Lyudmila Putin: “My husband was long dead”

The German newspaper Die Welt published a sensational interview with the former First Lady of Russia Lyudmila Putin.    
My husband, unfortunately, have long been dead. I have to admit it publicly, because I could no longer see what is happening on his behalf. It’s terrible people. They did not stop at nothing. I am afraid that now they will kill me and daughters as well as killed him.
Our family was not exactly ideal. When I got married, I was in love with intelligence officers. But the reality was quite different. Putin was vile, cruel man, a tyrant. He never considered me, simply did not notice my existence. I needed him only for reference and the composition of the family as a mother for his children. I find it hard to talk about it, but Putin beat me, humiliated, mocked me. Life with him was torture.

I tried to fight, not just going to file for divorce. But this man was not anything sacred. To silence me, he handed me over to a psychiatric clinic. I went through all the circles of hell … narcotics, psychotropic substances, bullying. For a long time I was locked up in prison for a long time and I have not seen sunlight, did not see the people. I still remember it with a shudder. Of young and confident woman I became a shadow, my will was broken, I agreed to all conditions, only to come out.
But what began after his death defies description.He then was a difficult period. I of course he did not tell, became even more withdrawn. A month before the death of the night, without warning brought daughters – I do not even know where.
And then he was gone completely. At night we came home to some people – some of them I knew someone had seen for the first time. Break everything upside down, reviewed all the papers, all the walls in the house rattled. They told me only one thing: “If you want to live – be silent.” All questions about her husband briefly replied that he would soon come that he important retreat and in the interests of national security is not worth it to me with anyone to discuss. A few days later came his first … understudy. Later I learned that the murder of Vladimir prepared ahead of time, it eliminated when the first twin was almost ready to take his place. Outwardly, he certainly was very similar to Putin – I was impressed. But it was a completely different person.They somehow managed to track down the girls. And I issued an ultimatum – either I play the role of a loyal wife or me or daughters no longer live. I had no choice. I first tried to avoid public events. Corrosive media attention, intrigue and gossip – all this sickens me. But to pretend wife of another man I was even worse.
So they prepared for me and the double – to when I said something wrong, as planned scenario, wipe out embarrassments. If they had time to bring my siblings to more or less successful similarities, I would long ago have been killed.

 Miraculously, we managed to escape. For obvious reasons, I can not call the people who helped us to stop this terrible dramatization and escape. “Divorce” was my deliverance. Now I live abroad, I’m fine. But I’m scared to see what is happening with Russia. 

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