FSB declassified agent who 20 years of European Scouting secrets in Estonia.

ФСБ России впервые сообщила о своем агенте, который около 20 лет работал в эстонской полиции безопасности КАПО и передавал в Россию секреты Эстонии


Информация, полученная от Пуусеппа, в частности позволила сорвать крупномасштабную спецоперацию ЦРУ и АНБ по подключению к оптоволоконнуму кабелю, через которой передавалась зашифрованная дипломатическая информация из российского посольства

Утечка секретной информации и провал операций эстонских спецслужб вызвали беспокойство у американцев. Агента искали несколько лет. Но подозрения пали не на Пуусеппа, а на работающего с ним также бывшего сотрудника КГБ


FSB Russia reported its first agent, who for 20 years worked in the Estonian Security Police CAPO and passed secrets to Russia, Estonia, NATO and the United States. Uno Puusepp resigned from the authorities three years ago and came to Moscow. Last year, instead of the many years of work on the Russiancondemned colleague Vladimir Weightman, says NTV.Puusepp, who served in the KGB, after the collapse of the Soviet Union was one of the few former security officers who are hired by CAPO Estonian analogue of the Russian FSB. There he engaged in technical matters, including wiretapping.

In 1996 Puusepp agreed to cooperate with the Russian special services. Its a courier was a former KGB colleague Nikolai Ermakov, who lived in Estonia, engaged in business and regularly visited Russia. Communication is mainly carried out through caches, “Interfax”.

The program NTV state of emergency. The investigationreported that information Puusepp helped reveal several large-scale anti-Russian undercover and technical shares of US intelligence, Sweden, the UK and other countries,” condemn several agents of foreign intelligence services.

Information received from Puusepp, in particular allowed to disrupt terrorist operations by the CIA and the NSA on the connection to the fiber optic cable, which passed through the diplomatic encrypted information from the Russian embassy.

FSB agent in Estonia passed secret reports to the Director Capo, the prime minister, reports of meetings with representatives of the Baltic, Finnish and British intelligence information from the CIA, the British MI-5, the German BND. FSB says that thanks Puusepp before exposing Edward Snowden became known the extent of intelligence work in Europe, the United States NSA.

Almost caught

Information from Puusepp allowed the Russian security services to identify the traitor a former employee of the SVR Valery Oyamyae that in 1999 he offered his services to Capo. He worked for foreign intelligence about a year, then was arrested and sentenced to 7 years for espionage. With it was exposed and convicted of espionage former colonel of frontier troops of Russia Igor Vyalkov.

Leak of classified information and the failure of the operations of the Estonian special services have caused concern among Americans. Agent looking for a few years. But suspicion fell not on Puusepp, and worked with him as a former KGB officer Vladimir Weightman, who, according to NTV, under pressure “confessed” in cooperation with the Russian special services and was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Of course, I was a very big surprise when instead they took me and my colleague were arrested Weightman, who as far as I knew absolutely nothing passed,” – said Puusepp.

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