Philip Giraldi: US is not worth the risk to go to war with Russia.

The US has a lot of chances to play in this war if Russia will play tit for tat” strategy by symmetric responses to rebuff overt and covert attacks on its economy, I’m sure the ex-CIA officer.

Президент России Владимир Путин и президент Соединенных Штатов Америки Барак Обама. Архивное фото

MOSCOW, December 9 RIA Novosti. The flow of anger directed at Russia by the US Congress and the White House with the help of leading media, unreasonable and official Washington should review their mistakes and to back until they are brought up to the current crisis situation that would entail catastrophic consequences for all parties involved, says Philip Giraldi, a former CIA officer, is the executive director of the Council of national interests, writes the American analytical magazine The American Conservative.

In the good old days of the Cold War, says Giraldi, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was ready to do everything conceivable and inconceivable, in order to discredit the Soviet Union. CIA regularly placed in the friendly US media articles about human rights violations in the Soviet Union, sponsored dissident movements like “Solidarity” through front Russian companies introduce technologies that contribute to malfunction conveyor assembly lines for the production and so on. There was a real war, though latent.

After more than 20 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union are many indications that Washington slips into a new completely unnecessary confrontation with Moscow. Only this time it is not “in control” of the CIA, the article says.

Unlike the Cold War with the Soviet Union, according to a former CIA officer, when the operation to discredit and weaken the enemy and were hidden from the development stage to realize their lead CIA, today the majority of new conflicts are conducted openly. Sanctions are imposed, Congress makes statements and adopts resolutions, senior State Department official policy and is regularly visited by unstable regions, hosts a variety of workshops in new media by political organizations funded kvazinekommercheskimi organizations like the National Endowment for Democracy” (the National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

All accusations against Moscow over the Crimea and its policy towards Ukraine throw all and sundry on the forums on the foreign policy. Even if someone sincerely believes that Vladimir Putin is a terrible villain who wants to get their hands on Eastern Europe, it must recognize that the arguments should be weightier slogans with bumper stickers.” And it is this, and is now yuongress and the White House.

In all of this, it is important to note that Moscow has legitimate concerns about threats to its national security, which entails a further expansion of NATO, in particular the latest crude attempt to drive in Kiev “western circle of like-minded people.” In addition, Russia and the Crimea bind the strong historical ties and interests of national security, says a former employee of the CIA.
Здание Конгресса США в Вашингтоне

However, Congress took the path of a further escalation of tensions with Moscow and adopted a resolution HR 758, which, in effect, only added fuel to the fire. It accused Russia in all the most grievous sins. The resolution also calls on President Barack Obama to give the green light for the supply of lethal weapons Kiev, as well as provide military experts and soldiers for the preparation of the Ukrainian army.

“If you ask, what does the US have to relations between Russia and Ukraine, you will be told that Russia’s interest in Ukraine threatens international peace and security” – says Philip Giraldi.

The author believes that many of the accusations against Moscow over its bad behavior would have sounded more credible if they were brought against Washington, who leads a secret war on the global currency markets and against the Russian corporations.

He also notes that even if the sanctions will be strengthened, Moscow will not back down from the Ukraine, because it is a vital interest of Russia.

The US has a lot of chances to play in this war if Russia will play tit for tat” strategy by symmetric responses to rebuff overt and covert attacks on its economy.

Russia is actively cooperating with the US and EU in tracking financial flows to terrorist groups and drug cartels, but now she feels that the West intends to act against its financial institutions and the economy as a whole.

In addition, Russia can answer the US close cooperation with Iran, Syria and North Korea. It can get out of the sanctions against Tehran and start buying Iranian oil, with the same success it can begin to supply arms to Damascus, including air defense system that can not miss in the Syrian airspace single American aircraft. Moscow also can weaken the restrictions on trade with North Korea. At the UN, Russia could with equal success to block all US initiatives.

Use of overt and covert means to drive Russia into a corner from which it can not escape – not smart politics. According to Ron Paul: Do it, then start a war.”

According to former CIA officer, is not wise to provoke powerful enemy if vital national interests are not at stake, and Ukraine and Crimea are not among them. The consequences of inciting conflict can be devastating for all of its participants.

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