Russian rocket shot out of the Baltic Sea.

Russia was shot in the Baltic Sea during exercises held off the missile that destroyed an enemy warship-simulating target, reported the Russian Baltic Fleet captain Vladimir Matveev today.

«Korvetilt fired missile successfully hit designated targets at sea,” said Matveev, according to whom the task was made more difficult by using radar jammers.

Matveev pointed out that the Russian fleet with the latest korvetilt Soobrazitelnõi Redut shoot out missiles. The captain said that was blocked by the missile during the test period the fairway to avoid potential victims.

Russia announced yesterday that started in Kaliningrad Oblast to counter sõjaväemanöövreid started on Monday and exercises taking place in the Baltic countries, Saber Strike“, which is named the Moscow agressiooniaktiks. Russia’s Defence Ministry confirmed that the state take exercises in the Baltic Sea fleet in addition to a part of the Air Force and the assault troops.

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ivan17 minutes ago

Kremlin’s disciples are given a hard point to Estonians alertness sedation.

Already a number of weeks, they kept saying
– “There is no point in Vénel attacking others Estit”
– “Well, really, who are required to Estonia?”
– “YOU ARE OFFERED TO RUSSIA Baltic countries???????”
– “There Vénel today’s Baltic states of Estonia, and Russia does not need … attacked the Baltic countries!” and so on. jne.jne.

Kremlin Inches,  them to sidng drowning the songs.
Take note that the Estonian people thought the level of the individual, and analytical development is 10x higher than you, so you  magic fairy tales and non-subordinated.

In other words – the Estonians are not as dumb and stupid as you have to talk yourself into believing any Tiblad remain.
As long as Russia does exist, it is a threat to all the peoples of Russia to be them occupied.
The greatest danger is particularly neighbors . Estonia, too, of course.
The best example – Ukraine!

Only the fear of America’s chastening in front of the Kremlin and Russia.

And now that American troops are also in the Baltic, the Russians put the Dream – Baltics again occupy – a solid and strong moral bang so that the Russians are doing shorts meal, if only to hear nothing from the United States.

And by the way, in Russia’s distant past is known that Ivan IV, since the Russian Czars did terrible effort to conquer the Baltic countries.

Northern War (1700-1721) Peter I was trying to achieve escape from Russia to the Baltic Sea, or “cut a window to Europe.”
And he reached Uusikauponki peace.
This means that all the ports in the Baltic countries had / have access to it in Russia through the Baltic Sea to the west or to Europe.

And the young and here to talk a lot to the Baltic countries do not have any strategic importance for Russia.

maakas42 minutes ago

damn shitt, pollutes the Baltic Sea again!

more veel1 hour ago

Estonia is not Russia, for any military significance, such as 1940!
Today there are two crucial strategic Vénel on: Kaliningrad Region in the north and the south of Crimea.
From there, you can give a shock to NATO Rundell. Crimea, the base for strategic bombers.
Baltics has zero significance, the poor, and hostile.

CCCP is in grave danger! 56 minutes ago

Are you crazy – NATO’s non-offensive defense organization! And if Russia would be nearly as rich as any in the Baltic state, then you’re back to your vudiksid closer to the Kremlin. The greatest wealth is, of course, we do that, we have the Baltic countries indigenous people are the people who are capable in their head thinking about you and like you but sing along with Putin, but still it particularly idiotic state of the USSR national anthem, and your head thinking did not know none!

reku1 hour ago

Do not know if they were still flares?

tosine27 minutes ago

Russian-US military conflict. The Russians have been received by the enemy soldiers. Vasja summoned the interpreter, who immediately begins to interrogate prisoners:
“Vat IIz joor vengeance?”
“My name is John Smith.”
Laksti puts Vasja prisoner in the head:
“Vat IIz joor vengeance?”
“My name is John Smith” meets a prisoner in surprise.
Plaraki, for the second time in the head:
“Vat IIz joor vengeance?”
“My name is John Smith.” Meets the Yankee tearfully.
Vasja hand lands in jail, again on the chin …
Major will be standing by to investigate the well, which tells of the capital.
“Son of a stiff lump is oozing facing us, Comrade Major!” Vasja says irritably.
“I, bljääd, asking a lot, you have tanks? Her, bljääd, counters that he does not know anything!”

maksimka1 hour ago

Thanks to the so-called Kaliningrad Oblast NOT Vénel
Estit the idea of ​​attacking others. It is a geo-strategic control point, before 1940, it was his Estonian islands.
Neither the Estonian Venele no importance because Kaliningrad is a much more important place than a strategic military hostility EstonIan
From the same IP has also commented: pay an additional 1 hour ago

qwe1 hour ago

But jewrokolhoosnikud still think that someone must be
tanks “wabastama” khm.khm .. scream.
No really, who are required to Estonia?

T 21 hours ago

According to the President of the Russian Federation in the long-term plan includes the former empire secrets with Russia reintegration. It is true that there is no immediate sense of attack.

12342 hours ago

And the Russians who see the dear three fourth world war. Answer: Your own

kõõga3 hours ago

I wonder where the target was and whether they are flying in raketipasad or just fall?

diil3 hours ago

Russia could Kaliningrad and the rest of the world may give NATO the status of Russia as part of a recognition of the Crimean ok :) pretty good.

vana2 hours ago

Did you know that a lot of gas oil is a commodity?
Answer greatly  -year Division.

It is ok to goods in Ukraine?

3 hours ago …

Powerful Russian stuff.

GJKGGÖ4 hours ago


Pro Sun4 hours ago

But let  , break and live their inferiority slightly.
As we all know,
can this ordinary Russian people of the richer by the day,
closer to happiness and every bang!
Let your rublakesi burning in the sky.

Mart4 hours ago

Unfortunately, if they possess the money runs out, they go elsewhere to embezzle.

muri28 minutes ago

Why, Estonian taxpayers must complete the top of the king of England at the head of the family, they have a small business in Russia to properly feed and cover.
Remember, you are a self-sixth of the Earth have been at the top for 80 years, it was the cancellation of your own.

sdd4 hours ago

I heard that instead saientologist reptile. Get it now detained, who are entitled to speak.

ahem … 4 hours ago

It’s funny: the Baltic States exercises to be an act of aggression, not Russian ones?!

Immortal Kaštšei3 hours ago

If NATO is practicing its national defense, it is aggression.

When Russia cut off from the outside world is practicing the NATO Member States and the attack, then it’s not aggression, it’s purely defense-related exercises.

You may remember George Orwell and “1984”, “War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.” White is black, good is evil, and light is darkness.

irw5 hours ago

What do you expect?
Themselves were, after all, a two-handed by the U.S. / NATO aircraft, boats and scrap iron to be here.
Now you start to get “exercises” each month.
Oh, the challenge :)
From the same IP has also commented: qwe 1 hour ago

juhhuu5 hours ago

Hull could see all the provoking, and that’s why life can not leave without residing.

Rudi3 hours ago

A much better option than the Russian tanks. Some compatriots have already died, a big part of the way to Siberia, and only a few of the hundreds like you would be happy that they brought back “Kulturama” and wealth.

Our KA5 hours ago

Estonians shoot your rocket into space – it’s not so far found the target.

And in his ongi5 hours ago

I’m not surprised at all when a secret war has long been under way. Only that we do not yet know it. In my opinion, the words “peace” and “Russia” do not go together, and have never been to.

WHAT DO I ARVAN5 hours ago

Putin’s head nesting in a pinch of gray matter called the brain, revolves around only one problem – how on earth their small size (in both the literal and figurative sense) to increase. Ridiculous and petty man who has been driven mad, his surroundings are dangerous – especially if he is also still a fool. Putin does not think (probably not capable of) any other than their own people – is not the welfare of the local and external reputation of respect. There’s no one else to blame besides Putin, that Russia is compared with North Korea – despite the fact that the poor Russian people not to blame for this at all!

täpsustame5 hours ago

The poor Russian people sympathizing what you might find that over 80% of Russians support Putin’s activities in full occupation of the Crimea and the eastern part of Ukraine.

They might also know that many of the same Russians believe Russia is Ukraine’s main enemies in the world, the United States and the Baltics.

Compassion is a good thing, but the facts could be known, too …

Immortal Kaštšei5 hours ago

In this case, lead to indeed recognize that their brains have been washed away so badly.

vaata4 hours ago

These are exactly the kind of brains have been at least the past 1,000 (thousand) years.

I’m so brain ‘wash’ version does not believe so much in this case.
The brains are just like that. Throughout time there have been.
It may be, too, of course, sympathize, if still just so much you want to contribute something feel.
From the same IP has also commented: Please specify 5 hours ago

Muppetid5 hours ago

I wanted to fly to the Moon – EP came out this time!

tere5 hours ago

But is not we meant to be NATO military exercises with Russia just to wear? Since each of trainings they need to reciprocate, then at some point they will simply run out of money, while NATO is a relatively tolerable amounts. It’s like an arms race, spending only the victory, the consequences of not creating new weapons of war, but spent the entire existing advantage.

hõm5 hours ago

Trust and friendship against Russia is growing among Russia’s neighbors. Next, a small nuclear test in the middle of the Baltic Sea, Putin, Russia and the borders of the walls are built. Russia is a true “culture of the country.”

KA5 hours ago

Today, our still do not understand – but in fact, has started an arms race, and perjood, which may result in war.but  failure to invest in the further development of the Russian opositsooni is tough …

+15 Hours ago

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