Reader: What happens when the Russian bear is really breaking down the door?

karu-karoliina-elistvere-loomaaed-loomapark-zoo-68226927What the Estonians fear?

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” And Bears scratched the door … ” Was there ever such a long metal ensemble singing the words . Today the situation is such that the Russian bears may soon be on our door and scratched off the break . Not that it would be very likely , but what happens when the big Russian bear should come to Estonia ? Nothing is going to happen.

The worst that can happen is that the power ( apparent power ) can be accessed Savisaar. The war did not fire , deportation is not forthcoming, the euro will continue to apply , including the European Union, Ireland would still ahead, just told you the last word in Moscow , not in Brussels.


What should be the need for Estonia to Moscow where particles Mother Russia ? If at all they do is Estonia , the only gateway to the European Union, and that means that Estonia remains illusory independence, boundaries are traveling (or escape ) single still life and rolls his path forward.

Quite a reasoned argument seems to be that it destroyed the Estonian language and culture. Chances are, even very possible , since it is clear that if we should get into Moscow ‘s sphere of influence , you will be able to substantially more rights to aliens , and certainly could be the country of Estonia , where the second official language is Russian.

In fact, however, does not change even when nothing – Estonian culture and nationalism, the destruction has been going on for years , and it is managed from Brussels to carry out the chosen nation of our own kupjad . How could it be otherwise look JOKK – genocide perpetrated against our people by : deliberately created a situation where people are forced to leave the country , have deliberately created a situation where people are moving from the country to cities , like sometimes eclipsed from agriculture and industry, while the latter were actually sold already foreigners long shot. So would not change anything here .

Lost freedom of speech and human rights are prejudiced ?

Who is the slightest knowledge of the matter , knows that the freedom of speech , we have no longer a long time – the mainstream media transmit only the information that is appropriate for the power of political parties .

After having read enough reviews, then the restriction of human rights of our citizens should be like – rainbow flags torn by shot and criminals could be reprimanded instead of real punishment.

Is there something even better would be if Russia breaks down our door ? But of course! Many politicians and officials , it should even be a party. Today, however, will be more objectionable than any politician or official takes a bribe – the Russians, it is not a problem – it’s a part of the corruption in their government.

The result : a normal taxpayer does not change anything , we have more cheap labor, whose opinion nobody cares. Could turn into something only if Ireland would be a strong independent state , which is the arbiter of the people , not strangers võimurid Brussels , Moscow or even Beijing . The idea of ​​an independent Estonia , however, is becoming a dim dream.

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