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“Sting Millennium” ended.

The last batch of our uranium went overseas.

Russia fully paid indemnity for the US defeat in the Cold War.

Almost none of the Russian media did not pay attention to an event that occurred in August 2016 .. From the port of St. Petersburg on a journey across the Atlantic has gone merchant ship Atlantic Navigator. On board the ship – container with the Russian uranium.
   The deal “Gore – Chernomyrdin”: the true purpose of our American “partners”
  This was the last batch of uranium, which was sent to the United States on the basis of signed 20 years ago, the US-Russian agreement providing for the supply to the United States 500 metric tons of uranium, which Russia undertook to extract from its nuclear weapons and that America intended to be used as fuel for nuclear power plants .

About this uranium deal actively discussed in the 1990s, but today, the theme was “behind the scenes” discussions of the key issues of our lives. A younger generation simply nothing about it heard. Therefore, we must be reminded of its history.

Immediately, I note that this is no ordinary trade and economic transactions, beneficial for both sides. It is an act of the largest Russian robbery, not only in the latest of its history, but also in the entire history of the country. Russia lost the Cold War the West, primarily the United States. She lost to a great extent due to the treacherous policy of our leaders. These tops have continued to take the country in the 1990s. “Uranium deal” – the consent of our treacherous elite pay tribute to the winner in the form of weapons-grade uranium. The principal agreement on this was reached between the then Prime Minister VS Chernomyrdin and US Vice President Albert Gore, so this transaction is often referred to as the transaction Gore – Chernomyrdin. It is also called “the scam of the Millennium” by virtue of an unprecedented scale. In fact, it was the West’s operation, which solves several strategic goals:

a) unilateral nuclear disarmament by depriving Russia of its stocks of weapons-grade uranium, as well as the preparation of conditions for the US withdrawal from the ABM Treaty;

b) applying enormous economic damage to Russia (the accumulated stock of weapons-grade plutonium is an essential part of the national wealth of Russia at the time);

c) deprivation of the huge Russian energy sources in the future after the intended introduction of new technology thorium nuclear power.

The scale of Russia robbery

“Scam Millennium” deal dubbed because, first, it had a huge scale, and secondly, was concluded fraudulently. Many Russian and American media tried to present it as a mediocre commercial agreement. The total purchase price for the supply of 500 tonnes of uranium was set at 11.9 billion dollars. Meanwhile, the value of the specified amount of highly enriched uranium is incomparably higher. To produce this amount of weapons-grade uranium, mining and defense industries of the country have worked for about 40 years, several hundred thousand people. Manufacturing dangerous, tens of thousands of people lost their health and ability to work, shortened his life. These were enormous sacrifices in order to forge a nuclear shield of the country and ensure a calm peaceful life of the USSR and the socialist countries. This uranium provides military-strategic parity in the world, which dramatically reduced the risk of a world war.

    On the other hand, in the US media, there are such assessments: by Russian uranium at the beginning of this century in the US nuclear power plants produce 50% of electricity. Every tenth kilowatt hour of electricity in the entire US economy was ensured at the expense of enriched uranium from Russia. According to the estimates, which were made by experts at the end of the last century, the real value of 500 tonnes of weapons-grade plutonium was at the time of not less than $ 8 trillion. For comparison, the annual average of the annual GDP in Russia, according to Rosstat, in the last decade of the last century there were in the region of $ 400 billion. It turns out that the actual price of the uranium deal was only 0.15% in relation to the minimum real value of the goods. The real price of uranium was equivalent to 20 (twenty) annual GDP!

There have been many wars in the history of mankind. After they defeated often pay reparations and indemnities winners. Recall, for example, the Franco-Prussian War in 1871. “Iron Chancellor” Bismarck defeated France appointed a contribution of about 13% of GDP (5 billion francs). Probably, the biggest in recent history indemnity paid defeated in World War Germany. Media reported that Germany just three years ago, has been paying reparations for the Paris Peace Treaty of 1919. In Germany, reparations were imposed in the amount of 269 billion gold marks. The amount, of course, enormous: it is equivalent to about 100 000 tons of gold. At present the price of the yellow metal would be about $ 4 trillion. in the field of economic history Experts say that to Germany in Paris reparation is about twice the GDP of the then Germany. Among other things, the payment of reparations by Germany stretched for 90 years (with interruptions, carried out for about 70 years in the pure form of payment); the payment of the “uranium reparations” Russia kept within 20 years, with most of the uranium was produced in the US in the 1990s.

     In the history of the early to finish.
  “Uranium deal” was accomplished in total secrecy from the people. Do not even been aware of many “people’s representatives” – for the reason that it is in violation of Russian law, it did not pass the ratification procedure in our parliament. In the second half of the 1990s, a number of MPs have launched an investigation to clarify the terms of the deal, the circumstances of its conclusion, assessment of conformity with the Constitution of the Russian Federation and other normative acts of Russia. As a result of strong pressure from certain influential forces surrounding then-President Boris countries Yeltsin managed to stop the investigation. We are trying to understand the transaction and many of our other policies, or even denunciation of the agreement achieved on the supply of uranium to the United States. Among them, for example, the legendary general L.Rohlin, Yu.Skuratov Attorney General, State Duma Deputy Ilyukhin. Death of Rokhlin and resignation of Skuratov many people associate it with the fact that they showed excessive activity in the investigation, “the uranium deal.”

Even if the supply of uranium in the transaction Gore – Chernomyrdin completed, it does not mean that we should put an end to history. It is necessary to return to serious analysis and investigation of the transaction in the framework of a special inter-ministerial committee with the participation of the nuclear industry specialists, MPs (the State Duma), law enforcement officials, the Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Defense and other agencies and organizations, independent experts, technical, military, legal and economic issues.

Firstly, there are suspicions that a number of persons involved in that transaction, remain in the “cage” active politicians and government officials. There is no guarantee that they will not continue to work in the US and Western interests.

Secondly, we need to correct and honest understanding of our recent history. Without truthful disclosure of details “uranium deal” and its political, military, moral evaluation is no guarantee that we are again stepping on rakes like. Analysis of the real aims of the US side of the transaction clearly highlights the true aims and interests of those whom we, unfortunately, by inertia continue to call “partners”.

Thirdly, we need informed and detailed assessment of the economic damage which has been inflicted deal Russia and its people.

Any attempt to take the path of Russian economic recovery West will put a spoke in the wheel of our current reform, socio-economic transformation. We must be prepared for the fact that the West will increasingly expose us to a different kind of “bills” – for example, if we try to carry out deofshore our economy. After US courts, the United Kingdom, other European countries inevitably begin disassembling from the owners of offshore companies and / or their representatives with far-fetched claims for “damages”. Approximately the same reaction can be expected in case Russia decides to withdraw from the WTO, the limitation of foreign investment or even restriction of repatriated profits of foreign investors from Russia. We must be prepared for the fact that it may be necessary counterclaim “accounts” our Western “partners”. The largest of all possible counter “accounts” – our requirements to the US giant to compensate damage to Russia “uranium deal.”

VY Katasonov

US thinking about the exclusion of the Baltic states of NATO !

США задумались об исключении Прибалтики из НАТО


On the pages of Forbes magazine was publicly recognized as “meaningless” Baltic stay in NATO. From the membership of the Baltic states into NATO significantly affected the security of the United States: as a result of their activities in NATO there is a threat of a nuclear war with Russia over countries that damn America. For the Baltic elites, such statements from the ocean – a reminder that the US hosts Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia – emergency ballast, which the United States simply thrown overboard, if necessary.

In one of the most famous and influential business media of the planet – the US financial and economic magazine Forbes – earlier this month published “software” analytical article “Why America is a member of NATO?”, To question the feasibility of the existence of the North Atlantic Alliance, which does not guarantee the security of the United States but only puts this security at risk.

The main idea of the article – taking in new members, who are often weak, worthless and incapable of self-defense of the country, the Alliance forces Americans to take custody of these new pitiful allies. This makes Washington only a headache, because it forces him to get involved in all sorts of regional conflicts on the side of the countries that do not ensure the safety of the United States. Countries that America in general, and do not need.

NATO expansion has long been turned into an end in itself – in practice, this extension does not make sense for Americans who do not meet the national interests of the United States, and eventually creates for the Pentagon to the State Department issues. “Add to Montenegro – it’s like to get another mindless friend in Facebook», – begins his article Forbes staffer Doug Bandow.

“The presidents and legislators continue to provide guarantees on the security of money and the lives of American citizens to foreign states, and this occurs even if – as is the case with Montenegro, when they have absolutely no value to the security of the United States», – Forbes writes. Business publication exposes the ruthless criticism of the policy of replenishing the NATO ranks, with caustic sarcasm criticizing the principle of “expansion for expansion”, in which America owes, for example, carry the alliance commitments to Turkey – a “friend-enemy” of the United States, where the government is Islamist Erdogan, fiercely criticized in his speeches “decadent West” and “American imperialism”, but once running for help to the allies after they provoked the conflict with Russia.

However, much more vivid example of useless and pathetic allies that America hoisted on his shoulders and is now forced to defend them, even though they do not need her or Europe – is the Baltic countries, with their merciless straightforwardness named Forbes «helpless nations.”

“The expansion at the expense of the Baltic States turned out to be a colossal mistake, which resulted in the NATO members were helpless nation, protection of which is not interested in the rest of Europe, the countries that have no geopolitical significance to America, however, are involved in acute controversy with Russia, – says the American edition. – If there is something wrong, then America with minimal support from the European “allies” – they are likely to seek refuge in Brussels – will have, apparently, have to deal with having a nuclear weapon Russia over the disputed issues of greater interest for Moscow than to Washington. ”

“Security of the United States significantly affected by the addition of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania”, – concludes of Forbes, and on the basis of this conclusion, urging people not to repeat the Baltic “colossal mistake” in the “Eastern Partnership” countries, taking in Georgia and Ukraine.

It is noteworthy that Forbes said not a word about the “imperial ambitions” or “aggressive neighborhood” – the conflict of Russia and the Baltic countries there is an objective, but the cause of his states “heated debate” between Moscow and the Baltic countries. Who this policy is – a rhetorical question, given that the adoption of the latest Concept of the Russian Federation Foreign Policy (2013), in which on the Baltic States is not a word, legally approved diplomatic Moscow line against Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia is ignoring the whole Trinity. Contemptuous silence – a universal official Russian response to the calls for its international isolation, a comparison with the Third Reich and female hysteria about the “terrorist state.” Only a few months later, without any apparent connection with these public attacks, suddenly found themselves banned Latvian sprats, came under embargo “milk” and Russian transit redirected to the Baltic ports to Russian.

So the Russian conflict with the Baltic blame Baltic states – says a leading US business publication, and by appealing to the most holy – to the “life of American citizens” – wonders why America must expose themselves to the threat of nuclear war with Russia over a verbal incontinence Dalia Grybauskaitė and Edgar Rinkevich?

And this is what the Baltic Allies eventually from it and demand: not a week goes by that of Vilnius did not hear the next call for an increase in the US presence in the region, including the military presence. For the Baltic States, and can be no question that they are fighting for themselves: no, we are small, responsible for our words about a “new Mordor” need allies. Allies must do: they have to increase the presence of NATO in the region, sent to the Baltic countries its military contingents, put them overland NATO base, going for it on a direct conflict with Russia.

Such behavior, by the way, contrary to the fundamentals of Anglo-Saxon culture bases, and the Americans, who are taught from birth to expect in life only for themselves, responsible for his words and be able to stand up for themselves, can only cause revulsion. This aversion to read the publication Forbes between the lines of this aversion, and question why the United States allies in the “helpless nation”? “In the end, since the end of World War II took place 70 years. The European Union’s GDP and a population larger than the corresponding figures in the United States, and much higher than in Russia. Is it not time to rich friends in Washington to begin to defend himself by “- irritated writes American magazine, noting that because of its craven allies, the White House continues to” risk the lives of its citizens, because Europe does not want to worry about is to have a sufficient number of men and women in uniform. ”

For Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia Forbes publication – a reminder that the Baltic States for Washington – is the emergency ballast, which the United States, if necessary, easily be thrown overboard, which is of no value to them, and who exactly the Americans will not fight.

Article Forbes – is not just an article, because I Forbes – is not just a business magazine. Forbes – is one of the mouthpieces of Wall street, this “wall newspaper” the first economy in the world, a voice that says business and the United States of America’s political elite. Forbes said its valuable than quantity, but the quality of the audience of the “advanced workers” (rating of the richest people in the world) and the problems in the US under the name supercorporation.

Publication of the wretched, worthless and threatening US security allies in NATO could not appear in such media for a reason.

The American establishment realized the situation with the “helpless nations” as a problem, concluded that no value Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to the United States do not constitute, and publicly made it clear that, if necessary, Washington will hand over the Baltic states.

The truth about World War II !

Tõde II maailmasõja kohta

For decades, we have reiterated that the cause of World War II, Adolf Hitler and his plan was to conquer the world. The reality, however, was not far from a war, and the reasons were quite different. The reason was the Treaty of Versailles caused enormous injustice against Germany. The winners will put the entire responsibility for World War I for Germany, which is ridiculous. Germany had to cede vast territories that had historically been a part of Germany and the German inhabitants were displaced. Versailles Peace Treaty was as a ticking time bomb that had been put in place by western countries and exploded in 1939.
The German leadership has not dreamed unleash a war, but dreamed  international banking and arms industrialists, as well as the Soviet Union. Probably not, although World War II, however, the conflict, however. And offered an Englishman in Germany before the war as well as several times during the war, an armistice without any strange clauses. It was not adopted and expanded military action instead.
The war itself is very rewarding activity as
armed industri, credit institutions – where they will stay away from himself. It is also an effective tool for social and political war to maintain control over the large number of people. Martial law has been able to take advantage in order to influence the people to approve the creation of the institutions to which they would normally not agree. Estonia is one of the most prominent military historians Mati Apple: “It seems to me more and more that World War II was put in place baseline scenario European and American financial industry and the geniuses long before the beginning of the war. A new world war Russia was prepared and the preparatory work went to the capital of international joint forces. “Germany was determined by the huge reparation charges to the war-torn Germany would not in any case come to be disbursed. Since this was the case, occupied France the penalty to Düsseldorf and other cities in the Ruhr region, putting yet more difficult economic situation in Germany.

 Austria. Austria’s population consisted of Germans, who spoke German, the Germans thought and felt like Germans. Vienna had been almost ten times more than the German capital of Berlin. Only the periods 1806-1815 and 1866-1938, Austria was not connected to the national level in Germany. After the First World War, Western countries have banned reunification. 1920/1921. a. Held Karten, Tyrol, Styria and Salzburg in a referendum in which 99% participation in voted for reunification, but the Allies banned hunger blockade of threatening to continue voting for democracy, and thus violated the basic principles – self-determination. On 12 November 1928, declared the Austrian Federal Chancellor Dr. Karl Renner publicly: “Let Austrian citizens to vote freely, and they choose the 99% in favor of the reunification of Germany.” When Hitler to Austria on 12 March 1938 with Germany, adding many millions of people in the democratic self-determination finally implemented the way it was called usurpation? Rudolf Hess, accused of Nuremberg, even Austria Anschluss organization! The German leadership had abandoned the sustainability of peace in the interest of South Tyrol, Alsace-Lotringist, EupenMalmedist, North Schleswigist, Poznan, West Prussia and Upper Silesia in the East, the areas that were included in 1914. The German and Austrian sides. Their sole desire was to get back to the city of Danzig and the Polish Corridor connecting establish extraterritorial Germany divorced Great East Prussian province to escape bothersome customs control.
September 1 Germany invades Poland, whereupon England and France declared war on Germany, while the Soviet Union invaded Poland. Britain and France declared war to the Russians. This indicates that there was a significant problem in Poland, but the destruction of Germany. To French and England declared war on Germany attacked Poland penetration after starting as de facto World War II. I wonder why they did not have it at the end of the war in Poland with warm or cold, as it was under the yoke of the Communists?
Many think that the Nazis
dreaming of conquering the world, which is obviously false, but the communists did it. This plan have emerged on the agenda immediately after the takeover of power in Russia. Kisas Lenin: “Socialism in one country achieved the victory can not yet rule out all wars.” Brest-Litovsk, commented Comintern chairman Grigory Zinoviev as: ,,; If Russia enters into peace, the peace that only the cease-fires. The socialist revolution in Russia will win only if he is surrounded by socialist sister republics. Peace concluded imperialist Germany, is a temporary phenomenon. This gives time to breath, after the war breaks out again! “But the real Stalin began to prepare for the advent to power. In 1927, Stalin declared: “The second imperialist war is absolutely inevitable, as well as the inevitable resignation of the Soviet Union in this war.” But Stalin did not want to start a war with yourself and be a party in the earliest days: ,, We are taking the war, but we will proceed by the latter to take a pan whisk, which is able to consider everything. “

 Stalin’s industrialization was initiated, with the primary objective of the military industry of such a level that it is able to keep the course enormous, we can conquer the whole of Europe of armies. The whole country’s economy worked in the military industry to increase capacity for and this contributed actively to the west Financial Tycoons. They knew that the war is extremely costly for fun, and most states, anyone who considers himself to be the ongoing conflicts, needs financial support from the world banking systems. They are forced to borrow in time of war (weapons industry run), and at the end (to restore what has been destroyed). However, for the loans to pay high interest rate. Both are occupied by independent national economies …
When in 1923 the Red Army had 550,000 men, then on 19 August 1939, there were 2 million, and by 21 June 1941 to 5.5 million + NKVD troops! The beginning of the war, Stalin was at the disposal of the world’s most powerful and best-armed army. In 1941, the Soviet Union was the only country which produced heavy tanks. Their mission was to break through the defense and open up easy access to tanks German motorways. In 1940. between June 1941 and June was set up in the USSR 61 new tank divisions, each with 375 tanks .While entered Germany in September 1939 addressed during the second world war just six Panzerdivision. To conquer the world?
1939. In September, the world’s most powerful series production in the fighter weapons designer Polikarpovi I-16th Firepower still exceeded the 16 double-Messerschmidt-109e, and almost three-fold; Speedfighter.1939. September of 1941. June was formed in the USSR 295 New Rifle.From 1940 to 1941 a. was formed in June of 79 new aircraft in the USSR Division, igaühes200-300 aircraft.1940-1941 USSR was formed 30 new motorized division.In June 1939, the Red Army’s Field Artillery composed of 144
artillery Regiment, every 24-36 cannons, but by June 1941 the Red Army was already 900 (!!) artillery Regiment.
On 19 August 1939, the VK (b) P ,, Politburo adopted a Decision on the release. ” Guided by the principle: Pull the war, while remaining neutral, then the opponents have bled, throw into battle throughout the power of the Red Army. At the beginning of August 1939 had a British and French military delegations held talks in Moscow, Stalin information that allowed Stalin to combine in such a way that the outbreak of war to all the advantages of Russia. Namely, they told Stalin that the German attack on Poland in the case of France and Britain declare war on Germany. This is only needed Stalin. On 19 August 1939, Stalin, Hitler declared that if he invades Poland, do not fall of the Soviet Union not only neutral but also assisted Germany. Diplomatic straits staying Hitler
swallowed up hook down. Ribbentrop was in Moscow, and on August 23 he wrote down with Molotov Pact of conquering Poland.

 The big lie is, however, that the then leadership of the Republic of Estonia did not know the secret Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact additional content. It is easier to hide people. Freemason, and a high-paying NKVD collaborator Konstantin Pats, with its tail in the cells was performed in a military coup in 1934, shortly before a democratic election would have come to power through the War of letting the men who were in our country shed the blood of the War of Independence. One of the causes of the War of the repression of the children was that they knew Pätsi and Laidoneri major thefts of the Bank of Estonia and Harju Bank. Pats knew that veterans coming to power would be waiting for him to prison. After the coup did Loaf statement that the Estonian people are sick … but the people received treatment for six years on the eastern border of the back instead. But hit a loaf of traitors appropriate fate. Damage to this Estonians had cost so many innocent lives. A loaf of co Muurlan, US President Roosevelt commented that the Soviet occupation of Estonia, with a special cynicism – When the Estonians do not like communism, they may, after all, to leave Estonia … By the way, patchouli myself had in my pocket US visa, a passport, but their crimes for the consequences she no longer tried to escape is not an accident.
Now the situation was created in which Germany was particularly dangerous. The German authorities started to realize Stalin’s devilish plan. Stalin was preparing an unpleasant surprise for France, which defeated Hitler in 1940. very fast, even though Stalin had hoped that France and Germany sink into a bloody war and exhausting his army will then only scattered remnants of their beat. France was one of the main reasons for the rapid loss to nationalism. Full nationalism slump. Since the British have tended not specifically a fight, the Germans decided to begin withdrawing its troops from the eastern border to concentrate. Here Stalin made his second mistake, which would have been an almost fatal. He did not believe in his intelligence, and the generals, who warned him against Hitler and his troops continued to calmly concentrating the country’s western border. The German leader Hitler knew very well what risks he took for MRP concluding the contract; , only the establishment of relations between Germany and Russia would be an inevitable war. The Prince von Bismarck was warned not only against the war on two fronts, but also one of the fronts, if there’s war with Russia. And yet Hitler attacked. And none of the historian is not his motives expressed interest? But Hitler himself said Earl Schulenbergile: ,, Count, I have no other way out. “

 The fact that the Soviet Union will not be ready for war, and it had hit him suddenly, it is a complete lie. For example, Irakli Toidze patriotic poster which calls on all battle (,, Mother Homeland Calls “), appeared in the streets of Yaroslavl in the evening on June 22, 1941 June 22 Saratov afternoon, Novosibirsk and Habarovsk 23 June. When the artist created it, when it was printed and delivered as a sudden ,, “The Great Patriotic War began on June 22 in the early morning? Minsk military recruitment arrived at these posters, however, already in 1940. December !!! 1941 June 22 radio speech Molotov announced that Germany had declared war on them. The same information can also be found Soviet Marshal Zhukov memoirs. However, on 3 July 1941 there is a radio speech by Stalin, who in the meantime has got over the shock, to prevent Hitler came to him. And this is where we all become the treacherous ,, Germany invaded the Soviet Union on the peace loving “German attacked in self-defense, and thereby breached the advantage of Stalin’s plan of conquering Europe.
During the war the Red Army was spending 427 million artillery shells and mines, and 17 billion rounds of ammunition. This is not included hand grenades, land mines and aircraft bombs. Divide by the number of German soldiers! In war, the Soviet Union used the advantage of the 15% of People’s Commissariat of Munitions production capacity. Stalin, Hitler gave a preemptive strike, destroying or capturing 75% of Russian ammunition. Stalin drove the German troops, on the basis of the People’s Commissariat of Munitions of 15%
vestige of power. We all know the outcome of the war. What would have happened if Stalin had come to attack first?
Hitler had anticipated the communists in just a few weeks, knowing that if Stalin is attacked first, and Europe is not any hope. Breaking the first weeks of the war the huge Russian troops took Hitler to Stalin the opportunity to conquer the whole of Europe.
The world-famous British historian Liddell Hart wrote on September 3, 1949 in the newspaper ,,, Picture Post ‘: ,, Hitler wanted anything else, but not only a world war … After the end of the war the most important German archives fell into our hands, and we can get a clear idea of how extraordinarily there was great fear in the leading circles of the German war front … “

 Gaul Brennus commander said ,, the vanquished Woe! Vae victis! “Really. Only the winners decide what were war crimes. Nuremberg trials were a farce. In many cases, the Germans were attributed to acts which were committed communists. At one hearing, Goering said: “When I sit on this bench, you should sit on my right and left of Stalin, Churchill.” The Nuremberg defendants were beaten, and the interrogator told in advance what he wants to hear. The German defenders were threatened verbally and physically so that they will not produce the crimes of the Allies. But despite this, they did not believe that German statesmen and generals killed Cowardly both ways – by hanging. According to the Geneva Convention, the victim may be sentenced to death but the firing squad! The conditions in which the Germans worked in Nuremberg defenders can read books ,, Len Deightoni Blood, Tears and Folly “Soviet prosecutor Roman Rudenko said in his oral arguments that led the Germans from Russia Fortunes. On top of this, Göring said that Russia got millions of them, yes, but they were mostly Russian-performing. Rudenko grabbed the gun and let (!!!) in the direction of Goring 4-5 shots before the gun was confiscated from him. As Goering bullets did not hit, he said calmly, let the Russians, who in such a short earth knows how to miss. Soviet specialists constructed a special boom for hanging place. Guests to the store very slowly, about 24 minutes after the doctor declared hanging dead. Field Marshal Keitel said before hanging his last words: ,, Let me die ass towards Russia. “Ribbentrop: ,, Hanging us today, but tomorrow you hanging Communists. Our hanging above the future, but a monument. “The Nuremberg process serving 3,000 people since 2400 were Jews!g


Everyone likes to talk about the crimes of the Nazis, but what about our allies?
English fire bombs thrown from airplanes in 1943 changed the Hamburg city reduced to rubble.
Fire tornado killed 50,000 civilians.
In September, fire bombs were thrown Darmstadile 250 000 – 12, 000 people dead.
In October, 8,000 people were killed in Kassel. Attacked in Bremerhaven, Braunschweig and Heilbronn.
On 14 February 1945 the Dresden huge crematoria. The city was called Elbe-edge in Florence, this was one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. 13 February, 1945 in Dresden, supposedly lived 950,000 people, including 250,000 war refugees (women and children). Englishmen have passed the two attacks on the substance – a total of 650,000 fire bombs, along with 
land mine Bombings 2659 tons. In the third attack by the United States were the subject of B-17 planes – 771 tons of bombs. The second and third wave was planned so that the bombs would be hit between the buildings rescuers working. Low-flying fighters mowed the machine gun fire of crazed people. Dresden burned for seven days. 90,000 houses were destroyed. The smallest estimated number of deaths was 35,000, the largest of more than 100 000 people. The strategic and military sense, there was no significance Drezdenil !!!
May 31, 1942 in Cologne in 1046 attacked the English bombers. Civilians were killed simply for sowing terror. Second World War in Germany fell by 1.35 million tons of bombs, of which 55.8% of the cities and the junction of 9,3% in the chemical industry, 1.8% in the manufacturing industry, 30.5% and 2.6% points to the military base and other objects.
Civilians killing Englishmen called themselves “comfortable war” – a war comfortable! It also happened in Japan. For example, on 9 March 1945, was the World War II air raid strict Tokyo bombing killed 83,800 people, 41,000 wounded and 1 million homeless. Was destroyed 267,000 houses. Between June and August 1945 passed the 58 Americans in the Japanese city of 60 air strikes and Toyama, Fukui Nazamu and cities were razed to the ground. Americans are not interested in the military, but economic injury. Hundreds of thousands (the exact number can not be determined) were killed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bomb attacks.
Is the killing of civilians is a war crime only to the Germans? Everything is to blame only the Germans? Nuremberg Tribunals Statute of the sixth article of the war crimes in occupied territories civilians killings, ill-treatment and forced labor deportations, prisoners of war or the sea seized the persons killings or ill-treatment, hostage executions, public or private property, looting, towns or villages unjustified looting or destruction by military necessity can not justify. Would not have had to sit on the dock in Nuremberg, Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill? The first was organized by the Germans during World War 500 English
various brigades as many as 768 gas attack. However, the school’s only about the Germans.
Twisted history is not history.
If you take a few steps back and watch it all on a large scale it would seem that the two without a war, won most of the Jews who were new to your country and the United States, whose gold fund increased from 1913 until World War II until the end of nine times (!), And who became the world’s powerful economy.


Czech Social Services released a brochure for Ukrainian prostitutes !!!

Czech social services prepared for Ukrainian prostitutes illegal pamphlets memo “Welcome to the Czech Republic.” The booklet in graphic form played with typical situations in the life of a prostitute, her hardships and adversities, problems communicating with colleagues (other prostitutes), leadership (pimps) customers.
The comic young Ukrainian woman arrives in the Czech Republic illegally and take up employment in the service sector. Her colleagues help her integration of adaptation into Czech society. But as you know, European civilization maintains a high level of medical care and, therefore, the girl from the former Soviet Union need to learn how to avoid sexually transmitted diseases and undergo regular medical examinations.

Чешская брошюра для нелегальных украинских проституток


The booklet is reviewed and a number of interesting techniques from the arsenal of experienced prostitutes for example, imperceptible to the customer putting on a condom.

My boss says I should do what customers want. But sometimes I do not want to. Here in Bohemia and Moravia there are a lot of clubs. If you are someone will be forced to do something you do not want find yourself another club or go on the street he advises her friend prostitutes.

The booklet clearly shows, and the most common sexually transmitted diseases, their symptoms in men and women.

The world is on a knife-edge, and the West can not be saved.

In a column for the popular socio-political publications Opednews “the father of ReaganomicsPaul Craig Roberts said – the world will survive only if Russia and China will no longer hold on to the hollow shell of Western civilization.”

Мир находится на лезвии ножа, и Запад уже не спасти

“Before the West began to spread democracy abroad, maybe he should have left her a little for themselves. The US is an oligarchy in which the government is accountable to the six powerful group of private interests. In Europe, governments are accountable to the EU, Washington and private bankers, but not in front of their nations “- wrote a famous writer and economist.

In his view, the United States to impose “democracy” is not a value in itself, but a cover for the aggressive policy of the Western elites governing their countries and intend to continue to do so for their own benefit.

“As far as I can tell, not only democracy left the Western world, but also compassion, empathy for others, morality, honesty, self-respect, respect for truth, justice, loyalty. Western civilization has turned into a hollow shell. It is nothing left except violence , greed, coercion, “- says the former assistant to the president of the USA.

“When I read, hopefully, wrong reports that Russian President Putin wants to be a partner of the West, I wonder why such a powerful country, returning to the light from the darkness, wants to be a partner of Satan. Maybe Putin is acting in the interest of humanity, seeking to defuse a dangerous situation created by Washington and its NATO puppets personal “, – says sincerely Roberts.

“The Western world is on its last legs. Unemployment is a horror for the European and American young people, especially the educated. The young American, moved the burden of student debt, offer the Internet” sponsors “sex for financial support”, – he said.

“The mentality of Wall Street – unlimited greed – picked up in the life of Americans, and now greed is exported to Europe, which today as the United States is a vacant lot opportunities for young people. Greece sacrificed banksters, Spain, Italy and Portugal are waiting in the wings” – shares eksprert. “Instead of independent European countries strengthens the fascist centralization of power. In recent years we have witnessed how banksters, acting through the EU can appoint a supposedly democratic government in Greece and Italy,” – he is going through.

“In the western world is restored aristocracy of wealth. If Russia and China to join the” Partnership “, that billions of people will be managed by a handful of mega-rich elite. The world is on a knife edge. The West does not save,” – concludes Roberts.

“Russia and China could follow after him, as they have suffered from the tyranny and look to the west on the road to freedom and independence. But Western paths lead to the” domination, exploitation and pillage of the peoples of the world “, – he quotes, asking” Will Russia and China to participate in the robbery and they will resist him firmly defending the interests of humanity? “

“Sting Millennium” was finished!

«Афера тысячелетия» завершилась!

The last batch of our uranium went overseas. Russia had paid US indemnity for the defeat in the Cold War.
Almost none of the Russian media did not pay attention to an event that happened in the last month. From the port of St. Petersburg on a journey across the Atlantic sailed merchant ship Atlantic Navigator. On board – containers with Russian uranium.

The deal “Gore – Chernomyrdin”: the true goals of our American “partners”.

This was the last batch of uranium, which was sent to the United States on the basis of signed 20 years ago, the Russian-American agreement providing for the supply to the United States 500 metric tons of uranium, which Russia undertook to extract from its nuclear weapons and that America intended to be used as fuel for nuclear power plants for operation, this uranium deal actively discussed in the 1990s, but today, the theme was “behind the scenes” discussions of the key issues of our lives. A younger generation just did not heard about it. Therefore, we must be reminded of its history. Immediately, I note that this is no ordinary trade and economic deal beneficial to both parties. This act of the biggest robberies in Russia is not only the newest in its history, but also in the entire history of the country. Russia lost the Cold War the West, primarily the United States. He lost in no small part due to the treacherous policy of our leaders. These upper classes continued to take the country in the 1990s. “The uranium deal” – acceptance of our treacherous to pay tribute to the top winner in the form of weapons-grade uranium. The principal agreement on this was reached between the then Prime Minister VS Chernomyrdin and US Vice President Albert Gore, so this transaction is often referred to as transaction Gore – Chernomyrdin. It is also called “scam of the Millennium” by virtue of an unprecedented magnitude. In fact, it was an operation of the West, which solves several strategic goals:

a) unilateral nuclear disarmament by depriving Russia of its stocks of weapons-grade uranium, as well as the preparation of conditions for the US withdrawal from the ABM Treaty;

b) applying a huge economic loss of Russia (the accumulated stock of weapons-grade plutonium is an essential part of the national wealth of Russia at the time);

c) deprivation of the huge Russian energy sources in the future after the intended introduction of new technology thorium nuclear power.

The extent of the robbery in Russia. “Scam Goals” deal dubbed because, firstly, it had a huge scale, and secondly, was concluded fraudulently. Many Russian and American media sought to present it as a mediocre commercial agreement. The total purchase price for the supply of 500 tonnes of uranium was determined to be 11.9 billion dollars. Meanwhile, the value of the specified amount of highly enriched uranium is incomparably higher. To produce this amount of weapons-grade uranium, mining and defense industry worked for about 40 years, several hundred thousand people. Manufacturing dangerous, tens of thousands of people have lost health and disability, shortened his life. It was a huge sacrifice in order to forge the nuclear shield of the country and ensure a calm peaceful life of the USSR and the socialist camp. This uranium provides military-strategic parity in the world, which dramatically reduces the risk of World War II. On the other hand, the American media has such estimates: by Russian uranium at the beginning of this century, at the plant produced 50% of US electricity. One in ten kilowatt hour of electricity in the entire US economy was provided by the uranium from Russia. According to the estimates, which were made by experts at the end of the last century, the real value of 500 tonnes of weapons-grade plutonium was at the time not less than $ 8 trillion. For comparison, the annual average of the annual GDP of Russia, according to Rosstat, in the last decade of the last century there were in the region of $ 400 billion. It turns out that the actual price of the uranium deal was only 0.15% in relation to the minimum real value of the goods. The real cost of uranium was equivalent to 20 (twenty) annual GDP!

There have been many wars in human history. After they defeated often pay reparations and indemnities winners. Recall, for example, the Franco-Prussian War in 1871. “Iron Chancellor” Bismarck appointed defeated France in a contribution of about 13% of GDP (5 billion francs). Probably the biggest indemnity paid in recent history defeated in World War I Germany. Media reported that Germany just three years ago, has been paying reparations under the terms of the Treaty of Paris in 1919. In Germany, reparations were imposed in the amount of 269 billion gold marks. The amount, of course, enormous: it is equivalent to about 100 000 tons of gold. At the current price of the yellow metal is about 4 trillion dollars. Experts in the field of economic history argue that to Germany in Paris reparation is about twice the GDP of the then Germany. Among other things, the payment of reparations by Germany stretched for 90 years (with interruptions, pure payments were made for about 70 years); payment of the “uranium reparations” Russia kept within 20 years, with most of the uranium was delivered to the US in the 1990s.

In the history of the early to finish.

“The uranium deal” was accomplished in total secrecy from the people. We do not even been aware of many of the “people’s representatives” – for the reason that it is in violation of Russian law, did not pass the ratification procedure in our parliament. In the second half of the 1990s, a number of deputies have launched an investigation to clarify the terms of the transaction, the circumstances of its conclusion, assessment of compliance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation and other normative acts of Russia. As a result of strong pressure from certain influential forces surrounding then-President Boris Yeltsin managed to stop the investigation. We are trying to understand the transaction and many of our other policies, or even denunciation of the agreements achieved uranium supplies in the United States. Among them, for example, the legendary general L.Rohlin, Yu.Skuratov Attorney General, State Duma Deputy Ilyukhin. Death of Rokhlin and retired Skuratov many people associate it with the fact that they showed excessive activity in the investigation, “the uranium deal.”

Even if the supply of uranium in the transaction Gore – Chernomyrdin completed, it does not mean that history should be put an end. It is necessary to return to serious analysis and investigation of the transaction in the framework of a special inter-ministerial committee with the participation of specialists of the nuclear industry, the people’s representatives (the State Duma), law enforcement officials, the Foreign Ministry, Defense Ministry, and other agencies and organizations, independent experts in technical, military, legal and economic issues.
Firstly, there are suspicions that a number of persons involved in that transaction, remain in the “cage” current politicians and government officials. There is no guarantee that they will not continue to work in the interests of the US and the West.

Secondly, we need to correct and honest understanding of our recent history. Without truthful disclosure of the details “of the uranium deal” and its political, military, moral evaluation is no guarantee that we will once again stepped on like a rake. Analysis of the real aims of the American side of the deal clearly highlights the true aims and interests of those whom we, unfortunately, by inertia continue to be called “partners.”
Third, we need informed and detailed assessment of the economic damage that was done a deal for Russia and its people. Any attempt to Russia to embark on economic recovery the West will put a spoke in the wheel of our current reforms, socio-economic transformation. We must be prepared for the fact that the West will increasingly expose us to all sorts of “accounts” – for example, if we try to hold before of-shore our economy. Through the courts the US, UK, other European countries, will inevitably begin disassembling from the owners of offshore companies and / or their representatives with far-fetched claims for “damages”. About the same reaction can be expected in case Russia decides to withdraw from the WTO, the restriction of foreign investment or even limiting the repatriation of profits of foreign investors from Russia. We must be prepared for the fact that it may be necessary counterclaim “accounts” our Western “partners”. The largest of all possible counter “accounts” – our requirements to the US giant to compensate damage to Russia ‘uranium deal.


Run a Ukrainian! Run!

Беги, украинец! Беги!

Let’s go back a few years ago and remember how elegantly global political elite was prepared to overcome the impending second wave of global economic crisis. The scheme was a beautiful and beneficial: the US soft “compressed” to the level of the owner of North and Central America and, in exchange, the world harness (literally, financially) in the process of ensuring a “soft landing” for the US economy. The most important marker of this scenario, in addition to the famous Obama’s “tell Vladimir that after the election, I will be more flexible,” was officially agreed to give the United States control over the rest of the world through the IMF’s refusal to “blocking stake” shares. In many conflict areas have been made compromises: the Americans, to the great joy of China cut its financial support for African politicians and Yanukovych regime invested “special purse” of the Democratic Party of the United States, Mark Mobius. Peace, for the first time in its history, was a more or less organized and bloodless transfer of leadership from one global hegemon in the hands of supporters of a multipolar world. And then everything collapsed.


I’m afraid we’ll never know the details of the invisible revolution in the American elite, which occurred about two years ago. From the visible effects need to emphasize the following: there was a “bow” between the most radical democracy (the so-called “Clinton clan”, to which he belongs and Joe Biden) and the most radical Republicans, ie neocons and “tea party.” Because of Obama’s failed American Gorbachev, and the blessing that has given Obama the presidential election last of the Kennedy clan turned out rather familial curse. As a result, instead of the supporters of the “soft landing”, some of the key points in the American “political MCC” captured supporters of the war to the end, not necessarily victorious, but Obama and what was left of his team may engage in partisan except that, the benefit of some control over economic bloc they still have.


In the new context, the US is trying to implement two plans:

1. Plan a minimum – to rob Europe via the so-called “free trade agreement” (see. Article “We need to Berlin, not Kiev” – http://politrussia.com/world/nam-nuzhen-berlin-779/) and the rest of the world – ignite.

2. Plan a maximum – to rob Europe, set fire to the whole world, to seize power in Russia and to use it as a battering ram against China with a mandatory nuclear war between the two major geopolitical enemies of the United States. And you thought nothing Nemtsov regularly wrote articles that the main enemy of Russia – this is China?

The implementation of these plans Ukraine should fulfill the role of a tool that forever separates the EU from Russia and bury any hope for a “Continental union” between Berlin and Moscow – the eternal fear of Anglo-Saxon civilization. Everything else – the secondary, though pleasant for US bonuses.

Washington’s main problem – a terrible time trouble. Obama negotiated the surrender hegemony not a good life, and also not a good life Americans had to rush to Maidan. They do not have even a few years, to how to play all the games in which they got involved; the economy may fall into a spin at any time.

In terms of implementation of the strategic objectives of the operation in Ukraine failed. If nekononov and Clinton in Washington left at least ten years, it would be a success, but they need a blitzkrieg, and blitzkrieg failed, and most likely will not happen. Despite the enormous pressure and attempts to play scheme “Take us to our economy, and we will protect you from the terrible Russian, who captured the Crimea and is about to take over Kiev ‘Europeans do not want to sign a contract TTIP and destroy its economic elite for the benefit of the United States. Worse, even an embargo on Russian energy could not push. About the seizure of power in Moscow, the Americans still dream, but the chances of them – a little bit, and the clock is ticking and ticking all monotonously counting time before the US economic collapse.

Moscow understands and acts in the wheel logic, “We need a Berlin”, despite the heart-rending cries guard patriots who like to wave a sword and help to ensure that the third time in a hundred years, Russia and Europe clashed in a battle that would benefit only the United States (not tired, huh?)

Highly recommended to see a fragment of the sign from a recent interview with Sergei Lavrov, which clearly explains why Moscow alliance with Germany: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=gJTKN0–PpE#t=2633 (beginning of the frame – 43: 40)

The bottom line: we want to “shake up” the European Union so that it began to actively defend their own interests. Not the fact that the work, but work on it – it is necessary. Even just holding the EU from becoming a “food” for the US economy will be enormous victory, which will not allow the United States to extend its existence due to the European economy, as well as the US extended its existence for two decades due to the plunder of the USSR.

The situation is slowly beginning to level off, and the recent summit Ukraine – EU, was the best proof of that.

Let’s look at the specifics:

1. Has the American radicals to make EU support Ukraine cost? No it failed. For a minimal support of the Ukrainian economy needs tens of billions of euros. They are not and never will. This way, the question of the complete submission of Europe. For a complete subordination? If it was full, the money would be allocated in the last year. No money.

2. Were you able to get tougher sanctions against Russia? No it failed.

Total defeat of Ukraine.

To complete the picture, it is desirable to read about how the Financial Times complains about the behavior of the German and French diplomats who “put pressure on Ukraine,” and rewritten beyond recognition the final document of the summit, which apparently was made in the State Department: http://lenta.ru/news/2015 / 04/27 / ft /

Moreover, moving from the language of diplomacy, the passage:

“Germany and its key European partners put pressure on Ukraine in order to accelerate the implementation of the Minsk Agreement, fearing that Russia will use procrastination to” justify the renewal of aggression “,” should be read as “The Germans and the French said: dear Ukrainians, or you merge in an amicable or we turn away and Putin will do something bad. ”

Against this backdrop, statements by the head of the Office of Trade Policy at the Ministry of Economic Development of Italy’s Federica Ayhberga looks particularly interesting:

“Italy in February is clear and makes it clear that the Council of Ministers will not vote for the extension of sanctions. We believe in Russia, in a prosperous country and a reliable partner,” – said Ayhberg. (Http://www.vestifinance.ru/articles/56613)

Before the victory in the European direction is still far, but reasons for optimism continue to appear, causing nervous American specialists:

“Some European countries have” Trojan horses “Russia:
The apparent inconsistency of some European countries in relation to the Ukrainian crisis is dictated by the national interests and the desire to conclude a lucrative contract with Russia in times of crisis, writes Bulgarian political scientist Ivan Krastev in his article published by The New York Times. “(Http://vz.ru /news/2015/4/27/742498.html)

The position of Kiev and its American curators can not be called a winner. Obama continues to block arms supplies to Ukraine, the EU does not want to save the Ukrainian economy, and direct access to the American printing press in Washington radicals fortunately not, and besides, the machine is moribund – http://fritzmorgen.livejournal.com/723625.html .

Through the IMF was able to push the injection of 5 billion, however, getting the next tranche made dependent on the success of negotiations on restructuring the debt owed to private creditors. But the restructuring of bad, bad to the point that Madame Yaresko hysteria in the pages of the Western media and Western threatened default funds.


Apparently, Ms. Yaresko first encountered financiers for whom receiving a call from Clinton or Bush is not an indication to action. It will be interesting to observe their efforts to prevail upon Mark Mobius and his friends.

No money, no prospects, supply of American weapons are not. Washington “hawks” demand the resumption of hostilities, and the newspaper Le Monde (with reference to the environment Hollande) and European diplomats at the summit Ukraine – EU thick hint at the fact that even the “delay” of the Minsk performance agreements (which Kiev can not perform in principle) It leads to the fact that Kiev will lose significant territory. Unenviable prospects.

Total for Ukraine loom three possible scenarios:

1. If Europe is finally freed from the influence of the United States, the “Ukrainian problem” will be solved Russia are likely LDNR hands. The logic of “it is already possible!”

2. If Europe finally gets full control of the United States, the “Ukrainian problem” will be solved Russia are likely LDNR hands. The logic of “do not care anymore!”

3. If Kiev itself starts fighting the “Ukrainian problem” will be solved Russia are likely LDNR hands. Logic “asked for it!” with a view to use the situation to detach from the EU US

There is another option of continuing agony, but it can not last long. Sooner or later, one of these three options will occur. There are of course exotic scenarios like the all-out nuclear war, but now we do not consider them as in the case of their realization we still alive will be gone. And the text is still written to benefit the living.

Residents of Ukraine, regardless of their political preferences, it is understood that none of the above options is not intended for the territory of the former Ukrainian (net of Donetsk, Lugansk, and can be Odesa and Kharkiv, if you are very lucky) such surprises as the economic recovery and the expense of others restoring order.

No matter how things develop and how it will share or reformat Ukraine, Russia and the EU will not allocate resources to a radical stabilization of the situation in this area, in excess of what is necessary for the protection of the pipe (until 2019) and is armed or deactivation of nuclear power plants. All. In the rest – nothing or minimum wage. Hang around your neck 40 or even 20 million people tolerate their Wishlist and restore order does not want and can not nobody. Simply do not have the resources, and any attempt to “invest” in Ukraine scraps (minus the territories of which wrote above) does not find understanding in the political class, from regional elites and the population of Russia. The Europeans and say nothing.

Hence a simple conclusion for those who are still in the Ukraine: run. Run while you still can.







WHY BALTIC REMOVAL FROM RUSSIA CAUSED Russians have a sigh of relief?

1314706693_0238.250x200 (324x200, 14Kb)

The answer to the question: Why the Baltic disconnection from Russia in the decay of the Soviet Union was a good sign for the Russians themselves and made them a sigh of relief, as if he were finally dropped from the back of a bag full of heavy stones …

Average wages Baltic workers and engineers from the late 40’s and up to the 90th was doubled, and almost three times as higher than in the Russian Federation and Belarus. A collective farmers and state farm workers the difference reaches three times. It is also significant that in the 40-60-ies in the Baltic kolkhoz passport is not seized, as in most Soviet republics.

Not Kaliningrad, namely, Latvian, Estonian and Lithuanian ports were the main western sea gate of the Soviet Union. Built back in the Soviet era ports continue to generate revenue Baltic countries.

In 70-80s to these ports were laid pipelines. Highways in the Baltic States were also at altitude. Their quality is ranked first in the USSR. Second place goes to Western Ukraine, the third – the South Caucasus. RSFSR was 12-13 th place.

We now turn to statistics. Let’s start with a comparison of capital investments. For example, the Lithuanian SSR received capital investment arable area of ​​1 hectare is 3.5 times more than these investments averaged for the Soviet Union. In 1987, the energy capacity for acreage in Lithuania were 2.2 times higher than in the RSFSR, in Latvia – 2.08, and in Estonia – 2.3 times. In this case, if someone believes that Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius were able to implement such energy supply agriculture at the expense of purely republican means that such a person is far from the truth. Union center was distributing fertilizers for agricultural land in such a way that the Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian SSR fell to 155 kg, 196 kg and 209 kg per hectare of arable 1 respectively, but had to settle for the RSFSR 32.9 kilograms per 1 ha of arable land.
Immediately after the end of the Great Patriotic War, melioration touched 80% of farmland Baltic. Comparable to land reclamation in the whole of the USSR. All-union measure does not go to any comparison with the Baltic. It is only about 7%. As they say, feel the difference. Since the Soviet “invaders” -melioratory “committed atrocities” in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, actually turning the land into a sample of fertility throughout Eastern Europe.
In 1988, the average Latvians, Lithuanians and Estonians consumed per year of meat and meat products 84, 85 and 90 kg, respectively. On average, the Soviet Union, the figure was less than 64 kg. Consumption of milk and dairy products: Lithuania – 438 kg / person per year, Latvia – 471 kg / person per year, Estonia – 481 kg / person per year. The average for the USSR – 341 kg / person per year. In this case, the state budget of the USSR for the elimination of purchase and retail prices for the agricultural sector of the Baltic states is also allocated multimillion-dollar (for the – Soviet money) subsidies. It turns out that for the year the average Soviet citizen ate approximately 20-25 kg of meat and drink 100 liters of milk and dairy products is less than the average Baltic states.

Already in the mid-1950s, Latvia and Estonia became “standard” material well-being in the USSR. In 1961, the share of national income per inhabitant in Estonia was 720 rubles., In Latvia – 717 rubles. Given that the average all-union rate was 547 rubles (Russia – 598 rubles., Ukraine – 559, Lithuania – 489). But there was also the construction of housing, industrial, educational and medical institutions. Was developed processing industry. And all this for a considerable percentage of financed from the Union byudzheta.A here retail prices, electricity tariffs, transportation, rent and other prices in the Baltic (and Caucasus!) Republics were often two times lower than in the Russian Federation and Belarus.

All three “Baltic Sisters” received huge for these days and the cost of financial subsidies from Moscow. It should be noted that Moscow itself willingly went to the Baltic financial assistance, trying by all means to tighten its economy to the level of, for example, neighboring Finland. Like, a showcase of the USSR should look spectacular. And it looked the same.


NATO barely restrained !

НАТО еле сдерживается. Столтенберг заподозрил Россию в стремлении восстановить систему сфер влияния
Stoltenberg suspected Russia in an effort to restore the system of spheres of influence.
On the eve of the 66th anniversary of the founding of NATO, which falls on April 4, its current secretary general Jens Stoltenberg spoke in Brussels to MEPs. Spoke mostly about the further development of cooperation between the EU and NATO. But turned his attention to Russia. 

First of all, according to the German business newspaper Handelsblatt, Stoltenberg reassured overly impressionable allies on the block relative to the “Russian threat.” Stating that at present does not come from Moscow no threat to one NATO member country. Because, in the words of NATO Secretary General, “we were able to make a proper deterrence.” But he did not like that the Russian side is trying to restore a system in which the world is divided into spheres of influence. 

“We are opposed to this, as each country is sovereign. And you have to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all States “- quoted by Interfax Stoltenberg. 

How do we relate to such accusations? And that, in fact, does not suit the head of the Alliance? 

– Statement Stoltenberg can be interpreted as anything – said department head of the regional policy of the Institute of Public Administration and Management RANHiGS the Russian president, Doctor of Political Sciences Vladimir Stoll. – But, apparently – and this is no novelty – NATO Secretary General well when the world is under the influence of only the Americans and the North Atlantic Alliance. When there is no competition on the horizon.

Prior to 1991, the world was divided into spheres of influence. That is, until the collapse of the Soviet Union and went into oblivion Warsaw Pact countries as competing or opposing military-political organization in relation to the North Atlantic Treaty. 

In 1991, the confrontation ended. West – in the euphoria. He is represented by the United States dominates absolutely everywhere. Most experts then agree that the collapse of the bipolar system will lead to a “pink-pacifist” state in world politics – when there will be no wars, no confrontations, no spheres of influence. Everything will be fine … 

“SP”(“Svobodnaja Pressa”-A free press): – Did not work out? 

– Peace was not sure. If we recall this period, starting from the very first military operation – “Desert Storm” in 1991, on what is called a train stop at all stops. 

Here we can recall the Yugoslav tragedy involving the Alliance. By the way, was the first time in Europe, NATO troops were present in the territory of a sovereign at the time of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. And it was ok in terms of Western logic. Then there were Afghanistan, again Iraq, Syria, Libya … And that everyone liked. When Russia began to show some signs of independence in the middle of the “zero” (a kind of watershed here as it is Putin’s Munich speech in 2007 at the International Conference on Disarmament) – is our partners actively dislike this. 

That is, when we are “white and fluffy”, all is well. When the Russian army destroyed his hands, in fact, as the Russian leadership under the guise of the so-called reform of the armed forces – that’s good. When there is awareness of national interests – West outraged. With that, he says, every sovereign country should have its own national interests.

“SP”: – Ordinary double standards … 

– Of course. If, for example, take the military doctrine of the United States, there in black and white that the national interests of the United States of America – everywhere. Around the world. That is, the Americans have such a right. No one else such or similar rights can not be. 

Regarding the current situation, I have the impression that since 1991, when the USSR collapsed and ceased to exist a block of the Warsaw Pact, the Alliance for a while was looking for causes and reasons for its preservation. Because logically, if the missing main opponent, then NATO, it would seem, we must cease to exist. Since the external enemy, opponent, rival – somehow it can be called – was gone. However, this did not happen. Moreover, there is a certain transformation conceptually structures and NATO command. And today we have what we have. 

“SP”: – What exactly has changed? 

– Alliance began to behave more actively after the adoption of the end of 2010 at the Lisbon Summit the new strategic concept of the block. Defense, peacekeeping and security – that’s like three postulates on which the activities of the North Atlantic Treaty today. Moreover, the entire activity of NATO after 2010 moved as close to the Russian border. 

Active NATO’s eastward expansion since 1991 has led to the fact that if, prior to 1991, there were 16 countries in the Alliance, but today they have become 28. And it’s not only the former socialist countries, but, most worryingly, the former Soviet republics. And it’s not just about the Baltics. In preparing to join the Alliance Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia.

Therefore, the current secretary general rhetoric remains the same – this is a confrontation. But the paradox of this policy lies in the fact that virtually no serious international problem of NATO today is not able to resolve without Russia.
This is connected with the threats that originate from the so-called “Islamic State” *. This is the current situation in Africa, in particular in Nigeria. This Afghanistan after the withdrawal of the Americans and NATO troops. This is generally the entire Middle East and Central Asia, and many other areas where experience shows that without the alliance with Russia a practical solution to any global issues is simply impossible. 

According to head of the department for European Security, Institute of Europe, the candidate of economic sciences Dmitry Danilov, the theme of spheres of influence – in a Western interpretation of zones of influence – totally new: 

– It is a traditional thesis, which rises when the criticism towards Russia increased – during the crisis of relations between the West and Russia. It is clear that the current Ukrainian crisis is largely the result of the fact that Russia and the West have not been able to agree on so-called common spaces. What was said in the context of space “from Vancouver to Vladivostok”, “from the Atlantic to the Pacific”, etc … 

Clearly, Europe increasingly divided into two parts. One Europe, which is concentrated around the Euro-Atlantic institutions and NATO. Moreover, institutions expanding … 

And another Europe, the center of which is Russia. Which tries to formulate his own philosophy of integration, the Eurasian integration. But in the context of, shall we say, increasing the fault passing in Europe – in Ukraine. 

So when Stoltenberg speaks of spheres of influence, there is, in fact, there is a substitution of concepts. In Russia, there are not only the specific interests of the former Soviet Union, but also its own responsibilities in this area.

Stoltenberg in this case replaces the notion – he talks about spheres of influence. Then how to talk about the area of ​​interest. On special interests of Russia in the post-Soviet space, in the first place. And the scope of responsibility. 

“SP”: – This is the reason of differences between the West and Russia today? 

– I would say, fundamental differences. The danger is that if Stoltenberg repeats these formulas and talks about Russia’s attempts to formulate a national strategy in terms of spheres of influence, which means that organizations such as NATO would have to look for relevant answers. Therefore can not be considered his words only political and diplomatic rhetoric. Such definitions largely lay coordinate system, which will be built in the near term Western policy. Including policies and conceptual installation of NATO. 

And since this way, Russia would be very strange excuses and say that we are not talking about some spheres of influence, and so on … After all well aware that in this case the problem is reduced not only to increased geopolitical rivalry Russia and the West. First of all, the post-Soviet space. We are talking about a serious geopolitical confrontation with all its consequences, with all the components of this collision. Someone might call it “the new edition of the Cold War.” Someone might say that until this matter has not yet reached. But de facto we are talking about a serious geopolitical impact, the return to a relationship of mutual deterrence.

“SP”: – How long? 

– It depends on how Russia and the West will be able to (or try to) go back into the European mainstream. And this, in turn, can only be done on the basis of the settlement of the Ukrainian crisis, where Russia and the West are the main actors who have to negotiate. 

Now, if we (I mean the whole Greater Europe) will continue to think in terms of spheres of influence and accuse the partner that he is acting exactly in this paradigm, then, on this basis is unlikely to be something to negotiate. Especially that one of the components (and this is very important) the normalization of relations is just thawing of relations between Russia and NATO. But if Stoltenberg will repeat the formula, which he said in Brussels that there will be serious obstacles to the establishment of our relationship.



Most of us grew up in the Soviet Union. While money is not translated at the exchange rate of the National Bank in another currency. Let us remember that, and how much can be bought at the Soviet rubles. Let’s start with one of the ruble.


One ruble a complete meal in the dining room; – A trip of 100 km hitchhiker (penny kilometer); – 33 glasses of lemonade syrup; 50 calls from a payphone; 100 boxes of matches; 5 cups Sundae” or 10 – dairy ice cream; 20 trips in the bus or the subway; 4 loaves of white bread (to 900-1000 grams, but not like now); – 5 liters of milk on tap; 20 going to the movies on the matinee; 2 bottles of good beer (also renting); – 8 packs of cigarettes bad (Pamir); By the end of the summer, you could buy at the market 6 kg or 3 kg of watermelons melons; 5 trips to the barber shop or a bath; The cost of daily beds “savage” in the holiday season in the south.



Three rubles dinner for 5-6 persons in a factory or school cafeteria; – Lunch at the restaurant on one; A good book; – A doll or other toy domestic production; – A bottle of wine normal (such as “Crimean”); Kultpohod the output with the whole family, including a snack; – A pack of imported cigarettes; – The amount of the child in his pocket, where he is terribly jealous of other children.



Five rubles kilogram clippings on the market or 2 pounds of meat at the store; A bottle of vodka (with snacks); Almost monthly rent for a family; Taxi ride in style”; Pounds of very good chocolates.



Ten rubles the amount that occupied until payday, it – which is not ashamed to remind occupant; – The universal currency for various household services; – A huge stick expensive cooperative sausage; – Euch as cars or billiards;



Twenty-five rubles a plane ticket for local airlines (eg, Leningrad – Moscow: 18 rubles); Spree “in full” in the restaurant; Services of expensive prostitutes;



Fifty rubles: Children’s bicycles; Small pension; Scholarship student horoshist; Stay in the union Elbrus 2 weeks – 30 rubles;


Hundred rubles a plane ticket to the south (there and back); Monthly salary of poor engineering graduate student (or rather, a salary of 120 rubles); – A good pension.

The Ukrainian government is preparing a social collapse !

Postmaydannyh dozen months brought a lot of hardship to the Ukrainian people, starting with the Civil War and ending with the fall in living standards, devaluation of hryvnia, wage cuts, rising unemployment, prices and the cost of utilities. But it seems that the difficulties and troubles are only beginning Ukrainians, because they have to live in an open regulation of the International Monetary Fund policies of the government of Ukraine. In the period from 9 to 18 December in Kiev will work his mission. As the head of the Fund in Ukraine Jerome Your mission will begin debate on policy with the Ukrainian authorities in the context of Fund-supported economic reform program.” Cabinet prepared for the meeting.

* * *

Appointing a member of the government ministers foreigners Kiev went even further Georgia and the Baltic countries, known for their voluntary status of the colonies of the West. If these countries to the higher public authorities were only representatives of the title, as they say they have, nation, though with foreign citizenship, among Kiev “Varyag” Ukrainian only one widely publicized successful businesswomanN.Yaresko, became minister Finance of Ukraine. The official reason invitation of foreign ministers was the fight against corruption and reform, supposedly brings Ukraine closer to European standards.

What is the nature of these reforms, it is clear from the proposals for budget cuts that are made in the Cabinet N.Yaresko. Exactly how and warned at the time the opponentsEuromaidan European integration will be at the expense of ordinary citizens of Ukraine. First of all, the Ukrainians expect the abolition of the constitutional provisions on free education and healthcare, as well as reducing the period of compulsory education for children in schools from 11 to 9 years. Finance Minister referred to the European experience, where compulsory education lasts up to 15-16 years. The benefit is not applied experience of Georgia, where secondary education ends at 12 years. Canceled and regulations prohibiting reduce the number of medical and educational institutions, as well as provisions for mandatory budget financing of health and education in the amount of not less than 10% of national income. But the food in hospitals and schools will be paid, as well as training in children’s and youth sports schools.

Students will be deprived of scholarships and the right to free travel with students and teaching staff, and teachers at the same time expects an increase in load. Will be eliminated indexation scholarships, which according to the new requirements of the Ministry of Finance will receive only persons with disabilities and students from low-income families, and the education sector will lose additional payments for scientific degrees and titles.

A lot of surprises awaits Chernobyl. The government plans to cancel the zone of increased radiation monitoring. Themselves as people affected by the Chernobyl disaster, will lose the right to spa treatment, increased scholarships, compensation and benefits, related to category 4, the monthly payments to families with children, extra pay for work in contaminated areas and compensation for lost property.

Abolish and payment deportees financial assistance for the completion of individual construction, increasing seniority for the purpose of pensions, preferential drug supply and compensation value lost due to the deportation of buildings and other property. This concerns, first of all, Crimean Tatars, who left the territory of Crimea, wishing to stay in Ukraine. Rewarded for showing patriotism, nothing to say.

Cease support of public organizations, and payments of cash rewards athletes halved.

* * *

Significant deterioration expects pensioners. Retirement age for women will be increased to 10 years for men for 5 years, and the experience necessary to obtain the retirement pension will increase by 7 years. When the permanent reduction of production and the fall of the economy, which entails a rise in unemployment, to get such experience would be very difficult. In order to “social justice” will freeze the size of the average wage for the calculation of pensions at the level of 2014 to pensions allowances to children of war will now be determined by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, while they themselves do not indexed pensions would be “to stabilize the economy of Ukraine.” Another unpleasant surprise. From now on pensions will be recalculated using the percentage of the amount listed in the Pension Fund contributions rather than from wages, which significantly reduce the amount of accrued pensions, because of inflation, pension contributions in the 1990s and 2010s – a “two huge difference “.

Not the fact that the existing pensions will remain even for those who are already receiving pension payments. In the quest to minimize the length of service and reduce the size of government pensions is studying “bestexperience of the Baltic states. The delegation of the Ministry of Social Policy and the Pension Fund visited Lithuania, where the parties discussed the possibility of social security pensions to count the people who pay the pension for the experience gained in Lithuania and Ukraine. This is a new principle of counting the Soviet time, according to which each state would have calculated the pension and paid to have it only for the acquired experience in it. In Lithuania, when calculating pensions in the first place is considered to be work experience since 1990, and the experience in the Soviet period is taken into account with a much lower ratio, because then the people working for the occupiers.” Given the rhetoric of the Kiev regime, a similar solution can accept and Kiev.

Pensioners will lose the right to free travel, as well as benefits for housing and communal services, the acquisition of solid fuel, gas and telecommunications services. Targeted financial assistance in these cases is provided only for 6 million. Poorest pensioners. Stops and the action of a state pilot project on the regulation of prices for medicines for the treatment of individuals with hypertension. Naturally, it is more likely to hit it on pensioners, depriving them of the possibility of acquiring at a low price of essential drugs.

* * *

However, the sick, as well as to give birth to children in the new “Europeanized” Ukraine can not be anyone. Payouts for sick leave will be reduced from 60-100% of the average wage up to 45-80%. Trimming payments for temporary incapacity, the Minister refers to the AmericanEuropean experience, according to which workers in France and Italy the first 20 days of illness receive 50% of salary, and in the following days, 70%, and Slovakia, for example, only 25% and 55% .

Planned reduction Insurance Fund of accidents and occupational diseases. From now on, the size of payments to victims at work or members of their families shall not exceed 100 times the minimum wage and receive compensation for moral damage is impossible.

IMF demands deprive the majority of single mothers the right to receive child support, and assistance for child birth will be given only with the material conditions of the family. Parents also have to forget about state funding rehabilitation of children in the camps, free children’s and youth schools, Christmas gifts. Themselves improving facilities and spa businesses are removed from the allowance.”

* * *

But that’s not all. Every Ukrainian waiting for a new tax system, the introduction of requirements which are annexed to the Association Agreement with the EU. Now, citizens will pay 30% of the purchase of expensive goods, if they can not prove the origin of income. Under the new law, which takes effect from 1 January 2015, any purchase of goods worth more than 10 times the minimum wage, ie, 12 810 UAH., Can be done only by bank transfer with a passport and an identification code. Tax authorities will get the right to charge the amount of the tax, as well as acquire the right to seize the property of physical persons and to bring the tax police for the document verification of income and expenditure of the Ukrainians.

Thus, the income tax rate unconfirmed far exceeds the amount of tax that is paid from the proceeds confirmed. Under the tax rate will fall to discriminatory and currency transfer people working abroad and remit money to their families. In addition to numerous opportunities to abuse and corruption, the negative effect of such “European” measures extended to sales in the car market, real estate, household appliances and other goods of high value, and so going through hard times. That, in turn, will lead to a reduction in income entrepreneurs and a further reduction in the tax base.

* * *

What consequences coup and Association Agreement with the EU will be exactly as it was known long before the call to enter the M.Nayema maidan. But Sweet propagandists deceived Ukrainians do not heed the many warnings. The collapse of the economic and social development there, as well as scattered protests. While scattered.

To cure the disease, it is necessary to understand its cause. And the reason is the thoughtless destruction of the economy in favor of the provisions of the colonial association agreement, with no prospect of joining the EU, as was repeatedly told by representatives of the European Union. The upcoming fight ruined anti-human henchmen reforms Foreign population should finally focus not on consequences, and causes.

What could be the scenario of war between NATO and Russia !

Каким может быть сценарий войны НАТО и России

The armed conflict between our country and NATO is possible in the near future, if the parties do not immediately begin to look for a compromise.

This was in an article in the Financial Times writes Professor of Conflict Resolution at George Mason University (USA) Dennis Sandole.

According to Sandole, permanent NATO’s eastward expansion and plans to include in the block Georgia and Ukraine, Russia put in an impossible position.

After the end of the Cold War, it seemed that a world war is no longer possible. But if in Moscow constantly talked about our love of peace, the foreign policy of the West has not changed significantly. NATO military bloc was not dissolved, while continuing to be involved in many armed conflicts in the world. As equal opposing forces in the world he did not exist, the Alliance was able to actually usurp the functions of the global arbiter.

Now that Russia is not as it was in the 1990s, and is actively pursuing its geopolitical interests, the West is doing everything to build a confrontation with our country. Often, even to their own detriment. So the script Sandole American professor does not look so fantastic.

But is our country for a major confrontation with the West, if it will not at the level of sanctions?

According to a leading expert of the Center for MilitaryPolitical Studies, Moscow State Institute Mikhail Alexandrov, the probability of a major war really big, but we will defend ourselves can:

Professor Sandole absolutely right: NATO policy has led to a sharp deterioration in relations of the Alliance and Russia. Block headed for the environment of our country, now poses an imminent threat to our security. The trend became clear at the time of “color” revolutions in Georgia, now the West is trying to take full control of Ukraine.

In fact, we are already seeing an escalation of the conflict. In Ukraine, the army comes, militias are trying to fight back. In the future, possible arrival of volunteers from Russia, launched an attack on Kiev and the capture of the capital. West will increase its assistance to Ukraine, Russia will have to intervene has its armed forces, to go to the borders of Ukraine and Transnistria.

There is already a NATO will depend on the Alliance to intervene or not. If he intervenes, there will be a large-scale war. The only thing he does not have the strength and resources for the war with Russia. The army, of course, numerous NATO, but it is scattered, not able to maintain consolidated hostilities in Europe is not enough heavy equipment, ammunition, poorly developed logistics.

Therefore, theoretically, Russia could easily get out to the Balkans, defeating Bulgaria and Romania. Together with Serbia would be to create an alliance and defeat Kosovo, Montenegro. In fact, we would take NATO in a semicircle. So we have a good opportunity.

Of course, NATO can build weapons, raise an army. But we will not sit idly by. We will carry out a partial mobilization, transfer troops from the Urals, where we have large stocks of weapons.

By the way, this is not NATO, they destroyed all the reserves. We in the Urals 10,000 tanks, it takes several months to bring them into fighting condition. We have a mobilization reserve, and it is not NATO. They will be able to create a million-strong army, and we quickly can deploy an army of two to three million.

Likely to be used tactical nuclear weapons. In aviation, the Alliance has an advantage because in front of us will be challenged to quickly destroy their airfields. To do this, it will be necessary to use tactical nuclear weapons, in particular, cruise missiles. We do not have a sufficient number of medium-range missiles, but there are missiles and sea-based aircraft capable of reaching anywhere in Europe.

This will start a war of attrition in the spirit of the First World War. Electronic systems will be put out of action, and without it will not be possible to use NATO precision weapons, but it is not so much the Alliance. NATO will have to fight conventional arms, and they know how to fight in the West is bad.

So it is not the fact that the victory will be on the side of the West. I think that NATO generals understand this and lately try not to flaunt their power.

Is NATO takes Russia into the environment without having sufficient power?

Who preference paramilitary method combining political violence with the actions of subversive groups. Essentially, most NATO war is not necessary. It may require us, if we will see that not cope with the situation. We just have to respond asymmetrically.

But NATO strategy political and paramilitary techniques to master the post-Soviet space, as is happening now in Ukraine. Then begin to destabilize the situation in the North Caucasus, the Volga region, blocking our trade routes and energy supplies.

That is, NATO expects to grueling conflict, which will lead to a gradual weakening of Russia, falling away from her territories and, finally, the disappearance of the country.

But we plan broke in Ukraine, going to the action. Unfortunately, we did not come to the borders of the former Soviet Union. Then NATO would not think about the development of the post-Soviet space, and about his own defense, creating bastions in Eastern Europe in the case of our invasion.

West is waging against us undeclared war, and our management wants to appear pious, talks about some partnership.

– It turns out that the success of the plans of the West in our indecision.

That’s right. In 2008, it was necessary to defeat Georgia demonstratively judge Saakashvili, a pro-Russian authorities to establish there. Then West would not venture to meddle in Ukraine. But everyone saw our hesitation, we were limited to Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Therefore, staged a coup in Ukraine, and again we are playing in debt.”

Some make payment to the division of Europe and the United States. But it is trying to do more, Stalin, Khrushchev, Gorbachev tried to maneuver with Germany. It is not necessary to us now for the tenth time to step on the same rake. But this tactic is pumped resources, rather than to act decisively.

Although we could now create problems Americans in the Middle East, around Saudi Arabia. And oil prices have soared again.

While Yanukovych was the legitimate president, the Ukrainian army would not defend the regime in Kiev. We could establish a pro-Russian government in Ukraine, but missed the point.

In the West, saying that Russia’s economy is only 2.5% of world GDP and, if desired, our country can crush economic measures very quickly.

It sounds ridiculous! Russia controls most of the world’s resources, has a vast territory, we have the highest nuclear capability. If you wish, we can destroy both Europe and the United States. Here Stalin had no such opportunities, and we are there.

As for the economy, the share of the West in the world economy is constantly decreasing, is now about one-third. That is, you can do without the West in general. At the time, the Soviet Union had only full trade relations with Afghanistan and Iran, and was able to survive. Now we have a partner in China, India and many other countries. The West was the last lever of influence on the rest of the state – control over finances. But talk about the calculations in national currencies within the BRICS.

– When a military confrontation important mindset people, their willingness to sacrifice something.

When Putin made the return of the Crimea, he had incredible support. This level of trust has been, perhaps, only to Alexander the Great, when he took to Paris, or Stalin, when he was taken to Berlin.

But then the speaker has been lost, and success in the international arena is not visible, the ruble is falling, the economy weakens. And this causes irritation. If we took all of Ukraine, the people would know for what to suffer. By the way, in the areas Novorossia huge industrial potential, excellent arable land.

Another problem – representatives of the “fifth column”. Here in Moscow introduce paid parking, unite schools and hospitals. This policy causes irritation citizens.

– Is the Western society at war with Russia?

The small states of Eastern Europe will not fight. Will fight the Germans and Anglo-Saxons, maybe they will be joined by the French. There are haters of Russia as Poland and the Baltic countries. Unfortunately, supporters of friendship with Russia in the West do not control. In Nazi Germany, too, was resistance, but it did not make the weather. All elite controlled Washington Regional Committee.”

The confrontation between Russia and NATO will be a catalyst for conflicts in other parts of the world?

– Of course. As soon as the war in Europe, China will take advantage of the situation and take Taiwan. North Korea is a blow to South Korea in order to unite the country. Iran is certainly a blow to Saudi Arabia. There will be a unique situation where all resources will be concentrated in Western Europe, and he will have no opportunity to influence the situation in other regions of the world. So will the full Kotovasiya.”

According to the vicepresident of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, Konstantin Sokolov, the war between Russia and NATO is already underway, but it is taking place in an unusual form:

– In my opinion, the direction of the West to strike at Russia manifested obvious. We are talking only about the nature of war. The shape of the war written into the concept of US national security. We are talking about a “world civil war.”

We are now seeing a weakening of the ruble, the collapse of small and medium-sized businesses in Russia, the fall in oil prices. In fact, the fighting has already begun. Just no one will declare war on each other, there will be the front line.

For civil war characterized by a variety of groups that fight each other. There is no obvious external enemy, but will be at war with the power of the opposition. It’s just another technology war.

– War involves mutual blows. Will Russia be able to respond to the West?

I’m talking about the “world civil war“, and it will not withstand Russia and the West, and a variety of global social groups. For example, in Russia‘s oligarchs are patriots of our country? No, they are representatives of the force which attacked Russia, destroys its economy.

There are people, there are surrogates global financial groups. It is necessary to think in these categories. New tactics the establishment of power, which destroys the population of social transformations.

Russia can not defend themselves?

– Naturally, people must defend themselves. First of all, we need to defend the spiritual and moral level. We need to resist the influences that come to us from the West, to keep traditional values. Who in the world is Russia with its values of teamwork, but there were advancing on us the power of the “golden calf“.

But there will be armed conflicts.

Of course there will. But it will confront entities. Right now everyone is discussing how to deal with “Islamic state”. But at the same time unless some country declared war on the other? No, they do not fight each other. People are going to the proper religious or social ideas, not the state, and this is a sign of the Civil War.

We are making some effort to avoid being crushed in a global confrontation?

– Now save the military-industrial complex. But the system of national security is much more difficult. Need a systematic approach, which, alas, is no.

Is it possible to “hot” conflict on the territory of Russia?

Our opponents in September demonstrated their strength. When the majority of public opinion supported the Russian policy in the Crimea and Ukraine, Moscow came under people liberal slogans. It was a workout. Our enemies will be able to arrange in Moscow and “Maidan”, and other disorders.

But the problem is that the government itself creates discontent. Here I am forced to remove the car from the yard, paid parking is introduced, removed all the stalls in the capital in the shops become more expensive. In fact, I survive out of the house, brings me to the condition”. And even now, there is a mass layoff of small and medium-sized businesses. People have no choice but to go to rallies like.

Is there any chance that public opinion in the West would not support a war with us?

Any Bulgarian, regardless of skill level, it is clear that the management of Bulgaria’s “South Stream” is decided not in the national interest. Already it is clear that Europe’s elite is the representatives of the world of oligarchic structures, no democracy on the continent remained.

We must understand that our enemy is not the usual American or Englishman, and the owners of financial capital. This they decided to pit the nations together. World oligarchy should not feel safe. Here is a need to understand the people of Russia and the West.

Stop Frau Merkel !

Остановить фрау Меркель. Влиятельные немцы призвали канцлера Германии отказаться от антироссийского курса

Influential Germans called German Chancellor abandon anti-Russian policies.

Subject: Sanctions.

More than 60 influential European politicians and public figures signed a declaration entitled “A new war in Europe? Not in our name “, which was sent to the federal government of Germany, the members of the Bundestag and the largest media Germany. The authors call for treatment Berlin to take on an important mission and begin the process of detente in relations with Russia.

The declaration states that in 1990 the society had hoped that the confrontation of East and West came to an end, and soon established a “new European order of peace and security from Vancouver to Vladivostok“, “common European home”. But politicians quickly forgotten about the need to abandon war as a method of solving conflicts” and now in Europe, people are afraid again.

In the opinion of those who signed the appeal, and among them, the former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, former German Interior Minister Otto Schily, the head of the Eastern Committee of German Economy Eckhard Cordes, cosmonaut Sigmund Jahn, Dutch film director Wim Wenders and others, now the West is trying to “oust Russia of Europe “, which is contrary to history and dangerous for the world. After all, “since the days of the Congress of Vienna in 1814, Russia is one of the fundamental European countries“, and “all those who tried to force change this state of affairs, suffered a bloody failure“, including Hitler’s Germany.

The authors of the declaration indicate that NATO’s eastward expansion without deepening the dialogue with Moscow understandably causes concerns Russia. “The need for security is a Russian legal and as serious as that of the Germans, Poles, Balts and Ukrainians,” – the authors write, and as an example of “aggressive expansion of the Westresult in an invitation to Ukraine and Georgia into NATO in 2008. Politicians and public figures have come to the conclusion that the West needs to properly assess the gravity of the situation and resume a constructive dialogue with Russia. They also encourage the media to comply with the duty of convincing unbiased coverage of events as they often demonize whole nations without understanding their history.

In recent years, the rhetoric of Germany, which was considered the main “evroadvokatom” Russia is becoming increasingly fierce and peremptory. Hear whether Angela Merkel‘s call to review their policies?

In Germany, the first week is a discussion about how to deal with Russia as productive sanctions, in which Germany takes a leading role – says a leading researcher at the Department for European Policy Studies IMEMO, Germanic Alexander Kokeyev. There is an opinion of the government, and we must bear in mind that this is the opinion of the two largest parties of Germany: CDU / CSU coalition with the Social Democrats (though the latter in favor of a softer policy toward Russia).

But there is a certain amount of pressure on the government from different circles. This declaration is presented, for example, former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, who was appointed to one of the leading positions in the company, which is close to “Gazprom”. His friendly relations with our President. Merkel does not support this so-called “friendship sauna.”

Was named Cordes, industry representatives. Big business in Germany, firms such as Siemens, Adidas, BMW, Daimler-Benz and many other sanctions are concerned, as they bring them substantial losses. The list is also present Shealy, representatives of “green” and just people who pay attention to the fact that the sanctions do not give the West in ideological terms. Russia, by contrast, is increasingly rallying around the president, in the country there are anti-Western sentiment, which only aggravated by the sanctions. Therefore, there are voices and there are letters.

“SP”: How big is the value of such appeals, is there a chance to be heard?

I think it’s important. Germany – a country with the most extensive connections with Russia, which she in general, does not want to break. Yes, government support sanctions. But it must be emphasized that both the government and Merkel, and especially Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier advocated that the dialogue with Russia will not tear, to continue to use all possible diplomatic means. They are opposed to squeeze Russia out of the negotiation process, but at the same time in favor of retaining the sanctions because, in their view, Russia has committed illegal acts.

But, again, there is an opposite point of view. Is there a US pressure? Of course there is. But I would not be so exaggerated. With all the pressure of Germany, along with France during the American invasion of Iraq refused to participate. Unfortunately, now is not the only pressure, but also that the interests and views of the Allies on the Euro-Atlantic bloc largely coincide. Of course, such treatment of the public, where there is a major political figures and representatives of big business to play a role in the fact that Germany tries to not only maintain but also expand the dialogue.

“SP”: – Can Germany and the West to compromise, for example, in the expansion of NATO to the East?

In principle, it is possible. After the Georgian-Ossetian war Berlin, for example, took the position that we should not rush and promise of Georgia‘s membership in NATO. And even today, leading to the policy of sanctions Germany clearly says that Russia needs to be explained: the West is not ready to accept Ukraine into NATO. Another thing that is meant to NATO, saying safeguards.

Very often recall a conversation Helmut Kohl and Mikhail Gorbachev, when Russia allegedly promised not to expand NATO to the East. I will say, as a political scientist: these promises do not exist. Kohl promised to make this request, Gorbachev said that NATO is its understanding. But NATO can not promise anyone anything. The Union is founded on the fact that if someone wants to be a member, the entry ban for relations with third countries, the Alliance can not. If the country will ask NATO membership will be a question on how she is ready for it. Georgia is not ready because it has an internal conflict. Ukraine certainly not ready, there are fights, it still considers its Crimea. On its accession to NATO in the foreseeable future, even out of the question.

“SP”: And in the future be?

In the process of NATO enlargement Russia’s interests must be taken into account. Initially, it was a requirement that the Alliance is not approaching our borders. But he approached and extended. Now the West clearly understands that Russia pressed and under pressure, and that Ukraine may take the unit. Therefore, in the West say they are not ready to join her. In this regard, it was Germany, not the US or weakened France, with all the complexities of the current relationship remains our main partner. Germany’s role in the world in recent years has increased very much. Therefore, Russia is also trying to identify their position. Characteristically, President Putin in his message to the Federal Assembly said “our European friends” and not simply “the European countries.” Russia remains ready to consider them as friends if they are willing to consider our interests. The situation is very difficult, but there are prospects for an agreement, including on sensitive issues such as NATO enlargement is not. But no promises, no guarantees can be expected.

Director of the Center for German Studies, Institute of Europe Vladislav Belov believes that a significant part of German society shares the view expressed in the Declaration. But the government’s position does not coincide with it.

In Germany, have not conducted surveys, which were set to clear questions, not formulated in such a way as to obtain a particular response. Therefore it is difficult to say how German society supports and thinks along the same lines as the authors of the appeal. To some extent you can judge by the blogs and comments to articles. It seems to me that the majority of the discussion participants, in general, agree with this view. Not accidentally closed the Süddeutsche Zeitung comments on articles related to Russian subjects.

If we talk about the official Berlin‘s position here is different. It is extremely tough and condemns Russia’s policy towards Ukraine. This is reflected not only in the criticism of Moscow and support the sanctions, but in excessive rigidity in the Russian top political leadership. While the conflict in Ukraine is not allowed, neither Angela Merkel nor her government‘s position will not change.

“SP”: – Is the German society to accept the position expressed in the declaration, or propaganda has done its job?

– German society is divided. There are actively thinking part of it on their perception of the situation closer to those who signed a petition. Declaration because seeks to strengthen the dialogue on the transition from hard-liners who preach Merkel for talks. There is a call to return the discussion platforms, which closed today an indirect criticism appeal Merkel freeze “Petersburg Dialogue”.

But there is a passive part, which is guided by a propaganda machine. This and television, and print media, which are generally very negatively disposed towards Russia and form a subjective picture, often do not match reality. That part of the society that consumes propaganda cud not accept this treatment. So far I have not seen a large number of references in the German media on this declaration. Quite possibly, it will remain unnoticed.

“SP”: In recent years, we thought our main partner of Germany in Europe. Why is the current tough stance?

This position is associated with a shock that experienced ordinary citizens and politicians in Germany on the speed with which the Crimea moved from one state to another jurisdiction. For the Germans it is unacceptable in view of their historical memory associated with the decoupling and the consequences of the Second World War. They regard the incident as an armed redistribution of boundaries. In Europe and Germany, there is no understanding of the complex processes that occurred after December 1991 is the international legal framework, since the Soviet Union collapsed outside the existing Constitution.

“SP”: The expansion of NATO to the East does not violate the international security system?

The system in general is in deep crisis. Next year marks 40 years of the Helsinki Act. Events in Ukraine became the catalyst that forces a lot of things and discuss the current situation in Europe as a whole. Such a call of politicians and public figures – a good reason to start a comprehensive discussion about the European security system, including Russia’s fears regarding NATO’s eastward expansion.

Generational theory: the world is approaching the tip of another global crisis !

 Generatsioonide teooria: maailm läheneb järjekordse globaalse kriisi tipule

Sorry,Google translation !

Authors William Strauss and Neil Howe has become known for his theory in terms of generations, the mood of the population of certain repetitive cycles. Comparing the history of the theory of these cycles can be noted that the US and the rest of the developed world is increasingly growing in the middle of the global crisis, which reaches a dangerous peak in about fifteen years.
In the book The Fourth Turningwrote the authors of the crisis prompted by the amount of precipitation may be something quite ordinary, such as elections or halvaendelist as the economy crashed. This, however, leads to spark a chain reaction in which the basic elements (debt, the disappearance of the middle class, global unrest) connection and lead society to the brink of rupture.
fourth Generatsioonide teooria: maailm läheneb järjekordse globaalse kriisi tipule
Masse led by an invisible government

Strauss and Howe said that the world is a major problem is that those in power to think linearly, making decisions based on their own interests, but in the belief that their actions do not have consequences and that their position does not invalidate anything. In fact, the history and the people running the mood in circular cycles, forming a pattern of a certain regularity. Those who have not taken the time to examine what the consequences of this behavior led, are now struggling with understanding the changes.

Linearly thinkers are accustomed to human advancement can be controlled by various measures, which are described by Edward Bernaysi book “Propaganda”. Namely, the organized habits and opinions of the people conscious and intelligent manipulation of an important element in democratic society. Those who run this mechanism, constitute an invisible government which actually prevails throughout the country. Prevail over the people and their opinions and shape the tastes of the people whom they themselves have never heard of, but who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. This type of control is, however, important to keep a large group of people working together as a functional society.

History repeats itself, the 80-year cycle

However, now come to a new level of cycling history, with the last 70 years, the plan will be worked cracked. Through the media lying, cheating, propaganda transmission, easily available credit, the so-called cheap oil, endless commercial expansion, effortless marketing, ongoing war, the banks and large corporations, elected politicians, high-class in favor of the tax system, and lobbying by the staff of the oligarchs benefit of written laws all of these have been created check the commoners and enrich the modern aristocracy, at least for the 2008 economic crisis. Linear thinkers in government, commerce, banking and the media confirm straightforward triumph of progress, while allowing recovery from the crisis, but in reality, they deliberately ignore the evidence of the history of the situation from a different evolution because they recognize how vulnerable their positions of power.

StraussHowe theory is that history repeats itself in cycles of about 80 years a new crisis comes about 60 years after the previous approach, the crisis peak occurs around 80 years after the last peak of the crisis. Each such a turning point, however, swept away the last of the existing social order. According to this theory, the US kriisitsüklid occurred as follows: first crisis was the American War of Independence (1775-1794 took place, was the peak of the crisis year of 1781), secondly, the US Civil War (from 1861 to 1865, the peak year 1863); thirdly, the Great Depression and World War II (1929-1946 , culminated in 1944), and the fourth global economic crisis (2008 to about 2029, presumably peak of 2025).

Misleading the People’s total

In September 2008, the global economic crisis that started two decades, probably noted the length of the episode begins, whose harsh conditions become progressively worse, the closer we come to the tip of the crisis. This time, most of those in power are trying to implement all kinds of fiscal measures, valeinformeerimise organizing campaigns to keep the attention of the people dispersed and confused houses. Already have managed to convince a large part of the public at 0% interest rates, while the addition of 1 trillion dollars (per year), the already large national debt of the United States, allowing the Federal Reserve to buy Wall Street 3 trillion dollars in debt. It has, however, created a high level of inflation, energy, food, health care and student areas and the real wage decline. All of these changes are advertised as the necessary steps to normalize the situation, but in fact serve only benefit from them the most affluent.

The current state of the US economic, financial, political and legal system indicates a malfunction and does not remember a strong structure to be working properly. This fact, however, masked, and the crowd’s attention is diverted humblest problems – as long as that is not noticed how the state vaesub corporations and bankers skeemitamiste through.

Those in power have no way to sell their arguments on the development, even if the enormous amount of evidence suggests the opposite. In order given to the public’s attention to other issues such as the massacres between the parties nääklused and the constant threat of terrorism in the unseen. A large part of the population is not interested even in these issues and happy to hold it is sufficient mass culture – different contents empty televised fancy celebrity”, independent thinking and discussing foreign films cinema, an obsession with social media, the importance of rapid and short-term rewarding for fast food, etc. The world is filled with trivial problems, unintelligent käpiknukkude, clock propaganda and mindless consumption.

The problems get worse in the world

All of these measures to calm the crowd, however, at some point begin to crack. History repetition of cycles can not be stopped – the people will wake up and demand change that is reshaping the current social and economic environment.

Strauss and Howe wrote his theory in 1997, based on centuries of generations, based on the analysis of non-events, but the mood of crisis in generations, the basic elements. Even before the 2008 economic crisis in the beginning, it was clear that these basic elements – the debt, the disappearance of the middle class, and global unrest and there were ägenemas. Mass media tend to ignore these problems, showing them smaller than they actually are, but if you do a bit of research, it is clear that the problems get worse. Are struggling with debt in the United States, China and several European Union countries, trying to cope with the ever-growing credit debt, student loans, housing bubbles and oil prices.

The disappearance of the middle class does not come as a surprise, given that unemployment is a major problem in the developed countries, and more than 50% of the world’s assets is only 1% of people in. The US is a major problem in the militarization of local police stations, officials preparing for massive unrest, which alienates communities of their rulers, and the so-called defenders. Global anxiety are good examples of Hong Kong, the Middle East and held in Ukraine, as well as the direction of Japan’s more aggressive foreign policy.

Propaganda will not be able to change the course of history

Propaganda can be formed opinions, but can not change the course of history or facts. US national debt has reached a record 17.5 trillion, an increase of 2 billion a day. Consumer debt has risen to new heights, reaching 3.2 trillion. Global debt level exceeds 230 trillion dollars, accounting for 313% of the global GDP. Most of the focus of launching huge corporations earn profits. If countries are trying to solve their debt problems, allowing bankers, politicians and government bureaucrats to determine more debt, reducing interest rates to zero and to enrich the oligarchs, it all ends in disaster. People suffering must be interrupted at some point, and this may occur if the crisis worsens and people are discovering how their assets, hopes and dreams are destroyed.

Given the high percentage of the population is unemployed or working in low-paying part-time job, it is easy to understand how you can grow discontent with the current system. This is how the situation is managed anti meeleavaldamisega, 2011, showed us the Occupy Wall Street protests. Instead, in order to initiate a dialogue with the protesters, the search for solutions that would help ease the situation and take account of their voice, instead of protesters began to oppress the help of the police forces. At the same time it was shown in the media as protesters näotuid, riotously vain young people who just want to cause chaos. In the later stages of the mass media of the United States came into force at the Occupy protests in complete silence – Contribute to the fact that if they do not talk about, it is believed that no protest is taking place, and the whole business will sink into oblivion.

Fight terror waged by the people behind the mask luuratakse

In addition to public voting irregularities Edward Snowden revelations have also shown that the government does not respect people’s right to privacy, at least not if they can justify the violation of privacy, national security issues. If real, these alleged threats to people is, it let everyone decide on their own, but it is certain that the alleged terrorist threat to fight under the guise of a militarized local police forces to monitor citizens’ reluctance to come into, the spread of ideas and potential leaders of the protest.

Global unrest has reached a new level when you look at Brazil, Mexico, Hong Kong, Egypt, Spain, Greece, France and Turkey jerkily demonstrations. It is also lokkamas violence in Ukraine, Iraq and Syria. A number of armed conflicts can be blamed on the decisions of the US armed with various dictators who were useful to them at some point. There are also problems former CIA plans that have undermined the influence of various democratically elected governments. Rampant violence, however, reap the benefits of the war industry and banks can be enormous income from the sale of weapons of war will be financed through borrowing. Contributing to the war is therefore practically equal to the national debt slavery arms and dependence.

What is not discussed in the mass media

The mass media do not talk about how the United States has historically been an armed terrorists who are killing in Syria now massively both soldiers and civilians. It also ignores the fact that, under the reign of Hussein’s Iraq was a modern, stable, non-religious, the oil-producing country, which was not of Al Qaeda or crazily violence. All that changed when the US invaded a sovereign state valeettekäänetel, wasted 1 trillion dollars in state assets, killed more than 100,000 Iraqis and left tallermaaks religious violence in Iraq. Also, do not talk about how the Libya deposed former dictator auxillary leaving the country into chaos and civil war.

The world has reached a point where the heads of the various decisions have an extremely sensitive topics (debt, the disappearance of the middle class, and global anxiety) to high pressure. If the crisis worsens and reaches its peak, the world can be thrown into chaos, which hopefully will not be completed using a nuclear missile of a button. Sooner or later, the debt bubble burst in the world, which leads to the property, labor, rights, and loss of confidence. This process is triggered by the massive civil unrest, which has been quietly preparing for the years of decline of the middle class and the destruction of the current structure of society.

Where in the world are exacerbated by resource wars, religious extremism and the spread of nationalism, the global war becomes an increasing probability. Where would our world and society at the heart of this crisis is moving, it is not yet certain. This could result in a crash if the progress, but it is certain that cooperation, sharing of responsibility, bold positions of peace and co-existence, and inspired leaders are essential to survive the upcoming challenges.

Sources: The Burning Platform (longer article in English, we recommend you read!), Wikipedia.

China threatens the United States over the Ebola and the Islamic Threat !

Still, China.

Китай угрожает США больше Эбола и Исламской угрозы

What for so long was made silent in Washington, announced at the Center for Special Operations Command Robert Heddik.
Political weight and ambition of China are gaining momentum, and American policymakers are now required to understand that the return of China to the status of a global superpower a challenge for the answer to which may require a lot more effort than during the Cold War, writes Robert Heddik in The National Interest .

The rise of China may have serious consequences for Washington, because it is in the direction of the Asia-Pacific region aimed the strategic aspirations of the American economy. Compete with the Soviet Union during the Cold War was hard, however, to counter the threat from China, you may need to do more– believes the author of the material.

According to columnist Publishing, the American public is not possible to breathe easy” because of continuing threats, including on the part of applying for a revision of the existing geopolitical system.

“The Americans carried the onerous burden of opposition to the Soviet Union for nearly forty years, and now they are involved in an incomprehensible war with radical Islam. Rise of China is not just another challenge for the national interests of the United States, but, perhaps, the most difficult of them” – says Robert Heddik.

According to the International Monetary Fund, the Chinese economy has become the largest in the world in terms of purchasing power, the newspaper writes The Business Insider.

The logic of calculation is that the prices in different countries are not the same. A simple T-shirt will cost you less in Shanghai than in San Francisco, so unreasonable to compare the two economies without considering this factor. The average Chinese citizen earns less than the American, but in normal conversion of Chinese wages in dollar terms underestimated the purchasing power as one Chinese and the whole nation , – stated in the material.

The author draws attention to the fact that the IMF considers as market GDP and purchasing power of the economy, and by this criterion, China’s economy is currently superior to American and becomes the largest in the world.

According to the IMF on the basis of purchasing power parity, by the end of 2014, China’s share of global GDP will be 16.48% (17.632 trillion dollars), while the share of the United States 16.28 (17, 416 trillion),” – says The Business Insider.
For Russia, the transfer of the “center of gravityfrom Russia to China would be a great opportunity to improve the situation in foreign policy. But, alas, the voice of Robert Heddinka so far only one of the few. Should sound a chorus of voices that the vector US policy shifted from Russia to the East, where new red colossus rises, and where did today is the second center of power.

10 reasons why the Ebola does not lead to the end of the world !

Did you hear? Apocalypse is coming. They say that in the United States, Europe and the UK are born stories about the virus, which is older than the “black death” and the Spanish flu. Ebola kills most horrible way and is going to kill all of humanity. Is this true? No. The threat of Ebola ridiculously inflated. It was a dangerous and destructive to the African continent, but in the rest of the world it is the media to blame for the fact that the virus had too many honors. Let’s face it.

It is almost impossible to catch


When in 1918 an outbreak of the Spanish flu, Spanish flu, it hit almost a third of the world’s population. Thanks frighteningly effective propagation velocity, the virus was extraordinarily dangerous for the human race, about the same as in the movies about zombies. The question is: Can the Ebola as well?

In any case. In contrast to the Spanish flu, Ebola, it is very difficult to catch. For this to happen, the infected fluid should get in your body through a cut or one of your holes. You can wash your hands in the blood of infected and well washed, and anything else you will not.

And what about ordinary liquids, which we share every day, such as saliva and sweat? According to the World Health Organization, the live virus has never been in the pot. As for the saliva, it becomes contaminated by the most severe stages of the disease, that is, you have to kiss in French terminally ill patient to get the chance of infection. By mosquitoes and other biting insects virus is also transmitted.

In fact, Ebola so difficult to catch, that you can sit on a plane next to an infected person the entire flight and did not become infected. In one case, an infected vomited on the plane, but no one else got sick.

The speed of transmission of the virus is incredibly low


Studying infectious disease doctors define the factor, which is called the basic reproductive value (R0). If you just, R0 tells us how many other people can infect infected person. In HIV is set to 4, which means that one HIVinfected person is expected in the “ideal” case infect four people in a single life. Super-type measles viruses have a value of 18, which makes them extremely contagious. In Ebola maximum 1.5-2. That is, if not isolate an infected person, it is unlikely to infect more than the other two.

Mathematically, even a relatively low prevalence may lead to widespread infection, if left unchecked. But in the civilized world the current Ebola R0 is less than unity. Because the virus is spread through bodily fluids, it feels better in places and cultures with a low level of health care and where burial rituals involve very close contact with the body. In countries with decent health infrastructure did not find the virus development. It can be easy to stop the insulation, technically just close the door.

The virus is not transmitted by airborne droplets


All the fears about Ebola is based on the fact that he can gain the ability to be transmitted by airborne droplets. Scientists assure us that this will not happen, but we know that viruses mutate. Technically, this is possible?

Technically, it is possible that the sandwich will become president. Although theoretically Ebola certainly can mutate, he must break all the laws of the transmission of viruses. According to WHO, there is no evidence that Ebola has a chance transmitted by airborne droplets. No virus in history to acquire this way of spreading so quickly. Even the super-fast mutating viruses like influenza and HIV never changed methods of distribution, and so do the Ebola (remember her R0).

It is highly unlikely that Ebola is transmitted through coughing and sneezing in the style of the flu. Ebola does not breed in large numbers in the lungs and throat, so he has little chance. The virus does not use cold as a platform for development. In addition, respiratory pathogens spread around the world for weeks or even days. If Ebola learned to fly, we would have learned.

If Ebola virus mutates, it will become more moderate


Although it seems illogical, most viruses wants you to live. The most successful precisely not kill viruses within 12 hours. For example, there is a virus HSV-1, which quietly resides in a latent state in the body, allowing it to infect 90% of Americans age 60.

Compared with Darwinian monster like that, Ebola ridiculously pathetic. He kills their hosts so quickly that he did not have time to spread. This is wrong in every way natural selection.

Much more likely, as a result of a successful mutation virus will become softer. Ebola is it will be an evolutionary victory, because it can spread to more people. For us, it will mean that the virus would be less dangerous.

He does not have an incubation period


One of the worst viruses is their ability incubation period: the time between when you pop onto it and when symptoms appear. During this time, the disease like flu can still be contagious, since the virus is easily sweeping the planet, and you do not even know about it. Fortunately, not as Ebola.

According to WHO, patients with Ebola can not share the disease until symptoms seem. Even if you split the game and a cup of vomit with his best friend a day after he picked up the virus, you will not become infected. This is extremely useful in combating disease. Since most people tend to notice that their friends are sick Ebola, they make the right conclusions and do not behave as usual.

As an added bonus: the virus ceases to be contagious after the symptoms disappear, so catch it from the survivor is also impossible.

Until now, the number of cases is extremely small


Remember the swine flu? In 2009, we were sure that this flu outbreak is going to annihilate all life on Earth. We did not even notice at first flu spread around the world, but abroad they are sick, 60 million people. How much this time ill people to experience such a storm in the media?

Around 8,000 people worldwide. Although it is 8000 – it’s too much and badly for all parties involved, it demonstrates how phenomenally Ebola spreads slowly. In some countries had only one case of Ebola, and that all were alive. In the United States, for example, a total of only three people ill. It is known that in Russia there is no one.

In comparison, for example, the bubonic plague struck seven people annually. But we are still far from being able to Black Death” pandemic repeated her exploits in Europe.

We have experienced similar


In 2008, Michelle Barnes off the plane from Uganda, not knowing that it was a passenger. Her body hid deadly Marburg virus, a close relative of Ebola with almost the same symptoms and the rate of spread. Over the next few days began to show symptoms, and these days Barnes in contact with almost 260 people. Guess how many of them are laid down in a bed with Marburg?

Not one. Barnes survived and did not infect anyone else. She did not even know she had a viral infection.

In the Netherlands, another woman was in the same part of Uganda, in which Barnes met Marburg. Again, no one got sick, despite all the warnings of local authorities.

And it’s not just a fluke. Literally every single case, when reported in the west of Marburg, death and infection rate were not significant. In a flash, 1975 in Johannesburg, only three people were infected and one died. Even the famous outbreak in 1967 in Frankfurt and Belgrade claimed the lives of seven of the thirty-one patients. And that was when we knew almost nothing about viruses, and medical procedures are less stringent.

Our infrastructure is very good‘ ”


What is common in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia, in addition to outbreaks of Ebola? The answer is: very poor medical infrastructure. In all three countries, health care is nothing more than the result of black humor. Patients are often placed in twos and threes on the bed. Water and electricity is not enough. Preventive health care in general is not, and do not treat patients if they can not afford the necessary drugs. In Liberia, many hospitals do not have protective equipment and protected personnel. In such circumstances – of course even lame Ebola virus finds its way.

Compare medicine there, and in the West are two different things. In Germany, for example, there are seven hospitals specially equipped to deal with Ebola. The health care system in the UK in general is so good that the government thinks that the total number of cases will never be double-digit. In the United States subject to the measures to stop Ebola. People just have nothing to fear.

We are about a vaccine


In 2005, a virologist Heinz Feldman has created a vaccine that stops the spread of the Ebola virus in macaques before or after infection. Since at that time no one was interested in funding after the Ebola vaccine to human trials is not reached. However, in 2009 it experienced the German workers who accidentally pricked a needle infected with Ebola. The vaccine did not cause her any harm, and possibly saved her life.

This is not the only treatment for Ebola, which are now being tested. According to Professor Jeremy Farrar Tropical Medicine, there are several potential candidates, all of which can provide some protection against the virus. By ordinary standards, of course, they are not ready for people. But if the question arises of choosing between an untested vaccine and a high probability of death as it happens in people suffering in West Africa people make a very definite choice.

The threat caused by just panic in the media

You probably can not wait to find out why we hear so much about viruses that hit a small number of people. Why do newspapers publish stories and resources about how doctors all over the world deliberately lie to us and try to make money, and that the world is threatened by the cover. There are a number of reasons, and one very simple: People hawala. (Pardonte).

Look back and look at any history of the pandemic in the last ten years. It becomes apparent that only negative media coverage of the event. During the SARS epidemic, Daily Mail blew tabloid headlines SARS may become more serious AIDS”, predicting more than a billion infections. Nevertheless, in 2004 there was not a single case. When there was the swine flu, several articles were that it can kill up to 120 million people. In the UK, the effect of the panic was worse than the flu. By the summer of 2009, only 30 people died, but the panic caused by the media seriously tainted the health sector.

After all, if the media will continue the policy of intimidation, it may prove to be right. The virus can really devastate the whole Earth in the future. But it will certainly not Ebola. Soon everything will calm down and forget.

Published Vasily I. Smirnov, 21/10/2014 at 07:50

В противостоянии с США Россия возвращает себе роль сверхдержавы ! / In the confrontation with the United States Russia is regaining its role of a superpower !

В противостоянии с США Россия возвращает себе роль сверхдержавы

Отношения РФ и США наладятся не скоро, уверен автор статьи в иранском издании Iras

Для восстановления своего положения сверхдержавы на международной арене Россия реализует две стратегии.

Первая – это стратегия многополярности для оспаривания международного положения Соединенных Штатов. Вторая – это энергетическая стратегия.

Рассмотрению этих двух стратегий и посвящена настоящая статья.

В 1944 году, на завершающем этапе Второй мировой войны термин «сверхдержава» использоваться по отношению к двум государствам – США и Советскому Союзу. Из-за этого в биполярной системе международных отношений во главе двух блоков Запада и Востока оказались два государства, занимающие ведущие позиции в политике, экономике и военной сфере.

В 1991 году с распадом СССР и крушением коммунистической идеологии внешняя политика России поблекла на международной арене, утратив всякую инициативу, поэтому Соединенные Штаты стали единственной сверхдержавой в целом мире.

Девяностые годы прошлого века отмечены острыми политическими и экономическими кризисами в России, ситуация в которой была усугублена крайней нестабильностью и общественными волнениями. По этой причине у страны не было возможности играть заметную роль в международных делах, а экономическая слабость лишала ее всех шансов в соперничестве с Западом.

В тот период Россия фактически утратила свое международное влияние, и причины этого были самые разные: развал целой империи и возвращение к границам XVII века, экономический спад и социальный кризис, экологические катастрофы, ослабление государства и армии, рост преступности и коррупции, шаткая экономика и высокая инфляция.

Однако, начиная с 2000 года, и особенно с приходом к власти Путина Россия заняла реалистичную позицию по вопросам внутренней и внешней политики и стала добиваться восстановления своего положения сверхдержавы на международной арене.

Сейчас вопрос заключается в следующем: какую стратегию реализует Россия для возвращения утраченных некогда позиций?

Для ответа на этот вопрос необходимо отметить, что в последние годы для достижения этой цели Россия придерживается двух стратегий. Во-первых, это стремление к многополярности и вызов положению США в международной политике. Во-вторых, это реализация определенных мер в энергетической сфере.

Стратегия многополярности является ответом на политику экспансии и однополярности, проводимую Соединенными Штатами. Энергетическая стратегия служит осуществлению национальных интересов России во всем мире и особенно в странах Европы и Азии.

Российская стратегия многополярности

В настоящее время Россия строит свое внешнюю политику на принципе многополярности. Она делает это с учетом международного положения США и в целях обеспечения собственных интересов в плане безопасности.

Судя по официальным заявлениям представителей российского руководства, русские добиваются проведения независимой внешней политики, направленной на создание многополярного мира, в котором Россия должна занять свое место и тем самым сузить гегемонию Соединенных Штатов в международных делах. Чтобы этого достичь, Россия, решив свои наиболее острые экономические проблемы и улучшив собственное финансовое положение, опирается на военный потенциал.

С момента прихода к власти Путин анонсировал три основополагающих принципа своего курса: модернизация экономики, достижение видной роли в процессах мировой конкуренции и восстановление положения России в качестве новой крупной державы.

Тактика и конкретные шаги российских политиков доказывают тот факт, что они крайне недовольны односторонними действиями Соединенных Штатов. Явно с 2007 года, а тайно еще раньше, Россия, поверив в собственные силы благодаря достигнутым успехам в разных сферах геополитики и геоэкономики, проводит политику «прямого сопротивления» американскому волюнтаризму и гегемонии.

Россия при Путине официально не признает однополярный режим как упорядочивающий принцип устройства мира и считает, что он противоречит ее национальным интересам.

Например, в своем весьма резком выступлении на Мюнхенской конференции по безопасности в 2007 году Путин бросил вызов односторонней тактике США и попыткам этой страны установить в мире режим однополярности. Еще тогда российский президент заявил следующее: «Режим однополярности не только не приемлем, но и его установление в нынешних условиях невозможно в принципе».

Он опроверг утверждение о том, что в современной международной обстановке существует «один центр власти, один центр принятия решений, один хозяин и одно правительство», и ясно определил намерение России добиваться установления разумного баланса интересов всех игроков, присутствующих на международной арене.

Другими словами, режиму однополярности, сложившемуся после окончания холодной войны, так и не удалось окончательно закрепиться. Наступательная политика в энергетической сфере с акцентом на собственное положении энергетической сверхдержавы, масштабная программа модернизации армии, крупные поставки вооружения другим странам, несогласие с установлением систем противовоздушной обороны в Восточной Европе и отказ от Договора об обычных вооруженных силах в Европе (ДОВСЕ), установление новых систем противоракетной обороны в Ленинградской области, поддержка ядерной программы Ирана, участие в сирийских событиях и помощь правительству Башара Асада и, что самое главное, отношение к последнему кризису на Украине – все это является ясным доказательством попыток России повысить свой статус в решении международных вопросов, результатом которых и стала напряженность в отношениях с Соединенными Штатами.

Российское руководство убеждено в том, что установленный США однополярный режим существует лишь временно, он неустойчив и действует несправедливо, поэтому последние события в мире, новые коалиции государств и появление таких держав, как Китай, Индия и Россия, бросают вызов этому режиму. Сторонники этой точки зрения считают, что сложившийся империалистический режим не отвечает современным международным условиям, и довольно скоро в мире установится новый баланс сил.

Таким образом, усиление напряженности между Россией и Соединенным Штатами убедило русских в том, что данный процесс может не только еще больше ослабить американцев, но и привести к их международной изоляции. Российское правительство, ссылаясь на современные события в мире и ослабление США из-за их неверной политики в последние годы, считает нынешнюю ситуацию вполне подходящей для превращения своей страны в крупную мировую державу, или, выражаясь иначе, межрегиональную силу, способную влиять на международную систему и принимаемые в ее рамках решения.

Россия решительно добивается нового распределения власти в мировых делах. Возрастающее стремление этой страны к новому разделению власти основывается на прямом несогласии с американской однополярностью и представлении о том, что управление международными делами едва ли возможно без участия российской дипломатии. Путем создания коалиции с такими державами, как Китай и Иран, Россия пытается положить конец волюнтаризму и политике силы Соединенных Штатов на международной арене.

На данном основании Россия позиционирует себя в качестве крупной державы и постоянно в разного рода обращениях по тем или иным международным вопросам критикует США за их однополярность, гегемонию и вмешательство во внутренние дела других государств. Президент Путин пытается позиционировать свою страну как державу, играющую мировое значение и активно участвующую в урегулировании глобальных проблем.

Между тем, Соединенные Штаты стремятся лишить Россию права участвовать в решении международных вопросов. Если Россия вновь окрепнет, влиянию и интересам США в соседних с нею регионах будет брошен серьезный вызов. Декларативные и практические меры России с целью постепенного изменения существующего положения и достижения более высокого уровня в решении судеб мира порождает у американского руководства чувства тревоги за собственное лидерство в международных делах после распада Советского Союза и все больше заставляет его оценивать ситуацию как фактическое сохранение статус-кво, поскольку Россия постепенно набирает силы, а США слабеют. Именно по этой причине США стараются создавать как можно ограничений на пути развития России.

Энергетическая стратегия России: энергоресурсы как рычаг политического давления

Суть внешней политики России при президенте Путине заключается в конкуренции за возвращение своей роли сверхдержавы. По мнению российского лидера, распад Советского Союза в 1991 году был самой большой трагедией ХХ века, поэтому он добивается восстановления позиций России, которые она имела еще в советскую эпоху. В этом ключе энергетическая стратегия России направлена на восстановление ее статуса сверхдержавы.

Обладая самыми большими в мире запасами газа и нефти, Россия на международной арене смогла продемонстрировать свою силу в противостоянии Европейскому Союзу и США. Используя скрытую политику угроз в энергетическом плане, кремлевское руководство полагает, что у Запада, который крайне нуждается в российских энергоресурсах, нет никаких шансов. Поэтому энергетика стала для России мощным рычагом контроля политики Европейского союза и стран на Ближнем Востоке и в Центральной Азии.

Свою энергетическую стратегию Россия разработала летом 2003 года, когда Владимир Путин отвел ей центральное место в российской дипломатии. Тогда в целях сохранения за Россией лидирующих позиций на мировом газовом рынке были предприняты меры для предотвращения диверсификации энергопоставок, особенно для европейских стран.

Запасы нефти и газа играют ключевую роль в возвращении России главной роли на мировой арене. И в Кремле, и в политических кругах других стран существует представление о том, что благодаря своим огромнейшим запасам энергоресурсов Россия способна вернуть себе позиции сверхдержавы. Не вызывает никаких сомнений тот факт, что Россия уже стала сверхдержавой в плане энергетики.

Сейчас эта страна относится к числу самых крупных поставщиков природного газа, а за период с 1998 по 2004 года российский экспорт нефти составил почти 48% от общего объема мировых поставок этого сырья. В настоящее время Россия поставляет на мировой рынок 22% природного газа и четверть от 40% газового импорта в Европу. Нефтяные поставки этой страны составляют 12% от мирового объема, в то время как в Европе доля «черного золота» из России составляет 22%.

Кроме того, Россия контролирует поставки нефти и газа из Туркмении и Казахстана. Таким образом, ее нефтяная дипломатия, в первую очередь, завязана на европейских странах, потому как экономически они сильно зависят от российской нефти. Европа осознает, что это является ее слабым местом, и поэтому ищет альтернативные поставки энергоресурсов.

Активность российской энергетической дипломатии ощущается и в Азии. В этот регион Россия поставляет всего лишь 3% своей нефти. Тем не менее ожидается, что к 2020 году этот экспорт может увеличиться до 20%. В связи с этим Россия пытается не ограничиваться привязанностью только к одному потребителю (имеется в виду Китай), а расширить круг покупателей своего топлива за счет Японии и Южной Кореи.

Итак, Россия превратилась в энергетическую сверхдержаву, поэтому она использует свою энергетическую стратегию для подъема собственного национального духа. Ее руководство заботится о сохранении территориального единства своей страны и предотвращении внешних угроз, в том числе и военного характера.

Для этого усилия Москвы направлены на то, чтобы использовать энергетический экспорт в качестве инструмента политики. Так, враждебные страны наказываются отказом осуществлять поставки в них российских энергоносителей, в то время как сильные дружественные государства наоборот получают всяческую поддержку, а их компаниям позволят инвестировать в развитие российской нефтегазовой отрасли.

Многие арабские страны тоже используют энергоресурсы в качестве инструмента политического давления, однако они бессильны в плане достижения своих целей и, в частности, не могут добиться поражения Израиля. Вместе с тем энергетика играет отрицательную роль в деле становления сверхдержавы. Дело в том, что зависимость от энергоресурсов обычно ведет к незначительному экономическому росту и политической нестабильности.

Однако здесь надо отметить, что в этом плане Россия отличает от других стран. До 1991 года эта страна была военной сверхдержавой, и после распада Советского Союза она частично сохранила его оружейный потенциал, включая ядерный арсенал и современные технологии. Кроме того, Россия, как и прежде Советский Союза, продолжает поставлять оружие в другие страны. Таким образом, потенциал этой страны основывается на огромных запасах энергоресурсов и советской военной технике, что и подкрепляет представление о ней как «энергетической сверхдержаве».

В настоящее время вместо подразделений Красной Армии для давления на Украину, кавказские и среднеазиатские республики используется энергетика, природный газ и связанные с этим компании. Россия способна изменить сложившуюся ситуацию на евразийском пространстве только за счет энергетики. Эта страна приобретает свой новый потенциал для «мягкой силы» и увеличения политического и экономического влияния благодаря огромным запасам нефти.

Начавшееся с 2000 года увеличение цены на нефть и газ привело к экономическому росту России и осуществлению важных реформ в этой стране. Как результат, российское руководство пересмотрело свою внешнюю и внутреннюю политику. В современной международной ситуации нефть и газ сделали Россию настоящей державой и соперником Соединенных Штатов. Энергетические компании России при поддержке национального правительства работают по всему миру. С 2000 года российские нефтяные и газовые гиганты, такие как «Лукойл», заняли видное место в энергетической сфере стратегически важных регионов Ближнего Востока, соседних государствах Восточной Европы и даже в США.

Россия обеспечивает половину поставок газа в Европу. Так, например, в 2006 году Германия на 40% обеспечивала себя поставками российского газа, Греция – на 84%, Австрия – на 78%, а страны Балтии и Финляндия – на 100%.

До прихода Путина к власти иностранные аналитики говорили о слабости и деградации российской экономики, а правительство этой страны обвиняли в коррумпированности и непрофессионализме. Тогда Россия была поверженной страной, не способной установить внутренний порядок. В 90-х годах прошлого века никто не думал, что эта страна когда-нибудь сможет вернуть себе положение сверхдержавы.

Улучшение экономической ситуации началось в 2000 году. Именно после этого благодаря политике российского руководства начала реализовываться идея «России как энергетической сверхдержавы». В рамках данной идеи мощь страны стала трактоваться как использование нефти и газа в качестве орудия усиления собственного влияния на соседние страны и на мировой арене в целом.

В результате этого в 2000-х годах с ростом мировых цен на топливо энергоресурсы стали базой развития российской экономики и сильным инструментом внешней политики и дипломатии. На саммите «Большой восьмерки» в 2005 году Путин заявил, что Россия, будучи к тому же и ядерной державой, обладает самым большим потенциалом в нефтегазовой области и лидирует на мировом энергетическом рынке. И действительно, Россия стала крупным производителем и экспортером нефти и природного газа и обладает наибольшими в мире запасами нефти и урана.

Словом, в 2003 году энергетическая стратегия России недвусмысленно заявила об энергоресурсах как политическом инструменте, а в доктрине 2009 года подчеркивается, что энергетическая тематика является новым направлением внешней политики этой страны.


Итак, в своей статье мы коротко рассмотрели стратегию многополярности и энергетическую стратегию, которые применяет Россия в целях восстановления собственного положения сверхдержавы на глобальном уровне.

Как было отмечено, именно с приходом к власти Путина в 1999 году и улучшением ситуации в экономической, политической и военных сферах эти две стратегии оказались во главе угла российской внешней политики. В нашей статье мы рассмотрели стратегию многополярности и оспаривание Россией положения США в качестве гегемона на международной арене.

Испытав сильное унижение в постсоветский период, начиная с 2000 года русские, урегулировав свои внутригосударственные проблемы, вознамерились отомстить США и ограничить сферу интересов этой страны в геополитически важных регионах, таких как Кавказ, Западная и Центральная Азия.

Сделав ставку во внешней политике на стратегию многополярности, в последние годы Россия пытается играть активную роль в международных делах и проводить политику, совершенно не зависимую от Запада и США. С 2000 года Россия всевозможными способами старается нивелировать роль США в решении политических вопросов разных регионов мира и по некоторым из них занимает весьма принципиальную позицию, действуя вопреки воле американцев.

Протесты по поводу размещения систем противоракетной обороны США в Восточной Европе, война в Грузии, поддержка ядерной программы Ирана, поддержка правительства Башара Асада в Сирии, несогласие с военным вмешательством западных стран в эту страну и, наконец, последние события на Украине отчетливо демонстрируют решительную позицию России, направленную против Соединенных Штатов.

Принимая во внимание все эти шаги российского правительства, многие политологи и специалисты по международным отношениям говорят об окончании периода однополярности и начале новой холодной войны между Россией и США.

Подводя итог, можно прогнозировать, что Соединенные Штаты продолжат попытки сохранить нынешнее положение и собственную роль лидера и экспансиониста в мире, а Россия будет предпринимать усилия для изменения существующих условий и установления многополярной структуры в международных делах, бросая при этом вызов империалистическому строю.

При этом существует целый спектр тем, связанных со стратегиями безопасности, который свидетельствует о серьезном соперничестве между США и Россией. Сейчас основная часть международных проблем, в которых проявляется конкуренция между Москвой и Вашингтоном, касается стратегического паритета, проекта установления систем противовоздушной обороны, региональных кризисов в Афганистане, Северной Корее и Сирии, геополитического соперничества в плане расширения НАТО, нынешней дестабилизации ситуации на Украине, а также такого ряда вопросов, как соблюдение прав человека и предоставление политического убежища Эдварду Сноудену.

Таким образом, в настоящий момент все эти проблемы наводят на мысль о том, что российско-американские отношения наладятся еще далеко не скоро. На пути сближения двух стран постоянно находятся определенные негативные моменты, которые препятствуют их развитию.

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Relations between Russia and the United States will improve any time soon, I’m sure the author of the article in the Iranian edition Iras

To restore its position in the international arena superpower Russia implements two strategies.

The first – a strategy to challenge the multipolarity of the international position of the United States. Second it’s energy strategy.

Consideration of these two strategies are addressed in this article.

In 1944, at the final stage of World War II, the term “superpower” used in relation to the two states the United States and the Soviet Union. Because of this, in the bipolar system of international relations at the head of two blocks of East and West were the two states, which occupy leading positions in the political, economic and military spheres.

In 1991, with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the collapse of the communist ideology faded Russian foreign policy in the international arena, having lost all initiative, why the United States became the only superpower in the whole world.

Nineties of the last century were marked by severe political and economic crisis in Russia, the situation which has been aggravated by extreme instability and social unrest. For this reason, the country has not had a chance to play a prominent role in international affairs, and economic weakness deprived her of all the chances in the competition with the West.

At that time, Russia has virtually lost its international influence and the reasons were different: the collapse of the whole empire, and return to the borders of the XVII century, the economic recession and social crisis, environmental disaster, weakening of the state and the army, rising crime and corruption, a shaky economy and high inflation.

However, since 2000, and especially since Putin came to power Russia took a realistic stance on domestic and foreign policy and began to seek recovery of its superpower position in the international arena.

Now the question is: what strategy implements Russia to return lost items once?

To answer this question it is necessary to note that in recent years to achieve this goal, Russia holds the two strategies. Firstly, it is the pursuit of multipolarity and challenge the position of the United States in international politics. Second, is the implementation of certain measures in the energy sector.

Multipolarity strategy is a response to a policy of expansion and unilateralism by the United States. Energy strategy is the implementation of Russia’s national interests around the world and especially in Europe and Asia.

Russian strategy multipolarity

Currently, Russia is building its foreign policy on the principle of multipolarity. It does this with the international situation and the United States in order to ensure their own interests in terms of security.

According to official statements made by the Russian government, the Russian press for an independent foreign policy, aimed at the creation of a multipolar world in which Russia should take its place, and thus narrow the hegemony of the United States in international affairs. To achieve this, Russia, deciding their most pressing economic problems and to improve their financial position, based on military capabilities.

Since coming to power, Putin announced the three pillars of its course: the modernization of the economy, achieving a prominent role in the processes of global competition and the restoration of Russia’s position as a major new powers.

Tactics and specific steps of Russian politicians argue that they are extremely dissatisfied with the unilateral actions of the United States. Apparently in 2007, but secretly earlier, Russia, believing in their own power thanks to the achievements in the various fields of geopolitics and geo-economics, pursuing a policy of “direct resistance” to the American hegemony and voluntarism.

Putin’s Russia does not officially recognize the unipolar mode as the ordering principle of the world and believes that it is contrary to its national interests.

For example, in a very dramatic speech at the Munich Security Conference in 2007, Putin challenged unilateral tactics the United States and the country’s efforts to establish in the world unipolar mode. Even then, the Russian president said: “The regime of unipolarity is not only acceptable, but also its establishment in the present circumstances it is impossible in principle.”

He denied the allegation that in the current international situation, there is one center of authority, one center of decision-making, one master and one government,” and clearly defined Russia’s intention to seek to establish a reasonable balance between the interests of all the players present on the international scene.

In other words, the regime of unipolarity, formed after the Cold War, and was unable to finally gain a foothold. Offensive policy in the energy sector with a focus on their own position as an energy superpower, large-scale program to modernize the army, large supplies of arms to other countries, opposition to the establishment of air defense systems in Eastern Europe and the rejection of the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE), the establishment of new systems missile defense in the Leningrad region, support for Iran’s nuclear program, participation in events and help the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad and, most importantly, with the last crisis in Ukraine – all this is clear evidence of Russia’s attempts to raise its status in international affairs, which resulted in and became the tensions with the United States.

The Russian leadership is convinced that the United States established a unipolar mode exists only temporarily, it is unstable and unfair acts, so the recent events in the world, the new coalition of states and the emergence of powers such as China, India and Russia, are challenging the regime. Proponents of this view believe that the established imperialist regime does not meet current international conditions, and pretty soon the world established a new balance of power.

Thus, the increased tension between Russia and the United States convinced the Russian is that this process can not only further weaken the Americans, but also lead to international isolation. The Russian government, referring to the current events in the world and the weakening of the United States because of their wrong policies in recent years, said the current situation is quite suitable for the transformation of the country into a major world power, or to put it differently, inter-regional power capable of influencing the international system and taken in the framework of its decision.

Russia strongly seeking a new distribution of power in world affairs. The increasing desire of this country to a new power-sharing based on the direct disagreement with American unipolarity and the notion that the management of international affairs is hardly possible without the participation of Russian diplomacy. Through a coalition with such powers as China and Iran, Russia is trying to put an end to voluntarism and political forces of the United States in the international arena.

On this basis Russia is positioning itself as a major power and constantly in all sorts of appeals on various international issues, criticized the United States for unipolarity, hegemony and interference in the internal affairs of other states. President Putin is trying to position his country as the powers that global significance and is actively involved in the resolution of global problems.

Meanwhile, the United States seeks to deprive Russia of the right to participate in international issues. If Russia is again stronger, influence and interests of the United States in its neighboring regions will be seriously challenged. Declarative and practical measures Russia to a gradual change in the status quo and achieve a higher level in deciding the destiny of the world gives rise to the American management of anxiety for their own leadership in international affairs after the collapse of the Soviet Union and all the more makes it to assess the situation as the actual maintenance of the status quo, because Russia is gradually gaining strength and weaken the United States. It is for this reason that the United States are trying to create as possible limitations to the development of Russia.

Russia’s energy strategy: energy as a lever of political pressure

The essence of Russia’s foreign policy under President Putin is in competition for the return of its role as a superpower. According to the Russian leader, the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 was the greatest tragedy of the twentieth century, so it is seeking recovery of Russia’s position that it had in the Soviet era. In this vein, Russia’s energy strategy aims to restore its superpower status.

With the world’s largest reserves of oil and gas, Russia in the international arena was able to demonstrate its strength in opposition to the European Union and the United States. Using a hidden policy of threats in terms of energy, the Kremlin leadership believes that the West, which is in dire need of Russian energy resources, there is no chance. Therefore, energy has become a powerful lever for Russian control policy of the European Union and countries in the Middle East and Central Asia.

His Russian energy strategy developed in the summer of 2003, when Vladimir Putin took her central place in Russian diplomacy. Then, in order to maintain the leading position in Russia in the global gas market measures have been taken to prevent the diversification of energy supplies, particularly for European countries.

Oil and gas reserves play a key role in the return of Russian leading role on the world stage. And in the Kremlin and in political circles in other countries, there is the idea that, thanks to its huge energy resources, Russia is able to regain his position as a superpower. There is no doubt that Russia has become a superpower in terms of energy.

Now this country is one of the largest suppliers of natural gas, and for the period from 1998 to 2004, Russia’s oil exports amounted to almost 48% of the total world supply of this raw material. Russia currently supplies the world market 22% of natural gas and a quarter from 40% of gas imports to Europe. Oil supply in this country is 12% of the world total, while in Europe the share of “black gold” of Russia is 22%.

In addition, Russia controls the supply of oil and gas from Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan. So its oil diplomacy, primarily tied to the European countries, because the cost they are heavily dependent on Russian oil. Europe is aware that this is its weakest point, and therefore looking for alternative energy supplies.

Activity of Russian energy diplomacy felt in Asia. In this region, Russia supplies only 3% of its oil. Nevertheless, it is expected that by 2020, these exports may increase to 20%. In this regard, Russia is trying to go beyond attachment to only one user (referring to China), and expand the number of buyers of its fuel by Japan and South Korea.

Thus, Russia has become an energy superpower, so it uses its energy strategy to lift its own national spirit. Its leaders concerned about the preservation of the territorial unity of the country and preventing external threats, including those of a military nature.

To do this, Moscow’s efforts are aimed at being able to use energy exports as a political tool. So hostile country is punished by a refusal to supply them Russian energy, while strong friendly states on the contrary receive full support and allow their companies to invest in the development of Russia’s oil and gas industry.

Many Arab countries are also using energy as an instrument of political pressure, but they are powerless in terms of achieving its objectives and, in particular, can not achieve the destruction of Israel. However, energy plays a negative role in the formation of a superpower. The fact that the dependence on energy usually leads to a slight economic growth and political instability.

However, it should be noted that in this respect, Russia differs from other countries. Until 1991 this country was a military superpower, and after the collapse of the Soviet Union, it is partially retained its weapons capability, including nuclear arsenal and modern technology. In addition, Russia, as before the Soviet Union continued to supply weapons to other countries. Thus, the potential of this country is based on the vast energy resources and Soviet military equipment, which reinforces the idea of ​​it as an “energy superpower.”

Currently, instead of units of the Red Army to put pressure on Ukraine, the Caucasus and Central Asian republics used energy, natural gas and related companies. Russia is able to change the situation in the Eurasian space only by energy. The country gets its new potential for “soft power” and increasing political and economic influence thanks to its vast oil resources.

Begun in 2000 the increase in price of oil and gas has led to economic growth in Russia and the implementation of important reforms in the country. As a result, the Russian government has revised its foreign and domestic policies. In the current international situation, oil and gas prices have made Russia the present power and rival the United States. Russian energy companies, with the support of national governments are working around the world. Since 2000, the Russian oil and gas giants, such as “Lukoil”, featured prominently in the energy sector is strategically important regions of the Middle East, neighboring countries in Eastern Europe and even the United States.

Russia provides half of gas supplies to Europe. For example, in 2006 Germany 40% sufficient in the supply of Russian gas, Greece – 84%, Austria – 78%, and the Baltic countries and Finland – 100%.

Before Putin came to power, foreign analysts said the weakness and degradation of the Russian economy, and the Government has been accused of corruption and incompetence. Then Russia was defeated country, unable to establish internal order. In the 90s of the last century, no one thought that this country is ever to regain superpower status.

Improving the economic situation began in 2000. It was after this due to the policy of the Russian leadership was launched the idea of ​​”Russia as an energy superpower.” As part of this idea became the country’s might be interpreted as the use of oil and gas as a tool to strengthen its influence on neighboring countries and on the world scene as a whole.

As a result, in the 2000s, with the rise in world prices for fuel energy resources have become the foundation of the Russian economy and a strong instrument of foreign policy and diplomacy. At the summit of the “Big Eight” in 2005, Putin said that Russia, in addition to being a nuclear weapons state and has the greatest potential in the oil and gas industry and is a leader in the global energy market. Indeed, Russia has become a major producer and exporter of oil and natural gas and has the largest reserves in the world oil and uranium.

In short, in 2003, Russia’s energy strategy clearly stated about energy resources as a political tool, and in the doctrine of 2009 emphasized that energy issues is the new direction of the foreign policy of this country.


So, in his article, we briefly discussed the strategy of multi-polarity and energy strategy, which uses Russian in order to restore their situation superpower on a global level.

As noted, it is with Putin came to power in 1999 and the improvement of the situation in the economic, political and military spheres, these two strategies have been at the forefront of Russian foreign policy. In our article, we discussed the strategy of multi-polarity and challenging position of Russia in the United States as a hegemonic power in the international arena.

Having experienced a strong humiliation in the post since 2000, Russian resolve their domestic problems, set out to take revenge on the United States and limit the scope of the interests of this country in a geopolitically important regions such as the Caucasus, Western and Central Asia.

Making a bet in the foreign policy strategy of multipolarity, in recent years, Russia is trying to play an active role in international affairs and policies, it is not dependent on the West and the United States. Since 2000, Russia is trying all possible ways to level the role of the United States in dealing with political issues in different regions of the world and some of them occupies a very principled position, acting against the will of Americans.

Protests concerning the deployment of missile defense systems in Eastern Europe, the United States, the war in Georgia, support Iran’s nuclear program, support for the government of Bashar al-Assad in Syria, the opposition to the military intervention of Western countries in this country, and finally, the recent events in Ukraine demonstrate clearly the strong position of Russia directed against the United States.

Taking into account all these steps the Russian government, many political scientists and specialists in international relations say about the end of the period of unipolarity and the beginning of a new Cold War between Russia and the United States.

Summarizing, we can predict that the United States will continue to attempt to maintain the current situation and their own leadership and expansionist in the world, and Russia will make efforts to change the existing conditions and the establishment of a multipolar structure in international affairs, while throwing a challenge to the imperialist system.

In this case, there is a whole range of topics related to the security strategy that indicates a serious rivalry between the USA and Russia. Now the bulk of international problems, which manifest competition between Moscow and Washington, concerns the strategic parity, the project of establishing air defense systems, regional crises in Afghanistan, North Korea and Syria, geopolitical rivalry in terms of the expansion of NATO, the current destabilization of the situation in Ukraine, as well as a number of issues such as human rights and political asylum Edward Snowden.

So, now all these problems suggest that the Russian-American relations will improve further away any time soon. In the way of rapprochement between the two countries are always some negative things that hinder their development.

Интервью с сепаратистом из Эстонии: «На Киев снизойдет благодатный огонь Русского мира». / Interview with separatist from Estonia: “In Kiev Holy Fire descend Russian world” .


Николай один из добровольцев, воюющих на стороне сепаратистов в Украине. Себя он до сих пор считает таковым, даже не смотря на то, что находится уже далеко от боевых действий. После выхода моей статьи о сбитом Боинге Николай связался со мной, и мы договорились о встрече. Единственным требованием Николая было — полная конфиденциальность.

Николай проживает в Эстонии, о своем гражданстве он умолчал, как и о том, как он попал в Украину и как вернулся домой. Для него это вопрос его личной безопасности. Этим он обосновал свое нежелание идти в крупные СМИ.

Перед тем как мы начнем, хотел бы вас спросить: для вас принципиально как вас называют — сепаратист или ополченец?

Мне все равно. Мы сами друг друга порой называли сепаратистами. Но мы в это понятие не вкладываем ничего негативного. Сепаратист и сепаратист. Против «хунты» сепаратистом быть не стыдно.

Вы написали мне после выхода моей статьи «Вся информация о сбитом Боинге», что вам есть, что рассказать по этому поводу…

Да, эта история, можно сказать, стала последней каплей для меня. Я сразу хочу сказать, что, не смотря на то, что я сейчас в Эстонии, что я покинул Новороссию, я не считаю себя предателем. Я верю в эту идею, потому туда и поехал. Но люди, которые там сейчас командуют, они эту идею давно продали…

Давайте по порядку, когда вы туда поехали, и какая была ваша основная мотивация?

Даты я называть не буду. Поехал я туда защищать Русский мир. Невозможно было сидеть и смотреть, как русских людей уничтожают только потому, что они хотят сохранить свой язык. Эти марионетки Запада (имеются в виду власти Украины) думают, что они могут ракетами навязать нам свои ценности. Этого не будет никогда. Мы не будем сидеть и смотреть как издеваются над нашими людьми. Запомните мои слова, если надо русские мобилизуются за 1 час и тогда весь Киев будет в огне.

А сейчас мобилизовываться еще не надо?

Все к этому идет. Русских опять втягивают в мировую войну. Мы не хотим воевать, но сидеть и смотреть, как нас убивают — нельзя.

Но Киев должен быть в огне?

Если они продолжат вести политику на уничтожение всего русского, то на них снизойдет, как сказать, благодатный огонь Русского мира, который и очистит всю эту чернь. Не мы хотим войны, а они.

Вы сказали про русский язык. Но ведь и.о. президента Турчинов отменил постановление Рады и вернул этим регионам статус русского языка, а Порошенко совсем недавно гарантировал юго-востоку статус русского как государственного языка. Я уж не говорю о том, что в украинской армии в зоне АТО почти все говорят на русском языке, да и в самом Киеве тоже достаточно русскоязычных…

Скажите мне, а какого черта они вообще решили запрещать русский язык? Да вы сейчас начнете говорить о том, что их не так поняли, что это закон Януковича и т.п. Но, а как их должны были понимать работяги Донбасса? Они сначала жгли их парней на Майдане, а после захвата власти первым делом запрещают русский язык. Как это понимать? Скажите мне?

Вы знаете, невозможно остаться чистым, валяясь в крови. Это не студенты первыми применили насилие, это их жестко разогнали, спровоцировав выход на Майдан еще большего количества людей. Вы сказали, что людей уничтожали из-за языка. Как вы это видите – русскоговорящие, возможно русские по национальности, солдаты Нацгвардии идут на юго-восток уничтожать русское население?

Во-первых, кто вам сказал про русских в «карательных отрядах хунты»? Откуда у вас эти факты? А второе, они шли туда по приказу марионеток, которым в свою очередь дают команду западные хозяева. Им нужно вырезать русских на Украине, спровоцировать войну и раздербанить Россию. Эти солдатики сами не знают, зачем они идут убивать русских. Им отравили мозг бандеровской пропагандой и прочей ерундой про великую Украину. Какая «великая Украина»? Всегда была и будет Малороссией. Эта Галиция хочет навязать великороссам свою волю. Повторю еще раз, этого никогда не было и не будет. Мы, если надо, размажем Львов за 15 минут, а Киев только и ждет, когда кто-нибудь уже, наконец, отчистит страну от этой заразы, засевшей в Раде.

Я не могу участвовать в убийстве мирных жителей, а потом внушать себе, что это сделал кто-то другой. Чем мы тогда лучше «хунты»?

Место крушения малазийского Боинга

Вы, тем не менее, сейчас в Эстонии, почему покинули Украину?

Я ехал на Украину с идеей о возрождении Новороссии, а потом и Великой России. Скажем так, я увидел там много разных ребят: от националистов до троцкистов. Но я все прекрасно понимал, когда у государства нет четкой национальной идеи, а есть только олигархи с яхтами, то пацанам сложно ориентироваться в этом мире, каждый находит что-то свое. Но меня поражало другое, были у нас парни из российского спецназа, все это знали. Это война понимаете, они выполняли свой долг перед страной и народом, но когда на родине их хоронят как бомжей, без почестей и без наград – это позор государства. У меня в Пскове друзья, которые в теме этих дел, когда я узнал, что парней так хоронят, меня это… просто деморализовало… ну, просто знаете, руки опустились. Я не понимал, как так можно. «Хунта» хоронит своих головорезов как героев, а мы…

Путин говорит, что там нет российских военных, отсюда и такие похороны.

Я бы лично Путину в рожу плюнул. Я, конечно, понимаю, что Путина сейчас все на руках носят. Но поверьте отношение к нему среди пацанов воюющих в Новороссии не такое. Путин – хитрая паскуда, как и его команда. Они забрали Крым, а дальше что? Рейтинг подняли, опять там его бизнесмены что-то настраивать будут, а в Новороссии гибнут люди. Путин помог им? Ему все руководство ДНР жопу лижет, у одного бизнес в Москве, другой деньги получает. Для них это все – бизнес, а нам что – воюйте ребятки, пока мы тут бизнес переделывать будем? Насмотрелся, паскудство и предательство.

Но ведь Стрелков неоднократно критиковал Путина за отсутствие реальной помощи.

Стрелков – единственный нормальный мужик там. Я вам могу сказать, что боевой дух сохранился благодаря ему. Вот взять Кургиняна, просто собака Путина. Я бы вам рассказал, какое он оружие привез, которым разве что огород копать. Но пацаны его сами кое-как в боевое состояние привели. Мы воюем, как можем, за русских, за идею, а они там свои темные дела проворачивают.

На момент выхода интервью Стрелков подал в отставку с поста министра обороны ДНР.

Допускаете, что просто перепродают списанное оружие?

Да, конечно. Я вам говорю: для одних война, для других мать родна. Пока пацаны гибнут за Новороссию и хоронят их как бомжей, другие делают бабки и набивают себе рейтинг.

Зачем же вы туда поехали, если все понимали?

А зачем люди воевали в 43-м? Сдаваться нельзя, даже если главнокомандующий полный ублюдок. Мы победили фашистов, даже не смотря на то, что Сталин перебил всю военную элиту и миллионы русского народа. Победим и сейчас. А потом выкинем из Кремля эту чернь.

То есть, Путин для вас не лучше Сталина?

Путин просто действует более изощрено в условиях нового мира. Он убивает рассудок людей через пропаганду и ТВ. Сталин просто убивал в лагерях. Одному нужны были абсолютная власть и «вкусно пожрать». Путину хочется еще и шикарно пожить на своих спрятанных дачах. Мир изменился, раньше можно было довольствоваться трубкой и икрой, а сейчас соблазнов больше. О русском народе как никто не думал, так и не думает.

Вы спросили меня, откуда у меня информация о русскоговорящих в украинской армии. Если вы посмотрите репортажи из зоны АТО, не российского ТВ, про которое вы сами сказали, что оно «убивает рассудок», то убедитесь в этом. Они что воюют против права русских разговаривать на родном языке, когда сами на нем разговаривают?

Даже если так, да воюют. Потому что им отравили рассудок такой же пропагандой с украинской стороны. Они не помнят своего родства. Слышали про евреев антисемитов? Вот они точно такие же, только еще хуже. Настоящие зомби… гестапо.

Значит, с ваших слов, получается, что Нацгвардия Украины идет на юго-восток, чтобы уничтожить все русское, а не только сепаратистов?

Конечно. Вы поймите, что ополчение поддерживает 99% населения Новороссии. У нас могут быть свои дрязги внутри ополчения, но население нас полностью поддерживает. Потому что люди помнят, как их давили все эти годы, унижали, насильно пытались украинизировать. Вы думаете, что если бы нас не поддерживали, мы бы держали оборону так долго? У нас кривое списанное оружие, а у них новейшее американское, и все равно они нас хрен возьмут, потому что мы русские, нас никто никогда не побеждал.

И их конечная цель зачистить регион? Как вы себе это представляете?

Да очень просто, подчинят себе людей силой и устроят информационную блокаду. Запад в этом прекрасно поможет. Превратят людей в рабов и заставят работать на Киев и Галицию, как это было раньше. Только теперь это будет на положении полных рабов. Вот этого мы допустить никак не можем, наши дети нам этого не простят. Путину все это до одного места, НАТО уже взяло в кольцо всю Россию, а он какие-то идиотские санкции вводит против деликатесов. Если сейчас не ответить силой, потом будет поздно.

Если не ответит, как вы это расцените?

Как предательство русского народа.

А как вы расцениваете появление на территории России движений под лозунгом «Хватить кормить Москву», которые требует больше власти в регионы?

Я их прекрасно понимаю, Сибирь работает на Москву, все деньги утекают из региона. Но сейчас для этого не время. Сейчас надо дать отпор фашизму на Украине.

Но вы ведь сами сказали, что цель Запада – раздербанить Россию. Получается, что Кремль помогает ему в этом? И почему сибиряки, например, хуже донетчан? Ведь следуя вашей логике, их также заставляют работать на столицу.

Я не удивлюсь, если Путина завербовали еще, когда он проходил службу в Германии. Все действия России против Запада слишком театральные, реальной силы Россия так ни разу и не показала. Но что касается Сибири, то в отличие от Донецка, сибирякам не запрещали говорить на русском языке и гордиться своей историей. Но я повторю еще раз, когда придет время, мы разберемся и с Путиным, сейчас главное дать отпор «хунте» на Украине.

Как жителям юго-востока Украины запрещали говорить на русском языке и гордиться своей историей?

А вы не слышали, как запрещали литературу, насильно заставляли учить украинский язык? Как бандеровцы пытались проводить свои факельные шествия? Власти Киева постоянно прессовали русских, унижали и заставляли их работать на всю Украину.

Честно говоря, слышать можно разное, но на деле все оказывается иначе.

Ну, расскажите мне, как это на деле.

Обязательно. Но за рамками этого интервью, это все-таки не дебаты.

Вы уже сказали, что, как вы говорите «хунте» на юго-востоке Украины давал отпор и российских спецназ. Чеченцев вы там видели?

Я вам так скажу, чеченцы там были, у некоторых парней с ними были терки и вели себя некоторые из них вызывающе, но я видел русских пацанов с крестами на теле, которые вели себя гораздо позорнее.

Вы имеете в виду тату со свастиками? Что конкретно они делали?

Придет время — я все расскажу.

Почему не сейчас?

Потому что не стоит сейчас устраивать разборки. Парням сейчас нужно крепить боевой дух.

Хорошо. С чеченцами и российским спецназом все понятно. Был ли кто-то еще из стран Балтии и конкретно из Эстонии?

Мне нравится, как вы говорите «страны Балтии», как будто это делает их сильнее. Прибалтика она была и есть — территория Российской Империи. По правде говоря, я не афишировал, что приехал из Эстонии. Сложно сказать, был ли там кто-то еще из Прибалтики. Там ведь нет кружка по странам. Все считают себя частью Русского мира.

Немцы и скандинавы с вами бы не согласились…

Да плевать я хотел на немцев и скандинавов.

А на крымских татар?

А причем тут крымские татары?

Ну, вы ведь наверняка считаете Крым российским, как и Прибалтику. То есть, для вас история начинается и заканчивается на России. Не было ничего ни до, ни после.

А почему меня должно интересовать мнение других народов? Меня волнует судьба и история Русского мира, вложение моего народа. Если кто-то хочет оспорить историю, ему придется воевать с нами.

Интересно узнать в таком случае, какие у вас планы на Эстонию?

Самые благородные (смеется). Философия русских очень проста: не трогайте нас, и мы не тронем вас. Я не могу сказать, что в Эстонии все идеально, но пока я здесь живу и откровенной русофобии лично на себе не ощущаю. Но это не значит, что ее нет.

То есть для вас тут вопрос больше в личных ощущениях?

Понимаете, русофобия она везде, только в разной степени. Украина — это хороший пример для Эстонии других стран. Будете нас унижать – получите достойный ответ. Так что я призываю всех хорошенько подумать об этом. Пока мне здесь терпимо и есть дела поважнее Эстонии. Но если мне запретят говорить на русском языке и опошлят подвиги предков – «бронзовая ночь» им покажется прогулкой в летнем саду.

Получается, что «эстонская русофобия» для вас оказалась терпимее предательства от руководства России?

Смотрите. Когда вас предает знакомый – это одно, но когда вас предает отец или мать – это совсем другое. Я могу с этим знакомым ходить по одной улице, могу даже водку в одной компании пить. Но с предавшей матерью – нет. И вот в Кремле сейчас засели люди, которые предают своих детей, свой народ. Понимаете?

Интересное сравнение. Давайте вернемся к самому началу – к истории о предательстве и Боинге. Что же произошло и почему это стало для вас последней каплей?

Понимаете, я приехал в Новороссию воевать с «карателями», а не с мирными людьми. Но как можно нормально воевать с таким вооружением? Когда у тебя есть БУК, но нет системы опознавания? Ты бьешь по цели, не зная, что это. К тому же, получая информацию, что это самолет «хунты». Как можно так воевать? Для меня это был край. Ладно, Путин «ссыт» дать нам нормальное оружие. Но тогда вообще ничего не давай. Передали БУК и что? Случилась осечка и Путин начал кланяться перед Западом, обещая всех тут приструнить. Да плевать тут все на него хотели. Его политика и подставила парней с этим самолетом. Если бы давали нормальное оружие – давно бы освободили Новороссию.

У вас есть доказательства, что Боинг сбили сепаратисты, а БУК им передала российская сторона?

Я лишь могу говорить то, что знаю. Я не нажимал на кнопку и ничего не перевозил, но информация разлетелась быстро. Все думали, что сбили самолет «хунты», оказалось, что нет. Все были просто в шоке. Потом появилась версия об украинском истребителе и все быстро внушили себе, что это не мы. Я так не могу. Я не могу участвовать в убийстве мирных жителей, а потом внушать себе, что это сделал кто-то другой. Чем мы тогда лучше «хунты»?

Я приехал туда воевать за русских, понимаете? А получилось так, что пока одни воюют, другие делают бабло и подставляют пацанов. Я готов умереть, но не за Путина и не за тех, кто там сейчас командует. Будь там мой дом – у меня бы не было выбора. Но после ситуации с Боингом я решил уехать. В таких условиях вести войну невозможно.

То есть, чтобы было понятно: у вас нет никаких аудио или видео доказательств того, что Боинг был сбит сепаратистами при использовании российского вооружения?


При каких условиях вы готовы вернуться воевать в Украину?

Если я увижу, что руководство занимают не московские ставленники, а патриоты России и Новороссии, и что Россия готова помогать, а не подставлять парней.

Но я хочу сказать еще одну вещь. Я уже сказал, что я не предатель, никогда им не был и не буду. Просто в сложившихся условиях я не хочу быть сорвиголовой непонятно кого. Сейчас ситуация тяжелая, но ее еще можно развернуть, и если Россия не вмешается, то я могу пообещать Путину, что ему потом придется за это отвечать.

Перед началом интервью вы просили меня, чтобы я не спрашивал вас «всякие глупости» о пытках военнопленных и денежных вознаграждениях за убийства украинских военных…

Да, потому что мне никто ничего не платил, и я никого не пытал. Я не знаю людей, которые бы получали деньги за убийства «карателей». Ну а сплетни комментировать я не собираюсь.

Каким вы видите выход из сложившейся ситуации?

Россия должна вступиться. Победа Новороссии, дальше – наведение порядка в Киеве. Если Львов встанет – дойдем и до Львова. Говорю в последний раз: Галиция будет в огне, не будите зверя. Если кто-то захочет с нами воевать – мы будем защищать русских везде, хоть в Австралии.

Вы имеете в виду, что Россия должна применить свою полную военную мощь в Украине, уже в открытую?


Что посоветуете делать русским, которые не поддерживают вас и хотят видеть Украину единой страной?

Ничего. Когда мы придем — они замолкнут, потому что они обычные коллаборационисты.

Николай, вы действительно считаете, что ваша позиция, позиция людей близких вам по духу, помогает русским по всему миру?

Моя позиция не востребована государственной властью и, посмотрите, в каком положении находятся русские по всему миру. Я не говорю про олигархов, которые, между прочим, вообще не русские. Я говорю про простых людей. Вот вам и ответ. Когда люди с моей позицией будут в Кремле, тогда все и изменится.

С Николаем мы беседовали около трех часов. Не все вошло в это интервью, т.к. некоторые заявления Николая можно публиковать, только если иметь на руках хоть какие-то доказательства. По крайней мере, я принял такое решение. В целом позиция Николая для меня очевидна: мир наступит тогда, когда Россия завоюет полмира.

Google translation!

Nicholas is one of the volunteers who are fighting on the side of the separatists in Ukraine. Himself, he still believes such, even though that is far away from the fighting. After the release of my film downed Boeing Nicholas contacted me and we agreed to meet. Nicholas was the only requirement full confidentiality.

Nicholas lives in Estonia, about his nationality, he was silent, as well as how he came to Ukraine and as back home. For him it is a matter of his personal safety. This he explained his reluctance to go to mainstream media.

Before we begin, I would like to ask you for how you basically call you or separatist militia?

I do not care. We are each other sometimes called separatists. But we do not put this concept is nothing negative. Separatist and secessionist. Against the “junta” is not ashamed to be a separatist.

You wrote to me after my article All about the downed Boeingthat you have something to tell you about it …

Yes, this story, we can say, was the last straw for me. I just want to say that, despite the fact that I am now in Estonia, that I left the New Russia, I do not consider myself a traitor. I believe in this idea, because there and went. But the people who are there now in command, they have sold this idea for a long time

Let’s order when you went there, and what was your main motivation?

Date, I will not be called. I went there to defend the Russian world. It was impossible to sit and watch as the Russian people consume only because they want to preserve their language. These puppets of the West (meaning the Ukrainian authorities) think that they can impose on us their missiles values. That will never happen. We will not sit back and watch as mock our people. Mark my words, if it is necessary to mobilize Russian 1 hour and then the whole of Kiev will be on fire.

And now even do not need to be mobilized?

All this goes. Russian again drawn into a world war. We do not want to fight, but to sit and watch us kill – it is impossible.

But Kiev has to be on fire?

If they continue to pursue a policy of annihilation of all Russian, it will dawn on them how to say, Holy Fire Russian world, which will clear all this rabble. Do not we want war, but they are.

You said about the Russian language. But acting President Turchinov quashed the Parliament and returned to these regions the status of the Russian language, and Poroshenko recently ensured southeast status of Russian as a state language. I‘m not talking about that in the Ukrainian army in the area of ​​ATO almost everyone speaks in Russian, and in Kiev itself is also quite Russian-speaking

Tell me what the hell they do decide to ban the Russian language? Yes, you now begin to talk about what they do not understand that it is the law of Yanukovych, etc. But, how they were to be understood hardworking Donbass? They first burned their guys on the Maidan, and after the seizure of power the first thing prohibit Russian. What does it mean? Tell me?

You know, it is impossible to stay clean, lounging in the blood. This is not the first to use violence students, it’s their hard-dispersed, triggering output Maidan even more people. You said that people destroyed because of the language. How do you see it the Russian-speaking, possibly Russian by nationality, the National Guard soldiers are in the south-east to destroy the Russian people?

First of all, who told you about the Russian in “punitive detachments junta“? Where did you get these facts? And, second, they go there on the orders of the puppets, which in turn instruct the Western masters. They need to cut Russian in Ukraine, and to provoke a war razderbanit Russia. These soldiers do not know why they are going to kill Russian. They poisoned brain Bandera propaganda and stuff about the great Ukraine. What a “great Ukraine”? Has always been and will Malorossiya. This Galicia wants to impose its will on the Great Russians. Once again, it never was and never will. We are, if necessary, smear Lions for 15 minutes, and Kiev is just waiting when someone has finally clean the country from this infection, who are positioned in the parliament.
I can not participate in the killing of civilians, and then to convince oneself that it is made ​​by someone else. What we are then better junta”?
Wreckage Malaysian Boeing

Wreckage Malaysian Boeing

You are, however, now in Estonia, why leave the Ukraine?

I went to the Ukraine with the idea of the revival of New Russia, and then the Great of Russia. Let’s just say I saw a lot of different guys from nationalists to Trotskyists. But I knew perfectly well when the state has no clear national idea, but only the oligarchs with yachts, the kid is difficult to navigate in this world, everyone finds something different. But I was struck by another, we were the guys from the Russian special forces, everyone knew it. This is a war you know, they were doing their duty to the country and the people, but when at home they are buried as the homeless, without honor and without winning it’s a shame the state. I Pskov friends who in the subject of these cases, when I learned that the guys have buried, I was just demoralizing … well, just know, hands dropped. I did not understand how it can be done. Junta” buries his thugs as heroes, and we …

Putin said that there is no Russian military, and hence such a funeral.

I would personally Putin face spat. Of course, I understand that Putin is now all in the hands of wear. But believe me attitude of the boys fighting in New Russia is not. Putin a sly bastard, like his team. They took the Crimea, and then what? Rating raised again his business there something will adjust, and in New Russia, people are dying. Putin helped them? He guide all DNR ass licking, one business in Moscow, the other gets the money. For them, it’s all business and that we Fight guys, while we’re going to redo the business? Seen enough, paskudstvo and betrayal.

But Gunmen repeatedly criticized Putin for the lack of real help.

Shooters the only normal guy there. I can tell you that morale is preserved thanks to him. Here take Kurginyan just a dog Putin. I would have told you what he brought weapons that unless the garden digging. But the boys do it somehow led to the firing state. We fight, as we can, for the Russian, for the idea, but they’re their dark deeds crank.

At the time of interview Gunmen resigned from the post of Minister of Defense DNI.

Admit that simply resell a deactivated firearm?

Yes, of course. I tell you, for some, the war for other mother is native. While the boys are dying for the New Russia and bury them as homeless, others do grandmother and stuffed my rating.

Why did you go there, if everyone knew?

And why people fought in the 43rd? Can not give up, even if the commander in chief of the complete bastard. We defeated the Nazis, even despite the fact that Stalin broke all the military elite and millions of Russian people. Win now. Then discard the Kremlin this rabble.

That is, Putin for you better than Stalin?

Putin simply act is more sophisticated in the new world. It kills the mind of people through propaganda and TV. Stalin just killed in the camps. One needed absolute power and “eat devour.” Putin wants more and chic to live on their hidden cottages. The world has changed, before you could settle for the handset and caviar, and now more temptations. On the Russian people as no one thought so, and does not think.

You asked me where I got the information about Russian-speaking in the Ukrainian army. If you look at reports from zone ATO, not Russian TV about which you yourself said that it “kills the mind,” then see this. They are what they are fighting against the Russian right to talk in their native language when talking to yourself on it?

Even so, yes fighting. Because they have poisoned the mind of the same propaganda from the Ukrainian side. They do not remember their relationship. Heard about the Jews anti-Semites? Here they are exactly the same, only worse. These zombies Gestapo.

So, with your words, it turns out that the National Guard of Ukraine is in the south-east, to destroy all Russian, and not only the separatists?

Of course. You understand that the militia support 99% of the population of New Russia. We can have your squabbles within the militia, but the population we fully support. Because people remember how they crushed all these years, humiliated, forced Ukrainize tried. Do you think that if we do not support, we would have kept the defense so long? We curved deactivated firearm, and they have the latest American, and still they will take us to hell because we are Russian, we have no one has ever won.

And their ultimate goal is to clean up the region? How do you imagine that?

It’s very simple, subdue people by force and arrange the information blockade. West in this beautifully help. Turn people into slaves and forced to work in Kiev and Galicia, as it was before. Only now it will be in the position full of slaves. Here, we can not allow our children will not forgive us. Putin it all to one place, NATO has encircled the whole of Russia, and he has some idiotic introduces sanctions against delicacies. If we do not react with force, then it will be too late.

If you do not respond, it is regarded as you?

As a betrayal of the Russian people.

And how do you assess the emergence in Russia of movement under the slogan “Stop feeding Moscow”, which requires more power to the regions?

I perfectly understand Siberia runs on Moscow, all the money flow away from the region. But now is not the time for this. Now it is necessary to repel fascism in Ukraine.

But you yourself said that the aim of the West razderbanit Russia. It turns out that the Kremlin helps him in this? And why Siberians, for example, is worse donetchan? After all, following your logic, they are also forced to work in the capital.

I would not be surprised if Putin recruited another, when he served in Germany. All of Russia’s actions against the West too theatrical, the real strength of Russia has never once showed. But as far as Siberia, unlike in the Donetsk, Siberians are not forbidden to speak in Russian and proud of their history. But I will say it again, when the time comes, we’ll deal with Putin, now the main thing to fight back, “junta” in Ukraine.

As residents of the south-east of Ukraine were forbidden to speak in Russian and proud of its history?

And you have not heard, as forbidden literature, are forced to learn the Ukrainian language? How Bandera tried to focus their torchlight processions? Kyiv authorities constantly pressed Russian, humiliated and forced them to work for the whole of Ukraine.

Honestly, you can hear different, but the reality is otherwise.

Well, tell me how it is in reality.

Required. But outside of this interview, it’s still not a debate.

You have said that, as you say, “junta” in the south-east of Ukraine rebuffed and Russian special forces. Chechens do you see there?

I‘ll say this, the Chechens were there, some guys were with them float and behave defiantly some of them, but I have seen Russian boys with crosses on the body, which behaved much more shameful.

You mean the swastika tattoo? What exactly did they do?

The time will come I‘ll tell you everything.

Why not now?

Because it is not necessary now to arrange dismantling. Guys now need to strengthen morale.

Good. With the Chechens and Russian special forces is clear. Was there anyone else in the Baltic countries and particularly from Estonia?

I like how you say “Baltic States” as if it makes them stronger. Baltics and there she was – the territory of the Russian Empire. In truth, I did not advertise that came from Estonia. It is difficult to say whether there was someone else from the Baltic. There are in fact no mug by country. All consider themselves part of the Russian world.

Germans and Scandinavians you would not agree

Yes, I wanted to spit on the Germans and Scandinavians.

And on the Crimean Tatars?

And where does the Crimean Tatars?

Well, you’re certainly think the Russian Crimea, as well as the Baltic states. That is, for you the story begins and ends in Russia. There was nothing before or after.

And why should I be interested in the views of other nations? I care about the fate of Russian history and the world, the attachment of my people. If someone wants to challenge history, he will have to fight with us.

It is interesting to learn in such a case, what are your plans for Estonia?

The noblest (laughs). Russian philosophy is very simple: do not touch us, and we will not touch you. I can not say that in Estonia everything is perfect, but as long as I live here and frank russophobia personally does not feel. But this does not mean that it is not.

That is a question for you here more personal feelings?

You see, she russophobia everywhere, but to varying degrees. Ukraine – is a good example for other countries of Estonia. Will humiliate us get a decent answer. So I urge everyone to think carefully about this. So far I have tolerated here and have better things to Estonia. But if I was forbidden to speak in Russian and debase the exploits of their ancestors Bronze Night” they seem to walk in a summer garden.

It turns out that the Estonian russophobiafor you was more tolerant than betrayal of the Russian leadership?

Look. When you betray friend – is one thing, but when you betray the father or mother is quite another. I can with this person to walk on the same street, I can not even vodka drink in one company. But devoted mother – no. And here in the Kremlin now entrenched people who betray their children, their own people. Do you understand?

An interesting comparison. Let’s go back to the beginning to the story of betrayal and Boeing. What happened and why it was the last straw for you?

You see, I came to New Russia at war with The Punisher” and not with the peaceful people. But as you can normally fight with such weapons? When you have a BMC, but there is no identification system? You hit the target, not knowing what it is. Moreover, receiving information that is plane junta“. How can you resist? For me it was the end. Well, Putin pissing” give us a normal weapon. But then nothing at all, come on. BEECH passed what? There was a flash in the pan, and Putin has begun to bow to the West, all promising to rein here. I do not care everything it wanted. Its policies and offered the guys with this plane. If given the normal weapons would have long ago released Novorossia.

Do you have evidence that Boeing was shot down separatists and BEECH they gave the Russian side?

I can only say what I know. I did not press the button and nothing was carrying, but the information is scattered quickly. Everyone thought that the plane was shot down, “junta”, it turned out that no. Everyone was shocked. Then there was a version of the Ukrainian fighter and everything quickly convince myself that it’s not us. I can not do that. I can not participate in the killing of civilians, and then to convince oneself that it is made ​​by someone else. What we are then better junta”?

I went there to fight for the Russian, you know? And it so happened that while some fighting, others do loot and con boys. I am ready to die, but not for Putin and not for those who are there now in command. Whether it‘s my house – I would not have a choice. But after the situation with Boeing, I decided to leave. In such circumstances, it is impossible to fight a war.

That is, to make it clear: you do not have any audio or video evidence that Boeing was shot down by separatists using Russian weapons?


Under what conditions you are ready to return to fight in the Ukraine?

If I see that the management does not take Moscow’s henchmen, and the Patriots of Russia and the New Russia, and that Russia is ready to help, not to substitute guys.

But I want to say one more thing. I have already said that I am not a traitor, never was and never will. Just under the circumstances, I do not want to be a daredevil is not clear who. Now the situation is difficult, but it is still possible to expand, and if Russia does not interfere, I can promise to Putin that he will then have to answer for it.

Before starting the interview, you asked me to, I did not ask you stupid things” about the torture of prisoners of war and a monetary reward for the murder of Ukrainian military

Yes, because I did not pay anybody, and I did not tortured. I do not know people who have received money for the murder of punitive.” Well, I do not comment on rumor going.

How do you see a way out of this situation?

Russia should intervene. Victory Novorossia on – restoring order in Kiev. If the Lions get up and we arrive to the city. I say for the last time: Galicia is on fire, do not wake the beast. If someone wants to fight with us we will protect Russian everywhere, even in Australia.

Do you mean that Russia should use its full military power in Ukraine, has openly?


What advise do Russian that do not support you and want to see Ukraine as a unified country?

Nothing. When we come they fall silent, because they usually collaborators.

Nicholas, do you really think that your position, the position of the people close to you in spirit, helping Russian around the world?

My position has not demanded a public authority and, look, what position are Russian worldwide. I’m not talking about the oligarchs, who, incidentally, did not Russian. I’m talking about ordinary people. There’s your answer. When people in my position will be in the Kremlin, and then everything will change.

With Nikolai we talked for about three hours. Not all included in this interview, because some statements Nicholas can publish only if have on hand at least some evidence. At least I made ​​the decision. In general, the position of Nicholas for me is clear: the world will come when Russia conquered half the world.



Удивительный самострой маразм, стройка, самострой


Есть такой анекдот: каждому жителю России постоянно снится один и тот же сон. Он идет по коридору своей квартиры и вдруг видит незнакомую дверь. Открывает ее, а там… ещё место! Впрочем, страсть к раздуванию жилплощади охватила не только Россию. Интернациональная подборка образчиков строительного искусства порадует много жителей хрущевок и заставит схватиться за голову любого работника ЖЭКа!

There is an anecdote: every inhabitant of Russia constantly dreaming the same dream. He walks down the hallway of his apartment when he sees a strange door. Opens it, and there … more space! However, the passion for ballooning housing spread not only in Russia. International collection of specimens of the art of construction will please a lot of people make Khrushchev and grab the head of any employee housing department!

Если хочешь жить как в Европе, не обязательно переезжать за границу. Достаточно купить пару оградок и сварочный аппарат.
If you want to live in Europe, not necessarily to move abroad. Enough to buy a pair of fences and welder.
Удивительный самострой маразм, стройка, самострой

Любимая теща переехала к вам жить? Или родился малыш, а детской комнаты как не было, так и нет? Ну а руки-то на что?!
Beloved mother-in-law moved in with you to live? Or born baby and children’s room as there was, and is not? Well, the hands are what ?!
Удивительный самострой маразм, стройка, самострой

Бывает так, что человек чувствует себя королем жизни. Кто сказал, что ему нужно тесниться при этом в самой обычной квартире?
It so happens that a man feels like a king life. Who said that he needed to be crowded with a most ordinary flat?
Удивительный самострой маразм, стройка, самострой

А это, пожалуй, уже не король — здесь живёт всамделишный император. Коттедж прямо в городе? Почему нет?
And this is, perhaps, no longer king lives here vsamdelishny emperor. Cottage right in town? Why not?
Удивительный самострой маразм, стройка, самострой

Азербайджанский олигарх, пристроивший к своему дому личный, недоступный для других жильцов, лифт, объяснил свой поступок кратко: «Я что, нищий что ли?!»
Azerbaijan oligarch attach to your home personal, inaccessible to other residents, elevator, explained his action succinctly: “What am I, a beggar what ?!
Удивительный самострой маразм, стройка, самострой

Лайфхак для тех, у кого нет денег на покупку земли в центре Москвы. Покупаешь три гаража и вагон кирпичей. Дальше — строить, строить и строить. Пока не засекли!
Layfhak for those who have no money to buy land in the center of Moscow. Buy three garages and car bricks. Next – build, build and build. While not detected!
Удивительный самострой маразм, стройка, самострой

Жителю одного из российских городов надоело мотаться каждые выходные туда-сюда на электричке. Вот он и нашел элегантный выход из ситуации: дача прямо на крыше многоэтажки.
Resident of one of the Russian cities Dangle tired every weekend here and there on the train. So he found an elegant way out of the situation: the cottage directly on the roof of high-rise buildings.
Удивительный самострой маразм, стройка, самострой

Вышел утром на балкон… то есть, в кабину самолета — хорошо! Птички летают, облака проплывают, лишняя жилплощадь глаз радует!
Out on the balcony in the morning … that is, in the cockpit good! Birds fly, clouds float, extra living space pleases the eye!
Удивительный самострой маразм, стройка, самострой

Эксперт из «богатой» Эстонии назвал Россию бедной страной ! / An expert from the “rich” Estonia has called Russia a poor country !


Известный эстонский политолог Аарне Веэдла, считающийся в «богатой» Эстонии экспертом по истории и международным отношениям, полагает, что Россия – это бедная страна, которой очень трудно будет обойтись без закупок продовольствия на Западе.

«Не надо наивности, западные страны очень богаты, а Россия бедная», – заявил Веэдла, комментируя эмбарго, введённое Москвой на поставки продовольствия из США, Евросоюза и некоторых других государств, поддержавших антироссийские санкции Запада.

Комментируя ситуацию на интернет-портале популярного таллинского издания «Столица», эксперт указал, что все жившие во времена СССР прекрасно понимают цену российскому «пустословию». Эстонец убеждён, что западные продукты питания всё равно будут поступать на прилавки российских торговых сетей. В качестве варианта для обхода запрета, по его мнению, будут использоваться китайские посредники.

«Наверняка «мзда» будет побольше, а так всё будет продолжатся по старинке, ибо импортеры России – это люди из команды Путина», – резюмировал Веэдла.

А между тем, как передает ИА «Интерфакс», акции российских продовольственных компаний на “Московской бирже” продолжают дорожать вторую торговую сессию подряд на фоне введения Россией санкций на ввоз продовольствия из Европы и США.

По состоянию на 10:35 мск. понедельника, 11 августа, акции ОАО “Группа “Разгуляй” подорожали на 18,7% (до 10,41 рубля за штуку), ОАО “Главторгпродукт” – на 11,7% (до 2,25 рубля за штуку), холдинга “Русгрэйн” – на ,7% (до 9,7 рубля за штуку).

При этом рост индекса ММВБ к этому моменту составил 2%, а индекса РТС – 2,5%.

Напомним, что Россия с 7 августа ввела эмбарго на импорт некоторых видов продукции из тех стран, которые ввели экономические санкции в отношении российских организаций и граждан. Запрет касается поставок говядины, свинины, плодоовощной продукции (овощей и фруктов), мяса птицы, рыбы, сыров, молока и молочных продуктов из стран Евросоюза, США, Австралии, Канады и Норвегии.

Google translation !

Known Estonian political Aarne Veedla, considered in a “richEstonia expert on history and international relations, believes that Russia a poor country, which is very difficult to do without food purchases in the West.

Do not be naive, the Western countries are very rich, and the poor Russian,” – said Veedla commenting embargo, imposed by Moscow on the supply of food from the United States, the European Union and some other countries that supported the anti-Russian Western sanctions.

Commenting on the situation on the website of the popular Tallinn edition of “Capital”, the expert pointed out that all who lived in the times of the Soviet Union understands the price of Russian Jabberwocky.” Estonian convinced that Western food will still arrive on the shelves of Russian retail chains. As an option to bypass the ban, according to him, will be used by the Chinese middlemen.

Surely,” bribe is a little more, and so all will continue in the old way, because importers Russia – people from Putin’s team” – summed up Veedla.

Meanwhile, as the news agency “Interfax”, shares of Russian companies in the food, “the Moscow Stock Exchangecontinue to go up a second consecutive trading session on the background of Russian sanctions on the import of food products from Europe and the USA.

As at 10:35 MSK. Monday, August 11, shares of “GroupRazguliay rose by 18.7% (to 10.41 rubles per share), of” Glavtorgprodukt by 11.7% (to 2.25 rubles per share), the holding companyRusgrain – by 7% (to 9.7 rubles per share).

The growth of the MICEX index at this point was 2% and the RTS index 2.5%.

Recall that Russia from August 7, imposed an embargo on imports of certain products from those countries that have imposed economic sanctions on Russian organizations and citizens. The prohibition applies to the supply of beef, pork, fruits and vegetables (vegetables and fruits), poultry, fish, cheese, milk and dairy products from the European Union, the USA, Australia, Canada and Norway.


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