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Scientists from many countries came to the discovery that most people thought energy directed toward a common goal, combined in energy field, and then in the world, in society, in the world around us there is that inherent in the mind of most people. Since ancient times, it was known that in mind lies a tremendous force that can directly create or destroy. (“In the beginning was the word …” “What are the thoughts of a man, so is he …”).

Human thought is material. She – a bundle of energy. This is proven by Academician AF Okhatrin, an American doctor Teutsch and so on. “The human brain has a direct impact on reality. Human thought, it is the energy of Consciousness is in the finest form “- these discoveries were published dean of Princeton University’s RJ. Gianni and his assistants. Founder of wave genetics P. Goryaev argues that “people can influence thought, word, feeling on the DNA molecule as its own and other people.”
Any spoken or read the word – is the wave genetic program that can change our lives and the lives of others. The human mind is capable of producing a molecule of DNA, which is the basis of all life on Earth, any program.

According to R. Gerard US “program DNA can be altered by efforts of the person and the cultural traditions of the people around him.” Academician VI Vernadsky wrote that “at a certain stage of development people will have to take responsibility for the further evolution of the planet, otherwise it will not have a future. You can not with impunity go against the principle of the unity of all people, as a law of nature … Humanity will open a great future if it will understand it and will not use your mind and work on self-destruction. “

At the time, a group of scientists under the direction of Janicki in the Institute of Mineral Resources USEA emphasizes the relationship of social cataclysms of natural disasters and catastrophes on Earth. Janicki argues that negative energy of thought provoking destructive natural phenomena. You just remember this year – as floods, as the tsunami and the terrible forest fires? And every year disasters are becoming more and more. You may say that this is due to ozone depletion, deforestation and other activities. The energy being thought? But at first thought, and then ACT. The thought always precedes! The materialization of thoughts running! Now many people realize that life is destroyed, and from the evil thoughts of revenge, the constant hostility caused by lack of spirituality. “Unkind people’s thoughts are adequate geological poems” – aptly Academician Vernadsky.

Everything that happens to us is a result of the materialization of thoughts and feelings. When we master the art of intelligently manage thoughts, then gain the ability to create a life, what we want it to be. Everything that happens to us is determined by our inner state, our mood. How often do you feel good? In good spirits? In high spirits? How often do you say to yourself: “All is well, all is well, everything will be sure.” How often do you try to control thoughts? Brilliant phrase Scarlett O’Hara from “Gone with the Wind”, “I’ll think about it tomorrow.”

Do you remember what the test fell on her head – famine, destruction, loss of loved ones … How could she know a few centuries ago that you can not think about the bad, otherwise it will be even worse? It’s like a snowball – one thought clings to another, and here we are dumped with a nervous breakdown. The materialization of our bad thoughts occurred. You must be able to control yourself. This colossal work – every day win over the victory, control the energy of thought. When people really change their attitude to the past and the present, no one blaming, then really changing present and future for themselves and their children! The key to creating a desired future in our current thoughts, feelings and beliefs. So how do you materialize your desire? Arguing that we have something we can not, we immediately lose the real possibility is to have. We materialize thought in my life all about what we say and think.

Writer, researcher of the human brain George. Kehoe says that a person can change whatever he wants to change, just learning to control your thoughts and feelings. The man begins to change reality when it ceases to constantly react.
Russian researcher nugget Ivanov during his 50 years of unique experiment to which he devoted his life, proved that “Everything in nature is done on a person’s thoughts, by his request.” Our world is anthropocentric and that human ideas give it shape and laws. This radically changes the conventional wisdom that represent me in accordance with the new knowledge of the truth, with new geographic, and other scientific discoveries. Man opens up the world and creates it. It’s simple: the world is because we believe in what he was. People have yet to fully grasp the true power of the energy of the words and feelings.

When changing ideas about life changing and life itself. A number of researchers in various countries independently experimentally proved that the universe space possesses the property of the hologram. This means that each point (cell) of the universe contains the information of the whole. Therefore, everything from atoms to galaxies, including man, are interconnected “cells” of a single organism (as many creeps as to imagine what you are small compared with the whole universe, and that you’re just maaalenkaya cell).

If the “cell” is in harmony with the body, it gets away from it all you need for development. In “cells” have the opportunity to be healthy and happy, infinitely improved and developed. If the “cell” disturbs the harmony, ie begins to live by the same laws do not, it breaks the connection with the body of the universe and lose support. This “cell” is doomed to illness and misfortune, begins the process of degradation, leading to its disintegration and destruction. Therefore, a systemic crisis that engulfed the technocratic-industrial society – an indicator of non-compliance of the laws of the society the laws of life in the universe. Learn more about the effect of the hologram associated with our brain can read in the article “Our way of thinking creates our reality.”

Psychophysiology G. Shichko discovered and proved the psychosocial programming of all people. All habits as bad and good, programmed technocratic social environment in the subconscious mind of man. Breaking protective biological barriers inherent original nature, people fight, drink, smoke, under the influence of their environment, as slaves of false programs. But a person always has a choice: either it develops or it degrades. According to the physiologist Pavlov “man – a system of self-regulation only on the highest, restore, guides … perfection.” Neurophysiologist Karl Pribram of Stanford University coined the term “image of achievements.” That is, people’s lives change when they make themselves “to the achievement” – positive images of what they would like in the future.

True harmony between Man and Nature suggests the rejection of consumerism, that is, the rejection of murder in any form. This will open up to humanity than ever before possible. On the free man who needs to learn to live without dreaming (thoughts) Russian cosmists: Fedorov, V. Soloviev, Vernadsky, K. Tsiolkovsky. And these people have already appeared on Earth !!! They can be read in the article How to live without food and water? “

Human capabilities are limitless.

Quantum physics has revolutionized our understanding of the world. According to quantum physics, we can influence our consciousness on the process of rejuvenation! Why is this possible? From the point of view of quantum physics, our reality – a source of pure potentiality, the source of raw material that makes up our bodies, our minds, and the whole universe. Universal energy and information field never ceases to change and transform every second turning into something new.

Do not believe that thoughts have real power? Then imagine that bite off a juicy lemon and chew its acidic pulp. The expression of your face immediately becomes not less acidic, teeth will bring. But nothing but thoughts of lemon, in fact, does not exist. There is a classic example of self-hypnosis, which now come up with more sophisticated terms: mental programming, positive thinking, self-training, self-hypnosis, psihokibernetika, alpha-method

The power of thought and visualization

One of the ways of using the power of thought is the human visualization. This is when you create a mental movie of your dreams – imagine most intimate dreams and fantasies. When you see this mind’s eye, your desires already partially materialized – in fact, according to scientists who studied the brain cells, the human mind does not differ from the actual image invented. This is the power of thought.

As Albert Einstein said: “Imagination – it shows upcoming events of life.”

Visualization contributes to the emergence of positive thoughts (with your imagination), aimed at the changes that you want to achieve.

Scientists have found that about 80 percent of the information we receive through sight, about 15 – through the hearing, the rest – through the sense of smell, taste, touch. No wonder they say: better to see once than to hear 100 times. Thus, presenting a picture of his happy life, you can greatly speed up the process of reprogramming your subconscious mind to a new, successful scenario.

For more information on what is the visualization and how it works, about the rules of rendering of what to avoid when rendering more on this topic, you can read on this site.

The power of thought and affirmations

Also one of the methods of using the power of human thought by acting on the conscious and subconscious are affirmations. Affirmation – a verbal formula that helps us to believe in yourself and get rid of the problems.

Word – is an important element of human culture. In all the religions of the world is given to an individual word the place of honor. The Gospel says that initially “the word was with God, the Word was God.” The ancients believed that a specific sequence of syllables may itself possess miraculous powers.

In an exceptional impact on the human psyche words no doubt. Person communicates words, the person often thinks in words. Thought generates emotions and images that most directly interfere in our behavior. The influence of words devoted to the serious part of human research in psychology. Some psycho, such as auditory training, completely built on the work of the word.

What is the mechanism of verbal programming? Frequent repetition of a verbal formula eventually leads to its permanent fixture not only in the mind, but also in the subconscious. Gradually, it takes a dominant position.

On the rules and methods of affirmations, we’ll talk in detail.

Our mind has unlimited ability to learn new things. We only use 10% of our abilities, the remaining 90% is simply not investigated. The most important step to opening their latent abilities is making contacts with these abilities. We have the power to take a step out of this mass consciousness and choose our life beliefs.

We need to program our subconscious for a positive attitude. Remember, what we sow in our subconscious, we will reap in the material world. Our mind can be our enemy or ally. If you say to ourselves that we can do something, we will certainly succeed. Our subconscious immediately find reasons to duplicate this statement. The main thing to believe that the attractive force of thought is a reality!

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