Mystical holes in the ice – whether Valga tolerate visiting aliens?

FOTO: Müstilised augud jää sees – kas Valgamaa talu külastavad tulnukad? 
The hole in ice lake Bagpipe farm.
 Independence Day morning, his wife sitting on the coffee table, and looking out the window of your lake, we noticed that during the night the ice caused the mysterious hole with a diameter of two meters. To tell the truth, we have grown accustomed to these strange holes, as they are encountered in there almost every winter since 2009.
Six years ago, created nine holes were roughly 25 centimeters in diameter. At that time the media got holes in them informed. “Bagpipe farm lake ice broke meteor shower” with esiuudis of current camera. I was very frightened of it, where you’ll get this kind of information that, if someone had not arrived yet examined at all the case.
Auke investigators went to the study of all kinds, from meteoriiditeadlasest Reet Wander Mast and ending ufoloog Ivo Tarmistuga. Though the water temperature was measured and the radiation level, though the chemical composition. Ice diver went down. There is not a trace of meteorites found in sources or holes underneath. Excluded were fishermen, fish and aquatic organisms.
One of the most famous scientist in response to a radio listener’s question of the causes of vulnerabilities, said that there was someone just for kicks. If Latvians were dug into the ground and the bull made to fit “meteorite”, wrote the Post Man, that similar scams have also been conducted in England, where people make themselves fruit circles, and in the South, where they make holes in the ice of the lake.
Two years later, in the winter of 2011, we discovered in the morning, two 2.5-m-diameter holes that were created for one night over a 40-centimeter-thick ice, I decided to remain silent and the media not to interfere with the question that I cheater and bull brother would not mention.
Dear people of Estonia, now, our country’s birthday post, however, I decided that the anniversary opened sight to share with you. As you can see from the photo, is a large hole in the lower side companion. These two committees hole like a Nazi symbol of expression in our home planet Earth, which orbits around the moon.
As you can see, there is still quite a hole on the ice melted away, and this is seen even ski trails, which proves that there is a hole in the bottom to the top. I know of no bull brother, who could do such a bull.

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