West Framed pass Estonian fools, and they are happy to try!

Запад подставил под удар эстонских дуралеев, а те рады стараться!

Prime Minister of Estonia, and along with the chairman of the right-wing liberal Reform Party Taavi Rõivas said that the US military presence in the country is important for the security of the region, so the government will do everything to keep the US “an excellent host country.”

Naive fool! He seriously believes that an increase in funding such a presence in the four-fold to US $ 3.4 billion shows that the fate of Estonia to the United States “very important.”

Talking shop “the Washington Regional Committee” for the eccentric takes “good faith”, believing in a pivotal role in the Estonian real deterrent alleged Russian aggression. For the sake of the Estonian government is even ready to cover the costs in case of increasing the presence of allies.

Estonia has already allocated to the 2015-2019 years, 40 million euros to build the infrastructure needed for the allies: the barracks are being built in a military town in the Tape, upgraded central landfill and built the building in Tallinn NATO headquarters element. Military expenses in 2016 will amount to 449 million euros (2.07% of GDP), which exceeds the criteria for NATO.

Western countries are not left behind. Thus, the States have allocated $ 33 million for the purchase of Javelin anti-tank systems. We invested approximately $ 35 million in infrastructure in Tapa and Ämari (northern Estonia).

In the area of ​​special attention allies proved central landfill, which has built a variety of objects, allowing to carry out training exercises. And they will not stop …

The Estonian authorities are increasing power, informational, financial and infrastructural power, forgetting that such activity will not be ignored by Russia. The Russian Defense Ministry has pointed out that in the Baltic States is building up forces air cover, and tensions over the Russian border has increased by an order.

Even last year, the representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Army General Yuri Yakubov said that the appearance of US combat equipment in the Baltic States Russia will give an adequate response. group of forces along the perimeter of Russia’s western border will be strengthened (tanks, aircraft, artillery).

Estonia, indulging allies jeopardizes St. Petersburg, which is comparable, according to experts, only the placement of Soviet missiles in Cuba in 1962. This is pure aggression, a military challenge.

Estonian authorities to lick the heels of the Americans, it would seriously consider. The military doctrine of Russia, NATO has called the main geopolitical enemy, which entails certain consequences.

And do not forget that the Americans do not do anything just for beautiful eyes. All their investments in the Estonian military infrastructure, they easily beat off, billed Tallinn in the future for the “post” their military equipment. Intimidation Russia, as well as Estonia’s security (in this case, the imaginary) is well worth it. And do not care what Moscow attempts ridiculous action Reyvasa ..

Up to this point a chic life was relatively calm. Russian strategic missile “flew” through its territory. But now everything has changed: intermediate- and short-range missiles will be aimed at the Estonian town. However, such a fate can not be avoided, and Lithuania and Latvia.

Choosing the path of NATO bridgehead near the Russian border, the Estonian leadership to substitute the country under attack. In the case of NATO’s military aggression against Russia, not Europe, and Estonia will remain in the past … was small West coins forever erasing itself from the political map of the world.

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German media: Following the Schengen and the euro may disappear

The German government reigns despondency, and the length of the influx of refugees could lead to the restoration of the permanent control of the borders of the EU, writes the German media. And after Schengen may have to bury the euro, journalists said.

Немецкие СМИ: Вслед за Шенгеном может исчезнуть и евро

This year may prove to be one of the most important for the future of the EU and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the prospect is not encouraging. This writes Der Spiegel.

“Germany and its chancellor Angela Merkel, facing the biggest challenge after the collapse of the Eastern bloc”, – quotes RIA Novosti article.

As noted, the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker said that the long list of unsolved problems add new, and warned of a “crisis of confidence” in Europe. Relations within the EU is increasingly aggravated by the influx of refugees.

Other countries, including France and Italy, made it clear that the migratory crisis – this is a problem in Germany, says the author.

In addition, there is the question of Turkey, which, according to the EU, should play a key role in reducing the number of refugees. To do this, Ankara should receive EU € 3 billion, but the decision met with protests in Italy. Vice-Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, Sigmar Gabriel, he did not rule out that in the extreme case of Berlin will have to deal with the problem on their own.

The fate of the Schengen area and the euro.

The German government prevails “more disheartening than optimism,” is reflected in the article. There are fears that a further influx of refugees would lead to the restoration of the permanent control of the borders of the EU. If in the near future will ensure a reliable control of the external borders of the block, barriers like dominoes will fall anywhere from the south to the north.”
According to Der Spiegel, in this case, will have to bury the Schengen system, and with it, perhaps, Europe and other achievements. Thus, according to Juncker, without Schengen makes no sense and the euro.

Ultimatum of Bavaria and the Austrian border control.

Recall January 16, Prime Minister of Bavaria and head of the ruling in the Federal Republic of Germany in the coalition party “Christian Social Union” Horst Seehofer has put forward an ultimatum to Chancellor Angela Merkel, if in two weeks will not be provided with the order on the German border, he will file a lawsuit to the Constitutional Court Germany.

On the eve of Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann said that the authorities have started to enhanced scrutiny of entering the country temporarily thereby limiting the Schengen agreement.

According to Faymann, Austria would be “in the same way as Germany, hard to control borders and expel the refugees”. He stressed that the refugees are not sent on to Germany, from that moment will not be let in Austria.

He said that on the border necessarily need to have an identity card. “If the EU does not, it does not protect the external borders under the Schengen issue as such. Then each country must control its national borders, “- criticized the EU Faymann.




National Public Radio: “In Yellowstone Park felt strong tremors”






“The messages our listeners in the States of Idaho, Wyoming and Montana, felt the tremors that different intervals are repeated for more than an hour. Especially notable fluctuations are observed in areas adjacent to Yellowstone national Park. Eyewitnesses claim that you can see animals and birds, EN masse leaving the Park district. Residents worried and asked authorities to tell what’s going on.” – reports a leading American “National Public Radio”.

“We contacted the United States Geological survey (USGS), whose representative said that until you can thoroughly answer these questions, as the continued monitoring and analysis of incoming data. Also, the USGS noted that the number of data associated with Yellowstone can be classified in order to ensure national security. People are being asked to keep quiet about the earthquake already reported in the White House. We continue gathering information and as they arrive we will inform the residents of the state.”- the statement reads NPR.


Americans are thinking the exclusion of Latvia from NATO !

Американцы задумались об исключении Латвии из НАТО

On the pages of Forbes magazine was publicly recognized as “meaningless” stay the Baltics into NATO. From the membership of the Baltic countries in NATO greatly affected the security of the United States: as a result of their activities in NATO there is a threat of a nuclear war with Russia because of that damn America. For the Baltic elites, such statements from the ocean – a reminder that the American owners of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia – emergency ballast, which the United States, if necessary, easily be thrown overboard.

In one of the most famous and influential business media world – the American financial and economic magazine Forbes – earlier this month published “software” analytical article “Why America is a member of NATO?”, To question the appropriateness of the existence of the alliance, which does not guarantee the security of the United States but only puts this safety compromised.

The main idea of ​​the article – taking in new members, who are often weak, worthless and incapable of self-defense of the country, the Alliance forces the Americans to take custody of these new pitiful allies.

It is Washington only a headache, because it makes him get involved in all sorts of regional conflicts on the side of the countries that do not provide the security of the United States.

Countries that America in general, and do not need.

NATO expansion has long been turned into an end in itself – in practice, this expansion does not have any sense for Americans, not in the national interest of the United States, and eventually creates for the Pentagon to the State Department issues.

“Add to Montenegro – it’s like to get one more mindless friend in Facebook», – begins his article staffer Doug Forbes Bendou.

“The presidents and legislators continue to provide guarantees for the security of money and the lives of American citizens to foreign countries, and it happens even when – as is the case with Montenegro, when they have absolutely no value to the security of the United States,” – writes Forbes.

Business publication exposes the ruthless criticism of the policy of recruiting NATO with caustic sarcasm criticizing the principle of “expansion for expansion,” in which America is required, for example, carry the alliance commitments to Turkey – a “friend-enemy” of the United States, where the government is Islamist Erdogan, criticized furiously in his speeches “decadent West” and “American imperialism”, but once running for help to the Allies after they provoked the conflict with Russia.

However, a much more vivid example of useless and pathetic allies that America hoisted on his shoulders and is now forced to defend them, even though they do not need her or Europe – is the Baltic countries, with merciless candor named Forbes «helpless nations.”

“The expansion at the expense of the Baltic States turned a colossal mistake, which resulted in NATO became helpless nation in defense are not interested the rest of Europe, the countries that have no geopolitical significance to America, however, involved in the acute controversy with Russia, – says the American edition. – If there is something bad, then America with minimal support from the European “allies” – they are likely to seek refuge in Brussels – will have, apparently, have to deal with having a nuclear weapons Russia over the disputed issues of greater interest to Moscow than to Washington. ”

“Security of the United States significantly affected by the addition of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania”, – concludes Forbes, and on the basis of this conclusion, urging people not to repeat the Baltic “colossal mistake” in the “Eastern Partnership”, taking in Georgia and Ukraine.

It is noteworthy that Forbes said not a word about the “imperial ambitions” or “aggressive neighborhood” – the conflict between Russia and the Baltic States there is an objective, but the cause of his stated “heated debate” between Moscow and the Baltic countries.

Who this policy is – a rhetorical question, given that the adoption of the latest Foreign Policy Concept of the Russian Federation (2013), in which the Baltic states did not say a word, legally approved diplomatic line in Moscow against Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia is ignoring the whole Trinity.

Contemptuous silence – is a universal Russian official response to calls to its international isolation, the comparison with the Third Reich and female hysteria about the “terrorist state.”

Only a few months later, without any apparent connection with these public attacks, suddenly found themselves banned Latvian sprats, came under embargo “milk” and Russian transit redirected to the Baltic ports in Russia.

So the conflict between Russia and the Baltic states to blame Baltic states – says a leading US business publication, and by appealing to the most holy – to the “life of American citizens” – asks the question: why America must expose themselves to the threat of nuclear war with Russia because of the verbal incontinence Dalia Grybauskaite and Edgar Rinkevich?

Namely this Baltic Allies eventually from her and need: not a week goes by that of Vilnius did not hear the next call for increased US presence in the region, including the military presence.

For the Baltic States, and can be no question that they are fighting for themselves: no, we are small, responsible for our words about a “new Mordor” have allies.

Allies must do: they have to increase the presence of NATO in the region, the Baltic countries send in their military contingents, put them overland NATO base, going for it on a direct conflict with Russia.

This behavior, by the way, contrary to the bedrock of the Anglo-Saxon culture, and Americans are taught from birth that count in life only for themselves, responsible for his words and be able to stand up for themselves, can only cause disgust.
This aversion to read the publication Forbes between the lines, this disgust and question why the United States allies in the “helpless nation”?
“In the end, since the end of World War II, it passed 70 years. GDP and population of the European Union more than the corresponding figures in America, and much more than in Russia. Is it not time for the rich friends of Washington begin to defend themselves yourself? “- Angrily writes American magazine, noting that because of its craven allies, the White House continues to” risk the lives of its citizens, because Europe does not want to worry about is to have a sufficient number of men and women in uniform. ”
For Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia publication Forbes – a reminder that the Baltic Washington – emergency ballast is that the United States, if necessary, easily be thrown overboard, which is not for their value, and that Americans just do not go to war.
Article Forbes – is not just an article, because I Forbes – is not just a business magazine.
Forbes – is one of the mouthpieces of Wall street, this “wall newspaper” the first economy in the world, a voice that says business and political elite of the United States.
Forbes said its valuable than quantity, and quality of the audience about the “best workers” (rating of the richest people in the world) and the problems in the super-corporation called the USA.
Publication of the miserable, useless, and threaten the security of US allies in NATO could not appear in the media like nothing.
The American establishment realized the situation with “helpless nations” as a problem, concluded that no value Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to the United States do not represent, and publicly made it clear that, if necessary, Washington will hand over the Baltic states.

You’ll know when to begin ! ?


Terror in Paris. Our bomber shot down by Turkey. Crimea without electricity as a result of sabotage … Finally, two things are clear.

First. The world is ruled badly.

Control worthless. Seven, Twenty, UN AZES, EEC, BRICS, the World Council of Churches, UNESCO … All not remember.

Dozens of important organizations, dozens of important presidents, thousands of important ministers, millions of spies, analysts, police, the FBI, the Federal Security Service, MI-6 and so on. And so on. An incredible financial, industrial, intellectual power.

They really rule the world. But the run really bad, obviously. Again, as a hundred or two hundred years ago, the battle begins for the Bosporus and the Dardanelles.

Famine, war, rampant terrorism – is similar to the planet Earth, where power belongs to the sentient beings?

Can foolish people choose smart leaders? They can come to power intelligent and good? Hardly. For smart and good are not ready to walk over corpses, voices produce intimidation and dirty money.

Second. Until now, no one has sold a nuclear bomb to terrorists.

When they shoot in Paris, we know that someone has sold their Kalashnikovs.

When illiterate savages missile surface to air churning modern bomber or helicopter – it means someone sold savages MANPADS and learned where to click.

Once someone will sell them the atomic bomb, we will have time to understand it. All will have time to understand, but those who would be too close …

… America trained and armed thousands of “do not understand someone” – and almost all of them went to the insurgents (the devil knows what to call them and theirs groups). America thought that the arms of friends, allies. The error came.

There are cases much worse. In the first Chechen war (yes, probably in the second), the Chechens fought the Russian Russian weapons. Crew Artyom Borovik (“Top Secret”) managed to take the sale of weapons to the enemy: a) the bargaining between the Russian officer and field commander: how much and what weapons the Chechens get for the specified amount; and b) the requirement of a Russian officer: “Our site is not used!” This officer took care of himself and his soldiers. The fact that the neighboring property will perish fellow soldiers, he, as we see, is not worried.

We certainly hope that the nuclear powers will not use nuclear weapons. The greatest hope we have those who are here on earth, loves girls, boys, skiing, Courchevel … But, alas, there is no hope for those who are here on Earth, does not like anything; to those in the sky joyfully await Allah and houris.

Even the leader of North Korea likes to earthly pleasures. Probably, it should keep him out of the use of the atomic bomb. He knows that will fly back. Yes, and red French wine and white blonde Europe, too, is run out, alas.

– They do not have the means of delivery! – Says durachё.

There is! They have an incredible amount of these funds. The delivery is called a “suicide bomber”. If he detonates explosive belt on himself, then he does not care what sort of amazing elements: nails, screws, or uranium, plutonium …

(Some of the means of delivery, we know even by name. Those, for example, who brought to London a little polonium infected restaurants, hotels, airplanes, the world was stunned.)

… Once the atomic and hydrogen bombs were only in the Soviet Union and the United States; blissful times. Although these powers were responsible in millimeters from nuclear war (Cuban Missile Crisis).

Now there are nuclear weapons in several countries about which we know for sure; and still have a few about whom we guess; and yet some stubbornly working to develop, and it is difficult to say how long they will be tormented more …

But we, unfortunately, do not know what to do, even the most civilized. One minute before Turkey was hit by our bomber, no one had not occurred, that this could happen. Neither we nor the Turks, neither the Americans nor the Europeans. But it happened. And until now, no one knows – why? Why Erdogan left their hotel without our tourists, our country without our customers just what horrible (gold, carpets, coats).

… The most civilized place on earth two thousand years ago was considered Rome. We do not know, as I have done to Nero, if he had an atomic bomb. His own he burned Rome primitive means.

The world looks with horror as savages crowbar and pickaxe shattered priceless masterpieces, unique monuments of culture. But this is a misconception. In fact, these people consume scrap sinful delusion.

Only 90 years ago, here in Russia, we blew up the church, cut icons. They were not thinking: who the architect? painter who? They did not destroy the masterpieces of culture, they struggled with confusion.

Inquisition burned people alive; Well it was not sadistic, it’s to be done for the salvation of the souls of sinners.

That will save us, do not have time to gasp.

* * *

… I do not know whether there had been Taliban fighters ISIL-s and other errors with a nuclear bomb. We do not know whether they have a national anthem. We can give them the best, most appropriate. First, the great poet Alexander Blok wrote:

We are on the mountain all bourgeois
World in Flames blow up,
World fire in the blood –
God bless!

This “God bless!” – Just fine. With this prayer is best to blow up churches and priests … Then hang the Bloc a little corrected and put on a soldier’s music. As it happened:

We are on the mountain all bourgeois
World in Flames blow up!
World fire burning!
The bourgeoisie is trembling!

Whether to .into Arabic, or let the fighters will learn from the errors in Russian. Russian there is now enough

Welcome to all!


Excuse the site after the loss. Server were minor problems, but now everything is restored. You are all welcome. Kalev.


Czech Social Services released a brochure for Ukrainian prostitutes !!!

Czech social services prepared for Ukrainian prostitutes illegal pamphlets memo “Welcome to the Czech Republic.” The booklet in graphic form played with typical situations in the life of a prostitute, her hardships and adversities, problems communicating with colleagues (other prostitutes), leadership (pimps) customers.
The comic young Ukrainian woman arrives in the Czech Republic illegally and take up employment in the service sector. Her colleagues help her integration of adaptation into Czech society. But as you know, European civilization maintains a high level of medical care and, therefore, the girl from the former Soviet Union need to learn how to avoid sexually transmitted diseases and undergo regular medical examinations.

Чешская брошюра для нелегальных украинских проституток


The booklet is reviewed and a number of interesting techniques from the arsenal of experienced prostitutes for example, imperceptible to the customer putting on a condom.

My boss says I should do what customers want. But sometimes I do not want to. Here in Bohemia and Moravia there are a lot of clubs. If you are someone will be forced to do something you do not want find yourself another club or go on the street he advises her friend prostitutes.

The booklet clearly shows, and the most common sexually transmitted diseases, their symptoms in men and women.

Word – ancient viruses on the planet !

Слово – древнейший вирус на планете

In this essay, I would like to share with you the concept of the universe. Perhaps it sounds too ambitious, but it’s just my speculation, my understanding of the process under the nickname of “life.” I’ve been trying to understand the puzzle of what is happening and too sure what our eyes see – nothing more than an illusion. To this conclusion I have brought the description of the facts in the previous articles, for example, the impermanence of the universe.

Start like to many well-known term “In the beginning was the word.” To draw an analogy of the term with the launch of the program on any PC, the fact of creation of the world can be reduced to writing and running the program. This program is incredibly versatile, complex and thought-out – it is impossible to understand the idea and appreciate all sides, we have a chance to snatch only a grain of truth in the plan.

We are the particles of the program, which has lived and developed by our thoughts and energy. We are like batteries that feed the structure of the universe and do not allow the sun to fade. Initially, human life on this planet was ideal, disease, warrior, inflation and all that we are now seeing the window. The world has changed significantly, when the program started to introduce the virus. Like the original “word”, which gave rise to all, the malicious code is in the form of the same words, but with a negative message.

Perhaps you’ve noticed how you can influence a person with words. When the child’s upbringing by various methods appear completely different product. Immediately I want to recall the experiences of Japanese scientists on the water, under the influence of abusive and negative words in general, the structure of the water begins to break down and distorted. Do not forget about how we are trying to stultify the use of information on television and radio waves. Under the influence of a variety of information in the human body can create positive or negative background for life. Sometimes it is much easier to endure physical injury than those that gets people perceiving words / information from such wounds can not buy medicines at the pharmacy.

The energy structure of each person has a certain matter, which in the course of life grows and creates the personality of what it fills itself. In order to more clearly present the process, I would call the human hive, and the bees – the matter that is created by words. Initially, the “bees” – an ideal product that has a set of very useful programs. But once a person is born, his hive begins to be subjected to constant attacks from other “bees” that carry malicious code in the form of various temptations, negativity, anger of others, jealousy and a host of other things that are trying to penetrate into the essence of the person and make it a byproduct of the system . Over time, the original clean source of human vitality are increasingly infected with the negative impact of the environment and other people “hives.”

Originally, this planet was not exposed to any kind of evil is somewhere in the sky or under the earth – it does not matter, there was not a war. As we have too many clean energy, which is not indifferent to the different creatures in the universe. And apparently, some of them could find a way to use our unconscious body to steal this energy had to do was right to infect the entire system.

Thus, the word and thought – two cornerstones that are the founders of our lives. You can afford to go too far and imagine that there is no reality, and all around – nothing more than the thoughts of people realized that every day send requests to the source of everything, and he in turn – sends the finished code.

I quite difficult to present all aspects of the process by means of a Word, because not all of that, I think, is the place to be – it is ready to put on the word.

Author: Andersen

NASA predicts a five-month night on Earth in November !

NASA прогнозирует полумесячную ночь на Земле в ноябре US space agency expects total darkness in the second half of November. NASA scientists believe that this astronomical phenomenon will occur because of “collusion” Venus, Jupiter and the sun. Fortnightly night starts on November 15 at 3:00 GMT and will end on November 30 writes portal “News of the world.”

The head of NASA, Charles Bolden made with the White House a scientific report. In his words, Venus and Jupiter get into parallelism, and will be separated by one degree. According to the assumptions, Venus will begin to move along the south-west vector of Jupiter, as a result begin to reflect light ten times more intense than a gas giant. Outgoing radiation from Venus will begin to heat the gas on Jupiter that will provoke a response.

The space gets a large amount of hydrogen. When his reaction to the sun followed by powerful explosions and the temperature on the red star to increase by a thousand degrees. Sun will start the fight bombings, increasing heat radiation. Because of this, the surface of the lights will turn a bluish tint. Due to a series of astrophysical phenomena on Earth dusk. Under the influence of the Earth night stay for two weeks.

The phenomenon is comparable with long nights in Alaska and the Russian Arctic, scientists say.

Terrible excited cryptographic puzzle online !

The ominous message from an unknown destination, what could it mean?

It all started with the fact that the author of a technical blog GadgetZZ.com named Johnny received an envelope from Poland with a mysterious CD-ROM to your Swedish postal address. On normal “pig» DVD black felt-tip pen was written some code, similar to a serial number.

After inserting the CD into your computer, the blogger found it quite eerie at the video, which contains an incredible amount of encrypted messages and shows a man dressed in a typical costume “plague doctor» XVII century.

Hand with flashing a flashlight in his hand, he submits certain signs that can be Morse code or something similar, such as binary code. The mysterious man is in an abandoned building, the walls of which also contains a variety of ciphers.

Being pretty intrigued, Johnny asked his readers to help him decipher this message, but experts in the video found some very disturbing things. For example, some missed the video soundtrack via the spectrogram and saw several messages.

Among them – the phrase You are already dead («You are already dead»), We are the antivirus («We – Antivirus”), as well as some kind of screaming creepy image of a human face, bound women and men without legs.

Another user tries to decipher the signs that flash on the video, and suddenly got the code «E2-E3 D1-F3 F1-C4 F3xF7» – checkmate in four moves in chess. The video also appeared encrypted GPS-coordinates 38.897709, -77.036543 that point to the White House in Washington DC (USA).

Among other things – recorded Morse offer RED LIPSLIKE TENTH, which proved to be an anagram KILL THE PRESIDENT («Kill the President”), the binary string that indicates the phrase “you have only a year or even less” in Spanish, and someone found out that a week ago, a user with the nickname Parker Wright uploaded this video on Youtube titled 11B-X-1371.

Anyway, the mystery frightening video is still not solved and users around the world trying to decipher ominous messages. Maybe you can help?


The world is on a knife-edge, and the West can not be saved.

In a column for the popular socio-political publications Opednews “the father of ReaganomicsPaul Craig Roberts said – the world will survive only if Russia and China will no longer hold on to the hollow shell of Western civilization.”

Мир находится на лезвии ножа, и Запад уже не спасти

“Before the West began to spread democracy abroad, maybe he should have left her a little for themselves. The US is an oligarchy in which the government is accountable to the six powerful group of private interests. In Europe, governments are accountable to the EU, Washington and private bankers, but not in front of their nations “- wrote a famous writer and economist.

In his view, the United States to impose “democracy” is not a value in itself, but a cover for the aggressive policy of the Western elites governing their countries and intend to continue to do so for their own benefit.

“As far as I can tell, not only democracy left the Western world, but also compassion, empathy for others, morality, honesty, self-respect, respect for truth, justice, loyalty. Western civilization has turned into a hollow shell. It is nothing left except violence , greed, coercion, “- says the former assistant to the president of the USA.

“When I read, hopefully, wrong reports that Russian President Putin wants to be a partner of the West, I wonder why such a powerful country, returning to the light from the darkness, wants to be a partner of Satan. Maybe Putin is acting in the interest of humanity, seeking to defuse a dangerous situation created by Washington and its NATO puppets personal “, – says sincerely Roberts.

“The Western world is on its last legs. Unemployment is a horror for the European and American young people, especially the educated. The young American, moved the burden of student debt, offer the Internet” sponsors “sex for financial support”, – he said.

“The mentality of Wall Street – unlimited greed – picked up in the life of Americans, and now greed is exported to Europe, which today as the United States is a vacant lot opportunities for young people. Greece sacrificed banksters, Spain, Italy and Portugal are waiting in the wings” – shares eksprert. “Instead of independent European countries strengthens the fascist centralization of power. In recent years we have witnessed how banksters, acting through the EU can appoint a supposedly democratic government in Greece and Italy,” – he is going through.

“In the western world is restored aristocracy of wealth. If Russia and China to join the” Partnership “, that billions of people will be managed by a handful of mega-rich elite. The world is on a knife edge. The West does not save,” – concludes Roberts.

“Russia and China could follow after him, as they have suffered from the tyranny and look to the west on the road to freedom and independence. But Western paths lead to the” domination, exploitation and pillage of the peoples of the world “, – he quotes, asking” Will Russia and China to participate in the robbery and they will resist him firmly defending the interests of humanity? “

In Europe, 20 000 militants invaded ISIS as refugees

В Европу вторглись 20 тысяч боевиков ИГИЛ под видом беженцев

Lebanese minister says that in Europe under the guise of refugees infiltrated more than 20 thousand militants “Islamic state.” They intend to move the fighting into the EU.

Lebanese Education Minister Elias Bou Saab (Elias Bou Saab) stated that among the 1.1 million refugees who have flooded Europe, tens of thousands of fighters hiding group “Islamic State” (banned in Russia). According to him, about one fiftieth refugee is a member of a terrorist organization. This Lebanese warned British Prime Minister David Cameron during his visit to Lebanon.
Saab recognized that specific data on the number of terrorists among the refugees did not have, but the “gut feeling” tells him that this is what happens. It is concerned that the Islamists used the desperate situation of the refugees for their own purposes.

“The sixth sense tells us that LIH conducting an operation to penetrate into Europe and other regions. We assume (the refugees” – approx. Ed.), Only two percent of the radicals. But this is more than enough – said Saab, reports The Daily Express.

He noted that refugees in Europe penetrate trained militant groups that even outwardly distinguished from the general flow of migrants. In addition, Islamists recruit fighters among the refugees.

Earlier, Pope Francis also warned that with the flood of refugees to Europe terrorists. In an interview with the Portuguese Radio Renascenca, the pope acknowledged that one of the goals of the Islamists could be Vatican.

In recent months, Europe is faced with a huge influx of illegal immigrants from North Africa and the Middle East. Most of them are fleeing from war and mass terror unleashed by the rebels “Islamic state” in the territories under their control.

The situation threatens to spiral out of control. EU countries argue about who and how much should accept refugees, while those thousands of illegally crossing the border. Experts warn that a migration crisis could turn into a catastrophe and the collapse of Europe. This was stated, inter alia, the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. In Europe were heard talk about the revision of the Schengen Agreement and calls to abandon the free movement of citizens.

To curb the flow of migrants, some countries used troops. Hungary is building a wall on the border with Serbia. Denmark at the time to stop rail link with Germany. In Germany itself, clashes between opponents of mass migration and anti-fascists. The radicals set fire to shelters for refugees.

Against this background, more often heard the warnings about the penetration of terrorist groups on the territory of European states. British counterintelligence summer warned that the militants “Islamic state” are preparing for a major terrorist attack in Europe, including the use of bombs quadrocopters. Intelligence agencies claim that the leaders of the IG obsessed major terrorist attack that would have rivaled the attacks of 11 September 2001 at the Twin Towers in New York City.

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Mara Salvatrucha.

In 2013, photographer Adam Hinton from London managed to get inside the institution, which was originally built to accommodate 800 inmates and is now the nearly 2,500 members of the Mara Salvatrucha. Mara Salvatrucha, which means “Salvadoran gang stray ants a well-organized international criminal groups; one of the most violent, and many fast-growing street gangs of Central and North America.

Портреты заключенных сальвадорской тюрьмы, в которую боятся войти даже охранники заключенные, портрет, тюрьма

It deals with many types of criminal business, including trafficking in drugs, arms and human beings; robbery, racketeering, contract killings, kidnappings for ransom, pimping, car theft, money laundering and fraud.

 Портреты заключенных сальвадорской тюрьмы, в которую боятся войти даже охранники заключенные, портрет, тюрьма

Портреты заключенных сальвадорской тюрьмы, в которую боятся войти даже охранники заключенные, портрет, тюрьма

Портреты заключенных сальвадорской тюрьмы, в которую боятся войти даже охранники заключенные, портрет, тюрьма

Портреты заключенных сальвадорской тюрьмы, в которую боятся войти даже охранники заключенные, портрет, тюрьма

Портреты заключенных сальвадорской тюрьмы, в которую боятся войти даже охранники заключенные, портрет, тюрьма

Портреты заключенных сальвадорской тюрьмы, в которую боятся войти даже охранники заключенные, портрет, тюрьма

Портреты заключенных сальвадорской тюрьмы, в которую боятся войти даже охранники заключенные, портрет, тюрьма

Портреты заключенных сальвадорской тюрьмы, в которую боятся войти даже охранники заключенные, портрет, тюрьма

Портреты заключенных сальвадорской тюрьмы, в которую боятся войти даже охранники заключенные, портрет, тюрьма

Портреты заключенных сальвадорской тюрьмы, в которую боятся войти даже охранники заключенные, портрет, тюрьмаhttp://kalevholland.planet.ee//wp-admin/post-new.php



Location and time of the Third World can not be changed…


Black Swan always comes up from the backwater that everyone forgot. From any creek or a backwater in shallow water, which has long been no one drowned, and which is therefore considered safe. Or overgrown slough sedge quiet, undisturbed by anyone whose surface is thickly overgrown with duckweed and safely hid all living in it evil. And when the sign of the invisible evil wizard whole legion of minions of darkness suddenly break out on the surface, only seconds separated measured peaceful life from chaos, terror and destruction …

Who would have thought that a prosperous Europe for some years – a moment in history! – Turn into the real zone of coercion? Her ruthless trolls Greece, seriously threatening the collapse of the euro zone and default. The newly countries satisfied with the eastern edge of hysteria, see during the regular nightmare, Russian submarines and planes, thereby obtaining an excuse to settle at US military bases in perpetuity.

Место и время Третьей мировой изменить нельзя

US shamelessly scare spineless Hollande for “Mistral”, exposing him not to fool and mumble, but something like that. Plus still trying to make the old world for some reason, and freeze simultaneously buy their tankers with shale gas on the student’s record is quite a price …

However, the crown of American efforts to transform the EU into a cozy area for all stray crowd became refugees from the Middle East. What is the attitude towards them is America? Yes, the most direct. Most immigrants are provided with decent facilities.

It is even said that in the flight from the homeland they have paid nothing less than five thousand euro. Since not all counted millions of migrants clearly can not be that kind of money, there is not a good assumption is that they are of someone gave. Who? The answer arises by itself – the one who the money and prints. Let not the euro, and the dollar – to change, you know, not for long.

The main question, however, is the purpose for which the United States is doing.


To answer it, it is necessary, first of all, to understand the mechanism of this phenomenon of migration of peoples, because it represents something completely new in the known history.

According to the classical theory of migration, in the first generation migrants remain outsiders. The second generation feel to the new home free, but the connection with the ethnic Homeland loses. Third, the knee becomes completely his.

It is, however, true for speculative conclusions that were derived from the examples of individual households in the relatively small amounts of well-fed forwards in Europe somewhere in the last century.

However, in practice, the current situation is very different from her previous counterparts:

1. The degree of assimilation of alien no one checked, so to speak, on the mass. How to behave migrants in the host country, if they will not thousands, but millions? And if ten million? A thirty? And if they will be more than the indigenous population? It will also be migration or, for a moment, the conquest?

2. The difference between cultures and seriously investigated was not. Well, imagine what would happen if Europe, where quietly go manicured men in tights, unleash millions of adults, to put it mildly, poorly educated, energetic men and women with a strong traditional education? Do you think that in two hundred Muslim generation is able to shave off his beard, wives disperse, make up and marry a neighbor? Certainly not.

With one hundred percent probability we can say that it will spits on the sidewalk every time you kissing a guy with fifty percent – that got involved in a fight with them. Because in his view it is not the people or even animals, but something created things against the will of Allah. And I must say, in this approach, there is a large element of truth.

3. Living huge diaspora, visitors provide their children a stable connection with the customs of the motherland. Therefore, neither the second nor the third, nor the tenth generation in this scenario will not accept the European values, especially since in their view can be called pedophilia value is very conditional.

4. Follow the headache becomes Indigenous to the alien hordes. It is clear that it will deteriorate in direct proportion to the number of persons. And at the European level, democracy, the people will not remain silent for a long time and will require the resignation of the government, which is unable to solve the problem, growing like a snowball.

Attempts to colonize obscure Marroco, Syrians and Libyans in a well-kept houses burghers will, most likely, to the stabbing. Destitute refugees, who were waiting for a very different reception, will have nothing to lose. Since the degree of the family, national and social cohesion in their times higher and the level of aggression is much higher than that of same-sex Europeans have long muddle gender roles and forgotten what reckoning, a winner at home easy to predict.

5. The problem is compounded by the fact that the unknown and, apparently, a very decent percentage of allegedly fleeing from ISIS is the very ISIS. According to the official, that is, the known data, there are about 4 000 thousands of fanatical thugs who gave an oath to kill mercilessly wrong, but in reality – all to whom their employer to incite …

I would not want to consider a scenario with the army, but it looks like old Europe no other choice left. How to behave migrants? Well, logically, if they are found to 5 000 euros, it is much easier to find the weapons …

Development of the situation can not be good for the same reason that there could be no winners in Ukraine: the parties to the conflict are not independent in their actions and play on other people’s interests. Controlled America can not do a combination of three fingers and close the doors to refugees. Controlled the same America refugees will not stop and will not return to their homeland. Partly controlled by America and certainly it grown ISIS not stop the war.

Clash of nations and religions – it is much worse than the war in the Donbass, and even massacre LIH. Because they do not want their genetically shoot her, despite the fact that they have inspired the idea, if these his – the most that neither is a strange thing.

The war between Christians and Muslims in this heart-pounding atmosphere as in Europe today, could break out without any processing of the brain, by a spark, a burning in some domestic squabble. Each party, at best, subconsciously, and for the most part actually said the other alien and hostile. Millions pissed, driven to despair of armed men, most of whom have combat experience against the apathetic tolerant Europeans … Oil Painting.

Will pour fuel on the fire and Eastern European countries, and not to developed stage of capitalism, however, forced to share the burden of the European Union on a par with Germany and France. Only the very naive could think that the threat of default over to Greece.

Bring to this stage any Bulgaria with 1/4 of the working population unemployed easy as ABC. And if you add on here the UK are willing to sacrifice for the sake of dubious charms of the EU closed the borders for refugees, the picture is not drawn with oil, and gasoline.

When the situation of migrants applied disintegration of the eurozone – and, judging from the two is an example, it will not be delayed until the Greek calends – Europe will fall into a tailspin, comparable only with the Second World War.

Of course, in a sophisticated mozgovёrtstve experts from the Pentagon played on the features of a European nature and take into account the psychology of the loser. Europe gave in to Hitler almost without a fight. At the end of the last century, she also gave up without a fight America. Silly smiling, she let herself be expanded by replacing the inside of moral values ​​in the wild perversion of human nature. Now she plays in toleration and meekly surrenders crowds of Middle Eastern migrants.

The purpose with which the United States is so skillfully and brutally kill their old ally – Europe remain unclear, if not to remember that the ideological paradigm of capitalism, everything begins and ends with money.

There is no doubt that the beating in agony overseas demon will do everything to delay their death. The emerging peak of the dollar, which in China is going to have peace, neither Ukraine nor Syria nor immature LIH is not to slow down. It can be stopped only by a global cataclysm. Kindle universal apocalypse loggerheads Muslim and Christian world, going back to the Middle Ages – just for fun bored elders financiers.

Given the fact that the most serious opponents of America – Russia and China – are located on the Eurasian continent, the United States should destabilize it much more active than Africa or Latin America. What, in fact, they are engaged in recent years.

Therefore, in the region of their intention not to be limited to the simple organization of multiple color revolutions. It put a global challenge: armed conflict should cover not individual States, but the entire continent. Hence the terrible but inevitable conclusion: the key and the ultimate goal of modern US policy in Eurasia is a third world war.

That is why a series of artificial upheaval in the Middle East and the former Soviet Union carried out in adjacent countries and has been concentrated in a short period of time. With it, you have to create as a springboard for a broader spread of the virus war.

The launch was scheduled to begin a broad front with Syria, whose fall would be caught unawares Eastern oil kingdoms and brought down to the price of black gold. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other countries have finally switched to control America, and later – LIH. As a result, it is possible that the global economic crisis would begin two years earlier, and Russia would have to fight right to the entire Middle East.

But, as said at the time of Wang on the issue of the Third World, “Syria has not yet fallen.” The Islamic state is not received at the mercy promised Uncle Sam Assad began to play by their rules. Fear, sometimes becoming the best advisor, sheikhs and emirs forced to seek an alliance with the more stable and spiritually strong partner – Russia.

Aggressive demon LIH hung in the air, and his energy was unclaimed. Any good such a balance of power, of course, could not lead.

The next attempt to launch a global war on the US State Department was, of course, unhappy Ukraine. If not for the Minsk Agreement, stop the fighting, it is quite possible that we would be at war now, with half the world. It seems many rumors and stuffing about nuclear weapons, cruised in the Donbass, based not on an empty place, and mercenaries with different skin colors would take care of his delivery.

But Poroshenko, crawled with a broken backbone after Minsk-1 and Minsk-2 signed non-alcoholic after 16 hours, with all its vile commercial nature, fighting is still not resumed. The project “Ukraine” failed, and the US were forced to use a fallback.

To send LIH bored with absolutely uncontrollable flow of refugees into Europe was a matter of technique. Advertisement in the media image of drowning, starving, dirty migrants who takes in a clean, beautiful Europe – a problem for school child.

Question: What do the armed (not to be naive) crowd of people, which shows how it is killing children prosperous EU does not want to communicate with her? If, moreover, the crowd bustles with Islamic radicals provocateurs, who know exactly where, when and how to direct people’s anger? ..

Like Europe, survived the full horrors of fascism, plenty thrive at home could well plunge? Where to sleep her intelligence? What kind of chewed gum for a year of its analysts? And why, why did not she listened to Putin, a year ago in Brisbane offers her alliance against America?

If the situation comes to bloody clashes in at least one place of the Old World, friendly Muslims associated general intelligence network throughout Europe will rise less than a day. And they can be stopped, only to destroy – is not cowardly Bandera not paid Maidan opposition hold earned money. The Islamic world will fight for their victory or to death.

After learning about the use of force against fellow Muslims, Near and Middle East will not remain on the sidelines.

Thus, to date, the EU left two choices: get killed without a fight, to make Europe a part of Asia, or start World War III.

The method of organization of the wars the United States standard, ad nausea:

1) to destroy the population of intelligence and ability to think independently. In Europe, this happened after the rejection of normal sexual relations and their replacement is literally God knows what;

2) to instill the idea that if it would undermine the full realization of the very existence of the state – the EU is the idea of ​​tolerance, up to the failure from themselves;

3) To help realize this vision. We are witnesses to this final stage.

All. It is done. We can only sit and wait, in any particular place and what kind of person would be triggered by the explosion. Exodus do not need to predict – there are no winners, some losers.

Meanwhile, a way out of America’s European nightmare is quite simple. Solving the problem of migrants is not Europe, and in their homeland. After the settlement of the conflict in the Middle East, the issue of refugees will disappear by itself. To do this, you need to withdraw from the LIH American pointers, especially because Islamic radicals, by definition, can not be fully controlled by anyone.

In itself the Islamic State is hardly capable of such a pragmatic actions as the seizure of the European Union. Therefore, no matter how terrible and disgusting, I have to go to the dialogue with the thugs. Poking their nose into their own unenviable role of the American anti-Russian instrument of revenge, you can get some semblance of contact – play for foreign team in the detriment of the interests proud fanatics will definitely not.

Who will do it? Well, okay … who we’re staying forever and extreme fighting one on one. Though Napoleon, though with the Nazis, even with LIH. And who beats Vladimir Vladimirovich and the ability to negotiate and to make an offer you can not refuse? The more so because it is not about a local conflict, but a global war.

As Wang said, “Everything will melt like ice, only one will remain untouched – the glory of Vladimir, the glory of Russia. Too much is sacrificed. Nobody can stop Russia. All of it will sweep away from his ways and not only continue, but will be master of the world. ”

And if so, then to a third world war is not come to that.

Author: Julia Brazhnikova

“Sting Millennium” was finished!

«Афера тысячелетия» завершилась!

The last batch of our uranium went overseas. Russia had paid US indemnity for the defeat in the Cold War.
Almost none of the Russian media did not pay attention to an event that happened in the last month. From the port of St. Petersburg on a journey across the Atlantic sailed merchant ship Atlantic Navigator. On board – containers with Russian uranium.

The deal “Gore – Chernomyrdin”: the true goals of our American “partners”.

This was the last batch of uranium, which was sent to the United States on the basis of signed 20 years ago, the Russian-American agreement providing for the supply to the United States 500 metric tons of uranium, which Russia undertook to extract from its nuclear weapons and that America intended to be used as fuel for nuclear power plants for operation, this uranium deal actively discussed in the 1990s, but today, the theme was “behind the scenes” discussions of the key issues of our lives. A younger generation just did not heard about it. Therefore, we must be reminded of its history. Immediately, I note that this is no ordinary trade and economic deal beneficial to both parties. This act of the biggest robberies in Russia is not only the newest in its history, but also in the entire history of the country. Russia lost the Cold War the West, primarily the United States. He lost in no small part due to the treacherous policy of our leaders. These upper classes continued to take the country in the 1990s. “The uranium deal” – acceptance of our treacherous to pay tribute to the top winner in the form of weapons-grade uranium. The principal agreement on this was reached between the then Prime Minister VS Chernomyrdin and US Vice President Albert Gore, so this transaction is often referred to as transaction Gore – Chernomyrdin. It is also called “scam of the Millennium” by virtue of an unprecedented magnitude. In fact, it was an operation of the West, which solves several strategic goals:

a) unilateral nuclear disarmament by depriving Russia of its stocks of weapons-grade uranium, as well as the preparation of conditions for the US withdrawal from the ABM Treaty;

b) applying a huge economic loss of Russia (the accumulated stock of weapons-grade plutonium is an essential part of the national wealth of Russia at the time);

c) deprivation of the huge Russian energy sources in the future after the intended introduction of new technology thorium nuclear power.

The extent of the robbery in Russia. “Scam Goals” deal dubbed because, firstly, it had a huge scale, and secondly, was concluded fraudulently. Many Russian and American media sought to present it as a mediocre commercial agreement. The total purchase price for the supply of 500 tonnes of uranium was determined to be 11.9 billion dollars. Meanwhile, the value of the specified amount of highly enriched uranium is incomparably higher. To produce this amount of weapons-grade uranium, mining and defense industry worked for about 40 years, several hundred thousand people. Manufacturing dangerous, tens of thousands of people have lost health and disability, shortened his life. It was a huge sacrifice in order to forge the nuclear shield of the country and ensure a calm peaceful life of the USSR and the socialist camp. This uranium provides military-strategic parity in the world, which dramatically reduces the risk of World War II. On the other hand, the American media has such estimates: by Russian uranium at the beginning of this century, at the plant produced 50% of US electricity. One in ten kilowatt hour of electricity in the entire US economy was provided by the uranium from Russia. According to the estimates, which were made by experts at the end of the last century, the real value of 500 tonnes of weapons-grade plutonium was at the time not less than $ 8 trillion. For comparison, the annual average of the annual GDP of Russia, according to Rosstat, in the last decade of the last century there were in the region of $ 400 billion. It turns out that the actual price of the uranium deal was only 0.15% in relation to the minimum real value of the goods. The real cost of uranium was equivalent to 20 (twenty) annual GDP!

There have been many wars in human history. After they defeated often pay reparations and indemnities winners. Recall, for example, the Franco-Prussian War in 1871. “Iron Chancellor” Bismarck appointed defeated France in a contribution of about 13% of GDP (5 billion francs). Probably the biggest indemnity paid in recent history defeated in World War I Germany. Media reported that Germany just three years ago, has been paying reparations under the terms of the Treaty of Paris in 1919. In Germany, reparations were imposed in the amount of 269 billion gold marks. The amount, of course, enormous: it is equivalent to about 100 000 tons of gold. At the current price of the yellow metal is about 4 trillion dollars. Experts in the field of economic history argue that to Germany in Paris reparation is about twice the GDP of the then Germany. Among other things, the payment of reparations by Germany stretched for 90 years (with interruptions, pure payments were made for about 70 years); payment of the “uranium reparations” Russia kept within 20 years, with most of the uranium was delivered to the US in the 1990s.

In the history of the early to finish.

“The uranium deal” was accomplished in total secrecy from the people. We do not even been aware of many of the “people’s representatives” – for the reason that it is in violation of Russian law, did not pass the ratification procedure in our parliament. In the second half of the 1990s, a number of deputies have launched an investigation to clarify the terms of the transaction, the circumstances of its conclusion, assessment of compliance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation and other normative acts of Russia. As a result of strong pressure from certain influential forces surrounding then-President Boris Yeltsin managed to stop the investigation. We are trying to understand the transaction and many of our other policies, or even denunciation of the agreements achieved uranium supplies in the United States. Among them, for example, the legendary general L.Rohlin, Yu.Skuratov Attorney General, State Duma Deputy Ilyukhin. Death of Rokhlin and retired Skuratov many people associate it with the fact that they showed excessive activity in the investigation, “the uranium deal.”

Even if the supply of uranium in the transaction Gore – Chernomyrdin completed, it does not mean that history should be put an end. It is necessary to return to serious analysis and investigation of the transaction in the framework of a special inter-ministerial committee with the participation of specialists of the nuclear industry, the people’s representatives (the State Duma), law enforcement officials, the Foreign Ministry, Defense Ministry, and other agencies and organizations, independent experts in technical, military, legal and economic issues.
Firstly, there are suspicions that a number of persons involved in that transaction, remain in the “cage” current politicians and government officials. There is no guarantee that they will not continue to work in the interests of the US and the West.

Secondly, we need to correct and honest understanding of our recent history. Without truthful disclosure of the details “of the uranium deal” and its political, military, moral evaluation is no guarantee that we will once again stepped on like a rake. Analysis of the real aims of the American side of the deal clearly highlights the true aims and interests of those whom we, unfortunately, by inertia continue to be called “partners.”
Third, we need informed and detailed assessment of the economic damage that was done a deal for Russia and its people. Any attempt to Russia to embark on economic recovery the West will put a spoke in the wheel of our current reforms, socio-economic transformation. We must be prepared for the fact that the West will increasingly expose us to all sorts of “accounts” – for example, if we try to hold before of-shore our economy. Through the courts the US, UK, other European countries, will inevitably begin disassembling from the owners of offshore companies and / or their representatives with far-fetched claims for “damages”. About the same reaction can be expected in case Russia decides to withdraw from the WTO, the restriction of foreign investment or even limiting the repatriation of profits of foreign investors from Russia. We must be prepared for the fact that it may be necessary counterclaim “accounts” our Western “partners”. The largest of all possible counter “accounts” – our requirements to the US giant to compensate damage to Russia ‘uranium deal.


Earth again threatened Flood !

Земле вновь угрожает Всемирный потоп

American scientists have frightened the world with its new study on climate change. It turns out that the water level in the oceans rise much faster than previously thought. Climate scientists are concerned that after half a century of dozens of megacities on all continents can go under water, and it’s not another Hollywood movie script, but a very real threat.

Ice – is the top seller in the Pakistani market. Not even to somehow escape the heat – dead bodies of the anomalous heat overflowing local mortuaries. In the southern province of Sindh have died from heat stroke and a half thousand people, hospital 20,000,000th city are stretched.

Thousands of people did not survive the heat and in the Indian slums. Plus 46 in the shade – and this is not the limit – even for the usual scorching sun to Asia too. What we talk about Europe, where the thermometer going up with the speed of a racing car?
Highest level of danger – red – announced throughout Italy. Animals in the zoo escape frozen fruit, the townspeople – street fountains. In France and the left: because of the drought in order to save water 60 departments cover cranes, which has not happened since 1947. Balkans covered by forest fires. It looks like global warming.

Picture – for those who still consider him a myth.

Scientists from Arkhangelsk, just returned from the Arctic latitudes, the theory of rapid climate change confirms our own observations. Their expedition route through Kara Gate Strait and Vilkitsky the first time at this time of year has not met any serious Toros. Director of the Arctic Centre of Strategic Studies Konstantin Zaykov says: “In May, the White Sea was almost free of ice. It was also nonsense, because the ice in these areas long enough to melt.”
To select a solid block of ice for the winter, polar explorers now I have to try hundreds of choices, only one computer simulation is indispensable.

The fact that it forms the Arctic weather, the entire world – a fact. And the fact that its ice cap is melting fast – also a fact. And bold predictions of some scientists, the ice is already 30 years old can not stay. It’s even earlier than in Antarctica, where one by one split icebergs, dissolving in the waters of the oceans.

As it turns out, that the oceans is the main planetary heater, not the sun or carbon dioxide. Deputy Director of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute of Science Alexander Danilov explains, “The calculations show that the temperature stabilizes quickly, but the level of the oceans will rise for several centuries.”

Recent sensational research results: the level of the oceans is growing at a record pace – 25 percent faster than previously thought. And even if the ordinary melting glacier in Kazakhstan has raised the level of the river Kargalinka so that powerful mudslides nearly filled all the former capital of the country, overturning cars and destroying homes, what will turn into billions of tons of water across the oceans where even 1-2 meters entail catastrophic consequences? And here it is already 5 meters.

“These five meters of ocean rise must be very strong signal to what is actually a huge amount of low-lying areas, where most of the world’s population will be in the flood zone. It can be said that the East Coast of the United States, unfortunately, the results of this simulation fully be in the flood zone “, – says head of the Laboratory of Geoecology MGIMO Natalia Ryazanov.
US East Coast together with New York and Florida, north of Canada Coast of Latin America. Australia at risk to go under water in the part where 80 percent of the population. This can happen by 2050, i.e., after some 35 years.

At risk – all the major European metropolitan areas, coastal cities and entire countries. Half a century ecologists predict 150 million climate refugees. What so fond of scaring Hollywood directors – a catastrophe on a planetary scale – in fact, on the threshold. Director of the National Climatic Data Center Management Marine and Atmospheric Administration said Carl Thomas: “In recent years, we can see these changes in the climate system processes, which we have not seen in the history of the modern world. In addition to the intensity and speed of the processes taking place in the world it is human activity associated with the rapid development of the greenhouse effect in the atmosphere. ”

In the days when Europe was languishing in the heat, when the bill died from heat stroke French since early July has passed for 700 people, with the same message and asked Pope Francis. Build a new ark, he certainly did not call, the more that the new realities of the animals survive the weather and without biblical engineering structure.

And while some scientists to confirm the theory of the inevitable global warming found in northern latitudes thawed bodies of prehistoric animals such as the mammoth carcass, others were surprised to meet there already quite modern southern species of birds. That mouse-vole in Yamal, which were thought to the conditions of the Far North is absolutely not suited prove: the permafrost, and for them is not so eternal.

Philip Ekozyants 700-strong army of Putin.

Филипп Экозьянц: 700-тысячная армия Путина.

The world is not afraid of the 700,000th army of Putin and his nuclear weapons. The world is afraid that someone would dare to oppose Washington.

The world understands that as long as Washington does not interfere with doing what he does have is quite clear instructions on how to avoid the arrival of US peacekeepers in your house.

Instruction is really very simple: do what Washington says, or those who use his vocal apparatus, to carry out his instructions, and live, and even very fine living. And World War II is not – there is only local, and die just naughty.

And it’s not so scary. Whatever you hold in your mind and in your heart, you can always keep silent about it, accept it, change the view to bow to force majeure, or in extreme cases, move to where the most humbled and can be lost among them, where forage is enough for everyone .

And such places are still very much on the ground.

But if someone as big and menacing begin seriously to resist Washington, then loomed ahead of a new world war.

But this is scary. And most of all on earth will not remain places where you can hide from it.

And knowing that, even if you sympathize with the freedom-loving Putin, even if you have always dreamed that he finally appeared and showed Pindos long-promised gruel, even if you secretly pray for him – you choose … to join the sanctions.

Because it’s safer for you and your family. Because it is better to let the Americans bombed the Koreans, Vietnamese, Serbs, Iraqis, Ukrainians

We’re not there. We do not they.

We are here. We are loyal.

We are tolerant. We agree.

We are silent.

We surrender.

No, the 700,000th you afraid of Putin’s army.

You’re afraid that would break down and joined her.


«UFO» sucked the water out of the lake in the US !


The intruders took a picture of a pilot flying alongside aircraft
The pilot, who asked to remain anonymous, shared his observations with the famous ufologist Uaringom Scott (Scott C. Waring). And he too denounced them to the general public.

Photo taken by the pilot. Lined by ufologists.

«Летающая тарелка» высосала воду

The pilot of a small aircraft for local airlines on approach to the aerodrome of Nevada saw a saucer-shaped object hovering over the lake Scotts Flat Lake – an artificial, but very beautiful body of water, created by the dam. From object to the lake stretched a kind of translucent spoke.” Looking closer the pilot realized that spoke” – water. He tried to contact the UFO on the radio, but he did not answer. And soon, just flew away. Spoke” is broken up in the air. It was in mid-May.
Spoke” water becomes visible in the enlarged image.

«Летающая тарелка» высосала воду

UFOlogists believe that the pilot found the aliens steal the water for some of their needs. This is usual for them. But then you have to assume something else: that the aliens do not just suck up the water in the “bowl” and immediately it somewhere teleported. Since the water in the lake was much less even the coast a little bare. So much in the “plate” would not climbed. One word, fantastic. But the picture that had to do the pilot, visible and “Dish” and “spokes” of water.
It looks like a UFO in the enlarged view. Not very clear.

 «Летающая тарелка» высосала воду

 Scotts Flat Lake Lake is located at an altitude of 940 meters in the reserve Tahoe National Forest of Nevada County, California, about 10 kilometers from the city of Nevada (Nevada City). It occupies an area of 340 hectares. These sometimes come locals barbecue and swim.
Scott asked Uaring colleagues say that there are no other witnesses to the incident? It turned out that there is – there is a “bowl” and from the shore and from boats. Someone even photographed. Ufology is now busy investigating.

Prior to the visit of a UFO in the lake water was higher.

 «Летающая тарелка» высосала воду

Czech and Slovak reservists pumping revolted against the NATO war against Russia !

Чешские и словацкие резервисты взбунтовались против нагнетания НАТО войны с РоссиейRepresentatives of the four right-governmental organizations, CSLA, PS, WWII, the SNB uniting reservists and reserve officers of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, have made a public statement that caused a shock in Europe, according to the group «Szent István Légiója».

 The soldiers said they were ready to defend their homeland, but under no circumstances do not intend to support NATO’s “war” against Russia.The document named “Memorandum” and published in the Facebook group, which unites members of CSLA, PS, WWII, the NSS.We publish the translation of the text of the memorandum:“For the first time since the end of the 2nd World War, we again see a real threat of war. Therefore, we consider it necessary to make the following statement.We, Czechoslovak soldiers left, unanimously reject any opportunity to participate in battles that are planning aggressive geopolitical elites using NATO and the support of our governments.We are sworn to protect our homeland, the Czech and Slovak Republic. We are sworn to protect the freedom and independence of our proud and sovereign states for which our ancestors laid down their lives in the world wars. We focus on these vows in a civil initiative and want to deal with a crisis situation.Our freedom and independence for a long time threatened by a representative of a pseudo-democracy where elected representatives do not have to defend the interests of the voters, and adopted laws represent only the personal interests of legislators, the interests of political parties and groups of economic interest. Our country is under the pressure of global economic elites and interest groups, which are incompatible with the power of citizens through the system of representative democracy.
 Our Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms now perverted and constitutional laws are violated by the lawmakers. Legislative power is privatized, it politicized the executive and the judiciary is flawed, since exposed to lobbying and pressure on the part of our governments.The results: an endless state budget deficit, de-industrialization, privatization of property of the Republic, looted budgets, food and energy dependence, the privatization of natural resources, pensions and health. Our country has been illegally divided and plundered, its people enslaved, national infrastructure passed into the hands of Western corporations. The destructive chaos and despair dominates the society.For this reason we, the Czechoslovak soldiers in reserve, recognizing our military oath, affirm the need to protect our people. We unequivocally reject participation in the ranks of NATO aggression against the Russian Federation or other Slavic peoples. We also intend to oppose against the further elimination of our democracy, freedom and independence.We come together in a crisis situation, and, using our civil, military skills and experience are going to create a strong organized civil pressure on the entire length of time required to defend their patriotic purposes.We swore allegiance to our country, the Czech and Slovak Republics.We, Czechoslovak soldiers reservists will fulfill that vow! “.
 In response to this memorandum in the Western social networks a heated debate, inform segodnia.ru. During the debate of the Europeans support the Czechoslovak reservists, while others supported the position of NATO and the position of reservists called intolerant” and even “shock.”

 For more information:http://antifashist.com/item/cheshskie-i-slovackie-rezervisty-vzbuntovalis-protiv-nagnetaniya-nato-vojny-s-rossiej.html#ixzz3XFpSb6fM


Run a Ukrainian! Run!

Беги, украинец! Беги!

Let’s go back a few years ago and remember how elegantly global political elite was prepared to overcome the impending second wave of global economic crisis. The scheme was a beautiful and beneficial: the US soft “compressed” to the level of the owner of North and Central America and, in exchange, the world harness (literally, financially) in the process of ensuring a “soft landing” for the US economy. The most important marker of this scenario, in addition to the famous Obama’s “tell Vladimir that after the election, I will be more flexible,” was officially agreed to give the United States control over the rest of the world through the IMF’s refusal to “blocking stake” shares. In many conflict areas have been made compromises: the Americans, to the great joy of China cut its financial support for African politicians and Yanukovych regime invested “special purse” of the Democratic Party of the United States, Mark Mobius. Peace, for the first time in its history, was a more or less organized and bloodless transfer of leadership from one global hegemon in the hands of supporters of a multipolar world. And then everything collapsed.


I’m afraid we’ll never know the details of the invisible revolution in the American elite, which occurred about two years ago. From the visible effects need to emphasize the following: there was a “bow” between the most radical democracy (the so-called “Clinton clan”, to which he belongs and Joe Biden) and the most radical Republicans, ie neocons and “tea party.” Because of Obama’s failed American Gorbachev, and the blessing that has given Obama the presidential election last of the Kennedy clan turned out rather familial curse. As a result, instead of the supporters of the “soft landing”, some of the key points in the American “political MCC” captured supporters of the war to the end, not necessarily victorious, but Obama and what was left of his team may engage in partisan except that, the benefit of some control over economic bloc they still have.


In the new context, the US is trying to implement two plans:

1. Plan a minimum – to rob Europe via the so-called “free trade agreement” (see. Article “We need to Berlin, not Kiev” – http://politrussia.com/world/nam-nuzhen-berlin-779/) and the rest of the world – ignite.

2. Plan a maximum – to rob Europe, set fire to the whole world, to seize power in Russia and to use it as a battering ram against China with a mandatory nuclear war between the two major geopolitical enemies of the United States. And you thought nothing Nemtsov regularly wrote articles that the main enemy of Russia – this is China?

The implementation of these plans Ukraine should fulfill the role of a tool that forever separates the EU from Russia and bury any hope for a “Continental union” between Berlin and Moscow – the eternal fear of Anglo-Saxon civilization. Everything else – the secondary, though pleasant for US bonuses.

Washington’s main problem – a terrible time trouble. Obama negotiated the surrender hegemony not a good life, and also not a good life Americans had to rush to Maidan. They do not have even a few years, to how to play all the games in which they got involved; the economy may fall into a spin at any time.

In terms of implementation of the strategic objectives of the operation in Ukraine failed. If nekononov and Clinton in Washington left at least ten years, it would be a success, but they need a blitzkrieg, and blitzkrieg failed, and most likely will not happen. Despite the enormous pressure and attempts to play scheme “Take us to our economy, and we will protect you from the terrible Russian, who captured the Crimea and is about to take over Kiev ‘Europeans do not want to sign a contract TTIP and destroy its economic elite for the benefit of the United States. Worse, even an embargo on Russian energy could not push. About the seizure of power in Moscow, the Americans still dream, but the chances of them – a little bit, and the clock is ticking and ticking all monotonously counting time before the US economic collapse.

Moscow understands and acts in the wheel logic, “We need a Berlin”, despite the heart-rending cries guard patriots who like to wave a sword and help to ensure that the third time in a hundred years, Russia and Europe clashed in a battle that would benefit only the United States (not tired, huh?)

Highly recommended to see a fragment of the sign from a recent interview with Sergei Lavrov, which clearly explains why Moscow alliance with Germany: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=gJTKN0–PpE#t=2633 (beginning of the frame – 43: 40)

The bottom line: we want to “shake up” the European Union so that it began to actively defend their own interests. Not the fact that the work, but work on it – it is necessary. Even just holding the EU from becoming a “food” for the US economy will be enormous victory, which will not allow the United States to extend its existence due to the European economy, as well as the US extended its existence for two decades due to the plunder of the USSR.

The situation is slowly beginning to level off, and the recent summit Ukraine – EU, was the best proof of that.

Let’s look at the specifics:

1. Has the American radicals to make EU support Ukraine cost? No it failed. For a minimal support of the Ukrainian economy needs tens of billions of euros. They are not and never will. This way, the question of the complete submission of Europe. For a complete subordination? If it was full, the money would be allocated in the last year. No money.

2. Were you able to get tougher sanctions against Russia? No it failed.

Total defeat of Ukraine.

To complete the picture, it is desirable to read about how the Financial Times complains about the behavior of the German and French diplomats who “put pressure on Ukraine,” and rewritten beyond recognition the final document of the summit, which apparently was made in the State Department: http://lenta.ru/news/2015 / 04/27 / ft /

Moreover, moving from the language of diplomacy, the passage:

“Germany and its key European partners put pressure on Ukraine in order to accelerate the implementation of the Minsk Agreement, fearing that Russia will use procrastination to” justify the renewal of aggression “,” should be read as “The Germans and the French said: dear Ukrainians, or you merge in an amicable or we turn away and Putin will do something bad. ”

Against this backdrop, statements by the head of the Office of Trade Policy at the Ministry of Economic Development of Italy’s Federica Ayhberga looks particularly interesting:

“Italy in February is clear and makes it clear that the Council of Ministers will not vote for the extension of sanctions. We believe in Russia, in a prosperous country and a reliable partner,” – said Ayhberg. (Http://www.vestifinance.ru/articles/56613)

Before the victory in the European direction is still far, but reasons for optimism continue to appear, causing nervous American specialists:

“Some European countries have” Trojan horses “Russia:
The apparent inconsistency of some European countries in relation to the Ukrainian crisis is dictated by the national interests and the desire to conclude a lucrative contract with Russia in times of crisis, writes Bulgarian political scientist Ivan Krastev in his article published by The New York Times. “(Http://vz.ru /news/2015/4/27/742498.html)

The position of Kiev and its American curators can not be called a winner. Obama continues to block arms supplies to Ukraine, the EU does not want to save the Ukrainian economy, and direct access to the American printing press in Washington radicals fortunately not, and besides, the machine is moribund – http://fritzmorgen.livejournal.com/723625.html .

Through the IMF was able to push the injection of 5 billion, however, getting the next tranche made dependent on the success of negotiations on restructuring the debt owed to private creditors. But the restructuring of bad, bad to the point that Madame Yaresko hysteria in the pages of the Western media and Western threatened default funds.


Apparently, Ms. Yaresko first encountered financiers for whom receiving a call from Clinton or Bush is not an indication to action. It will be interesting to observe their efforts to prevail upon Mark Mobius and his friends.

No money, no prospects, supply of American weapons are not. Washington “hawks” demand the resumption of hostilities, and the newspaper Le Monde (with reference to the environment Hollande) and European diplomats at the summit Ukraine – EU thick hint at the fact that even the “delay” of the Minsk performance agreements (which Kiev can not perform in principle) It leads to the fact that Kiev will lose significant territory. Unenviable prospects.

Total for Ukraine loom three possible scenarios:

1. If Europe is finally freed from the influence of the United States, the “Ukrainian problem” will be solved Russia are likely LDNR hands. The logic of “it is already possible!”

2. If Europe finally gets full control of the United States, the “Ukrainian problem” will be solved Russia are likely LDNR hands. The logic of “do not care anymore!”

3. If Kiev itself starts fighting the “Ukrainian problem” will be solved Russia are likely LDNR hands. Logic “asked for it!” with a view to use the situation to detach from the EU US

There is another option of continuing agony, but it can not last long. Sooner or later, one of these three options will occur. There are of course exotic scenarios like the all-out nuclear war, but now we do not consider them as in the case of their realization we still alive will be gone. And the text is still written to benefit the living.

Residents of Ukraine, regardless of their political preferences, it is understood that none of the above options is not intended for the territory of the former Ukrainian (net of Donetsk, Lugansk, and can be Odesa and Kharkiv, if you are very lucky) such surprises as the economic recovery and the expense of others restoring order.

No matter how things develop and how it will share or reformat Ukraine, Russia and the EU will not allocate resources to a radical stabilization of the situation in this area, in excess of what is necessary for the protection of the pipe (until 2019) and is armed or deactivation of nuclear power plants. All. In the rest – nothing or minimum wage. Hang around your neck 40 or even 20 million people tolerate their Wishlist and restore order does not want and can not nobody. Simply do not have the resources, and any attempt to “invest” in Ukraine scraps (minus the territories of which wrote above) does not find understanding in the political class, from regional elites and the population of Russia. The Europeans and say nothing.

Hence a simple conclusion for those who are still in the Ukraine: run. Run while you still can.







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