“Gauges” deal a blow to US-led coalition?

«Калибры» наносят удар по американской коалиции

Operations Room) in the Aleppo area, staffed by personnel of the intelligence services. Before the “semi-secret” facility on September 20 has been designated as a target for Russian missiles strike, it operated US intelligence officials, the UK, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

According to news agency Fars News, a blow to the Intelligence object was caused by the Russian side immediately after the US Air Force air strikes in the area of Deir ez-Zor on the armed forces of Syria in support of terrorists LIH *. “Russian warships positioned off the coast of Syria, fired destroyed aiming and foreign military operations center, killing more than two dozen Israeli and foreign officers.”

Killed 30 Western intelligence officers, but the noise did not raise ?

  “Russian warships fired three missiles” Caliber “for foreign officers coordinating operations center in the area of Dar Ezza (Dar Ezza) in the western part of Aleppo near Mt. Saman (Sam’an), killing 30 Israeli and foreign officers.”

The operations center was located in the western part of Aleppo province near Mount Saman, where there are many ancient caves. The region is located in the depths of the mountain range.

Fars news agency report leaves the impression that the “operations center” was staffed mainly by Israeli soldiers. In all likelihood, plant managers to the United States, and subject to coordinated the local allies of Washington in close connection with the US military and intelligence agencies.

Except agency Fars and Sputnik Arabic, Russian news about the attack against the intelligence of the object of the coalition led by the United States, do not hit the headlines. In fact, there is a total blackout. Reliability Fars agency posts have yet to be confirmed.

An important fact is that the operations center, located in the area of Aleppo in the territory held by rebels, was manned by personnel of the countries that are major state sponsors LIH and Al-Qaeda in Syria **. Namely: the US, Britain (actively participated in air strikes) and four countries in the region – Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Qatar. The respective roles of the four countries in the region with regard to the recruitment, training, logistics and financing of terrorism, have been adequately documented.

This operations center (ie, combat information center) in the region of Aleppo as well as field operations centers in other regions (in the territories controlled by the militant forces) are in constant communication with the centers of the military command and control of the United States, Israel and their allies .

It should be recalled that in October 2015, Obama announced that he has sent US special operations forces for action in Syria, allegedly anti-terrorist operations against LIH. These forces US special operations were “include at least 50 special operations advisers, who will work the resistance forces fighting against the Islamic State in the north of Syria, but will not participate directly in hostilities (Washington Post, October 30, 2015).

They will not participate in the fighting, they will be busy «’s advisory” activity – that is, both within the rebel units, and in the field of operational centers.

In recent months, Washington confirmed that an additional 250 personnel of the US special operations forces should be deployed in Syria. A certain number of selected intelligence officers had to be attributed to field operational centers. This sending US special forces coincided with the influx of thousands of newly recruited “jihadist mercenaries” who have joined the ranks of the various terrorist groups. It was reported that “thousands of terrorists” had crossed the Turkish-Syrian border in early May 2016, to accommodate for fighting against government forces in Aleppo area.

The operations center in the region of Aleppo was used to coordinate actions on the ground with intelligence activities drones and air strikes. According to the Fars agency, the personnel of intelligence attributed to the destruction of Russia Operations Centre US-led coalition, also participated in the planning and implementation of the US Air Force attack on the Syrian armed forces (Syrian SAA forces), which was held immediately after the conclusion of the Geneva Agreement on ceasefire .

operational centers based in Syria kept in touch with the American and Allied command, as well as special forces (including Western military personnel employed by private mercenary companies), integrated into the various insurgent and terrorist groups, including LIH and Al-Nusra ***.

The existence and location in the region of Aleppo operations center was to be known as the Russian military and the Syrian government. And (until recently), they put up with it. Until recently, no action has been taken against the center.

According to the news agency Fars News Agency, the matter appears therefore that Moscow has decided to choose an operational headquarters in Aleppo region immediately after the decision of the Pentagon ordered the US Air Force air strikes on Syrian government forces, participated in combat operations against terrorists LIH in Deir ez-Zor .

For message Fars News Agency on the Russian attack against the CIA-NATO object of any other messages in other media is not followed. How not followed and evidence at an official level.

Assuming that the message Fars New Report authentically Russian attack against an operational center coalition led by the United States, has serious implications. Is this a precedent created? Russian attack led by the United States subject to retaliation for the attack on the Syrian armed forces in Deir ez Zor?

This is a potentially dangerous watershed in the evolution of the war in Syria, which must be considered in the broader context of the escalation of hostilities.

However, at the same time, the operational center is undeclared Intelligence object. Washington did not recognize its existence, and Moscow has not given official confirmation of the attack. Russian media are silent on this issue – as well as Washington. Neither party is not interested in making this a public issue.

Author – Michelle Hosudovsky, Professor of Economics, University of Ottawa (Canada), founder and director of the Center for the Study of Globalization (Centre forResearch on Globalization [CRG], Montreal, Canada). He worked as advisor to the governments of developing countries and international organizations. Author of 11 books, participated in the preparation of Encyclopaedia Britannica. In 2014 he was awarded the Gold Medal “For Merit” of the Republic of Serbia for the coverage of the NATO aggression against Yugoslavia.

Copyright © Prof Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research, 2016.

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