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Timeless: Michael CREMO: The human race has existed for millions of years.

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Under the heading ‘Timeless’ old publish articles that counting viable. The below story appeared telegrams for the first time on 3 May 2013.

Michael CREMO (64) is an archaeologist and Sanskrit texts researcher, who in 1993 published along with Richard Thompson great work Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race” (Forbidden Archaeology: the human race Hidden History), whose main hypothesis is that the human race is the Earth top existed for millions of years. CREMO newest book is called “My Science My Religion(In my research, my religion). Telegram published a brief summary of the CREMO recent interview with US radio program “Coast to Coast AM“.

What do the ancient Sanskrit texts UFOs flying in the sky or on the vimana?

Vimana is known under a variety of flying machines in ancient times. Some of them were made of metal and mechanical. North Indian town called Dwarka is believed that 5000 years ago, came down from heaven, vimana, those who attacked the city a variety of weapons straight from heaven. According to Sanskrit texts, Krishna was able to shoot its vimana download vimana and crashed into the sea from the town.

Do you really believe that in ancient times there were these flying machines?

I believe the vimana was different, some were mechanical, and it seems that some of them were interdimensional – they consist of energy and were able to move through the different dimensions. These were the high level of advanced technology built vimana that our perception of reality does not seem to comprehend. The reason why I believe, lies in the fact that thousands of years old Sanskrit texts describe in detail the UFO phenomena, which we are only now beginning to recognize and understand. For example, the vimana their flight patterns are similar to today’s UFO phenomena; they move us against the known laws of physics.

One told a conference of US airline airliner pilot, how he saw the UFO flying in the direction of his tremendous speed immediately before impact and the UFO moved up sharply, the high space. Similar vimanafind descriptions of the ancient texts. They also noted the radar UFOs chaotic trajectory of the movement, and at times, they are also at the same time in different places – for us it remains unclear where the UFO is actually located. Vimana, which attacked the city of Dwarka, at times, appeared to be in different places at the same time feel the sky.

hieroplanes Ajatu: Michael Cremo: Inimrass on eksisteerinud juba miljoneid aastaid
Ancient+Airplane+Vimana+UFO+Precolumbian Ajatu: Michael Cremo: Inimrass on eksisteerinud juba miljoneid aastaid
shakuna Vimana Ajatu: Michael Cremo: Inimrass on eksisteerinud juba miljoneid aastaid
Vimana Where to go?

I guess they have not disappeared, because the UFO phenomena are reported regularly. They did not show himself to everyone, but we have a huge number of credible witnesses who have seen UFOs.

Talk about your latest book, “My Science My Religion(My research, my religion ).

This is a collection of 24 of my written research work, which I have in recent years has presented at major international conferences. Many may think that I am talking about such topics only shows like “Coast to Coast AM“, but actually I‘m talking about this phenomenon in the scientific community, and conferences.

My studies coincide in my spiritual sense and condition. There are people who think that science and spirituality should not be put together. I do not agree. I think that if we want to put together a complete picture of reality, then we must accept the truth no matter where it comes from. I put a book entitled to express it, what is my specific interest in science and spirituality against. Based on the ancient Sanskrit texts, I have created a self-perception of the real history of mankind and the extraterrestrial connection.

Have your studies you are faced with the personal beliefs of the conflict?

I every day I come in contact with new information or new people, or whoever is in my beliefs about conflict. But at the same time, I realized that if, for example, to explore what we can find in books, then we run into conflict often, but when examined all the evidence is absolutely, then the total will go to the bigger picture. When I first started in ancient Sanskrit texts, examination, you got to know that people have existed on Earth for millions of years. It was for me a big contradiction, given all this, I had not yet learned about the history of the university.

So I started to learn all the archaeological history in order to better put together a complete picture. I began to discover other sources of information that supported the Sanskrit texts. I wrote it all in her first major book “Forbidden Archeology(Forbidden Archaeology, 1993).

fa Ajatu: Michael Cremo: Inimrass on eksisteerinud juba miljoneid aastaid


Did after the “Forbidden ArchaeologyYou‘re appearing learned something important that at the time did not write this book?

When I Forbidden ArchaeologyI wrote, you are accepting the modern scientific ideas that anatomically modern people are a different species than the history of the famous ahvinimesed” Neanderthals, Homo erectus, etc. But today, I think quite a few of these creatures, whom we believe to be a different species, is actually just a different variety or human-called conversion.

The reason why I think, lies in the fact that anthropologists around the world are discovering the wide variety of human types, even today. We have physical evidence of life of people, some of whom skeletilised details and refer to different features of the ancient human species such as Homo erectus and Neanderthal. If we do not classify the different categories of people today, then we should not do it in the past with people. Perhaps it would be more correct to classify these subcategories.

Tell them a little work, you‘re presented at conferences.

I took the first part of a large international scientific conference in 1994 in New Delhi, India. The work, which was presented, titled “A Time In The Pranic Archeological Record” (prana time according to archaeological data), which describes the Sanskrit texts discovered in people’s existence on Earth millions of years ago. This work was also published in several scientific journals. Archaeological evidence suggests that people have been on this planet for millions of years.

If someone says to you, “Hey, leave a mess, humanity can not be that old,” then what do you say to them?

This is a very important issue. The question “Who we are and where we come from?” Puts a lot of things in place. This is our identity who I am and where I come from. Pondering on such topics helps everyone to set their objectives and goals in this life. If a person does not understand who he is and where he is, he creates for himself and for other problems. These are the topics that you have to explore all the people, not in a way that few scholars lecture somewhere in dispute over how old we are, either 100 or 000 years for millions of years.

The issue is not these specific years, but the fact that we’ve been here so long, it is wrong for our research and education seriously. Most scientists say that people are simply no material machines, which were developed during the evolution from apes themselves a few hundred thousand years. This worldview and self-identity will lead to bad implications, both individually and collectively. For thus become mere materialistlikuteks our goals in life. We are not just machines that are made of matter, but matter made by machines, which are competing with each other for survival.

All of this creates a terrible conflict, we are seeing around the world at the moment. Self-destruction of the planet and the financial crisis, the endless competition, deadly diseases, etc. – all of this because we do not know who we are and where we ourselves really old we are. If we really are so old, you must begin to rethink the origin of a person, and I believe that here in the formula fit in the non-physical elements.

smile Ajatu: Michael Cremo: Inimrass on eksisteerinud juba miljoneid aastaid


If we really are so old, why so much of this research has been misunderstood?

The reasons are many. One reason is certainly the fact that today’s education and research in government. Thus, only the idea of a talking point. So something‘s not possible for teachers to doubt it, otherwise they will be your job. Darwin’s theory of evolution can not be doubted! A large role in power. People who are in power do not want to abandon it for any price. Today’s theories of finance, after all, the government monopoly. Thus, they do not immediately recognize it definitely interested in that, perhaps, they are offered by the Knowledge wrong.

All sorts of alternatives is suppressed, so that people will not be able to make decisions on its head. I respect every person’s right to make their own conclusions on human pärinemisloost. But the people who run the education system does not respect this right. They think that only one person ‘origins theory must be applied. This needs to change. They also know that alternative theories are moving towards a much more spiritual.

Would come to be discussed at a higher co-participation of the human race and the creation of non-material consciousness as a part of our body. If such issues would be acceptable, then we would see a very different society than that which dominates today. We would see a society in which the balance between the spiritual and the physical reality would be more in place. People would direct their energy sources consciousness, not physical force to attempt to control the material resources and with a total of Fortunes. Of course, they want the continuation of the previous system.

Suppose that mankind is millions of years old. Have we were brought here, or we somehow evolved into yourself?

We have been here. Our bodies, whether it is the human body, plants or animal body, the soul or consciousness of all interfaces. And it is not tangible. For the soul of the body is just one interface, which they can use for the existence of the material world. Consciousness that all of our own reality, we are much older than any of the material world.

This means that we are all aliens, we are all here inseminated into the universe. We do, however, comes from the soul of immaterial reality. If we can understand this, we are able to achieve collective harmony and cease to exist in competition with various conflicting groups.

What do you think, for example, the moon could be the remnants of previous civilizations who were there before us?

I think so. The universe in which we live, is a multi-level. Here are the different energy levels. We exist at a very close and low frequency energy. We build all of our tools in the material things in large factories. But less dense and high-frequency energy is used for different machines and mental energy. Many ancient texts tell us that the moon and the planets in our solar system have a higher frequency than the Earth, but still tangible. Thus, the technology that they use is different. I think that they are gone before us, not only there, but they are there now.

But what happened to humanity, if we are so old? Have graduated from a disaster of a civilization? Something has happened, possibly even several times.

That’s it. The ancient texts say that the concept of time is cyclical. It reveals that wiped after each cycle of life on planet Earth, and life continues to go above the level of the second reality. Higher densities of physical life, however, there are creatures put on earth to walk again. It‘s like a computer for file storage in the clouds we no longer need large hard drives to keep your files, because we can also do it online within itself. If your device gets damaged, you can re-download your files. I think that the universe is similarly built.

The Sanskrit texts, according to the last 2 billion years, during six hiigelkatastroofi that all life is wiped away. And modern palaeontology says that in the last 2 billion years there has been a huge month caused the extinction event on Earth. Furthermore, it has begun a new cycle. So, if we look at ancient texts or modern science, we see strong parallels.

cremoveritasshow annunakia Ajatu: Michael Cremo: Inimrass on eksisteerinud juba miljoneid aastaid

Additional Sources: Michael CREMO website, Coast to Coast AM





In December, the six days of the Earth was plunged into darkness !

1 (448x252, 16Kb)

A six-day planet Earth was plunged into darkness, reported on the official website space agency NASA. Complete darkness is expected in mid-December from 16 to 22. The upcoming phenomenon scientists have named the strongest magnetic storm over the past three centuries.

During this period, 90 percent of the sunlight is blocked. The anomaly is associated with the release of the plasma on the sun spots with AR2192, which for a long period of time has a powerful impact on our planet.

Residents of almost all corners of the world will be able to watch the Northern Lights. The sky will be painted in the most incredible colors.

The head of NASA, Charles Bolden long doubted whether to publish a message on a six-day darkness. After much thought, the scientist came to the conclusion that to do this, after all, it is necessary to avoid public panic and chaos.

These days, you may have problems with communication and internet network. Also, people in the world are calling to stock candles because power outages are not excluded.

Shame of Europe. Send this as much as possible worldwide !

Shame on Denmark! The sea was red, but not because of any natural or climatic changes


During this brutal bloody slaughter poor animals do not die immediately, they stabbed with 1, 2 or 3 times with thick hooks sharp. At that dolphins emit a bloodcurdling scream, incredibly similar to the cry of a newborn baby!

Массовые убийства дельфинов Гринд в Дании

Massacres Grind dolphins in Denmark

And because of human cruelty (civilized human) who kill hundreds of the famous his intellect Kalderonskih dolphins (Grinda) !!

And this happens every year in the Faroe Islands in Denmark. Main uchastnikik this cruel slaughter – young teens. WHY? That they want to show that they are adults and “cool”! Bullshit!

This large “holiday” all done for fun. Each in its own way takes part in it, killing, or just watching the brutal carnage and supporting him.

I must say that Kalderonskie Dolphins (Grinda), like many other species of dolphins, have a well-developed instincts are not afraid to admit to yourself people play and interact with them.

Массовые убийства дельфинов Гринд в Дании

Массовые убийства дельфинов Гринд в Дании

They suffer in terrible agony of such attacks, and without a drop of human pity these poor, absolutely harmless creation slowly dying in his own blood


Массовые убийства дельфинов Гринд в Дании

We will send this message as long as it does not reach any animal welfare.

We are not going to read it just like a passive viewer of this disgrace.

PLEASE demonstrate their protest and disgust at your accessible form and forward this information to all those you know …

Массовые убийства дельфинов Гринд в Дании
Friends, do not be loyal! Only the people can change the world … One is a warrior, but when we are together, we are a real force

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The secret of immortality !

Do gerontologists have a joke “It’s easy to invent an elixir of eternal youth, but it will take forever to check its operation.” Mankind has long searched for a recipe for immortality. The set of healers and alchemists offered drinks recipes and potions that can support a man eternal life. The composition of the elixir of youth were gems and precious metals, rare herbs and poisons. People fought for the opportunity to prolong youth, to preserve the health and beauty as long as possible. But the secret of immortality to anyone and never opened
With rare exceptions, people want to live a long time, and even better – forever. Be an old man in this people usually do not want to and if you do not dream of endless youth, then at least the relative rejuvenation. Old age is the enemy, and the enemy must be fought. Various methods of struggle invented throughout human history, but as deliverance from suffering senile perceived as a miracle, and that means from age looking for the most in the world of magic and alchemy.

According to one legend, the goddess of the dawn Eos fell in love with the grandson of the king of Troy Typhon and kidnapped a young man before the Trojan War. Goddess begged Zeus immortality for her lover, but I forgot to beg for him to eternal youth. Not helped by the divine nectar, which the goddess nursed Typhon. Her favorite old, became weak and eventually dried out.

There are legends that the beautiful Cleopatra is used for their milk baths asses. Even the great physician Avicenna was obsessed to find a means to prolong life. Despite numerous drugs by them, Avicenna died at the age of 57 years. In many recipes included elixir of youth human blood.

-т Авиценна-68х52(МЫЛ)-1000x1000
Portrait of Avicenna

So in ancient Rome old broke into the arena where gladiators fought to anoint his body with fresh blood of wounded soldiers. But there were quite terrible cases. Hungarian Countess Bathory Elzbieta to preserve her youth, took baths of blood girls, but it did not help gas chamber a term reserved for her, she died of old age. However, even such criminal methods did not stop those who dream of eternal youth.

Most of our contemporaries are sure that the search philosophical stone medieval alchemists associated with their desire to transform any metal into gold. But in fact, the real goal of the alchemists was the creation of the philosopher’s stone by a so-called “golden drink” that cures all diseases and gives eternal youth.

Alchemist and physician Paracelsus believed that sulfur can extend human life to 600 years. Despite the fact that, according to rumors, Paracelsus was able to invent a “stone of immortality,” the laws of nature he could not cheat he died at 47 years of age.

Searchers elixir of immortality stirs thought that this drug has been known only from the time the recipe was lost: because Adam was able to live to 930 years, and Methuselah lived 969 years – so it is possible to open it again.

Russian scientist and Nobel laureate Ilya Mechnikov argued that the nature of man meted live at least 150 years. The main cause of the aging man he considered a gradual accumulation of products of putrefaction in the intestines. Ilya Mechnikov was the promoter of the use of fermented dairy products, especially yogurt.

The idea of personal rejuvenation was possessed and the ruling elite young Soviet power. Lenin’s personal physician Abram Zalmanov, the invention is applied his method kapillyaroterapii”, the essence of which is that with the patient in the hot steaming bathrooms with a solution of turpentine, stimulate microcirculation. This “Turpentine” method, in consequence, became widespread in the West.

By decision of Stalin in Moscow in the early 30s was established Research Institute, whose staff worked on the problem of individual immortality “father of nations”. And when Bohomolec academician, who led this research institution, died suddenly at the age of 65 years, Stalin was furious that his hopes deceived.

Alexander Bohomolec argued that the natives of the Caucasus live the longest, since he always remembered who stands behind him

In the XX and XXI centuries, began an unprecedented rise in gerontological science. High hopes pinned on scientists stem cells and the enzyme telomerase. In January 1998, the world got the news that American physicians have learned to enter into cells telomerase gene. Publishing many media were full of headlines like “Inventing tablets of old age“, “cure for aging is accessible to everyone,” etc. But experiments diminished level of euphoria among scientists they failed the success achieved in a single cell to transfer the entire human body. It is known that research in this area all the same continue.

Scientists have turned their attention to the properties of stem cells to develop into any cell in the body. But this idea is not new. Back in the 30s, the Swiss physician Paul Nigansom applied the method of cell therapy. He used in his work on the rejuvenation of tissue extracts of newborn animals. Patients Swiss doctors were Winston Churchill, Somerset Maugham, Charles de Gaulle, Pope Pius XII, Marlene Dietrich. It is believed that due to cell therapy Charlie Chaplin became a father at the age of 75 years.

Currently, scientists are developing ways to stem cells to treat a variety of diseases. For example, placed in cardiac muscle after a myocardial stem cells proliferate therein and acquire the properties of the surrounding cells by replacing the damaged tissue. It is a property of stem cells in the body to replace the damaged and used for rejuvenation. Anti-aging treatments are gaining more and more popularity, though not fully aware of the consequences of such operations

Despite the many publicized discoveries in anti-aging, scientists are unanimous in the opinion that in the near future will not be able to invent a pill of immortality.” One can not but agree with the opinion of the French researcher A. Cadastre, who said: “Art prolong life – the art of not cut it.”

But humanity still has a chance to extend its life until at least 200 years. And it confirms the age of many centenarians.

The Soviet Union was known long-lived Azerbaijani Shirali Muslim (1801-1973). He was born during the reign of Emperor Alexander I. lived a long 168 years, from them 150 years he herded sheep. On the day of Shirali held on 15 kilometers. At 136 years old, he married a third time, and from this marriage he had a daughter. Shirali became not only longevity, but also the oldest in the history of his father.

Shirali Muslimov

When medical examination longevity in 1973 revealed that the main indicators of the body matched healthy young man: blood pressure 110/60, heart rate was 74 beats per minute. This man never felt the weight of its years, was always cheerful and considered his life happy. And the care of his life was calm and without pain.

I must admit that we know very little about the real way to rejuvenate the body. It is considered that a person has the chronological age (ages) and biological age (changes in the body due to which death occurs). At birth, the human process of destruction and recovery of the body are in balance. With age, the process of destruction is more effective than the recovery process a person ages.

Chronological age is not subject to adjustment it moves with the inexorability of the clock. Biological age, depending on many factors, can keep a chronological age or overtake it. Scientists believe that it is possible not only to slow down aging, but also reverse the process – to achieve rejuvenation.

Remember the practice of yogis, prolonging active longevity and achieve rejuvenation of the body. Or the ability of a low calorie diet, reduces the number of free radicals, slow the aging process and much more. There are more than 200 theories of aging. Scientists have made ​​a number of factors that affect the rate of aging (accelerate or retard it).

Their conclusions are as follows:
In humans lies system capable of slowing aging;
There are a number of reasons (known and unknown experts) that prevent the body to function properly;
The rate of aging and human health are strictly inverse relationship;
– Control, normalization of immune function, as well as the overall management system of human health can lead to rejuvenation.

The lack of specific methods and recommendations for rejuvenation of the body means that a lot we do not understand or know. Science does not stand still, and, of course, hope that she is on the verge of great discoveries in the field of aging properties and assist people in preserving, as much as possible for a long time, the active phase of life.

“It’s easy to invent an elixir of eternal youth, but it will take forever to check its operation.” So that humanity forward forever to invent and test the elixir of youth.

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10 reasons why the Ebola does not lead to the end of the world !

Did you hear? Apocalypse is coming. They say that in the United States, Europe and the UK are born stories about the virus, which is older than the “black death” and the Spanish flu. Ebola kills most horrible way and is going to kill all of humanity. Is this true? No. The threat of Ebola ridiculously inflated. It was a dangerous and destructive to the African continent, but in the rest of the world it is the media to blame for the fact that the virus had too many honors. Let’s face it.

It is almost impossible to catch


When in 1918 an outbreak of the Spanish flu, Spanish flu, it hit almost a third of the world’s population. Thanks frighteningly effective propagation velocity, the virus was extraordinarily dangerous for the human race, about the same as in the movies about zombies. The question is: Can the Ebola as well?

In any case. In contrast to the Spanish flu, Ebola, it is very difficult to catch. For this to happen, the infected fluid should get in your body through a cut or one of your holes. You can wash your hands in the blood of infected and well washed, and anything else you will not.

And what about ordinary liquids, which we share every day, such as saliva and sweat? According to the World Health Organization, the live virus has never been in the pot. As for the saliva, it becomes contaminated by the most severe stages of the disease, that is, you have to kiss in French terminally ill patient to get the chance of infection. By mosquitoes and other biting insects virus is also transmitted.

In fact, Ebola so difficult to catch, that you can sit on a plane next to an infected person the entire flight and did not become infected. In one case, an infected vomited on the plane, but no one else got sick.

The speed of transmission of the virus is incredibly low


Studying infectious disease doctors define the factor, which is called the basic reproductive value (R0). If you just, R0 tells us how many other people can infect infected person. In HIV is set to 4, which means that one HIVinfected person is expected in the “ideal” case infect four people in a single life. Super-type measles viruses have a value of 18, which makes them extremely contagious. In Ebola maximum 1.5-2. That is, if not isolate an infected person, it is unlikely to infect more than the other two.

Mathematically, even a relatively low prevalence may lead to widespread infection, if left unchecked. But in the civilized world the current Ebola R0 is less than unity. Because the virus is spread through bodily fluids, it feels better in places and cultures with a low level of health care and where burial rituals involve very close contact with the body. In countries with decent health infrastructure did not find the virus development. It can be easy to stop the insulation, technically just close the door.

The virus is not transmitted by airborne droplets


All the fears about Ebola is based on the fact that he can gain the ability to be transmitted by airborne droplets. Scientists assure us that this will not happen, but we know that viruses mutate. Technically, this is possible?

Technically, it is possible that the sandwich will become president. Although theoretically Ebola certainly can mutate, he must break all the laws of the transmission of viruses. According to WHO, there is no evidence that Ebola has a chance transmitted by airborne droplets. No virus in history to acquire this way of spreading so quickly. Even the super-fast mutating viruses like influenza and HIV never changed methods of distribution, and so do the Ebola (remember her R0).

It is highly unlikely that Ebola is transmitted through coughing and sneezing in the style of the flu. Ebola does not breed in large numbers in the lungs and throat, so he has little chance. The virus does not use cold as a platform for development. In addition, respiratory pathogens spread around the world for weeks or even days. If Ebola learned to fly, we would have learned.

If Ebola virus mutates, it will become more moderate


Although it seems illogical, most viruses wants you to live. The most successful precisely not kill viruses within 12 hours. For example, there is a virus HSV-1, which quietly resides in a latent state in the body, allowing it to infect 90% of Americans age 60.

Compared with Darwinian monster like that, Ebola ridiculously pathetic. He kills their hosts so quickly that he did not have time to spread. This is wrong in every way natural selection.

Much more likely, as a result of a successful mutation virus will become softer. Ebola is it will be an evolutionary victory, because it can spread to more people. For us, it will mean that the virus would be less dangerous.

He does not have an incubation period


One of the worst viruses is their ability incubation period: the time between when you pop onto it and when symptoms appear. During this time, the disease like flu can still be contagious, since the virus is easily sweeping the planet, and you do not even know about it. Fortunately, not as Ebola.

According to WHO, patients with Ebola can not share the disease until symptoms seem. Even if you split the game and a cup of vomit with his best friend a day after he picked up the virus, you will not become infected. This is extremely useful in combating disease. Since most people tend to notice that their friends are sick Ebola, they make the right conclusions and do not behave as usual.

As an added bonus: the virus ceases to be contagious after the symptoms disappear, so catch it from the survivor is also impossible.

Until now, the number of cases is extremely small


Remember the swine flu? In 2009, we were sure that this flu outbreak is going to annihilate all life on Earth. We did not even notice at first flu spread around the world, but abroad they are sick, 60 million people. How much this time ill people to experience such a storm in the media?

Around 8,000 people worldwide. Although it is 8000 – it’s too much and badly for all parties involved, it demonstrates how phenomenally Ebola spreads slowly. In some countries had only one case of Ebola, and that all were alive. In the United States, for example, a total of only three people ill. It is known that in Russia there is no one.

In comparison, for example, the bubonic plague struck seven people annually. But we are still far from being able to Black Death” pandemic repeated her exploits in Europe.

We have experienced similar


In 2008, Michelle Barnes off the plane from Uganda, not knowing that it was a passenger. Her body hid deadly Marburg virus, a close relative of Ebola with almost the same symptoms and the rate of spread. Over the next few days began to show symptoms, and these days Barnes in contact with almost 260 people. Guess how many of them are laid down in a bed with Marburg?

Not one. Barnes survived and did not infect anyone else. She did not even know she had a viral infection.

In the Netherlands, another woman was in the same part of Uganda, in which Barnes met Marburg. Again, no one got sick, despite all the warnings of local authorities.

And it’s not just a fluke. Literally every single case, when reported in the west of Marburg, death and infection rate were not significant. In a flash, 1975 in Johannesburg, only three people were infected and one died. Even the famous outbreak in 1967 in Frankfurt and Belgrade claimed the lives of seven of the thirty-one patients. And that was when we knew almost nothing about viruses, and medical procedures are less stringent.

Our infrastructure is very good‘ ”


What is common in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia, in addition to outbreaks of Ebola? The answer is: very poor medical infrastructure. In all three countries, health care is nothing more than the result of black humor. Patients are often placed in twos and threes on the bed. Water and electricity is not enough. Preventive health care in general is not, and do not treat patients if they can not afford the necessary drugs. In Liberia, many hospitals do not have protective equipment and protected personnel. In such circumstances – of course even lame Ebola virus finds its way.

Compare medicine there, and in the West are two different things. In Germany, for example, there are seven hospitals specially equipped to deal with Ebola. The health care system in the UK in general is so good that the government thinks that the total number of cases will never be double-digit. In the United States subject to the measures to stop Ebola. People just have nothing to fear.

We are about a vaccine


In 2005, a virologist Heinz Feldman has created a vaccine that stops the spread of the Ebola virus in macaques before or after infection. Since at that time no one was interested in funding after the Ebola vaccine to human trials is not reached. However, in 2009 it experienced the German workers who accidentally pricked a needle infected with Ebola. The vaccine did not cause her any harm, and possibly saved her life.

This is not the only treatment for Ebola, which are now being tested. According to Professor Jeremy Farrar Tropical Medicine, there are several potential candidates, all of which can provide some protection against the virus. By ordinary standards, of course, they are not ready for people. But if the question arises of choosing between an untested vaccine and a high probability of death as it happens in people suffering in West Africa people make a very definite choice.

The threat caused by just panic in the media

You probably can not wait to find out why we hear so much about viruses that hit a small number of people. Why do newspapers publish stories and resources about how doctors all over the world deliberately lie to us and try to make money, and that the world is threatened by the cover. There are a number of reasons, and one very simple: People hawala. (Pardonte).

Look back and look at any history of the pandemic in the last ten years. It becomes apparent that only negative media coverage of the event. During the SARS epidemic, Daily Mail blew tabloid headlines SARS may become more serious AIDS”, predicting more than a billion infections. Nevertheless, in 2004 there was not a single case. When there was the swine flu, several articles were that it can kill up to 120 million people. In the UK, the effect of the panic was worse than the flu. By the summer of 2009, only 30 people died, but the panic caused by the media seriously tainted the health sector.

After all, if the media will continue the policy of intimidation, it may prove to be right. The virus can really devastate the whole Earth in the future. But it will certainly not Ebola. Soon everything will calm down and forget.

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КАК ПЕРЕЖИТЬ СЕРДЕЧНЫЙ ПРИСТУП, ЕСЛИ ВЫ ОДНИ !!! / How to survive a heart attack if you are alone !!!


Часто происходит так, что сердечный приступ случается с людьми, когда они находятся в полном одиночестве, и некому им помочь.

Если вы вдруг почувствуете, что ваше сердце стало биться «неправильно» и вы близки к обморочному состоянию, у вас есть всего лишь порядка 10 секунд, прежде чем вы потеряете сознание. Между тем, все жертвы сердечных приступов могли бы помочь сами себе.

Для этого необходимо начать кашлять – много раз и с очень большой силой.

Каждый раз, перед тем как кашлянуть, сделайте глубокий вдох, кашель должен быть глубоким и продолжительным, как будто вы отплевываете мокроту глубоко из груди.

Вдохи и кашель должны повторяться каждые 2 секунды без перерывов и остановок, вплоть до прихода медицинской помощи, или же вплоть до того момента, пока сердце вновь не начнет биться в нормальном ритме.

Глубокий вдох позволяет кислороду проникнуть в легкие, а кашлевые движения «сжимают» сердце и заставляют кровь циркулировать. Это давление на сердце также помогает ему добиться своего нормального ритма.

Таким образом, жертвы сердечных приступов получают дополнительное время на то, чтобы дождаться прихода врачей или доехать до больницы. Расскажите об этом как можно большему количеству людей. Это может спасти их жизни!

Кардиологи говорят, что если бы каждый из нас поделился этой информацией с 10 людьми, как минимум одна жизнь могла бы быть спасена.via

Опубликовала Светлана Борисова, 08.09.2014 в 06:29
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It often happens that a heart attack happens to people when they are alone, with no one to help them.

If you ever feel that your heart began to beat “wrong” and you’re close to fainting, you have only about 10 seconds before you lose consciousness. Meanwhile, all the victims of heart attacks could help themselves.

To do this, start coughing – a lot of times and with great force.

Every time before the cough, take a deep breath, cough must be deep and prolonged, as if you spat phlegm from deep chest.

Breaths and cough must be repeated every 2 seconds without breaks and stops, until the arrival of medical assistance, or until such time as the heart begins to beat again in a normal rhythm.

Deep breath allows oxygen to penetrate into the lungs and coughing movements compress” the heart and cause blood to circulate. This pressure on the heart also helps it to achieve its normal rhythm.

Thus, victims of heart attacks get extra time on it to wait for the arrival of the doctors or get to the hospital. Tell that to the greatest number of people. It could save their lives!

Cardiologists say that if each of us to share this information with 10 people, at least one life could be spasena.via
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Знакомьтесь, Эстония ! / Meet Estonia !

Эстония имеет население 1.300.000 и это одна из самых малонаселенных стран в Европе. / Estonia has a population of 1,300,000 and is one of the most sparsely populated countries in Europe.

Знакомьтесь, Эстония

Почти 50% территории Эстонии покрыто лесом. / Almost 50% of the Estonian territory is covered by forest.

Знакомьтесь, Эстония

Старый город Таллина занесен в список всемирного наследия ЮНЕСКО. / Tallinn’s Old Town is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Знакомьтесь, Эстония

В Эстонии один самых высоких показателей моделей на душу населения. /  Estonia has one of the highest performance models of per capita.

Знакомьтесь, Эстония

Эстонцы имеют самую большую коллекцию народных песен в мире. У них хранятся записи 133000 народных песен.. / Estonians have the largest collection of folk songs in the world. They kept records 133000 folk songs.

Знакомьтесь, Эстония

Эстонские школы учат семилетних детей программированию. / Estonian schools teach children seven years of programming.

Знакомьтесь, Эстония

Эстония – родина Skype и Hotmail. / Estonia – the birthplace of Skype and Hotmail .

Знакомьтесь, Эстония

Эстония – самое нерелигиозная страна в Европе. В Эстонии только 14% верующих.. / Estonia – the most non-religious country in Europe. In Estonia, only 14% of believers..Знакомьтесь, Эстония

И здесь девушек намного больше чем мужчин… 😉 / And here the girls much more than men …😉.

Знакомьтесь, Эстония

American Al Bielek lived for two years in 2749.

Американец Ал Билек прожил два года в 2749 году.

Американец Ал Билек прожил два года в 2749 году.
Участник знаменитого “Филадельфийского эксперимента” Ал Билек рассказал о своём путешествии в будущее: по его словам, около шести недель он прожил в 2137 году и целых два года – в 2749-ом.


Свои слова он подтверждает описанием событий, совершающихся прямо сейчас. Согласно воспоминаниям Билека о будущем, вскоре в мире воцарится Новый Мировой Порядок и мы ощутим катастрофические последствия изменения климата. И это далеко не всё.


Проект Монток – это серия засекреченных экспериментов американского правительства, которые проводились в местечке Camp Hero, недалеко от города Монток (шт. Нью-Йорк). Целью проекта было создание психологического оружия, а также исследование свойств сверхсильных электромагнитных полей для перемещения во времени, телепортации и ментального создания объектов.
Билек рассказывает, что он принимал участие в Филадельфийском эксперименте. 13 августа 1943 года он находился на борту морского эсминца DE 173, который таинственным образом исчез в этот день.
По словам Билека, он очнулся в госпитале, рядом со своим братом Дунканом Камероном, где провёл шесть недель, восстанавливаясь от радиационного поражения, которое он получил во время эксперимента.
Медики будущего использовали для его лечения вибрационное и световое оборудование.
По телевидению всё время крутили новости и образовательные передачи.
Там он заметил, что из-за глобальных изменений климата на планете произошло большое количество географических перемен, которые начались до 2025 года.
Береговые линии и очертания США и Европы  разительно отличались от того, что мы видим сейчас. Уровень моря поднялся, и от Флориды почти ничего не осталось. Атланта (шт. Джорджия) оказалась почти на побережье океана. Миссисипи превратилась во внутренний водный путь. Великие озера стали одним большим озером. Инфраструктура США оказалась разрушена. Таких наций как “американцы” и “канадцы” больше не существовало.
В 2137 году действовало некое подобие локального военного положения.
Центрального правительства не существовало.
Магнитные полюса Земли начали смещаться, но к тому времени была создана структура искусственного полюса, которая позволяла предотвратить катастрофу и препятствовала значительному смещению магнитных полюсов.
Население земли сократилось до 300 миллионов. Население США составляло примерно 50 миллионов.
Билек утверждает, что с 1954 по 2000 год американское правительство работало с оказавшимися в их распоряжении инопланетными технологиями.
Проблемы начались в период между 2003-2005 годами. Новый Мировой Порядок постепенно прибирал к рукам всю планету, но осуществлению этих планов помешала война. В какой-то момент война вспыхнула между Россией/Китаем vs США/Европой. Многие американские города оказались разрушены. Новый Мировой Порядок потерпел крах.
Правительство уже в наши дни обладает технологиями, позволяющими за считанные дни значительно снизить уровень радиации и обезвредить ядерные отходы, но отказывается к ним прибегать по политическим соображениям. В будущем эти технологии будут использованы для устранения радиационных последствий  Третьей мировой войны.
После этого Билек таким же необъяснимым образом очутился в 2749 году, где пробыл почти два года. Затем он возвратился в 2013 год, где опять встретился со своим братом Дунканом, после чего они оба вернулись в 1983 год.
В 2749 году Билек увидел грунтовые опоры и плавающие города. Эти города могли передвигаться по всему океану.
Управление осуществляла Компьютерная система с искусственным интеллектом. Никакого правительства не было вообще. Вместо него существовала гигантская кристаллическая плавающая структура, с которой можно было общаться телепатически.
Структура общества была совершенно социалистической. Каждый человек обеспечивался базовыми необходимыми для жизни благами.
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 Member of the famous “Philadelphia Experiment” Al Bielek told about his trip to the future: according to him, about six weeks he lived in 2137 and for two years – in 2749th.He confirms his words describing the events occurring right now. According to the recollections Bilek about the future, the world will soon reign the New World Order, and we will feel the devastating effects of climate change. And that’s not all.

Montauk Project – a series of secret U.S. government experiments, which were carried out in the town of Camp Hero, near the town of Montauk (piece of New York). The aim of the project was to create a psychological weapon, as well as investigation of the properties of superstrong electromagnetic fields for time travel, teleportation and mental objects are created.

Bilek says he participated in the Philadelphia Experiment. August 13, 1943 he was on board a ship destroyer DE 173, which mysteriously disappeared in the day.
According to Bilek, he woke up in the hospital, next to his brother Duncan Cameron, where he spent six weeks recovering from radiation injury, which he received during the experiment.
Future doctors used to treat it vibrating and lighting equipment.
On television all the time spinning news and educational programs.
There he noticed that because of global climate change on the planet was a large number of geographical changes that began before 2025.
Shorelines, and outlines the U.S. and Europe were strikingly different from what we see now. Sea level has risen, and from Florida almost nothing left. Atlanta (Georgia) was almost on the ocean. Mississippi turned into an inland waterway. The Great Lakes have become one big lake. U.S. infrastructure was destroyed. Nations such as “Americans” and “Canadians” no longer existed.
In 2137 acted some semblance of local martial law.
Central government did not exist.
Earth’s magnetic poles began to shift, but by the time the structure was created artificial poles that prevent disaster and prevented a considerable shift of the magnetic poles.
The world’s population was reduced to 300 million. The U.S. population was about 50 million.
Bielek claims that from 1954 to 2000 worked with the U.S. government was in their possession alien technology.
The problems began in the period between 2003-2005 years. The New World Order is gradually hogging the entire planet, but those plans interrupted by the war. At some point, war broke out between Russia / China vs USA / Europe. Many American cities have been destroyed. New World Order crashed.
Government in our time has the technology to a few days to reduce the level of radiation and neutralize nuclear waste, but refuses to resort to them for political reasons. In the future, these technologies will be used to eliminate the radiological consequences of World War III.
Thereafter Bilek same inexplicably found himself in 2749, where he stayed for almost two years. Then he went back to 2013, where he again met his brother Duncan, and then they both went back to 1983.
In 2749 Bilek saw ground support and floating cities. These cities are able to move around the ocean.
Management carried out computer system with artificial intelligence. No government at all. Instead there was a giant floating crystal structure, which could communicate telepathically.

The structure was completely socialist society. Everyone provides basic goods necessary for life.

Valuvaigistite sõltuvuses: lääne meditsiinisüsteemi surnud ring./Addicted to painkillers: western medical system is the vicious circle.

9. veebruaril andis USA raadiosaatele Coast to Coast AM” intervjuu arst ja filmiprodutsent Gregory A. Smith, kes on spetsialiseerunud kroonilise valu ja sõltuvuse ravile. Endine California ülikooli valuravi osakonna juht ja kliiniku dotsent on anestesioloogia ja valuravi spetsialist. Ta on avaldanud arvukalt teadusartikleid, kirjutanud üle 12 raamatu ja osalenud mitmetes raadio- ja telesaadetes. 2012. aastal oli Smith filmi “American Addict” (Ameeriklasest sõltlane) peaprodutsent ja praegu on tal käsil kunstilise filmi “Cancer in Wonderland” (Vähktõbi imedemaal) tegemine.


Tulupõhine meditsiinisüsteem

Smith ütleb, et kuigi USA elanikud moodustavad ainult 5 protsenti kogu maailma rahvastikust, tarbivad nad 80 protsenti kogu maailma hüdrokodoonist (narkootiline valuvaigisti), mida sisaldavad muu hulgas ka sellised valuvaigistid nagu Vicodin ja Norco. Samuti tarbivad ameeriklased koguni 50 protsenti väljakirjutatud retseptiravimitest, mille tõttu sureb igal aastal keskmiselt sada tuhat inimest. Seda kõike põhjustab meditsiinisüsteemi selline ülesehitus, kus ei otsita terviseprobleemile lahendust – tervisehäda põhjustajat ja ravi –, vaid leevendatakse sümptomeid.

Meditsiinisüsteem on jõudnud tupikusse: arstid on süsteemi poolt nurka surutud, sest rahastamine dikteerib ravimeetodid, aega patsientide tervisehädade uurimiseks jääb haigete kasvava hulga tõttu aina vähem ning lõppkokkuvõttes on haiglale ka rohkem patsiente vastu võtta tulusam. Abivajajale kirjutatakse kiirelt välja ravimid, mis toovad tulu ravimitootjale, kuid selle all kannatab üldsuse heaolu ja inimeste tervis. Süsteem koolitab arste, kes toimivad vastavalt oma meditsiinikoolist ja ülikoolist omandatud koolitusele, mille tagajärjel on patsiendi ravi tihti ebaefektiivne, aga arst lihtsalt ei oska patsiendile midagi muud soovitada. Teiseks ei ole arstidel aega saada ka täiendõpet, sest ollakse erapraksises või tehakse tööd haiglas kehtivatest reeglitest lähtudes.

Sellise olukorra on põhjustanud USA toidu- ja ravimiameti (FDA) ja ravimitootjate koostöö, kus ravimeid ja toitu heakskiitvat ametit finantseerivad ravimitootjad. Kongress on sellise tegevuse korduvalt heaks kiitnud ja seda isegi laiendanud, nii et ameeriklaste suur vajadus ravimite järele pole seda arvestades üllatav. Farmaatsiatööstus proovib tagada inimeste pideva ravimivajaduse, sest ühte ja sama väljakirjutatud retseptiravimit võidakse tarvitada aastaid ja koguni aastakümneid ning see on tulus äri. Samuti kirjutatakse tihti välja korraga mitu erinevat ravimit, mille puhul on võimatu ennustada, kuidas need koos töötavad ja kas need tekitavad lisatervisehäireid. Ravimid on esikohal, kuigi näiteks diabeeti, kõrget vererõhku ja kolesterooli peaks ravima eelkõige elustiilimuudatusega, millest arst peaks patsienti teavitama.

USA laur 6 Valuvaigistite sõltuvuses: lääne meditsiinisüsteemi surnud ring


Valuvaigistid ja patsientide jälgimine

Smith ütleb, et valuvaigistite kergekäeline väljakirjutamine põhjustab osale inimestele raskete tagajärgedega sõltuvust. On neid inimesi, kes pärast kerget meditsiinilist protseduuri või hambaarsti juures käimist saavad 15–60 Vicodini või Norco valuvaigistit, võtavad paar tükki ja jätavad ülejäänud alles. Teistele aga meeldib nende uimastav toime ning nad jätkavad võtmist, kuni paari aasta pärast on ravimist tugevas sõltuvuses. Ilmselgelt kirjutatakse neid välja liiga palju ja sõltuvuse vältimiseks tuleks uurida ka inimese DNA-d, et teada saada tema ravimitundlikkus ja sõltuvusoht, et määrata parim ravi.

Lisaks on suur probleem ka ärevusevastaste ravimite – unerohtude ja rahustitega. Inimesed ei ole sageli teadlikud nende toimest ja USA-s läheb iga õhtu magama sadu inimesi, kes enam hommikul üles ei ärka. Meedia kajastab vahel lühiajaliselt sel viisil surnud kuulsuste juhtumeid, kuid vaikitakse maha iga päev hukkuvad tavakodanikud. Surmade ohjeldamiseks ja väljakirjutatavate retseptiravimite jälgimiseks loodi programm PDMP (Prescription Drug Monitoring Program). Praegu on see osariigiti erinev ja mõni osariik on selle kasutusele võtnud alles hiljuti, kuid peamine probleem on selles, et see programm ei toimi nii tõhusalt kui peaks: inimese nime sisestades leitakse nende arstid ja ravimid, kuid andmeid säilitatakse ainult kuu või kaks ning see ei ole meditsiiniasutustele kohustuslik.

Laur 5 Valuvaigistite sõltuvuses: lääne meditsiinisüsteemi surnud ring


Retseptiravimid ja kuriteod

Retseptiravimitest tekkinud vaimsete tervisehäirete ja kuritegude vahel on kindel seos, kuid meedia keskendub alati massitulistamiste ajal relvadele, et valitsus saaks vastu võtta uusi relvaseadusi. Aga selliste juhtumite puhul peaks fookus olema hoopis psühhotroopsete toimega ravimitel, sest viimase 20 aasta jooksul toimepandud massitulistamised ja muud sarnased vägivallajuhtumid on sageli põhjustatud retseptiravimite tarbijate poolt, kellel on tekkinud vaimsed häired, ütleb Smith.


Aktiivsus- ja tähelepanuhäire

Viimastel aastatel on ka lastele väljakirjutatud ravimite arv kasvanud. Kahtlemata on lapsi, kes neid vajavad, kuid on hulgaliselt ka neid, kes vajaksid ravimite asemel hoopis paremat kasvatust või paremat toitumist. Näiteks hüpoglükeemia, mis tekib madalast veresuhkust ja vähesest kvaliteetse toidu söömisest, muudab käitumise väga ettearvamatuks ning vägivaldseks.

Ei ole kahtlust, et ravimite toksiinidest kubisev toit on inimesele ebatervislik, põhjustades käitumishäireid. Suurem osa poe- ja kiirtoitu sisaldab mürke, mis tulevad pestitsiididest, hormoonidest, lisaainetest ja töötlemisest. Paraku on orgaaniliselt kasvatatud toit kallim kui massiliselt toodetav rämpstoit, sest väikefirmadel kulub aega ja raha enese ülalpidamiseks ning seadustega kaasas käimiseks. Väikeettevõtjad jäävad suurfarmidele alla – Smith paneb inimestele südamele, et nende toetamiseks võiks just suurfarmist tulnud loomaliha asemel osta väikefirmade toodangut. Inimesed peaksid rohkem endale teadvustama, et orgaaniline toit on tervislikum ja ei tekita terviseprobleeme ega ülekaalulisust.

Tänapäeva hüperaktiivne ja tähelepanu hajutav ühiskond, mis on kiirelt arenenud tehnoloogia loodud, mõjutab mitte ainult lapsi ja noori, vaid igas vanuses inimesi. Selle üks ilmingutest on näiteks autojuhtide vägivaldne käitumine liikluses, mis pole mingi ime, arvestades inimeste keskmist menüüd ja ravimitarbimist. See olukord nõuaks laiemat analüüsi, aga alustada võiks sellest, et psüühikat mõjutavad ravimid tuleks jätta võimalusel välja kirjutamata ning tegeleda probleemide põhuste väljaselgitamisega, leiab Smith.

Aktiivsus ja tähelepanuhäire Laur 1 Valuvaigistite sõltuvuses: lääne meditsiinisüsteemi surnud ring


Ravimeid müüb meedia

Oma mõju on ka sellel, kuidas meedia ravimeid reklaamib. Inimesele jääb mulje, et ta saab kiiret abi, kuid televiisoris nähtud rõõmsad inimesed pole kaugeltki tegelikkus. Reklaamis kinnitatakse valelikult, et tablett ravib sümptomite tekitaja ja taastab tervise. Ostuhuvilised reklaamiohvrid lähevad otse arsti juurde lootuses ravi saada, kuid lõpuks saavad ainult ravi sümptomid. See on tekitanud situatsiooni, kus ligikaudu 70% USA kodanikest võtab ühe retseptiravimi päevas ning nendest pooled omakorda kaks või rohkem ravimit.


Ravikanep põlu alt välja

Kanepi legaliseerimist meditsiiniliseks ja loominguliseks kasutamiseks takistavad peamiselt poliitilised jõud. Paljud tänapäevased uuringud tõestavad kanepi kasulikkust mitmete haiguste ravis. Enam pole võimalik eitada kanepi ravivat mõju isu tõstmiseks, valu leevendamiseks ja ravimite sõltuvusest vabanemiseks. Jäik kanepivastane võitlus, mida kannab sõnum, et see on värav teine narkootiliste aineteni, on arusaamatu olukorras, kui inimene võib minna poodi ja osta alkoholi, mille kätte sureb miljoneid inimesi aastas. Õnneks hakkab selline olukord vähehaaval taanduma – hiljuti tuli USA-s müüki ravikanepit sisaldav tablett nimega Idrasil, mis tähendab, et ravikanepit saab tarbida nüüd suitsetamata, ütleb Smith.

Laur 4 Valuvaigistite sõltuvuses: lääne meditsiinisüsteemi surnud ring


Tervisehädale õige ravi leidmine

Smith rõhutab, et õige ravi leidmine ei seisne arsti või loodusravi pakkuja mitteusaldamises, vaid info kogumises ja enese tervise hoidmises koos vastutuse võtmisega. Kui arst ütleb, et tablett on ainus variant, siis tuleks otsida uus arst, sest kõrvalnähtude käes kannatad ju ikkagi sina ise. Mõistetav on, et valudest soovitakse kiirelt vabaneda ja seda need tabletid teevad hästi, aga see ei ole lahendus.

Tervisehäda puhul tuleks soovitatavalt uurida erinevaid ravivõimalusi. Harilikult minnakse kõrge vererõhu korral arsti juures, kes kirjutab välja ravimeid ja nende hulgast proovitakse leida sobiv, sest selle arsti arvates on ainus probleemi lahendus kontrolli alla saadud vererõhk. Kõrge vererõhu põhjuse leidmiseks ja raviks võiks aga pöörduda ka kvalifitseeritud loodusravi ekspertide ja teiste tervishoiuteenuse osutajate poole. Paljudel juhtudel on kõrget vererõhku võimalik ravida ilma retseptiravimiteta.


Helistaja Nebraskast:

Ostsin loomasööda müügikohast diatomiitmulda, mida olen paar aastat tarbinud koos vee ja sidrunimahlaga. Nimelt sai mu selgroog väikelapsena kannatada ja viiekümneseks saades tekkisid mul seljavaljud, kuid seda tarbides kadusid vaevused kolme kuuga täielikult. Mida te arvate sellest?

Gregory Smith: See on näide, et inimesed saavad endale ise töötava ravi otsida. Üks suuremaid probleeme ravimtaimede ja looduslike toodete puhul on nende vähene uuring. Kuna looduslikke ravimeid ei saa patenteerida ja ravimitööstus ei saa sellega raha teenida, siis on huvi nende põhjalikuma uurimise vastu leige ja nii jäävad loodusravimid nišitoodeteks, mida ametlik meditsiin ei saagi soovitada.

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Filmi “American Addict“ koduleht

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On 9 February , the U.S. radio program “Coast to Coast AM” interview with the doctor , and the film’s producer Gregory A. Smith , who specializes in chronic pain and addiction treatment. The former head of the University of California and pain treatment clinic is Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine Specialist . He has published numerous scientific articles, written over 12 books and has participated in several radio and television shows. 2012th year, Smith was the movie “American Addict ” ( The American addict ) Executive Producer and is currently working on his feature film ” Cancer in Wonderland ” ( Cancer in Wonderland ) is made.

Income -based medical system

Smith says that although U.S. residents make up only 5 percent of the world ‘s population, they consume 80 percent of the world’s hydrocodone ( a narcotic analgesic) which include, among others , such as the painkillers Vicodin and Norco . Also, Americans consume as much as 50 percent of prescriptions drugs , which makes die each year an average of one hundred thousand people. All this leads to a structure of the medical system , which do not look for a solution to the problem of health – causes and treatment of disease – but symptoms.

Medical system has reached a dead end : Doctors are cornered by the system because of the funding will dictate the methods of treatment , while patients will investigate health problems due to the growing number of patients are becoming less and, ultimately , the hospital is also more patients to adopt more cost-effective . Written to the needy fast out of drugs that will bring revenue to the pharmaceutical company , but it suffers public welfare and human health. The system educates doctors who operate at the medical school and the university acquired in training, with the result that the patient is often ineffective , but the doctor just did not know anything else to suggest to the patient . Second, it is time for doctors to get the advanced training , because they are made ​​to work in private practice or in a hospital on the basis of the current rules .

Such a situation is caused by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration ( FDA) and pharmaceutical manufacturers in collaboration with medication and diet approving agencies funded by pharmaceutical companies . Congress has repeatedly approved such action , and even expanded , so that the Americans a great need for drugs is not surprising considering it . The pharmaceutical industry is trying to ensure that people’s constant need for the drug , as the same may be taking medicines prescribed for years and even decades , and it is a lucrative business . It also often written out of several different drug, which is impossible to predict how they work together and whether they pose additional health risks. Medications are paramount, even though as diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol should be treated with lifestyle modification , in particular , of which a physician should inform the patient .

U.S. Laur 6 Analgesic addicted : the Western medical system is the vicious circle

Analgesics and patient follow-up

Smith says that lightly prescription pain medication is causing severe consequences for people taking part in addiction. There are those people who , after a little medical procedure or the dentist can interchange 15-60 Vicodin or Norco pain reliever , take a few pieces and leave the rest of the left. Others , however, like their intoxicating effects , and they continue to be taken until a few years after the drug is strongly dependent on . Obviously, they are written out too much , and to prevent addiction to examine also the human DNA in order to become aware of its sensitivity to the drug , and sõltuvusoht to determine the best treatment .

In addition, a major problem with the anti-anxiety drugs – sedatives and sleeping pills . People are often not aware of their effect , and the U.S. will go to sleep every night , hundreds of people who do not wake up in the morning anymore . The media reflects between short-term incidents of celebrities died this way , but the silence of ordinary citizens die off every day . Väljakirjutatavate curb the deaths and created a program to monitor prescription drugs PDMP ( Prescription Drug Monitoring Program) . Today it is different from state to state, and some state that is introduced only recently , but the main problem is that this program does not work as efficiently as it should be : a person is found by entering the name of their doctors and medicines, but the data is stored only for a month or two, and it does not not mandatory for medical institutions .

Laur 5 Analgesic addicted : the western medical system is the vicious circle

Prescription Drugs and Crimes

Prescription medicines for mental health disorders, and emerged a clear correlation between crime , but the media always focuses massitulistamiste weapons at the time that the government would adopt the new gun laws. But such cases should be the focus instead of psychotropic drugs effect since last 20 years committed massitulistamised and other similar acts of violence are often caused by prescription drugs to consumers who have experienced mental health disorders, says Smith.

Hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder

In recent years, the increase in the number of children of prescribed drugs . Undoubtedly, there are children who need them , but there are also a multitude of those who are in need of medicines instead of better husbandry , or better nutrition. For example, hypoglycemia , which arises from low levels of pride and a lack of high-quality food to eat , makes it very unpredictable and violent behavior .

There is no doubt that the drug toxins swarming the food is unhealthy for humans , causing behavioral problems. Most of the shops and fast food contains toxins that come from pesticides , hormones, additives and processing. Unfortunately, organically grown foods are more expensive than mass- produced junk food, because it takes time and money to small businesses to self- sustenance , and keep up with the laws . Small businesses are big farms down – Smith puts on your heart to people that their support could be just a big farm had beef instead of buying small firms’ output. People should be more aware that organic food is healthier and does not cause health problems or obesity.

In today’s hyper- active and Distracting society that created the technology has evolved rapidly , affecting not only children and young people , but people of all ages . This is one of the manifestations of violent behavior , for example, drivers in traffic, which is not surprising, considering the average people in the menus and drug consumption. This situation would require further analysis , but it could start to affect the psyche drugs as possible should be left to be written out and deal with the problems straw identification, Smith believes .

Activity and attention deficit disorder Laur 1 Analgesic addicted : the western medical system is the vicious circle

Medicines sells media

Its effect is also how the media is advertising drugs . People the impression that he can be a quick help, but happy for the people on TV are far from reality. Advertisement, falsely confirming that the tablet can treat the symptoms and the cause of restoring health. Shopping enthusiasts will go directly to the victims of the ad to the doctor hoping to get treatment , but in the end can only cure the symptoms . This has created a situation where about 70 % of U.S. citizens will take one prescription drug per day, and half of them in turn for two or more drugs.

Cannabis Therapy ostracized from under

The legalization of cannabis for medical use , and creative obstacles main political forces . Many of today’s studies demonstrate the utility of cannabis in treating a number of diseases . It is no longer possible to deny the therapeutic effects of cannabis to increase appetite , relieve pain and drug addiction . Stiff fight against cannabis , which carries the message that it is the gateway to the other narcotics, it is incomprehensible situation where a person can go to the store and buy alcohol , which served millions of people die annually. Fortunately , this situation begins to gradually recede – was recently in the U.S. sale of cannabis in the treatment , a tablet containing Idrasil called , which means that the treatment can be consumed now cannabis smoking, Smith says.

Analgesic addicted Laur 4 : western medical system is the vicious circle

Finding the right treatment Tervisehädale

Smith emphasizes that the right treatment is not about finding a doctor or a natural health provider mitteusaldamises , but data collection and self- health management , with responsibility. If your doctor says that the tablet is the only option, then you should look for a new doctor, because , after all, still suffering from the side effects yourself. Concept is that pain is to quickly get rid of the pills and doing well, but this is not the solution .

In the case of disease is desirable to explore different treatment options. Usually, switching high blood pressure at the doctor , who prescribes medications and among the attempts to find a suitable, because the doctor feels it is the only solution to the problem under control blood pressure. To find the cause and treatment of high blood pressure , however, could also contact a qualified natural medicine experts and other health care providers toward . In many cases, it is possible to treat high blood pressure without a prescription .

Caller Nebraska :

I bought animal feed sales from diatomaceous earth , which I have used for a few years along with the water and lemon juice. Namely, became the backbone of my small child to suffer , and to give the fifties I came seljavaljud , but consuming ailments disappeared completely in three months . What do you think about this?

Gregory Smith : This is an example that people can cure themselves working for you. One of the biggest problems with herbal and natural products is their lack of study. Since natural medicines can not be patented , and pharmaceutical industry can not do this to make money, then you are interested in a more detailed investigation of their lukewarm, and both are natural medicines as niche products that official medicine can not recommend.

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