Russia will lose the war for America 360 minutes !

Dmitry Rogozin: “The United States can destroy a few hours up to 90% of our nuclear capability

In addition, he called the five kinds of threats to our country and stated the backlog on a number of critical core technologies from leading Western countries in some areas up to tens of years.”

Россия проиграет Америке войну за 6 часов

“For more than a decade in the United States worked out the concept of Prompt Global Strike. It provides striking non-nuclear weapons at any point on the planet in one hour, “- Rogozin said. According to a war game conducted by the Pentagon at the end of last year, with the help of 3.5-4 thousand. Units of US precision weapons can destroy 6 hours basic infrastructure facilities of the enemy and prevent him to resist,” – he added.

However, their creation is clearly serious problems may occur. “Today the backlog on a number of critical core technologies from leading Western countries is in some areas up to tens of years,” – said Deputy Prime Minister.

According to him, if such a blow will be inflicted on Russia, the main objectives will be the strength of the strategic nuclear deterrence. In essence, the US experts’ estimates, as a result of such an attack can be destroyed from 80 to 90 percent of our nuclear arsenal,” – said Deputy Prime Minister.

And despite the fact that Russia, according to its military doctrine is ready to use nuclear weapons in repelling aggression with conventional weapons, this is not enough. To withstand such a threat, according to Rogozin, can only be created “autonomous weapons” beyond the control of modern telecommunication technologies.

According to him soon catch up and overtake other, especially high-tech Western powers Russia is unlikely to work in all directions. The scientific potential of our country was virtually destroyed during the years of political stagnation,” – he said.

According to Rogozin, the backlog in the field of defense technologies can be eliminated due to the concentration of scientific potential of the military, scientists and technologists. A function of coordinating this work should be assigned to the Military Industrial Commission, which he himself had headed.

With regard to success, the Deputy Prime Minister noted that the growth rate for a number of branches of the military industry are much higher than that of the Russian economy as a whole. In addition, in 2012 nearly 500 defense enterprises were covered by technical re-equipment, 35 of them new facilities already in operation.

The modern threats to the country Rogozin identified 5 types. The first – a conflict with the country, surpassing Russia in terms of technology. Such a war will be waged in a contactless manner (the above example with the United States). The second – a conflict with an equal potential of the country, when you need to fear superiority of the enemy on the important areas of confrontation. The third and fourth local wars, the type of Afghanistan and Chechnya, as well as countering terrorism. According to Rogozin, it is necessary to create such weapons that will destroy the insurgents and terrorists, avoiding civilian casualties. By the way, Deputy Prime Minister said that in order to identify terrorists on the borders of Russia plans to create a fundamentally new information system, the outlines of which are already being worked out. Well, while the fifth is concerned with the development of the Arctic shelf. Active development of the Arctic shelf will inevitably lead to a conflict of interests between the two countries that impose their claims on its resources. It is possible that the opposition will go beyond diplomatic “- said Deputy Prime Minister. According to him, it is likely that the Russian oil and gas production facilities can become targets hidden sabotage on the part of competitors.”

Underestimate the threat to Russia’s security is not just stupid, and criminal, competition will take more aggressive forms. Russia does not intend to participate in the race of military technology as a bystander, “- said Rogozin.

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