other people are using, but you must hang to your very own creativity. Ensure web design wp templates that you enhance any functions you take from other sites, and concentration on developing innovative styles boasting which are your personal. Your site design and style job will be more successful plus more unforgettable if you be sure you keep it creative.

If possible, include a technique for targeted traffic to research throughout your site for your information they may be seeking. This improves the site’s usability several-fold, and makes it much simpler to get to anyplace on the webpage from the other location on the site. It is far from complex to add a website lookup, and will also be worthwhile in a big way.

Try to find some good textbooks which will help you be considered a far better web development company. Select textbooks tailored to the current level of capabilities and extremely thorough. Go through critiques before choosing nearly anything.

Review your site for broken backlinks routinely. Have the examine before your add it to make it available on the internet. Backlinks that lead to the completely wrong location or nowhere in any way are aggravating and guests will get bored inside your website and prevent visiting it. The prevent this from occurring to the site, verify hyperlinks commonly.

website design price sgRight now you realize that web design is really a way to boost your money movement if you are versed with this self-discipline. Don’t neglect you could make an income style internet sites when you maintain your eyes open for possibilities that can job to your ability to succeed.

In a parallel universe !

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Carpet promenade thieves !

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Before you pay, after Pat !

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Kuklatšovi apartment.
Hidden Camera.
 Действительно качественные демотиваторы 
Family values !

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In a parallel universe !

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 Leave a football.
Let’s go dancing !

The third world war will die first Baltics !

The possibility of the Russian army in the event of a third world war, military experts have estimated at a round table in the RIA “Novosti” on “the Russian army in terms of current challenges and threats.”

According to the director of the Center for Public Policy Research – Head of the Department of the Institute of CIS Vladimir Yevseyev, – in the event of an attack by the US Russia will be able to answer only nuclear weapons, as a non-nuclear has a range of up to 1 thousand. Km and to defeat the United States, we need to place it weapons in Cuba.

Therefore, most likely, says analyst Sergei Mikheyev, that Russia in the event of the Third World will not strike on the US and NATO bases in the Baltic States, which in the near future it is planned to create.

“The Baltic countries will be destroyed – describes Sergei Mikheyev possible developments. – They always complained about how Baltics suffered from conflicts of East and West. Now, it would seem, they should stay on the sidelines, but they also want to become a battlefield. Just Unlike wars 300 years ago, modern missiles, these small countries will be destroyed altogether cease to exist. The confrontation with Russia, they are trying to increase their value. They have just lived quietly, and they again rush to the front line. So to them more attention, are some money. But all this can result in the death of these states. “

According to Vladimir Yevseyev, the US did not have a chance to disarm the Russian army, but we are far behind in terms of weapons – and their number and in power.

“What can answer Russia, taking into account the asymmetry of the strategic nuclear forces? America focuses on the marine component of the strategic nuclear forces, it has about 14 nuclear submarines like” Ohio “, equipped with 24 missiles at ten warheads that goes beyond the Prague Treaty of START 2. Russia can not respond symmetrically, because the combat potential of the US and SSBN submarine strategic type “Northwind” is different. On the “Boree” 16 missiles, and the ability to launch manifest them substantially less than US missiles “Traydent- 2 “- said Yevseyev.

In his opinion, “the best steps will be asymmetric responses”. This, for example, the creation of a heavy rocket “Sarmatian”, which will be located in Siberia outside the United States interception. Great Expectations expert assigns to create combat railway missile system (BZHRK). Earlier BZHRK complexes were eliminated due to inefficiency: “In the USSR BZHRK had limitations – it did not provide the missile launch from any location, the missile was severe and led to the overturning of. It was necessary to prepare for the launch of a special area. In addition, the rocket does not fit in car and so it was impossible to disguise. Now the situation has changed, as we have more light missiles “yars”.

Soviet echelon had one drawback – he destroyed a warhead. Now go away from it, will be BZHRK division. “But now there is the danger of a terrorist, which was not in the USSR – continues Yevseyev. – BZHRK goes on rails and rails can be undermined.”

Anyway, at the moment Russia has enough capacity for retaliation, and it can stop NATO from possible military action from the territory of Ukraine, assured the expert.

However, Sergei Mikheyev looking at the situation is not so sure – he said, the United States made good money on the First and Second World War, and have a chance to earn a third. “Americans see the situation in Europe as a laboratory. It is considered that for the United States there are people first and second grade – Papuans they chase and do not regret. But the Europeans supposedly quite another matter. Such ideas are wrong. US and European sacrifice. They spit on them wanted, “- said Mikheyev.

One of the weaknesses of the Russian armed forces – the lack of mobilization reserve, it is already not enough and will still sorely lacking in the future, said Yevseyev.

Russia, he said, need to have in this reserve to half a million people with military experience: “The US Army at about 1.2 million 800 thousand of the National Guard, and, basically, it natsgvardeytsy fought in Iraq. A provision should have a reserve equipment, weapons. bayonets to fight impossible. “


His Majesty the case! Or real match.

 Albert Einstein himself puzzled over the question, “Has God play dice?”. Most physicists believe: the world is malleable, and match it – just blind chance. But sometimes this is so amazing coincidence that inevitably creep in doubt, but not the hand of Providence leads us? And it is not limited to whether the number of variants of the Lord situations, or why they suddenly are repeated?“And a bottle of ketchup will not fall out of the window into the yard Harlem home without this event was not reflected in the cost of pajamas in Jersey City, the temperature of someone’s mother-in Greenland or the demand for rhinoceros horn in China.” (Charles Fort)Notions of randomness originated at the earliest attempts of man’s awareness of their existence and have become unavoidable in the explanation of human behavior, and its fate. Unexpected accident, not specially made unintentionally, all the things that could not predict called randomly occurring on incomprehensible to human laws …One of the most important issues of concern to philosophers, mystics and scientists – the question of predestination. The dispute continues fatalists and antifatalistov century. Point it at the beginning of the century tried to put physicist Heisenberg, who discovered his famous uncertainty principle, from which it turned out that the world is fundamentally unpredictable, therefore, no predetermination there is no …

 In 1898, writer Morgan Robertson‘s novel “Futility” described the destruction of the giant ship “Titan” after
 collision with an iceberg in his first flight … In 1912, after 14 years, the UK launched the ship “Titanic”, and in baggage per passenger (of course, quite by accident) was the book “futility” of the death of “Titan”.All that is written in the book come true, literally all the details matched disaster: both ships around before going out to sea was raised incredible hype in the press because of their enormous size. Both are considered unsinkable ship came down to the icy mountain in April, having on board as passengers a lot of celebrities. And in both cases, the accident very quickly turned into a disaster because of mismanagement and lack of Captain rescue equipment …The book “Futility” detailing the ship sank with him.In 1939, 27 years later, in the same area of ​​the Atlantic, where sunk “Titanic”, another ship was sailing at night – “Titanian.” Suddenly inner instinct told something helmsman, and he gave the command “stop the car.” When the boat stopped and stood on watch began to express dissatisfaction with the delay, suddenly emerged from the darkness of a huge iceberg and inflicted on the body strong, but fortunately not a fatal blow …

In 1848, the tradesman Nicephorus NIKITINA for seditious speech about the flight to the Moon” was exiled to Baikonur!
 May 15, 1976 the newspaper “Weekly News” reported that the obstetrician Triplett (in English triple) for the third time took triplets! ..

December 5, 1664 in the Strait of Pas-de-Calais sunk English ship Meney” of the whole crew escaped only one sailor Hugo Williams. After 121 years, to the day, December 5, 1785 in the Irish Sea, near the Isle of Man sank another ship. Among the survivors was a sailor by the name of Hugo WILLIAMS! ..

 It is interesting to “fish story”, which took place during the day with the famous psychologist Carl Jung. It began with the fact that the dinner he was handed a fish. Sitting at the table, he saw a passing fish van. Then his friend and dinner companion at dinner conversation suddenly took the custom of “doing the April fish” (so named April Fools jokes). Soon came a former patient of Jung and brought in gratitude picture, which showed a big fish.Later there was a lady, ask your doctor to decipher her dream in which she appeared as a mermaid and floated her gaggle of fish. And when shaken Jung went for a walk on the lake shore to quietly reflect on the entire chain of strange events, then slipped thrown on shore fish.

San Francisco, in the saloon “Bella Union” Englishman named Robert Fallon was caught partners poker players in the fraud. Mores were then steep and tricksters specifically shot on the spot.But just to collect money from a corpse partners could not: ancient belief was that won gotten money can not bring good luck. Therefore, players hide a corpse, and the place of the murdered zazvali first got passer. In their opinion, the first available passerby had to play, of course, worse professional tricksters and they rightly hoped to win back their quick $ 600.Not a bit of it! By the time the scene police arrived, the casual passer brought the winning amount up to $ 2,200. The police showed him the corpse and demanded that he won $ 600 late to give them to someone from the next of kin of the deceased. But the winner said in response that accounts for slain son, and proved it. It later emerged that his father he had not seen for nearly 7 years …

In 1997, the famous Soviet figure skater Irina Rodnina came together with a friend in Los Angeles and, passing by the cafe, began to remember: “Here we once with my first sports partner Ulanov first went into a cafe for their money. Here at the table … “What was her surprise when at this table, she saw the most Ulanova; As it turned out, he also brought here to show the familiar place where he first sat in a cafe “with the Rodnina“!

The most famous people copy, lived at the same time – Hitler and Roosevelt. Of course, they are very different in appearance, not only – were enemies, but their biographies were largely similar.In 1933 both received power with a difference of only one day. Day of the inauguration of US President Roosevelt coincided with a vote in the German Reichstag on granting Hitler dictatorial powers. Roosevelt and Hitler exactly six years withdrawing their country out of a deep crisis, and then each of them led the country to prosperity (in a sense).Both died in April 1945, with a difference of 18 days, being able to relentless war with each other

Two people copy existed in Russia. And former Russian President Boris Yeltsin and the pensioner Alexander Skorokhod were similar not only good looks, these people have the same voice, biography and looks like the same wife.Runner in his time successfully graduated from Rostov Institute of Civil Engineering (Boris Yeltsin at the same time – Sverdlovsk), then both married, both worked in construction, both grown up leadership positions in the industry. Biographies are almost identical to a certain point: almost simultaneously both asked to lead the construction industry in their respective fields, but Yeltsin agreed, and Skorokhod refused and was forced to withdraw from the party, after which his career abruptly stalled.Well, the further fate of Yeltsin well known to you: transfer to Moscow, again out of the Communist Party, the struggle for the presidency, and finally, the very presidency. But who knows what would have developed the story, if Yeltsin once said “no”, and Skorokhod “yes”?Alexander Skorokhod argues that feels kind of psycho-energetic connection with the more eminent counterpart – when Skorokhod unwell, he thought it was due to illness Yeltsin. However, the President of the disease is not immediately reported, but always guesses Skorokhod soon confirmed by official reports.More recently, the fate of two people and all intertwined, but by the will of cinema: Skorokhod enjoys playing Yeltsin in Western movies …

January 25, 1787 Dzhabes Spicer from Leiden (Massachusetts, USA) was struck by two bullets during the attack on the federal arsenal at Springfield. The victim was in the same overcoat, which previously bore his brother Daniel, who died three years earlier March 5, 1784. Incredibly, the bullet immediately Dzhabesa Spicer, passed exactly through the holes that have done before the bullet that killed his brother
 In 1872, a killer named Claude VOLBONN killed Baron Rodemira de Tarazona. In the 21 years before that, his father Baron Tarazona was also killed some Claude Volbonnom. Murderers, full namesakes who are not related
 In 1883, a rogue Henry ZIGLEND from Texas (USA) threw his beloved, who from boredom killed herself. Her brother decided to take revenge. But released them a bullet struck Ziglenda face and stuck in a tree trunk. Ziglend fell to the ground, and his brother, thinking that with a vengeance over, shot on location …In 1913, after 30 years, still alive Ziglend decided to cut down the same tree, which is jammed bullet. The tree did not budge, and Ziglend decided to undermine it with dynamite. With the explosion of escaping from the barrel bullet hit Ziglendu right in the head. The girl was finally avenged! ..

 Maria Vittoria dal Pozzo, Queen of Spain, was born in Paris in the family of Charles Emanuel dal Pozzo, Prince case Cisterna, and his wife Louise Caroline de Merode Gislainy, Countess of MerodeVesterloo August 9, 1847.
The family of her father was old

aristocratic hails from the island of Sardinia, the mother’s family was related to the Grimaldi dynasty.After the death of his father, who died in Turin March 26, 1864, her mother lost her mind and refusing to bury her husband and her daughter spent days and nights in his body. As a consequence, the youngest daughter Beatrice Louise Anthony Giuseppe (1851-1864) a month later died of typhoid, aggravated by emotional disorder.Death of Beatrice finally upset the mental health of Louise de Merode, and for many years it was closed in Turin Cisterna castle, surrounded himself and Maria Vittoria deepest mourning, which lasted up until Maria Vittoria she met her future husband …May 30, 1867 in Turin wedding day Princess Maria della Cisterna Vittorio Pozzo and Amadeus, Duke of Aosta, son of the King of Italy, was overshadowed by all indicators the following list of incidents:1) Veda wardrobe princess court lady hung up;2) the porter of the palace cut his throat;3) The head of the wedding procession ceremonies got sunstroke;4) The head of the station was crushed by the wheels of a train of a wedding;5) the adviser of the king fell from his horse and died;6) witness the groom was shot.To this we must add that the newly married couple did not live very happily … Maria Vittoria died of tuberculosis at the age of 29 in San Remo.

In the seventeenth century in Japan, there were rumors that the evil fate prevails over a children’s kimono. All three teenage girl who gave it, or bought, died, never once, not having to put it on.In February 1657 a Japanese priest decided it would be better to bring “unfortunate” kimono fire. But no sooner had the priest set fire to it, a sudden strong gust of wind blew the fire, and soon he was completely out of control.And the consequences of the accident: three-quarters of Tokyo burned, destroyed 300 churches, 500 palaces, 9,000 retail shops and 61 bridge, killing 100 thousand. Man …


 1950 metallurgist Eric W. Smith, who worked in “the English steel company,” lived in a quiet suburb of Sheffield, and his house was located forest where often walks amateurs riding. Mr. Smith himself spring and summer too often dropped in there to enjoy the peace and at the same time and type of horse manure for fertilizer.Whenever getting out into the woods, Smith catch with a small shovel and oilcloth bag. Somehow Smith walked along a forest trail, the time from time to time bending down to grab fertilizer. Soon he noticed was walking towards him human. Watching him edge eyes Smith decided that this is another gardener, assess the merits of horse manure.Somewhere in the middle between them was a bench on which they finally sat down to rest. It was easy to notice, bags and shovels they were exactly the same. A little later, it became clear that both collected manure for fertilizing tomatoes. Smith pulled out his pipe and a tin of tobacco. Noticing that the stranger also pulled out a tube, Smith handed him a tin.“No, thanks, I have a sort of”. As it turned out, he smoked the same tobacco as Smith. After that, both captured a feeling that this chain of coincidences end. “My name is Smith” – introduced the first metallurgist. “Mine too!” … “Eric Smith,” – said a metallurgist. “And I’m Eric Smith!” … “I Uelz Eric Smith,” – said the first Smith. On the second reluctantly answered: “And this is where we differ with you, I’m Eric Walter Smith” …

History of Ronald OpusThese things happen in spring 1994. A young American named Ronald Opus decided to commit suicide. In the suicide note was written that Ronald took this step because of financial difficulties and lack of understanding on the part of parents. After writing the last message Mr. Opus with a heavy heart climbed onto the window sill and after a moment’s hesitation rushed down from the ninth floor.It is unlikely that he would have done it if I knew that worked that day in the house of a window washer pulled at the seventh floor of a safety net. So, flying two floors, Opus would just collapsed on the springy mesh with wet pants, but very much alive. But fate intervened fantastic occasion. Downright fatal bad luck!When Ronald flew past the window of the eighth floor, his head was out of the room charge fraction released tenant on the eighth floor. While the police took out the corpse from the grid and establish the identity of the deceased with an almost completely demolished head shot, detectives decided to shoot – cantankerous old man – you were charged with manslaughter. After all, if it were not shot, Ronald Opus survived after falling into a grid.Further investigation revealed new facts. It turned out that the old man shot his wife, but missed and hit the window of charge. So, flashed detectives need to adjust the charge – to manslaughter add attempted murder (his wife).Meanwhile popivshy some water and calm down a little old man in a trembling voice told detectives that was not going to kill any dearest wife, let alone accidentally flies past a man. Just in moments of anger and quarrels with his wife, he always had an unloaded shotgun off the wall and made “control shot” – frightened wife by clicking the trigger. This was like a family ritual. According to both spouses shotgun always hung on the wall and nobody has ever been charged.

 Hence, in accordance with US law, the charge of manslaughter was now lying on who secretly loaded shotgun. Who? Seeing that freely enter the room cocky spouses could only their son, police detectives contacted his friend and found many interesting things.It turns out that the young scion of the long-planned revenge grumpy parents for what they denied him financial assistance. Knowing that his father often threatened his mother hanging on the wall arms, the son secretly loaded it, hoping that the first scandal that would shoot his mother, and he gets to prison. However, the past few weeks, the couple lived a surprisingly peaceful than inexpressibly grieved failed avenger. Where is this bastard?“Where? – Surprised man. – The son lives upstairs … “Yes, the desired son turned himself … Ronald Opus! He’s loaded shotgun, and when the place is not successful, in despair out of the window. And was shot by his own charge. His father also. Who wanted to plant in prison. Suicide happened, though not quite as wanted Opus …Although the whole story, and like a fudge, but it is a fact recorded by the American Association of Forensic Sciences.That’s saying then that chance is blind!

 the mid-seventies of the last centurywere popular monetary and clothing lottery. Winnings were different, but the main is the car. And to the credit of the organizers of lotteries should be noted that this gain from time to time fell on some humble citizen, it is not associated with the lottery commission.One fine day in May, when uncleared since faded facades flags quietly resting in the sun sluggish sleepy flies, family Pribytkova His Majesty visited the happy occasion. Check in Table lottery number received the surrender of the ticket, the head of the family, Nikolai Sergeyevich realized that holds the main vyigrysha- car.

Joy in the family was nemerenno. However, two days later, Nikolai Sergeyevich died of a heart attack and not sit behind the wheel of a car hometown. The widow at the funeral was not to win, but after a month the poor woman remembered that it is not so poor and, once it has its own “Volga”, and therefore, there will be more men, and life in general continues!Search for tickets throughout the apartment to no avail. After hours of repeated attempts to find a coveted ticket home Pribytkova turned into a kind of Mytishinskiy city dump behalf of the Paris Commune. A woman once again feel poor and lonely widow realized that treasured piece of paper left in the breast pocket of a black jacket, in which her husband Nick attended their wedding and where they buried him. All hope was now on the police.Grave opened, but the jacket was not found Yes, and very late – too. The coffin was empty. Then the investigator sent in a lottery committee inquiry: was anyone the grand prize of a certain circulation. The answer was not long in coming: “Application of winning a ticket number XXXXXX XXX Series car” GAZ-24 “was received on May 28, 1976, from a citizen Averochkina Nicholas Roerich. At the moment the ticket, in accordance with the rules of the monetary -veschevyh lotteries, passes the appropriate expertise. Deputy Chairman of the State Committee, Comrade lottery. Kunin.A.G. “Caused by the investigator citizen Averochkin once said that a week ago he bought in a thrift shop inexpensive jacket worn in the pocket of which lay a lottery ticket. Find out who passed the jacket to the commission, with the then existing accounting system was not difficult. Proved by the principal caretaker of the cemetery where he was buried Mamontov. As it turned out, he has long been engaged in that fresh graves excavated and sold through a commission store taken from dead things .Kuda become of the body, he never admitted, although the locals suggest that sneaky type of feeding their pigs, which he did not eat, and handed over to the meat-packing plant.That’s so totally random and extremely rare win after the accidental death of its owner by chance is buried again and accidentally falls into the field of action of the offender, which without these accidents may never be revealed. God Rogue marks!

 And finally I want to lead just such a chance or regularity.Law grouping exists. What kind of randomly assemble under one black wing fascism people whose names begin with the letter “G” (in Russian phonetics). Moreover, it is not just some sort of people, namely, the top leadership of the Third Reich. These names are known to all:

 Hitler, Hermann Goering, Goebbels, Hess, Heinrich Himmler. And if we add here the names of the head of the Nazi justice and assistant Hans Himmler – Henry Glyuksa and pile up – Field Marshal Guderian, it turns out quite so odious picture. It is said that Hitler was surrounded by another one Hister, which, by the way, refers to Nostradamus. Interpreters of the great prophet assumed that by that name refers to Hitler himself, but no, it turned out that Hister – independent figure. And, it seems, was one of the fleeting receivers Fuhrer after frenzied krysёnysh committed suicide. Strangely it all, does not it? Someone said: “Accident – is the unknown pattern.”

Nothing is accidental. One historical fact.

In the early twentieth century, a Scottish farmer came home and passed the marshland. Suddenly he heard a cry for help. The farmer rushed to help and saw a boy who was sucked into a terrible abyss of his swamp slime. The boy tried to get out of the terrible weight of marsh bog, but his every move to sentence him to death emergency. The boy screamed .from despair and fear. Farmer quickly cut down a thick branch, cautiously approached and handed saving a drowning man the branch. The boy climbed to a safe place. His punched trembling, he could not calm the tears, but the main thing he was saved!
Come to my house offered him a farmer. You need to calm down, dry and warm.

No, no – the boy shook his head my dad is waiting. He is very worried, I guess.
With gratitude looked into the eyes of his savior, the boy ran away
In the morning, the farmer saw that drove up to his house rich carriage with magnificent thoroughbreds. From the coach came richly dressed gentleman and asked:
It’s you last saved the life of my son?
Yes, I am, said the farmer.
How much do I owe you?
Do not hurt me, sir. You do not owe me because I did what had to do a normal person.
No, I can not leave it just like that, because my son is very dear to me. Name any amount insisted visitor.
  I do not want anything more to say on this topic. Goodbye. The farmer turned to leave. And then jumped onto the porch of his little son.
Is that your son? Asked the rich guest.
Yes – proudly replied the farmer, stroking the boy’s head.
Let’s do so. I’ll take your son with him to London and paid for his education. If he is as noble as his father, neither you nor I will not regret this decision.
Several years passed. Farmer’s son graduated from high school, then – Medical University, and soon his name became internationally known as the name of the man who discovered penicillin. His name was Alexander Flemming.
Before the war, one of the richest London clinics enrolled with severe pneumonia son of the gentleman. Do you think that saved his life this time? Yes, penicillin, Alexander Flemming open.
Name wealthy gentleman who gave education Flemming was Randolph Churchill. His son‘s name was Winston Churchill, who later became Prime Minister of England. Winston Churchill once said, “Do you same to you and will be back.”

Lethal Rubicon Obama !

Летальный Рубикон Обамы. Рискнут ли США поставить Порошенко тяжелое вооружение?

Whether to risk the US Poroshenko put heavy weapons?

As reported in the resurrection of the American edition of The New York Times, the Obama administration has never been closer to the realization of its long-standing threat. Washington could open for Ukraine “hot military-technical line.” We are talking about the supply of arms and all that can make Donbass capitulate.

However, on Monday, State Department spokesman Jen Psak clarified that the final decision on arms Ukraine yet. At the same time, she stressed that no options are not excluded.” On the question whether the supply of arms Kiev provoke indirect” US war with Russia, the speaker of the State Department said: “Nobody wants to” mediate “the war with Russia.”

Still surrounded Obama lacked unanimity on this issue. Since there was a danger to provoke an “arms race” in Ukraine within the framework of the so-called “Hybrid war”. In addition, it should be recognized that the supply of lethal military equipment, from the point of view of international law, may be regarded as interference in internal Ukrainian opposition. Crafty term “ATO”, invented by Kiev to not call a spade a spade, can hardly mislead international lawyers. Thus, the supply of weapons will be another step towards the escalation of tensions with the prospect of escalating “hybrid” war into a hot (between Russia and NATO under the auspices of the US). The first step in this direction has already been made a few days ago the head of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry Stepan Poltorak confirmed the participation of foreign nationals in the fighting on the side of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. In fairness, it‘s about as long as volunteers.

Chief lobbyist of Ukraine means of warfare acts chief of the armed forces of the US and NATO in Europe, General Philip Breedlove. Until recently, an active opponent of this idea was the Advisor to the President for National Security Affairs Susan Rice. However, according to the publication, it is ready to change their point of view. “The President of the United States has not yet decided on the supply of such lethal aid. However, after a series of serious setbacks that Ukrainian forces have suffered in recent weeks, the Obama administration is considering new military aid, “says NYT. According to the newspaper, officials persuade Obama to send Kiev missiles, armored vehicles and radars worth $ 3 billion. A 2 February, a group of authoritative retirees represented by the former deputy head of the Pentagon Michele Flournoy, a former commander of NATO forces James Stavridis and the former US Ambassador to NATO Ivo Daldera provide justification to supply large quantities of weapons to Ukraine.

Prior to that put out the fire with gasoline in Ukraine, openly called only odious Senator McCain.

As evidence that the fatal Rubicon can be passed, advocates visit US Secretary of State John Kerry in Kiev, which will be held on February 5. In the Ukrainian capital, a senior official will arrive with an impressive backing band consisting of a Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff US Armed Forces General Martin Dempsey and assistant to the president for national security Susan Rice. According to the American edition of these policies declare the “openness to discuss the issue of granting Ukraine lethal aid.”

Recall still Washington supplied Ukraine so-called non-lethal weapons body armor, night vision devices, medical devices.

In a conversation with “SP” head of the analytical department at the Institute of Political and Military Analysis Alexander Hramchihin questioned the assertion that the heavy weapons of the American or NATO production was supplied to the theater of military operations in the Donbass.

Another thing is that this may be a former Soviet technique, which is still standing armed with Eastern European countries that are members of NATO. Such as Poland or Romania. Say that somewhere in the combat zone was discovered NATO caliber projectile is absurd. The question is, what does it shoot if the Ukrainian Soviet artillery designed to gauge?

A small arms found in Donetsk airport, generally does not prove anything. As you know, in the US it may acquire private person in the store. Ukraine has got it, most likely, with mercenaries from private military companies.

“SP”: Why, despite the bellicose statements, to the question of the supply of heavy weapons Washington fits very carefully?

Obama is in a very difficult position. It strongly presses Congress. On the other hand, the president of the United States understands that the results can be counterproductive. Open delivery of heavy weapons would only worsen the situation in Ukraine. Because Russia will then announce that it is also in this respect no more holding back. As a result of the military situation in Kiev will become not better, but worse.

“SP”: The more that Western weapons still need to learn.

If we are talking about serious art, rather than on small arms from the Soviet relearn on US weapons systems is very difficult. Accordingly, in the Ukraine in large numbers have to bring trainers from the US. That is, it will take time to introduce new technology. But what if these instructors taken prisoner? In addition, virtually guaranteed that the technology will have shtatovskih militias. Obama probably guess what this means. But apparently, the policy is often stronger than common sense.

“SP”: What kind of weapon in the first place asked to Kiev security forces?

They need any advanced weapons. But no one will sell. A cheap and modern does not happen. Even Poland refused to hand over the Soviet technique on grant terms. The only thing that may be involved, it’s about anti-military complex. Air defense Kiev do not need because of a lack of volunteers aviation. As for private aviation, Canada last year offered 20 cars free F-18, but the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine refused. And rightly so. Because in the development of this technology will take several years. And the amount of money will be spent on maintenance. It’s old aircraft. So we’ll have to prepare not only pilots, but also technicians. Plus we have the means to counter militia aviation.

In Ukraine and Soviet aircraft problems. Why would she need the same old, besides import?

“SP”: – And what about small arms and mortars?

This stuff they themselves drown. The only thing missing is the anti-missile systems. This is the most obvious option. But again just a few days after the receipt of the samples will be in the militia, and there may be sent to Russia. I think our military and technical specialists are waiting with bated hope present in the form of, for example, the anti-missile system the US Army Javelin. Any country is very interested in obtaining samples coming from other countries, it helps to develop their own military-industrial complex.

“SP”: The militia set a new goal – to reach the borders of the former Donetsk and Luhansk regions, and only from the position of a new line of contact to negotiate with Kiev. Ukraine satisfied with this option, or she prepares forces to counterattack?

I’m back in September, when they were entered into the Minsk Agreement, said that sooner or later a truce go into another full-scale war. Because both sides clearly “nedovoevali” and are confident that they have “stolen victory”. Right now they are dovoevyvat” as long as the parties are against the limit of their capabilities: human, moral, organizational, financial. Wars end only if at least one of the parties can not fight any more. Then she capitulates. If both can not, then they agree on the world. When this happens, then the war will end.

America does not go to the direct supply of weapons to Ukraine, as in this case Russia will get the moral right to mirror the action in response, said military analyst Michael Tymoshenko.

In fact, Ukraine, and without enough military equipment. As they say, a 20-year war without stopping. You just need to put in fighting shape his technique where wiring rotted where seals sagged. It is clear that the tanks, BPM, and so on for a long time stood on the storage bases, nobody renovate.

Aviation is the same story. In his time in Ukraine tank was almost more than we do (3000 pieces). Kharkov Plant. Malyshev produced T-64, produces new BMP.

“SP”: Why Kiev authorities are literally begging the US weapons. What are they missing?

– First of all mind. There’s no one to command. At all levels, starting with the sergeant. And recruits do not want to fight. Why would they put their heads with fools? Just look how people run from mobilization. How much equipment is not supplied, will still fight nobody.

Editor in chief of National Defense Igor Korotchenko not agree with the thesis that the Ukrainian army did not need military equipment.

To make political decisions deliver or not, will be Obama. Legal barriers no longer exist. Congress in December adopted the “Act on the support of Ukraine“, which involves any help until the supply of lethal weapons.

“SP”: This will be enough to break the resistance of the militias?

Immediately say, Ukraine will not deliver US weapons. And above all, of the former Warsaw Pact countries that are now included in NATO. That is, it will not be a new Soviet equipment. Hence, the sum of the US can finance the delivery or Poland or Hungary or the Czech Republic. It is possible that will be used barter schemes. That is, instead of the past in Ukraine Soviet weapons, these countries will receive US.

In addition, Washington can begin deliveries Kiev separate party special weapons, night vision devices, optics, military, communications, navigation, sniper weapons, radar to pinpoint the location of the artillery batteries. The main thing is the anti-tank weapons. Not to mention clothing, gear, body armor. Ukraine can also get American “Hummer”, based on which is mounted firearms.

“SP” a kind of modern “carts” during the Civil War, the beginning of XX century.

This is a much more serious armored vehicle.

“SP”: All of the above will change the balance of forces?

Of course. Because Ukraine will have quite a significant military arsenal, allowing it to better level to conduct military operations. In these circumstances, Russia, of course, will be forced to react. Both politically and practically. If Americans really begin large-scale arms supplies to Ukraine, it unleashes a Russian arms for similar actions against the armies of the DNI and the LC.
Already Ukrainian General Staff provides lists of the necessary equipment in the office of the US military attaché in Kiev. That is, all formal requests are made. It now remains the last word for Barack Obama, his hands are completely untied.


Puzzles harder than the Egyptian pyramids !

Загадки похлеще египетских пирамид

In the world there are many mysteries which are unique and unexplained its origin can surpass even the famous Egyptian pyramids. Another thing is that the world knows about them much less, if at all does not know, at least, this statement is quite true to the average Russian.

It is true today thanks to the Internet, you can “see” almost (theoretically) in every corner of our planet and see things from that being said, my heart stops or crawl. For example, here are these giant blocks someone did (obviously man-made creation) five thousand years ago. One such unit weighs more than 1,200 tons. This is not a cement not at all clear to us building material. And in our time, a relatively advanced civilization is simply no such technology capable of lifting these blocks. And to make such artificial boulders until we can not.

Strikes and the fact that these units have existed for five thousand years and not be destroyed. What are they made? It’s not even a natural stone, and some man-made building material. That would solve its structure and build of a material modern houses and other structures. Build for the ages! Rather, at the Millennium

And it is not surprising if the desire of mankind to penetrate into the depths of space, when the earth itself has so many mysteries? This is equivalent to, as you are not guessing a crossword puzzle, toss it and start to unravel next. Some children’s attitude to everything. Not by chance one of the great noticed that humanity is still in its infancy

Tallinn Square Family Day was held on the 90th anniversary of the Defence !

Tallinn Defence League was held on Sunday the 90th anniversary of the Family Day at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds., Where the army weapons and demonstrate a technique. The hand and the eye was put to the test õhupüssitiirus and firing simulators.

For the first time had a chance to try the anti-tank system JAVELIN simulator.

Song Festival Grounds are members STRYKER Allied armored vehicles.

Naiskodukaitse offered soup and tea. There were armored troops to make a fun ride.


German journalists blamed the downed “Boeing” at the Russian military !!!

Немецкие журналисты возложили ответственность за сбитый «Боинг» на российских военных

German journalists from the non-profit organization Correct! V blamed the downed malayzsky “Boeing” at the Russian military. This is stated in the published results of the January 10 disaster independent investigation MH17.

The authors of the investigation, which is made on the basis of various data, including observations and conversations with witnesses at the scene, came to the unequivocal conclusion that the plane was shot down by anti-aircraft missile system Buk-M1″, which is located in snowy. He arrived there to provide cover from the air tank units who fought on the side of the separatists. Presumably, Buk” belonged to the 53rd Brigade Air Defense based in Kursk.

In support of its employees versions Correct! V lead to local residents, as well as other evidence to find a large number of Russian military equipment in the snow, including SAM Buk”:

The man questioned. But begins to speak: “And what do you know? Knocked off his rocket. Rocket fired from there. We have seen how she flew. “He points to the railroad. No, I did not see the car. Others saw. He called me and said there is such garbage four missiles is worth it. They stood in us. “But others, he says, will not say he’s scared. “

In the investigation emphasizes that manage SAM Buk” can only qualified individuals who are not in the military formations of the separatists. So, most likely, a shot fired directly from SAM Russian military.

The authors investigate lay partly responsible for what happened on the Ukrainian authorities, which, according to journalists who used passenger planes as human shields for its combat aircraft, strikes at the positions of the separatists.

“Civil air traffic provides Ukrainian storming precious seconds in their battle with the” beech . Ukrainian attack aircraft can hide behind the passenger plane. Anyone who is aiming to attack aircraft c land threatens to get into civilian “– said in the text.

In particular, the investigation Correct! V implies that SAM Buk” was placed in the snow after the attack on the city from the air July 15th. As a result of an air raid and Ukrainian rocket hit a house, killing 13 people.

Also responsible for what happened lies with the authorities of the European countries, including Germany.

The Government of Germany and other EU countries must share the responsibility. They were afraid of the war in the east of Ukraine called a war and failed to take appropriate action. They are not banned airlines flying over a war zone. They were afraid to provoke Putin’s government. The EU should recognize the placement of Russian tanks and air defense systems, declaring it a no-fly zone. Politicians were busy appeasing Russian, rather than recognizing the truth, “- said in the text.

In the investigation Correct! V widely used materials other resources devoted to citizen journalism – Bellingcat. This site is published version of the involvement of a disaster “Boeing” 53rd Kursk air defense brigades in September 2014. Then no official comment on the matter was not followed.

Earlier, the Russian state-run media has repeatedly published materials, according to which for the catastrophe “Boeing” Ukrainian side is responsible. So the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda” has found a witness who claimed to have seen 17 July stranded at the airport near Dnepropetrovsk Su-25 with ammunition expended missiles “air-to-air.” Witness “KP” even mentioned the name of the pilot, allegedly brought down “Boeing”, but in Kiev said. that called the pilot could not rise into the air on July 17, as his plane was shot down earlier and was repaired.

In November 2014 the Russian “First Channel” showed a satellite image, allegedly made shortly before the fall of the liner. On it in addition to the “Boeing” captured military aircraft and launched from under his wing in the civil side of the rocket. But it soon became clear that the photo shown was the product of a photomontage, before the pop-up on the Internet.

In October 2014 Bundesnachrichtendienst said that the plane was shot down flight MH17 troops separatists. These conclusions scouts came as a result of a detailed analysis of satellite images and various photographs taken in the region. In this case, the agency did not agree with the popular version, according to which the anti-aircraft system Buk”, from which the aircraft was shot down, the militia was raised from Russia. According to German intelligence, the separatists used “Buk” trapped in the past at Ukrainian military base.

The Boeing 777 airline Malaysian Airlines, carrying out flight MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, crashed in the Donetsk region of Ukraine on July 17. Killing all 298 people aboard. According to preliminary reports, the plane was shot down from the ground. Kiev and the representatives of the breakaway regions of eastern Ukraine blamed the incident on each other.
Andrei Ponomarev

Passengers Boeing downed Ukrainians flew another flight ?!!

Гибель Боинга - Pictures Break - Terra Incognita. Сайт Рэдрика

All passengers on the flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, check in MH-17 July 17, 2014 took off from Amsterdam Airport within 17 minutes after the shot down further over the territory of Donbass, and aircraft, with a slight delay safely landed at the airport in Kuala Lumpur. This is a human rights activist Marc Ben-Naim said a source in the Ukrainian Security Service. July 17 from the airport of Amsterdam, with a difference of 17 minutes, flew two identical Boeing 777/200. The first of these simulated flight MH-17, but none of the passengers, registered on this flight it did not hit. All passengers check in were invited to the landing and flew in the same plane.

The plane, simulating the flight was sent conventional air corridor through the Donbass, but a real flight was sent to Ukrainian managers through the so-called “southern air corridor“, within the scope of the Kherson dispatcher. This aircraft was registered locators Russian air defense, stationed in the Crimea, while flying near Genichesk. Here it should be noted that the dispatching service of Kherson not received a certificate in 2014 the Ministry of Transport of Ukraine. Kherson and Zaporizhia dispatching services can serve airspace only on systems CNS (communication, navigation, surveillance) and are not able to use more modern ATM and ATS. For this reason, the “southern corridorfor Russia, almost not used for transit flights international flights.

After passing over the Genichesk, the plane has been successfully transferred to Russian dispatchers who took him further – in Kazakhstan. After the flight over the territory of Russia, Kazakh Manager successfully passed the plane on. When accepting the Russian aircraft dispatchers, aircraft “introduced” as a charter flight, but to hide their affiliation to the Malaysian airlines, he naturally could not. However, no timetable Amsterdam Airport charters have been recorded. Charter and did not land at the airport in Malaysia. July 17 at KLIA bore the safe arrival of the flight MH-17 from Amsterdam.

All of this information is at the disposal of Russian security services and aware of this Western countries.

In general, all this provocation was calculated that the stolen in March, immediately after the Crimean referendum, a Boeing-777 Malaysian airlines, fall in Russia and then Western countries declare that the plane was shot down Russian. But Ukrainian “army” once again showed that trust her to perform any task you can not and the plane crashed into the territory of Ukraine.

Provocation had two objectives – to restore badly shaken rating Angela Merkel, who can not explain to the citizens of Germany for which it supports the US and Ukraine against Russia because of the sanctions have affected German manufacturers, losing huge markets in Russia. Need support and Barack Obama, who just can not explain to Americans why he climbed into the conflict.

The true reasons for the creation of the United States Ukrainian crisis associated with the construction of Russia and China Nicaragua Canal and began preparations for the Russian oil off the coast of Cuba and other Latin American countries. But to explain this to the voters, Barack Obama can not, because the average American does not care about the problems of a handful of American oligarchs whose interests is Barack Obama.

However, after the plane crashed in Ukraine and the Russian special services receive all the information about the two planes, Angela Merkel and Barack Obama were in a very difficult situation. Russia will now wait for the official version of the investigation into the causes of the crash and put ace of trumps. Therefore, Merkel and Obama only spread squeaks and squeals,” but no documentary evidence to support Russian” in the trail of downed Ukrainian junta Boeing, present can not.
Author: Mark Ben-Nayim

The Originator:



Most of us grew up in the Soviet Union. While money is not translated at the exchange rate of the National Bank in another currency. Let us remember that, and how much can be bought at the Soviet rubles. Let’s start with one of the ruble.


One ruble a complete meal in the dining room; – A trip of 100 km hitchhiker (penny kilometer); – 33 glasses of lemonade syrup; 50 calls from a payphone; 100 boxes of matches; 5 cups Sundae” or 10 – dairy ice cream; 20 trips in the bus or the subway; 4 loaves of white bread (to 900-1000 grams, but not like now); – 5 liters of milk on tap; 20 going to the movies on the matinee; 2 bottles of good beer (also renting); – 8 packs of cigarettes bad (Pamir); By the end of the summer, you could buy at the market 6 kg or 3 kg of watermelons melons; 5 trips to the barber shop or a bath; The cost of daily beds “savage” in the holiday season in the south.



Three rubles dinner for 5-6 persons in a factory or school cafeteria; – Lunch at the restaurant on one; A good book; – A doll or other toy domestic production; – A bottle of wine normal (such as “Crimean”); Kultpohod the output with the whole family, including a snack; – A pack of imported cigarettes; – The amount of the child in his pocket, where he is terribly jealous of other children.



Five rubles kilogram clippings on the market or 2 pounds of meat at the store; A bottle of vodka (with snacks); Almost monthly rent for a family; Taxi ride in style”; Pounds of very good chocolates.



Ten rubles the amount that occupied until payday, it – which is not ashamed to remind occupant; – The universal currency for various household services; – A huge stick expensive cooperative sausage; – Euch as cars or billiards;



Twenty-five rubles a plane ticket for local airlines (eg, Leningrad – Moscow: 18 rubles); Spree “in full” in the restaurant; Services of expensive prostitutes;



Fifty rubles: Children’s bicycles; Small pension; Scholarship student horoshist; Stay in the union Elbrus 2 weeks – 30 rubles;


Hundred rubles a plane ticket to the south (there and back); Monthly salary of poor engineering graduate student (or rather, a salary of 120 rubles); – A good pension.

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