Most “hot” points in the area of ​​ATO OCTOBER 16: interactive map.;1043138249%27

Fighting continues

The situation in the Donets Basin continues to remain tense. Fights do not stop in Donetsk and Lugansk region. In particular, the terrorists once again attacked the position of Ukrainian troops under Bahmutovkoy that twice in the morning were fired from mortars.

According to preliminary information, the press center of the ATU, in the area of fighting killed three soldiers in Ukraine and three others were wounded.

The last day in Donetsk, new destruction and victims have been shelling last night Kiev and Kuibyshev district. As a result of falling shells, and the resulting fire destroyed a house on the street №5 Tarhanova, farm building in the courtyard of the street №3 Ermolenko and garages in the cooperative “Mayak-2″ at the address. Vakhrusheva 50A. Also suffered a multi-storey residential building on the street №1 Annunciation and building children’s hospital №1. In addition, 4 injured civilians.

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