German journalists blamed the downed “Boeing” at the Russian military !!!

Немецкие журналисты возложили ответственность за сбитый «Боинг» на российских военных

German journalists from the non-profit organization Correct! V blamed the downed malayzsky “Boeing” at the Russian military. This is stated in the published results of the January 10 disaster independent investigation MH17.

The authors of the investigation, which is made on the basis of various data, including observations and conversations with witnesses at the scene, came to the unequivocal conclusion that the plane was shot down by anti-aircraft missile system Buk-M1″, which is located in snowy. He arrived there to provide cover from the air tank units who fought on the side of the separatists. Presumably, Buk” belonged to the 53rd Brigade Air Defense based in Kursk.

In support of its employees versions Correct! V lead to local residents, as well as other evidence to find a large number of Russian military equipment in the snow, including SAM Buk”:

The man questioned. But begins to speak: “And what do you know? Knocked off his rocket. Rocket fired from there. We have seen how she flew. “He points to the railroad. No, I did not see the car. Others saw. He called me and said there is such garbage four missiles is worth it. They stood in us. “But others, he says, will not say he’s scared. “

In the investigation emphasizes that manage SAM Buk” can only qualified individuals who are not in the military formations of the separatists. So, most likely, a shot fired directly from SAM Russian military.

The authors investigate lay partly responsible for what happened on the Ukrainian authorities, which, according to journalists who used passenger planes as human shields for its combat aircraft, strikes at the positions of the separatists.

“Civil air traffic provides Ukrainian storming precious seconds in their battle with the” beech . Ukrainian attack aircraft can hide behind the passenger plane. Anyone who is aiming to attack aircraft c land threatens to get into civilian “– said in the text.

In particular, the investigation Correct! V implies that SAM Buk” was placed in the snow after the attack on the city from the air July 15th. As a result of an air raid and Ukrainian rocket hit a house, killing 13 people.

Also responsible for what happened lies with the authorities of the European countries, including Germany.

The Government of Germany and other EU countries must share the responsibility. They were afraid of the war in the east of Ukraine called a war and failed to take appropriate action. They are not banned airlines flying over a war zone. They were afraid to provoke Putin’s government. The EU should recognize the placement of Russian tanks and air defense systems, declaring it a no-fly zone. Politicians were busy appeasing Russian, rather than recognizing the truth, “- said in the text.

In the investigation Correct! V widely used materials other resources devoted to citizen journalism – Bellingcat. This site is published version of the involvement of a disaster “Boeing” 53rd Kursk air defense brigades in September 2014. Then no official comment on the matter was not followed.

Earlier, the Russian state-run media has repeatedly published materials, according to which for the catastrophe “Boeing” Ukrainian side is responsible. So the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda” has found a witness who claimed to have seen 17 July stranded at the airport near Dnepropetrovsk Su-25 with ammunition expended missiles “air-to-air.” Witness “KP” even mentioned the name of the pilot, allegedly brought down “Boeing”, but in Kiev said. that called the pilot could not rise into the air on July 17, as his plane was shot down earlier and was repaired.

In November 2014 the Russian “First Channel” showed a satellite image, allegedly made shortly before the fall of the liner. On it in addition to the “Boeing” captured military aircraft and launched from under his wing in the civil side of the rocket. But it soon became clear that the photo shown was the product of a photomontage, before the pop-up on the Internet.

In October 2014 Bundesnachrichtendienst said that the plane was shot down flight MH17 troops separatists. These conclusions scouts came as a result of a detailed analysis of satellite images and various photographs taken in the region. In this case, the agency did not agree with the popular version, according to which the anti-aircraft system Buk”, from which the aircraft was shot down, the militia was raised from Russia. According to German intelligence, the separatists used “Buk” trapped in the past at Ukrainian military base.

The Boeing 777 airline Malaysian Airlines, carrying out flight MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, crashed in the Donetsk region of Ukraine on July 17. Killing all 298 people aboard. According to preliminary reports, the plane was shot down from the ground. Kiev and the representatives of the breakaway regions of eastern Ukraine blamed the incident on each other.
Andrei Ponomarev

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