Czech and Slovak reservists pumping revolted against the NATO war against Russia !

Чешские и словацкие резервисты взбунтовались против нагнетания НАТО войны с РоссиейRepresentatives of the four right-governmental organizations, CSLA, PS, WWII, the SNB uniting reservists and reserve officers of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, have made a public statement that caused a shock in Europe, according to the group «Szent István Légiója».

 The soldiers said they were ready to defend their homeland, but under no circumstances do not intend to support NATO’s “war” against Russia.The document named “Memorandum” and published in the Facebook group, which unites members of CSLA, PS, WWII, the NSS.We publish the translation of the text of the memorandum:“For the first time since the end of the 2nd World War, we again see a real threat of war. Therefore, we consider it necessary to make the following statement.We, Czechoslovak soldiers left, unanimously reject any opportunity to participate in battles that are planning aggressive geopolitical elites using NATO and the support of our governments.We are sworn to protect our homeland, the Czech and Slovak Republic. We are sworn to protect the freedom and independence of our proud and sovereign states for which our ancestors laid down their lives in the world wars. We focus on these vows in a civil initiative and want to deal with a crisis situation.Our freedom and independence for a long time threatened by a representative of a pseudo-democracy where elected representatives do not have to defend the interests of the voters, and adopted laws represent only the personal interests of legislators, the interests of political parties and groups of economic interest. Our country is under the pressure of global economic elites and interest groups, which are incompatible with the power of citizens through the system of representative democracy.
 Our Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms now perverted and constitutional laws are violated by the lawmakers. Legislative power is privatized, it politicized the executive and the judiciary is flawed, since exposed to lobbying and pressure on the part of our governments.The results: an endless state budget deficit, de-industrialization, privatization of property of the Republic, looted budgets, food and energy dependence, the privatization of natural resources, pensions and health. Our country has been illegally divided and plundered, its people enslaved, national infrastructure passed into the hands of Western corporations. The destructive chaos and despair dominates the society.For this reason we, the Czechoslovak soldiers in reserve, recognizing our military oath, affirm the need to protect our people. We unequivocally reject participation in the ranks of NATO aggression against the Russian Federation or other Slavic peoples. We also intend to oppose against the further elimination of our democracy, freedom and independence.We come together in a crisis situation, and, using our civil, military skills and experience are going to create a strong organized civil pressure on the entire length of time required to defend their patriotic purposes.We swore allegiance to our country, the Czech and Slovak Republics.We, Czechoslovak soldiers reservists will fulfill that vow! “.
 In response to this memorandum in the Western social networks a heated debate, inform During the debate of the Europeans support the Czechoslovak reservists, while others supported the position of NATO and the position of reservists called intolerant” and even “shock.”

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