Israel called the name of the CUSTOMER disaster Boeing over the Donbas !

В Израиле назвали имя ЗАКАЗЧИКА катастрофы Боинга над Донбассом


Telephone conversation with Israel: What’s this shlimazl doing?
Had the opportunity today to talk with a pretty well-known politician from Israel.
The most important thing that took away from the conversation in Israel in political circles are all convinced of 99.99%, which is “Boeing” ordered Benya Kolomoysky. Virtually no one doubts. And because it is extremely evil. The fact that he lost the shore – to shoot down civilian planes, forms punitive battalions played in JudeoBandera Benya substitutes Jews worldwide. Well, except for American Jews they love such provocations.
Because in the course of the Bene Israel is not. There with him will be tight to the secret services, it ripped off as sticky, and then go to jail.
My interlocutor sure US rhetoric changed during the week. Prove that the destruction of the Boeing involved Novorossia or Russia, Obama can not. A call must be the culprit. Candidacy exactly two Poroshenko and Kolomoysky. But … to name the culprit Poroshenko – it’s just politically crush Ukraine in the international arena. Get a strange situation that the United States supports Presidentterrorist.
So candidacy actually left alone. Benny played in Baron Ukrainian feud. And now it will merge.




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