Russian officer detained the Estonian Security Police gave the first call to his wife.

Арестованному Россией по обвинению в шпионаже сотруднику эстонской полиции безопасности Эстону Кохверу впервые дали позвонить женеВ ФСБ России заявили, что сотрудника полиции безопасности Эстонии задержали в Псковской области при проведении им агентурной операцииУ него был найден пистолет, пять тысяч евро и средства для скрытой аудиозаписиRussia arrested on charges of espionage of the Estonian Security Police of Estonia Kohveru first gave to call his wife. On Friday afternoon Aston Kohver was finally able to take advantage of the promised him to call his wife. The content of the conversation is not disclosed, it was a personal, family conversation,” – said the agency BNS in the press service of the Ministry of Defence of Estonia.

According to the ministry, it was the first opportunity for direct contact with the family after Kohvera detained by Russian special services. Until now, he could exchange information about their situation only in meetings with the Consul of Estonia in the presence of an interpreter and the Russian secret service.

Estonian citizen was arrested on September 5. In the Russian FSB said that Estonia’s security police officer arrested in Pskov region during their undercover operations. His gun was found, five thousand euros and funds for hidden record. The day after the arrest Kohver was placed under arrest. October 31 the court extended the detention for up to 5 January 2015.

According to Estonian authorities, Estonia Kohver was not detained and kidnapped near the Russian border. In Tallinn argue that a police officer performing official duties during the operation to prevent smuggling and border with Russia do not intersect. According to the version of the Security Police, unknown, came from Russia, attacked Kohvera and forcibly taken at gunpoint in Russia. Before the kidnapping of unknowns were operational radio interference, and used a smoke grenade.

Currently Kohver is under arrest in Moscow. Previously, he was for some unknown reason refused the services of attorneys Mark Feigin and Nicholas Polozova, former defenders Pussy Riot.

Estonia has promised to “save the world’s attentionto the situation with Kohver.

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