French angel.

Французский ангел

This fragile creature came to light in the French family, but not in France, as usual French children, and in the Urals.

In 19 years, doctors put a terrible diagnosis: acromegaly a disease in which a pituitary tumor starts to actively produce growth hormone.

Французский ангел
The newspaper error: first it was the nickname of “Angel“, then “The French Angel”, but never had the Swedish Angel”

My father was an engineerputeyschikom who worked on the construction of the Trans-Siberian Railway, and his mother soon found a job as a teacher of foreign languages ​​in the school at the Catholic Church of St.. Louis, built in the center of Moscow at the request of residents in the capital of the French during the reign of Catherine the First. Father regularly away on business, and his mother often stayed with my son alone. My Angel” – so gently she called her sweet crumb.

Before you Maurice Tillet (Maurice Tillet). When Maurice was 13 years old, he looked like a normal teenager.

Французский ангел
In 1917, when Maurice was 14 years old, his father died, a revolution broke out, and he and his mother returned to France. He continued his studies at the famous colleges St. Stanislaus, which is still considered one of the best schools of France.

When Tillet was seventeen years old, he noticed that he began to swell feet, hands and head, his body began to change rapidly. After a couple of years, doctors diagnosed acromegaly a disease in which a pituitary tumor starts to actively produce growth hormone.

Французский ангел
He knew many languages​​, he had a good heart and a winning smile.

He has studied law at the University of Toulouse, but hope to become a lawyer he had to leave: it was not even the fact that he turned into a monster that terrified the people.

The main thing was that in the legal profession need to make speeches, and his voice began to resemble the roar of a donkey. With this disease to find a job was not easy. First, Maurice served 5 years in the Navy and worked at the studio after a doorman, sometimes acting in episodes of horror films. They say he even played the hunchback in the movie “The Hunchback of Notre Dame“, but the film has not survived.

Французский ангел
One day (it was in 1932), when Maurice Tayeh, dressed in rags, walked on the Boulevard des Italiens, to him in French called a foreigner, but Maurice, tired of the continuous attention of the public, said in response to something drastic. As a passerby realized that to continue the conversation better in Russian, is a mystery, but it is this fact played a key role in the life of Maurice Tillet.

Stranger named Carl Pozhela (Karolis Požėla), he was born in Lithuania, in the age of 13 he moved to St. Petersburg to the brothers who owned the pharmacy, where became interested in Greco-Roman wrestling, and soon became the champion of Russia.

Французский ангел
Maurice Teie two years trained and performed in France and England, and before the war he moved to America

They got to talking. How do you get a week? Asked Pozhela. 60 francs he replied. I’ll pay you a thousand!” Karl said and offered Tillet start career as a professional wrestler.

All it decided mom Tillet. She remembered pharmacy Pozhela brothers in St. Petersburg, where she once bought drugs, and blessed her, has already become quite large, angel.

Французский ангел

Carl Pozhela (sometimes his name written as Pozhello) not only opened Maurice Tillet, but he became a lifelong friend.

The name “Angel” is so not tally with this huge monster that caused surprise. It was under this name the world learned of the new fighter. And although it is also represented as “the most horrible person in the world“, but the name “Angel” was a resounding commercial success that soon appeared the names of the clones (Swedish Angel”, Polish Angel”, “Greek angel” and so on. d.).

So Maurice Tillet was nicknamed “The French Angel”.

Французский ангел
He began performing in France and England, and before the war, went to the States, where he became a famous wrestler, and in May 1940 became the world champion in the heavyweight. His bear hug” remember everyone who has ever had to experience it for yourself.

Video of the fight, unfortunately not embed.

Friendship with Carl Pozhela, which began in the Paris Cafe de la Paix, lasted a lifetime. Of each dollar received 50 cents Maurice gave a friend. In 1954, Karl, pneumonia, lung cancer is found. He died on September 4, 1954. The news of the death of a friend so shattered Maurice, that he had to be hospitalized immediately.

Maurice Tillet died 13 hours after the death of a friend. Its the world’s largest heart stopped, unable to bear the loss. Buried them side by side on the Lithuanian National Cemetery in Illinois.

Французский ангел
Although, DreamWorks has never recognized the impact of the image of Maurice Tillet on their portraits Shrek resemblance is so striking that no evidence no longer required.
 Французский ангел
Although Maurice seen in the company of beautiful women, he never married. When he got sick, nursed Olga Pozhello nee Bohr.
Французский ангел

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