My wonderful dreams.



One of my most memorable memories of childhood is related to my strange dreams that have been repeating over a fairly long period and ended up as unexpectedly as they had begun. I have been looking for them for many years and I did not want to talk about it to anyone, even my parents, even though I really trusted my father and I started to care for it. It was once that all I began to do was to fall asleep and think of my child’s thoughts. At that time, I was somewhere between 4 and 5 years old, and there were no worries in our family except for the return of our granddaughter from Siberia and uncle Kuti’s release from a Russian prison camp, but they were more of an older person’s problems at a time that I did not understand much about yet. But I did not want to come to nothing, and at one point I began to feel strange perceptions, as everything around me would disappear and some invisible hand started lifting me up. everything like a slow motion, the higher I got up, the more I split up. In a word, I started like a solution In the surrounding space, and this process took place at constant acceleration. Then, when I felt a fairly large space already occupying myself, I saw far from a large blue sphere that became smaller and only bright stars were surrounded by a final acceleration that exploded into bright orange light , which struck as if in any of my cells, and I felt such an overwhelming and blessed feeling that it was impossible to put into words. It was a feeling of a huge release from something hard and burdensome. The only idea I had in my head was that I never want to go anywhere again. My I felt myself comprehending the universe and I perceived many of the unknowns and symbols that I knew about me, which I remembered many years later when I saw the symbols and signs of the ancient Mayas in the field of crops. At one point, therefore, the whole process started the reverse, and then I suddenly began to understand what was happening , and I was afraid that suddenly I could not get my home back. So when I saw it approaching it blue I started to calm down a bit because I was happy to end my adventure, but at the same time I started to feel an enormous amount of difficulty and compression, and finally, when I felt in my bed, in some ways happy, because I was still alive at home with my parents sweaty and very tired and I fell asleep immediately. Waking up in the morning, I was a long time in my adventure or dream, and I decided not to talk to anyone about it, because it was my inner feeling and prohibition. I do not remember how much time had passed since the first time , but one night it was all a rehearsal and I was deliberately angry in anticipation of its culmination, and I was hoping to stay longer in this nirvana and find out what it is. Once again, all went through exactly the same scenarios, and I had to once again experience this perfect feeling that everything in this universe can exist. In the following times I tried to get in touch with other substances or lives, but for me an i understand only so much that you are temporarily here and you are in contact with us we are impossible or forbidden, which one I did not understand. And this was for a long time my big secret, which I waited for long, but at one time it was over and I began to forget about that long ago. Then, when it was 4-5 years and I was already at school, I noticed in the magazine the photographs of the land of Russian satellites far from space, and I went from my heart to float because I was sure that I was already on our planet as such. I saw and was exactly the same in my vision of a strange period when I was diving into nirvana, by the way, I put the nirvana name on my anomaly later when I read some Hinduism and Taoism.


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