Kremlin attacks from the air !

Кремль атакует с воздуха. НАТО опасается наших истребителей, забывая про создаваемые в России аналоги американских систем ПРО

NATO fears of our fighters, forgetting created in the Russian equivalent of the American missile defense systems

The European Union and NATO launched an investigation about the threat that can cause the Russian military civilian aircraft. This was December 9 media reported, citing the director of the European Agency for Air Safety (EASA) Patrick Ki.

This is a very serious matter. We will consult with the competent civil and military structures to gather the necessary information, – said Key, adding that the results of the investigation will be announced in the spring of 2015.

Recall November 20 NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said the interception of 400 Russian fighters in the 2014th, which, according to him, 50% more than last year.

Previously – November 13 US State Department spokesman Jen Psak said the United States did not feel justified in increasing the intensity of long-range aviation aircraft flights near the Russian Air Force, United States. Then, in an interview with “SP” head of the directorate of military aircraft programs, the United Aircraft Corporation, the former commander in chief of the Russian Air Force, Army General Vladimir Mikhailov rightly said that the Americans and their allies should be glad that they have the opportunity to practice intercepting Russian military aviation it is extremely important for quality training of flight crews all sides.

NATO, led by the United States announced the Russian Cold War (or as it is now called “hybrid”), so all controlled structures formal and informal fit into this project keeping in the Western community barbaric and aggressive image of Russia, says former chief international Military Cooperation of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense, Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov.

NATO and US commanders say every day of the alleged active preparations Russia for military action against the “poor and unfortunate European countries.” Military can not unfounded, for example, Jen Psak, accuse us of anything, so they seek some occasions, transform them and serves as the “Russian threat.” As we remember, were first mythical “Russian colony”, aimed at Kiev, then – a submarine in the territorial waters of Sweden, today at the forefront aviation, tomorrow, perhaps, the EU and NATO will come up with something else.

Combat aircraft of all countries are obliged to fly, and – in neutral airspace near the borders of neighboring countries, especially those where potentially pose a threat. It is a recognized and indisputable fact. But if NATO planes flying near the Russian border from the Baltic and Poland and it is like a self-evident phenomenon, flying around Russian strategic bombers or fighters raised wild hysteria. Our planes, in the language of sailors, showed flag near the western borders always once more, once less, but as soon as the situation is exacerbated in the world, the buzz around fly combat aircraft of the Russian Federation raised with renewed vigor. It is necessary to react calmly, but left unanswered, however, it is not a question of military work, and propaganda.

Military expert Viktor Myasnikov draws attention to the fact that cases of dangerous proximity of military aviation civil aircraft have taken place, but these incidents always occurred with NATO fighters over the Mediterranean Sea and beyond.

Although the military and passenger aircraft set aside various echelons and height, in addition, civilian airliners flying from the known and certain air corridors where military aircraft should not get involved. But such cases are regularly occurred with NATO planes, but with regard to convergence of Russian combat aircraft with civilian airliners, that such was not the case at all ever. I think the fact that the results of the investigation will be announced NATO allegedly spring 2015, says that this investigation” there is no emergency, requiring immediate response. Most likely, NATO and the EU needs time to at least something to dig and pull any fact behind the ears, which, frankly, would be extremely difficult to do. But, somehow, it all fits into the overall concept of NATO and the US pressure on the Russian Federation, which create an image of Russia aggressive state. Such a “smokescreen” Alliance is trying to cover up their own military preparations.

In this sense, interesting application designer general “Concern PVO” AlmazAntey “Paul Sozinova, 8 December reported that the Russian missile defense systems are analogues of the United States – THAAD ((Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system) – the missile defense system, working on missiles and less medium-range for a few minutes before hitting the target) and GMD (Ground-based Midcourse Defense) – major US system to intercept ICBMs (intercontinental ballistic missiles). According to him, the prototypes of these complexes will soon be tested and in the near future” will go to the troops. What are we talking about? It can be assumed that the potential analogue THAAD – is C-500 air defense missile systems, the more recently the media, citing a source in the Russian defense industry said that in the future the complex will be combined with the missile defense system A-135 “Amur”, which stands for the defense of Moscow . The latest in the near future will be replaced by a mysterious missile defense system A-235 aircraft-M” (which, for a moment, have a strategic missile defense system). However, no specifics on the novelty” no, there is only a ghostly hints.

Viktor Myasnikov said that the words Sozinova the “Russian system GMD» should be interpreted as follows: the existing achievements and even products will be further developed to a level equivalent.

– Working “from scratch” require huge financial and human resources, and we are still going work on the C-500 and related missiles over C-350 “Vityaz”. So, most of all, we are talking about interceptors based mobile complexes Topol-M” and “yars”.

According to Leonid Ivashov, Russia looked implementation of the concept of rapid global strike the United States, changes in US nuclear doctrine, and now the country’s leadership understands that rely only on the nuclear potential dangerous.

– Now we need to concentrate efforts on the analysis of the possible dangers to the simulations, for the preparation of the “Atlas of threats” and “Atlas of answers.” Somewhere we can fend off the threat of diplomatic means, for example, the debate in the Security Council of the UN, OSCE, etc., somewhere – our “gas pipe”, well, somewhere – the improvement of military-technical means. And then, I note, our designers do not have to engage in useless work and mindlessly chasing the Americans on missile defense is still not catch up. It is necessary to seek a cheap but effective means and opportunity to do so we have.

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