Reinsalu: Estonian is not a pressing issue than the security

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Defence Minister Urmas Reinsalu ( IRL ), the parliament ahead of today ‘s policy statement in which it stated that it does change the Crimea, not only in Estonia , but the whole security situation.

Reinsalu urged the political parties represented in Parliament to discuss and conclude a cross-party agreement on national defense . According to him, the aim would be to send the Estonian society, the private and public sectors a clear signal of the importance of the defense sector , but also to agree on key objectives for the coming years on the basis of the changed security situation.

Reinsalu said that Estonia has tried in recent years to improve its defense capabilities of NATO and , if necessary, to help us , but what happened in the Crimea indicate that the parliament and the government must co-ordination of national defense and defense -building to do more on .

” The Estonian state should not be military or other crisis, stop functioning. , We need to execute the contents of Defense broad concept , ” he said , adding that the state needs to act in the Office of the ministries of defense -border coordination.

Reinsalu According to the Ministry of Defence is preparing now for the Defence Act and to upgrade the defense strategy.

” The military defense point of view is not an issue today, but in two the percentage of a number. Issue is that we need an even faster pace of its independent military defense capabilities development . , We need a real defensive application of the two brigades. Single brigade ‘s ability to act will achieve the run. Present funding levels are second brigade full arming and equipping foreseen after the 2018th year . , we must make efforts to achieve this level of equipment before with the first brigade using complete soomusmanöövervõimega supplying , “said Mart Laar.

Speaking of crews , he said that negotiations with the Kingdom of the Netherlands Ministry of Defence promise this year to award the contract to be able to afford the first Estonian infantry fighting vehicles in 2015. year .

Urmas Reinsalu political statement in full :

Dear Members of Parliament,

The outgoing defense minister, the parliament decided to appear in front of a political statement to stop the last few years, the field of defense ‘s work, but also to meet the challenges ahead and purposes. Such statements , as you well know, is not normal, but they are not the usual weeks and probably in the coming months and years surrounding Estonia ‘s security environment . Although Estonia ‘s own military defense development occurs after long-term plans , which are based on a consensus between the main political parties in national defense matters , has held crisis in our immediate neighborhood, dramatically affected the security of the whole of Europe , especially in countries bordering Russia . Today is not pressing the issue for Estonia as security.

As you know , the sooner we have those days ten years of NATO membership . Estonia’s defense has changed a lot in that time , but has also become the alliance itself . While there are plenty of critics and skeptics , I myself am convinced that today’s NATO is militarily stronger Decade ago . True, the defense as a whole are concerned about the situation in Europe – and it is still more of an ally , the economic crisis began a downward trend – but today’s NATO is actually practiced together , militarily hardened and experienced organization. From Russia ‘s aggression against Georgia , 2008. In Brussels , we have no allies and no longer needed at the salesman constantly preach the importance of collective defense , the North Atlantic Treaty , Article five -driven collective defense has been taken for granted , it has once again become NATO’s core task . In recent weeks , a number of Western politicians assured me : we only just now realized that you had all those years when we had our paniköörideks you , in fact, legal .

When the war in Georgia had most of the Western world for the obnoxious alarm clock when Ukraine held no more than a fire alarm . Or a geopolitical earthquake. The international community was put down unexpectedly, the fact that 21 century Europe käivadki things so that one neighbor invades your army – sorry , mehikestega greens – there’s another country and organize the so-called referendum and the annexation of the territory of your liking . Without any international law or moral cover. The Estonian state must do all of the internationally that could be arrogant response , crime punishment .

Apparently, there is also, we cynical but who ask why South Ossetia , Abkhazia , Crimea and eastern Ukraine held anyway for Estonia time goes, but I hope that the vast majority of people understand that if this behavior becomes the accepted norm in international relations , the not be under any sleep over such an aggressor neighbor . And not only neighbors, as Russian citizens living in absolutely all European countries, according to the Moscow – Crimea -like rhetoric could come up with a scenario taaslavastamisele anywhere. However , if necessary, as an actor , performing artists and costume finds. And given the current Kremlin’s stoic reaction of Western warnings not like ” the referenda ” no longer considered completely precluded in the future . On the contrary , it could become a new pattern. Learn about the Russian President’s speech yesterday , in which he explains his motives teoviisi , and it creates õõvastust .

At the same time assure everyone – and I stress it again – Republic of Ireland should not feel fear. We are well-protected , better than ever. But Russia’s behavior should lead to a fundamental change in how we see ourselves and how its security contribute to it. And on our own side the entire democratic western world .

Dear colleagues .

Unexpectedly , but inevitably live in a new security procedure . Let us ask ourselves how this international law trampled Lamb opened the environment to remain independent and be yourself . What do the current methods that alter or rethink ?

First of all , I want to emphasize that, in my opinion , the Estonian state briefly worsening security nationally unprepared. Highlight the keywords below the main trends and issues that are in our military defense in recent years, is characterized by:

– Our guiding principle in the development of the military defense force has limited resources to create the most efficient , effective and credible defense force. We have seriously examined the implications of the Russian -Georgian war . Modern warfare is fast. Conflict can erupt suddenly and does not give time to prepare for the fight . From this assumption, we have also reformed their defense forces . We have moved paberarmeelt realistically as possible , and used in the well- equipped army. We do not have the luxury ever plan to build and develop the power of dreams , which may have been prepared to twenty years from now – we need defense forces, which are immediately available.

– We have taken the decision to reduce bureaucracy in the armed forces and the defense focused on the actual defense production. Our clear goal is a fully equipped and armed kiirreageerimisstruktuur . We have decided to build a modern training conditions on the basis of already existing infrastructure . We have reduced the staple , and the unification of war and peace in modern control circuit.

– Russia ‘s aggression in Ukraine , including large-scale unplanned ” exercises” on our eastern border , show the intelligence and eelhoiatusvõime priority . This area must remain a priority in the future. Rapidly mature is our special operations capability.

– Bulk disciplined and the most important procurement mention another infantry fighting vehicles , liikursuurtükke and tank traps . Work on these procurements are underway . Ämari airport is ready to receive and operated by Allied planes.

– We can not talk about defense capabilities without the voluntary and kaitsetahteta . By all indicators , it is in a considerable , and particularly young people will delight strength of will . The defense will not be involved only in young men aged 18-27 years , but for all groups of society and walks of life . I urge citizens to join the National Defence League , as well as the community ‘s thanks veterans served in Estonia in foreign operations . I am proud that our society has changed in a bad sense , Europeanisation and prosperous society , which is characterized by a moral behind arms and security for granted consideration. Monday to confirm the new plan to involve more volunteers Estonia’s national defense . All people must be according to your interests and abilities to be able to contribute .

Much has been made , but a new reality requires us more :

– The Estonian state should not be military or other crisis, stop functioning. We must comply with the content of Defense broad concept . For the first time , the government adopted last month by Defense laiapindse development . Military defense is the key pillars of the defense , but not the only one. Keep all ministries have a responsibility to think about the needs of national defense . And across ministries – the Office of the State – must begin to act in defense co-ordination function .

– In order to be rethought in the legislative framework . Ministry of Defence Defence Act , work is underway , which should see the light of day this year. It also needs to upgrade the current , four- year-old defense strategy.

– Military defense point of view is not an issue today, just 2 percentage than the numbers. The issue is that we need faster than its independent military defense capabilities development . We need a real-world application of the defense of two brigades. Achieve one of the brigade ‘s ability to act on the run . Current funding levels are second full brigade by arming and equipping intended apart in 2018. years . We need to make efforts to achieve this level of equipment formerly with the first brigade soomusmanöövervõimega using complete sovereignty. Our negotiations with the Kingdom of the Netherlands Ministry of Defence promise this year to award the contract to that effect , so that Africa will be the first new infantry combat vehicles in 2015. year .

Against this background , I call on the political parties represented in Parliament to discuss and conclude a cross-party , national defense agreement , which would aim to send the Estonian society , in our private and public sectors a clear signal of the importance of the defense sector , but also to agree on key objectives for the coming years on the basis of the changed security situation.

Ladies and gentlemen.

Finally, I want to come back again to the international dimension . In September, the NATO summit will take place in Wales . Our interest is that the summit would be the central message that NATO’s core task of collective defense is the changed circumstances . It should furnish specific activity in order to maintain the NATO operation in Afghanistan after the interoperability of large-scale military operations for collective defense. To this end, the first and foremost necessary unbreakable allies in North America and Europe. This requires a serious contribution to the common defense and not rely on America to remain constant .

To achieve this, the quick, smart and purposeful activities to strengthen the collective defense . Estonia was the first country in Europe offered concrete suggestions NATO alliance to enhance deterrence . Increased number of planes air policing in the Baltic region is the first result . The United States sent their planes in our region just a few days after the request. In its decision to send its military aircraft , announced on Monday the British government.

I have two years have seen , heard, and understood the nature of Estonia’s international security image. This is not the image of the periphery , but its a serious ally , the state of their own, who does what says , and he does not let the other leaning against sliders . The image is based on the nature of a small country ‘s largest currencies.

In preparing the local speech reminded me of how my mock few months ago the U.S. declared on the idea that we yearn for Europe, left the U.S. in need of tanks and allied military presence . I remembered the smile , because a few weeks ago brought back to the United States to Europe 30 tanks . EP , which is currently ongoing in the corridors of Washington , as evidenced by a lot more of one tank battalion. The security of the U.S. charts back in legal decision-makers . We need to ensure that it remains so . Yesterday’s U.S. Vice President Joe Biden in Warsaw issued a message that the United States is willing to consider the introduction of troops rotating in our region , it is very important and welcome signal. I am pleased to announce that yesterday reached agreement in principle Polish defense minister to Africa in the near future to participate in the exercise Polish air defense units .

We have a shortage of security , and it must be compensated quickly and efficiently . We need the Allied presence in this region , we need to show willingness to contribute more themselves .

Rather, we need to cooperate in the field of security to the changed circumstances of the Nordic – Baltic region. Indeed , cooperation in the Baltic ‘s works , ups and downs , we meet regularly with the Nordic countries , often all together. But as long as Finland and Sweden do not belong to NATO , is a full-scale regional cooperation potentially achieved. The region’s security interest in the Swedish and Finnish membership in NATO . The changed security situation indicates that the current crisis is a bystander to remain extremely dangerous. NATO’s Article applies only way to NATO territory. Second, the suppressive factor is low in Latvia and Lithuania defense . Today I wrote a letter to his colleague, Lithuania and Latvia, asking them to raise . Of course, it is their internal decision-making place , but inevitably takes us to three often a single region , we have similar challenges so that the answers could be comparable challenges , not the proportions vary.

Today and tomorrow and the foreseeable future, we must do everything possible peaceful solution to the crisis in Ukraine , and Russia’s behavior in the international arena can be an adequate response . We must honestly admit that today’s response has been inadequate, and the crisis has escalated. The western world is not sanctioned after the Georgian aggression against Russia , and it is enough to repeat the aggression encouraged . If you are currently under pressure from the West fails to force the aggressor to retreat , then the security crisis in the last. The international community’s ability to protect its values ​​have a direct interest in the security of Estonia . Today is the value of the policy , and interest in the policy of the Republic of Ireland for one hundred percent overlap between the concepts.

Our society must be strong . I sincerely want to acknowledge this crisis the Ukrainian people ‘s courage. They have not responded to the massive information war and provocations . Cohesive society in crisis situations is the most determining weight . We have the right context to decipher the handwriting of Russian aggression : the inner surface of the cause of the crisis between the countries of the crisis that goes beyond the force that uses the security crises . It is for us the reality that we take the rate of findings in the field of internal security in Africa . However, the basis of social cohesion . Hence, the first test the aggressor nation kokkuhoidmistunne destroyed. Psychological defense , noticing each other , and the feeling of belonging is the foundation of our national security. We need not fear . The only thing we have to fear is fear itself . We need to changed conditions of their actions dispassionately to change the security setting at the center . The world is more dangerous today than it was yesterday . But we are not alone in this world , and we will not sit idly by .

Dear parliament , Asis , thank you for your cooperation.


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