Mass media warned of the impending Third World War !

ИноСМИ предупредили о грядущей Третьей мировой

The world can immerse themselves in the gloom of a third world war, which provoke the United States, with the active participation of the EU. In the first place it is directed against Russia and indirectly against China. About it in his article writes the correspondent “” Boaventura de Sousa Santos.

In the article “World War III”, the author emphasizes that “we are witnessing a rare moment of agreement between the two parties of the USA. 4 December, the US Congress passed a resolution 758, authorizing the president to tighten sanctions measures and strengthen the isolation of Russia, to supply weapons and other assistance to the ruling circles of Ukraine and strengthen American military presence in countries bordering Russia.

All growing provocative actions against Russia contain a number of elements that combine to suggest a new Cold War, I suppose, in contrast to the first, the likelihood of a global war and, as a consequence, the use of nuclear weapons. “

According to the author, the provocative actions of the West consists of three elements: it sanctions aimed at weakening Russia, ensuring came to power in Kiev puppet government and shameless propaganda campaign. The article emphasizes that especially painful blow to Russia decline in oil prices, a major source of filling the state budget. Along the way, it creates difficulties for other countries considered hostile (Venezuela and Iran).

“The decline in prices was made possible by an agreement between the United States and Saudi Arabia, according to which the United States is taken under his protection royal family (hated throughout the region) in exchange for the continued commission of oil transactions in US dollars, without which the dollar will cease to exist as a world currency, causing, in turn, the collapse of the US economy. it should be recalled that the public debt of this country – the largest in the world, “writes de Sousa Santos.

The second element is the full control of the Kiev authorities that turn Ukraine into a puppet state. Journalist Robert Parry reports that the new Minister of Economy of Ukraine Natalia Yaresko, a former employee of the State Department and US citizen, received Ukrainian citizenship only a few days before taking office. Until recently, she led a number of companies funded by the US government and designed to work in Ukraine.

Now it becomes more understandable phrase« fuck EU », which is in the hearts burst out in February, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland. And in fact she wanted to say:” Yes, what the heck! Ukraine – ours, we paid for it “observes the author.

Pays particular attention to the US propaganda war. For large media and journalists under pressure in order to write only about what justifies the provocation of the West, and hide everything that puts them into question. “I offer readers a moment to imagine the scandal that erupted in the media would be if all of a sudden it became known that the Syrian president has just appointed to a ministerial post Iranians who a few days before it gave Syrian citizenship. Or let filing will compare and analyze reports of February the protests in Kiev and recent actions in Hong Kong. and let statements to evaluate the significance of Henry Kissinger that provoke Russia rather recklessly, “concludes de Sousa Santos.

How many Ukrainians have to die in the impending war? And the citizens of other countries? What kind of democracy can say when 67% of Americans are opposed to the supply of arms Ukraine, and 98% of their representatives voted” for “? What kind of democracy in Europe can say when there similar or even larger differences between citizens on the one hand and EU governments and the European Commission on the other? or when the European Parliament continues to engage in business as usual, while Europe is going to become the next theater of war, and Ukraine – the next Libya? completes the material author.

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