Puzzles harder than the Egyptian pyramids !

Загадки похлеще египетских пирамид

In the world there are many mysteries which are unique and unexplained its origin can surpass even the famous Egyptian pyramids. Another thing is that the world knows about them much less, if at all does not know, at least, this statement is quite true to the average Russian.

It is true today thanks to the Internet, you can “see” almost (theoretically) in every corner of our planet and see things from that being said, my heart stops or crawl. For example, here are these giant blocks someone did (obviously man-made creation) five thousand years ago. One such unit weighs more than 1,200 tons. This is not a cement not at all clear to us building material. And in our time, a relatively advanced civilization is simply no such technology capable of lifting these blocks. And to make such artificial boulders until we can not.

Strikes and the fact that these units have existed for five thousand years and not be destroyed. What are they made? It’s not even a natural stone, and some man-made building material. That would solve its structure and build of a material modern houses and other structures. Build for the ages! Rather, at the Millennium

And it is not surprising if the desire of mankind to penetrate into the depths of space, when the earth itself has so many mysteries? This is equivalent to, as you are not guessing a crossword puzzle, toss it and start to unravel next. Some children’s attitude to everything. Not by chance one of the great noticed that humanity is still in its infancy

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