Paralympic events to investigators: Alien gene in people living among us today !

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Linda Moulton Howe (72) from the USA is an investigative journalist who has for the past 35 years dedicated to investigating paranormal phenomena; He has published a number of books and made ​​a documentary, “A Strange Harvest(a strange catch). Animal distortion investigative films from 1981. Howe won an Emmy award for the film. Since 1999, he has been lucky Earthfiles news portal, which reflect the most intriguing news every month by the US Coast To Coast AM radio broadcasts, and Dreamland. Linda Moulton Howe brought to you in the August report, which speaks of humanalien hybrids who allegedly moving around among us.
In the autumn of 1979, I worked for the CBS station in Denver, Colorado. We drove his team Dulce’isse State of New Mexico, where rantšoomanik Manuel Gomez was discovered that his animals are camouflaged. All moondamised took place within one year, all the dead animals, there were no traces of blood, and there were around most of the footprints. But for some strange animal was discovered in a field at a circular trace that looked as if they were two golf balls repeatedly thrown off in parallel with the soil. Dulce’i natives of the region, Jicarilla Apache, pointing fingers toward the sky and said that it is a “star peopleof our ancestors, that they are the ones who masquerade as animals. At the same time, the first time I heard that somewhere Dulce’i bore located in a huge underground bases where the gray aliens (grays) carry out genetic tests and research.

The Sirius Mystery.

Three years earlier, in 1976, published the morning land of culture and Sanskrit language Investigator Robert KG Temple his now classic book “The Sirius Mystery(the Sirius Mystery), which raised the question of whether the Earth has been visited by intelligent beings from the planet, which is located in the Sirius star system? Sirius is twice as massive as our Sun, and is located only 8.6 light-years away from Earth, making it the brightest star in our night sky. Its name comes from the Greek word seirios”, meaning glimmer or glow.

Temple spoke of the work of the French anthropologist who had lived in the years 1915-1930 in West Africa, Dogan tribes who were drawings of Sirius. Next to Sirius was also another letter, which was small, but very heavy and white in color, thus forming a binary system. Dogan claimed that this letter is less visible from Earth as it orbits around the star Sirius, which takes 50 years. They added that the gods who had created them, came from Sirius. Exactly 50-year elliptical orbit Sirius’ companion was discovered in 1862 in the United States in Massachusetts.

Sirius A and B (bottom left), the Hubble telescope photo

1 siirius Paranähtuste uurija: Tulnuka geeniga inimesed elavad meie seas tänaseni
I never knew that in the year 2014 appears out of the military Piper, who brings together the stars Sirius A and B, the second binary Zeta Reticulon 1 and 2 in the both kaksiktähesüsteemist was humanoidide emigration to Mars in our stellar system, followed by one more panicky by migration, this time on the planet the earth. Or that the original Zeta race Reticulist or Sirius B began to shape the environment of our planet Earth and Earthlike life of an upper genetically altered. And that is why they are the ancestors of Mesopotamia known Annunaki. Annunaki created two different tulnukahübriidi one tall, pale skin and bright eyes; another short, gray skin and dark eyes with vertical pupils like a cat.

These longer, more fair-skinned hybrids began manipulating DNA hybrids are already emerging to create up moving primates who do work for them on earth. They are hybrids of gray began to reign, who was assigned to work in underground caves Ducle’is.

This is a brief summary of what the US Air Force eruleitnantkolonel told UFO investigators in an interview with Anthony Sánchez January 8, 2010. After that, the Colonel agreed to make two lie detector tests, both passing through successfully. In 2011, Sanchez disclosed the colonel’s sensational revelations in the book UFO Highway: The Dulce Interview Human Origins The Blue Beam and HAARP Connection” (UFO Road: Ducle’i interview people in the home; HAARPi and Blue Quick links).

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Most people view this as a fairy tale, others can be mind-boggling number of military officers gathered facts. For all but Sanchez got the start in 2006:

20062007th years, I worked as a large computer company in Silicon Valley, my responsibility was transferred to 300 remote management. I was interested in the UFO phenomenon, and I thought a blog on this subject. Has been in contact with me, a man who looked me all sorts of things on UFOs and soon realized that this man knows himself something more. I learned that he worked Moffet Federalna Airfieldil (Military Airport in California). But one day he just disappeared. I learned that he had deserted from the army, and also that he had seen under a false name. He fled to the authorities for failing to progress their secret projects at work. I got to know more about all this later in the year when we finally met.

Anthony Sanchez.

2 anthony sanchez Paranähtuste uurija: Tulnuka geeniga inimesed elavad meie seas tänaseni
How did you get to meet a year later, when he hid himself in the army for?

He took me to wirelessly connect himself and explained why he flees. I realized that her life will be something very serious, and that he just wants me to talk about it. It was all related to weapon system with one that contained the ingredients of alien technology, as well as possible the aliens themselves.

What weapon was involved and what parts of the system, namely the boiler came from aliens?

He said that the project, on which he worked, was named LEONID (Low Earth Orbit Nanosatellite Defense Interceptor). Most intriguing for me was nanosatelliidid, which move in flocks and are able to fold themselves if something should go broke. Their ingredients include artificial intelligence. These satellites provide low Earth orbit, such as telemetry, mobile droonidele guidance system (guidance system). Some years ago, sent a Boeing 287 days in orbit an unmanned spacecraft X-37 program, the contents of which were kept secret. To my knowledge, the X37B was carried into orbit with the same nanosatelliidid that contain alien technology.

How big are they?

These nanosatelliidid is about half the size of a Rubik’s cube, ie 3,8cm x 3,8cm. This alien is a stealthtechnology microfiber / Shuttle Hybrid, which the board is controlled by a laser weapon system.

3 picosatelliit Paranähtuste uurija: Tulnuka geeniga inimesed elavad meie seas tänaseni
Note: Acronym LEONID not give the results by searching the web. But in the last five years has been a lot of talk about nanotechnology and pikosatelliitidest. Nanosatelliidid weighing up to 10 kg and 1 kg pikosatelliidid. Therein lies the true beauty of this technology. We can make them tiny, and still use them scientifically very successful – NASA Ames Research Center Astrobiology expert named Orlando Santos.

Weapon system for which it is intended? Who is supposed enemy?

That’s the most interesting, because the colonel told me that they (nanosatelliidid alien technology) is designed to shoot down hitting things that come from outer space.

Does he also states that it is the target of the cosmos?

Yes! His exact words were: “Our planet has aliens who do cooperate with the Chinese secret. And coming up with a space war. “The US has hired a whole team of different suppliers who are developing technologies for future space war.

What they look like aliens who are playing together with the Chinese?

They look just like us.

What do you mean?

They are alien and human hybrids who live among us. Never existed in the group who nimetiti predecessors” who came to our solar system. They settled on Mars, if in the meantime there was some kind of disaster. They were forced to go underground, where they lived for thousands of years, after which they came to Earth. But the earth did not fit their genetics, so they started their own genetics to change them out, and eventually bred their descendants (Mesopotamian Annunaki), who came to Earth effects to the environment.

4 Sumeri Inanna Paranähtuste uurija: Tulnuka geeniga inimesed elavad meie seas tänaseni
Anthony Sanchez believes that the Sumerian Inanna is a forerunner inhumanoid created by the Annunaki, who are genetically bred specifically except that he would be able to cope with the Earth’s environment. Early in the history of Mesopotamia worshiped Inanna first Urukis).
5 Annunaki Shamash Paranähtuste uurija: Tulnuka geeniga inimesed elavad meie seas tänaseni
On the right is a tall humanoid Annunaki Shamash, or the same; In Babylonia, the Sumerians called him the Sun-god Utu. On the left side is smaller humanoidifiguurid who belong to the category of alienhuman hybrid.

6 Akhenaten Paranähtuste uurija: Tulnuka geeniga inimesed elavad meie seas tänaseni

Akhenaten, and their three children Neferiti long koonuspeadega. Egyptian 18th Dynasty pharaoh Akhenaten was who apparently died in 1336 BC or 1334 BC.

Over time, they were forced to cross the descendants of the people. These alien and human hybrids exist among us today. They carry a genetic component, which confirms their alienorigin. All humans are not so alien source is acknowledged.

This may cause a bit of confusion because of all the modern people are genetically modified (already evolving primates with DNA has been manipulated, but not necessarily created hybrids alien genes). This information was given to me. That’s why we are seeing a very sharp development of our evolution when we compare with the other animals on this planet. Around 250,000 years ago, genetically modified us that we could walk upright on two feet, to be intelligent and make them work for the aliens. Before that, we were not able to work. They also created a separate servants Annunaki race gray or Igigid.

7 hallid Paranähtuste uurija: Tulnuka geeniga inimesed elavad meie seas tänaseni
Illustration based on a photo by Colonel Anthony Sánchez showed the 2010 interview. See page 49 of the book “UFO Highway“.

NOTE: The term Igigi comes from the Sumerian mythology, the gods came from the sky that means. Some sources say Igigit” as a synonym for Annunakidele,” but one were sold under the Igigid younger gods, who earned the Annunaki. Then there was a quarrel and exchanged Igigid people off.

Sumerian paradise myth has been described as a garden Athrasise where the lower class of deities (Igigid) is put to work, digging water deities parents (Annunakidele). Igigid was not happy with it, and there was a quarrel, finally decided to replace Igigid people.

This alieninimhübriidide group, of whom I speak, are direct descendants of annunakide, who in turn created the forerunners. Around 250,000 years ago, died predecessors and out of the Annunaki and their hybrid descendants of whom Colonel named Austra Albusrassiks, began to evolve on Earth. People are genetically modified, and they began to serve both the gray and annunakide descendants (AustraAlbus).

How do we define AustraAlbuseid physically?

They were the first Annunaki inimhübriidid, but Predecessors did not want to initially create these hybrids at all. When the predecessors began to modify their own genetic mix that their descendants can cope with the Earth’s atmosphere, then they were not going to be crossed with themselves to lend to people or the people of the DNA. It was not until much later, when the Annunakide descendants are still dying off, realizing that they need to incorporate people with a genetic component in its own genome, that they may survive. And these people today is the alieninimhübriidid. They are the descendants of Annunakide perhaps AustraAlbused.

8 marsi nägu 1 Paranähtuste uurija: Tulnuka geeniga inimesed elavad meie seas tänaseni
9 marsi nägu 2 Paranähtuste uurija: Tulnuka geeniga inimesed elavad meie seas tänaseni
Whether it is a forerunner in the face on Mars?

Photo photographed by NASA’s Viking 1 Orbiter spacecraft in the 1976th

What do they look like?

They look exactly the same as you and me. The only difference is that they carry the genetic code, which indicates their alienorigin. And they are extremely cautious so as not to interfere with the people in your bloodline. They have very strict protocols about how they are allowed to procreate.

Are we talking about the royal bloodline families, and systems?

Absolutely! Royal blood lines and elite blood lines.

Do they also have specific physical features?

Not to my knowledge. They have been very successful teem anywhere on the planet. There are both Chinese, Latin Americans and Europeans, who are strictly controlled vereliinidesse. They belong to different groups such as the Illuminati and secret societies.

If Austra Albus are among us and they have a nonhuman genes, then why do we see so many here on the planet devastation of war and violence? What is really happening here, where supposedly everything is gray so uncoordinated and Austra Albus, moreover, also has a higher genetic mix?

It all works kastisüsteemina. Rikkuritest an elite group who originate alienhuman hybrid lineage has long manipulated the events on this planet and that is why we are in this situation today. We can see the top of society, and environment destruction. This is all deliberate. The purpose of this group is to reduce the population of 500 million people.

Initially, people had to coordinate the gray, but today the situation is reversed. Those people who are doing alien force cooperation, coordination own halls. It all takes place Dulce’i bases.

Thus, our war industry, the military and the government itself will cooperate with gray. From there is from our high level of advanced technology.

Do you know how big they are underground bases in New Mexico Dulce’is?

It is a multi-tiered base, which covers an area of ​​over one hundred thousand square meters.

What were the reasons conceded livestock (cattle mudilation)?

It is in their food. They take animals from breasts proteins. Grays have created a specific mammal that produces a protein contaminant free, which they consume söögina. These cutouts concentrated to a powder which is mixed with cow’s milk. They have created a range of protein-producing animals, so that they themselves can survive.

10 moondatud loom Paranähtuste uurija: Tulnuka geeniga inimesed elavad meie seas tänaseni
For what reason are held kidnappings, which seem to focus on specific lines of blood?

Austra Albus needs clean blood to the glands and secretions from women in modern humans. They will be given the pedigree of people that are purposely them (Austra Albus) was created. This will help them retain the ability to withstand Earth’s atmosphere. Modern human pineal gland and the pituitary secretion acts as a potent drug that will help them (Austra Albus) stay mentally stable in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Thus, animals and Homo sapiens is like a drug and alien gray Austra Albuse the bloodline?

Exactly so! In order to preserve the genetic line, not skin color this has nothing to do with appearance.

Sources: Coast to Coast, Earth Files, EF 2


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