Location and time of the Third World can not be changed…


Black Swan always comes up from the backwater that everyone forgot. From any creek or a backwater in shallow water, which has long been no one drowned, and which is therefore considered safe. Or overgrown slough sedge quiet, undisturbed by anyone whose surface is thickly overgrown with duckweed and safely hid all living in it evil. And when the sign of the invisible evil wizard whole legion of minions of darkness suddenly break out on the surface, only seconds separated measured peaceful life from chaos, terror and destruction …

Who would have thought that a prosperous Europe for some years – a moment in history! – Turn into the real zone of coercion? Her ruthless trolls Greece, seriously threatening the collapse of the euro zone and default. The newly countries satisfied with the eastern edge of hysteria, see during the regular nightmare, Russian submarines and planes, thereby obtaining an excuse to settle at US military bases in perpetuity.

Место и время Третьей мировой изменить нельзя

US shamelessly scare spineless Hollande for “Mistral”, exposing him not to fool and mumble, but something like that. Plus still trying to make the old world for some reason, and freeze simultaneously buy their tankers with shale gas on the student’s record is quite a price …

However, the crown of American efforts to transform the EU into a cozy area for all stray crowd became refugees from the Middle East. What is the attitude towards them is America? Yes, the most direct. Most immigrants are provided with decent facilities.

It is even said that in the flight from the homeland they have paid nothing less than five thousand euro. Since not all counted millions of migrants clearly can not be that kind of money, there is not a good assumption is that they are of someone gave. Who? The answer arises by itself – the one who the money and prints. Let not the euro, and the dollar – to change, you know, not for long.

The main question, however, is the purpose for which the United States is doing.


To answer it, it is necessary, first of all, to understand the mechanism of this phenomenon of migration of peoples, because it represents something completely new in the known history.

According to the classical theory of migration, in the first generation migrants remain outsiders. The second generation feel to the new home free, but the connection with the ethnic Homeland loses. Third, the knee becomes completely his.

It is, however, true for speculative conclusions that were derived from the examples of individual households in the relatively small amounts of well-fed forwards in Europe somewhere in the last century.

However, in practice, the current situation is very different from her previous counterparts:

1. The degree of assimilation of alien no one checked, so to speak, on the mass. How to behave migrants in the host country, if they will not thousands, but millions? And if ten million? A thirty? And if they will be more than the indigenous population? It will also be migration or, for a moment, the conquest?

2. The difference between cultures and seriously investigated was not. Well, imagine what would happen if Europe, where quietly go manicured men in tights, unleash millions of adults, to put it mildly, poorly educated, energetic men and women with a strong traditional education? Do you think that in two hundred Muslim generation is able to shave off his beard, wives disperse, make up and marry a neighbor? Certainly not.

With one hundred percent probability we can say that it will spits on the sidewalk every time you kissing a guy with fifty percent – that got involved in a fight with them. Because in his view it is not the people or even animals, but something created things against the will of Allah. And I must say, in this approach, there is a large element of truth.

3. Living huge diaspora, visitors provide their children a stable connection with the customs of the motherland. Therefore, neither the second nor the third, nor the tenth generation in this scenario will not accept the European values, especially since in their view can be called pedophilia value is very conditional.

4. Follow the headache becomes Indigenous to the alien hordes. It is clear that it will deteriorate in direct proportion to the number of persons. And at the European level, democracy, the people will not remain silent for a long time and will require the resignation of the government, which is unable to solve the problem, growing like a snowball.

Attempts to colonize obscure Marroco, Syrians and Libyans in a well-kept houses burghers will, most likely, to the stabbing. Destitute refugees, who were waiting for a very different reception, will have nothing to lose. Since the degree of the family, national and social cohesion in their times higher and the level of aggression is much higher than that of same-sex Europeans have long muddle gender roles and forgotten what reckoning, a winner at home easy to predict.

5. The problem is compounded by the fact that the unknown and, apparently, a very decent percentage of allegedly fleeing from ISIS is the very ISIS. According to the official, that is, the known data, there are about 4 000 thousands of fanatical thugs who gave an oath to kill mercilessly wrong, but in reality – all to whom their employer to incite …

I would not want to consider a scenario with the army, but it looks like old Europe no other choice left. How to behave migrants? Well, logically, if they are found to 5 000 euros, it is much easier to find the weapons …

Development of the situation can not be good for the same reason that there could be no winners in Ukraine: the parties to the conflict are not independent in their actions and play on other people’s interests. Controlled America can not do a combination of three fingers and close the doors to refugees. Controlled the same America refugees will not stop and will not return to their homeland. Partly controlled by America and certainly it grown ISIS not stop the war.

Clash of nations and religions – it is much worse than the war in the Donbass, and even massacre LIH. Because they do not want their genetically shoot her, despite the fact that they have inspired the idea, if these his – the most that neither is a strange thing.

The war between Christians and Muslims in this heart-pounding atmosphere as in Europe today, could break out without any processing of the brain, by a spark, a burning in some domestic squabble. Each party, at best, subconsciously, and for the most part actually said the other alien and hostile. Millions pissed, driven to despair of armed men, most of whom have combat experience against the apathetic tolerant Europeans … Oil Painting.

Will pour fuel on the fire and Eastern European countries, and not to developed stage of capitalism, however, forced to share the burden of the European Union on a par with Germany and France. Only the very naive could think that the threat of default over to Greece.

Bring to this stage any Bulgaria with 1/4 of the working population unemployed easy as ABC. And if you add on here the UK are willing to sacrifice for the sake of dubious charms of the EU closed the borders for refugees, the picture is not drawn with oil, and gasoline.

When the situation of migrants applied disintegration of the eurozone – and, judging from the two is an example, it will not be delayed until the Greek calends – Europe will fall into a tailspin, comparable only with the Second World War.

Of course, in a sophisticated mozgovёrtstve experts from the Pentagon played on the features of a European nature and take into account the psychology of the loser. Europe gave in to Hitler almost without a fight. At the end of the last century, she also gave up without a fight America. Silly smiling, she let herself be expanded by replacing the inside of moral values ​​in the wild perversion of human nature. Now she plays in toleration and meekly surrenders crowds of Middle Eastern migrants.

The purpose with which the United States is so skillfully and brutally kill their old ally – Europe remain unclear, if not to remember that the ideological paradigm of capitalism, everything begins and ends with money.

There is no doubt that the beating in agony overseas demon will do everything to delay their death. The emerging peak of the dollar, which in China is going to have peace, neither Ukraine nor Syria nor immature LIH is not to slow down. It can be stopped only by a global cataclysm. Kindle universal apocalypse loggerheads Muslim and Christian world, going back to the Middle Ages – just for fun bored elders financiers.

Given the fact that the most serious opponents of America – Russia and China – are located on the Eurasian continent, the United States should destabilize it much more active than Africa or Latin America. What, in fact, they are engaged in recent years.

Therefore, in the region of their intention not to be limited to the simple organization of multiple color revolutions. It put a global challenge: armed conflict should cover not individual States, but the entire continent. Hence the terrible but inevitable conclusion: the key and the ultimate goal of modern US policy in Eurasia is a third world war.

That is why a series of artificial upheaval in the Middle East and the former Soviet Union carried out in adjacent countries and has been concentrated in a short period of time. With it, you have to create as a springboard for a broader spread of the virus war.

The launch was scheduled to begin a broad front with Syria, whose fall would be caught unawares Eastern oil kingdoms and brought down to the price of black gold. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other countries have finally switched to control America, and later – LIH. As a result, it is possible that the global economic crisis would begin two years earlier, and Russia would have to fight right to the entire Middle East.

But, as said at the time of Wang on the issue of the Third World, “Syria has not yet fallen.” The Islamic state is not received at the mercy promised Uncle Sam Assad began to play by their rules. Fear, sometimes becoming the best advisor, sheikhs and emirs forced to seek an alliance with the more stable and spiritually strong partner – Russia.

Aggressive demon LIH hung in the air, and his energy was unclaimed. Any good such a balance of power, of course, could not lead.

The next attempt to launch a global war on the US State Department was, of course, unhappy Ukraine. If not for the Minsk Agreement, stop the fighting, it is quite possible that we would be at war now, with half the world. It seems many rumors and stuffing about nuclear weapons, cruised in the Donbass, based not on an empty place, and mercenaries with different skin colors would take care of his delivery.

But Poroshenko, crawled with a broken backbone after Minsk-1 and Minsk-2 signed non-alcoholic after 16 hours, with all its vile commercial nature, fighting is still not resumed. The project “Ukraine” failed, and the US were forced to use a fallback.

To send LIH bored with absolutely uncontrollable flow of refugees into Europe was a matter of technique. Advertisement in the media image of drowning, starving, dirty migrants who takes in a clean, beautiful Europe – a problem for school child.

Question: What do the armed (not to be naive) crowd of people, which shows how it is killing children prosperous EU does not want to communicate with her? If, moreover, the crowd bustles with Islamic radicals provocateurs, who know exactly where, when and how to direct people’s anger? ..

Like Europe, survived the full horrors of fascism, plenty thrive at home could well plunge? Where to sleep her intelligence? What kind of chewed gum for a year of its analysts? And why, why did not she listened to Putin, a year ago in Brisbane offers her alliance against America?

If the situation comes to bloody clashes in at least one place of the Old World, friendly Muslims associated general intelligence network throughout Europe will rise less than a day. And they can be stopped, only to destroy – is not cowardly Bandera not paid Maidan opposition hold earned money. The Islamic world will fight for their victory or to death.

After learning about the use of force against fellow Muslims, Near and Middle East will not remain on the sidelines.

Thus, to date, the EU left two choices: get killed without a fight, to make Europe a part of Asia, or start World War III.

The method of organization of the wars the United States standard, ad nausea:

1) to destroy the population of intelligence and ability to think independently. In Europe, this happened after the rejection of normal sexual relations and their replacement is literally God knows what;

2) to instill the idea that if it would undermine the full realization of the very existence of the state – the EU is the idea of ​​tolerance, up to the failure from themselves;

3) To help realize this vision. We are witnesses to this final stage.

All. It is done. We can only sit and wait, in any particular place and what kind of person would be triggered by the explosion. Exodus do not need to predict – there are no winners, some losers.

Meanwhile, a way out of America’s European nightmare is quite simple. Solving the problem of migrants is not Europe, and in their homeland. After the settlement of the conflict in the Middle East, the issue of refugees will disappear by itself. To do this, you need to withdraw from the LIH American pointers, especially because Islamic radicals, by definition, can not be fully controlled by anyone.

In itself the Islamic State is hardly capable of such a pragmatic actions as the seizure of the European Union. Therefore, no matter how terrible and disgusting, I have to go to the dialogue with the thugs. Poking their nose into their own unenviable role of the American anti-Russian instrument of revenge, you can get some semblance of contact – play for foreign team in the detriment of the interests proud fanatics will definitely not.

Who will do it? Well, okay … who we’re staying forever and extreme fighting one on one. Though Napoleon, though with the Nazis, even with LIH. And who beats Vladimir Vladimirovich and the ability to negotiate and to make an offer you can not refuse? The more so because it is not about a local conflict, but a global war.

As Wang said, “Everything will melt like ice, only one will remain untouched – the glory of Vladimir, the glory of Russia. Too much is sacrificed. Nobody can stop Russia. All of it will sweep away from his ways and not only continue, but will be master of the world. ”

And if so, then to a third world war is not come to that.

Author: Julia Brazhnikova

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