No one doubts that the Maya Indians knew a lot about astrology. Here is their Zodiac!

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No one doubts that the Maya Indians knew a lot about astrology. Here is their Zodiac!


CHEN: 2 – 21 January.

People born under the sign of Chen, – people night. Their energy starts to grow right after the sun sets.


The full moon makes these people desperate, wild and incredibly single-minded.


To curb his temper and cope with the flow of thoughts in his head, the Maya Indians recommended that people of this sign practice meditation.


Yas: January 22 – February 10.

The behavior of these people is largely controlled by the planet Venus. It was she who gave them an innate love for nature and everything I live for.


You – a man gentle and caring. Of such as you, you get excellent diplomats and negotiators. You are born to smooth out conflicts and to reconcile irreconcilable parties.


The highest value for you – harmony. Is not it?


SAK: 11 February – 2 March.

People born under the sign of Saka, work best and manifest themselves at noon. They are most suitable for daytime. They grow together with the sun, are very hardworking and always take up the cause of any complexity.


Your favorite direction – north, your mascot – the frog. You are strong and flexible, like these animals.


Most of all in life you appreciate rapid changes. The pace of change and the joy – your everything.


KEN: 3 – 22 March.

People born under the sign of Ken, love nature and often become activists in the field of environmental protection. Their passion – fire, their favorite color – red, but their main value – the power and energy!


People like you are the Maya recommend spending as much time outdoors – especially in the woods. This will help add to you optimism and charge you with new energy.


Your totem animal – deer.


MAK: 23 March – 11 April.

Mack sign – one of the greatest mysteries of the Mayan. People like you adore secrets, mystery and riddles.


Of course, you also hide your true essence from the outside world.


You would think that the main value of this world – knowledge. If you know the person, his weaknesses by 100%, which means that it will – in your pocket.


Your favorite number – 3. This number – the symbol of both the balance sheet and divinity.


KANKIN: 12 April – 1 May.

People born under the sign of Kankin are more sensitive to love of the earth and the sun above their heads. They recognize the need to work hard to achieve happiness.


If you have undertaken some work, you will never calm down before you bring it to the end.


Animal that suits you in spirit – a dog. Like these noble beings, you are famous for your loyalty, loyalty and strength of character.


Muva: 2 – May 21.

These people – one big contradiction. They patronize just two elements – fire and water. What happens when they join? Storm!


You are full of irrepressible energy, which constantly beats you out of the key. You are not always in a position to manage it, so you are inclined to impulsive actions and rash decisions.


All this is surprisingly combined in you with wisdom. That’s why your totem animal – owl! Only you can look into the darkness and see the Truth there.


Pacemaker: 22 May – 10 June.

People born under the sign of Paks are born leaders. They draw strength from the people around them and, as a rule, move only forward and forward.


Their element – water vapor: it is a mixture of water, earth and fire.


KAYAB: 11 – June 30.

These are the people of the moon. They adore everything spiritual and difficult to understand. You probably have a much deeper view of the world than everyone around you.


About the mundane things you do not like to talk. As well as how to equip your way of life. You are born for more!


You are better than others can read between the lines and from the very youth are famous for their incredible wisdom.


Kumkoy: 1 – July 20.

These people – are born politicians and manipulators. They adore debates and arguments, are famous for their intelligence and wisdom.


For you, there is nothing sweeter than winning an intellectual competition. At the same time, you all quickly think, quickly make decisions. In terms of the ability to adapt, you truly have no equal!


Changes never frightened you. A power – always attracted like a magnet.


VEYEB: 21 – 25 July.

Maya considered people born under this sign a real anomaly. It is understandable: there are few days under this sign, therefore such people can not be a priori a lot.


Veyeb comes into the world in order to bring him harmony, and people – the ability to compromise and negotiate. You – a man of balance, intellect and rare luck. If there is something in the world that you can not stand, it’s negative!


Wherever you appear, you will always be accompanied by success and luck. And people around will be glad to see you!


POP: 26 July – 14 August.

People of this sign – the same leaders. But their feature – a passion for the grandiose scale and designs. You have always had little of your achievements, you tirelessly strive for hegemony in everything you undertake.


You feel calm and comfortable only if you are engaged in some extraordinary business.


VU: August 15 – September 3.

These people are very similar to those who were born under the sign of Chen. Your time – night, your main quality – wisdom. But at the same time you can draw energy from the sun. These contradictions – all your essence and mystery.


CIP: 4 – 23 September.

People born under this sign are known for their generosity and nobility. Your strength – in your honesty and justice needs. Your favorite place – the forest, and your totem animal – deer.


People like you usually achieve great successes of life and enjoy an unconditional authority among their associates.


SOTTS: September 24 – October 13.

These people have two totemic animals: a bat and a fish. This means that you easily adapt to any, even the newest habitat and yet do not feel any discomfort.


Best of all you feel yourself in two elements: air and sea. Whatever you do in life, you will still be easy and comfortable. The whole secret – in your special, “easy” attitude to life.


But be careful: those around you envy and do not miss the chance to ruin your destiny. Just out of harm.


SEC: 14 October – 2 November.

People like you possess both the charm of the sky and the beauty of the universe as a whole. Only you can solve problems so effectively! And only you can find several solutions for “unsolvable” problems.


To my colleagues and partners in life, you – a real gift. Because you always know what to do, where to go and what we should be engaged in, and what – no.


KSUL: 3 – 22 November.

People born under this sign are especially closely connected with the world of spirits. Your totem – a dog, so the other you – the embodiment of loyalty, devotion and friendship.


You are very strong, self-confident, but your greatest asset – your family.


YAKSKIN: November 23 – December 12.

These people were considered the direct descendants of the sun god Ah Kin. Your purpose and your mission – to help others, to protect people from the darkness and disease.


That’s why you are often called a healer by nature, even if you are engaged in some other profession. It is to you most often come to cry in the vest.


Your only drawback – indecision. Unfortunately, it’s practically impossible to fix this. So it’s better to learn to accept yourself as you are.


MOL: December 13th – January 1st.

Malls – these are people who bring others happiness and blessing. The Maya Indians addressed them when they asked the higher powers for rain. Of such people as you, most often strong spiritual leaders are obtained.




Emotions (from the Latin emoveo -. Stunning, waves) – it is a subjective reaction of man and the higher animals to any external and internal stimuli.


Each person in one way or another constantly experiences different emotions, but experiencing, or any emotion, we do not think that any experience affects breathing and muscles. For example, a prolonged background experience of anxiety leads to tension in the muscles of the neck, trapezium, and diaphragm.


This is an unhealthy type of stress that can contribute to the development of problems such as tension headache, temporomandibular joint syndrome, back pain, respiratory failure, which leads to an AVR, cardiovascular system, central nervous system and other health problems.


Some people feel that during a quarrel the pressure rises. And this feeling is not deceiving – everything is exactly what happens.

And it is not necessary to quarrel, it is enough to think about the quarrel one, two or five weeks after it happened, the American Journal of Psychophysiology states. Therefore, says the proverb is correct: a row – forget it.


Half-hour quarrel with a loved one for a day almost completely turns off the body’s ability to self-repair. Scientists at the University of Ohio have found that people who constantly quarrel with their partners, wounds heal more slowly. Researchers using a special device caused on the skin of the forearm micro-burns. When partners were asked to talk about the cause of a strong quarrel, the wounds healed by 40% longer.


Scientists explain these results that during the ejection of abuse occurs tsifotoksinov – molecules which are indicators of the inflammatory process. If the level of digitaloxins is constantly elevated, diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and cancer can develop.


In a person experiencing emotion, you can record the change in the electrical activity of the muscles of the face. Some changes are also observed in the electrical activity of the brain, in the functioning of the circulatory and respiratory systems.


The pulse of an angry or frightened person can be 40-60 beats per minute higher than normal. Such dramatic changes in somatic indices when a person experiences a strong emotion indicate that almost all neurophysiological and somatic systems of the body are involved in this process. These changes inevitably affect the perception, thinking and behavior of the individual, and in extreme cases can lead to somatic and mental disorders.


How does the main emotion affect the body?



When we are happy – body expands, it becomes easy, we are flying with happiness. All other emotions shorten, compress the body. Even amoeba – the simplest organism – contracts to protect against risk.



Imagine the situation: you are walking along the street, behind you hear the squealing of the brakes of the car. What do you feel? Your body contracts in the solar plexus. They say: “man paralyzed with fear”, “legs gave way” (especially the knees). This is the zone of fear in the body. Every feeling experienced by a person has certain areas of tension in the body. We always breathe the way we feel. Thus, with a pronounced fear, breathing always freezes.



The image of a man in anger is quite definite: jaws compressed, deep and heavy breathing. The neck is strained, especially its lateral surfaces, as well as the chest and hands (as for the impact). That’s it – the wrath of the zone.



Resentment – is unexpressed anger that under certain circumstances there is no way to express. Therefore, offense zones include anger zones. In addition, resentment squeezes the throat (lump in the throat). From insult, it catches its breath, heart hurts.


Emotion activates the autonomic nervous system, which in turn affects the endocrine and neuro-humoral systems. Reason and body require action. If an adequate emotion behavior for one reason or another is impossible for an individual, psychosomatic disorders threaten him.


Whatever the emotion experienced by a person – powerful or barely expressed – it always causes physiological changes in his body, and these changes are sometimes so serious that they can not be ignored.






Was it ever so that you walked along the street, grumbled, swore at everything, worried about what you have to do, about relationships with other people, about work, about your whole life – and suddenly some passer-by smiled at you ? And before you realized this, you also smiled at him? For a split second you have discarded all your troubles, straightened your shoulders slightly and moved on, knowing that everything will be all right. Sincere smile has tremendous power.


An inner smile radiates strong healing energy.


When you smile at someone, it feels better. When you smile at your plants, they feel the energy of your love and grow better. When you come home and shake your dog on the head and smile at her, she wags her tail to show you how happy she is. But if, when you come home, you shout at her and beat her, then she will cringe, growl or bite you. If you shout at your loved ones, they feel offended and unhappy.


A sincere smile is a sign of love and a transmitter of energy, which has a warming and healing effect. It’s like a means to create music. A person who does not smile is like a guitar that does not play: the guitar is in the corner, it starts to warp, its strings stretch, and gradually it splits and collapses. Similarly, one who does not smile does not develop his ability to give and receive love. His gloomy face and serious approach to life are often accompanied by cancer and other diseases, his life slowly collapses in the absence of care and love.


On the other hand, the guitar, which is taken care of, which is regularly wiped and changed in it by strings, on which they play, brings life and light to its master and often experiences it. Similarly, a smiling person brings joy to people’s lives and leads a happy and healthy life, which can be remembered for a very long time after his physical departure.


Unfortunately, until we all understand the difference between cheerful and gloomy people and until we connect happiness with health and sadness with illness, we do not recognize the power of a smile and will not appreciate all its potentialities. In short, we do not take seriously the problem of a smile directed towards our internal organs and nervous system.

Why, for example, if health is associated with a smile, there are no doctors who specialize in a smile? Why do doctors and nurses not use the energy of a smile to heal the ailments of their patients? Our hospitals would have to hire clowns and clowns to make their patients laugh. And, more importantly, why is the smile not used as a preventive, disease-preventing remedy? Smiling to your friends, relatives and loved ones, why do not we learn to smile at ourselves?

In ancient China, the Taoists taught that a constant inner smile, a smile to oneself guarantees happiness, health and longevity. Why? To smile to yourself is to bathe in love: you become your best friend. Living with a constant inner smile means living in harmony with yourself.

One look at our Western society shows that we do not know the secret of a smile. The lack of harmony with oneself is a tragic evidence. We are concerned about the increase in the number of physical and emotional diseases – from cancer to anorexia nervosa. Our love is always overshadowed by a world full of violence and self-destruction. Both individuals and society as a whole are at risk of excessive drug abuse and nuclear destruction. Somehow we lost the vision of Tao somewhere. We have violated the natural course of life, and with it the power to heal ourselves.


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