Earth again threatened Flood !

Земле вновь угрожает Всемирный потоп

American scientists have frightened the world with its new study on climate change. It turns out that the water level in the oceans rise much faster than previously thought. Climate scientists are concerned that after half a century of dozens of megacities on all continents can go under water, and it’s not another Hollywood movie script, but a very real threat.

Ice – is the top seller in the Pakistani market. Not even to somehow escape the heat – dead bodies of the anomalous heat overflowing local mortuaries. In the southern province of Sindh have died from heat stroke and a half thousand people, hospital 20,000,000th city are stretched.

Thousands of people did not survive the heat and in the Indian slums. Plus 46 in the shade – and this is not the limit – even for the usual scorching sun to Asia too. What we talk about Europe, where the thermometer going up with the speed of a racing car?
Highest level of danger – red – announced throughout Italy. Animals in the zoo escape frozen fruit, the townspeople – street fountains. In France and the left: because of the drought in order to save water 60 departments cover cranes, which has not happened since 1947. Balkans covered by forest fires. It looks like global warming.

Picture – for those who still consider him a myth.

Scientists from Arkhangelsk, just returned from the Arctic latitudes, the theory of rapid climate change confirms our own observations. Their expedition route through Kara Gate Strait and Vilkitsky the first time at this time of year has not met any serious Toros. Director of the Arctic Centre of Strategic Studies Konstantin Zaykov says: “In May, the White Sea was almost free of ice. It was also nonsense, because the ice in these areas long enough to melt.”
To select a solid block of ice for the winter, polar explorers now I have to try hundreds of choices, only one computer simulation is indispensable.

The fact that it forms the Arctic weather, the entire world – a fact. And the fact that its ice cap is melting fast – also a fact. And bold predictions of some scientists, the ice is already 30 years old can not stay. It’s even earlier than in Antarctica, where one by one split icebergs, dissolving in the waters of the oceans.

As it turns out, that the oceans is the main planetary heater, not the sun or carbon dioxide. Deputy Director of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute of Science Alexander Danilov explains, “The calculations show that the temperature stabilizes quickly, but the level of the oceans will rise for several centuries.”

Recent sensational research results: the level of the oceans is growing at a record pace – 25 percent faster than previously thought. And even if the ordinary melting glacier in Kazakhstan has raised the level of the river Kargalinka so that powerful mudslides nearly filled all the former capital of the country, overturning cars and destroying homes, what will turn into billions of tons of water across the oceans where even 1-2 meters entail catastrophic consequences? And here it is already 5 meters.

“These five meters of ocean rise must be very strong signal to what is actually a huge amount of low-lying areas, where most of the world’s population will be in the flood zone. It can be said that the East Coast of the United States, unfortunately, the results of this simulation fully be in the flood zone “, – says head of the Laboratory of Geoecology MGIMO Natalia Ryazanov.
US East Coast together with New York and Florida, north of Canada Coast of Latin America. Australia at risk to go under water in the part where 80 percent of the population. This can happen by 2050, i.e., after some 35 years.

At risk – all the major European metropolitan areas, coastal cities and entire countries. Half a century ecologists predict 150 million climate refugees. What so fond of scaring Hollywood directors – a catastrophe on a planetary scale – in fact, on the threshold. Director of the National Climatic Data Center Management Marine and Atmospheric Administration said Carl Thomas: “In recent years, we can see these changes in the climate system processes, which we have not seen in the history of the modern world. In addition to the intensity and speed of the processes taking place in the world it is human activity associated with the rapid development of the greenhouse effect in the atmosphere. ”

In the days when Europe was languishing in the heat, when the bill died from heat stroke French since early July has passed for 700 people, with the same message and asked Pope Francis. Build a new ark, he certainly did not call, the more that the new realities of the animals survive the weather and without biblical engineering structure.

And while some scientists to confirm the theory of the inevitable global warming found in northern latitudes thawed bodies of prehistoric animals such as the mammoth carcass, others were surprised to meet there already quite modern southern species of birds. That mouse-vole in Yamal, which were thought to the conditions of the Far North is absolutely not suited prove: the permafrost, and for them is not so eternal.

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