Paul Craig Roberts: Washington is preparing a nuclear attack on Russia and China !!!

Washington thinks that a nuclear war can be won, and plans to launch a first strike against Russia

Пол Крейг Робертс: Вашингтон готовит ядерный удар по России и Китаю

This is a former assistant for economic policy US Treasury warns primarily of their own citizens

Washington believes that a nuclear war can be won, and plans to launch a first strike against Russia, and possibly China, to avoid any challenge Washington’s global hegemony.

The plan is far advanced, and now turns its implementation. As I reported earlier, US strategic doctrine has changed, nuclear missiles, which previously was assigned the role of retaliation, now relegated to the role of the first offensive strike. Base anti-ballistic missiles the US has been deployed in Poland on the border with Russia, in the plans the construction of new bases. When it is completed, Russia will be surrounded by US missile bases.

Anti-ballistic missiles, known as “Star Wars” a weapon designed to intercept and destroy ballistic missiles. According to the military doctrine of Washington, US first strike on Russia, and, regardless of what means of retaliation remain in Russia, they are not able to reach the United States, thanks to the shield of anti-ballistic missiles.

As a reason, which Washington says changing its military doctrine, called the possibility that terrorists will acquire nuclear weapons, with which they can destroy an American city. This explanation is ridiculous. Terrorists – a single or a group of people rather than a country with armed forces that threaten. Use of nuclear weapons against terrorists will lead to the destruction of much more than the actual terrorists, in and of itself is meaningless, since cope with this task and drone with a missile.

For reasons that are explained Washington create a database of anti-ballistic missiles in Poland, was named to protect Europe from Iranian intercontinental ballistic missiles. Washington and any European government knows that Iran has no intercontinental ballistic missiles that Iran and showed no signs of intentions to attack Europe.

Any government is aware that there are reasons for Washington‘s feeble attempts to hide the fact that the creation of opportunities to win a nuclear war on the ground.

The Russian government understands that a change in US military doctrine and the base of anti-ballistic missiles on the borders of the United States directed against Russia and are a sign that Washington is planning to launch a nuclear first strike against Russia.

China also realized that Washington has similar intentions against him. As I wrote a few months ago, in response to a threat to Washington’s China drew the world’s attention to their ability to destroy the United States if Washington will initiate a conflict.

But Washington believes that he can win a nuclear war with little damage and without prejudice to the United States. This belief makes nuclear war possible.

This belief is based on ignorance. In a nuclear war there will be winners. Even if the city will be able to avoid US retaliation because of anti-ballistic missiles, radiation and nuclear winter of the use of weapons against Russia and China and also destroy the United States.

Media that during the corrupt regime Clinton fell into the hands of several people are also complicit in this, as long as do not pay attention to the problem. Governments vassals of Washington in Western and Eastern Europe, Canada, Australia and Japan – also partners, as they have been Washington’s plan and allow you to build a base for its actuation. Distraught Polish government may have signed the death sentence of humanity. US Congress – the same partner as makes no hearings on executive plans to unleash a nuclear war.

Washington has created a dangerous situation. Since it is obvious that the first blow threatens Russia and China, they can decide themselves to strike first. Why Russia and China have to sit and wait for the inevitable, while their opponent creates an opportunity to defend themselves with a shield of anti-ballistic missiles? When Washington will complete construction of the shield, Russia and China will obviously be attacked if not surrender immediately.

Of the 10minute talk channel «Russia Today» it follows that the secret plan of Washington first strike on Russia not a secret. The report also makes it clear that Washington is ready to eliminate all the European leaders who disagree with him.

Readers ask me: “What can we do?And you can do this. You can plug the mouth of the Propaganda Ministry, turning off the TV, “Fox News“, “CNN en“, “Bi-bi-si“, “Hey BBC“, “CNN-BBC“, “sys- CBS, “stop reading” New York Times “,” Voshington Post “,” Los Angeles Times “. Yes, just walking away from the official media. Do not believe a word of the government. Do not vote. Realize that evil is concentrated in Washington. In the XXI-st century Washington completely or partially destroyed several countries. Millions of people are killed, maimed, driven from their homes, and even Washington has never repented. Did not repent and other “Christian” country. Devastation that struck Washington, portrayed as a huge success. Washington triumphs.

Washington aims to triumph, and the evil that is Washington, leads to the destruction of the world.

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