Russian maneuvers over the Baltic Sea – a warning to the West – the Polish media.

Маневры русских над Балтикой — предупреждение Западу, — польские СМИ

Experts agree that the actions of the Russian aircraft over the Baltic Sea – a deliberate and directed against NATO’s action, writes portal Wirtualna Polska.

Fund representative named Casimir Pulaski Tomas Smouri believes that incidents involving Russian bombers – is the result of political tensions between NATO and Russia, ongoing since the “annexation” of Crimea.
The objectives of this type of action double: on the military level – this is a test of the alliance opportunities, and at the political level – is a signal to Russia that it will continue to be a military power, highlights the Polish portal.
Tomas Smouri draws, however, attention to the fact that such cases affect the NATO decision, contributing to strengthening the alliance’s activities in Eastern Europe. As a result, they help Poland bring to the Western allies about the need to strengthen NATO’s eastern flank.
Expert portal Defence24 Juliusz Sabak notes that the incidents with Russian bombers, despite their military character, are also political goals: they are preceded by a meeting of the Russia – NATO Council, as well as the alliance summit in Warsaw.
According to the expert, Russia seeks a way to demonstrate their presence to put pressure. Juliusz Sabak believes that Russia does not need a dialogue with NATO on the Alliance’s presence in Eastern Europe, and the incidents are addressed to public opinion of the United States and other countries, taking decisions on the placement of troops in Eastern Europe. As Sabak said, it is a signal to the fact that these countries are subjected to certain risks.
In the night from Saturday to Sunday reported that a US reconnaissance aircraft was intercepted Russian bombers over the Baltic Su-27. As the Pentagon said the interception was “dangerous and unprofessional.”
In turn, at the beginning of last week, Russian warplanes in the Baltic Sea a few “close Flight” on the American destroyer “Donald Cook”, which carried out joint exercises with the Polish air force, reminiscent of Wirtualna Polska.

Reader comments on the site:

żarcik: Yes, yes, the Russians, do not cry. You military power :)

expert: There is nothing to play with Russian terrorists, it is necessary to shoot them – and they will learn to respect the West.

historia: Only a united Europe and NATO can be active and to repel force Russia and other threats.

mix: Yeah. Russian planes dare to fly over the Baltic Sea! It’s almost near the border with the United States.

Karkses: Well, yes … Americans swim on the destroyer front of their nose, and they sent against them the bomber. So Russia provokes. In the end, Baltika – is, of course, the United States territorial waters.

Jan: Shoot down. The Russians understand only the language of force.

Tasak: «The actions of Russians over the Baltic Sea – a deliberate action”, but can there be another? Ostensibly by accident they did fly over the US ship?

Nik: That shoot down at least one, then you will see that NATO rules, and then they shot down the plane, the matter was hushed up.

AO: This is the United States and NATO are pushing us to war with Russia … Open your eyes … They make us cannon fodder, we provoke a nuclear power, and, if necessary, we will not help anyone!

Le: Is this stupid world does not understand that the time of peace for Russia – loss, and war – the rise? Unfortunately for them, a profitable business is possible only during the war.

ghur: Split Katsap.

stańczyk: I suggest to the Americans not to poke his nose in the Kaliningrad region, and the Poles did not arrange smokescreens.

Ewa: The Americans deliberately sailed into the Baltic Sea to the Russian border, to arrange baiting.

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