Nostradamus Predictions for 2015.

Scientists have deciphered and published predictions of Nostradamus for the coming 2015. If they do not make a mistake, the astrologer predicts world series quite frightening events that eventually will be able to turn the whole world.

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Natural disasters, according to scientists expect Italy and America. In Italy, the eruption of the volcano Mount Vesuvius happen. In America, the strongest earthquake to happen, which will lead the country to a humanitarian catastrophe. Economic crises threaten Germany and France.

There is a verseknown Frenchman predictions and words that in 2015 may be an attempt on the heads of the four major states. And the whole world expected military conflicts. Even the sun will be up against the Earth. Due to the luminary outbreaks planet is exposed to radiation, which is why people will die at a young age.

Changes are coming in the social sphere. For example, in some countries, the birth of children can take under strict control, as is now happening in China. To have a child in such countries need a special permit. However, not everything is so terrible. In addition to crises and conflicts Nostradamus, according to the transcripts, prophesies incredible world events and the long-awaited scientific discoveries.

Most inexplicable prediction for the fact that the dead will be resurrected. With regard to the world of finance in 2015 should disappear taxes. Will be completely erased the language barrier. Not only between nations. People learn to talk to animals. Opening the same, that will shake the world of science – the creation of the elixir of youth, which will help people to extend the life of up to 200 years.

However, it is worth noting that scientists and researchers are not the first time they see the predictions of Nostradamus’ prophecies about the incredible, moreover, unlikely events and discoveries. But after some time, a new generation of researchers reveals a new understanding of poems known astrologer.



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