In December, the six days of the Earth was plunged into darkness !

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A six-day planet Earth was plunged into darkness, reported on the official website space agency NASA. Complete darkness is expected in mid-December from 16 to 22. The upcoming phenomenon scientists have named the strongest magnetic storm over the past three centuries.

During this period, 90 percent of the sunlight is blocked. The anomaly is associated with the release of the plasma on the sun spots with AR2192, which for a long period of time has a powerful impact on our planet.

Residents of almost all corners of the world will be able to watch the Northern Lights. The sky will be painted in the most incredible colors.

The head of NASA, Charles Bolden long doubted whether to publish a message on a six-day darkness. After much thought, the scientist came to the conclusion that to do this, after all, it is necessary to avoid public panic and chaos.

These days, you may have problems with communication and internet network. Also, people in the world are calling to stock candles because power outages are not excluded.

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