NASA predicts a five-month night on Earth in November !

NASA прогнозирует полумесячную ночь на Земле в ноябре US space agency expects total darkness in the second half of November. NASA scientists believe that this astronomical phenomenon will occur because of “collusion” Venus, Jupiter and the sun. Fortnightly night starts on November 15 at 3:00 GMT and will end on November 30 writes portal “News of the world.”

The head of NASA, Charles Bolden made with the White House a scientific report. In his words, Venus and Jupiter get into parallelism, and will be separated by one degree. According to the assumptions, Venus will begin to move along the south-west vector of Jupiter, as a result begin to reflect light ten times more intense than a gas giant. Outgoing radiation from Venus will begin to heat the gas on Jupiter that will provoke a response.

The space gets a large amount of hydrogen. When his reaction to the sun followed by powerful explosions and the temperature on the red star to increase by a thousand degrees. Sun will start the fight bombings, increasing heat radiation. Because of this, the surface of the lights will turn a bluish tint. Due to a series of astrophysical phenomena on Earth dusk. Under the influence of the Earth night stay for two weeks.

The phenomenon is comparable with long nights in Alaska and the Russian Arctic, scientists say.

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