Reader: Russophobia in Russia’s rulers will not end before the aggressive policy !

putin-68222495and you are afraid of the Russians!

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Estonians are characterized by the Russians as a people, unfriendly russofoobset . I’m trying to decipher the reasons for such an unfriendly attitude . Russian Estonians often ask : potšemu Võ nas ne ljubit – why do not you love us ? I put this question to think about.

Immediately reminded of the past and present lots of facts and events , which have been initiated by Russia, Russian politicians and politicians crazed Russian people .

All of these events are , after all, was the target of our nation , our history , our honor and dignity . It is not , after all, is that we want to be Russiophobes , but the fact that the Russian Government will do everything to ensure that we had , and that the Russians would Estonians and Estonian state sown enough seeds of hatred .


Forced to not be friends , and it is not possible to accept the state and the people, who do not want reconciliation . Russian rulers do not want reconciliation and review our small country besides disdainful glance. Russia recognizes the power. Russian rulers of small states is not never had anything , they are always trying to Russify and conquer .

Russian propaganda machine is running full speed . The Russian political elite is doing everything to the Russian people would know their enemies . Enemies of the cross -border small nations who do not want to dance to the tune of Russian rulers . And of course, the western world , with the United States.

As for Estonia and Estonians , then our relationship is hostile seeds sown for so long that there’s no reconciliation possible before the Russian political elite is a radical attitude towards its small neighbors, including the Republic of Estonia , and condemns Stalin made ​​by crimes against humanity , as part of the the victim is still alive .

Russofoobiat creates a fear of letting their large neighbor, the rulers who is committed to restore the broken empire ‘s borders and to subject their independence kättevõidelnud former union republics .

It was in 1940. In the Republic of Estonia was occupied by the Soviet Union , and was forced to submit to the destruction of nationalities policy. Insurrection was allowed a stranger into his house , and the Estonian people were at the mercy of a stranger . Began with the brutal repression of the mass , which was intended to intimidate the people , found re Estonia , the Estonian nation liquidation. Young Estonian national self-awareness , and broke through the false Estonians sought to wean our national selfsustaining .

Compulsion to adapt to the Kafkaesque skisofreense thinking , hide your truth , even a proud and admire yourself in the mirror curve . The Estonians were practicing their statehood , its history, its heroes fallen off the War of denial. Stalin bore the customary mass repressions in Russia over Estonia.

Do we need to forget all the wrongs and humbly submit to the ambitions of its great neighbor ? History may well repeat itself . If Russia’s current rulers to stop the Republic of Estonia and the Estonian National venestamiskatsed hostile action , then you ‘re wrong phobias loss due to end soon lõimumisprobleemid Estonians and Russians and Estonians are not titled longer russofoobseks nation.

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