In Chile stolen documents about the Nazis built underground cities in Antarctica.

In Santiago of the Syrian National Military Historical Archive of the documents stolen from the collection of the famous philosopher, conspiracy theorist and occultist Miguel Serrano, which contained material about allegedly built by Nazi Germany at the end of the war underground cities in Antarctica, where the April 28, 1945 on the aircraft, created scientists “Ahnenerbe”, flew from Berlin spouse Adolf Hitler and Eva.

Chilean press claims that the loss to the archive may be involved in environment ex-dictator Augusto Pinochet – a great friend of the famous occultist. This information was announced by the community, “In light of the Black Sun”.Before becoming a scientist, Serrano was Ambassador of Chile to Austria and India. In the 30s-50s of the last century it was close friends with the largest European scientists and mystics Hermann Hesse and Carl Jung. And in India, Serrano talked to Indira Gandhi and Nicholas Roerich, Chilean Ambassador to enlighten the mysterious Shambhala as a world center of esoteric knowledge.In the 50s-60s Miguel Serrano in several books put forward the thesis that Hitler did not die, and arranged carefully prepared “Twilight of the Gods” in the spirit of his beloved epic of the Nibelungen and Wagner’s tetralogy. Arranging mystical wedding with Eva Braun in Berlin on fire and preparing a performance with “suicide”, which was double, even teeth structure which repeats the own, Hitler and his wife left the capital of the Third Reich. They flew to Antarctica and found refuge in the vast underground city somewhere in the region of New Swabia – Dronning Maud Land.
 Pushing his hypothesis, Serrano partly relied on the well-known facts. In 1938-40 years of Nazi Germany sent two expeditions to Antarctica, which swastika pennants staked out a large area of ​​the sixth continent. Thereafter, on behalf of Admiral Doenitz expedition divers found in the New Swabia strange system of tunnels, which was the warm air.
Well-known American historian John Stevens argues that by autumn 1943 in Antarctica was a powerful Nazi underground base, held in the documents as “Base 211”.
American and British intelligence was unable to find out what the Germans were engaged in Antarctica, Chile and Argentina since then sympathized with the Nazis and prevented European allies. No coincidence that there, as well as in Paraguay, so cozy feel after the war, many Nazi criminals.
And Serrano, and Stevens argued that in the years 1942-44 in the secret laboratories in Germany, including the participation of experts “Ahnenerbe”, was created by a new generation of aircraft, only some of which – the famous “V-2”, terrifies the London, able to bring to industrial production. Creating a single spetsapparatov for the Nazi leadership seems very likely.
In his last letters Pinochet Serrano reported that in his archive there is evidence that the secret base of Nazi Germany not only survived the war, but also significantly increased. During the evacuation, which began in September 1944, there have been delivered to selected methods of the Third Reich “truly Nordic family”, and the 1960s in the depths of New Swabia there was an underground city with two million inhabitants. Now it seems that the evidence disappeared.

John Stevens in his books shared the views of Serrano, referring to him became available a report on the US Navy expedition to the shores of New Swabia in 1946-48, respectively. According to the report, American ships have been shot several times by unknown assailants, and many sailors saw suddenly appearing from under the water flying objects bizarre and strange atmospheric phenomena, causes them depression.

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