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NATO barely restrained !

НАТО еле сдерживается. Столтенберг заподозрил Россию в стремлении восстановить систему сфер влияния
Stoltenberg suspected Russia in an effort to restore the system of spheres of influence.
On the eve of the 66th anniversary of the founding of NATO, which falls on April 4, its current secretary general Jens Stoltenberg spoke in Brussels to MEPs. Spoke mostly about the further development of cooperation between the EU and NATO. But turned his attention to Russia. 

First of all, according to the German business newspaper Handelsblatt, Stoltenberg reassured overly impressionable allies on the block relative to the “Russian threat.” Stating that at present does not come from Moscow no threat to one NATO member country. Because, in the words of NATO Secretary General, “we were able to make a proper deterrence.” But he did not like that the Russian side is trying to restore a system in which the world is divided into spheres of influence. 

“We are opposed to this, as each country is sovereign. And you have to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all States “- quoted by Interfax Stoltenberg. 

How do we relate to such accusations? And that, in fact, does not suit the head of the Alliance? 

– Statement Stoltenberg can be interpreted as anything – said department head of the regional policy of the Institute of Public Administration and Management RANHiGS the Russian president, Doctor of Political Sciences Vladimir Stoll. – But, apparently – and this is no novelty – NATO Secretary General well when the world is under the influence of only the Americans and the North Atlantic Alliance. When there is no competition on the horizon.

Prior to 1991, the world was divided into spheres of influence. That is, until the collapse of the Soviet Union and went into oblivion Warsaw Pact countries as competing or opposing military-political organization in relation to the North Atlantic Treaty. 

In 1991, the confrontation ended. West – in the euphoria. He is represented by the United States dominates absolutely everywhere. Most experts then agree that the collapse of the bipolar system will lead to a “pink-pacifist” state in world politics – when there will be no wars, no confrontations, no spheres of influence. Everything will be fine … 

“SP”(“Svobodnaja Pressa”-A free press): – Did not work out? 

– Peace was not sure. If we recall this period, starting from the very first military operation – “Desert Storm” in 1991, on what is called a train stop at all stops. 

Here we can recall the Yugoslav tragedy involving the Alliance. By the way, was the first time in Europe, NATO troops were present in the territory of a sovereign at the time of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. And it was ok in terms of Western logic. Then there were Afghanistan, again Iraq, Syria, Libya … And that everyone liked. When Russia began to show some signs of independence in the middle of the “zero” (a kind of watershed here as it is Putin’s Munich speech in 2007 at the International Conference on Disarmament) – is our partners actively dislike this. 

That is, when we are “white and fluffy”, all is well. When the Russian army destroyed his hands, in fact, as the Russian leadership under the guise of the so-called reform of the armed forces – that’s good. When there is awareness of national interests – West outraged. With that, he says, every sovereign country should have its own national interests.

“SP”: – Ordinary double standards … 

– Of course. If, for example, take the military doctrine of the United States, there in black and white that the national interests of the United States of America – everywhere. Around the world. That is, the Americans have such a right. No one else such or similar rights can not be. 

Regarding the current situation, I have the impression that since 1991, when the USSR collapsed and ceased to exist a block of the Warsaw Pact, the Alliance for a while was looking for causes and reasons for its preservation. Because logically, if the missing main opponent, then NATO, it would seem, we must cease to exist. Since the external enemy, opponent, rival – somehow it can be called – was gone. However, this did not happen. Moreover, there is a certain transformation conceptually structures and NATO command. And today we have what we have. 

“SP”: – What exactly has changed? 

– Alliance began to behave more actively after the adoption of the end of 2010 at the Lisbon Summit the new strategic concept of the block. Defense, peacekeeping and security – that’s like three postulates on which the activities of the North Atlantic Treaty today. Moreover, the entire activity of NATO after 2010 moved as close to the Russian border. 

Active NATO’s eastward expansion since 1991 has led to the fact that if, prior to 1991, there were 16 countries in the Alliance, but today they have become 28. And it’s not only the former socialist countries, but, most worryingly, the former Soviet republics. And it’s not just about the Baltics. In preparing to join the Alliance Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia.

Therefore, the current secretary general rhetoric remains the same – this is a confrontation. But the paradox of this policy lies in the fact that virtually no serious international problem of NATO today is not able to resolve without Russia.
This is connected with the threats that originate from the so-called “Islamic State” *. This is the current situation in Africa, in particular in Nigeria. This Afghanistan after the withdrawal of the Americans and NATO troops. This is generally the entire Middle East and Central Asia, and many other areas where experience shows that without the alliance with Russia a practical solution to any global issues is simply impossible. 

According to head of the department for European Security, Institute of Europe, the candidate of economic sciences Dmitry Danilov, the theme of spheres of influence – in a Western interpretation of zones of influence – totally new: 

– It is a traditional thesis, which rises when the criticism towards Russia increased – during the crisis of relations between the West and Russia. It is clear that the current Ukrainian crisis is largely the result of the fact that Russia and the West have not been able to agree on so-called common spaces. What was said in the context of space “from Vancouver to Vladivostok”, “from the Atlantic to the Pacific”, etc … 

Clearly, Europe increasingly divided into two parts. One Europe, which is concentrated around the Euro-Atlantic institutions and NATO. Moreover, institutions expanding … 

And another Europe, the center of which is Russia. Which tries to formulate his own philosophy of integration, the Eurasian integration. But in the context of, shall we say, increasing the fault passing in Europe – in Ukraine. 

So when Stoltenberg speaks of spheres of influence, there is, in fact, there is a substitution of concepts. In Russia, there are not only the specific interests of the former Soviet Union, but also its own responsibilities in this area.

Stoltenberg in this case replaces the notion – he talks about spheres of influence. Then how to talk about the area of ​​interest. On special interests of Russia in the post-Soviet space, in the first place. And the scope of responsibility. 

“SP”: – This is the reason of differences between the West and Russia today? 

– I would say, fundamental differences. The danger is that if Stoltenberg repeats these formulas and talks about Russia’s attempts to formulate a national strategy in terms of spheres of influence, which means that organizations such as NATO would have to look for relevant answers. Therefore can not be considered his words only political and diplomatic rhetoric. Such definitions largely lay coordinate system, which will be built in the near term Western policy. Including policies and conceptual installation of NATO. 

And since this way, Russia would be very strange excuses and say that we are not talking about some spheres of influence, and so on … After all well aware that in this case the problem is reduced not only to increased geopolitical rivalry Russia and the West. First of all, the post-Soviet space. We are talking about a serious geopolitical confrontation with all its consequences, with all the components of this collision. Someone might call it “the new edition of the Cold War.” Someone might say that until this matter has not yet reached. But de facto we are talking about a serious geopolitical impact, the return to a relationship of mutual deterrence.

“SP”: – How long? 

– It depends on how Russia and the West will be able to (or try to) go back into the European mainstream. And this, in turn, can only be done on the basis of the settlement of the Ukrainian crisis, where Russia and the West are the main actors who have to negotiate. 

Now, if we (I mean the whole Greater Europe) will continue to think in terms of spheres of influence and accuse the partner that he is acting exactly in this paradigm, then, on this basis is unlikely to be something to negotiate. Especially that one of the components (and this is very important) the normalization of relations is just thawing of relations between Russia and NATO. But if Stoltenberg will repeat the formula, which he said in Brussels that there will be serious obstacles to the establishment of our relationship.

Simulation of the Third World War.

Симуляция Третьей мировой. Достаточно ли сил и средств сегодня у России, чтобы противостоять НАТО

Is there enough forces and means today Russia to counter NATO ?

Judging by the area covered and the involved forces, the Russian military exercises serve as a warning to NATO. This was said in a March 19 report, the US private intelligence and analysis company Stratfor.

Russia is interested in a show of force “to dissuade anyone from radical action on Ukraine”, according to the report. US expressed caution – to postpone the deployment of 300 of its military in the west of the country, although they insist that their arrival is still possible and appropriate order may be given in April, says Stratfor.

In addition, conducting exercises of this magnitude, Russia responds to the dynamics of the NATO military exercises in Eastern Europe, the report says. Initially, it was stated that the exercises will focus on the problems of the Northern Fleet in order to check the speed of deployment of Novaya Zemlya and Franz Josef Land, but then maneuvers gained a much larger scale. However, as analysts said the company, the Russian exercises are held in the same territories, which usually holds its NATO exercises.

According to Stratfor, the teaching look like “simulation full-scale confrontation with NATO,” which were involved strategic nuclear forces: Strategic Rocket Forces, strategic bombers and nuclear submarines.


The total increase in the rate of Russian military activity, the growth of the presence of NATO and the large number of scientists in Eastern Europe are reminiscent of a show of force times “cold war,” the report said.

Recall March 16 in Russia began one of the largest in recent years large-scale sudden check readiness of the Armed Forces. She touched all five operational-strategic commands and connections under the Central Government. The main focus of the inspection was made on the conduct of hostilities diverse forces in the Arctic zone, but then in the exercises were involved armed forces in all strategic directions. So, March 20 peacekeeping units of the Central Military District have worked to create a buffer zone between the conflicting parties and conditional delivery of humanitarian aid. The exact number of troops involved in the exercises is unknown, but it is clear that the test covers almost the entire country.

According to Gen. Yuri Baluyevsky, head of the General Staff in 2004-2008, “spot checks were always – and during the Soviet era, and in the days of the Russian army since Peter the Great.” However, events of this magnitude, according to Baluyevsky, “imply the presence of additional forces and resources, primarily oil and lubricants (POL).” “In my time, the issue of ensuring the Army POL was really critical, exactly the same as the total financing of the army, so the spot checks, of course, were, but they were carried out according to the capabilities they provide,” he said.

The last three years, Russian military exercises in scope completely incomparable with NATO, says Deputy Director of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis Alexander Hramchihin.

– It happens that some of our maneuvers involved so much effort and money as the Alliance does not attract a whole year. And this despite the fact that all NATO exercises are usually planned and the date of their known almost a year, our own – mostly unannounced. And here it is worth paying attention to one thing: if the teachings are rosy, it means that they actually failed. Hence, they are not and sudden. The greater the problems identified during maneuvers, the better.

“SP»: – Stratfor calls the current exercise “simulating full-scale confrontation with NATO” …

– Generally, any doctrine – is a simulation of the war. It is in the North Atlantic alliance ever since the end of the “cold war” introduced a completely idiotic practice – simulate strange fighting, some peacekeeping peacekeeping operations, which, by and large, are not relevant to the tasks of the armed forces. Therefore, by the way, NATO countries and have fallen since last year in a panic because they understand their unwillingness to war. Our armed forces are normal exercises, such as they should be. The United States on its territory and carry out military maneuvers, but their scope is still with our incomparable, especially for the Army.

“SP”: – In spite of the fact that under the current exercise is also practiced the task of combating terrorism, but, judging by the scale, we are still moving away from the practice of calling all the teachings of anti-terrorism, even if the maneuvers involved SNF …

– Of course, this is absurd on account of the fight against terrorism is gradually disappearing because a few years ago actually exercises the Strategic Missile Forces explained the fight against terrorism that does not climbed in any gate. With regard to mining counter saboteurs, it is quite logical actions as zabroska RDG – an integral part of the war.

The United States are more focused on exercises with its allies. The teachings of this magnitude, which are now in our country, for them is a rare case, the director of the Center for Strategic conditions Ivan Konovalov.

– In general, they planned, but are held frequently. Although the recent deployment of three thousand groups in the Baltic States with the assistance of tanks M1A2 Abrams, M2A3 Bradley armored vehicles and equipment serving looks like an unscheduled event. His goal – to “show of force” in order to, firstly, to show respect to the new members of the Alliance, NATO support them, and secondly, to show the teeth of the Russian Federation. The maneuvers in the United States and Canada also do not differ scale, and by the way, basically called not a scientist, and training.

In the current exercise, which affected all operational-strategic commands, in fact, there is nothing unusual. When Sergei Shoigu in 2012 became minister of defense, unannounced inspections have become quite routine thing for our armed forces, which, incidentally, was not after the collapse of the USSR.

But it should be noted that now the doctrines against the backdrop of a very serious deterioration of relations between the West and Russia. Of course, a demonstration of the combat capability of Russia – this is an extremely important factor. Now NATO military experts are closely monitoring our teachings, and their overall evaluation is to ensure that the Russian army has become a serious force, which is in constant combat readiness. Promise of military maneuvers is the following thesis: “We do not show aggression, but demonstrate its readiness for any eventuality. You can see for themselves what is now Russia’s armed forces and draw appropriate conclusions. “

Leading Research Fellow, Department of regional security RISS Candidate of Military Sciences Vladimir Karjakin notes: the correlation of forces of the Russian Federation and NATO said that the Alliance can not objectively create a significant advantage in the operational areas of land theater.

– The geographical location of our country allows the Armed Forces to increase operational groups in the border areas. For instance, before strikes against Iraq, the Americans two and a half months grouping formed in the Gulf countries, driven aircraft carriers. It is clear that if all of a sudden they start to build up forces for an attack on Russia, this would require quite a long time, during which we will be able to pre-emptive strike. But that’s not the case, and that there is no unity in the alliance, moreover, a syndrome of Germany’s defeat in World War II in one way or another, but there is a European mentality when it comes to confrontation with Russia.

In the United States, despite all the declarations of their leaders and commanders, they will not bind to nuclear power. And they do not want a repeat of Iraq and Afghanistan in Europe. Thus, Americans will continue to conduct exercises with allies, to support anti-Russian sentiments in Eastern Europe. Europeans and do not mind screaming about Russian danger to receive from the United States or that assistance.

In general, the US and Europe will continue to lead us technological and information war against the background of the exercises near our borders, but actual combat it will not come.

NATO has no protection from the operation, the course which fulfills Russia.

У НАТО нет защиты от операции, ход которой отрабатывает Россия

The Russian army during the sudden teachings throws in the Kaliningrad region missiles “Iskander”, as Poland prepares to host the air and missile defense systems. The bad news for NATO is that in this case to oppose anything the Russian counterattack, it can not. Now it does not matter what happened before – the redeployment of Russian “Iskander” or attempt to probe placement in Poland missile defense system of unknown origin. The fact that the territory of the neighboring country with Russian missiles will air and missile defense, has long been known. And the fact that it can not be solved by diplomatic means, too, was known long before the Ukrainian events. It makes no sense to retell and prepositions that the US invented to justify the idea of ​​placing a missile defense system in close proximity to Russian borders. Who’s supposed to, and so they will remember: it was supposed to be protection against a non-existent Iranian threat posed by non-existent Iranian ballistic missiles with non-existent nuclear warheads. The ensuing discussion diplomatic disputes reminiscent of Spanish rabbis with Torquemada: the decision to deploy missile defense (expulsion of the Jews and Marranos) were still made in advance for reasons of mystical character, but still interesting to listen to. At the same time (almost ten years ago) was first told about the response deployment of Russian missile systems “Iskander-M”, precisely in the Kaliningrad region, and not somewhere else. These plans are strategic, they are known in advance – this is not the battalion group of marines, which can be flown anywhere. No one has made no secret of that system “Iskander” just was a response to the deployment of US missile defense systems, and in northern Poland (both on the southern flank of the response to a similar attempt in Romania was the transformation of Crimea into a fortress, teeming with exactly the kind of means of destruction). “Iskander” – “the perfect assassin” is precisely such systems that the US and NATO are trying to arrange a new, reinventing them in real-time theater. That the US “Patriot” that competing with them French counterparts are unable to repel the attack on themselves medium-range cruise missiles. Location in the Kaliningrad region “Iskander” makes a highly publicized NATO missile defense system in another target. In this sense, the remarkable number of mutually planned placement systems: the United States and Poland talking about batteries 9 “Patriot”, while talking about the alleged 10-powered Russian “Iskander”. This may well be true, because Washington does not have a free supply of missile defense systems and defense and the armed forces of the Russian Federation “accumulated” “Iskander” in the two theaters of military operations, which had never been in recent history. Moscow is able to consciously distribute high-precision weapons for several HPT, so even with the stock. In this context it is worth to look at some details of the sudden inspection training, running now in parts of the Western District, Northern and Baltic fleets, Airborne and Special Forces. Ivanovo paratroopers landing work out in the area of ​​Pechenga (ie, on the Norwegian border), Arctic brigade occupies the Franz Josef Land, the Northern Fleet relieve the so-called road Gorshkov – corridor progress in the North Atlantic from the coast of the Barents Sea between Norway and Iceland, and the long-range aviation eyeing Norway, Iceland and the UK. Like it or not, but this is the scenario of the Russian counter-attack in response to a possible NATO aggression. This scenario was developed in draft form in the Soviet period and since then has not lost its relevance. Change only the weapons and tactics of their application, but the meaning has remained virtually unchanged. In short, it is assumed that the collision of European Russia and NATO importantly – it’s a matter of time: how fast can (if he can) go to Europe reinforcements from North America (USA and Canada). The only way to deliver a very large masses of manpower and equipment were and will remain for a long time naval convoys. To stop the convoys, Russia must be brought under control of the North Atlantic area. And it is achievable to comprehensive amphibious operation in northern Norway with the capture airfields NATO, which there a lot, including a key one – Icelandic Keflavik. Keflavik provide control over the Russian Air Force (including strategic bombers) control over the entire Atlantic to the Azores – the southernmost point of the route potential convoys. Thus, the question of destruction of such convoys becomes purely technical. On the northern route, you can forget, the transfer to northern Norway and Iceland Russian special forces and air force will break the whole balance of forces in the European theater as a whole. At the same time, the Northern Fleet, including submarines with nuclear weapons, can freely pass into the Atlantic, then war can be considered complete. At this time, the Poles and 12 American tanks in Latvia can indefinitely (probably an hour and a half) to depict the heroic defense. But to ensure that developments may be, including, and after the opening of the airspace over the Baltic and Scandinavia (ie destruction of airfields and cover them), and for which there are “Iskander” in the Kaliningrad region and on the border with Estonia (in fact there are another Norwegian air defense system in Narvik and Mo i Rana). Special Forces and the Arctic with its quiet landing above the Arctic Circle – as it is now the Ivanovo paratroopers on the Norwegian border. This script is afraid of NATO, when so focuses on long claimed the idea of ​​relocation “Iskander”. The Alliance does not have a mobile defense system, many years of his military-strategic thought or idle at all, or focused on the execution of a foreign country “Tomahawk” without any resistance from the enemy. In our case, once the potential vulnerability of land – the Arctic Ocean – now turned almost into the lake. A group of US in the Persian Gulf has become vulnerable and our fleet (he appeared base in the region), and the response to missile attack. And most importantly: the plan to deal with counter-attacks, as described above, they still can not. That is why the placement of “Iskander” in the Kaliningrad region (even if temporary, as part of the exercise) has attracted much attention. It is, by the way, followed immediately after the final output of Russia from the CFE Treaty, which is formally proposed classifications affected. So the word Shoigu “on our territory where we want, and place there” is no surprise. But many people happy. Eugene Krutikov Source: http://vz.ru/politics/2015/3/17/734911.html

Source: http://politikus.ru/articles/45789-u-nato-net-zaschity-ot-operacii-hod-kotoroy-otrabatyvaet-rossiya.html

Signs of the Third World War !

Приметы Третьей мировой. Нарушение Киевом минских соглашений может привести к «опосредованной войне» между Россией и НАТО

Violation of Kiev Minsk agreements can lead to a “proxy war” between Russia and NATO.

In the event of a “pro-Russian separatists” US will begin deliveries of weapons to Ukraine, which will lead to the beginning of a proxy war between Russia and NATO in Europe, says the journalist of the newspaper The Daily Mail James Forsyth.

He supports his conclusions referring to a member of the British government. This can lead to the beginning of the worst “match” between Washington and Moscow since the Cold War. Proxy wars will be fought on the eastern border of Europe, the author points out.

At the top of the British government are worried that such a development is becoming more likely. Senior officials believe that Vladimir Putin is interested in resolving the conflict only on his terms, the author writes. “Putin will do everything not to allow NATO and the EU to expand further to the east” – quoted “Russian Spring” the words of one senior British officials.

The US Congress has a lot of pressure on Obama, urging him to take action.

Meanwhile, on February 26 guide Kiev DNR laid an ultimatum, saying that if they continue shelling by the Ukrainian security officials allotted heavy armed militias will be returned to the position tomorrow. According to the head of DNR Alexander Zakharchenko, the army of the republic already took 90% of their arms, and Kiev reciprocal steps not taken. Zakharchenko said that the attack on the position of APU militias continue. There have been new attacks and Gorlovki Elenovka. If they do not stop, the militia would be considered that the new agreement Ming thwarted. Chapter DNR noted that the text of the ultimatum handed to sign the OSCE representatives.

How likely is it that the fighting resumed? Whether this will lead to a “proxy war” between Russia and NATO?

– Until now, there was reason to believe that the truce gradually established – the director of the Center for Strategic conditions Ivan Konovalov. – The beginning of a real withdrawal of heavy weapons. There was no fierce fighting. However, the line of contact between the militia and the Ukrainian security forces remains. So the military clashes are inevitable.

The question is whether to wait until the full regime of silence. This largely depends on what the wind blows from Kiev. A situation in Kiev is not fully controlled by anybody. There is strong party of war, forced to crouch in front of which Peter Poroshenko. Ukrainian politics is influenced by many power groups. Which one will prevail is uncertain. Take the story of the creation of alternative Staff warlords, which will include the most odious figures: Dmitry Yarosh, Simon Semenchenko. One can not but note that this will create a headquarters in Dnepropetrovsk. And, therefore, it will operate under the control of the governor Kolomoiskiy. It seems that coming a serious struggle for power between the oligarch Kolomoisky and “former” oligarch Poroshenko. In this situation, ensure that no provocation at the front impossible. And only one provocation – and all truce could explode …

“SP”: – If the provocation has done its job, and will resume hostilities begin open US arms deliveries to Ukraine?

– Such a scenario can not be excluded. Although the United States, despite its harsh rhetoric against Russia, cautious. Raises questions list of weapons that American experts suggest supply to Ukraine. It drones, light armored vehicles, anti-tank missiles. Especially strange that it includes air defenses. In Ukraine, its air defense system remained at a relatively good level. While the hostilities in the sky Donbas hardly conducted. Ukrainian aircraft is practically destroyed. And only one militia attack aircraft flies. It turns out that supplied weapons handy little Ukrainian army. Especially in the offensive. That is the purpose of these supplies more psychological: to show that the poor Ukraine is forced to defend itself against aggression. But in general, with regard to arms supplies to Ukraine in the American establishment is no unity. Many – against. And Europe is very worried that the United States will decide to take this step. Second Minsk agreements were largely concluded it was because the Europeans saw that further progress will militias the United States an excuse for arms. I think that in case of failure of the Minsk agreements, Europe will be strengthened to try to influence the United States. Europeans do not need hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian refugees.

“SP”: – Can we expect that in case of resumption of hostilities by militias will be able to take Mariupol?

– Mariupol, most likely, will go under the control of militias. Perhaps it does not need any offensive. In the city could start a rebellion. Residents have extremely negative attitude to the Ukrainian law enforcement officers, especially to parts of the National Guard. Storm the city on the forehead is fraught with serious casualties among the civilian population.

By the way, fighting under Debaltseve showed that the armed forces of New Russia, although winning the Ukrainian army, but still difficult. Therefore, the strength to go on Slavic and Kramators’k have militias, most likely unavailable. Major events can turn on Mariupol direction.

– And then and now political scientists repeated the mantra that “a truce in general preserved” – said the expert of the Association of military, political scientist Alexander Perendzhiev. – But I believe that there is no truce was not long after Minsk-1. No it now. Shelling of cities, clashes small units – all this is obvious. Although we see that kind of terms of agreements are respected. First of all – the militias. However, under the guise of “truce” and she and the other side is preparing for a new round of fighting.

“SP”: – How to behave in the case of the Americans taking militias Mariupol?

– Of course, the degree of the war will increase. But to open intervention by the armies of other countries will not reach. Mariupol in any case – the main strategic object around which the struggle unfold. Sea lanes essential Novorossia. Possession of Mariupol port in terms of the economy will make Novorossia self-sufficient. And geopolitically greatly increase the importance of the DNI and the LC.

Yeah, maybe the US will be opened to supply arms that they already deliver. It is, rather, a psychological step, designed primarily for domestic American consumer. They say, look, we are helping to fight democratic Ukraine with Russian aggression. Russophobia, unfortunately, has become quite profitable political trend, not only in the US but also in some European countries.

In any case, the course of hostilities US supplies will not fundamentally change. Armed Forces of Ukraine show low combat capability. It is evident that the country already live it to the limit of their resources. The economy is collapsing. Military supplies, anyway, someone has to pay. Modern weapons – costs a lot of money, which Ukraine is not, and is not expected.

Most likely, everything will be reduced to supplying obsolete weapons. A sort of “Army consumer goods” in the form of machine guns and mortars, the weather for the Ukrainian army did not do it.

The third world war will die first Baltics !

The possibility of the Russian army in the event of a third world war, military experts have estimated at a round table in the RIA “Novosti” on “the Russian army in terms of current challenges and threats.”

According to the director of the Center for Public Policy Research – Head of the Department of the Institute of CIS Vladimir Yevseyev, – in the event of an attack by the US Russia will be able to answer only nuclear weapons, as a non-nuclear has a range of up to 1 thousand. Km and to defeat the United States, we need to place it weapons in Cuba.

Therefore, most likely, says analyst Sergei Mikheyev, that Russia in the event of the Third World will not strike on the US and NATO bases in the Baltic States, which in the near future it is planned to create.

“The Baltic countries will be destroyed – describes Sergei Mikheyev possible developments. – They always complained about how Baltics suffered from conflicts of East and West. Now, it would seem, they should stay on the sidelines, but they also want to become a battlefield. Just Unlike wars 300 years ago, modern missiles, these small countries will be destroyed altogether cease to exist. The confrontation with Russia, they are trying to increase their value. They have just lived quietly, and they again rush to the front line. So to them more attention, are some money. But all this can result in the death of these states. “

According to Vladimir Yevseyev, the US did not have a chance to disarm the Russian army, but we are far behind in terms of weapons – and their number and in power.

“What can answer Russia, taking into account the asymmetry of the strategic nuclear forces? America focuses on the marine component of the strategic nuclear forces, it has about 14 nuclear submarines like” Ohio “, equipped with 24 missiles at ten warheads that goes beyond the Prague Treaty of START 2. Russia can not respond symmetrically, because the combat potential of the US and SSBN submarine strategic type “Northwind” is different. On the “Boree” 16 missiles, and the ability to launch manifest them substantially less than US missiles “Traydent- 2 “- said Yevseyev.

In his opinion, “the best steps will be asymmetric responses”. This, for example, the creation of a heavy rocket “Sarmatian”, which will be located in Siberia outside the United States interception. Great Expectations expert assigns to create combat railway missile system (BZHRK). Earlier BZHRK complexes were eliminated due to inefficiency: “In the USSR BZHRK had limitations – it did not provide the missile launch from any location, the missile was severe and led to the overturning of. It was necessary to prepare for the launch of a special area. In addition, the rocket does not fit in car and so it was impossible to disguise. Now the situation has changed, as we have more light missiles “yars”.

Soviet echelon had one drawback – he destroyed a warhead. Now go away from it, will be BZHRK division. “But now there is the danger of a terrorist, which was not in the USSR – continues Yevseyev. – BZHRK goes on rails and rails can be undermined.”

Anyway, at the moment Russia has enough capacity for retaliation, and it can stop NATO from possible military action from the territory of Ukraine, assured the expert.

However, Sergei Mikheyev looking at the situation is not so sure – he said, the United States made good money on the First and Second World War, and have a chance to earn a third. “Americans see the situation in Europe as a laboratory. It is considered that for the United States there are people first and second grade – Papuans they chase and do not regret. But the Europeans supposedly quite another matter. Such ideas are wrong. US and European sacrifice. They spit on them wanted, “- said Mikheyev.

One of the weaknesses of the Russian armed forces – the lack of mobilization reserve, it is already not enough and will still sorely lacking in the future, said Yevseyev.

Russia, he said, need to have in this reserve to half a million people with military experience: “The US Army at about 1.2 million 800 thousand of the National Guard, and, basically, it natsgvardeytsy fought in Iraq. A provision should have a reserve equipment, weapons. bayonets to fight impossible. “


Russia will lose the war for America 360 minutes !

Dmitry Rogozin: “The United States can destroy a few hours up to 90% of our nuclear capability

In addition, he called the five kinds of threats to our country and stated the backlog on a number of critical core technologies from leading Western countries in some areas up to tens of years.”

Россия проиграет Америке войну за 6 часов

“For more than a decade in the United States worked out the concept of Prompt Global Strike. It provides striking non-nuclear weapons at any point on the planet in one hour, “- Rogozin said. According to a war game conducted by the Pentagon at the end of last year, with the help of 3.5-4 thousand. Units of US precision weapons can destroy 6 hours basic infrastructure facilities of the enemy and prevent him to resist,” – he added.

However, their creation is clearly serious problems may occur. “Today the backlog on a number of critical core technologies from leading Western countries is in some areas up to tens of years,” – said Deputy Prime Minister.

According to him, if such a blow will be inflicted on Russia, the main objectives will be the strength of the strategic nuclear deterrence. In essence, the US experts’ estimates, as a result of such an attack can be destroyed from 80 to 90 percent of our nuclear arsenal,” – said Deputy Prime Minister.

And despite the fact that Russia, according to its military doctrine is ready to use nuclear weapons in repelling aggression with conventional weapons, this is not enough. To withstand such a threat, according to Rogozin, can only be created “autonomous weapons” beyond the control of modern telecommunication technologies.

According to him soon catch up and overtake other, especially high-tech Western powers Russia is unlikely to work in all directions. The scientific potential of our country was virtually destroyed during the years of political stagnation,” – he said.

According to Rogozin, the backlog in the field of defense technologies can be eliminated due to the concentration of scientific potential of the military, scientists and technologists. A function of coordinating this work should be assigned to the Military Industrial Commission, which he himself had headed.

With regard to success, the Deputy Prime Minister noted that the growth rate for a number of branches of the military industry are much higher than that of the Russian economy as a whole. In addition, in 2012 nearly 500 defense enterprises were covered by technical re-equipment, 35 of them new facilities already in operation.

The modern threats to the country Rogozin identified 5 types. The first – a conflict with the country, surpassing Russia in terms of technology. Such a war will be waged in a contactless manner (the above example with the United States). The second – a conflict with an equal potential of the country, when you need to fear superiority of the enemy on the important areas of confrontation. The third and fourth local wars, the type of Afghanistan and Chechnya, as well as countering terrorism. According to Rogozin, it is necessary to create such weapons that will destroy the insurgents and terrorists, avoiding civilian casualties. By the way, Deputy Prime Minister said that in order to identify terrorists on the borders of Russia plans to create a fundamentally new information system, the outlines of which are already being worked out. Well, while the fifth is concerned with the development of the Arctic shelf. Active development of the Arctic shelf will inevitably lead to a conflict of interests between the two countries that impose their claims on its resources. It is possible that the opposition will go beyond diplomatic “- said Deputy Prime Minister. According to him, it is likely that the Russian oil and gas production facilities can become targets hidden sabotage on the part of competitors.”

Underestimate the threat to Russia’s security is not just stupid, and criminal, competition will take more aggressive forms. Russia does not intend to participate in the race of military technology as a bystander, “- said Rogozin.

Lethal Rubicon Obama !

Летальный Рубикон Обамы. Рискнут ли США поставить Порошенко тяжелое вооружение?

Whether to risk the US Poroshenko put heavy weapons?

As reported in the resurrection of the American edition of The New York Times, the Obama administration has never been closer to the realization of its long-standing threat. Washington could open for Ukraine “hot military-technical line.” We are talking about the supply of arms and all that can make Donbass capitulate.

However, on Monday, State Department spokesman Jen Psak clarified that the final decision on arms Ukraine yet. At the same time, she stressed that no options are not excluded.” On the question whether the supply of arms Kiev provoke indirect” US war with Russia, the speaker of the State Department said: “Nobody wants to” mediate “the war with Russia.”

Still surrounded Obama lacked unanimity on this issue. Since there was a danger to provoke an “arms race” in Ukraine within the framework of the so-called “Hybrid war”. In addition, it should be recognized that the supply of lethal military equipment, from the point of view of international law, may be regarded as interference in internal Ukrainian opposition. Crafty term “ATO”, invented by Kiev to not call a spade a spade, can hardly mislead international lawyers. Thus, the supply of weapons will be another step towards the escalation of tensions with the prospect of escalating “hybrid” war into a hot (between Russia and NATO under the auspices of the US). The first step in this direction has already been made a few days ago the head of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry Stepan Poltorak confirmed the participation of foreign nationals in the fighting on the side of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. In fairness, it‘s about as long as volunteers.

Chief lobbyist of Ukraine means of warfare acts chief of the armed forces of the US and NATO in Europe, General Philip Breedlove. Until recently, an active opponent of this idea was the Advisor to the President for National Security Affairs Susan Rice. However, according to the publication, it is ready to change their point of view. “The President of the United States has not yet decided on the supply of such lethal aid. However, after a series of serious setbacks that Ukrainian forces have suffered in recent weeks, the Obama administration is considering new military aid, “says NYT. According to the newspaper, officials persuade Obama to send Kiev missiles, armored vehicles and radars worth $ 3 billion. A 2 February, a group of authoritative retirees represented by the former deputy head of the Pentagon Michele Flournoy, a former commander of NATO forces James Stavridis and the former US Ambassador to NATO Ivo Daldera provide justification to supply large quantities of weapons to Ukraine.

Prior to that put out the fire with gasoline in Ukraine, openly called only odious Senator McCain.

As evidence that the fatal Rubicon can be passed, advocates visit US Secretary of State John Kerry in Kiev, which will be held on February 5. In the Ukrainian capital, a senior official will arrive with an impressive backing band consisting of a Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff US Armed Forces General Martin Dempsey and assistant to the president for national security Susan Rice. According to the American edition of these policies declare the “openness to discuss the issue of granting Ukraine lethal aid.”

Recall still Washington supplied Ukraine so-called non-lethal weapons body armor, night vision devices, medical devices.

In a conversation with “SP” head of the analytical department at the Institute of Political and Military Analysis Alexander Hramchihin questioned the assertion that the heavy weapons of the American or NATO production was supplied to the theater of military operations in the Donbass.

Another thing is that this may be a former Soviet technique, which is still standing armed with Eastern European countries that are members of NATO. Such as Poland or Romania. Say that somewhere in the combat zone was discovered NATO caliber projectile is absurd. The question is, what does it shoot if the Ukrainian Soviet artillery designed to gauge?

A small arms found in Donetsk airport, generally does not prove anything. As you know, in the US it may acquire private person in the store. Ukraine has got it, most likely, with mercenaries from private military companies.

“SP”: Why, despite the bellicose statements, to the question of the supply of heavy weapons Washington fits very carefully?

Obama is in a very difficult position. It strongly presses Congress. On the other hand, the president of the United States understands that the results can be counterproductive. Open delivery of heavy weapons would only worsen the situation in Ukraine. Because Russia will then announce that it is also in this respect no more holding back. As a result of the military situation in Kiev will become not better, but worse.

“SP”: The more that Western weapons still need to learn.

If we are talking about serious art, rather than on small arms from the Soviet relearn on US weapons systems is very difficult. Accordingly, in the Ukraine in large numbers have to bring trainers from the US. That is, it will take time to introduce new technology. But what if these instructors taken prisoner? In addition, virtually guaranteed that the technology will have shtatovskih militias. Obama probably guess what this means. But apparently, the policy is often stronger than common sense.

“SP”: What kind of weapon in the first place asked to Kiev security forces?

They need any advanced weapons. But no one will sell. A cheap and modern does not happen. Even Poland refused to hand over the Soviet technique on grant terms. The only thing that may be involved, it’s about anti-military complex. Air defense Kiev do not need because of a lack of volunteers aviation. As for private aviation, Canada last year offered 20 cars free F-18, but the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine refused. And rightly so. Because in the development of this technology will take several years. And the amount of money will be spent on maintenance. It’s old aircraft. So we’ll have to prepare not only pilots, but also technicians. Plus we have the means to counter militia aviation.

In Ukraine and Soviet aircraft problems. Why would she need the same old, besides import?

“SP”: – And what about small arms and mortars?

This stuff they themselves drown. The only thing missing is the anti-missile systems. This is the most obvious option. But again just a few days after the receipt of the samples will be in the militia, and there may be sent to Russia. I think our military and technical specialists are waiting with bated hope present in the form of, for example, the anti-missile system the US Army Javelin. Any country is very interested in obtaining samples coming from other countries, it helps to develop their own military-industrial complex.

“SP”: The militia set a new goal – to reach the borders of the former Donetsk and Luhansk regions, and only from the position of a new line of contact to negotiate with Kiev. Ukraine satisfied with this option, or she prepares forces to counterattack?

I’m back in September, when they were entered into the Minsk Agreement, said that sooner or later a truce go into another full-scale war. Because both sides clearly “nedovoevali” and are confident that they have “stolen victory”. Right now they are dovoevyvat” as long as the parties are against the limit of their capabilities: human, moral, organizational, financial. Wars end only if at least one of the parties can not fight any more. Then she capitulates. If both can not, then they agree on the world. When this happens, then the war will end.

America does not go to the direct supply of weapons to Ukraine, as in this case Russia will get the moral right to mirror the action in response, said military analyst Michael Tymoshenko.

In fact, Ukraine, and without enough military equipment. As they say, a 20-year war without stopping. You just need to put in fighting shape his technique where wiring rotted where seals sagged. It is clear that the tanks, BPM, and so on for a long time stood on the storage bases, nobody renovate.

Aviation is the same story. In his time in Ukraine tank was almost more than we do (3000 pieces). Kharkov Plant. Malyshev produced T-64, produces new BMP.

“SP”: Why Kiev authorities are literally begging the US weapons. What are they missing?

– First of all mind. There’s no one to command. At all levels, starting with the sergeant. And recruits do not want to fight. Why would they put their heads with fools? Just look how people run from mobilization. How much equipment is not supplied, will still fight nobody.

Editor in chief of National Defense Igor Korotchenko not agree with the thesis that the Ukrainian army did not need military equipment.

To make political decisions deliver or not, will be Obama. Legal barriers no longer exist. Congress in December adopted the “Act on the support of Ukraine“, which involves any help until the supply of lethal weapons.

“SP”: This will be enough to break the resistance of the militias?

Immediately say, Ukraine will not deliver US weapons. And above all, of the former Warsaw Pact countries that are now included in NATO. That is, it will not be a new Soviet equipment. Hence, the sum of the US can finance the delivery or Poland or Hungary or the Czech Republic. It is possible that will be used barter schemes. That is, instead of the past in Ukraine Soviet weapons, these countries will receive US.

In addition, Washington can begin deliveries Kiev separate party special weapons, night vision devices, optics, military, communications, navigation, sniper weapons, radar to pinpoint the location of the artillery batteries. The main thing is the anti-tank weapons. Not to mention clothing, gear, body armor. Ukraine can also get American “Hummer”, based on which is mounted firearms.

“SP” a kind of modern “carts” during the Civil War, the beginning of XX century.

This is a much more serious armored vehicle.

“SP”: All of the above will change the balance of forces?

Of course. Because Ukraine will have quite a significant military arsenal, allowing it to better level to conduct military operations. In these circumstances, Russia, of course, will be forced to react. Both politically and practically. If Americans really begin large-scale arms supplies to Ukraine, it unleashes a Russian arms for similar actions against the armies of the DNI and the LC.
Already Ukrainian General Staff provides lists of the necessary equipment in the office of the US military attaché in Kiev. That is, all formal requests are made. It now remains the last word for Barack Obama, his hands are completely untied.


Hijack an aircraft carrier, the history of “Admiral Kuznetsov”.


Carjacking is not a rare event in our lives. Stolen, although much less aircraft. In 1991, Russian sailors hijacked from the Crimea carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov”, which claimed their rights Ukraine.

The first real Soviet aircraft carrier

The ship was built at a shipyard in Nikolayev in 1982. Time of its construction were in violent years of perestroika, which is reflected in the numerous name changes the ship. In the project it was “Soviet Union” lays “Riga” launchable Leonid Brezhnev”, was tested already “Tbilisi”. In October 1990, the cruiser was renamed the 4th and last time, becoming the Admiral Kuznetsov“. In January 1991, the ship was enrolled in the Northern Fleet, it raised a naval flag.

Officially, “Admiral Kuznetsov” aircraft carrier was not the first of the Soviet Navy. Already went swimming “Minsk”, “Kiev”, “Baku” and “Novorossiysk”. However, the ships of the previous series were carriers of aircraft vertical takeoff and landing. In fact, it was the helicopter. In contrast, in the Admiral Kuznetsov” aircraft based traditional scheme of fixed wing. He was the first and still the only full-fledged aircraft carrier in the Russian Navy.

Kravchuk: “This is my aircraft carrier!”

August 24, 1991 the Supreme Soviet adopted the Act that proclaimed Ukraine as an independent state. Together with the Act adopted a resolution to obey all military units stationed on the territory of Ukraine, the newly formed state.

In November 1991, the cruiser was tested at Feodosiya. In one of the last days of autumn commander received a telegram signed by Leonid Kravchuk, Ukraine declares cruiser property and directing him to remain on the roads of Sevastopol, pending the relevant government decisions. Officers were puzzled: why Ukraine with its Black Sea ocean cruiser? And on what basis it claims the right to ship, assigned to the Russian Northern Fleet?

However, there were among the officers and those who are not averse to change Russia’s North Sea to warm Ukrainian Black. Oppressive uncertainty heavy fog covered the cruiser. Accustomed to obey the orders of the military people were waiting for a decision would be policy and the high command. From the North came a telegram that flew in Sevastopol, Vice-Admiral Yuri Volodya first deputy commander of the Northern Fleet. Officers were looking forward to the distinguished guest.

Gone in 60 seconds aircraft carrier

December 1 at about 21:00 Admiral with Ukrainian surname boarded the cruiser. Shaking hands with the crew and disbanding the team, Volodya ordered the captain to the captain I rank Yarygin urgently raise anchor and go to Severodvinsk. To the remark Yarygin that 2/3 of officers and warrant officers are on the shore, the answer By train to catch up.” And our aircraft remaining on coastal airfields?” – “Sami will fly.” Uncertainty over. Someone at the top cruiser Ukraine decided not to give up. At 23:40, without lighting running lights, in pitch darkness “Admiral Kuznetsov” raid left and headed for the Bosphorus.

Diving adventures

Bosphorus went smoothly, and at Gibraltar cruiser met the American carrier battle groups. Yankees began to “put pressure on the psyche“: helicopters and planes flew over the ship, each time simulating combat attack, at the rate of the ship threw the bomb training. Not paying attention to the maneuvers, “Admiral Kuznetsov” was not changing course, but the mood of the officers and men was dirty: none of the officers and men did not know whether all the bombs will be educational and not whether there is another set of American combat aircraft?

The mood improved when near the patrol cruiser appeared Perky”. True to its name, he began to patrol to scare Americans their maneuvers. Baton escort the Russian ship Yankees gave the English frigate, and he – Norwegian patrol. Lasted more than three weeks transition. December 27 “Admiral Kuznetsov” moored in Severodvinsk.

Destiny carriers inherited Ukraine

In Ukrainian media saga cruiser is still referred to as theft Russians Ukrainian ship. But the sailors believe that the “Admiral Kuznetsov” was granted a wonderful destiny. Just look how Ukraine ordered to get her wealth.

Heavy aircraft carrying cruiser “Kiev” Ukraine sold to China, made him a pleasure ride to the hotel and restaurant.

2/3 built “Varyag” was sold to the Chinese for $ 20 million under the world’s largest floating casino. The Chinese did not make the ship gambling house, and added onto the ship and renamed “Liaoning” “Varyag” aircraft carrier became the first Chinese Navy the pride of China and a headache the US Pacific Fleet.

Founded on Nicholas shipyard with the same type of Admiral Kuznetsov” “Ulyanovskthe Ukrainian authorities, and not being able to finish, cut into scrap metal.

And only the “Admiral Kuznetsov” proudly plowed the seas and oceans under the flag of St. Andrew family, and was glad that at one time is not got Ukraine.

Ukraine would be the nuclear button?

Украина окажется ядерной кнопкой?. Горбачев полагает, что между США и Россией может начаться большая война. Многие опасаются того же

Gorbachev believes that the US and Russia could start a major war. Many fear the same!

The first and only president of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev decided to loud rise from political oblivion. He warned the world that the Cold War between Russia and the United States has reached such a stage that can grow into a real fighting between the most powerful nuclear powers. He said: “Unfortunately, I can not say firmly that the Cold War did not result in a” hot “. I am afraid that they (the US – a comment. “JV”) may take the risk. “

It should be recognized that concerns policy that turned the former Soviet Union in the “thoroughfare” for the “masters of destinies” of world history from the American citadel of democracy,” not unfounded. Actually, the same thing and says the new military doctrine of the Russian Federation, adopted at the end of last year. In this important document for our country contains a provision on the possibility of a retaliatory nuclear strike in response to aggression, attack on the territorial integrity of the State or the protection of the existing political system from attacks from outside.

Recent developments in the South-East of Ukraine did not give a reason for historical optimism.

President of the National Strategy Institute Mikhail Remizov agrees with the assessment of the state of the current level of relations between Russia and the West as the Cold War. However, a direct analogy with the Cold War period of the bipolar world, in his opinion, is inappropriate.
– Now we are not talking about Russia’s claim to the status of second pole of power. Rather, we should talk about trying to fend off the geopolitical strategy of suffocation large, but a single country. In addition to, but not in the best socio-economic situation.

“SP”:(Free Press)– As far as the rights of Gorbachev, who predicts Russia and the West hot” phase of confrontation?
The main risk is not that the US and its Western allies declare open war on Russia. Rather, they can place the red flags” for which Moscow would not dare to go. Including in the form of its military presence on the territory of Ukraine. Option presence of US and NATO troops in Ukraine, this is the factor that will be Rubicon for Moscow.

“SP”: pro-American party in the parliament, which requires Poroshenko declared war on Russia, is controlled by a figure or valid internal logic of confrontation?

– The process is running, it has its own inertia. Therefore it is not so important, choreographed whether these actions directly or not. It is clear that the task of the ruling political class in Ukraine as closely as possible to draw the United States into a direct military confrontation with Russia. This would be an ideal option for them. At the same time these people completely overlook the fact that in this case it would be a battleground for Ukraine itself, from which in this case, there is little left. In fact, they just want to get direct security guarantees. The most obvious expression would be the presence of US military facilities in different regions of Ukraine

“SP”: It is a violation of the “Big Treaty”, and consequently – the abolition of the recognition of the territorial integrity of Ukraine by the Russian Federation?

After the reunification of the Crimea with Russia on this treaty can forget. This path could have been completed script section of Ukraine as a post-war Germany. That is a line from the West “stakeAmericans, we come from the East. And then there will be no reason to deny the recognition of the Donbas.

“SP”: What is the logic of Washington: blackmail RF expulsion from globalized “paradise”, customized for the interests of the United States after World War II, and further squeezed to the end?

– In my opinion, American politicians rather try to punish Moscow than affect its position. From the point of view of the Americans, Moscow has violated the rules of the global game, encroaching on US dominance in the world. And, then, the Russian Federation must be pointedly revealing and punished. It needs to scrub back to modest geopolitical corral”. When it is said that the sanctions would not change Moscow’s position for the United States is not important. The main thing is to show that the perpetrator punished. The second factor is to maintain the glow of the conflict that turns into a constant factor of the watershed between Russia and Europe. As well as creating an ideal area of vulnerability for Russia.

If on the territory of Ukraine will begin the negative dynamics of Washington (such as militias take new regions), it will ensure the presence there of troops of third countries (Poland, Lithuania) as a guarantee that this process will not go further.

Few serious analysts would deny that the Cold War between Russia and the West is, according to the chief of security solutions sector problems Centre for Defence Studies RISS Sergey Ermakov.

I would like to draw attention to something else, that during the Cold War we did not have “hot” touch.

“SP”: Well, what about Vietnam or North Korea in military engagements that involved not just Soviet equipment, but also pilots and instructors? From the United States – the same picture.

In fact, the Soviet Union and the United States then took part in a “hybrid war”. In Ukraine, the situation could reach a direct collision. It is a war in Europe, where we see the American experts, who act as volunteers.” The trend to the fact that the scope of their presence will only expand. The commander of the land forces in Europe, the United States recently visited Kiev. After that, there is talk of sending of American instructors.

“SP”: – How far can the “hot” contact other countries on the territory of Ukraine?

If the supply of arms to begin serious, it will be NATO equipment that Ukrainian recruits hardly learned in a short time. Have to involve the US military personnel. This will provoke Russia to “mirror measures”. In this situation, the probability of an armed clash very high. In a recent article in the Financial Times, former US ambassador to NATO, campaigning for direct delivery of lethal weapons. And the leadership of Poland said he was willing to sell Kiev Soviet heavy machinery.

“SP”: And what will happen if the militia would try to go beyond the NPT and LC, creating Crimean land corridor?” Radicals of Parliament voted for recognition of Russia aggressor country.” In such a situation may direct confrontation between Russia and NATO, going beyond “hybrid war”?

This is difficult to exclude.

“SP”: In the field of conventional arms, we are seriously losing the aggregate potential of the NATO countries. In this situation the nuclear club” our last argument?

I do not tend to hang on NATO derogatory labels such as “paper tiger.” Armaments is a huge potential, is ten times higher than the Russian. Only one US military budget exceeds the combined defense spending of all countries of the world. And if we add the potential of NATO, it is more than a trillion dollars a year.

“SP”: hardly makes sense to try to compete with NATO in the field of conventional arms?

In the new military program of the Russian Federation clearly spelled out the possibility to apply tactical nuclear weapons and strategic forces even if there is a threat of territorial integrity and Gosstroy. There is a certain “red line”, where NATO can use its full potential. This is the fifth article of the Washington Treaty. In fact, to expand all these “paper shelf”, will take time. To Spain, Portugal, Poland and the Baltic states at the same time lined up and made combat schedule.

“SP”: The Pentagon has already announced regrouping their units in areas adjacent to Ukraine NATO countries.

This applies to US forces in Europe (about 60,000 troops). According to Washington, it is the shock body of NATO, which can be use. And, of which 15 thousand – instantly, and the other by rotation.

“SP”: purely quantitative is not impressive.

Why? On a par with the proposed transaction deployment and mobilization. This will apply the most advanced guidance systems, anti-tank missiles that will reach advantage. There are no militias such equipment.

“SP”: How can Russia respond to explicit military intervention in Ukrainian events from the outside?

In military doctrine clearly written as soon as the threat to the territorial integrity and political system in Russia. Currently, the most obvious casus belli (casus belli – approx. Ed.) Is the Crimea. That neither Kiev nor the West do not recognize Russian. Any military operation against the Crimea entail answer all Russian power. Using a last resort – that is tactical (as necessary) and strategic nuclear forces.

“SP”: – How to behave in Turkey in case of aggression against the Crimea because of this power depends on compliance with the Convention of Montreux?

Going into the Black Sea, the Americans may try to implement the concept of rapid global strike using cruise missiles from aircraft carriers. On the other hand, such an escalation are not interested, not only we, but also the West. By the way, Turkey, regardless of their membership in NATO and the distance can not get involved in this conflict. Ankara may refuse to provide the Straits and the airbase.

In Eastern Europe, the US has a number of countries (Poland, the Baltic countries), which is sufficient in terms of military tactics to wage war against Russia. This is a very lucrative foothold. On the other hand, there is not yet placed base for storage of nuclear weapons. Although emergency Brussels will speak about “unforeseen circumstances” that require response. However, the question for the West to respond using tactical nuclear weapons has not been fully resolved.

There are serious concerns that such a turn of events would require the use of strategic nuclear weapons. In response, Russia has no choice but to use its full potential. This is a well-informed Western partners. That’s why they try not to be the escalation of the conflict in this stage.

NATO countries rely on the latest conventional weapons that will knock out the militia to the border with Russia. And this would be sufficient. Talk about how Moscow would react to the military presence of NATO in the Donbass – is from speculation. Incontestable red line– a territory of Russia, part of which appears Crimea.


Tallinn Square Family Day was held on the 90th anniversary of the Defence !

Tallinn Defence League was held on Sunday the 90th anniversary of the Family Day at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds., Where the army weapons and demonstrate a technique. The hand and the eye was put to the test õhupüssitiirus and firing simulators.

For the first time had a chance to try the anti-tank system JAVELIN simulator.

Song Festival Grounds are members STRYKER Allied armored vehicles.

Naiskodukaitse offered soup and tea. There were armored troops to make a fun ride.


Today launched the mechanism of the collapse of oil and the dollar !

Сегодня был запущен механизм крушения нефте-доллара

No wonder the last US presidential herself Jen Psak constantly confused in their statements of Iraq and Iran – is even symbolic. Smashed Iraq and roll in the dust of Libya, the Americans stumbled on Syria and Iran on rasshibut your stars and stripes forehead.
We have already talked to you about that after the abolition of the Bretton Woods agreement might actually hold the US currency on world petroleum contracts denominated in US dollars. This allows you to print uncontrollably America green pieces of paper and throw them into the world, creating inflation and export rich, in fact, at the expense of the rest of humanity, including us swami. And anyone who tries, not even fight, but at least get out of this system, America punishes quickly and mercilessly.

Let me remind you the story.
After September 11, Iraq, going to abandon dollar in oil contracts, was declared a threat to the free world. Probirochka with baby powder, demonstrated by Colin Powell at the UN meeting, served as a pretext to invade a sovereign Middle Eastern country, the execution of its president, Saddam Hussein, the installation of absolute democracy” and the selection of the main prize – the Iraqi oil fields.

Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq has not been found. But it is not played absolutely no role. As the saying goes: “The war is over Thank you all.”

In 2011, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, who liked to put their tents in front of the UN headquarters in New York, also announced its intention to sell Libyan oil exclusively for the euro and gold. Immediately becoming shake hands with a dictator and oppressor of democracy, Gaddafi was the Libyan revolution, civil war and NATO intervention was brutally murdered.

Following undemocratic, from the US perspective, the state oil became Syria. Although Assad and is not intended to collapse the petrodollar, there was another reason. And away on thumb scheme – a charge of genocide Bashar al-Assad of the Syrian people, the armed opposition, the attempt of the revolution, the preparation of the intervention of NATO forces But (!)
At this time found the man who would not let the black holder of the Nobel Peace Prize in dust roll another Middle Eastern country in the name of democracy. In 2013, a Russian naval force in the Mediterranean Sea for the first time exceeded in size and combat power similar rates of NATO forces in the region. Since mid-January 2014 the Syrian port of Tartus, where the Russian naval base, were delivered radar equipment for surveillance and electronic warfare as well as private goods. An-124 transferred armored vehicles, spare parts for helicopters, guided air bombs and drones (Reuters). According to anonymous sources in Syria were delivered S-300. The use of the waters of the Mediterranean Sea to organize the invasion of Syria was impossible as it was in the case of Libya, or, at least, conjugate with huge losses because the entire Syrian coastline received a powerful cover.
At the same time, Putin has made a peace initiative on the Syrian issue. And Negro peacekeeper was forced to agree with her. The intervention did not take place.

However, already 27 March 2014 with the participation of US military advisers from Turkey was an attempt to capture part of the coastline of Syrian territory. Detachments of radical extremist Islamist group AlNusra Dzhabgat” with the support of the Turkish artillery and engage Turkish armored vehicles, made the invasion of the border town of Kasab. The operation was access to the coast and take control of the province of Al Ladhiqiyah springboard for the organization that provides the beginning of the offensive along the coastline and take it under control.

This adventure was also failed. During the week, the Syrian army troops completely cleared the militants from the specified area. At an emergency meeting convened by the UN Security Council the United States refrained from official condemnation of terrorists.

At this point, has already happened Crimea and the geopolitical situation in the world has deteriorated. There was a question of anti-Russian sanctions and the US have taken here knight’s move” – lifted sanctions against Iran perennial. It was the first attempt to collapse in oil prices for the purpose of economic pressure on Russia. Although still a couple of months before Obama has threatened to “bring down a pile of bricks on the offender Iranian sanctions.” For many years, Iran has suffered sanctions because of its nuclear program and he had nothing to answer them. Now Negro seemed that he makes himself a loyal Hassan Rouhani and will increase the influence through the south-western Asia. But here he is, as it turned out, already late

Again, it was ahead of the very nosy man” to establish close contact with Iran during its international isolation. He has made the conclusion with the countries of the Caspian region agreement on the neutral status of the Caspian Sea, which made it impossible for the proposed accommodation transshipment NATO base in the Kazakh port of Aktau, and hence the potential threat of Iran on the Caspian Sea. An agreement on military-technical cooperation between Moscow and Tehran. And also signed a contract for the import of Iranian oil to Russia in the amount of 500 thousand. Barrels per day than Rouhani had strong support.

Why buy Russian oil? It would seem more stupid to come up with anything. Time has shown that the action man” turned out to be a very loyal and visionary.

Today, when Iran did not lie down under the America that counted on black again we were talking by the Western democracies about weapons of mass destruction, but in Iran (!) Against this background, we obtain two interesting events.

First – visit Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to Iran, after which we learn about the resumption of negotiations on the delivery of this country … what do you think? The complex C-300. And here it should be noted that immediately after Iran Shoigu went to India

Second. But the second will make the Negro has to worry seriously.
Yesterday, Iran’s foreign minister made a loud statement that: “All hopes for a deal on the nuclear program will disappear if the US Congress will vote for new sanctions against his country.”
And today, 24 January 2015. at 14:28 Moscow agency “Itar-Tass” reported that Iran cease the use of the US dollar for payments in transactions with foreign countries. In particular: In foreign trade in contracts will now be used other currencies, including the yuan, the euro, the Turkish lira, Russian ruble and the South Korean won,” – said the agency Tasneem Deputy Director of the Central Bank, Gholam Ali Kamyab. And the main thing here that oppose this decision has nothing to America – Iran sells its oil to Russia!

Let me remind you, Russia has already moved to calculations by hydrocarbon contracts in rubles with a number of countries. China – the largest of them. But Iran is today the only state oil exporter, officially completely eliminate the use of the US dollar for international settlements. And something tells me that the IraqiLibyan scenario here is not to be held, it is not held in Syria.

Yes, remember the three paragraphs above I mentioned Shoigu visit to India? I think India is on the waiting list



Fall Putin’s rating could provoke direct intervention in Ukraine: political scientist !

Intensification of hostilities in the eastern regions of Ukraine may be the only possible way to raise the collapsed rating of Vladimir Putin.

Падение рейтинга Путина может спровоцировать прямое вторжение в Украину: политолог

It is reported Joinfo.ua referring to the statement of Russian political scientist Alexei Gordeev.

The annexation of the Crimea and fighting the Russian army in the Donbas allowed Putin to achieve unprecedented early popularity and support rating of 80%. However, against the backdrop of a severe economic crisis, the Russians express all claims more power. In the context of the risk of mass popular uprising against the background of the economic problems faced Kremlin faces a major challenge to keep the situation in the country and prevent the overthrow of the Arab spring by the formula, “- said the analyst.

Mood of Russians and their degree of loyalty to the Kremlin are currently subject of intense study of Russian special services representatives of these agencies conduct focus groups in the regions of the Russian Federation, in order to determine the level of dissatisfaction with the Russians authorities and readiness to go to the streets to participate in the protests. To switch the attention of the general public with the Russian economic collapse, collapse of the ruble and the general decline in living standards, it can be played decisive map – the map of the war with Ukraine.

“When the war in the neighboring country, people will devote all his time to it, shifting attention from internal problems. In the spring of Kremlin propagandists have tested this option, flooded the news stories about the crimes ofKiev junta. “

After Putin discontent, knots, only the war as a more emotional “story” will allow to block the economic problems of the people and submit again Putin a major geo-strategy“, – concluded Gordeev.

Earlier, we reported that, according to Inosmi, 2015 will be the year for the collapse of Vladimir Putin.

Paul Craig Roberts: Washington is preparing a nuclear attack on Russia and China !!!

Washington thinks that a nuclear war can be won, and plans to launch a first strike against Russia

Пол Крейг Робертс: Вашингтон готовит ядерный удар по России и Китаю

This is a former assistant for economic policy US Treasury warns primarily of their own citizens

Washington believes that a nuclear war can be won, and plans to launch a first strike against Russia, and possibly China, to avoid any challenge Washington’s global hegemony.

The plan is far advanced, and now turns its implementation. As I reported earlier, US strategic doctrine has changed, nuclear missiles, which previously was assigned the role of retaliation, now relegated to the role of the first offensive strike. Base anti-ballistic missiles the US has been deployed in Poland on the border with Russia, in the plans the construction of new bases. When it is completed, Russia will be surrounded by US missile bases.

Anti-ballistic missiles, known as “Star Wars” a weapon designed to intercept and destroy ballistic missiles. According to the military doctrine of Washington, US first strike on Russia, and, regardless of what means of retaliation remain in Russia, they are not able to reach the United States, thanks to the shield of anti-ballistic missiles.

As a reason, which Washington says changing its military doctrine, called the possibility that terrorists will acquire nuclear weapons, with which they can destroy an American city. This explanation is ridiculous. Terrorists – a single or a group of people rather than a country with armed forces that threaten. Use of nuclear weapons against terrorists will lead to the destruction of much more than the actual terrorists, in and of itself is meaningless, since cope with this task and drone with a missile.

For reasons that are explained Washington create a database of anti-ballistic missiles in Poland, was named to protect Europe from Iranian intercontinental ballistic missiles. Washington and any European government knows that Iran has no intercontinental ballistic missiles that Iran and showed no signs of intentions to attack Europe.

Any government is aware that there are reasons for Washington‘s feeble attempts to hide the fact that the creation of opportunities to win a nuclear war on the ground.

The Russian government understands that a change in US military doctrine and the base of anti-ballistic missiles on the borders of the United States directed against Russia and are a sign that Washington is planning to launch a nuclear first strike against Russia.

China also realized that Washington has similar intentions against him. As I wrote a few months ago, in response to a threat to Washington’s China drew the world’s attention to their ability to destroy the United States if Washington will initiate a conflict.

But Washington believes that he can win a nuclear war with little damage and without prejudice to the United States. This belief makes nuclear war possible.

This belief is based on ignorance. In a nuclear war there will be winners. Even if the city will be able to avoid US retaliation because of anti-ballistic missiles, radiation and nuclear winter of the use of weapons against Russia and China and also destroy the United States.

Media that during the corrupt regime Clinton fell into the hands of several people are also complicit in this, as long as do not pay attention to the problem. Governments vassals of Washington in Western and Eastern Europe, Canada, Australia and Japan – also partners, as they have been Washington’s plan and allow you to build a base for its actuation. Distraught Polish government may have signed the death sentence of humanity. US Congress – the same partner as makes no hearings on executive plans to unleash a nuclear war.

Washington has created a dangerous situation. Since it is obvious that the first blow threatens Russia and China, they can decide themselves to strike first. Why Russia and China have to sit and wait for the inevitable, while their opponent creates an opportunity to defend themselves with a shield of anti-ballistic missiles? When Washington will complete construction of the shield, Russia and China will obviously be attacked if not surrender immediately.

Of the 10minute talk channel «Russia Today» it follows that the secret plan of Washington first strike on Russia not a secret. The report also makes it clear that Washington is ready to eliminate all the European leaders who disagree with him.

Readers ask me: “What can we do?And you can do this. You can plug the mouth of the Propaganda Ministry, turning off the TV, “Fox News“, “CNN en“, “Bi-bi-si“, “Hey BBC“, “CNN-BBC“, “sys- CBS, “stop reading” New York Times “,” Voshington Post “,” Los Angeles Times “. Yes, just walking away from the official media. Do not believe a word of the government. Do not vote. Realize that evil is concentrated in Washington. In the XXI-st century Washington completely or partially destroyed several countries. Millions of people are killed, maimed, driven from their homes, and even Washington has never repented. Did not repent and other “Christian” country. Devastation that struck Washington, portrayed as a huge success. Washington triumphs.

Washington aims to triumph, and the evil that is Washington, leads to the destruction of the world.

Ukrainian troops launched an offensive on three fronts !






Late in the evening of December 28 Ukrainian invaders began massive shelling of cities and towns of Donbass. Under fire Donetsk, Gorlovka, half Telmanovskiy district., Dokuchaevsk. Army Novorossia alerted and is preparing to repel the attacks. Advanced unit DNR withstand the onslaught of the enemy, is fighting in the northern sector of Donetsk – mine Butovka.

Details boestolkonoveny and artdueley specified.

Posted by militia Gorlovki:

It is reported from Gorlovki that about 22:30 (by MSK) began bombing. The shells are falling on areas of mines №6, 7, deep, wide beam, mercury, and Kurganka Besarabka. In the second half of the day in Donetsk tense, occasionally heard a volley of heavy weapons around the city.

As a result of the resumption of hostilities, in a house on the street. Luzin 1 in the Kuibyshev region hit by a shell. Destruction are from 5 to 3 floor of the house. No one was injured, emergency workers went to the scene. In the settlement Sands continues shooting battle near the mine Butovka (Donetsk) heard the guns and the dull explosions. According to the radio interception tomorrow morning (29.12.) Is expected artudar from 03:00 to 04:00 and Petrovsky Lugansk, Donetsk, Kiev district. Information is checked. “

According to intelligence militia continues intensive doobespechenie punitive groups in the occupied territories of New Russia.

In the area of Slavyansk (86 km northwest of Donetsk) concentrates a large amount of military equipment, ammunition and food supplies. Over the past day in the area arrived at least 20 units of automotive vehicles with material and technical resources.

In Stanichno-Lugano (12 km north-east of Lugansk) to strengthen the National Guard units arrived battery self-propelled guns.

In the occupied part of the punitive Luhansk region has been a sharp tightening of access control.

US Expert: US preparing its nuclear forces to a surprise attack on Russia !

СЯС самое время. Американский эксперт: США готовят свои ядерные силы к внезапному удару по России

US nuclear forces are preparing for a conflict with Russia. Characterizes Washington’s plans, American expert on international security issues, MIT professor Theodore Postol in the weekly Nation.

According to the professor, a plan of the trillion-dollar calculated for several decades, aims to prepare the US nuclear weapons to a direct military confrontation with Russia. According to Postol, theorists in Washington are convinced that the United States will be able to win in such a conflict. To do this in the coming years to improve the accuracy States plans warhead intercontinental ballistic missiles and increase the power of their charges.

Anyone who has studied history knows that a serious political crisis can not be avoided, they periodically arise due to unforeseen and unexpected events – warns Postol.

Expert opinion has not gone unnoticed in the power circles in the US. For example, US Undersecretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Rose Gottemoeller December 17, during his speech at a seminar at the Brookings Institution in Washington was “deeply disagreedwith abstracts Postol. According to her, Russia and the United States in the past has moved along this road existed in the cycle of action-reaction”, meaning the arms race.

The last thing we need is to repeat the mistakes of the Cold War, to pour resources and unimaginable human capital in such programs, – said Gottemoeller, noting that the practice of non-use of nuclear weapons should be extended forever. While at the same time, Washington believes modernization of strategic offensive arms, undertaken and Russia, and the United States, reasonable.

It should be noted that on 3 October 2014 the State Department released data that has been provided to Washington Moscow in the Russian-US Treaty on Strategic Offensive Arms (START-3). According to them, Russia for the first time since the beginning of the XXI century overtook the United States as the number of carriers of nuclear weapons as part of the strategic nuclear forces (SNF) and the number of warheads on deployed delivery vehicles.

Theodore Postol always had a catchy statements. For example, he is one of the main critics of US missile defense system – the director of the Center for Strategic conditions Ivan Konovalov. – Now in a difficult geopolitical situation vivid statements on the subject of strategic nuclear forces become part of the information. In 1962, during the Cuban missile crisis, the two countries were on the verge of a possible pressing the “nuclear button“. Now there is a kind of game. In this sense, lobbyists in the United States use a window of opportunity to strengthen its strategic nuclear forces.

The fact that the US administration last decade made a bet in favor of conventional forces, as the number of armed conflicts in which the States involved, required the development of conventional weapons. Naturally, this shifted direction and financing. Unlike Russia, which even under difficult conditions collapse of the Union, default, reform of the army still found the strength and resources to maintain its strategic nuclear forces in the normal state. Because only they were a shield and a guarantor of the country’s integrity. Now our country has reached a fairly good level of combat readiness.

I should also note that the United States a lot of time has been paid to the implementation of the concept of “prompt global strike” – defeat the enemy for several hours non-nuclear forces cruise missiles and ICBMs with conventional warheads. Application of the latter is believed to enable guaranteed to destroy the objects of affection without radioactive contamination. This factor also had an impact on slowing the development of strategic nuclear forces the United States.

With regard to the comparison of US and Russian strategic nuclear forces, when it comes to such powers, unprincipled one 100 or 150 more warheads, considering how much damage will be to hit the target at least a small part of these ballistic missiles. It is clear that nuclear parity must be maintained. But until recently, the Russian Federation and the United States have expressed the desire to reduce their strategic nuclear forces to the maximum that you will agree, is correct.

Everyone knows what a disaster way to end a nuclear conflict. Therefore, it is hardly possible, says a leading researcher of the sector in regional security RISS Candidate of Military Sciences Vladimir Karjakin. Another thing is that lack of knowledge about what means and methods of warfare has the enemy, what are his real possibilities, introduces a potential aggressor in a state of uncertainty, since it can not be completely sure of the success of their actions, and therefore can not start attack. This is a deterrent.

“SP”: It is believed that after Ronald Reagan in 1983, announced the “Strategic Defense Initiativein the USSR, all land and sea missiles were created with the maximum number of elements to overcome missile defense, so our carriers can easily overcome the US missile defense. That is the vaunted US missile defense – is a myth.

US missile defense system is, as they say, at the stage of laboratory tests. Well, the Americans shot down a satellite at an altitude of 200 kilometers. But who today would be just one missile attack? Test their systems were, so to speak, in a lightweight environment without jamming was known beforehand trajectory purposes, their parameters. So, the US missile defense system is not such a formidable force, as is sometimes write.

Another thing that matters Geography placement of missile defense: the further sensors, the wider the operative field. In addition, we are concerned that the US missile can be used not only for defense, but also for a preemptive strike against ground targets First of all – the positions of our Strategic Missile Forces.

Director of the Center for Public Policy Research Vladimir Yevseyev says: in Russia believe that the US strategic nuclear forces this is not the main problem.

– We believe that the threat is increasing the capacity of US precision weapons in nonnuclear (which is why there is talk about how to bring an updated military doctrine of the Russian position on the non-nuclear deterrence, which did not exist). We are talking about a sea-based cruise missiles type BGM-109 Tomahawk. It is assumed that if these missiles will be a lot, then it will inflict a disarming strike on US strategic nuclear forces of the Russian Federation. But, in my opinion, these estimates are somewhat exaggerated.

The fact is that until 2025-2030, the United States does not have the capacity disarming strike with precision weapons in nonnuclear. That is, in such capacity until the US simply does not have because to implement their concept of “prompt global strike” alone sea-based cruise missiles is not enough. Need to withdraw strike systems in space, develop hypersonic vehicles.

Now we do not know whether the United States will go to the deployment of ground-based cruise missiles in Europe, will withdraw from the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF). Of course, this the worst case scenario. Realized he? I think not. How Come? Because all this will require huge costs and the militarization of space, which is dangerous, as both Russia will not sit idly by.

With regard to the strategic nuclear forces, the nuclear triad of Russia and the US are fundamentally different things. In the US, its main element – a marine component. Namely – the ballistic missile submarines (SLBM). Americans have the advantage in the number of ballistic missiles, besides potentially every SSBNs “Ohio” can carry 24 SLBM.

Marine component complements the air component of the United States, which significantly exceeds the potential of the Russian long-range aviation.

As for Russia is responsible? Historically, we have the basic element of the strategic nuclear forces ground component. But in view of the fact that it is difficult to work within the retaliatory strike and, even more so – a deep response, Russia deploys mobile missile systems, which the United States is not at all. It’s not just about moving underground complexes such as RS-24 yars”, but also the completion of development and even construction BDZHRK (railway rolling combat missile system), a new type. Also on the basis of Yarsa.”

Such a response to the impressive marine components SNF US is quite adequate and sufficient. But to within the triad was resistance, the Russian Federation to replace the submarine project 667BDRM creates a new group SSBN type “Northwind” of eight boats, which will be placed on the type of “4 + 4″ – the Northern Fleet and the Pacific Fleet. This, in principle, sufficient. And there are no opportunities to create borders defense to keep fighting back these weapons, the US does not.

For example, States are Alaska strategic interceptors GBI. However, firstly, there are few. And secondly, they intercept in space at altitudes of about 1.5 thousand kilometers, where it is difficult to identify the target, because it does not fly alone. That is to intercept a warhead need to hit all the “cloud” that would require starting the whole building, located in Alaska. Again, the possibility of the US to intercept without the deployment of space-tier limited.

Thus, the actual SNF until upgrades only Russian. They are also building up China. But the United States on any item not lead modernization. They no longer maintain the health of the funds, which have long been. And work on tactical nuclear weapons. But Russia and this is your answer.


Mass media warned of the impending Third World War !

ИноСМИ предупредили о грядущей Третьей мировой

The world can immerse themselves in the gloom of a third world war, which provoke the United States, with the active participation of the EU. In the first place it is directed against Russia and indirectly against China. About it in his article writes the correspondent “Publico.es” Boaventura de Sousa Santos.

In the article “World War III”, the author emphasizes that “we are witnessing a rare moment of agreement between the two parties of the USA. 4 December, the US Congress passed a resolution 758, authorizing the president to tighten sanctions measures and strengthen the isolation of Russia, to supply weapons and other assistance to the ruling circles of Ukraine and strengthen American military presence in countries bordering Russia.

All growing provocative actions against Russia contain a number of elements that combine to suggest a new Cold War, I suppose, in contrast to the first, the likelihood of a global war and, as a consequence, the use of nuclear weapons. “

According to the author, the provocative actions of the West consists of three elements: it sanctions aimed at weakening Russia, ensuring came to power in Kiev puppet government and shameless propaganda campaign. The article emphasizes that especially painful blow to Russia decline in oil prices, a major source of filling the state budget. Along the way, it creates difficulties for other countries considered hostile (Venezuela and Iran).

“The decline in prices was made possible by an agreement between the United States and Saudi Arabia, according to which the United States is taken under his protection royal family (hated throughout the region) in exchange for the continued commission of oil transactions in US dollars, without which the dollar will cease to exist as a world currency, causing, in turn, the collapse of the US economy. it should be recalled that the public debt of this country – the largest in the world, “writes de Sousa Santos.

The second element is the full control of the Kiev authorities that turn Ukraine into a puppet state. Journalist Robert Parry reports that the new Minister of Economy of Ukraine Natalia Yaresko, a former employee of the State Department and US citizen, received Ukrainian citizenship only a few days before taking office. Until recently, she led a number of companies funded by the US government and designed to work in Ukraine.

Now it becomes more understandable phrase« fuck EU », which is in the hearts burst out in February, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland. And in fact she wanted to say:” Yes, what the heck! Ukraine – ours, we paid for it “observes the author.

Pays particular attention to the US propaganda war. For large media and journalists under pressure in order to write only about what justifies the provocation of the West, and hide everything that puts them into question. “I offer readers a moment to imagine the scandal that erupted in the media would be if all of a sudden it became known that the Syrian president has just appointed to a ministerial post Iranians who a few days before it gave Syrian citizenship. Or let filing will compare and analyze reports of February the protests in Kiev and recent actions in Hong Kong. and let statements to evaluate the significance of Henry Kissinger that provoke Russia rather recklessly, “concludes de Sousa Santos.

How many Ukrainians have to die in the impending war? And the citizens of other countries? What kind of democracy can say when 67% of Americans are opposed to the supply of arms Ukraine, and 98% of their representatives voted” for “? What kind of democracy in Europe can say when there similar or even larger differences between citizens on the one hand and EU governments and the European Commission on the other? or when the European Parliament continues to engage in business as usual, while Europe is going to become the next theater of war, and Ukraine – the next Libya? completes the material author.

Independent: Russia prepares West “terrible novelty” !

Arms manufacturers in recent years actively working on a stealth types of weapons that let you control the battlefield, avoiding the enemy, writes Independent. Russia is not going to lag behind other countries. Its highly automated submarine fifth generation will be equipped with underwater robots that will create a false target and allow the submarine to escape from persecution.

Independent: Россия готовит Западу «ужасную новинку»


Global arms race has recently been carried out in a new direction: the developers weapons tend to create patterns that combine stealth with the ability to control the battlefield as in war, and in times of civil unrest, writes Independent. According to the newspaper, this trend also affected Russia – Moscow recently announced plans to improve the fleet of nuclear submarines, including equipping them with unmanned underwater vehicles.According to the Independent, referring to the Russian media, Russian submarines will be equipped with special drones that will be used to evade prosecution. As conceived by Russian engineers, such a device, launched from a submarine will have to remain in place, thus creating a false target for the devices of the enemy, and the submarine itself at this time will be able to leave the area of research.
In addition, a fifth-generation submarines will be largely automated, so that the quantitative composition of the team will be relatively small, according to the material. At the moment, we know that they will be equipped with powerful torpedoes and cruise and anti-ship missiles. Displacement of one such vessel in submerged at 13 800 tons, and speed – up to 30 knots.

Fifth-generation submarine only the last of a whole series of horrible novelties” that claim the world powers, said the journalist Independent. For example, China has recently announced the creation of the so-called pain ray” – a special non-lethal weapons that due to the directional microwave radiation heats the water molecules in the human body, causing excruciating pain. Wherein the beam emitted from the device is invisible to the human eye. Similar developments are already in the armed forces of Russia and the United States, the article said
Science fiction has long believed that the future army will grow in size and become worse that is, such as the droid army in the” Star Wars and other films. But, apparently, the armed forces, thanks to new technologies and increased funding, on the contrary, decreases and becomes less visible – in fact an invisible army, defending and attacking on the ground, in the air and in water may be much more powerful than any of the fictitious forces “- concludes the author.

Global arms race has recently been carried out in a new direction: the developers weapons tend to create patterns that combine stealth with the ability to control the battlefield as in war, and in times of civil unrest, writes Independent. According to the newspaper, this trend also affected Russia – Moscow recently announced plans to improve the fleet of nuclear submarines, including equipping them with unmanned underwater vehicles.According to the Independent, referring to the Russian media, Russian submarines will be equipped with special drones that will be used to evade prosecution. As conceived by Russian engineers, such a device, launched from a submarine will have to remain in place, thus creating a false target for the devices of the enemy, and the submarine itself at this time will be able to leave the area of research.
In addition, a fifth-generation submarines will be largely automated, so that the quantitative composition of the team will be relatively small, according to the material. At the moment, we know that they will be equipped with powerful torpedoes and cruise and anti-ship missiles. Displacement of one such vessel in submerged at 13 800 tons, and speed – up to 30 knots.

Fifth-generation submarine only the last of a whole series of horrible novelties” that claim the world powers, said the journalist Independent. For example, China has recently announced the creation of the so-called pain ray” – a special non-lethal weapons that due to the directional microwave radiation heats the water molecules in the human body, causing excruciating pain. Wherein the beam emitted from the device is invisible to the human eye. Similar developments are already in the armed forces of Russia and the United States, the article said

Science fiction has long believed that the future army will grow in size and become worse that is, such as the droid army in the” Star Wars and other films. But, apparently, the armed forces, thanks to new technologies and increased funding, on the contrary, decreases and becomes less visible – in fact an invisible army, defending and attacking on the ground, in the air and in water may be much more powerful than any of the fictitious forces “- concludes the author.

Turchinov declared war on Russia: Ukraine is preparing an invasion of the Crimea.

Kyiv, December 17 (PolitNavigator Mikhail Ryabov) – Secretary of the Security Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov said that Kiev would take the war over only if returned control of not only the Donbas, and the Crimea.

Турчинов объявил войну России: Украина готовит вторжение в Крым

About this Turchinov said at a briefing in Kiev.

Our war will end only when will be available the whole territory of Ukraine, including the Autonomous Republic of Crimea“, – he said.

According to Turchynov, Ukraine should build a powerful defense complex.

“Russia may unleash a full-scale continental war. And this can happen at any time. We have no alternative but to be ready for this. The task of the Security Council – to ensure the full mobilization of all available resources in the country, “- he said.

To build a powerful defense complex to be ready to repel the aggressor and to liberate our territory, the first task is to ensure the NSDC full mobilization of all available resources in the country,” – said Turchinov.

Nightmare Ukrainian military units separate Chechen battalion “Death” !

Ночной кошмар украинских силовиков отдельный чеченский батальон "Смерть"

In Forces militia formed Hotel “Chechen battalion“, which is involved in the confrontation with the Ukrainian troops. On the emergence of a new military force in the Donbass became known in early December, before the volunteers from Chechnya fought in the militia groups and did not have a consolidated Battalion, said “military informant.”

In the DNI does not hide the presence in their ranks of the Chechen battalion “Death” with the numerical composition of about 300 people who have a combat experience from 10 to 20 years.”

Officially, it is noted that all Chechens fighting in the Donbass “volunteers” and have come here to catch militants Isa Munayev, insulted Ramzan Kadyrov and fights with his Chechen detachment on the side of Ukrainian security forces against the militia of New Russia.

It is worth noting that Chechen volunteers and had been involved in clashes with security forces and Ukrainian gained fame as the most formidable opponent. Ukrainian Army is experiencing no fear of fake soldiers from Chechnya in view of their high expertise and zeal to fight. According to Ukrainian media, most cases of attacks on the Ukrainian position were organized just came from Chechnya.

In turn, in the Russian media reported that the Ukrainian security services in conjunction with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine plans to elimination of the three members of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine: Yuri Birch, Andrew and Igor Levus Mosiychuk who publicly supported the terrorists involved in the death of people in Grozny, December 4, 2014 year and called for assistance such bandit raids.

This information, according to the deputy of the State Duma Shamsayev Saraliev comes from different sources close to the Ukrainian security officials. According to the MP, responsible for the death of politicians Kiev impose on Russia, which will be the logical continuation of the anti-Russian policy, which is carried out in recent years in Ukraine.

  чеченский батальон Смерть (с) Reuters

  чеченский батальон Смерть (с) Reuters

  чеченский батальон Смерть (с) Reuters


Sozinov: US cruise missiles – one of the main military threats to Russia

General Designer of Concern PVO Almaz-Antey” Paul Sozinov said that the massive use of cruise missiles in the first phase of hostilities could cause enormous damage to objects of strategic nuclear forces of Russia.
Гиперзвуковая крылатая ракета X-51A , архивное фото

In the arsenal of aerospace attack the United States is the main threat to the massive use of cruise missiles, said Chief Designer of Concern PVO Almaz-Antey” Paul Sozinov.

The dominant modern threats is the massive use of the first phase of cruise missile strikes,” – he said on Monday at a conference dedicated to the centenary of the Russian air defense.

According to him, the massive use of cruise missiles in the first phase of hostilities could cause enormous damage to objects Russian strategic nuclear forces.”

Such conclusions specialists make on the basis of the analysis of the armed conflicts of recent times, particularly in Iraq and Libya, said Sozinov.

United States, he said, implementing a number of programs aimed at increasing the number of cruise missiles used in the first impact, increasing their range and accuracy.

“That rearmament program, first of all sea-based means that the United States spend, allowing them to go in the period 2015-2016 years, the total amount of the possible delivery to the important objects of the Russian Federation about 6.5-7 thousand cruise missАмериканский противоракетный комплекс системы THAAD. Архивное фотоiles, with about 5000 with sea carriers, “- said general designer.

In the United States implemented a program to refurbish nuclear submarines, originally intended for delivery of intercontinental ballistic missiles, cruise missiles in the media. In particular, the three-class submarine Ohio has retrofitted a cruise missile.

“Each boat can carry up to afford 154 cruise missiles ready for combat use. This is a very large potential application in the first phase of hostilities massive strike, and it should be taken into account when building the air defense system at the level of anti-aircraft missile forces,” – said Chief Designer

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