His Majesty the case! Or real match.

 Albert Einstein himself puzzled over the question, “Has God play dice?”. Most physicists believe: the world is malleable, and match it – just blind chance. But sometimes this is so amazing coincidence that inevitably creep in doubt, but not the hand of Providence leads us? And it is not limited to whether the number of variants of the Lord situations, or why they suddenly are repeated?“And a bottle of ketchup will not fall out of the window into the yard Harlem home without this event was not reflected in the cost of pajamas in Jersey City, the temperature of someone’s mother-in Greenland or the demand for rhinoceros horn in China.” (Charles Fort)Notions of randomness originated at the earliest attempts of man’s awareness of their existence and have become unavoidable in the explanation of human behavior, and its fate. Unexpected accident, not specially made unintentionally, all the things that could not predict called randomly occurring on incomprehensible to human laws …One of the most important issues of concern to philosophers, mystics and scientists – the question of predestination. The dispute continues fatalists and antifatalistov century. Point it at the beginning of the century tried to put physicist Heisenberg, who discovered his famous uncertainty principle, from which it turned out that the world is fundamentally unpredictable, therefore, no predetermination there is no …

 In 1898, writer Morgan Robertson‘s novel “Futility” described the destruction of the giant ship “Titan” after
 collision with an iceberg in his first flight … In 1912, after 14 years, the UK launched the ship “Titanic”, and in baggage per passenger (of course, quite by accident) was the book “futility” of the death of “Titan”.All that is written in the book come true, literally all the details matched disaster: both ships around before going out to sea was raised incredible hype in the press because of their enormous size. Both are considered unsinkable ship came down to the icy mountain in April, having on board as passengers a lot of celebrities. And in both cases, the accident very quickly turned into a disaster because of mismanagement and lack of Captain rescue equipment …The book “Futility” detailing the ship sank with him.In 1939, 27 years later, in the same area of ​​the Atlantic, where sunk “Titanic”, another ship was sailing at night – “Titanian.” Suddenly inner instinct told something helmsman, and he gave the command “stop the car.” When the boat stopped and stood on watch began to express dissatisfaction with the delay, suddenly emerged from the darkness of a huge iceberg and inflicted on the body strong, but fortunately not a fatal blow …

In 1848, the tradesman Nicephorus NIKITINA for seditious speech about the flight to the Moon” was exiled to Baikonur!
 May 15, 1976 the newspaper “Weekly News” reported that the obstetrician Triplett (in English triple) for the third time took triplets! ..

December 5, 1664 in the Strait of Pas-de-Calais sunk English ship Meney” of the whole crew escaped only one sailor Hugo Williams. After 121 years, to the day, December 5, 1785 in the Irish Sea, near the Isle of Man sank another ship. Among the survivors was a sailor by the name of Hugo WILLIAMS! ..

 It is interesting to “fish story”, which took place during the day with the famous psychologist Carl Jung. It began with the fact that the dinner he was handed a fish. Sitting at the table, he saw a passing fish van. Then his friend and dinner companion at dinner conversation suddenly took the custom of “doing the April fish” (so named April Fools jokes). Soon came a former patient of Jung and brought in gratitude picture, which showed a big fish.Later there was a lady, ask your doctor to decipher her dream in which she appeared as a mermaid and floated her gaggle of fish. And when shaken Jung went for a walk on the lake shore to quietly reflect on the entire chain of strange events, then slipped thrown on shore fish.

San Francisco, in the saloon “Bella Union” Englishman named Robert Fallon was caught partners poker players in the fraud. Mores were then steep and tricksters specifically shot on the spot.But just to collect money from a corpse partners could not: ancient belief was that won gotten money can not bring good luck. Therefore, players hide a corpse, and the place of the murdered zazvali first got passer. In their opinion, the first available passerby had to play, of course, worse professional tricksters and they rightly hoped to win back their quick $ 600.Not a bit of it! By the time the scene police arrived, the casual passer brought the winning amount up to $ 2,200. The police showed him the corpse and demanded that he won $ 600 late to give them to someone from the next of kin of the deceased. But the winner said in response that accounts for slain son, and proved it. It later emerged that his father he had not seen for nearly 7 years …

In 1997, the famous Soviet figure skater Irina Rodnina came together with a friend in Los Angeles and, passing by the cafe, began to remember: “Here we once with my first sports partner Ulanov first went into a cafe for their money. Here at the table … “What was her surprise when at this table, she saw the most Ulanova; As it turned out, he also brought here to show the familiar place where he first sat in a cafe “with the Rodnina“!

The most famous people copy, lived at the same time – Hitler and Roosevelt. Of course, they are very different in appearance, not only – were enemies, but their biographies were largely similar.In 1933 both received power with a difference of only one day. Day of the inauguration of US President Roosevelt coincided with a vote in the German Reichstag on granting Hitler dictatorial powers. Roosevelt and Hitler exactly six years withdrawing their country out of a deep crisis, and then each of them led the country to prosperity (in a sense).Both died in April 1945, with a difference of 18 days, being able to relentless war with each other

Two people copy existed in Russia. And former Russian President Boris Yeltsin and the pensioner Alexander Skorokhod were similar not only good looks, these people have the same voice, biography and looks like the same wife.Runner in his time successfully graduated from Rostov Institute of Civil Engineering (Boris Yeltsin at the same time – Sverdlovsk), then both married, both worked in construction, both grown up leadership positions in the industry. Biographies are almost identical to a certain point: almost simultaneously both asked to lead the construction industry in their respective fields, but Yeltsin agreed, and Skorokhod refused and was forced to withdraw from the party, after which his career abruptly stalled.Well, the further fate of Yeltsin well known to you: transfer to Moscow, again out of the Communist Party, the struggle for the presidency, and finally, the very presidency. But who knows what would have developed the story, if Yeltsin once said “no”, and Skorokhod “yes”?Alexander Skorokhod argues that feels kind of psycho-energetic connection with the more eminent counterpart – when Skorokhod unwell, he thought it was due to illness Yeltsin. However, the President of the disease is not immediately reported, but always guesses Skorokhod soon confirmed by official reports.More recently, the fate of two people and all intertwined, but by the will of cinema: Skorokhod enjoys playing Yeltsin in Western movies …

January 25, 1787 Dzhabes Spicer from Leiden (Massachusetts, USA) was struck by two bullets during the attack on the federal arsenal at Springfield. The victim was in the same overcoat, which previously bore his brother Daniel, who died three years earlier March 5, 1784. Incredibly, the bullet immediately Dzhabesa Spicer, passed exactly through the holes that have done before the bullet that killed his brother
 In 1872, a killer named Claude VOLBONN killed Baron Rodemira de Tarazona. In the 21 years before that, his father Baron Tarazona was also killed some Claude Volbonnom. Murderers, full namesakes who are not related
 In 1883, a rogue Henry ZIGLEND from Texas (USA) threw his beloved, who from boredom killed herself. Her brother decided to take revenge. But released them a bullet struck Ziglenda face and stuck in a tree trunk. Ziglend fell to the ground, and his brother, thinking that with a vengeance over, shot on location …In 1913, after 30 years, still alive Ziglend decided to cut down the same tree, which is jammed bullet. The tree did not budge, and Ziglend decided to undermine it with dynamite. With the explosion of escaping from the barrel bullet hit Ziglendu right in the head. The girl was finally avenged! ..

 Maria Vittoria dal Pozzo, Queen of Spain, was born in Paris in the family of Charles Emanuel dal Pozzo, Prince case Cisterna, and his wife Louise Caroline de Merode Gislainy, Countess of MerodeVesterloo August 9, 1847.
The family of her father was old

aristocratic hails from the island of Sardinia, the mother’s family was related to the Grimaldi dynasty.After the death of his father, who died in Turin March 26, 1864, her mother lost her mind and refusing to bury her husband and her daughter spent days and nights in his body. As a consequence, the youngest daughter Beatrice Louise Anthony Giuseppe (1851-1864) a month later died of typhoid, aggravated by emotional disorder.Death of Beatrice finally upset the mental health of Louise de Merode, and for many years it was closed in Turin Cisterna castle, surrounded himself and Maria Vittoria deepest mourning, which lasted up until Maria Vittoria she met her future husband …May 30, 1867 in Turin wedding day Princess Maria della Cisterna Vittorio Pozzo and Amadeus, Duke of Aosta, son of the King of Italy, was overshadowed by all indicators the following list of incidents:1) Veda wardrobe princess court lady hung up;2) the porter of the palace cut his throat;3) The head of the wedding procession ceremonies got sunstroke;4) The head of the station was crushed by the wheels of a train of a wedding;5) the adviser of the king fell from his horse and died;6) witness the groom was shot.To this we must add that the newly married couple did not live very happily … Maria Vittoria died of tuberculosis at the age of 29 in San Remo.

In the seventeenth century in Japan, there were rumors that the evil fate prevails over a children’s kimono. All three teenage girl who gave it, or bought, died, never once, not having to put it on.In February 1657 a Japanese priest decided it would be better to bring “unfortunate” kimono fire. But no sooner had the priest set fire to it, a sudden strong gust of wind blew the fire, and soon he was completely out of control.And the consequences of the accident: three-quarters of Tokyo burned, destroyed 300 churches, 500 palaces, 9,000 retail shops and 61 bridge, killing 100 thousand. Man …


 1950 metallurgist Eric W. Smith, who worked in “the English steel company,” lived in a quiet suburb of Sheffield, and his house was located forest where often walks amateurs riding. Mr. Smith himself spring and summer too often dropped in there to enjoy the peace and at the same time and type of horse manure for fertilizer.Whenever getting out into the woods, Smith catch with a small shovel and oilcloth bag. Somehow Smith walked along a forest trail, the time from time to time bending down to grab fertilizer. Soon he noticed was walking towards him human. Watching him edge eyes Smith decided that this is another gardener, assess the merits of horse manure.Somewhere in the middle between them was a bench on which they finally sat down to rest. It was easy to notice, bags and shovels they were exactly the same. A little later, it became clear that both collected manure for fertilizing tomatoes. Smith pulled out his pipe and a tin of tobacco. Noticing that the stranger also pulled out a tube, Smith handed him a tin.“No, thanks, I have a sort of”. As it turned out, he smoked the same tobacco as Smith. After that, both captured a feeling that this chain of coincidences end. “My name is Smith” – introduced the first metallurgist. “Mine too!” … “Eric Smith,” – said a metallurgist. “And I’m Eric Smith!” … “I Uelz Eric Smith,” – said the first Smith. On the second reluctantly answered: “And this is where we differ with you, I’m Eric Walter Smith” …

History of Ronald OpusThese things happen in spring 1994. A young American named Ronald Opus decided to commit suicide. In the suicide note was written that Ronald took this step because of financial difficulties and lack of understanding on the part of parents. After writing the last message Mr. Opus with a heavy heart climbed onto the window sill and after a moment’s hesitation rushed down from the ninth floor.It is unlikely that he would have done it if I knew that worked that day in the house of a window washer pulled at the seventh floor of a safety net. So, flying two floors, Opus would just collapsed on the springy mesh with wet pants, but very much alive. But fate intervened fantastic occasion. Downright fatal bad luck!When Ronald flew past the window of the eighth floor, his head was out of the room charge fraction released tenant on the eighth floor. While the police took out the corpse from the grid and establish the identity of the deceased with an almost completely demolished head shot, detectives decided to shoot – cantankerous old man – you were charged with manslaughter. After all, if it were not shot, Ronald Opus survived after falling into a grid.Further investigation revealed new facts. It turned out that the old man shot his wife, but missed and hit the window of charge. So, flashed detectives need to adjust the charge – to manslaughter add attempted murder (his wife).Meanwhile popivshy some water and calm down a little old man in a trembling voice told detectives that was not going to kill any dearest wife, let alone accidentally flies past a man. Just in moments of anger and quarrels with his wife, he always had an unloaded shotgun off the wall and made “control shot” – frightened wife by clicking the trigger. This was like a family ritual. According to both spouses shotgun always hung on the wall and nobody has ever been charged.

 Hence, in accordance with US law, the charge of manslaughter was now lying on who secretly loaded shotgun. Who? Seeing that freely enter the room cocky spouses could only their son, police detectives contacted his friend and found many interesting things.It turns out that the young scion of the long-planned revenge grumpy parents for what they denied him financial assistance. Knowing that his father often threatened his mother hanging on the wall arms, the son secretly loaded it, hoping that the first scandal that would shoot his mother, and he gets to prison. However, the past few weeks, the couple lived a surprisingly peaceful than inexpressibly grieved failed avenger. Where is this bastard?“Where? – Surprised man. – The son lives upstairs … “Yes, the desired son turned himself … Ronald Opus! He’s loaded shotgun, and when the place is not successful, in despair out of the window. And was shot by his own charge. His father also. Who wanted to plant in prison. Suicide happened, though not quite as wanted Opus …Although the whole story, and like a fudge, but it is a fact recorded by the American Association of Forensic Sciences.That’s saying then that chance is blind!

 the mid-seventies of the last centurywere popular monetary and clothing lottery. Winnings were different, but the main is the car. And to the credit of the organizers of lotteries should be noted that this gain from time to time fell on some humble citizen, it is not associated with the lottery commission.One fine day in May, when uncleared since faded facades flags quietly resting in the sun sluggish sleepy flies, family Pribytkova His Majesty visited the happy occasion. Check in Table lottery number received the surrender of the ticket, the head of the family, Nikolai Sergeyevich realized that holds the main vyigrysha- car.

Joy in the family was nemerenno. However, two days later, Nikolai Sergeyevich died of a heart attack and not sit behind the wheel of a car hometown. The widow at the funeral was not to win, but after a month the poor woman remembered that it is not so poor and, once it has its own “Volga”, and therefore, there will be more men, and life in general continues!Search for tickets throughout the apartment to no avail. After hours of repeated attempts to find a coveted ticket home Pribytkova turned into a kind of Mytishinskiy city dump behalf of the Paris Commune. A woman once again feel poor and lonely widow realized that treasured piece of paper left in the breast pocket of a black jacket, in which her husband Nick attended their wedding and where they buried him. All hope was now on the police.Grave opened, but the jacket was not found Yes, and very late – too. The coffin was empty. Then the investigator sent in a lottery committee inquiry: was anyone the grand prize of a certain circulation. The answer was not long in coming: “Application of winning a ticket number XXXXXX XXX Series car” GAZ-24 “was received on May 28, 1976, from a citizen Averochkina Nicholas Roerich. At the moment the ticket, in accordance with the rules of the monetary -veschevyh lotteries, passes the appropriate expertise. Deputy Chairman of the State Committee, Comrade lottery. Kunin.A.G. “Caused by the investigator citizen Averochkin once said that a week ago he bought in a thrift shop inexpensive jacket worn in the pocket of which lay a lottery ticket. Find out who passed the jacket to the commission, with the then existing accounting system was not difficult. Proved by the principal caretaker of the cemetery where he was buried Mamontov. As it turned out, he has long been engaged in that fresh graves excavated and sold through a commission store taken from dead things .Kuda become of the body, he never admitted, although the locals suggest that sneaky type of feeding their pigs, which he did not eat, and handed over to the meat-packing plant.That’s so totally random and extremely rare win after the accidental death of its owner by chance is buried again and accidentally falls into the field of action of the offender, which without these accidents may never be revealed. God Rogue marks!

 And finally I want to lead just such a chance or regularity.Law grouping exists. What kind of randomly assemble under one black wing fascism people whose names begin with the letter “G” (in Russian phonetics). Moreover, it is not just some sort of people, namely, the top leadership of the Third Reich. These names are known to all:

 Hitler, Hermann Goering, Goebbels, Hess, Heinrich Himmler. And if we add here the names of the head of the Nazi justice and assistant Hans Himmler – Henry Glyuksa and pile up – Field Marshal Guderian, it turns out quite so odious picture. It is said that Hitler was surrounded by another one Hister, which, by the way, refers to Nostradamus. Interpreters of the great prophet assumed that by that name refers to Hitler himself, but no, it turned out that Hister – independent figure. And, it seems, was one of the fleeting receivers Fuhrer after frenzied krysёnysh committed suicide. Strangely it all, does not it? Someone said: “Accident – is the unknown pattern.”

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