Is joining the European Union, Estonia has made ​​life better or worse?

This year marks the tenth anniversary of Estonia‘s accession to NATO and the European Union, and therefore, we will explore the views of readers already a decade of life in the European Union, the Estonian.

Dear reader, let me know what you think of the advantages and disadvantages of joining. Does life have gotten better or worse? Give examples of what is good and which is bad. How many lives would be different from when Estonia would not be a member of the European Union.

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Toomas Hendrik Ilves stated today that the EU is not somewhere in Brussels, We‘re EL.Jah, he has the right but this whole string of slogans äraleierdatud our lives better just will not do.
Years ago, of course, had a different slogans: The Soviet Union is not only in Moscow, Soviet Union, we are all together in our Do not like????
And how long was being a blessing to when we all work together we got to say, NOT FINALLY Russian power, no one’s a foreign power, we are free???
And those who are in bondage to sell us a new, does not deserve any respect.
ACTUALLY THE REPUBLIC OF ESTONIA ceased to exist at that moment as we exchange her crown for foreign capital VASTU.Vabatahtlikult seekord.Nii that in the future we can no longer not in any way suggest that we okupeeriti.Meie their elected representatives sold us out.

I have personally gone to the life and increases mõõnadega.Tänaseks is my life gone paremaks.Ma think that if Ireland had not taken ELiitu it would be even worse in life, but yes as an example in Switzerland and Norway, you may have also gone to a better life, but do as well as Norway and Switzerland?

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05/01/2014 12:24
Only the CIS is the best!
Long live the Edgar and the euro-skeptics!

, together with the improved
05/01/2014 12:37
What’s good, it’s expensive. Better, but more expensive.

05/01/2014 12:50
Certainly the Estonian life changed for the better ! But õinud TAA would be way better if we had a country led by the people . Who has the ability to provide for a longer and think but not one as far pääva hosts . There are no people in the state who would be at the head of the country’s economy and industry siigi able to develop in order to increase incomes and narrowing of unemployment. Also, we are considered to be better than some of the officials of the Erta Houses and apartments for lease , and this serves the uncontrolled sector privatization . Instead of COUNTRY ‘d build SOTSJAAL LIVING SPACE ON BOTH saw it DOES Finnish state who knows OUT Nana and evaluating the YOUTH leave their homeland . Instead of when to walk out of the country maates WHERE ARE THEY much bigger opportunity to start an independent life than they do EESTIS.Samuti do not caring julgoleku in the population of the country . War threats have not disappeared kuhuki . But we can not bomb variendite cared for , will not be built new or old KAA is not done right. Also, it is a country that takes its peoples which has led to unscrupulous people away from the flow is useful just in our nation , and the country ‘s enemies thus decreases as the country’s defense capability. Politicians tulekds be more considerate of your nation’s life and develop each KÜLKSEL JÄRIE over the country’s economy in order to increase state revenues , and in order to together as the public welfare .

05/01/2014 12:57
How anyone: 5 percent of local bosses of the euro has certainly gone a better life, the rest is worse

05/01/2014 13:00
In terms of the survival of the people of Estonia , the EU has made ​​the situation worse by joining . So far, all the government lost steam after the EU and NATO , and it, to please the U.S.. If you look at the political issues raised , it looks like everything else Highlighted as how to increase the birth rate and reduce emigration . Living in the EU , Estonia has gone several times more expensive than it was prior to the EU . And this does not help speaking, that wages have risen , unfortunately, is the cost of a number of countries in the old EU -level , but the income is very far from that .

As well as the continued existence of the Estonian society today, the debate is not , then you can assume that the situation will deteriorate even further in the near future will bring a wave of immigration in addition to the southern borders of the EU study. Why do I think this ? Already have elucidated the nature of the area in and how much is vamis immigrants to receive . Teles had only recently been advertising in favor of immigrants : a la a person would think of himself as an immigrant somewhere .

Our politicians today lack any understanding of what the interests of Estonia in the EU should do or how to protect the interests of Estonia . If you look at these forums that have been , we can see how our politicians are talking about it , you will see that half of the EU countries ‘ interests should be regulated more consistently , that today the EU countries ( especially the old-timers ) are tearing decks of their party . But our politicians are forgetting that that’s it : every normal state is trying to take care of their own people eekõige . Only our political fools have taken the position where they are ready to sacrifice their own people on behalf of the EU , where the general . And now it will be seen as the voice of the EU core countries do not behave so . And they are not going to behave as well as the lack of enesehävitajalik attitude, which is so characteristic of Estonian politicians.

Petya Corr
05/01/2014 13:08
worse than that before paying the chefs euro euros paid 500 euros and 500 euros for the same value today

Current topic
05/01/2014 13:31
I got a tick injections, the price of 35 EUR, can not remember that last for 500 euros would be paid for. Now, look, most of the prices, so-wage emails. wages.

05/01/2014 13:44
Thirty years ago, the USSR was like … Estonia Estonian USSR as foreigners. Throughout the USSR came here as abroad. Now the Union as the Estonian euro Tajikistan USSR, corvée periphery, the poor, the abandoned, meaningless, pointless
Only bei’del have to live here for good.

05/01/2014 14:18
Is not this so and so being such a status, there have been many failings, but good things too. It’s good that we have a new government, and youth ministers, or really hope that goes better.

I say
05/01/2014 14:59
well shitty

khmm ..
05/01/2014 15:08
Certainly the Estonian life changed for the better! But õinud TAA would be way better if we had a country led by the people. Who has the ability to provide for a longer and think about wh …
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in the long run, you’d have to go to school and learn to write. is generally the case in the long term, so that it does not work right away. you can see the results of decisions taken by the present government in 20 years. Edgar is a short-term guy. potatoes and firewood, and soon the voters will see that it is built on pakasuuha. Now we will provide escorts for doing unnecessary work for free transportation and municipal bank. These are all short-term actions are immediately visible result, but which are not sustainable in the long term, and probably doing more damage than it’s worth.

05/01/2014 17:31

05/01/2014 17:36
Well, it is too early yet to assess.
Disappointment in Soviet Union took half a century.
We’ll see how much the EU is going to take a Disappointment?

05/01/2014 17:39
better. there is no need to evaluate the cost of the individual before and now. We really do not know how anyone could fall in prices after the economy had long euros, or a crown would have had extreme pressure as the economic situation from 2008 to 2012. The European Union has been the full benefits of the free movement of both the state budget than all together. Incidentally, for those who now also loves to go elsewhere in the world, digging ditches and pulling crud boundaries would still have been a very closed.

05/01/2014 19:47
Estonia’s average salary is less than the current time, however, earned euros while now boast that higher wages only for those up there Toompeal SES has risen properly

05/01/2014 20:32
Such Lonnid shape opinion but, fortunately, Adult wall! Dblikul what went on for half a century to figure out that the NL is hideous occupation of the Estonian people and the rape?

05/01/2014 21:29

05/01/2014 21:38
let’s not only take into consideration the prices and wages. NL is not damaged and destroyed in Estonian culture, language and values ​​70aastaga as much as it has happened in the last few years. the nation and the country has been threatened with collapse. Rural, where the state eksitentsi base has been destroyed, schools are destroyed, people are forced to leave home places economic pressure. The EU has been able to destroy us faster than a few years, when the NL 70aastaga. Methods are simply clever propaganda better. all still freedom, democracy, and freedom of movement under the banner. The EU, however, has already started about eeltegevus 20a back.

20 years of corporate
02/05/2014 10:03
I personally have gone or material is cooler than what can be said about all of my dear acquaintances , which includes a lot of good professionals, educators , musicians , and artists. They do not treat their teeth , their every penny spent on housing , educating children and kasvataminele . The parts are bankrupt and are looking for new outlets meelehetlikult .
Our children are raised and educated in the world , and spread out a few of them are returning , which is really a tragedy .
Hull is that foolish and short-sighted policies paremliberalistide a result of living in the country , which are difficult to love , and the incitement of hatred between them because of the crazily .

Democracy does not work at any rate , things will be decided over our heads and yell the Stalinist propaganda accompaniment. Journalism is corruptible lakeide power to make just such a brainwashed as those in power need . All are built on the opposition .

Small entrepreneurs have the force of a small-timer who habitation always have to cheat a little , because otherwise, the doors should be shut down quickly . As an entrepreneur, I find this very alatuks politics and I am offended by the bottom hinge .
Help and support for dividing those who are doing better , and allow the bubbles start to do something , not the makers.
20 years of hard driving companies have never attracted media attention , but then we read each day blissfully pernicious , decadent life promovatest werewolf heroes . Also, the state has never shared any kind of recognition .
Not long ago , we no longer have any autonomy or self-esteem. Everything is off the Haggle . In this light, the whole europalagan just ridiculous .
In that Estonia does not have a future, it simply breaks down.

02/05/2014 20:29
absolutely agree.
also has received the ultimate freedom of expression. 90s book dared to talk about things in the media.
Now listen, and wonder what the wise and educated public figures out of the mouth of doing. they can not be so dumb.
Consequently, they are either intimidated or paid for. Adult only meiesugsued commentators dare to squeak a little more. and who knows where our nimedki has already been written.
The situation is still very spooky, actually.

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