Famous conspiracy theories: one participant through the eyes of the Philadelphia Experiment.

Philadelphia Experiment was an alleged attempt to make a big secret US Navy warship, the USS Eldridgeuss eldridge 300x139 Kuulsad vandenõuteooriad: Philadelphia eksperiment ühe osaleja silme läbi invisible to enemy radar. Although the US Navy denies that such a test would ever take place, the ‘conspiracies in the world , and much of the material witnesses who claim the opposite an experiment to be performed in Philadelphia in 1943.

 Initial rumors of an alleged attempt to move began in the 1950s, and did not want to end somehow. The Philadelphia Experiment has been extensively studied, and in 1984 was also a Hollywood film of the same name. This is an extremely controversial story, in which the ship invisible to the amendment failed, the secret experiment. Most of the occupants on board were killed, but the two men who participated in the experiment, allegedly jumped overboard and ended up in the middle of the test time of 40 years on – year 1983rd


philadelphia experiment Kuulsad vandenõuteooriad: Philadelphia eksperiment ühe osaleja silme läbiIn 2003, the US Coast To Coast AM radio broadcast an interview with a man named Al Bielek (1926-2011), who claimed that he had just participated in the experiment, one of the men, and one of the two who survived. During the operation, they jumped on board the ship and landed in a strange way, not water, but rather Montauki military base in New York, since 1983!

Many investigators do not believe Bieleki para phenomena discussed, including well-known nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman and ufoloog. However, a number of things to overlap Bieleki story of another controversial Piper Andrew Basiago claims. We bring to you a summary of 10 years ago that was broadcasted radio program Al Bielekiga.

 al bielek 1024x819 Kuulsad vandenõuteooriad: Philadelphia eksperiment ühe osaleja silme läbi

Al Bielek: I was born in 1916 and my name was Edward Cameron. My brother was Duncan Cameron. Our parents were quite wealthy, because his father worked in secret government programs. We both learned from his brother at the university. In the summer of 1939 at Harvard doctorate in physics. Duncan studied at Edinburgh University in Scotland. After receiving degrees in the US Marines, we took his father’s footsteps, after a 90-day training was carried us over the research center at the Institute for Advanced Study, located in Princeton, New Jersey.
Researchers who have taught in this school, were John von Neumann and Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla as well as a consultant. Tesla himself was with the ship invisible to the idea of ​​changing the order of the author and became President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s approval. The first attempt failed in 1936, making the ship invisible. In 1940, the Brooklyn Naval Base was conducted successful test a small boat, whereupon the project was declared secret, and he became known as Project Rainbow (Rainbow Project). Since Tesla did not want to test it on top of a large warship, the crew conducted risking lives, then he stepped back and began to lead the project, Dr. John von Neumann.

 tesla 300x119 Kuulsad vandenõuteooriad: Philadelphia eksperiment ühe osaleja silme läbiThe ship had four copper coil, which is fueled by two huge generators, radio waves, and a separate system for the management field. Out of the so-called space and time warp in which the radio waves received a total field magnetic, gravitational field and the time field. Initially the plan was to make the ship invisible to radar, nothing more. Most sources write that the warship USS Eldridge (DE173) was a ship of the infamous attempt was made, but it is not true. The USS Eldridge was just a smokescreen, because while the marine base in Brooklyn produced a copy of a ship, on which was written only for the USS Eldridge, and it was later called 173-ks.

 How much was the top of the ship’s sailors participated in the experiment?

Approximately 30 sailors, plus staff and officers. The whole team was specially selected. The first successful test was carried out on 27 July 1943, ten kilometers from the base of the vessel. The vessel was changed 20 minutes invisible. When the ship was brought back to the port, the problem was discovered. Strong magnetic fields had a negative effect on the sailor, who had been sent to the deck specifically for the test. The rest of the team was in the hull, protected by a thick steel shell. At that time, were all the ships of steel.

 15 0410 Kuulsad vandenõuteooriad: Philadelphia eksperiment ühe osaleja silme läbiWhen you say that the test was successful, you will either have to mean that the ship became invisible, but in fact he was physically still there?
That’s it. The generated field was so strong that the ship into the water was so full of energy that the ship was not able to touch your hand go.

If you ship your brother were there, either sensed something for yourself?
Do not perceive. This field was created sõõrikukujulisena or no effect on the central part, where the ship was located. In other words, the ship was surrounded by an outdoor set up, but it had no actual contact with the ship. That’s why the team did not perceive and did not see anything special, except for those who were on deck. Deck was described by the team that they saw during the test vessel was surrounded by dense green mist. Later, they complained of nausea and malaise over.

It sounds as if they have been exposed to radiation.
Yes, the symptoms were the same, but there was no radioactive substances in the game. Project leader von Neumann announced that a new test and investigate what went wrong. The Navy announced that the ship should be invisible to radar only and not to any other ships because of stormy weather so they could collide. At that time there was no more satellites, so there was no immediate need to be invisible to the enemy.
A new test was conducted on August 12, 1943, and this was followed by a disaster. Three nights before the test occurred in the majority of the crew, including the mine, and Duncan, a bad gut feeling that something terrible is waiting ahead.
On 12 August 1943, when the experiment was started at the beginning of everything went according to plan. The ship disappeared from the radar, but through a green mist was still in the eye to see. Suddenly a flash came, and the ship vanished completely. Radio was also not possible to ship via the contact and get a bystander in the vessel was completely lost. Also, the water is somehow betrayed the location of the ship.

 Four hours had passed and was released back to the ship. Then you discover that something has gone terribly wrong. The team was not able to communicate. Team captain, and my brother, Duncan had disappeared. Two sailors were still buried in the ship’s steel hull since they writhe on the floor and in terrible pain. Two sailors were half-hulled vessel wall stick. The fifth man was detained by the hand to the wall. His arm was amputated, and he was the only one of the five who survived.


the philadelphia experiment inexplique mystere Kuulsad vandenõuteooriad: Philadelphia eksperiment ühe osaleja silme läbi

 When the ship was gone, then what you have experienced and the crew of the vessel?
Me and Duncan were in an enclosed space, and we do not control equipment seen, which was held outdoors. The first twenty seconds was all normal, then something strange began to happen. Our room had lights began to flash different colors machines.
The radio was silent. We had previously said that if anything goes wrong, you are on your own. So we decided to turn off all appliances that can be. But it failed because all the buttons and switches were like ice. So we decided to escape to the deck, where we saw just around the Roman sailors. Nobody was at the time the body was still stuck in the floor or walls. We decided to Duncan jump overboard and swim to shore.
What followed was immediate particularly bizarre. We jumped overboard, but never reached the water. We fell like a never-ending shaft. I can speculate and say that it could last for 2 minutes. All the time I thought that, although it occurs. Suddenly we found ourselves, and we landed in a foreign location. It was low and behind us was a wire fence. Before we got to think about where we are now facing, placed somewhere towards the top of our strong searchlight. We were arrested and taken to the corridor along Liftin, which drove several floors below. The lift doors opened, we got some big hall where the fuss all sorts of people, some dressed civilian and some military forms. We had one of the older bald man in the gray suit, and said, “Welcome, gentlemen, I’ve been waiting for you. I’m Dr. John von Neumann. “

 PhiladelphiaExperiment1 Kuulsad vandenõuteooriad: Philadelphia eksperiment ühe osaleja silme läbi 

 We had a big mess, we were only an hour ago was von Neumann together and he had a much younger man. Now, however, looked at us and said, “Gentlemen, I am the same John von Neumann, who you know in 1943, is currently in year 1983 and you are located in an underground military base, Montauki on Long Island.” He gave us a nice tour, we saw all kinds of apparatus are unknown to us, including computers, such as the IBM 360 and 370. Then, he asked to sit on the couch and said he’d be right back, look upon us as long as the TV. It was a great CTV, which seemed to us as well as over the mind. We saw the footage from the big cities, hailed from the Cold War, the human walked on the Moon and other space-related. It was all so unbelievable that in the end we said to each other that maybe this old man is valetagi.
When von Neumann came back, he said that we have a serious problem: “You Eldridge’ilt I jumped overboard, and you’re now a year in 1983. We do not know exactly how it happened, but you have to go back to the ship and turn off all devices, because the ship is sitting at the hyper-space bubble. Since the board is fuel for another three to ten days, then you must now go back to the ship and everything is switched off, because otherwise it can bubble to go so high that the entire globe to blow up. “We replied that great, but how are you going to us returned, if any of us do not even know how we got here. On top of this, said von Neumann that Montauki base has all the tools and time travel, they can send us any time and place. So we were called into a time machine, what they called Montauki tunnel. Soon we were back on deck and began to destroy the system, as we had been told to.

 When you return to the ship you were, whether you were then only specific and clear memories of going in the future?
Yeah, totally. We had the radioactivity Space suits and protective systems to break the commandment of all, with one exception.

Does the rest of the team was still in the deck?
Yes, but we did not pay special attention to them, because we immediately went to his control room to destroy the machines. We took it easy because we knew right away that it can be carried out as soon as we have done and been lost harmless generators.
When we went back to the deck, we saw the sailors on the floor and walls. We were bewildered, Duncan was quite nervous, and again jumped overboard. He vanished. If the field finally disappeared, we saw again the other vessels and the coastline. When I got to meet his superiors, then of course nobody believed my story. Von Neumann said he believes half of me, but he wanted to see the evidence. Von Neumann said he builds a time machine and let me give you something for the future. I replied that I agree with, because the time machine itself was, after all, already exist in practice. So I käisingi several times a year 1983rd


Screen shot 2011 01 19 at 12.10.38 AM 1024x755 Kuulsad vandenõuteooriad: Philadelphia eksperiment ühe osaleja silme läbiIf you went back in the future, whether it met his brother who was lost when he was jumped overboard again?
No, I saw many years later, Duncan Montauki project. When Duncan jumped overboard, he came back to the year 1983, and he began to work Montauki end of the project. The first six months, all went well, but then something happened to Duncan – his ajalukk broke. Namely, if a person is conceived, it must be in his soul, and attaches ajahoovusesse. If ajalukk interrupted, it may be three possible scenarios: a person not old at all, a person starts to get old, or a person begins a rapidly rejuvenated.
As Duncan worked Montaukis where there was also a time machine or Montauki tunnel, then went back to our father, and was informed that Duncan is dying. As Duncan was a very important project, then went out to the scenario that our parents do, and they are likely to increase as soon as a new child Duncan’s soul, and knowledge into a new body. And something like this was done. My father had married a new wife, and they already had one daughter. New Duncan was born in 1951, the first 12 years, he did not know who he really is. In 1963, raised all the knowledge and memories of previous Duncan him around. We call him Junior.

 What you got at Al Bielek?
It was 1953 and I was working out of space systems company with several other people to develop their Phildelphia days of the experiment. We were quite successful, and it is becoming a major support from the state, as on 15 March, in the middle of the day, I was at work forcibly detained and taken to the Pentagon. I was kept there for four days of interrogation, among others quizzed me with extraterrestrials. They are very interested in establishing our company in detail and deals with our plans.
During the interrogation, but I also got a lot of interesting to know more about yourself. I remembered ajareisid year 2137 and up from 28 th century, where I met makeritega Wing (Wing Makers). These are memories that I had somehow deleted. When I began to tell them of their meetings wing makeritega went aliens especially nervous. All in all, it was clear that they do not like in our business, and they put all of our business round. Since I was still the captain rank, then I went to the Pentagon constantly ask that of me now you can. Finally, the reply to me: “We can not do anything with you, it is no longer for us to decide.”
Finally, the decision was made and I was sent back to the year 1983, in which John von Neumann got together again. Von Neumann said that she does not like what you intend to do with me. The plan was entirely wiped out, and my memory back to me as a young, 9 months old imikuks change the way that I do not remember anything. And so they did. I became a baby, and I pledge to live Bieleki family, my name was Alfred Bielek.

 But your physical body that it became?
This young muudetigi back. I do not know how to do it, but I know that many people have gone through the same process. My first memories come from family Bieleki 1927 in celebration of Christmas. My birth certificate is the birth date stated on March 1, 1927, I personally believe that this is a pretty Al Bieleki birth certificate, which I replaced. I remember them this Christmas with our family and what people are talking about in the middle. Only later, I began to think that, after all, I could not understand what he was talking about, because I was only 9 months old baby. I grew up in Al Bielekina for years and I had no memories of what actually had happened. I believe it was some kind of communication with children. I’ve shown the experts in their childhood photos, and they say that these images are two different children. During the first six months of the photos are probably already in the initial Al Bielek and older self.

What was the original child?
When I began to remember my past, I was a new mother, an old and dying. He was in a psychiatric hospital, and do not even know me away. Once when I went to visit him, he told me: “The child is dead, right?”. So he probably died because I was an only child in the family. I was probably my new adopted parents were brainwashed.

 Why such a big effort to get you to forget about what had happened?

We used to do, and was kept in complete ignorance. In 1996, Duncan experienced mental disorders, and in the end, he was placed under hypnosis download, view, which is his life
occurred. Over-by Duncan was back to my childhood, everything seemed normal until the age of 12. When he was 11 years and older, Duncan said under hypnosis that he has some insanely ship named Eldridge and with him is a man who knows her today as Al Bielekit. The reason why me and just do not murdered Duncan, was that they were not quite sure what the effect on the timegate.

 philaexperwormhole Kuulsad vandenõuteooriad: Philadelphia eksperiment ühe osaleja silme läbi

What started the moment you realize that you’re Edward Cameron?
It took quite a long time. First of all, I met Duncan in 1985 at a conference where I was invited to speak. Duncan was there too, and we went together to eat. After some conversation I realized that was something familiar about him. So I asked Duncan to whether he has the feeling that he knew me from somewhere. Duncan said yes, but did not know which way. We kept in touch over the years, and I started to remember things to Montauki project. In 1988, HBO TV channel showed the 1984 film “The Philadelphia Experiment”. For the first fifteen minutes of reminded me of my own life the forgotten events. I thought to myself that I do not know what’s going on, but I never took part in this experiment.

What was your first wife when Ed Cameron had been lost?
He looked all around me, the Pentagon and the Navy did not answer him. It is possible that he got to know about it, because he was killed in a car crash in a rather suspicious circumstances in 1957.

Where did it originate as a powerful technology that could lead you to migrate over time and in the same backward as a young child change?
I believe that it comes from an alien boiler. One of the high rank military commander told me once that it is a young technology making system comes back to the Nazis, and was recovered after World War II. However, the op- portunity to know where the Nazis had received it.

 Talk a little of the future. You state that attended the 28th century saw the wing and make posters who are they?

They are genetically enhanced individuals who created sometime in the 24th and 25th century around. Since they were ordinary people much more advanced then they became a completely separate species, those who kept together. I remember the 28 th century, floating cities, anti-gravity technology, and many other things which we can not imagine.

 FLYING CITY 1024x459 Kuulsad vandenõuteooriad: Philadelphia eksperiment ühe osaleja silme läbiAre we in the meantime of a large asteroid hitting the can?
It can not be. The 21st century brought great challenges to humanity, we almost destroyed. Major problems began around the year 2010. If all stabilized, the world was built up again, but the people were not allowed so as to reproduce the record today. 28th century, the people on Earth, only about 500 million.

I heard there are organizations who are just kind of want to see the number of people on our planet.
Exactly so. I remember the 28 th century socialism spread to the full. Nobody had anything other than a shirt that was wearing. Everything was free – school, meals, etc. But every man had a social obligation in this society. Bird led the big genetically engineered synthetic computers, which, in turn, led by Wing Maker.

Is 28 th century there were more cars or went to all the traffic in the air?
You were right, though there were all sorts of other strange movement of funds, while the railways were still in use. Interestingly, there was no longer the police, the army, the judiciary, the legal profession, nor money. All went credits. People had a lot of arbitrariness and tremendous opportunities, but all had their firm commitment to society. If someone did not like it and started the system, there were two options. Have to leave town or give Computers understand.

 What source of power for all of society working?

The largest power plant, such as we have today, they did not use at all. Everywhere were independent sources of energy, it was the free energy. I asked makeritelt wing, that way they will feel extraterrestrial threat of such alien, protected, if they do not have an army. They said to me: We has own ways.”

Did you like in the future?

Very liked, I did not want to leave. Finally, I asked that those who built the high peak power computers that run the society. It turned out that they were all created Wing Maker 26 th century. In the future, there are no nations and countries all have one planet.

All the people and the society as a whole was extremely peaceful. There were a few so-called criminals, who had violated the Code of Ethics, and had to report back to the computer.

 tulevik Kuulsad vandenõuteooriad: Philadelphia eksperiment ühe osaleja silme läbiIt sounds like Big Brother …
Indeed. If you’re going to meet with the computers, then you need to put on a strong radioactivity resistant suit, because the chamber, where the computer was located, was high radioactivity. The interrogation and communication with the computers went telepathically. Minor breaches sentenced to community work, violations of the mega-criminals on the spot just evaporated away, and that was it. If you do not start the system, then you did not have any problems. 28th century, humans have much more freedom than we have today.

What happened to the billions of people who are living on the planet today?
At one point, more people began to die than to be born, and that is exactly what they are the Order New World (New World Order – Ed.) Soovivadki people. I would like to add here that this is not necessarily the way to go, as I saw the future. For a time, I did jump in 1943 and a lot has changed in the meantime, the situations are so different. Even the slightest event can change the future. People need to wake up and acknowledge to yourself that we will not lay an obligation not only to our family, but the whole society. Our freedoms are restricted to absolutely every day more and more, and so we planned we come to ruin. We have an opportunity to reverse this trend perfectly.

 Are you glad that your life was just so – that you participated in the Philadelphia Experiment or do you wish that things had not gone so?

There are moments when I want the opposite, because so many people have been affected the most because of this.

Your assertions are even created a separate web page, where it says that you are lying. How do you feel about it?

Let them entertain themselves. I know most people do not go to these allegations. I am aware that my objections to attempt to put down and deny everything. The government does not recognize today, the Philadelphia Experiment took place at all. I can totally understand people who do not accept my arguments, and I do not blame anybody.

 bielek debunked.com  Kuulsad vandenõuteooriad: Philadelphia eksperiment ühe osaleja silme läbiThese aliens, who you spoke to, whether they are visiting us, and whether they are still here?
Yes. Montaukis had a lot of aliens, they had built up a whole system.

What are these aliens look?
It was different. Some were quite like a man, that he did not know it. In addition, both the small and large two-meter gray, and the 2.4-meter dragon (reptiles – Ed.). One of the great dragon was coordinated by other aliens. I also interacted with him. I understand that aliens are watching you in the beginning, and then see whether you are a fool or a clean little wiser person. They are a race of people rather silly. He told me that you know how to do time travel, but you do not know how to connect to space travel. They promised to show you how to combine the two and create a portal or tunnel that allows to go anywhere in time and space.

What is their relationship with the people all the aliens on Earth?
Different aliens have been here for a long time. In short, they have infiltrated government anywhere in the world. In my opinion, the Illuminati organizations working directly alien approved. In addition to living in an entirely human-like aliens are also free for all of us in the middle. They work for the government. In addition, we have a constant interaction between the aliens from other planets, with whom we trade. Many of our modern military aircraft contain an element that is not found on Earth, they are all imported. I do not know the precise details of these exchanges, which are the ties created and what we are giving.

 You’ve said that the project went Montauki Mars.

Yes, we were sent there to work underground Martian colonies accesses to detect them because someone was deliberately isolated.

Have you attended any physical or mental condition on Mars?

Montauk sent us to the whole team, physically Mars.

How was the Martian atmosphere? How are you breathing?

Mars has plenty of air that a person can exhale. Underground tunnels, but the air is much more completely tolerable conditions.

Did you see there traces of ancient civilizations?

Follow had many, but not to civilization itself. Buildings, from what I saw, in my opinion, could be up to 10,000 years old. I saw no running water, but there is no way the water definitely exists because human colonies in need of it. We have been in the colonies on Mars since the 1960s.

 Are these colonies are still out there?

Yes. People living on Mars.

 The entire interview broadcast, you can listen to Coast to Coasthttp://www.coasttocoastam.com/show/2003/07/21

See also AlBieleki video Autobiography

Sources and Further Reading: Wikipedia (Philadelphia Experiment), Bielek, Bielek Debunked, Coast to Coast

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