NASA: kilometer asteroid threatens Earth !

Giant asteroid flying toward the Earth and will be held at a record close distance to it in the coming days, according to The Mirror, with reference to forecast NASA.

According to experts, the width – about a kilometer, and length – about 990 meters.

The object was naming “2014-YB35”, and is forecast to sweep close to Earth on Friday. It moves at a speed of more than 23,000 miles per hour. The asteroid will fly about 2.8 million miles from us, it’s just a tiny distance in astronomical terms

In that periodically pass by the Earth small meteorites, there is nothing unusual, but the asteroid so large – it is very rare, and it is a very serious threat, according to experts.

Any of its effects on our planet would cause devastating changes in climate, earthquakes and tsunamis.

Bill Napier, a professor of astronomy at the University of Buckinghamshire, said the publication of The Express, that this time there is a “real risk” of negative consequences of the asteroid impact.

НАСА: Километровый астероид угрожает Земле

Experts warn that it is only a matter of time when the Earth will encounter with an asteroid that can change life on our planet.

Object “2014-YB35″ was first seen at the end of last year, and now astronomers are particularly closely watched its movements this week.

If he hit the ground, its debris would fall into the atmosphere and led to such climate changes that would make the planet uninhabitable. The smallest of the consequences of such a possible collision – the destruction of several cities.

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