National Public Radio: “In Yellowstone Park felt strong tremors”






“The messages our listeners in the States of Idaho, Wyoming and Montana, felt the tremors that different intervals are repeated for more than an hour. Especially notable fluctuations are observed in areas adjacent to Yellowstone national Park. Eyewitnesses claim that you can see animals and birds, EN masse leaving the Park district. Residents worried and asked authorities to tell what’s going on.” – reports a leading American “National Public Radio”.

“We contacted the United States Geological survey (USGS), whose representative said that until you can thoroughly answer these questions, as the continued monitoring and analysis of incoming data. Also, the USGS noted that the number of data associated with Yellowstone can be classified in order to ensure national security. People are being asked to keep quiet about the earthquake already reported in the White House. We continue gathering information and as they arrive we will inform the residents of the state.”- the statement reads NPR.


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