Passengers Boeing downed Ukrainians flew another flight ?!!

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All passengers on the flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, check in MH-17 July 17, 2014 took off from Amsterdam Airport within 17 minutes after the shot down further over the territory of Donbass, and aircraft, with a slight delay safely landed at the airport in Kuala Lumpur. This is a human rights activist Marc Ben-Naim said a source in the Ukrainian Security Service. July 17 from the airport of Amsterdam, with a difference of 17 minutes, flew two identical Boeing 777/200. The first of these simulated flight MH-17, but none of the passengers, registered on this flight it did not hit. All passengers check in were invited to the landing and flew in the same plane.

The plane, simulating the flight was sent conventional air corridor through the Donbass, but a real flight was sent to Ukrainian managers through the so-called “southern air corridor“, within the scope of the Kherson dispatcher. This aircraft was registered locators Russian air defense, stationed in the Crimea, while flying near Genichesk. Here it should be noted that the dispatching service of Kherson not received a certificate in 2014 the Ministry of Transport of Ukraine. Kherson and Zaporizhia dispatching services can serve airspace only on systems CNS (communication, navigation, surveillance) and are not able to use more modern ATM and ATS. For this reason, the “southern corridorfor Russia, almost not used for transit flights international flights.

After passing over the Genichesk, the plane has been successfully transferred to Russian dispatchers who took him further – in Kazakhstan. After the flight over the territory of Russia, Kazakh Manager successfully passed the plane on. When accepting the Russian aircraft dispatchers, aircraft “introduced” as a charter flight, but to hide their affiliation to the Malaysian airlines, he naturally could not. However, no timetable Amsterdam Airport charters have been recorded. Charter and did not land at the airport in Malaysia. July 17 at KLIA bore the safe arrival of the flight MH-17 from Amsterdam.

All of this information is at the disposal of Russian security services and aware of this Western countries.

In general, all this provocation was calculated that the stolen in March, immediately after the Crimean referendum, a Boeing-777 Malaysian airlines, fall in Russia and then Western countries declare that the plane was shot down Russian. But Ukrainian “army” once again showed that trust her to perform any task you can not and the plane crashed into the territory of Ukraine.

Provocation had two objectives – to restore badly shaken rating Angela Merkel, who can not explain to the citizens of Germany for which it supports the US and Ukraine against Russia because of the sanctions have affected German manufacturers, losing huge markets in Russia. Need support and Barack Obama, who just can not explain to Americans why he climbed into the conflict.

The true reasons for the creation of the United States Ukrainian crisis associated with the construction of Russia and China Nicaragua Canal and began preparations for the Russian oil off the coast of Cuba and other Latin American countries. But to explain this to the voters, Barack Obama can not, because the average American does not care about the problems of a handful of American oligarchs whose interests is Barack Obama.

However, after the plane crashed in Ukraine and the Russian special services receive all the information about the two planes, Angela Merkel and Barack Obama were in a very difficult situation. Russia will now wait for the official version of the investigation into the causes of the crash and put ace of trumps. Therefore, Merkel and Obama only spread squeaks and squeals,” but no documentary evidence to support Russian” in the trail of downed Ukrainian junta Boeing, present can not.
Author: Mark Ben-Nayim

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