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Terrible excited cryptographic puzzle online !

The ominous message from an unknown destination, what could it mean?

It all started with the fact that the author of a technical blog GadgetZZ.com named Johnny received an envelope from Poland with a mysterious CD-ROM to your Swedish postal address. On normal “pig» DVD black felt-tip pen was written some code, similar to a serial number.

After inserting the CD into your computer, the blogger found it quite eerie at the video, which contains an incredible amount of encrypted messages and shows a man dressed in a typical costume “plague doctor» XVII century.

Hand with flashing a flashlight in his hand, he submits certain signs that can be Morse code or something similar, such as binary code. The mysterious man is in an abandoned building, the walls of which also contains a variety of ciphers.

Being pretty intrigued, Johnny asked his readers to help him decipher this message, but experts in the video found some very disturbing things. For example, some missed the video soundtrack via the spectrogram and saw several messages.

Among them – the phrase You are already dead («You are already dead»), We are the antivirus («We – Antivirus”), as well as some kind of screaming creepy image of a human face, bound women and men without legs.

Another user tries to decipher the signs that flash on the video, and suddenly got the code «E2-E3 D1-F3 F1-C4 F3xF7» – checkmate in four moves in chess. The video also appeared encrypted GPS-coordinates 38.897709, -77.036543 that point to the White House in Washington DC (USA).

Among other things – recorded Morse offer RED LIPSLIKE TENTH, which proved to be an anagram KILL THE PRESIDENT («Kill the President”), the binary string that indicates the phrase “you have only a year or even less” in Spanish, and someone found out that a week ago, a user with the nickname Parker Wright uploaded this video on Youtube titled 11B-X-1371.

Anyway, the mystery frightening video is still not solved and users around the world trying to decipher ominous messages. Maybe you can help?


Paul Craig Roberts: Washington is preparing a nuclear attack on Russia and China !!!

Washington thinks that a nuclear war can be won, and plans to launch a first strike against Russia

Пол Крейг Робертс: Вашингтон готовит ядерный удар по России и Китаю

This is a former assistant for economic policy US Treasury warns primarily of their own citizens

Washington believes that a nuclear war can be won, and plans to launch a first strike against Russia, and possibly China, to avoid any challenge Washington’s global hegemony.

The plan is far advanced, and now turns its implementation. As I reported earlier, US strategic doctrine has changed, nuclear missiles, which previously was assigned the role of retaliation, now relegated to the role of the first offensive strike. Base anti-ballistic missiles the US has been deployed in Poland on the border with Russia, in the plans the construction of new bases. When it is completed, Russia will be surrounded by US missile bases.

Anti-ballistic missiles, known as “Star Wars” a weapon designed to intercept and destroy ballistic missiles. According to the military doctrine of Washington, US first strike on Russia, and, regardless of what means of retaliation remain in Russia, they are not able to reach the United States, thanks to the shield of anti-ballistic missiles.

As a reason, which Washington says changing its military doctrine, called the possibility that terrorists will acquire nuclear weapons, with which they can destroy an American city. This explanation is ridiculous. Terrorists – a single or a group of people rather than a country with armed forces that threaten. Use of nuclear weapons against terrorists will lead to the destruction of much more than the actual terrorists, in and of itself is meaningless, since cope with this task and drone with a missile.

For reasons that are explained Washington create a database of anti-ballistic missiles in Poland, was named to protect Europe from Iranian intercontinental ballistic missiles. Washington and any European government knows that Iran has no intercontinental ballistic missiles that Iran and showed no signs of intentions to attack Europe.

Any government is aware that there are reasons for Washington‘s feeble attempts to hide the fact that the creation of opportunities to win a nuclear war on the ground.

The Russian government understands that a change in US military doctrine and the base of anti-ballistic missiles on the borders of the United States directed against Russia and are a sign that Washington is planning to launch a nuclear first strike against Russia.

China also realized that Washington has similar intentions against him. As I wrote a few months ago, in response to a threat to Washington’s China drew the world’s attention to their ability to destroy the United States if Washington will initiate a conflict.

But Washington believes that he can win a nuclear war with little damage and without prejudice to the United States. This belief makes nuclear war possible.

This belief is based on ignorance. In a nuclear war there will be winners. Even if the city will be able to avoid US retaliation because of anti-ballistic missiles, radiation and nuclear winter of the use of weapons against Russia and China and also destroy the United States.

Media that during the corrupt regime Clinton fell into the hands of several people are also complicit in this, as long as do not pay attention to the problem. Governments vassals of Washington in Western and Eastern Europe, Canada, Australia and Japan – also partners, as they have been Washington’s plan and allow you to build a base for its actuation. Distraught Polish government may have signed the death sentence of humanity. US Congress – the same partner as makes no hearings on executive plans to unleash a nuclear war.

Washington has created a dangerous situation. Since it is obvious that the first blow threatens Russia and China, they can decide themselves to strike first. Why Russia and China have to sit and wait for the inevitable, while their opponent creates an opportunity to defend themselves with a shield of anti-ballistic missiles? When Washington will complete construction of the shield, Russia and China will obviously be attacked if not surrender immediately.

Of the 10minute talk channel «Russia Today» it follows that the secret plan of Washington first strike on Russia not a secret. The report also makes it clear that Washington is ready to eliminate all the European leaders who disagree with him.

Readers ask me: “What can we do?And you can do this. You can plug the mouth of the Propaganda Ministry, turning off the TV, “Fox News“, “CNN en“, “Bi-bi-si“, “Hey BBC“, “CNN-BBC“, “sys- CBS, “stop reading” New York Times “,” Voshington Post “,” Los Angeles Times “. Yes, just walking away from the official media. Do not believe a word of the government. Do not vote. Realize that evil is concentrated in Washington. In the XXI-st century Washington completely or partially destroyed several countries. Millions of people are killed, maimed, driven from their homes, and even Washington has never repented. Did not repent and other “Christian” country. Devastation that struck Washington, portrayed as a huge success. Washington triumphs.

Washington aims to triumph, and the evil that is Washington, leads to the destruction of the world.

What could be the scenario of war between NATO and Russia !

Каким может быть сценарий войны НАТО и России

The armed conflict between our country and NATO is possible in the near future, if the parties do not immediately begin to look for a compromise.

This was in an article in the Financial Times writes Professor of Conflict Resolution at George Mason University (USA) Dennis Sandole.

According to Sandole, permanent NATO’s eastward expansion and plans to include in the block Georgia and Ukraine, Russia put in an impossible position.

After the end of the Cold War, it seemed that a world war is no longer possible. But if in Moscow constantly talked about our love of peace, the foreign policy of the West has not changed significantly. NATO military bloc was not dissolved, while continuing to be involved in many armed conflicts in the world. As equal opposing forces in the world he did not exist, the Alliance was able to actually usurp the functions of the global arbiter.

Now that Russia is not as it was in the 1990s, and is actively pursuing its geopolitical interests, the West is doing everything to build a confrontation with our country. Often, even to their own detriment. So the script Sandole American professor does not look so fantastic.

But is our country for a major confrontation with the West, if it will not at the level of sanctions?

According to a leading expert of the Center for MilitaryPolitical Studies, Moscow State Institute Mikhail Alexandrov, the probability of a major war really big, but we will defend ourselves can:

Professor Sandole absolutely right: NATO policy has led to a sharp deterioration in relations of the Alliance and Russia. Block headed for the environment of our country, now poses an imminent threat to our security. The trend became clear at the time of “color” revolutions in Georgia, now the West is trying to take full control of Ukraine.

In fact, we are already seeing an escalation of the conflict. In Ukraine, the army comes, militias are trying to fight back. In the future, possible arrival of volunteers from Russia, launched an attack on Kiev and the capture of the capital. West will increase its assistance to Ukraine, Russia will have to intervene has its armed forces, to go to the borders of Ukraine and Transnistria.

There is already a NATO will depend on the Alliance to intervene or not. If he intervenes, there will be a large-scale war. The only thing he does not have the strength and resources for the war with Russia. The army, of course, numerous NATO, but it is scattered, not able to maintain consolidated hostilities in Europe is not enough heavy equipment, ammunition, poorly developed logistics.

Therefore, theoretically, Russia could easily get out to the Balkans, defeating Bulgaria and Romania. Together with Serbia would be to create an alliance and defeat Kosovo, Montenegro. In fact, we would take NATO in a semicircle. So we have a good opportunity.

Of course, NATO can build weapons, raise an army. But we will not sit idly by. We will carry out a partial mobilization, transfer troops from the Urals, where we have large stocks of weapons.

By the way, this is not NATO, they destroyed all the reserves. We in the Urals 10,000 tanks, it takes several months to bring them into fighting condition. We have a mobilization reserve, and it is not NATO. They will be able to create a million-strong army, and we quickly can deploy an army of two to three million.

Likely to be used tactical nuclear weapons. In aviation, the Alliance has an advantage because in front of us will be challenged to quickly destroy their airfields. To do this, it will be necessary to use tactical nuclear weapons, in particular, cruise missiles. We do not have a sufficient number of medium-range missiles, but there are missiles and sea-based aircraft capable of reaching anywhere in Europe.

This will start a war of attrition in the spirit of the First World War. Electronic systems will be put out of action, and without it will not be possible to use NATO precision weapons, but it is not so much the Alliance. NATO will have to fight conventional arms, and they know how to fight in the West is bad.

So it is not the fact that the victory will be on the side of the West. I think that NATO generals understand this and lately try not to flaunt their power.

Is NATO takes Russia into the environment without having sufficient power?

Who preference paramilitary method combining political violence with the actions of subversive groups. Essentially, most NATO war is not necessary. It may require us, if we will see that not cope with the situation. We just have to respond asymmetrically.

But NATO strategy political and paramilitary techniques to master the post-Soviet space, as is happening now in Ukraine. Then begin to destabilize the situation in the North Caucasus, the Volga region, blocking our trade routes and energy supplies.

That is, NATO expects to grueling conflict, which will lead to a gradual weakening of Russia, falling away from her territories and, finally, the disappearance of the country.

But we plan broke in Ukraine, going to the action. Unfortunately, we did not come to the borders of the former Soviet Union. Then NATO would not think about the development of the post-Soviet space, and about his own defense, creating bastions in Eastern Europe in the case of our invasion.

West is waging against us undeclared war, and our management wants to appear pious, talks about some partnership.

– It turns out that the success of the plans of the West in our indecision.

That’s right. In 2008, it was necessary to defeat Georgia demonstratively judge Saakashvili, a pro-Russian authorities to establish there. Then West would not venture to meddle in Ukraine. But everyone saw our hesitation, we were limited to Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Therefore, staged a coup in Ukraine, and again we are playing in debt.”

Some make payment to the division of Europe and the United States. But it is trying to do more, Stalin, Khrushchev, Gorbachev tried to maneuver with Germany. It is not necessary to us now for the tenth time to step on the same rake. But this tactic is pumped resources, rather than to act decisively.

Although we could now create problems Americans in the Middle East, around Saudi Arabia. And oil prices have soared again.

While Yanukovych was the legitimate president, the Ukrainian army would not defend the regime in Kiev. We could establish a pro-Russian government in Ukraine, but missed the point.

In the West, saying that Russia’s economy is only 2.5% of world GDP and, if desired, our country can crush economic measures very quickly.

It sounds ridiculous! Russia controls most of the world’s resources, has a vast territory, we have the highest nuclear capability. If you wish, we can destroy both Europe and the United States. Here Stalin had no such opportunities, and we are there.

As for the economy, the share of the West in the world economy is constantly decreasing, is now about one-third. That is, you can do without the West in general. At the time, the Soviet Union had only full trade relations with Afghanistan and Iran, and was able to survive. Now we have a partner in China, India and many other countries. The West was the last lever of influence on the rest of the state – control over finances. But talk about the calculations in national currencies within the BRICS.

– When a military confrontation important mindset people, their willingness to sacrifice something.

When Putin made the return of the Crimea, he had incredible support. This level of trust has been, perhaps, only to Alexander the Great, when he took to Paris, or Stalin, when he was taken to Berlin.

But then the speaker has been lost, and success in the international arena is not visible, the ruble is falling, the economy weakens. And this causes irritation. If we took all of Ukraine, the people would know for what to suffer. By the way, in the areas Novorossia huge industrial potential, excellent arable land.

Another problem – representatives of the “fifth column”. Here in Moscow introduce paid parking, unite schools and hospitals. This policy causes irritation citizens.

– Is the Western society at war with Russia?

The small states of Eastern Europe will not fight. Will fight the Germans and Anglo-Saxons, maybe they will be joined by the French. There are haters of Russia as Poland and the Baltic countries. Unfortunately, supporters of friendship with Russia in the West do not control. In Nazi Germany, too, was resistance, but it did not make the weather. All elite controlled Washington Regional Committee.”

The confrontation between Russia and NATO will be a catalyst for conflicts in other parts of the world?

– Of course. As soon as the war in Europe, China will take advantage of the situation and take Taiwan. North Korea is a blow to South Korea in order to unite the country. Iran is certainly a blow to Saudi Arabia. There will be a unique situation where all resources will be concentrated in Western Europe, and he will have no opportunity to influence the situation in other regions of the world. So will the full Kotovasiya.”

According to the vicepresident of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, Konstantin Sokolov, the war between Russia and NATO is already underway, but it is taking place in an unusual form:

– In my opinion, the direction of the West to strike at Russia manifested obvious. We are talking only about the nature of war. The shape of the war written into the concept of US national security. We are talking about a “world civil war.”

We are now seeing a weakening of the ruble, the collapse of small and medium-sized businesses in Russia, the fall in oil prices. In fact, the fighting has already begun. Just no one will declare war on each other, there will be the front line.

For civil war characterized by a variety of groups that fight each other. There is no obvious external enemy, but will be at war with the power of the opposition. It’s just another technology war.

– War involves mutual blows. Will Russia be able to respond to the West?

I’m talking about the “world civil war“, and it will not withstand Russia and the West, and a variety of global social groups. For example, in Russia‘s oligarchs are patriots of our country? No, they are representatives of the force which attacked Russia, destroys its economy.

There are people, there are surrogates global financial groups. It is necessary to think in these categories. New tactics the establishment of power, which destroys the population of social transformations.

Russia can not defend themselves?

– Naturally, people must defend themselves. First of all, we need to defend the spiritual and moral level. We need to resist the influences that come to us from the West, to keep traditional values. Who in the world is Russia with its values of teamwork, but there were advancing on us the power of the “golden calf“.

But there will be armed conflicts.

Of course there will. But it will confront entities. Right now everyone is discussing how to deal with “Islamic state”. But at the same time unless some country declared war on the other? No, they do not fight each other. People are going to the proper religious or social ideas, not the state, and this is a sign of the Civil War.

We are making some effort to avoid being crushed in a global confrontation?

– Now save the military-industrial complex. But the system of national security is much more difficult. Need a systematic approach, which, alas, is no.

Is it possible to “hot” conflict on the territory of Russia?

Our opponents in September demonstrated their strength. When the majority of public opinion supported the Russian policy in the Crimea and Ukraine, Moscow came under people liberal slogans. It was a workout. Our enemies will be able to arrange in Moscow and “Maidan”, and other disorders.

But the problem is that the government itself creates discontent. Here I am forced to remove the car from the yard, paid parking is introduced, removed all the stalls in the capital in the shops become more expensive. In fact, I survive out of the house, brings me to the condition”. And even now, there is a mass layoff of small and medium-sized businesses. People have no choice but to go to rallies like.

Is there any chance that public opinion in the West would not support a war with us?

Any Bulgarian, regardless of skill level, it is clear that the management of Bulgaria’s “South Stream” is decided not in the national interest. Already it is clear that Europe’s elite is the representatives of the world of oligarchic structures, no democracy on the continent remained.

We must understand that our enemy is not the usual American or Englishman, and the owners of financial capital. This they decided to pit the nations together. World oligarchy should not feel safe. Here is a need to understand the people of Russia and the West.

Timeless: Michael CREMO: The human race has existed for millions of years.

michael cremo 224x300 Ajatu: Michael Cremo: Inimrass on eksisteerinud juba miljoneid aastaid






Under the heading ‘Timeless’ old publish articles that counting viable. The below story appeared telegrams for the first time on 3 May 2013.

Michael CREMO (64) is an archaeologist and Sanskrit texts researcher, who in 1993 published along with Richard Thompson great work Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race” (Forbidden Archaeology: the human race Hidden History), whose main hypothesis is that the human race is the Earth top existed for millions of years. CREMO newest book is called “My Science My Religion(In my research, my religion). Telegram published a brief summary of the CREMO recent interview with US radio program “Coast to Coast AM“.

What do the ancient Sanskrit texts UFOs flying in the sky or on the vimana?

Vimana is known under a variety of flying machines in ancient times. Some of them were made of metal and mechanical. North Indian town called Dwarka is believed that 5000 years ago, came down from heaven, vimana, those who attacked the city a variety of weapons straight from heaven. According to Sanskrit texts, Krishna was able to shoot its vimana download vimana and crashed into the sea from the town.

Do you really believe that in ancient times there were these flying machines?

I believe the vimana was different, some were mechanical, and it seems that some of them were interdimensional – they consist of energy and were able to move through the different dimensions. These were the high level of advanced technology built vimana that our perception of reality does not seem to comprehend. The reason why I believe, lies in the fact that thousands of years old Sanskrit texts describe in detail the UFO phenomena, which we are only now beginning to recognize and understand. For example, the vimana their flight patterns are similar to today’s UFO phenomena; they move us against the known laws of physics.

One told a conference of US airline airliner pilot, how he saw the UFO flying in the direction of his tremendous speed immediately before impact and the UFO moved up sharply, the high space. Similar vimanafind descriptions of the ancient texts. They also noted the radar UFOs chaotic trajectory of the movement, and at times, they are also at the same time in different places – for us it remains unclear where the UFO is actually located. Vimana, which attacked the city of Dwarka, at times, appeared to be in different places at the same time feel the sky.

hieroplanes Ajatu: Michael Cremo: Inimrass on eksisteerinud juba miljoneid aastaid
Ancient+Airplane+Vimana+UFO+Precolumbian Ajatu: Michael Cremo: Inimrass on eksisteerinud juba miljoneid aastaid
shakuna Vimana Ajatu: Michael Cremo: Inimrass on eksisteerinud juba miljoneid aastaid
Vimana Where to go?

I guess they have not disappeared, because the UFO phenomena are reported regularly. They did not show himself to everyone, but we have a huge number of credible witnesses who have seen UFOs.

Talk about your latest book, “My Science My Religion(My research, my religion ).

This is a collection of 24 of my written research work, which I have in recent years has presented at major international conferences. Many may think that I am talking about such topics only shows like “Coast to Coast AM“, but actually I‘m talking about this phenomenon in the scientific community, and conferences.

My studies coincide in my spiritual sense and condition. There are people who think that science and spirituality should not be put together. I do not agree. I think that if we want to put together a complete picture of reality, then we must accept the truth no matter where it comes from. I put a book entitled to express it, what is my specific interest in science and spirituality against. Based on the ancient Sanskrit texts, I have created a self-perception of the real history of mankind and the extraterrestrial connection.

Have your studies you are faced with the personal beliefs of the conflict?

I every day I come in contact with new information or new people, or whoever is in my beliefs about conflict. But at the same time, I realized that if, for example, to explore what we can find in books, then we run into conflict often, but when examined all the evidence is absolutely, then the total will go to the bigger picture. When I first started in ancient Sanskrit texts, examination, you got to know that people have existed on Earth for millions of years. It was for me a big contradiction, given all this, I had not yet learned about the history of the university.

So I started to learn all the archaeological history in order to better put together a complete picture. I began to discover other sources of information that supported the Sanskrit texts. I wrote it all in her first major book “Forbidden Archeology(Forbidden Archaeology, 1993).

fa Ajatu: Michael Cremo: Inimrass on eksisteerinud juba miljoneid aastaid


Did after the “Forbidden ArchaeologyYou‘re appearing learned something important that at the time did not write this book?

When I Forbidden ArchaeologyI wrote, you are accepting the modern scientific ideas that anatomically modern people are a different species than the history of the famous ahvinimesed” Neanderthals, Homo erectus, etc. But today, I think quite a few of these creatures, whom we believe to be a different species, is actually just a different variety or human-called conversion.

The reason why I think, lies in the fact that anthropologists around the world are discovering the wide variety of human types, even today. We have physical evidence of life of people, some of whom skeletilised details and refer to different features of the ancient human species such as Homo erectus and Neanderthal. If we do not classify the different categories of people today, then we should not do it in the past with people. Perhaps it would be more correct to classify these subcategories.

Tell them a little work, you‘re presented at conferences.

I took the first part of a large international scientific conference in 1994 in New Delhi, India. The work, which was presented, titled “A Time In The Pranic Archeological Record” (prana time according to archaeological data), which describes the Sanskrit texts discovered in people’s existence on Earth millions of years ago. This work was also published in several scientific journals. Archaeological evidence suggests that people have been on this planet for millions of years.

If someone says to you, “Hey, leave a mess, humanity can not be that old,” then what do you say to them?

This is a very important issue. The question “Who we are and where we come from?” Puts a lot of things in place. This is our identity who I am and where I come from. Pondering on such topics helps everyone to set their objectives and goals in this life. If a person does not understand who he is and where he is, he creates for himself and for other problems. These are the topics that you have to explore all the people, not in a way that few scholars lecture somewhere in dispute over how old we are, either 100 or 000 years for millions of years.

The issue is not these specific years, but the fact that we’ve been here so long, it is wrong for our research and education seriously. Most scientists say that people are simply no material machines, which were developed during the evolution from apes themselves a few hundred thousand years. This worldview and self-identity will lead to bad implications, both individually and collectively. For thus become mere materialistlikuteks our goals in life. We are not just machines that are made of matter, but matter made by machines, which are competing with each other for survival.

All of this creates a terrible conflict, we are seeing around the world at the moment. Self-destruction of the planet and the financial crisis, the endless competition, deadly diseases, etc. – all of this because we do not know who we are and where we ourselves really old we are. If we really are so old, you must begin to rethink the origin of a person, and I believe that here in the formula fit in the non-physical elements.

smile Ajatu: Michael Cremo: Inimrass on eksisteerinud juba miljoneid aastaid


If we really are so old, why so much of this research has been misunderstood?

The reasons are many. One reason is certainly the fact that today’s education and research in government. Thus, only the idea of a talking point. So something‘s not possible for teachers to doubt it, otherwise they will be your job. Darwin’s theory of evolution can not be doubted! A large role in power. People who are in power do not want to abandon it for any price. Today’s theories of finance, after all, the government monopoly. Thus, they do not immediately recognize it definitely interested in that, perhaps, they are offered by the Knowledge wrong.

All sorts of alternatives is suppressed, so that people will not be able to make decisions on its head. I respect every person’s right to make their own conclusions on human pärinemisloost. But the people who run the education system does not respect this right. They think that only one person ‘origins theory must be applied. This needs to change. They also know that alternative theories are moving towards a much more spiritual.

Would come to be discussed at a higher co-participation of the human race and the creation of non-material consciousness as a part of our body. If such issues would be acceptable, then we would see a very different society than that which dominates today. We would see a society in which the balance between the spiritual and the physical reality would be more in place. People would direct their energy sources consciousness, not physical force to attempt to control the material resources and with a total of Fortunes. Of course, they want the continuation of the previous system.

Suppose that mankind is millions of years old. Have we were brought here, or we somehow evolved into yourself?

We have been here. Our bodies, whether it is the human body, plants or animal body, the soul or consciousness of all interfaces. And it is not tangible. For the soul of the body is just one interface, which they can use for the existence of the material world. Consciousness that all of our own reality, we are much older than any of the material world.

This means that we are all aliens, we are all here inseminated into the universe. We do, however, comes from the soul of immaterial reality. If we can understand this, we are able to achieve collective harmony and cease to exist in competition with various conflicting groups.

What do you think, for example, the moon could be the remnants of previous civilizations who were there before us?

I think so. The universe in which we live, is a multi-level. Here are the different energy levels. We exist at a very close and low frequency energy. We build all of our tools in the material things in large factories. But less dense and high-frequency energy is used for different machines and mental energy. Many ancient texts tell us that the moon and the planets in our solar system have a higher frequency than the Earth, but still tangible. Thus, the technology that they use is different. I think that they are gone before us, not only there, but they are there now.

But what happened to humanity, if we are so old? Have graduated from a disaster of a civilization? Something has happened, possibly even several times.

That’s it. The ancient texts say that the concept of time is cyclical. It reveals that wiped after each cycle of life on planet Earth, and life continues to go above the level of the second reality. Higher densities of physical life, however, there are creatures put on earth to walk again. It‘s like a computer for file storage in the clouds we no longer need large hard drives to keep your files, because we can also do it online within itself. If your device gets damaged, you can re-download your files. I think that the universe is similarly built.

The Sanskrit texts, according to the last 2 billion years, during six hiigelkatastroofi that all life is wiped away. And modern palaeontology says that in the last 2 billion years there has been a huge month caused the extinction event on Earth. Furthermore, it has begun a new cycle. So, if we look at ancient texts or modern science, we see strong parallels.

cremoveritasshow annunakia Ajatu: Michael Cremo: Inimrass on eksisteerinud juba miljoneid aastaid

Additional Sources: Michael CREMO website, Coast to Coast AM





US policy call for Obama to launch a nuclear strike!

СМИ: Политики США призывают Обаму нанести ядерный удар

American politicians are calling for the head of the United States to use nuclear weapons against Russia, joined the statement of Senator McCain about the need for the order to attack the Russian Federation that “sooner or later give Republican President.”

In particular, the newspaper “Tomorrow”, referring to the Bulgarian newspaper BG-VESTNIK, cites alleged interview former candidate for US vice presidential Sarah Palin. Recall Palin demanded that Obama to use nuclear weapons to stop the Russian attack on Ukraine.”

СМИ: Политики США призывают Обаму нанести ядерный удар

“I have a consistent policy and when to take a position to defend it firmly and unwaveringly. Nuclear weapons are created to use it as any other weapon. The winner is not the one who is bullying, and the one who acts. And President Putin has shown this clearly “- in the words of” Tomorrow “said Palin.

“While clever clever, he without any threats, took the Crimea. In such action is necessary to give a fitting reply – this modern reality. If we do not strike first, while others hit us,” she assures. Unfortunately, today we have become a nation of backing, which was not in our history. Take only examples of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Are we warned or intimidated !? We decided to act and won,” – the politician believes that seriously considered the second position in the US.

Talking about the death of women and children, according to BG-VESTNIK, Palin allegedly said, “And in Hiroshima and Nagasaki were old men, women and children. But they did not stop anybody,” adding that the Allies (including Ukraine) “correctly understand us .

We add that the wording Politonline.ru failed to verify this interview with Sarah Palin officials, as well as get in touch with the editors of Bulgarian messenger.” However, note that in 2013, after the terrorist attack in Boston, she said about the terrorists‘ Let’s send some nuclear missiles in Islamabad. We have to show them how we are able to do business. “

Note that earlier CIA officially announced Russia purpose №1″, NATO leaders talked and talked about Russia as “enemies and adversaries,” although “smart and modern.” However, as we have already mentioned, Senator McCain said that any Republican President, sooner or later sign a decree on the ground operation in the territory of Russia.”

СМИ: Политики США призывают Обаму нанести ядерный удар

However, although the Russian opposition and again and again begs the West to destroy Russia we should not forget that the Tu-95 (according to most of the American press!) As part of the exercise fun’ bombed the United States, before the Russian Air Force bomber strikes carried out simulations on the US missile defense system, and the country’s leadership and the Strategic Missile Forces conducted globlnye exercises reflection and application of nuclear strike counter-strike. Like that terrible after US claims, the Russian Air Force (according to Western media) conducted exercises neutralize” the European missile defense and NATO military bases, while in solving international airspace.

Or, what is more important about the teachings of failed US Strategic Command. Recall that according to press reports, the United States tried to simulate fast partial nuclear strike on Russia, but as a result of lost. More precisely, we lost everything – the US military found that RF causes retaliatory strike, then the world begins thermonuclear apocalypse.

СМИ: Политики США призывают Обаму нанести ядерный удар

Probably should fate and what is known scholar Noam Chomsky announced – the planet is on the brink of nuclear war because Russia and the West returned to a new confrontation.” Earlier, the “hawk” and the father of Reaganomics” Paul Craig Roberts also stated that the likely outcome of a strategic threat, c which Washington makes face Russia – a nuclear war.”

Media: US politicians call for Obama to launch a nuclear strike

СМИ: Политики США призывают Обаму нанести ядерный удар

Published Oleg Petrenko, 24/11/2014 at 17:19.



Shame of Europe. Send this as much as possible worldwide !

Shame on Denmark! The sea was red, but not because of any natural or climatic changes


During this brutal bloody slaughter poor animals do not die immediately, they stabbed with 1, 2 or 3 times with thick hooks sharp. At that dolphins emit a bloodcurdling scream, incredibly similar to the cry of a newborn baby!

Массовые убийства дельфинов Гринд в Дании

Massacres Grind dolphins in Denmark

And because of human cruelty (civilized human) who kill hundreds of the famous his intellect Kalderonskih dolphins (Grinda) !!

And this happens every year in the Faroe Islands in Denmark. Main uchastnikik this cruel slaughter – young teens. WHY? That they want to show that they are adults and “cool”! Bullshit!

This large “holiday” all done for fun. Each in its own way takes part in it, killing, or just watching the brutal carnage and supporting him.

I must say that Kalderonskie Dolphins (Grinda), like many other species of dolphins, have a well-developed instincts are not afraid to admit to yourself people play and interact with them.

Массовые убийства дельфинов Гринд в Дании

Массовые убийства дельфинов Гринд в Дании

They suffer in terrible agony of such attacks, and without a drop of human pity these poor, absolutely harmless creation slowly dying in his own blood


Массовые убийства дельфинов Гринд в Дании

We will send this message as long as it does not reach any animal welfare.

We are not going to read it just like a passive viewer of this disgrace.

PLEASE demonstrate their protest and disgust at your accessible form and forward this information to all those you know …

Массовые убийства дельфинов Гринд в Дании
Friends, do not be loyal! Only the people can change the world … One is a warrior, but when we are together, we are a real force

Published Aristarchus incinerate, 10/11/2014 at 10:32

“Apache” Donbas “Oliver Perry” for Odessa ! Establish a program of the United States arms deliveries to Ukraine .

«Апачи» для Донбасса, «Оливер Перри» для Одессы. США разрабатывают программу поставок оружия на Украину

Washington and NATO are going to seriously equip Kyiv. On Thursday, October 9, the Deputy Secretary General of NATO Alexander Vershbow said that NATO stands ready to assist in the inspection of the security and defense of Ukraine, and “help rebuild a strong Ukrainian army.”

We will provide an opportunity to the armed forces of Ukraine and NATO countries to work together,” – Vershbow said in a video message to the participants of the international conference “Challenges of the European security architecture: Ukrainian Context” in Kiev.

A day earlier, October 8, the assistant head of the Pentagon Derek Chollet, speaking at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, said that the United States is considering the possibility to supply Ukraine weapon.

As noted by Chollet, on arms asked Ukrainian President Poroshenko. United States initially refused, but now interested in how to develop a program that can eventually lead to this (the supply of arms ” SP “).”

Chollet, moreover, said that the United States is ready to help “independence” to restore the navy and armed forces in general. “We want to see Ukraine and its army strong,” – said the assistant head of the Pentagon.

Recall: September 18, Poroshenko in his address to Congress, the United States asked for his country weapons and military equipment.

What is going to the United States to arm the Ukraine and when?

The United States can solve the problem with the supply as soon as possible, and to provide Ukraine with almost any weapon – says a leading researcher at the Institute of International Security Problems Alexey Fenenko. It all depends on what status will get “independence.”

If Ukraine really get the status of Major Non-NATO Ally (key ally of the United States non-NATO), the Americans, in principle, it can deliver any weapon other than the strategic and nuclear – and small, and armored vehicles, and front-line aircraft.

The second option – Washington may conclude with Kiev special agreement on the supply of arms and armaments to stipulate it to be delivered.

The third option Americans can run a special program of bilateral cooperation, modeled on the US-Georgia to equip and teach“, which operated since 2002.

The fourth option – the conclusion of a special agreement NATO-Ukraine.

As you can see, the choice of the United States is quite large. The only thing that is perhaps a little holding back Washington from forcing the issue with the supply of weapons – the experience of the five-day war in 2008. If Ukraine will lose the new conflict, and American weapons (as it was in the Russian-Georgian conflict) will get a trophy in the hands of the militia, it will be very embarrassing for the United States.

But in general, the decision whether or not to supply weapons to Kiev is entirely dependent on the administration of the United States.

“SP”: This is a complete translation of the Ukrainian army to NATO standards?

Americans have no sense fully rearm Ukraine. The purpose of the United States – to create the illusion of the Ukrainian leadership that Americans support it, to push hard to force Kiev steps. For example, when the need to ignite a new armed conflict.

That’s what Washington once acted with Saakashvili. He also supplied the American weapons is not in order to fully re-equip the Georgian army, and to create the illusion of support and push to heighten tensions in South Ossetia.

“SP”: The Americans could have armed with modern weapons limited Ukrainian contingent, so that this group tried to break through in the Crimea?

In Crimea – is unlikely, then the question is not resolved with the Donbas. American weapons are intended rather for action against the New Russia. United States think sequentially: first, the Donbass, and only then, with a favorable scenario, you can escalate the tensions over the Crimea. While, again, the priority – it Donbass.

“SP”: What exactly do you need from the American arms of the Ukrainian army to act in the Donbass?

I think nothing. Key issues in the Army of Ukraine a low level of training of personnel and inadequate planning system operations, which significantly lagged behind the advanced military practice. Finally, today Ukrainian soldiers almost no motivation to participate in hostilities. It is in these terms the reasons for the defeat in Kiev.

“SP”: But it seems that things are heading towards a peaceful settlement. Why would the United States consider military options for dealing with South-East?

– Military options are always considered. Furthermore, I am convinced that a peaceful settlement of Kiev option takes seriously. He considers exclusively peaceful pause as an opportunity to build the capacity of the Ukrainian army, and then to take revenge in the Donbass.

Besides, Kiev seriously fears that after the Donbas start conflicts around Kharkov and Zaporozhye. Ukrainian authorities are afraid that it will end up in that Kiev will lose more and Odessa last significant Ukrainian port. In my view, the United States does not exclude the escalation of hostilities in and around Mariupol.

“SP”: – What Kiev will pay off with Washington for military assistance?

– Cost of Kiev will be the injection of anti-Russian tension in Europe, inflating military conflict in the South-East, and further driving a wedge in the EU-Russia relationship.

It is unlikely that the United States and forget about the money. Supply arms where there will be military-industrial corporations, and they are in charity, even with political overtones, are not engaged.

Americans tend to start deliveries of weapons from small arms, and then transferred to the heavy weapons, and at the last stage to the supply of combat aircraft, said the analyst, retired Colonel Semen Bagdasarov. The question is how and what Ukraine will pay off with the Americans?

Money from the Ukrainian government does not. This is not Iraq, which in a short time purchased weapons at 43 billion dollars. A significant portion of these weapons bought from the United States Baghdad. However, the Iraqis were paid for delivery of money, the proceeds from the sale of oil, and what is going to pay Ukraine?

In my opinion, the only option available here: providing soft loan to Kiev in the West for military spending. Another question – what will be the size of the loan.

“SP”: which weapons can put Americans?

Rumor has it that Washington, in addition to small arms and communications equipment, ready to put Kiev attack helicopters “Apache” to Ukrainians threw them against the Donbass. However, few deliver the helicopters, you still learn to fly them Ukrainian crews. And it – it is not fast, for retraining could take a year or two.

United States will be able to quickly deliver only small arms, mines and explosive devices, as well as communications and electronic warfare. In principle, the Ukrainian army is arming does not increase. Kalashnikov rifle no worse than the American M-16, the means of communication – a good thing, but they are also fighting capacity will not increase dramatically.

In my opinion, really to equip the Ukrainian army with American weapons would take three or four years, no less

In addition to small arms, armor and military aviation, Ukraine promised to help rebuild the Navy. We tried to figure out exactly what Washington can do for Kiev in this direction.

The fact that today represent the Naval Forces of Ukraine (VMSU), eloquently, in our opinion, wrote the British newspaper The Guardian. Its correspondent Tim Sullivan recently traveled to Odessa, which had taken refuge from the Crimea kicked lumps already ailing ship of the “independence“. And his experience: “Although the Ukrainian Navy is now in Odessa, it is hard to notice. Hidden behind the tanks, in the shadow of huge cargo ships, there are two dozen boats, only some of which are larger than the large yachts, and many badly needed repairs. Government asks for help from his people, to pay the bills. “

If no emotion, in the new main base VMSU found shelter their flagship frigate “Hetman Sahaidachnycorvette Vinnitsa” missile boat Pryłuki” gunboat skadovsk” medium landing ship Kirovograd” and several auxiliary vessels. More different kinds of floating small things, which allowed Russia to escape from the Crimea, hid in Ochakov. Expect that this motley shipping company is able to fulfill at least some serious combat mission for the protection and defense of their own coasts, can not even the greatest optimists admirals in Kiev. Therefore, there is very enthusiastic about the promise of the Pentagon to help in the revival of the Ukrainian Navy.

The only way to do this – to take and give Kiev warships of its own American stocks. And I must say, the work in this direction over the ocean began last April, when it became clear that the sea Ukraine now defenseless neighboring Bulgaria and Romania. And balances the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation can not be used under any circumstances.

Back in the spring the Pentagon ordered the reactivation of standing in the bay Sesun Bay (CA) old ships Coast Guard WLB 307 Planetree WLB 395 and Iris. And he and the other built during the Second World War. Both belong to the category of unarmed lighthouse tenders, and were retired United States Navy in the 90s of the last century. The series was great, so part of the tender has already been transferred as grants Nigeria, Ghana, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Estonia. Now, therefore, in this prestigious series of “Mistress of the Seas” will build and Ukraine.

The public press had reports that Planetree and Iris will soon be towed to Odessa, where emergency and prepare for sea battles. It is expected that this will be used for 30-mm six-barrel automatic gun mount AK-630 around rusting in Nikolaev on board and an unfinished Soviet-era missile cruiser Project 1164 “Ukraine” (formerly “Admiral head-on”). A new name for the gift of tenders in Kiev already thought Hetman Mazepa” and “GetmanBaida Vishnevetsky.”

The representative of the United States Navy Commander Giuseppe Rosetti in the same month, told reporters: “We are now” vacuum cleaner “part of our reserve fleet not only in Sesun Bay, but also in other areas of conservation, trying to determine what we can to give the Ukrainians.” By that time, according to Rosetti in candidates to strengthen VMSU patrol boats were listed types of Cape Point and the construction of 1950-1960, as well as several tank landing ships of LST, standing in conservation since the Second World War.

However, it is possible that Americans are able to offer Kiev and something fresher. For example, the frigates of the “Oliver Perrybuilt 1977-1988 period. They are designed as an ocean escort ships and are outdated though, but enough weapons (anti-ship cruise missiles, “Harpoon”, the 76-mm automatic gun Oto Melara,” the 20-mm six-barrel ZAC Mk-15 “Vulcan PHALANX“, four 12 7mm machine guns, two triple-tube 324-mm torpedo Mk.32 torpedoes Mk.46 Mod.5).

These ships were not considered particularly successful, so the Americans are actively get rid of them. As a result, four of these frigates were already in Australia, six in Spain, eight in Taiwan, eight in Turkey, four in Egypt, two in Poland, one in Pakistan and Bahrain. In 2008, the Pentagon had already discussed the supply of “Oliver Perry” and Ukraine. But it turned out that its modernization will cost Kiev at least $ 100 million. Then there was no money, and the deal fell through.

Whether there will be the necessary finances now? Very doubtful. Is that Washington itself pay and modernization. But then surely arise a new problem: can learn Ukrainian sailors gift horse with rockets Harpoon”? Very doubtful. Because even when the spring is discussed the possibility of transferring Kiev obscenely ancient reserve tenders coastal defense, an unnamed officer of the United States Navy gave reporters a doubt that the Ukrainian Navy, there is a sufficient number of trained personnel to a relatively short period of time to adopt and learn them for such large ships, as Planetree and Iris ». What can we say about the frigate?

The reaction of the Russian Foreign Ministry

On Thursday, the Russian Foreign Ministry‘s reaction to Washington’s intentions. Deliveries of the United States arms Kiev not what you need now Ukraine, it would undermine the agreement to resolve the crisis,” – said RIA “Novosti” the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Andres Laiapea: Balti konföderatsiooni idee väärib tõsist kaalumist ! / Andres Laiapea: Baltic confederation idea deserves serious consideration !


Kui president Andris Bērziņš ja mitmed teised tuntud Läti poliitikud tõstatasid paari aasta eest Balti konföderatsiooni idee, siis ei vaevunud nende Eesti kolleegid seda isegi kommenteerima, aga põhjuseid seda teha on jätkuvalt küllaga.

Bērziņš leidis toona, et Balti riigid, või vähemalt Eesti ja Läti, peaksid moodustama konföderatsiooni, sest on eraldi liiga väikesed selleks, et tänapäeva maailmas riigina edukalt toimida või pikemas perspektiivis püsima jääda.


“Elanike arv siin ei saa ühe põlvkonna jooksul oluliselt suureneda isegi demograafilise plahvatuse korral. Idee luua Liivimaa konföderatsioon, mis kõlab praegu nagu utoopia, väärib aga poliitilist arutelu. Oleks tarvis luua liit Eestiga, suurendades meie poliitilist ja majanduslikku mastaapi, meie turgu,” toetas teda Euroopa Rahvapartei fraktsiooni kuuluv eurosaadik Sandra Kalniete.

Eestis suvatses lätlaste mõtet kommenteerida ainult Eesti Iseseisvuspartei esimees Vello Leito, kes avaldas arvamust, et konföderatsiooni loomine Euroopa Liidu sees on “aprioorne nonsenss”, aga kui Läti peab seda silmas “kui stardiplatvormi EL-st lahkumiseks, siis on see tark idee ja see tulekski teoks teha.”

Kahjuks ei õnnestunud selgitada välja, mida arvavad sellest teised Eesti poliitikud.

Vahepeal ei ole teema aktuaalsus aga sugugi vähenenud. Hoopis vastupidi: pingete kasv Lääne ja Venemaa vahel ning sellest tulenev julgeolekuolukorra teravnemine Euroopas, mis ähvardab jätkuda kogu ettenähtavas tulevikus ja võib kergesti viia äärmiselt negatiivsete arenguteni, tõstatab erilise tähtsusega julgeolekualased aspektid.

Eesti territoriaalkaitse üheks nõrgimaks lüliks on alati olnud Läti. Seda juba 13. sajandil, meie muistse vabadusvõitluse ajal, kui just sealt kaudu tungisid maale saksa ristirüütlid.

Landeswehri sõjas said sakslased lüüa ning Eesti sõjaline toetus Läti Vabariigile hoidis siis ära Lätimaa langemise punaste kätte, mis oleks tähendanud endast vahetut ohtu ka Eesti rahvale. Tänaseks on Läti esmane iseseisev kaitsevõime aga taas sellises seisukorras, mis ei luba loota seda, et võimaliku konflikti korral kolmanda riigiga saaks jääda avamata lõunarinne.

Eesti julgeoleku peamiseks tagatiseks on loomulikult suurte geopoliitiliste vastasseisude ja konfliktide ärahoidmisele suunatud rahvusvaheline pingelõdvenduspoliitika, aga alati tuleks olla valmis ka mustemateks stsenaariumiteks. Konföderatsiooni loomine Lätiga aitaks seda valmisolekut kindlasti oluliselt parandada ja tugevdada.

Otsese riigikaitse kõrval on veel paljud teised, näiteks majanduslikud, sealhulgas regionaalpoliitilised aspektid, mis väärivad samuti täit tähelepanu.

Eesti ja Läti konföderatsiooni pealinna kõige loomulikumaks asukohaks oleks Valga/Valka linn. Eesti pealinn asuks endiselt Tallinnas ja Läti pealinn Riias, ühised institutsioonid peaksid aga asuma meie ühises linnas. See aitaks kahtlemata tasakaalustada mõlema maa regionaalset ja majanduslikku arengut.

Aega ei pruugi olla jäänud enam väga palju.

Kui meie poliitikud näitavad oma sõnavõttude ja tegudega, et Eesti on Ukraina kriisis mitte erapooletu vaatleja, vaid osapool geopoliitilises konfliktis, siis ei maksa imestada, et ka Venemaa käsitleb meid just sellena ja lähtub oma poliitika kujundamisel enda julgeolekualastest huvidest. Seda silmas pidades ei ole me praegu kaugeltki valmis selleks, mis meid võib – halvimal juhul – ees oodata.

Google translation !

When President Andris Bērziņš and several other well-known Latvian politicians have raised a couple of years ago in the Baltic confederation idea, then do not bother to even comment on their Estonian colleagues, however, are still plenty of reasons to do it.

Bērziņš then found that the Baltic states of Estonia and Latvia, or at least, should form a confederation, as it is too small individually to the modern country in the world to successfully operate or survive in the long run.

The number of residents here do not increase significantly, even within a single generation, a demographic explosion. Idea of ​​creating a confederation of Livonia, now that sounds like a utopia, but it is worth the political debate. Would need to create a composite Estonia, enhancing our political and economic scaling of our markets,” supported he belongs to the euro since the European People’s Party, on behalf of Sandra Kalniete.

Estonia deign Latvians make sense only comment on the Estonian Independence Party chairman Vello Leito, who expressed the opinion that the creation of the Confederation of the European Union within the a priori nonsense“, but if Latvia has that in mind as the starting platform for the EUie, to leave, then it’s a wise idea, and it is at should be come true.

Unfortunately, it failed to find out what others think of the Estonian politicians.

In the meantime, however, the actuality of the topic is not at all diminished. On the contrary, the growth of tensions between Russia and the West, and the consequent heightening of the security situation in Europe, which threatens to continue throughout the foreseeable future, and could easily lead to extremely negative developments, raises particular importance to security concerns.

One of the Estonian territorial defense has always been the weakest link in Latvia. This early 13th century, waged in our time, when just out of the land invaded by German crusaders.

Landeswehr War II the Germans were defeated, and the Estonian military support to the Republic of Latvia kept it off Lätimaa fall in the hands of the red, which would have meant an immediate threat to the people of Estonia. Today is the first independent Latvian defense will again be in a condition that does not allow to hope that a potential case of conflict with a third country could survive without opening the southern front.

Estonia is the main guarantee of security, of course, major geopolitical confrontation and conflict prevention, the international pingelõdvenduspoliitika, however, should be always ready to mustemateks scenarios. Creating Confederation of Latvia‘s readiness sure it would help greatly to improve and strengthen.

Direct defense alongside many others, such as the economic, political, including regional aspects also deserve full attention.

Estonia and Latvia, the capital of the confederation would be the most natural location for Valga / Valka town. Estonia’s capital Tallinn and is still situated in Riga, capital of Latvia, common institutions, however, should be our common town. This would certainly balanced in both countries and regional economic development.

Time might not be much left over.

If our politicians in their speeches and actions show that Ireland is not an impartial observer Ukrainian crisis, geopolitical conflict in the party, you will not pay a surprise that Russia’s concerns, and as such we just build your own security policy-related interests. With this in mind, we are not far from being ready for this now that we can in the worst case faced with the prospect.



  • nujah

    02.09.2014 12:32
    Balti konföderatsiooni pealinn on kahtlemata RIIAS, aga mis hakkab selle moodustise ametlik keel olema, see pole veel selge – kas vene või inglise.
    Aga ma ei näe küll isegi ingliskeelsena sellel mingit mõtet. Et me peame oma sõjaväge jõhkralt alarahastava Läti kaitsmise oma eelarvesse võtma või?
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    1 vastus

  • taga targemaks

    02.09.2014 12:58
    Sellist jama pole Eestile küll vaja. Me ei saa väiksemaidki projekte Läti jäärapäisuse tõttu tehtud ja nüüd äkki konföderatsioon. Tulge mõistusele! Ja kuhu siis Talsinki idee jääb?
    Teata sobimatust kommentaarist40


  • kkk

    02.09.2014 12:59
    väike täpsustus. riiast peksti bolshevikud välja landeswerhi abil, kes hiljem said eestlaste käest sugeda. eestlased ei ajanud bolshevike lätist välja.

    kas vötame lipuks musta risti valgel taustal ja üheks provintsikeskuseks reval?
    eestlasel on siiani piisavalt palju komplekse, et seda mitte teha. seda ei ole pöhjustanud mitte nii öelda 700 aastane orajpölv, vaid tänapäeval palju räägitud räige venemaa propaganda, mis algas Ivan IV ajal, jätkus räige venestamise käigus Aleksander III ajal, kolhoosnikud maapiirkondes vaatavad siiani silmad punnis venemaa telekanaleid ja ootavad puutini pärleid..

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  • läti on

    02.09.2014 13:02
    eestist läbi ajaloo reetnud ei mingit föderatsiooni äraandjatega
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  • DKW

    02.09.2014 13:16
    Ma ei saanud aru, mis selle idee mõtteks oli? Kui liita kaks kehva kokku, kas saame siis jõuka? Sõjalist aspekti pole mõtet kommenteerida-seda lihtsalt ei ole. Nii Eesti kui Läti jooksevad rahvast tühjaks ning lapsi ei sünni kummalgil rahval, seega peagi polegi neid kes midagi kaitseksid. See on järjekordne umbluu, tõeliste probleemide varjamiseks hullumeelsete ideedega.



  • 02.09.2014 13:54
    kallis, noormees, palun tutvu natuke ajalooga. Tutvu sellega, miks ja kuidas läks Balti riikide koostöö luhta 30ndatel. Kuni tänane Baltikum püüdis probleeme omakeskis lahendada, vaatas Soome Rootsi poole ja püüdis ennast Baltikumist eraldada. See õnnestuski. Ülejäänud said rõõmsalt pärast üksteisele ära panemist veeta NL koosseisus. Peale seda kui Leedu ära kukkus, jäi Eesti Lätiga muideks kahekesi kaitsekoostööd tegema- välja ei tulnud sellest loomulikult aga midagi.
    Aga mõtleme ka sellele, et kahte riiki okupeerida on raskem kui ühte.
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  • valdur

    02.09.2014 14:01
    Las Läti ja Leedu loovad konföderatsiooni kui nad seda soovivad. Mingisugune niinimetatud Balti koostöö on rohkem naljanumber. Eesti kuulub siiski Skandinaaviasse ja peaks looma sõjalise liidu koos Soome, Rootsi ja Norraga. Punkt.
    Teata sobimatust kommentaarist13


  • nu

    02.09.2014 14:05
    samas riigis leedulastega …
    kuidas te seda kujutate?
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  • Jaanus

    02.09.2014 14:07
    Teata sobimatust kommentaarist10


  • häbi talle

    02.09.2014 14:13
    Kas vaimuhaiglas on täna avatud Interneti päev?



  • Ajaloohuviline noormees

    02.09.2014 14:29

    kallis, noormees, palun tutvu natuke ajalooga. Tutvu sellega, miks ja kuidas läks Balti riikide koostöö luhta 30ndatel. Kuni tänane Baltikum püüdis probleeme omakeskis la…

    1 vastus
    Ei tahaks küll õpetajat õpetama tulla, aga Soome ei hakanud “Rootsi poole vaatama ja Baltikumist eralduma” alles 1930ndatel, vaid Soome, erinevalt Eestist, oli minu teada peaaegu 600 aastat järjest Rootsi impeeriumi osa. Vene võimu all jõudsid soomlased enne täielikku iseseisvumist olla ainult 100 aastat, aga Rootsiga on nad olnud seotud ristisõdadest saadik.
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  • Lugeja

    02.09.2014 16:24

    Balti konföderatsiooni pealinn on kahtlemata RIIAS, aga mis hakkab selle moodustise ametlik keel olema, see pole veel selge – kas vene või inglise.
    Aga ma ei näe küll is…

    1 vastus
    NATO 5. protokolli järgi peame me praegu lähima NATO naabrina just ka Lätit kaitsma hakkama. Läti on täpselt sama vaene või rikas kui Eesti. Kui oleks konföderatsioon, siis oleks ka ühine sõjavägi, selle rahastus ja kaitsepoliitika. Siis ei peaks kumbki hakkama mitte kummagit rohkem kaitsma.
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  • abc

    02.09.2014 16:38
    Kaaluda võib kõike, aga asja sellest ei saa. Eestlased ja lätlased on selleks liiga egoistid. Oleme nõus liituma vaid sellega, kellelt midagi saada oleks. Läti ja Eesti on aga ligikaudu võrdsed ja kumbki ei saa teise käest rohkem küsida, kui endal vastu anda on.
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  • Varsti

    02.09.2014 16:56
    Venemaa korraldab selle konföderatsiooni küsimuse ära. Vene keel peaks kõigile sobima. Obama vist ka annab loa. Proosit!
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  • realist

    02.09.2014 19:05
    Nõus, väärib kindlasti, aga juba siin eelnenud kommentaarid näitavad, et läheks nagu sõjaeelse Balti liiduga: kui ideest lõpuks asja hakkab saama, siis on hilja.




Well, uh
02.09.2014 12:32

The Baltic Capital of the confederation is undoubtedly Riga, but what will be the official language of the formation, it is not clear yet either Russian or English.
But I do not see the English language, even though it makes no sense. Since we have your army brutally alarahastava Latvian defense of his budget or take?
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behind the smarter
02.09.2014 12:58

This shit is not for Estonia‘s needed. We can not be the slightest Latvia jäärapäisuse projects done and now all of a sudden because of a confederation. Come to their senses! And where will you Talsinki idea?
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02.09.2014 12:59

Small clarification. Riga Bolsheviks were beaten out by using landeswerhi, who later became the Estonians from the sugeda. Estonians did not drive the Bolsheviks out of Latvia.

Consider whether the queen black cross on a white background and one provincial center reval?
Estonians are still complex enough that it should not be done. it is not the result of 700 years of orajpölv say so, but nowadays much discussed Russia’s blatant propaganda, which began at the time of Ivan IV, the jarring of Russification continued during the time of Alexander III, collective farmers maapiirkondes still looking eyes bulging Russian TV channels and expect puutini pearls ..
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Latvia is
02.09.2014 13:02

Estonia throughout history, betrayed no federation äraandjatega
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02.09.2014 13:16

I do not understand what it thought was the idea? If you add the two together bad if you get wealthy? No comment on the military aspect of the idea-it just is not. Both Estonia and Latvia are running empty of people, and children are not born on either nation, therefore, is not they who will soon be nothing to protect. This is another Umbluu, crazy ideas to hide the real problems.

02.09.2014 13:54

dear young man, please check out a bit of history. Get to know the why and how of Baltic cooperation was thwarted in the 30s. Until today’s Baltic tried to solve problems among themselves, looked toward Finland and Sweden tried to separate himself Baltics. It worked, too. The rest were happily putting away of each other to spend the NL composition. After Lithuania fell off, Latvia, Estonia remained alone with the way their defense cooperation tegema- did not come out of this, of course, but something.
But we also think that the two countries occupy is harder than one.
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02.09.2014 14:01

Las Latvia and Lithuania if they wanted to create a confederation. Some form of the so-called Baltic cooperation is more a joke. Ireland falls in Scandinavia and should create a military alliance with Finland, Sweden and Norway. Point.
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02.09.2014 14:05

Lithuanian children in the country
How do you imagine it?
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02.09.2014 14:07

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an embarrassment
02.09.2014 14:13

Have a mental hospital is now open to the Internet everyday?

History Huviline young man
02.09.2014 14:29


dear young man, please check out a bit of history. Get to know the why and how of Baltic cooperation was thwarted in the 30s. Until today’s problems among themselves Baltics tried la

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I do not mean teachers come to teach, but Finland is starting to look towards Sweden and the Baltic States to secedeonly in 1930, only Finland, unlike in Estonia, to my knowledge, was nearly 600 years in a row part of the Swedish empire. Finns came under Russian rule before complete independence, have only 100 years, but they have been associated with Sweden since the Crusades.
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The reader
02.09.2014 16:24


The Baltic Capital of the confederation is undoubtedly Riga, but what will be the official language of the formation, it is not clear yet either Russian or English.
But I do not see though is …

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NATO’s fifth protocol, we have now also just the nearest neighbor of Latvia to NATO to defend it. Latvia is exactly the same as the poor or the rich and Estonia. If it were a confederation, it would also be a common army, its funding and defense. Then you should not either, neither deal more to protect.
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02.09.2014 16:38

Consideration can be anything, but it does not matter. Estonians and Latvians are too selfish. We are willing to join it, who would get nothing. Latvia and Estonia, however, is roughly equal, and neither can the other hand to ask for more than is given by itself.
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02.09.2014 16:56

Russian confederation organizes the question away. The Russian language should be suitable for everyone. Obama must also grant permission. Cheers!
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02.09.2014 19:05

Agree, definitely deserves, but already here prior comments indicate that it might be like the pre-war Baltic union: if the idea will eventually become a thing, then it is too late.



Раздел Украины будет лишь прелюдией к большой войне Запада и России — эксперт ! / Section of Ukraine will be only a prelude to the great war of the West and Russia – expert !


Наступление ополченцев вынудит Запад договориться с Москвой о разделе Украины, чтобы та не досталась русским целиком, считает Алексей Фененко, доцент факультета мировой политики МГУ. Но это вовсе не конец геополитического противостояния между Балтикой и Черным морем. Рано или поздно где-то здесь может начаться большая война между НАТО и РФ.

Фененко не исключает «второй Ялты». Это понятие придумали американские аналитики в начале 2011 года. Под ним понимали проведение международной конференции, которая определит правила игры на территории бывшего СССР, подобно тому, как Ялтинская конференция 1945 года определила раздел Европы на сферы влияния. Вице-президент США Джозеф Байден тогда заявлял, что Белый дом отвергает подобный сценарий. Однако его вероятность может возрасти в двух случаях. Первый – распространение войны на другие территории Украины, например на Харьковскую или Запорожскую области. Второй – экономический коллапс Украины, вызванный газовыми проблемами или деградацией ее социальной инфраструктуры.

Запад не заинтересован в разделе Украины, считает эксперт. Для него украинское государство в его нынешних границах – это гарантия невозможности восстановления СССР. Однако события могут вынудить их пойти на участие в подобной конференции. Приоритеты для ЕС — проблемы украинских АЭС и Химпрома, а также судьба ГТС. Поэтому, считает эксперт, ситуацию, когда Россия и НАТО будут вынуждены сообща решать судьбу Украины, исключать нельзя.

Однако в ходе раздела Украины НАТО постарается отодвинуть линию своего влияния как можно дальше на восток украинской территории, предупреждает эксперт.

Кроме того, по его словам, расширение НАТО на восток возродило Балтийско-Черноморскую конфликтную систему, или «междуморье»: соперничество Москвы и Вашингтона за влияние в широком поясе государств от Финляндии до Грузии и Азербайджана. И не исключено, что где-нибудь на этом пространстве может вспыхнуть прямая война между НАТО и РФ, пишет Фененко в своей статье для НГ.

Михаил Штамм

Google translation !

Offensive militia force the West to negotiate with Moscow on the division of Ukraine, so that she did not get the whole Russian, said Alexei Fenenko, Assistant Professor, Department of World Politics, Moscow State University. But this is not the end of geopolitical confrontation between the Baltic and the Black Sea. Sooner or later, somewhere here can start a big war between NATO and the Russian Federation.

Fenenko does not exclude “second Yalta.” This concept came up with American analysts in early 2011. It refers to an international conference, which will define the rules of the game in the territory of the former Soviet Union, just as the Yalta Conference in 1945 defined the division of Europe into spheres of influence. Vice President Joe Biden then said that the White House rejected a similar scenario. However, it may increase the probability of two cases. The first the spread of the war to other areas of Ukraine, such as Kharkov or Zaporozhye region. The second the economic collapse of Ukraine, caused by gas problems or degradation of its social infrastructure.

West is not interested in the topic of Ukraine, the expert said. For him, the Ukrainian state within its present borders – a guarantee is impossible to restore the Soviet Union. However, events may force them to take part in such a conference. Priorities for the EU issues of Ukrainian NPPs and Chimprom, as well as the fate of the GTS. Therefore, the expert said, the situation where Russia and NATO will have to work together to decide the fate of Ukraine can not be excluded.

However, the division of Ukraine, NATO will try to push the line of its influence as far as possible to the east Ukrainian territory, expert warns.

In addition, he said, NATO’s eastward expansion has revived the Baltic-Black Sea conflict system, or “Intermarumrivalry between Moscow and Washington for influence in a broad belt of states from Finland to Georgia and Azerbaijan. And it is possible that somewhere in this space could erupt direct war between NATO and the Russian Federation, writes in his article Fenenko for NG.

Michael Stamm

Интервью с сепаратистом из Эстонии: «На Киев снизойдет благодатный огонь Русского мира». / Interview with separatist from Estonia: “In Kiev Holy Fire descend Russian world” .


Николай один из добровольцев, воюющих на стороне сепаратистов в Украине. Себя он до сих пор считает таковым, даже не смотря на то, что находится уже далеко от боевых действий. После выхода моей статьи о сбитом Боинге Николай связался со мной, и мы договорились о встрече. Единственным требованием Николая было — полная конфиденциальность.

Николай проживает в Эстонии, о своем гражданстве он умолчал, как и о том, как он попал в Украину и как вернулся домой. Для него это вопрос его личной безопасности. Этим он обосновал свое нежелание идти в крупные СМИ.

Перед тем как мы начнем, хотел бы вас спросить: для вас принципиально как вас называют — сепаратист или ополченец?

Мне все равно. Мы сами друг друга порой называли сепаратистами. Но мы в это понятие не вкладываем ничего негативного. Сепаратист и сепаратист. Против «хунты» сепаратистом быть не стыдно.

Вы написали мне после выхода моей статьи «Вся информация о сбитом Боинге», что вам есть, что рассказать по этому поводу…

Да, эта история, можно сказать, стала последней каплей для меня. Я сразу хочу сказать, что, не смотря на то, что я сейчас в Эстонии, что я покинул Новороссию, я не считаю себя предателем. Я верю в эту идею, потому туда и поехал. Но люди, которые там сейчас командуют, они эту идею давно продали…

Давайте по порядку, когда вы туда поехали, и какая была ваша основная мотивация?

Даты я называть не буду. Поехал я туда защищать Русский мир. Невозможно было сидеть и смотреть, как русских людей уничтожают только потому, что они хотят сохранить свой язык. Эти марионетки Запада (имеются в виду власти Украины) думают, что они могут ракетами навязать нам свои ценности. Этого не будет никогда. Мы не будем сидеть и смотреть как издеваются над нашими людьми. Запомните мои слова, если надо русские мобилизуются за 1 час и тогда весь Киев будет в огне.

А сейчас мобилизовываться еще не надо?

Все к этому идет. Русских опять втягивают в мировую войну. Мы не хотим воевать, но сидеть и смотреть, как нас убивают — нельзя.

Но Киев должен быть в огне?

Если они продолжат вести политику на уничтожение всего русского, то на них снизойдет, как сказать, благодатный огонь Русского мира, который и очистит всю эту чернь. Не мы хотим войны, а они.

Вы сказали про русский язык. Но ведь и.о. президента Турчинов отменил постановление Рады и вернул этим регионам статус русского языка, а Порошенко совсем недавно гарантировал юго-востоку статус русского как государственного языка. Я уж не говорю о том, что в украинской армии в зоне АТО почти все говорят на русском языке, да и в самом Киеве тоже достаточно русскоязычных…

Скажите мне, а какого черта они вообще решили запрещать русский язык? Да вы сейчас начнете говорить о том, что их не так поняли, что это закон Януковича и т.п. Но, а как их должны были понимать работяги Донбасса? Они сначала жгли их парней на Майдане, а после захвата власти первым делом запрещают русский язык. Как это понимать? Скажите мне?

Вы знаете, невозможно остаться чистым, валяясь в крови. Это не студенты первыми применили насилие, это их жестко разогнали, спровоцировав выход на Майдан еще большего количества людей. Вы сказали, что людей уничтожали из-за языка. Как вы это видите – русскоговорящие, возможно русские по национальности, солдаты Нацгвардии идут на юго-восток уничтожать русское население?

Во-первых, кто вам сказал про русских в «карательных отрядах хунты»? Откуда у вас эти факты? А второе, они шли туда по приказу марионеток, которым в свою очередь дают команду западные хозяева. Им нужно вырезать русских на Украине, спровоцировать войну и раздербанить Россию. Эти солдатики сами не знают, зачем они идут убивать русских. Им отравили мозг бандеровской пропагандой и прочей ерундой про великую Украину. Какая «великая Украина»? Всегда была и будет Малороссией. Эта Галиция хочет навязать великороссам свою волю. Повторю еще раз, этого никогда не было и не будет. Мы, если надо, размажем Львов за 15 минут, а Киев только и ждет, когда кто-нибудь уже, наконец, отчистит страну от этой заразы, засевшей в Раде.

Я не могу участвовать в убийстве мирных жителей, а потом внушать себе, что это сделал кто-то другой. Чем мы тогда лучше «хунты»?

Место крушения малазийского Боинга

Вы, тем не менее, сейчас в Эстонии, почему покинули Украину?

Я ехал на Украину с идеей о возрождении Новороссии, а потом и Великой России. Скажем так, я увидел там много разных ребят: от националистов до троцкистов. Но я все прекрасно понимал, когда у государства нет четкой национальной идеи, а есть только олигархи с яхтами, то пацанам сложно ориентироваться в этом мире, каждый находит что-то свое. Но меня поражало другое, были у нас парни из российского спецназа, все это знали. Это война понимаете, они выполняли свой долг перед страной и народом, но когда на родине их хоронят как бомжей, без почестей и без наград – это позор государства. У меня в Пскове друзья, которые в теме этих дел, когда я узнал, что парней так хоронят, меня это… просто деморализовало… ну, просто знаете, руки опустились. Я не понимал, как так можно. «Хунта» хоронит своих головорезов как героев, а мы…

Путин говорит, что там нет российских военных, отсюда и такие похороны.

Я бы лично Путину в рожу плюнул. Я, конечно, понимаю, что Путина сейчас все на руках носят. Но поверьте отношение к нему среди пацанов воюющих в Новороссии не такое. Путин – хитрая паскуда, как и его команда. Они забрали Крым, а дальше что? Рейтинг подняли, опять там его бизнесмены что-то настраивать будут, а в Новороссии гибнут люди. Путин помог им? Ему все руководство ДНР жопу лижет, у одного бизнес в Москве, другой деньги получает. Для них это все – бизнес, а нам что – воюйте ребятки, пока мы тут бизнес переделывать будем? Насмотрелся, паскудство и предательство.

Но ведь Стрелков неоднократно критиковал Путина за отсутствие реальной помощи.

Стрелков – единственный нормальный мужик там. Я вам могу сказать, что боевой дух сохранился благодаря ему. Вот взять Кургиняна, просто собака Путина. Я бы вам рассказал, какое он оружие привез, которым разве что огород копать. Но пацаны его сами кое-как в боевое состояние привели. Мы воюем, как можем, за русских, за идею, а они там свои темные дела проворачивают.

На момент выхода интервью Стрелков подал в отставку с поста министра обороны ДНР.

Допускаете, что просто перепродают списанное оружие?

Да, конечно. Я вам говорю: для одних война, для других мать родна. Пока пацаны гибнут за Новороссию и хоронят их как бомжей, другие делают бабки и набивают себе рейтинг.

Зачем же вы туда поехали, если все понимали?

А зачем люди воевали в 43-м? Сдаваться нельзя, даже если главнокомандующий полный ублюдок. Мы победили фашистов, даже не смотря на то, что Сталин перебил всю военную элиту и миллионы русского народа. Победим и сейчас. А потом выкинем из Кремля эту чернь.

То есть, Путин для вас не лучше Сталина?

Путин просто действует более изощрено в условиях нового мира. Он убивает рассудок людей через пропаганду и ТВ. Сталин просто убивал в лагерях. Одному нужны были абсолютная власть и «вкусно пожрать». Путину хочется еще и шикарно пожить на своих спрятанных дачах. Мир изменился, раньше можно было довольствоваться трубкой и икрой, а сейчас соблазнов больше. О русском народе как никто не думал, так и не думает.

Вы спросили меня, откуда у меня информация о русскоговорящих в украинской армии. Если вы посмотрите репортажи из зоны АТО, не российского ТВ, про которое вы сами сказали, что оно «убивает рассудок», то убедитесь в этом. Они что воюют против права русских разговаривать на родном языке, когда сами на нем разговаривают?

Даже если так, да воюют. Потому что им отравили рассудок такой же пропагандой с украинской стороны. Они не помнят своего родства. Слышали про евреев антисемитов? Вот они точно такие же, только еще хуже. Настоящие зомби… гестапо.

Значит, с ваших слов, получается, что Нацгвардия Украины идет на юго-восток, чтобы уничтожить все русское, а не только сепаратистов?

Конечно. Вы поймите, что ополчение поддерживает 99% населения Новороссии. У нас могут быть свои дрязги внутри ополчения, но население нас полностью поддерживает. Потому что люди помнят, как их давили все эти годы, унижали, насильно пытались украинизировать. Вы думаете, что если бы нас не поддерживали, мы бы держали оборону так долго? У нас кривое списанное оружие, а у них новейшее американское, и все равно они нас хрен возьмут, потому что мы русские, нас никто никогда не побеждал.

И их конечная цель зачистить регион? Как вы себе это представляете?

Да очень просто, подчинят себе людей силой и устроят информационную блокаду. Запад в этом прекрасно поможет. Превратят людей в рабов и заставят работать на Киев и Галицию, как это было раньше. Только теперь это будет на положении полных рабов. Вот этого мы допустить никак не можем, наши дети нам этого не простят. Путину все это до одного места, НАТО уже взяло в кольцо всю Россию, а он какие-то идиотские санкции вводит против деликатесов. Если сейчас не ответить силой, потом будет поздно.

Если не ответит, как вы это расцените?

Как предательство русского народа.

А как вы расцениваете появление на территории России движений под лозунгом «Хватить кормить Москву», которые требует больше власти в регионы?

Я их прекрасно понимаю, Сибирь работает на Москву, все деньги утекают из региона. Но сейчас для этого не время. Сейчас надо дать отпор фашизму на Украине.

Но вы ведь сами сказали, что цель Запада – раздербанить Россию. Получается, что Кремль помогает ему в этом? И почему сибиряки, например, хуже донетчан? Ведь следуя вашей логике, их также заставляют работать на столицу.

Я не удивлюсь, если Путина завербовали еще, когда он проходил службу в Германии. Все действия России против Запада слишком театральные, реальной силы Россия так ни разу и не показала. Но что касается Сибири, то в отличие от Донецка, сибирякам не запрещали говорить на русском языке и гордиться своей историей. Но я повторю еще раз, когда придет время, мы разберемся и с Путиным, сейчас главное дать отпор «хунте» на Украине.

Как жителям юго-востока Украины запрещали говорить на русском языке и гордиться своей историей?

А вы не слышали, как запрещали литературу, насильно заставляли учить украинский язык? Как бандеровцы пытались проводить свои факельные шествия? Власти Киева постоянно прессовали русских, унижали и заставляли их работать на всю Украину.

Честно говоря, слышать можно разное, но на деле все оказывается иначе.

Ну, расскажите мне, как это на деле.

Обязательно. Но за рамками этого интервью, это все-таки не дебаты.

Вы уже сказали, что, как вы говорите «хунте» на юго-востоке Украины давал отпор и российских спецназ. Чеченцев вы там видели?

Я вам так скажу, чеченцы там были, у некоторых парней с ними были терки и вели себя некоторые из них вызывающе, но я видел русских пацанов с крестами на теле, которые вели себя гораздо позорнее.

Вы имеете в виду тату со свастиками? Что конкретно они делали?

Придет время — я все расскажу.

Почему не сейчас?

Потому что не стоит сейчас устраивать разборки. Парням сейчас нужно крепить боевой дух.

Хорошо. С чеченцами и российским спецназом все понятно. Был ли кто-то еще из стран Балтии и конкретно из Эстонии?

Мне нравится, как вы говорите «страны Балтии», как будто это делает их сильнее. Прибалтика она была и есть — территория Российской Империи. По правде говоря, я не афишировал, что приехал из Эстонии. Сложно сказать, был ли там кто-то еще из Прибалтики. Там ведь нет кружка по странам. Все считают себя частью Русского мира.

Немцы и скандинавы с вами бы не согласились…

Да плевать я хотел на немцев и скандинавов.

А на крымских татар?

А причем тут крымские татары?

Ну, вы ведь наверняка считаете Крым российским, как и Прибалтику. То есть, для вас история начинается и заканчивается на России. Не было ничего ни до, ни после.

А почему меня должно интересовать мнение других народов? Меня волнует судьба и история Русского мира, вложение моего народа. Если кто-то хочет оспорить историю, ему придется воевать с нами.

Интересно узнать в таком случае, какие у вас планы на Эстонию?

Самые благородные (смеется). Философия русских очень проста: не трогайте нас, и мы не тронем вас. Я не могу сказать, что в Эстонии все идеально, но пока я здесь живу и откровенной русофобии лично на себе не ощущаю. Но это не значит, что ее нет.

То есть для вас тут вопрос больше в личных ощущениях?

Понимаете, русофобия она везде, только в разной степени. Украина — это хороший пример для Эстонии других стран. Будете нас унижать – получите достойный ответ. Так что я призываю всех хорошенько подумать об этом. Пока мне здесь терпимо и есть дела поважнее Эстонии. Но если мне запретят говорить на русском языке и опошлят подвиги предков – «бронзовая ночь» им покажется прогулкой в летнем саду.

Получается, что «эстонская русофобия» для вас оказалась терпимее предательства от руководства России?

Смотрите. Когда вас предает знакомый – это одно, но когда вас предает отец или мать – это совсем другое. Я могу с этим знакомым ходить по одной улице, могу даже водку в одной компании пить. Но с предавшей матерью – нет. И вот в Кремле сейчас засели люди, которые предают своих детей, свой народ. Понимаете?

Интересное сравнение. Давайте вернемся к самому началу – к истории о предательстве и Боинге. Что же произошло и почему это стало для вас последней каплей?

Понимаете, я приехал в Новороссию воевать с «карателями», а не с мирными людьми. Но как можно нормально воевать с таким вооружением? Когда у тебя есть БУК, но нет системы опознавания? Ты бьешь по цели, не зная, что это. К тому же, получая информацию, что это самолет «хунты». Как можно так воевать? Для меня это был край. Ладно, Путин «ссыт» дать нам нормальное оружие. Но тогда вообще ничего не давай. Передали БУК и что? Случилась осечка и Путин начал кланяться перед Западом, обещая всех тут приструнить. Да плевать тут все на него хотели. Его политика и подставила парней с этим самолетом. Если бы давали нормальное оружие – давно бы освободили Новороссию.

У вас есть доказательства, что Боинг сбили сепаратисты, а БУК им передала российская сторона?

Я лишь могу говорить то, что знаю. Я не нажимал на кнопку и ничего не перевозил, но информация разлетелась быстро. Все думали, что сбили самолет «хунты», оказалось, что нет. Все были просто в шоке. Потом появилась версия об украинском истребителе и все быстро внушили себе, что это не мы. Я так не могу. Я не могу участвовать в убийстве мирных жителей, а потом внушать себе, что это сделал кто-то другой. Чем мы тогда лучше «хунты»?

Я приехал туда воевать за русских, понимаете? А получилось так, что пока одни воюют, другие делают бабло и подставляют пацанов. Я готов умереть, но не за Путина и не за тех, кто там сейчас командует. Будь там мой дом – у меня бы не было выбора. Но после ситуации с Боингом я решил уехать. В таких условиях вести войну невозможно.

То есть, чтобы было понятно: у вас нет никаких аудио или видео доказательств того, что Боинг был сбит сепаратистами при использовании российского вооружения?


При каких условиях вы готовы вернуться воевать в Украину?

Если я увижу, что руководство занимают не московские ставленники, а патриоты России и Новороссии, и что Россия готова помогать, а не подставлять парней.

Но я хочу сказать еще одну вещь. Я уже сказал, что я не предатель, никогда им не был и не буду. Просто в сложившихся условиях я не хочу быть сорвиголовой непонятно кого. Сейчас ситуация тяжелая, но ее еще можно развернуть, и если Россия не вмешается, то я могу пообещать Путину, что ему потом придется за это отвечать.

Перед началом интервью вы просили меня, чтобы я не спрашивал вас «всякие глупости» о пытках военнопленных и денежных вознаграждениях за убийства украинских военных…

Да, потому что мне никто ничего не платил, и я никого не пытал. Я не знаю людей, которые бы получали деньги за убийства «карателей». Ну а сплетни комментировать я не собираюсь.

Каким вы видите выход из сложившейся ситуации?

Россия должна вступиться. Победа Новороссии, дальше – наведение порядка в Киеве. Если Львов встанет – дойдем и до Львова. Говорю в последний раз: Галиция будет в огне, не будите зверя. Если кто-то захочет с нами воевать – мы будем защищать русских везде, хоть в Австралии.

Вы имеете в виду, что Россия должна применить свою полную военную мощь в Украине, уже в открытую?


Что посоветуете делать русским, которые не поддерживают вас и хотят видеть Украину единой страной?

Ничего. Когда мы придем — они замолкнут, потому что они обычные коллаборационисты.

Николай, вы действительно считаете, что ваша позиция, позиция людей близких вам по духу, помогает русским по всему миру?

Моя позиция не востребована государственной властью и, посмотрите, в каком положении находятся русские по всему миру. Я не говорю про олигархов, которые, между прочим, вообще не русские. Я говорю про простых людей. Вот вам и ответ. Когда люди с моей позицией будут в Кремле, тогда все и изменится.

С Николаем мы беседовали около трех часов. Не все вошло в это интервью, т.к. некоторые заявления Николая можно публиковать, только если иметь на руках хоть какие-то доказательства. По крайней мере, я принял такое решение. В целом позиция Николая для меня очевидна: мир наступит тогда, когда Россия завоюет полмира.

Google translation!

Nicholas is one of the volunteers who are fighting on the side of the separatists in Ukraine. Himself, he still believes such, even though that is far away from the fighting. After the release of my film downed Boeing Nicholas contacted me and we agreed to meet. Nicholas was the only requirement full confidentiality.

Nicholas lives in Estonia, about his nationality, he was silent, as well as how he came to Ukraine and as back home. For him it is a matter of his personal safety. This he explained his reluctance to go to mainstream media.

Before we begin, I would like to ask you for how you basically call you or separatist militia?

I do not care. We are each other sometimes called separatists. But we do not put this concept is nothing negative. Separatist and secessionist. Against the “junta” is not ashamed to be a separatist.

You wrote to me after my article All about the downed Boeingthat you have something to tell you about it …

Yes, this story, we can say, was the last straw for me. I just want to say that, despite the fact that I am now in Estonia, that I left the New Russia, I do not consider myself a traitor. I believe in this idea, because there and went. But the people who are there now in command, they have sold this idea for a long time

Let’s order when you went there, and what was your main motivation?

Date, I will not be called. I went there to defend the Russian world. It was impossible to sit and watch as the Russian people consume only because they want to preserve their language. These puppets of the West (meaning the Ukrainian authorities) think that they can impose on us their missiles values. That will never happen. We will not sit back and watch as mock our people. Mark my words, if it is necessary to mobilize Russian 1 hour and then the whole of Kiev will be on fire.

And now even do not need to be mobilized?

All this goes. Russian again drawn into a world war. We do not want to fight, but to sit and watch us kill – it is impossible.

But Kiev has to be on fire?

If they continue to pursue a policy of annihilation of all Russian, it will dawn on them how to say, Holy Fire Russian world, which will clear all this rabble. Do not we want war, but they are.

You said about the Russian language. But acting President Turchinov quashed the Parliament and returned to these regions the status of the Russian language, and Poroshenko recently ensured southeast status of Russian as a state language. I‘m not talking about that in the Ukrainian army in the area of ​​ATO almost everyone speaks in Russian, and in Kiev itself is also quite Russian-speaking

Tell me what the hell they do decide to ban the Russian language? Yes, you now begin to talk about what they do not understand that it is the law of Yanukovych, etc. But, how they were to be understood hardworking Donbass? They first burned their guys on the Maidan, and after the seizure of power the first thing prohibit Russian. What does it mean? Tell me?

You know, it is impossible to stay clean, lounging in the blood. This is not the first to use violence students, it’s their hard-dispersed, triggering output Maidan even more people. You said that people destroyed because of the language. How do you see it the Russian-speaking, possibly Russian by nationality, the National Guard soldiers are in the south-east to destroy the Russian people?

First of all, who told you about the Russian in “punitive detachments junta“? Where did you get these facts? And, second, they go there on the orders of the puppets, which in turn instruct the Western masters. They need to cut Russian in Ukraine, and to provoke a war razderbanit Russia. These soldiers do not know why they are going to kill Russian. They poisoned brain Bandera propaganda and stuff about the great Ukraine. What a “great Ukraine”? Has always been and will Malorossiya. This Galicia wants to impose its will on the Great Russians. Once again, it never was and never will. We are, if necessary, smear Lions for 15 minutes, and Kiev is just waiting when someone has finally clean the country from this infection, who are positioned in the parliament.
I can not participate in the killing of civilians, and then to convince oneself that it is made ​​by someone else. What we are then better junta”?
Wreckage Malaysian Boeing

Wreckage Malaysian Boeing

You are, however, now in Estonia, why leave the Ukraine?

I went to the Ukraine with the idea of the revival of New Russia, and then the Great of Russia. Let’s just say I saw a lot of different guys from nationalists to Trotskyists. But I knew perfectly well when the state has no clear national idea, but only the oligarchs with yachts, the kid is difficult to navigate in this world, everyone finds something different. But I was struck by another, we were the guys from the Russian special forces, everyone knew it. This is a war you know, they were doing their duty to the country and the people, but when at home they are buried as the homeless, without honor and without winning it’s a shame the state. I Pskov friends who in the subject of these cases, when I learned that the guys have buried, I was just demoralizing … well, just know, hands dropped. I did not understand how it can be done. Junta” buries his thugs as heroes, and we …

Putin said that there is no Russian military, and hence such a funeral.

I would personally Putin face spat. Of course, I understand that Putin is now all in the hands of wear. But believe me attitude of the boys fighting in New Russia is not. Putin a sly bastard, like his team. They took the Crimea, and then what? Rating raised again his business there something will adjust, and in New Russia, people are dying. Putin helped them? He guide all DNR ass licking, one business in Moscow, the other gets the money. For them, it’s all business and that we Fight guys, while we’re going to redo the business? Seen enough, paskudstvo and betrayal.

But Gunmen repeatedly criticized Putin for the lack of real help.

Shooters the only normal guy there. I can tell you that morale is preserved thanks to him. Here take Kurginyan just a dog Putin. I would have told you what he brought weapons that unless the garden digging. But the boys do it somehow led to the firing state. We fight, as we can, for the Russian, for the idea, but they’re their dark deeds crank.

At the time of interview Gunmen resigned from the post of Minister of Defense DNI.

Admit that simply resell a deactivated firearm?

Yes, of course. I tell you, for some, the war for other mother is native. While the boys are dying for the New Russia and bury them as homeless, others do grandmother and stuffed my rating.

Why did you go there, if everyone knew?

And why people fought in the 43rd? Can not give up, even if the commander in chief of the complete bastard. We defeated the Nazis, even despite the fact that Stalin broke all the military elite and millions of Russian people. Win now. Then discard the Kremlin this rabble.

That is, Putin for you better than Stalin?

Putin simply act is more sophisticated in the new world. It kills the mind of people through propaganda and TV. Stalin just killed in the camps. One needed absolute power and “eat devour.” Putin wants more and chic to live on their hidden cottages. The world has changed, before you could settle for the handset and caviar, and now more temptations. On the Russian people as no one thought so, and does not think.

You asked me where I got the information about Russian-speaking in the Ukrainian army. If you look at reports from zone ATO, not Russian TV about which you yourself said that it “kills the mind,” then see this. They are what they are fighting against the Russian right to talk in their native language when talking to yourself on it?

Even so, yes fighting. Because they have poisoned the mind of the same propaganda from the Ukrainian side. They do not remember their relationship. Heard about the Jews anti-Semites? Here they are exactly the same, only worse. These zombies Gestapo.

So, with your words, it turns out that the National Guard of Ukraine is in the south-east, to destroy all Russian, and not only the separatists?

Of course. You understand that the militia support 99% of the population of New Russia. We can have your squabbles within the militia, but the population we fully support. Because people remember how they crushed all these years, humiliated, forced Ukrainize tried. Do you think that if we do not support, we would have kept the defense so long? We curved deactivated firearm, and they have the latest American, and still they will take us to hell because we are Russian, we have no one has ever won.

And their ultimate goal is to clean up the region? How do you imagine that?

It’s very simple, subdue people by force and arrange the information blockade. West in this beautifully help. Turn people into slaves and forced to work in Kiev and Galicia, as it was before. Only now it will be in the position full of slaves. Here, we can not allow our children will not forgive us. Putin it all to one place, NATO has encircled the whole of Russia, and he has some idiotic introduces sanctions against delicacies. If we do not react with force, then it will be too late.

If you do not respond, it is regarded as you?

As a betrayal of the Russian people.

And how do you assess the emergence in Russia of movement under the slogan “Stop feeding Moscow”, which requires more power to the regions?

I perfectly understand Siberia runs on Moscow, all the money flow away from the region. But now is not the time for this. Now it is necessary to repel fascism in Ukraine.

But you yourself said that the aim of the West razderbanit Russia. It turns out that the Kremlin helps him in this? And why Siberians, for example, is worse donetchan? After all, following your logic, they are also forced to work in the capital.

I would not be surprised if Putin recruited another, when he served in Germany. All of Russia’s actions against the West too theatrical, the real strength of Russia has never once showed. But as far as Siberia, unlike in the Donetsk, Siberians are not forbidden to speak in Russian and proud of their history. But I will say it again, when the time comes, we’ll deal with Putin, now the main thing to fight back, “junta” in Ukraine.

As residents of the south-east of Ukraine were forbidden to speak in Russian and proud of its history?

And you have not heard, as forbidden literature, are forced to learn the Ukrainian language? How Bandera tried to focus their torchlight processions? Kyiv authorities constantly pressed Russian, humiliated and forced them to work for the whole of Ukraine.

Honestly, you can hear different, but the reality is otherwise.

Well, tell me how it is in reality.

Required. But outside of this interview, it’s still not a debate.

You have said that, as you say, “junta” in the south-east of Ukraine rebuffed and Russian special forces. Chechens do you see there?

I‘ll say this, the Chechens were there, some guys were with them float and behave defiantly some of them, but I have seen Russian boys with crosses on the body, which behaved much more shameful.

You mean the swastika tattoo? What exactly did they do?

The time will come I‘ll tell you everything.

Why not now?

Because it is not necessary now to arrange dismantling. Guys now need to strengthen morale.

Good. With the Chechens and Russian special forces is clear. Was there anyone else in the Baltic countries and particularly from Estonia?

I like how you say “Baltic States” as if it makes them stronger. Baltics and there she was – the territory of the Russian Empire. In truth, I did not advertise that came from Estonia. It is difficult to say whether there was someone else from the Baltic. There are in fact no mug by country. All consider themselves part of the Russian world.

Germans and Scandinavians you would not agree

Yes, I wanted to spit on the Germans and Scandinavians.

And on the Crimean Tatars?

And where does the Crimean Tatars?

Well, you’re certainly think the Russian Crimea, as well as the Baltic states. That is, for you the story begins and ends in Russia. There was nothing before or after.

And why should I be interested in the views of other nations? I care about the fate of Russian history and the world, the attachment of my people. If someone wants to challenge history, he will have to fight with us.

It is interesting to learn in such a case, what are your plans for Estonia?

The noblest (laughs). Russian philosophy is very simple: do not touch us, and we will not touch you. I can not say that in Estonia everything is perfect, but as long as I live here and frank russophobia personally does not feel. But this does not mean that it is not.

That is a question for you here more personal feelings?

You see, she russophobia everywhere, but to varying degrees. Ukraine – is a good example for other countries of Estonia. Will humiliate us get a decent answer. So I urge everyone to think carefully about this. So far I have tolerated here and have better things to Estonia. But if I was forbidden to speak in Russian and debase the exploits of their ancestors Bronze Night” they seem to walk in a summer garden.

It turns out that the Estonian russophobiafor you was more tolerant than betrayal of the Russian leadership?

Look. When you betray friend – is one thing, but when you betray the father or mother is quite another. I can with this person to walk on the same street, I can not even vodka drink in one company. But devoted mother – no. And here in the Kremlin now entrenched people who betray their children, their own people. Do you understand?

An interesting comparison. Let’s go back to the beginning to the story of betrayal and Boeing. What happened and why it was the last straw for you?

You see, I came to New Russia at war with The Punisher” and not with the peaceful people. But as you can normally fight with such weapons? When you have a BMC, but there is no identification system? You hit the target, not knowing what it is. Moreover, receiving information that is plane junta“. How can you resist? For me it was the end. Well, Putin pissing” give us a normal weapon. But then nothing at all, come on. BEECH passed what? There was a flash in the pan, and Putin has begun to bow to the West, all promising to rein here. I do not care everything it wanted. Its policies and offered the guys with this plane. If given the normal weapons would have long ago released Novorossia.

Do you have evidence that Boeing was shot down separatists and BEECH they gave the Russian side?

I can only say what I know. I did not press the button and nothing was carrying, but the information is scattered quickly. Everyone thought that the plane was shot down, “junta”, it turned out that no. Everyone was shocked. Then there was a version of the Ukrainian fighter and everything quickly convince myself that it’s not us. I can not do that. I can not participate in the killing of civilians, and then to convince oneself that it is made ​​by someone else. What we are then better junta”?

I went there to fight for the Russian, you know? And it so happened that while some fighting, others do loot and con boys. I am ready to die, but not for Putin and not for those who are there now in command. Whether it‘s my house – I would not have a choice. But after the situation with Boeing, I decided to leave. In such circumstances, it is impossible to fight a war.

That is, to make it clear: you do not have any audio or video evidence that Boeing was shot down by separatists using Russian weapons?


Under what conditions you are ready to return to fight in the Ukraine?

If I see that the management does not take Moscow’s henchmen, and the Patriots of Russia and the New Russia, and that Russia is ready to help, not to substitute guys.

But I want to say one more thing. I have already said that I am not a traitor, never was and never will. Just under the circumstances, I do not want to be a daredevil is not clear who. Now the situation is difficult, but it is still possible to expand, and if Russia does not interfere, I can promise to Putin that he will then have to answer for it.

Before starting the interview, you asked me to, I did not ask you stupid things” about the torture of prisoners of war and a monetary reward for the murder of Ukrainian military

Yes, because I did not pay anybody, and I did not tortured. I do not know people who have received money for the murder of punitive.” Well, I do not comment on rumor going.

How do you see a way out of this situation?

Russia should intervene. Victory Novorossia on – restoring order in Kiev. If the Lions get up and we arrive to the city. I say for the last time: Galicia is on fire, do not wake the beast. If someone wants to fight with us we will protect Russian everywhere, even in Australia.

Do you mean that Russia should use its full military power in Ukraine, has openly?


What advise do Russian that do not support you and want to see Ukraine as a unified country?

Nothing. When we come they fall silent, because they usually collaborators.

Nicholas, do you really think that your position, the position of the people close to you in spirit, helping Russian around the world?

My position has not demanded a public authority and, look, what position are Russian worldwide. I’m not talking about the oligarchs, who, incidentally, did not Russian. I’m talking about ordinary people. There’s your answer. When people in my position will be in the Kremlin, and then everything will change.

With Nikolai we talked for about three hours. Not all included in this interview, because some statements Nicholas can publish only if have on hand at least some evidence. At least I made ​​the decision. In general, the position of Nicholas for me is clear: the world will come when Russia conquered half the world.

Вескимеэс фактически взял на себя функцию верховного жреца. / Veskimees actually took over the function of the High Priest .

Ph.D. Rafik Grigoryan.

Писатель Сийм Вескимеэс в Postimees предложил лишить неграждан права голоса на муниципальных выборах, а недостаточно лояльных высылать из страны. Свое мнение по поводу заявления Вескимеэса высказал доктор философии Рафик Григорян.

«Писатель Сийм Вескимеэс выступил с эмоциональным предложением или призывом лишить неграждан права голоса на местных выборах, лишь на том основании, что ему не нравится Сависаар и те, кто голосует за центристов.

Любить или не любить Сависаара – это его личная проблема и меня это не волнует. Но вот его призыв лишить политических прав 7-8% населения Эстонии (неграждан), да еще начать преследовать людей за «нелояльность», не имея никакого понятия об этом термине, есть ни что иное, как провокация человека, который стремится к дестабилизации нашего гражданского общества. Фактически он взял на себя функцию верховного жреца, который определяет, кто лоялен, а кто нет, кто достоин жить в Эстонии, а кого надо высылать из страны.

Мне кажется, что люди, которые любят распоряжаться и управлять чьими-то жизнями и судьбами, это своего рода маньяки. Они не понимают, что есть вещи посложнее, чем вершить судьбы других людей. Это — набраться храбрости и стать хозяином хотя бы собственной жизни, не быть марионеткой в чьих-то руках и не пытаться стравливать людей по этническому признаку».


Google translation !

Writer Siim Veskimees in Postimees proposed to deprive non-citizens the right to vote in municipal elections, and insufficiently loyal to expel. An opinion on the statement expressed Veskimeesa Ph.D. Rafik Grigoryan.Writer Siim Veskimees made ​​an emotional appeal to the offer or deny non-citizens the right to vote in local elections, on the sole ground that he does not like Savisaar and those who vote for centrists.

Like or dislike Savisaara – this is his personal problem and I do not care. But his call to deny political rights to 7-8% of the Estonian population (non-citizens), and even begin to persecute people for “disloyalty”, having no idea about this term, is nothing but a provocation a person who tends to destabilize our civil society. In fact, he took over the function of the High Priest, which determines who is loyal and who is not, who is worthy to live in Estonia, and who should be expelled from the country.

I think that people who like to control and manage someone’s lives and destinies, it kinda freaks. They do not realize that there are things more difficult than to decide the destinies of others. This the courage to become the master of his own life at least, not be a puppet in someone’s hands and not try to play off of people along ethnic lines. “



Удивительный самострой маразм, стройка, самострой


Есть такой анекдот: каждому жителю России постоянно снится один и тот же сон. Он идет по коридору своей квартиры и вдруг видит незнакомую дверь. Открывает ее, а там… ещё место! Впрочем, страсть к раздуванию жилплощади охватила не только Россию. Интернациональная подборка образчиков строительного искусства порадует много жителей хрущевок и заставит схватиться за голову любого работника ЖЭКа!

There is an anecdote: every inhabitant of Russia constantly dreaming the same dream. He walks down the hallway of his apartment when he sees a strange door. Opens it, and there … more space! However, the passion for ballooning housing spread not only in Russia. International collection of specimens of the art of construction will please a lot of people make Khrushchev and grab the head of any employee housing department!

Если хочешь жить как в Европе, не обязательно переезжать за границу. Достаточно купить пару оградок и сварочный аппарат.
If you want to live in Europe, not necessarily to move abroad. Enough to buy a pair of fences and welder.
Удивительный самострой маразм, стройка, самострой

Любимая теща переехала к вам жить? Или родился малыш, а детской комнаты как не было, так и нет? Ну а руки-то на что?!
Beloved mother-in-law moved in with you to live? Or born baby and children’s room as there was, and is not? Well, the hands are what ?!
Удивительный самострой маразм, стройка, самострой

Бывает так, что человек чувствует себя королем жизни. Кто сказал, что ему нужно тесниться при этом в самой обычной квартире?
It so happens that a man feels like a king life. Who said that he needed to be crowded with a most ordinary flat?
Удивительный самострой маразм, стройка, самострой

А это, пожалуй, уже не король — здесь живёт всамделишный император. Коттедж прямо в городе? Почему нет?
And this is, perhaps, no longer king lives here vsamdelishny emperor. Cottage right in town? Why not?
Удивительный самострой маразм, стройка, самострой

Азербайджанский олигарх, пристроивший к своему дому личный, недоступный для других жильцов, лифт, объяснил свой поступок кратко: «Я что, нищий что ли?!»
Azerbaijan oligarch attach to your home personal, inaccessible to other residents, elevator, explained his action succinctly: “What am I, a beggar what ?!
Удивительный самострой маразм, стройка, самострой

Лайфхак для тех, у кого нет денег на покупку земли в центре Москвы. Покупаешь три гаража и вагон кирпичей. Дальше — строить, строить и строить. Пока не засекли!
Layfhak for those who have no money to buy land in the center of Moscow. Buy three garages and car bricks. Next – build, build and build. While not detected!
Удивительный самострой маразм, стройка, самострой

Жителю одного из российских городов надоело мотаться каждые выходные туда-сюда на электричке. Вот он и нашел элегантный выход из ситуации: дача прямо на крыше многоэтажки.
Resident of one of the Russian cities Dangle tired every weekend here and there on the train. So he found an elegant way out of the situation: the cottage directly on the roof of high-rise buildings.
Удивительный самострой маразм, стройка, самострой

Вышел утром на балкон… то есть, в кабину самолета — хорошо! Птички летают, облака проплывают, лишняя жилплощадь глаз радует!
Out on the balcony in the morning … that is, in the cockpit good! Birds fly, clouds float, extra living space pleases the eye!
Удивительный самострой маразм, стройка, самострой

Украинские СМИ признались что прячут стрелявший БУК- M1. / Ukrainian media that confessed gunman hiding БУК- M1.

Украинские СМИ признались что прячут стрелявший БУК

Украинские СМИ признались что прячут стрелявший БУК


Как всегда, хотели обмазать грязью Россию, но вымазались сами, спешат так, что ляпы уже даже не проверяют, побольше лжи, а там трава не расти.

Собственно речь о вчерашней статье из Цензора. «После крушения «Boeing-777″ террористы вывезли с Украины в Россию как минимум три зенитно-ракетных комплекса «Бук М1″.  

Позволю себе процитировать:

«….СБУ предоставила журналистам фото, сделанное на пути следования пусковой установки из города Снежное (Донецкая область) в направлении российской границы….»

Статья сопровождается целым Фотоколлажем, обращаю внимание на первое фото.

Украинские СМИ признались что прячут стрелявший БУК


Какая то хрень едет непонятно где и непонятно куда. Тем не менее это не мешает украинским военным уверенно заявить, что БУК с одной отсутствующей ракетой удирает в сторону России. Вот видео целиком.

” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>


Только незадача том, что прекрасно просматриваеhttps://тся банер, с которого легко определить местоположение, что и было сделано.

Украинские СМИ признались что прячут стрелявший БУК


Вторая фотография, где также отсутствует одна ракета, смотрим номер на БУКе — 312

Украинские СМИ признались что прячут стрелявший БУК

А теперь смотрим вот это видео, внимательно на 37 секунде и на номер.



Опять 312, для тех кто плохо видит, есть фото этой колонны, которая еще в марте производила ротацию около Горловки и разумеется принадлежит украинской армии. К слову, ополченцев тогда даже еще не было.

Украинские СМИ признались что прячут стрелявший БУК


Что скажет юный бандеровец Кертиз или вечно сомневающийся Маршал? Это ведь не какое-то не журналистское заказное расследование или сказки блогеров, а переданные журналистам фотографии СБУ, поданые как ФАКТ!!!

Из этих видео следует прямо противоположное, что нам говорит Цензор с подачи СБУ, это не Россия прячет концы, а сами украинцы.

Sorry, Google translation !

As always, wanted to smear mud Russia, but smeared themselves in a hurry so that mistakes have not even checked, more lies, and where grass does not grow.

Actually talking about yesterday’s article of the Censor. After the collapse« Boeing-777 “terrorists taken from Ukraine to Russia at least three anti-aircraft missile systems” Buk M1 .

Let me quote:

…. SBU gave reporters a photo from the path of the launcher from Snowy (Donetsk region) in the direction of the Russian border ….

Article is accompanied by a photo collage, draw attention to the first photo.

Ukrainian media that confessed gunman hiding БУК М-1

What is not clear where the crap is going and it is unclear where. Nevertheless, this does not prevent the Ukrainian military confidently say that  one БУК М-1 missing missile scuttles towards Russia. Here is the entire video.

Just bad luck that perfectly visible banner, with which it is easy to locate, and that was done.

The second picture, which is also missing one missile, looking room on the beech – 312

And now look at this video carefully for 37 seconds and at the room.

312 Again, for those who do not see well, there are photos of this column, which in March is rotated about Gorlovki and of course belongs to the Ukrainian army. By the way, even if the militia was not.

What will the young banderovets Curtiz or forever doubting Marshal? This is not a not a journalistic investigation ordered or tales of bloggers and journalists sent photos of the SBU, filed as a FACT!

Of these videos should be the exact opposite of what we said to Censor feed SBU is not Russia hides the ends, and the Ukrainians themselves.

Лист до Росії з Донецька ! / Sheet to Rosії s Donetsk !

Так уж вышло, что я коренной дончанин. Гордиться тут особенно нечем, но это факт. Жил бы дома и до сих пор, если бы кучке сумасшедших фанатиков при поддержке России не пришло в голову устроить войну в моем родном городе и привезти туда российских наемников.

Теперь там кошмар. Ну, об этом вы как раз знаете. Это то, что вам показывают в ваших телевизорах со всеми отвратительными подробностями днями напролет. Так что давайте поговорим лучше о том, что вам не покажут.

Еще лет 7 назад я думал так же, как большинство россиян. Как типичный советский. Учитывая, что я с рождения жил в Донбассе – это было не удивительно.

Хоть я и учился после провозглашения независимости, образование получил типично российско-советское. Я рос и воспитывался на русских фильмах, на русской музыке, на русских книгах, я долго считал Россию дружественной страной, родственной страной, но теперь – все это в прошлом.

Теперь у меня, у моих близких, у миллионов русскоязычных и русских людей Украины больше никогда не повернется язык назвать вас братским народом.

Мы, ваши ментальные близнецы, выросшие на одних с вами книгах и мультфильмах, дошли до того, что хотим отгородиться от вас трехметровой стеной, как Израиль от Палестины.

Мы смотрим на штрихкод в супермаркете, чтобы не покупать то, что вы производите и не спонсировать войну.

Впервые за всю историю нашей страны большинство украинцев хочет вступления в НАТО, потому что понимают, что это единственное реальное спасение от безумного “брата”, который вдруг решил двинуть на нас войска.

Вам, конечно, тяжело понять масштабы этого явления. Вам показывают по телевизору карту, где Украину расчерчивают пополам, и говорят, что половина нашей страны – это не Украина, а что-то другое. Что там живут не украинцы, а русские.

Вы верите, что это так и недоумеваете, почему там до сих пор нет восстания. Судя по российским новостям, оно там должно вот-вот запылать, а на деле происходит ровно наоборот.

За георгиевскую ленточку в Днепропетровске, Запорожье, Херсоне на улице теперь могут и морду набить. Не бандеровцы – русские люди, изучавшие в детстве Пушкина и Блока.

Принято политкорректно говорить, что мы ненавидим только Путина, а россияне – это совсем другое дело. Вот уйдет Путин, и снова настанет мир и согласие. Снова будет все хорошо.

Но это неправда. Не будет.

Потому что Путин – это суть российского менталитета, ваша материализовавшаяся национальная идея, в том виде, в каком она сейчас существует.

Вы любите Путина за то, что он сделал с Украиной. Поэтому мы больше никогда уже не сможем любить вас.

Путин сотворил с Россией великое зло. Он так умело сжег между нами мосты, как не сделал бы это больше никто в мире. Никаким американцам, евреям, полякам никогда бы это не удалось так хорошо, как ему.

Весь ужас содеянного им вы поймете когда-нибудь потом, но сейчас вы слепы.

Путин магическим образом заставил вас поверить, что день вашего нравственного падения – на самом деле день вашего триумфа.

Он убедил вас, что подлая оккупация части территории дружественной страны, такое банальное крысятничество – это великая победа, которой стоит гордиться.

Он вызвал патриотическое возбуждение тем, что должно было вызывать стыд и отвращение.

И за это мы презираем не только Путина. Мы презираем Россию, и те 90% ее жителей, которые, выпучив глаза, вопят “Крым наш!”

Иногда я думаю, что Путин – сатана. Он профессионально умеет взывать к человеческим порокам. Он заставляет вас проявлять свои темные стороны, умело будит в вас мразь, превращает вас в озверевших скотов, жаждущих крови.

Не то, чтобы именно русские были такими уж плохими, а все остальные – святошами. Такова общечеловеческая природа. Мы видели, как в разные исторические периоды будили мразь в немцах, итальянцах, хорватах, сербах и т.д.

А Путин разбудил в вас. Заставил вас захлебываться ненавистью на форумах, желать войны, радоваться оккупации чужой территории и смертям людей, которых вы когда-то называли своим братским народом.

Он возбудил вас примитивным, низменным популизмом, выставил вас в самом неприглядном свете, в момент временного умственного помешательства, и мы, увы, запомним вас именно такими, а не нацией Сахарова и Достоевского.

Наверно, вы даже не виноваты. Есть ведь какой-то алгоритм разжигания этой массовой истерии – просто жмешь на нужные кнопки, показываешь по телевизору ужастики про распятых детей, и все – дальше общество ведет себя вполне предсказуемо. Тот, кому это нужно, просто совершает определенную последовательность действий.

Наверно, к вам следует относиться, как к жертвам социального эксперимента, и однажды вам будет очень стыдно за то, что вы все участвовали в этом. Наверно, нужно попытаться вас понять. Но простить вас и преодолеть свое презрение мы уже не сумеем. Даже если вы когда-то раскаетесь.

Да, чего скрывать, Путин достал мразь и из нас тоже. И мы тоже радуемся, когда очередной груз 200 пересекает границу и едет в Ростовскую область, или когда десяток-другой ваших превращается в решето. Это ужасно, но это правда.

Мы радуемся из чисто прагматических соображений – потому что каждый мертвый “колорад” уже больше не сможет убить никого из наших. Потому что вы теперь враги и оккупанты, пришедшие на нашу землю, отобравшие у нас Крым и приезжающие нас убивать в Донбасс.

Это ужасно, что вы, напав на нас, вынудили нас стать такими, что бывает противно от самих себя. И это еще один повод навсегда с вами порвать.

Вы влезли во внутренние дела независимого государства. Вы стреляете в граждан Украины на их земле из своего оружия и одобряете это по своему телевизору. И как бы вы не врали себе, что это все против фашистов, что это все обосновано и справедливо – в глазах всего мира вы агрессоры.

Исчезла навсегда страна-освободитель, страна победитель фашизма. Все это в прошлом. Теперь вы оккупанты, вы каратели, по вине которых гибнут невинные люди, падают ракеты на города, которые жили в мире, пока вы не пришли.

Ваши парады на 9 мая, весь этот пафос, военные песни, вечные огни – все это не стоит больше ничего. Это вранье.

Мы были крепко связаны общими праздниками, общими поражениями, общими традициями, но теперь это не имеет значения. Вы отторгли регион с населением в 2 миллиона, еще 3-4 миллионам запудрили мозги “распятыми мальчиками”, но 40 миллионов украинцев, огромный человеческий массив, навсегда отгородили от себя пропастью.

Урвав себе кусок земли, вы расплатились за это крупнейшим дружественным вам народом. Никакой Бжезинский еще пару лет назад не мог и мечтать о таком геополитическом поражении России.

Зря вы обвиняете в коварных кознях Америку, Британию и Израиль. Поверьте мне, как русскому дончанину, никто не сделал больше для нашей взаимной ненависти, чем безумные кликуши Глазьев, Кургинян и Дугин, призывающие убивать украинцев и потопить Украину в крови, или Путин, отправивший в нашу страну своих “вежливых людей”.

Мы все это видели, мы все это запомнили, мы этого не простим.

Да, безусловно, Россия – самая большая в мире держава, против которой Украина – точка на карте. У вас есть ядерные ракеты, а у нас – нет.

Если для вас нападение на того, кто заведомо слабее, кто не ожидал от вас подлого удара в спину и не готовился к войне с вами – это героизм, воля ваша. Но ни уважения, ни сочувствия от нас больше не ждите. Для нас Россия – отныне презренная “банановая республика зла”.

Ваши СМИ вам, конечно, этого не расскажут. Они создают иллюзию огромного раскола в Украине на украинских фашистов и русских, которого на самом деле нет.

Есть пару миллионов маргиналов – коммунистов, сталинистов, черносотенцев, православных фундаменталистов – которые всегда ненавидели Украину и сегодня выступают в роли коллаборантов в конфликте. И есть 39-40 миллионов украинцев, которые с ними не согласны.

Путин поставил нас всех перед радикальным выбором – за или против Украины. И нам пришлось его сделать.

Произошло то, чего вы пока еще не понимаете – российскую агрессию в Украине поддержали те, кто и так всегда был за вас, но 40 миллионов, которые были к вам всегда лояльны или нейтральны, из-за этой агрессии превратились в ваших врагов.

Сорок миллионов украинцев вынужденно стали “бандеровцами” в вашем понимании этого слова. Вот самое главное достижение Путина.

Бывают недружественные правительства. С ними можно конфликтовать. Можно накладывать на них санкции. Но нельзя унижать народы, потому что правители сменяются, а нации остаются.

Порошенко и Турчинов уйдут. Скорее всего – очень быстро. А вероломный захват Крыма, ваше подленькое вторжение, ваши танки и ПЗРК в Донбассе – вот это уже не пройдет. Мы просто не сможем объяснить своим детям в учебниках, почему вы так с нами поступили.

Юго-восток, который вы считаете своим, вы только оттолкнули. Потому что, представьте себе, у “укропов” и “хохлов” тоже есть гордость. Когда вы радостно бьетесь в припадках от того, что “Крым – ваш”, для нас это означает только одно – что Крым не наш.

Вы одинаково забрали его и у “бандеровцев” и у “русскоязычных соотечественников”. Вы отобрали Крым у Яроша, но вы так же забрали его и у харьковчан, полтавчан, одесситов. Вы плюнули во всех без разбора, не зависимо от языка и вероисповедания, со свойственным вам тупым чванством.

Это раньше вы говорили: славяне-братья, и мы соглашались. Теперь вы говорите – “салоеды”, “укры” и это оскорбляет всех, кто носит украинскую фамилию, имеет украинский паспорт, не зависимо от того за ЕС он или за Таможенный союз.

Вы не оставляете нам выбора, унижая всех подряд.

Весной российские “туристы” срывали и топтали в Донецке украинские флаги, и вешали вместо них свои. В этом вы отличаетесь от европейцев – они никогда не топтали наши символы.

Те, кто за Европейский союз – вешают свой флаг рядом с украинским, но не вместо него. Поэтому мы и выбрали Европу, и теперь уже не отступим. В нынешней ситуации это единственный путь, потому что интегрироваться с вами теперь может только полный псих и самоубийца.

Если вы все еще верите, что в Донбассе идет война между “ополченцами” и “хунтой”, то спешу вас расстроить – это не так. Война, которая идет у нас, от начала и до конца устроена вами.

Можно не верить мне, но спросите сами себя, почему “Донецкой республикой” управляют россияне? Почему в моем родном Донецке сейчас командуют москвичи Гиркин (Стрелков) и Бородай?

Я, коренной дончанин, их не знал и не звал. Я за них не голосовал. Если это не оккупация Донбасса Россией, то почему они здесь? И чем они отличаются от немецких гауляйтеров? Слабо найти десять отличий?

Если вы сочувствуете “ополченцам”, потому что они русские, то я вас заверяю – есть сотни тысяч русских, которые с ними не согласны, и которые сами страдают от их действий.

Посочувствуйте лучше им. Тем, чьи машины отбирают, кого по глупым обвинениям бросают в подвалы, кем прикрывается ваш Игорь Стрелков, который ведет себя в городе, как Шамиль Басаев в Буденновске.

Если вы сочувствуете жителям юго-востока, посочувствуйте лучше 38 военным из Днепропетровска, которые погибли в самолете, сбитом из вашего ПЗРК. Посочувствуйте сожженным в БТРах солдатам из Николаева. Как думаете, их родители, родственники, друзья будут любить Россию?

Если вы хотите знать правду о том, что такое “Донецкая республика”, попробуйте выключить телевизор, закрыть глаза и представьте на минуту, что кто-то вооружил всех наркоманов и уголовников вашего города. Что безумные ветераны чеченских войн, спивающиеся менты-отставники, забитые наколками рецидивисты, быковатые охранники-чоповцы, сумасшедшие казаки, толкиенисты, лимоновцы, скинхеды вдруг получили в руки оружие и неограниченную власть.

Представили? Если да, то тогда вам больше не надо ничего объяснять. Сделать такую же республику достаточно легко где угодно. Просто уберите название “Донецкая” и подставьте “Саратовская”, “Челябинская”, “Ростовская”.

Думаете, наговариваю на “ополченцев”? Тогда смоделируйте ситуацию – милиции нет, власти нет, оружие в свободном доступе. Что произойдет в вашем городе? Ну честно, признайтесь себе сами.

Раскачать ситуацию, поднять бессмысленный и беспощадный бунт в социально неблагополучном регионе, населенном люмпенами и безработными – достаточно просто. Бородаи, стрелковы, бабаи, мотороллы только поднесли спичку, а дальше полыхнуло, как в Гражданскую.

“Даешь республику”, “грабь награбленное”, “построим новый рай – Новороссию”.

Достаточно сказать, что репрессивный орган террористов в Луганске называется КГБ СМЕРШ. И это не шутка. Положа руку на сердце, признайтесь себе – нормально ли это и хотели бы вы, чтобы по соседству с вами работало такое учреждение?

Будни Донецка последние два месяца – мародерство, киднепинг, грабежи. Почитайте местные донецкие новости. Только за неделю с 16 по 23 июня угнаны и отобраны 47 автомобилей и один мотоцикл, причем 42 автомобиля были захвачены на дорогах вооруженными лицами. Неизвестными были похищены 14 человек. Это официальная информация от мэра.

А вот фотографии супермаркета “Метро”, которые видел весь мир. Его тоже ограбили “несчастные ополченцы”.

 Фото предоставлено автором

Продолжать можно долго, но есть ли смысл? Эйфорические состояния имеют свою специфику. Переживающий их субъект, пускай это и целый народ, плохо восприимчив к внешним раздражителям. “Крымнаш” – как наркотик, как влюбленность, затмевает ваше сознание.

Должно пройти время, чтобы вас отпустило, и вы поняли, что ничего не поменялось. Что Крым не стал ближе, не стал дешевле, не стал чище и комфортней для отдыха.

А вот вы сами, целый народ, самая большая в мире страна, запятнали себя позором агрессии и навесили на своих детей ярмо потомков оккупантов и гауляйтеров Гиркина и Бородая. Sad but true.

Счастливо оставаться.

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 It just so happened that I was a native from Donetsk. There is nothing particularly proud of, but it’s a fact. I would live at home and still, if a bunch of crazy fanatics supported by Russia did not occur to arrange a war in my hometown and bring back Russian mercenaries.

Now there is a nightmare. Well, that you just know. This is what you show in your TV with all day long disgusting details. So let’s talk better about what you do not show.

More about 7 years ago I thought the same way as the majority of Russians. How typical Soviet. Given that I have lived since birth in the Donbas – it was not surprising.

Though I learned after independence, education was typically Russian-Soviet. I was reared on Russian films on Russian music, books on Russian, I have long considered Russia a friendly country, kindred country, but now – all this in the past.

Now I, my loved ones, millions of Russian and Russian-speaking people in Ukraine would never dare to call you a brotherly people.

We, your mental twins who grew up with you some books and cartoons, have gone so far that you want to dissociate itself from the three-meter wall, as Israel from Palestine.

We look at the barcode at the supermarket to not buy what you produce and sponsor war.

First time in the history of our country the majority of Ukrainians want to join NATO, because they understand that this is the only real salvation from mad brother” who suddenly decided to move us to the troops.

You, of course, difficult to understand the magnitude of this phenomenon. You show on TV card, where Ukraine rascherchivayut half and say that half of our country it is not Ukraine, but something else. That live there are not Ukrainians and Russian.

Do you believe that this is so and wonder why there is still no uprising. Judging by the Russian news, it should be just about there blaze, but in fact exactly the opposite is happening.

For St. George ribbon in Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Kherson, on the street and can now face stuff. Not Bandera Russian people, who studied in childhood Pushkin and Blok.

Accepted politically correct to say that we only hate Putin and the Russians is quite another matter. That leaves Putin, and again there will be peace and harmony. Everything will be fine again.

But it’s not true. Will not.

Because Putin is the essence of the Russian mentality, your national idea materialized in the form in which it now exists.

You like Putin for what he did with Ukraine. So we will never be able to love you.

Putin made ​​the great evil with Russia. He so ably burned bridges between us, as it would not have made more than anybody in the world. No Americans, Jews, Poles would never failed as good as him.

The full horror of his action then you’ll understand someday, but right now you are blind.

Putin magically made ​​you believe that the day of your moral decline – in fact the day of your triumph.

He convinced you that vile occupation of the territory of a friendly country such banal krysyatnichestvo it’s a great victory, which to be proud.

He called patriotic excitement that was a source of shame and disgust.

And for that we despise not only Putin. We despise Russia, and 90% of those people who, eyes bulging, screaming “Crimea is ours!

Sometimes I think that Putin Satan. He knows how to appeal to professional human vices. It forces you to exercise its dark side, skillfully arouses you scum, turns you into a brutal beast, bloodthirsty.

Not that it was Russian were so bad, and all the rest the sanctimonious. That is a common human nature. We have seen how in different historical periods in the wake scum Germans, Italians, Croats, Serbs, etc.

And Putin has awakened in you. Made you choke on hate forums, wanting war, rejoice occupation of foreign territory and deaths of people you once called your brotherly people.

He caused you primitive baser populism, put you in the bad light, at the moment of temporary insanity, and we, alas, remember you exactly as a nation and not Sakharov and Dostoevsky.

Perhaps you do not even blame. There is in fact some sort of algorithm that incite mass hysteria just press on the desired button, the horror on TV about children crucified, and all on society behaves predictably. Those who need it, just makes a sequence of actions.

Perhaps you should be treated as victims of a social experiment, and one day you will be very ashamed of what you are all involved in this. Perhaps you should try to understand. But to forgive you and to overcome their contempt we fail. Even if you repent once.

Yes, nothing to hide, and Putin took scum of us too. And we also rejoice when another load of 200 crosses the border and goes to the Rostov region, or when a dozen or two of your turns into a sieve. It’s horrible, but it’s true.

We rejoice for purely pragmatic reasons because every dead “Colorado” is no longer able to kill one of ours. Because you are now enemies and invaders who came to our land, we have selected the Crimea and coming to kill us in the Donbass.

It’s terrible that you attacking us, forced us to become like that is disgusted with themselves. And this is another reason to break up with you forever.

You climbed in the internal affairs of an independent state. You shoot at the citizens of Ukraine on their land out of his arms and approve it on your TV. And how could you not lie to yourself that it’s all against the fascists, it’s all justified and rightly so – in the eyes of the world you are the aggressors.

Gone forever country liberator country winner fascism. All this in the past. Now you invaders, you punishers through whose fault the lives of innocent people are falling missiles at the city, who lived in the world, until you came.

Your parades on May 9, all this pathos, war songs, eternal fires – is not worth more than anything. It’s a lie.

We were tightly linked by common holidays, common lesions, common traditions, but now it does not matter. You are torn away region with a population of 2 million, 3-4 million powdered brains crucified boys“, but the 40 million Ukrainians, a huge mass of humanity, all fenced off from himself the precipice.

Grab a piece of land, you paid for it the largest you friendly people. No Brzezinski a few years ago could not even dream of such a geopolitical defeat Russia.

You should not accuse the insidious wiles of America, Britain and Israel. Believe me, as a Russian from Donetsk, no one has done more for our mutual hatred than crazy hysterical Glazyev Kurguinjan Dugin and calling kill Ukrainians and Ukraine drown in the blood, or Putin, who sent her to our country polite people”.

We all saw it, we all remember, we do not forgive.

Yes, of course, Russia the world’s biggest power, against which the Ukraine – a point on the map. Do you have nukes, and we have – no.

If you attack the one who obviously weaker than those who did not expect from you vile backstab and not preparing for war with you – it’s heroism, your will. But neither respect nor sympathy from us no longer wait. For us, Russia – now despicable evil banana republic.”

Your media to you, of course, do not tell. They create the illusion of a huge schism in Ukraine Ukrainian and Russian fascists, which actually is not.

There are a couple of million outcasts the Communists, Stalinists, the Black Hundreds, Orthodox fundamentalists who have always hated Ukraine and today act as collaborators in the conflict. And there are 39-40 million Ukrainians who disagree with them.

Putin has put us all in front of radical choice – for or against Ukraine. And we had to do it.

What has happened is that you still do not understand Russian aggression in Ukraine supported by those who have always been so, and for you, but 40 million, which were always loyal to you or neutral, because this aggression turned into your enemies.

Forty million Ukrainians forced to become “Bandera” in your understanding of the word. Here are the most important achievement of Putin.

There are unfriendly governments. They can be in conflict. Can impose sanctions on them. But you can not humiliate people because the rulers take turns as the nation remain.

Poroshenko and Turchinov leave. Most of all – very quickly. A treacherous seizure of the Crimea, your vile intrusion, your tanks and MANPADS in Donbass – that it will not pass. We simply can not explain to their children in the textbooks, why do you do this to us.

Southeast, which you consider to be your, you just pushed. Because, imagine for “Dill” and “Ukrainians” have pride too. When you are fighting in fits of joy from the fact that Crimea – your” For us, this means only one thing – that the Crimea is not ours.

You took it the same way and Banderivtsy” and Russian-speaking compatriots.” You have selected the Crimea from Yarosh, but you just took it and Kharkiv, Poltava, Odessa. You spit in all indiscriminately, regardless of language and religion with his characteristic swagger you stupid.

This earlier you said Slavic brothers, and we have agreed. Now you say – saloedy“, “harboring” and it offends everyone who wears Ukrainian surname, has a Ukrainian passport, regardless of whether it is in the EU or outside the Customs Union.

You leave us no choice, humiliating everyone.

Russian spring “touristsdisrupt and trampled in Donetsk Ukrainian flags and hung them instead of their own. This differentiates you from the Europeans – they never trample our symbols.

Those who are in the European Union hang your flag next to Ukrainian, but not instead of it. Therefore, we chose Europe and now will not retreat. In the current situation is the only way to integrate because you can now just full of crazy and suicidal.

If you still believe that there is a war between the Donbass militia” and “junta”, then hasten to upset you it is not. The war that goes with us from beginning to end is arranged by you.

I can not believe it, but ask yourself why “Donetsk republic” run the Russians? Why is my native Donetsk team now Muscovites Girkin (arrows) and Boroday?

I, a native from Donetsk, they did not know and did not call. I did not vote for them. If this is not the occupation of Donbass Russia, then why are they here? And how do they differ from the German Gauleiters? Beginner find ten differences?

If you sympathize with militia” because they are Russian, I can assure you – there are hundreds of thousands of Russian who disagree with them, and who themselves suffer from their actions.

Sympathize with them better. Those whose machines are selected, who for some silly accusations thrown into cellars, who concealed your Igor Gunmen who behaves in a city like Shamil Basayev in Budennovsk.

If you sympathize with the residents of the south-east, 38 military sympathize better from Dnepropetrovsk, who died in a plane shot down from your MANPADS. Sympathize with the soldiers burned in APCs from Nikolaev. What do you think of their parents, relatives and friends will love Russia?

If you want to know the truth about what the “Donetsk Republic”, try to turn off the TV, close your eyes and imagine for a moment that someone armed all drug addicts and criminals of your city. What insane veterans of the Chechen wars, cops take to drinkretirees scored tattoos recidivists bykovatye guards chopovtsy crazy Cossacks Tolkienists, Limonov, skinheads suddenly got up arms and unlimited power.

Presented? If yes, then you do not need to explain anything. Do the same republic quite easily anywhere. Simply remove the name “Donetskand substitute Saratov“, “Chelyabinsk“, “Rostov”.

Think slander on militia”? Then simulate the situation – no police, no power, weapons freely available. What will happen in your town? Well honestly, admit themselves.

Destabilize the situation, raise the senseless and merciless riot in a socially disadvantaged area populated and lumpen unemployed is simple enough. Boroday, small Baba, Motorolla only brought the match, and then flashed as the Civil War.

Give us a republic”, “steal loot“, “build a new paradise New Russia.”

Suffice it to say that the repressive authority of terrorists called the KGB in Lugansk SMERSH. And this is no joke. Hand on heart, confess yourself – if this is normal and would like you to your neighborhood worked such an institution?

Weekdays Donetsk last two months looting, kidnapping, robbery. Read local news Donetsk. Just a week from 16 to 23 June and deported selected 47 cars and one motorcycle, and 42 cars were seized by gunmen on the road. Unknown persons kidnapped 14 people. This is the official information from the mayor.

But photos supermarket “Metro”, which saw the world. It also robbed unfortunate militia.”
Photo courtesy of the author

Can continue for long, but does it make sense? Euphoric state have their own specifics. Experiencing their subject, let it and the whole nation, poorly responsive to external stimuli. Krymnash” like a drug, like love, overshadowing your consciousness.

It will take time to let you go, and you realize that nothing has changed. Crimea is not got closer, did not become cheaper not become cleaner and more comfortable to stay.

And here you are, a whole people, the biggest country in the world mired in shame and aggression on their children hung yoke descendants of invaders and Gauleiters Girkin and beard. Sad but true.

Juhtkiri | Raha või väärtused ? / Editorial | Money or values?

(Konstantin Chernichkin)

Kui Euroopa suurriigid müüvad Ukraina konfliktist hoolimata Venemaale sõjatehnikat ning viivitavad kolmanda astme sanktsioonide kehtestamisega, on meil põhjust kahelda meie liitlaste siiruses.

Sakslaste koostööprojektid Venemaa tankitehase ja küberkaitsekeskusega olukorras, kus üle Venemaa-Ukraina piiri veerevad tankid appi Ida-Ukraina separatistidele ning Vene häkkerid korraldavad seal küberrünnakuid, tunduvad vähemalt küsitavad, kui mitte ebamoraalsed.

Prantslaste kava ikkagi müüa Venemaale kaks dessantlaeva Mistral ning lubada venelastel ehitada veel kaks samasugust laeva olukorras, kus Balti riigid ja Poola end neist ohustatuna tunnevad, ei näita samuti, et meie lääneliitlased liitlassuhetest palju peavad. Ehkki mööndustega, on Prantsusmaa NATO liige. Niisiis müüb üks NATO liikmesriik agressorile moodsat sõjatehnikat, mida viimane võib kasutada teiste NATO liikmesriikide vastu.

Muide, juba küsimuse sellise püstitamise võimalusega on Venemaa võitnud oma esimesed punktid. Nagu ütles äsja riigikogu väliskomisjoni esimees Marko Mihkelson, on Venemaa eesmärgiks lõhkuda NATO ühtsus ja õõnestada riikide omavahelist usaldust. Ent siinkohal ei peaks küll Eesti end usalduse murendamises kuidagi süüdi tundma. Prantsusmaa ettepaneku peale olime meie enam-vähem esimestena nõus oma kontingendi Kesk-Aafrika Vabariiki saatma, mis näitab, kuidas me väärtustame liitlassuhteid ka läbi tegude, mitte ainult jutus.

Сверхспособности Мирина Дажо — загадка истории. / Myrina Dazho superpowers – mystery stories.

Марин Дажо посвятил жизнь демонстрации людям сверхспособностей. Он выступал на медицинских конгрессах, в присутствии множества докторов, врачей и журналистов, которые фиксировали показания его организма. Острые спицы и кинжалы проходили сквозь его органы сердце, лёгкие и селезёнку, иногда через несколько органов одновременно без крови. Он говорил что предметы просто дематериализуются внутри его, поэтому не наносят вред. Время от времени лезвия посыпались ядом или вонзались преднамеренно заржавевшие. В одном выступлении в Цюрихе, чтобы доказать публике, что это не обман, Дажо пронзили тремя полыми 8-миллиметровыми трубками, через которые подавалась вода.


Его ассистент отмечал телепатические и целителькие способности Дажо, лечение людей происходило в присутствии врачей. На его выступлениях зрители часто падали в обморок от увиденного. Во время одного из выступлений у особенно впечатлительной зрительницы случился сердечный приступ. 31 мая 1947 года он продемонстрировал свои таланты в Цюрихском кантональном госпитале в присутствии комиссии. Там же были сделаны рентгеновские снимки, показывающие пронзённые шпагой внутренние органы. После изъятия шпаги кровь отсутствовала, а на теле остались лишь маленькие пятнышки. Подобные исследования были проведены также в Базеле и Берне.


Для Мирина Дажо его выступления не были целью получения славы или богатства, он хотел показать миру, что есть нечто большее, чем реальность, и человек может существовать вне материального мира. Люди должны понять, что существует высшая сила, источник, Бог, который даёт эти способности, как ясный знак того, что существует нечто большее за пределами материалистической картины мира. Он утверждал, что доносит послание мира, а материалистический путь человека может привести к нищете и войне.

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Marin Dazho devoted his life to demonstrate to people super-powers. He has spoken at medical congresses, in the presence of many doctors, doctors and journalists who recorded the testimony of his body. Sharp needles and daggers passed through his organs heart, lungs and spleen, sometimes through several bodies at the same time without blood. He said that just dematerialize objects inside it, so no harm. From time to time the blade fell poison or stabbed deliberately rusted. In a speech in Zurich in order to prove to the public that it’s not cheating, Dazho pierced three 8mm hollow tubes through which water is supplied.


His assistant noted telepathic abilities and tselitelkie Dazho treatment of people occurred in the presence of doctors. At his audience often fainted from what he saw. During one of the performances in particularly impressionable spectators had a heart attack. May 31, 1947, he demonstrated his talents at the Zurich cantonal hospital in the presence of the commission. There also have been made ​​by X-rays showing a sword thrust through the internal organs. After removal of blood missing sword and his body were only small specks. Similar studies were also conducted in Basel and Bern.


Myrina Dazho for his performances were not to obtain fame or fortune, he wanted to show the world that there is something greater than the reality, and man can exist beyond the material world. People need to understand that there is a higher power source, the God who gives these abilities as a clear sign that there is something more beyond the materialistic world view. He argued that conveys a message of peace and materialistic way of man can lead to poverty and war.

Аятолла Систа: Древнее пророчество сбывается:”Начнется на Ближнем Востоке и перекинется на весь мир./ Ayatollah Sista: An ancient prophecy comes true: “starts in the Middle East and spread to the whole world.

Мусульманская ненависть разрывает Ближний Восток: результат 1400-летней вражды между Шиитами и Суннитами… и теперь грозит поглотить весь Ирак, а потом и весь мир.

Аятолла Систа: Древнее пророчество сбывается:"Начнется на Ближнем Востоке и перекинется на весь мир

Сегодня Аятолла Систа заявил: “согласно древнему пророчеству записанному в старых книгах, в этом году истекает 1400- летний срок и  начинаются события согласно этому пророчеству. После 1400-летней вражды между Шиитами и Суннитами,эта вражда поглотит весь Ближний Восток, а потом перекинется на весь мир и утопит его в крови .
Если смотреть на события в Ираке, то видно, что пророчество начало сбываться.”

В центре ужасающего кризиса в Ираке является многовековая ненависть между двумя мусульманскими идеологиями: суннитов и шиитов.

Смертоносная борьба за власть между этими двумя соперничающими версиями одной и той же веры, вспыхнул с ужасающей силой.

В этот раз эта борьба приобретает небывалый размах и за ней с трепетом наблюдают на всем Ближнем Востоке, где эскалация традиционной суннитской / шииты конфликта угрожает правительствам и национальным границами.

[fvplayer src=’http://kalevholland.planet.ee//wp-content/uploads/2014/06/ISIL-Death-Cult-Kills-Three-Syrian-Truck-Drivers-in-Iraq-after-Failing-the-Are-you-Sunni-Test1.mp4′ width=640 height=360]

Аятолла Систа: Древнее пророчество сбывается:"Начнется на Ближнем Востоке и перекинется на весь мирБитва за Ирак – саудовская война против Иран.



“Бойтесь того, чего вы желаете” – таков должен быть совет Вашингтона Саудовской Аравии и другим государствам Залива, поддерживающим джихадистов в их войне против режима Башара Асада в Дамаске. Это предупреждение звучит как никогда актуально именно сегодня, когда кровожадные боевики ISIS стремительно продвигаются через северо-западный Ирак, вынуждая к бегству сотни тысяч своих суннитских единоверцев и создавая панику в шиитском центре вокруг Багдада, чье население знает, что милости от ISIS ждать не стоит – в случае, если моторизованные колонны джихадистов не будут остановлены.

Подобный провал Нури аль-Малики был самой сладкой мечтой короля Саудовской Аравии Абдаллы. Для него Малики – не более, чем иранская марионетка. Абдалла отказывается отправить своего посла в Багдад. Вместо этого он подстрекает своих коллег в клубе деспотий Совета Кооперации Стран Персидского Залива (GCC) – занять подобную тупиковую позицию. Все эти страны уязвимы для ударов Аль-Каиды, но смотря сквозь пальцы на то, как их граждане финансируют радикальные группы вроде Джабхат ан-Нусра в Сирии.

Абдалла находится на отдыхе в Марокко. Он пока никак себя не проявил в связи с иракским кризисом. Возможно, каникулы будут прерваны. Нет никаких сомнений в том, что 90-летний монарх осознал – после того, как его политика в Сирии провалилась, благодаря отпору, организованному Ираном, события в Ираке предоставляют ему новый шанс.

Подобная перспектива ломает многие предсказания и сконфузит многих предсказателей. В последние недели пресса была наполнена сообщениями о начинающемся – хотя и неохотном – сближении GCC с Ираном. Свидетельствами этому стали визит эмира Кувейта в Тегеран, и посещение Тегерана несколькими торговыми делегациями GCC. Был и прямо противоположный тренд – КСА впервые публично продемонстрировало китайские баллистические ракеты, которые могут долететь до Тегерана, а в ОАЭ ввели всеобщую воинскую повинность.

Преимущество, если этот термин может быть употреблен в подобном контексте, бойни в Ираке в том, что она вносит ясность. Есть конечно соперничающие племена и враждующие нации, но доминирующее напряжение создается противоречиями между суннитским (большинством) и шиитским (меньшинством) исламом. Этот феномен, характерный для всего региона, доведен до абсурда ISIS, который, в дополнение к прочему, рассматривает свои действия в Ираке против Малики и как удар по Асаду.

ISIS – безжалостная машина убийств, доводящая суннитское презрение к шиитам до логического, и кровавого экстремума. Саудовский монарх, в отличие от его коронованных собратьев, весьма осторожен, и не допускает прямых религиозных оскорблений., но его ненависть к шиитам проявилась в комментариях, опубликованных wikileaks: “отрубите голову змее (теократическому режиму в Тегеране)”.

Несмотря на попытки многих, в том числе и в Вашингтоне, списать его со счета, король Абдалла крепко вцепился в жизнь. Не далее как 4 июня он встречался с шейхом Мухаммедом бин Зайядом, наследным принцем Абу Даби. Брат Мухаммеда недавно перенес инсульт, и теперь Мухаммед является фактическим правителем ОАЭ. Никто не знает, о чем говорили Абдалла и бин Зайяд. Предположительно – о выборах в Египте и триумфе генерала Сиси. Сиси рассматривается и в Эр-Рияде, и в Абу-Даби в качестве “стабилизирующей силы”. На настоящий момент Абдулла, Зайяд и Сиси – три главных лидера арабского мира. Дальнейшая судьба арабских государств зависит от этих трех лидеров.

Для тех, кто сконфужен разделами в арабском мире и находит что выражение “враг моего врага мой друг” имеет ограниченную ценность, стоит напомнить, что в грубом приближении суннитский /шиитский раздел совпадает с границами персидского и арабского миров. В геополитическом смысле Ирак – связующее звено – с шиитским большинством, которое по происхождению своему является арабами. Есть еще одно и совершенно запутывающее все измерение, которое исторически является стержнем саудовской политики – поддержка исламских радикалов за рубежом и их сдерживание на территории королевства. Отсюда – поддержка бин Ладена, пока он воевал в Афганистане, джихадистов в Чечне, Боснии и Сирии.

Когда в 2011 начался мятеж против Асада – вместе с ростом озабоченности Эр-Рияда в связи с иранской ядерной программой – саудовская разведка вновь открыла свой сборник пьес. Она начала поддержку суннитских оппозиционных групп – наиболее радикальных из них. Вдохновитель и энтузиаст подобного подхода, принц Бандар бин Султан ушел в отставку в апреле, якобы разочарованный бездеятельностью Обамы. Тем не менее, поддержка джихадистов продолжилась. Нынешний прорыв ISIS выглядит именно такого рода тактическим сюрпризом, о котором принц Бандар мог только и мечтать – хотя доказательств подобному сценарию нет.

Северный Ирак погрузился в быстротечную битву. В ней есть много переменных. Для Вашингтона, выбор – не предпринимать ничего должен быть сбалансирован заботой о судьбе 20 тысяч американских граждан, находящихся в Ираке. Катар – региональный оппортунист, постарается подразнить своего соперника – КСА, но так, чтобы не вывести из себя регионального медведя – Иран. Отпечатков пальцев Катара пока не видно. Шейх Тамим только что отпраздновал первую годовщину своего правления – после отречения родителя – шейха Хамада. Тамим воздерживался от интриг, которые были столь характерны для политики его отца. Возможно, он не станет лезть и иракское пекло, чтобы не вызвать гнев Ирана. Но, только что предоставив убежище в Дохе пяти лидерам Талибана, Тамим ясно дал понять, по какую сторону суниитско-шиитского разлом он стоит.

Существует потенциально важный исторический прецедент к нынешней поддержке КСА ISIS, и одновременному нежеланию его чрезмерного продвижения, которое может начать угрожать королевству. В 20-х годах религиозные фанатики Ихван – после того, как помогли Ибн Сауду завоевать Аравию, начали угрожать британским протекторатам в Ираке и Трансиордании. Ибн Сауд, отец нынешнего саудовского короля, дал британцам карт бланш на уничтожение Ихвана с помощью пулеметов и самолетов, и лично возглавил силы, добившие Ихван – в битве при Сабилла в 1929.

Сегодня трудно себе вообразить настолько аккуратное окончание хаоса, в который погружается долина Евфрата. На этом этапе прямая конфронтация между иранскими и саудовскими силами представляется маловероятной – несмотря на возможное участие корпуса стражей исламской революции в сирийской войне. То что ясно уже сейчас – к сирийской гражданской войне прибавилась иракская гражданская война. у ISIS готово имя для нового государства – Халифат аш-Шам. Вашингтону придется искать свое собственное новое имя для новой территории – и собственную новую политику.

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Muslim hatred breaks the Middle East: the result of 1400 years of enmity between Shiites and Sunnis … and now threatens to engulf the whole of Iraq, and then the whole world.

Ayatollah Systems: An ancient prophecy comes true: “starts in the Middle East and spread to the whole world

Today Ayatollah Sista said: “according to ancient prophecy recorded in old books, this year will expire in 1400 – year period and start the event according to this prophecy. After 1400 years of enmity between Shiites and Sunnis, this enmity engulf the entire Middle East, and then spread to the whole world and drown it in blood.
If you look at the events in Iraq, we see that the prophecy began to come true. “

In the center of the horrific crisis in Iraq is a centuries-old hatred between the two Muslim ideologies: Sunnis and Shiites.

The deadly power struggle between two rival versions of the same faith, flushed with terrifying force.

At this time, this struggle becomes an unprecedented scale and it watched in awe throughout the Middle East, where the escalation of traditional Sunni / Shia conflict threatens governments and national boundaries.

Ayatollah Systems: An ancient prophecy comes true: “starts in the Middle East and spread to the whole world

Battle for Iraq – Saudi war against Iran.


“Be careful what you wish” – this must be the Washington Council of Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States, supporting jihadists in their war against the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Damascus. This warning sounds more relevant than ever today, when the bloodthirsty rebels ISIS rapidly advance through the north-western Iraq, displacing hundreds of thousands of their fellow Sunni and Shiite creating panic in the center around Baghdad, whose population knows that the mercy of ISIS should not wait – if the motorized column jihadists are stopped.

Such a failure of Nouri al-Maliki was the sweetest dream of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. Maliki to him – nothing more than an Iranian puppet. Abdullah refused to send an ambassador to Baghdad. Instead, he incites his colleagues at the club despotisms Cooperation Council countries of the Gulf (GCC) – take a similar position deadlock. All these countries are vulnerable to attacks al-Qaeda, but looking through his fingers at the way their citizens are funding radical groups like Al-Nusra Dzhabhat in Syria.

Abdullah is on vacation in Morocco. He still does not show in connection with the Iraq crisis. Perhaps a vacation will be interrupted. There is no doubt that the 90-year-old monarch realized – after his failed policy in Syria due to resist organized by Iran, developments in Iraq give him another chance.

That prospect breaks many predictions and embarrassed many predictors. In recent weeks, the press was filled with reports of the beginning – albeit reluctantly – GCC rapprochement with Iran. Evidence for this was the visit of the Emir of Kuwait to Tehran, Tehran and visit several trade delegations GCC. And was the opposite trend – KSA first publicly demonstrated the Chinese ballistic missiles that could reach Iran and the UAE have introduced conscription.

Advantage if the term can be employed in this context, the slaughter in Iraq is that it brings clarity. There is certainly a rival warring tribes and nations, but the dominant strain is created tensions between Sunni (majority) and Shia (minority) Islam. This phenomenon is typical for the region, has been reduced to absurdity ISIS, which, in addition to other, considering their actions in Iraq against Maliki and as a blow to Assad.

ISIS – a ruthless killing machine put their contempt for the Sunni Shiites to its logical and bloody extreme. Saudi monarch, unlike his fellow crowned, very careful, and do not allow direct religious insults., But his hatred of the Shiites emerged in comments published wikileaks: “chop off head of the snake (theocratic regime in Tehran).”

Despite attempts by many, including in Washington, write it from the account, King Abdullah gripped in life. Not later than June 4, he met with Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayad, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi. Brother Muhammad recently suffered a stroke, and is now the de facto ruler Mohammed UAE. Nobody knows what they talked about, and Abdullah bin Zayad. Presumably – on elections in Egypt and the triumph of General Sisi. Sisi seen in Riyadh and Abu Dhabi as a “stabilizing force.” Currently Abdullah Zayad and Sisi – three main leader of the Arab world. The further fate of Arab States depends on these three leaders.

For those who are confused by sections in the Arab world and finds that the phrase “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” is of limited value, it is worth recalling that in rough Sunni / Shiite section coincides with the boundaries of the Arab and Persian worlds. In geopolitical terms, Iraq – link – with the Shiite majority, which in origin is the Arabs. There is another and totally confusing all dimension, which historically is the linchpin of Saudi policy – support for Islamic radicals abroad and their containment in the Kingdom. Hence – the support of bin Laden while he fought in Afghanistan, the jihadists in Chechnya, Bosnia and Syria.

<iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”http://www.liveleak.com/ll_embed?f=938b6a1a0dfe” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>


When the 2011 revolt against Assad began – together with growing concern in Riyadh in connection with Iran’s nuclear program – Saudi intelligence reopened his playbook. She began supporting Sunni opposition groups – the most radical of them. Inspirer and enthusiast of this approach, Prince Bandar bin Sultan resigned in April, allegedly disappointed Obama inactivity. Nevertheless, support for jihadists continued. The current mess ISIS looks exactly the kind of tactical surprise, which Prince Bandar could only dream of – though no evidence of such a scenario.

Northern Iraq plunged into fleeting battle. It has a lot of variables. For Washington, the choice – to do nothing is to be balanced by concern for the fate of the 20,000 American citizens in Iraq. Qatar – regional opportunist try to tease his opponent – KSA, but so as not to ruffle the regional bear – Iran. Fingerprint Qatar has not yet seen. Sheikh Tamim just celebrated the first anniversary of his reign – after the abdication of parents – Sheikh Hamad. Tamim abstained from the intrigues that were so characteristic of the policy of his father. Perhaps he will not climb and the Iraqi hell, not to incur the wrath of Iran. But just providing shelter in Doha five leaders of the Taliban, Tamim has made it clear on which side suniitsko-Shiite rift he stands.

There is a potentially important historical precedent to support the current CSA ISIS, and simultaneous unwillingness of its excessive promotion, which may threaten to kingdom. In the 20-ies of religious fanatics Ikhwan – after Ibn Saud helped conquer Arabia, began to threaten the British protectorate in Iraq and Transjordan. Ibn Saud, father of the current Saudi king, the British gave carte blanche to the destruction of the Ikhwan using machine guns and airplanes, and personally led forces dobivshie Ikhwan – at the Battle of Sabilla in 1929.

Today it is difficult to imagine such a neat ending chaos that plunges the Euphrates valley. At this stage, direct confrontation between Iranian and Saudi forces seems unlikely – despite the possible involvement of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps in the Syrian war. What is already clear – to the Syrian civil war was added the Iraqi civil war. ISIS have ready the name for the new state – the Caliphate Al-Sham. Washington will have to find their own new name for the new territory – and its own new policy.

Borderlands: The View Beyond Ukraine.



Editor’s Note: This is the final installment in George Friedman’s recent series written during his journey from the Baltics, through Central and Eastern Europe and then east to Turkey and Azerbaijan.
I traveled between Poland and Azerbaijan during a rare period when the forces that shape Europe appear to be in flux, and most of the countries I visited are re-evaluating their positions. The overwhelming sense was anxiety. Observers from countries such as Poland make little effort to hide it. Those from places such as Turkey, which is larger and not directly in the line of fire, look at Ukraine as an undercurrent rather than the dominant theme. But from Poland to Azerbaijan, I heard two questions: Are the Russians on the move? And what can these countries do to protect themselves?

Borderlands Series

Moscow is anxious too, and some Russians I spoke to expressed this quite openly. From the Russian point of view, the Europeans and Americans did the one thing they knew Moscow could not live with: They installed a pro-Western government in Kiev. For them, the Western claims of a popular rising in Ukraine are belied by the Western-funded nongovernmental organizations that were critical to sustaining the movement to unseat the government. But that is hardly what matters most. A pro-Western government now controls Ukraine, and if that control holds, the Russian Federation is in danger.

The View to Russia’s West

When the Russians look at a map, this is what they see: The Baltic states are in NATO and Ukraine has aligned with the West. The anti-Western government in Belarus is at risk, and were Minsk to change its loyalties, Russia’s potential enemies will have penetrated almost as deeply toward the Russian core as the Nazis did. This is a comparison I heard Russians make several times. For them, the Great Patriotic War (World War II), which left more than 20 million Soviet dead, is a vivid, living memory, and so is Hitler’s treachery. Russians are not a trusting people and have no reason to be. The same is true of the Central Europeans, the Turks and the Caucasians. Nothing in their past permits them the luxury of assuming the best about anyone.
In recent weeks, three things have become obvious. The first is that the Russians will not invade Ukraine directly. You don’t occupy a country of almost 50 million people with the 50,000 troops Russia has mobilized, and you can never assume that an occupied population will welcome you. The Russians have postured as if they were an overwhelming force, but the threat of American munitions dumps and airstrikes against fuel depots — not something that the Russians can dismiss out of hand — as well as the threat of an insurgency leave the Russians wary.
Equally clear is that no European power can defend the line running from Poland to Romania with the decisive force needed to repel a Russian attack — or even support these countries against Russian pressure and potential subversion. Germany is the key country, and Berlin has made it clear that there are limits to what it is prepared to do in Ukraine and to the steps it is ready to take to defend the eastern flank of NATO and the European Union. Berlin does not want another Cold War. Germany depends on Russian energy and ultimately is satisfied with the status quo. The rest of Europe cannot intervene decisively.
Finally, this means that any support to Europe’s eastern flank must come from the United States. Washington spent the past few weeks indicating its commitment to two key countries: Poland and Romania. President Barack Obama went to Poland while Vice President Joe Biden traveled to Romania, and while both leaders stressed Washington’s absolute commitment to Poland’s and Romania’s national security, they were short on specifics. That lack of detail is not surprising — the United States is still taking stock of the situation. Washington is not ready to outline the nature and extent of its support, and from the American point of view, so long as the Russians are focused on Ukraine, there is still time to do so.
The primary concern for the United States would logically be Poland, the most vulnerable country on the North European Plain. But for now, distance and logistics limit the Russians’ ability to threaten Poland. The stability of the Baltic states is the greatest fear in the region, and the threat there is not Russian invasion, but Russian subversion — a threat that armored divisions cannot address.
More important, a primary commitment to Poland forces any alliance into a defensive posture. That made sense during the Cold War, when Soviet conventional military forces were much larger and better deployed. But Russia today is far weaker, and a more assertive strategy — one that presents Russia with risks while also defending key assets — is more appropriate.

The Emerging Black Sea Strategy

For these reasons, we see the United States beginning to adopt a Black Sea strategy centered on Romania. The Russians held on to Sevastopol because naval capability in the Black Sea is critical. A strategy that enhances Romania’s naval capability and places U.S. aircraft in the region would pose a threat to the Russian fleet. It would also extend defensive capabilities to Georgia and protect the indispensible route for any pipelines running from Azerbaijan. Put simply, a competent rival Black Sea fleet would create problems for Russia, particularly if the Ukrainian regime survives and Crimea is isolated. The visit by U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel to Romania indicates the importance U.S. strategic thinkers place on that country.
It is important to note the extensive diplomacy ongoing between the United States and Turkey, as well as meetings between Turkish, Romanian and Polish leaders. The Turks are obviously vulnerable to energy cutoffs, and Ankara does not want to see the Black Sea used as a battleground. At the same time, Turkey would want to be a part of any alliance structure the United States is constructing in the region. In the long run, the Turks have a deep interest in Iraqi and Iranian energy and little trust in Russian intentions.
What we are seeing is regional players toying with new alliance structures. The process is in its infancy, but it is already forcing the Russians to consider their future. An added dimension to this is of course energy. The Russians would appear to have the advantage here: Many of the nations that fear Moscow also depend on it for natural gas. But there is a Russian weakness here as well. Natural gas is a powerful lever, but it is not particularly profitable. Russia’s national budget — indeed, its economy — is built around oil. The chief danger Moscow faces is that it doesn’t control the price of oil. A radical decline in that benchmark would cause the Russian economy to stagger at the very least. While in Poland, Obama deliberately pointed out Russia’s economic problems. He wanted Russian President Vladimir Putin to know that he understands Russia’s weakness.
Deployment of military force, while necessary, is therefore not the core element of the developing Western strategy. Rather, the key move is to take steps to flood the world market with oil — even knowing that implementing this strategy is extremely difficult. It appears likely that once Tehran reaches an agreement with Washington on nuclear weapons, Iran’s oil market will open up, and a major source of oil will flow. Additional Iraqi oil is also moving toward the market, and Libyan production might soon resume. Washington itself wields the most powerful weapon: The United States could reverse its current policy and start exporting oil and liquefied natural gas.
There are undercurrents in this. Bulgaria announced this weekend that it would suspend construction on South Stream, a pipeline the Russians favor, after the country’s prime minister met with three U.S. senators. In the short run, the strategy may be to limit Russia’s control over Europe’s energy; in the long run, the strategy could create the means to destabilize the Russian economy.
None of this is an immediate threat to Russia. It will be years before these and other alternative sources of energy come online — indeed, some may never be available — and there are many constraints, especially in the short term. U.S. companies and oil-producing allies who depend on high oil prices would suffer alongside Russia — an expensive collateral to this policy. But the game here is geopolitical futures. Once major efforts are underway to increase the worldwide availability of oil, those efforts are hard to stop. The Russian strategy must be to diminish the influence of energy on Moscow’s geopolitical imperatives. The Russians know this, and their aim now is to diversify their economy enough within the next 10 years to reduce their vulnerability to fluctuations in energy markets. The threat to Moscow is a surge in supply that cuts into Russian markets and depresses oil prices before Russia completes this effort.
For the United States, the game is not to massively arm Poland, build a Romanian navy or transform the world oil markets. It is simpler than that: Washington wants to show that it is ready to do these things. Such a show of will forces the Russians to recalculate their position now, before the threat becomes a reality. It is not that the United States is bluffing — it is that Washington would prefer to achieve its goals without a major effort, and frankly, without tanking oil prices.

New Calculations

The United States now has a pro-Western government in Ukraine. If that government survives and is strengthened, the Russian position becomes entirely defensive, and the threat Moscow poses is gone. Further, Belarus could destabilize and end up with a pro-Western government. In either case, the Russian position becomes enormously difficult. Its principal weapon — cutting off natural gas to Europe — would then have to take into account Russia’s strategic vulnerability, and possibly even calculate the potential for instability in Russia itself. The future for Russia becomes the one thing no nation wants: uncertain.
Russia now has two choices. The first is to destabilize Ukraine. Success is uncertain, and Moscow cannot predict the U.S. response. Washington’s moves in Poland, Romania and even Turkey have made this option riskier than it was. The fallback for Russia is to neutralize Ukraine. Russia would leave the current government in place so long as Kiev pledges not to join Western-led multinational structures and not to allow any foreign military presence on Ukrainian territory. In return, the Russians would guarantee Ukraine’s territorial integrity and might even reconsider the status of Crimea.
The Western strategy is to create a credible threat to fundamental Russian interests. That means guaranteeing Poland’s defense while setting up offensive military capabilities in Romania. But a linchpin of the strategy is to let Moscow know that the United States is prepared if necessary to stage an all-out attack on the price of oil. The goal is to make Putin rethink the long-term risks he is running by cashing in on Russia’s short-term advantage in natural gas exports.
The Russians must now calculate whether they can destabilize Ukraine enough to displace the pro-Western government. They must also consider the costs of doing so. In the meantime, Moscow is exploring possibilities for the neutralization of Ukraine. Germany will be key, and I suspect the Germans would be happy to see Kiev neutralized if doing so brought an end to the crisis.
From the U.S. point of view, a Western-oriented but neutral Ukraine would create a buffer zone without forcing a confrontation with Russia. What the Americans must calculate is how stable this arrangement is and what the Russians might later do to undermine it. The problem with agreeing to any deal is in its enforcement. You enforce it by being able to threaten the other party with the one thing they don’t want. And the one thing that Russia doesn’t want is anything that threatens its weakened economy. If a control mechanism doesn’t emerge, then Ukraine will remain a battleground in a little cold war.

Is joining the European Union, Estonia has made ​​life better or worse?

This year marks the tenth anniversary of Estonia‘s accession to NATO and the European Union, and therefore, we will explore the views of readers already a decade of life in the European Union, the Estonian.

Dear reader, let me know what you think of the advantages and disadvantages of joining. Does life have gotten better or worse? Give examples of what is good and which is bad. How many lives would be different from when Estonia would not be a member of the European Union.

Comment Order:

Toomas Hendrik Ilves stated today that the EU is not somewhere in Brussels, We‘re EL.Jah, he has the right but this whole string of slogans äraleierdatud our lives better just will not do.
Years ago, of course, had a different slogans: The Soviet Union is not only in Moscow, Soviet Union, we are all together in our Do not like????
And how long was being a blessing to when we all work together we got to say, NOT FINALLY Russian power, no one’s a foreign power, we are free???
And those who are in bondage to sell us a new, does not deserve any respect.
ACTUALLY THE REPUBLIC OF ESTONIA ceased to exist at that moment as we exchange her crown for foreign capital VASTU.Vabatahtlikult seekord.Nii that in the future we can no longer not in any way suggest that we okupeeriti.Meie their elected representatives sold us out.

I have personally gone to the life and increases mõõnadega.Tänaseks is my life gone paremaks.Ma think that if Ireland had not taken ELiitu it would be even worse in life, but yes as an example in Switzerland and Norway, you may have also gone to a better life, but do as well as Norway and Switzerland?

anonymous commentators:

05/01/2014 12:24
Only the CIS is the best!
Long live the Edgar and the euro-skeptics!

, together with the improved
05/01/2014 12:37
What’s good, it’s expensive. Better, but more expensive.

05/01/2014 12:50
Certainly the Estonian life changed for the better ! But õinud TAA would be way better if we had a country led by the people . Who has the ability to provide for a longer and think but not one as far pääva hosts . There are no people in the state who would be at the head of the country’s economy and industry siigi able to develop in order to increase incomes and narrowing of unemployment. Also, we are considered to be better than some of the officials of the Erta Houses and apartments for lease , and this serves the uncontrolled sector privatization . Instead of COUNTRY ‘d build SOTSJAAL LIVING SPACE ON BOTH saw it DOES Finnish state who knows OUT Nana and evaluating the YOUTH leave their homeland . Instead of when to walk out of the country maates WHERE ARE THEY much bigger opportunity to start an independent life than they do EESTIS.Samuti do not caring julgoleku in the population of the country . War threats have not disappeared kuhuki . But we can not bomb variendite cared for , will not be built new or old KAA is not done right. Also, it is a country that takes its peoples which has led to unscrupulous people away from the flow is useful just in our nation , and the country ‘s enemies thus decreases as the country’s defense capability. Politicians tulekds be more considerate of your nation’s life and develop each KÜLKSEL JÄRIE over the country’s economy in order to increase state revenues , and in order to together as the public welfare .

05/01/2014 12:57
How anyone: 5 percent of local bosses of the euro has certainly gone a better life, the rest is worse

05/01/2014 13:00
In terms of the survival of the people of Estonia , the EU has made ​​the situation worse by joining . So far, all the government lost steam after the EU and NATO , and it, to please the U.S.. If you look at the political issues raised , it looks like everything else Highlighted as how to increase the birth rate and reduce emigration . Living in the EU , Estonia has gone several times more expensive than it was prior to the EU . And this does not help speaking, that wages have risen , unfortunately, is the cost of a number of countries in the old EU -level , but the income is very far from that .

As well as the continued existence of the Estonian society today, the debate is not , then you can assume that the situation will deteriorate even further in the near future will bring a wave of immigration in addition to the southern borders of the EU study. Why do I think this ? Already have elucidated the nature of the area in and how much is vamis immigrants to receive . Teles had only recently been advertising in favor of immigrants : a la a person would think of himself as an immigrant somewhere .

Our politicians today lack any understanding of what the interests of Estonia in the EU should do or how to protect the interests of Estonia . If you look at these forums that have been , we can see how our politicians are talking about it , you will see that half of the EU countries ‘ interests should be regulated more consistently , that today the EU countries ( especially the old-timers ) are tearing decks of their party . But our politicians are forgetting that that’s it : every normal state is trying to take care of their own people eekõige . Only our political fools have taken the position where they are ready to sacrifice their own people on behalf of the EU , where the general . And now it will be seen as the voice of the EU core countries do not behave so . And they are not going to behave as well as the lack of enesehävitajalik attitude, which is so characteristic of Estonian politicians.

Petya Corr
05/01/2014 13:08
worse than that before paying the chefs euro euros paid 500 euros and 500 euros for the same value today

Current topic
05/01/2014 13:31
I got a tick injections, the price of 35 EUR, can not remember that last for 500 euros would be paid for. Now, look, most of the prices, so-wage emails. wages.

05/01/2014 13:44
Thirty years ago, the USSR was like … Estonia Estonian USSR as foreigners. Throughout the USSR came here as abroad. Now the Union as the Estonian euro Tajikistan USSR, corvée periphery, the poor, the abandoned, meaningless, pointless
Only bei’del have to live here for good.

05/01/2014 14:18
Is not this so and so being such a status, there have been many failings, but good things too. It’s good that we have a new government, and youth ministers, or really hope that goes better.

I say
05/01/2014 14:59
well shitty

khmm ..
05/01/2014 15:08
Certainly the Estonian life changed for the better! But õinud TAA would be way better if we had a country led by the people. Who has the ability to provide for a longer and think about wh …
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in the long run, you’d have to go to school and learn to write. is generally the case in the long term, so that it does not work right away. you can see the results of decisions taken by the present government in 20 years. Edgar is a short-term guy. potatoes and firewood, and soon the voters will see that it is built on pakasuuha. Now we will provide escorts for doing unnecessary work for free transportation and municipal bank. These are all short-term actions are immediately visible result, but which are not sustainable in the long term, and probably doing more damage than it’s worth.

05/01/2014 17:31

05/01/2014 17:36
Well, it is too early yet to assess.
Disappointment in Soviet Union took half a century.
We’ll see how much the EU is going to take a Disappointment?

05/01/2014 17:39
better. there is no need to evaluate the cost of the individual before and now. We really do not know how anyone could fall in prices after the economy had long euros, or a crown would have had extreme pressure as the economic situation from 2008 to 2012. The European Union has been the full benefits of the free movement of both the state budget than all together. Incidentally, for those who now also loves to go elsewhere in the world, digging ditches and pulling crud boundaries would still have been a very closed.

05/01/2014 19:47
Estonia’s average salary is less than the current time, however, earned euros while now boast that higher wages only for those up there Toompeal SES has risen properly

05/01/2014 20:32
Such Lonnid shape opinion but, fortunately, Adult wall! Dblikul what went on for half a century to figure out that the NL is hideous occupation of the Estonian people and the rape?

05/01/2014 21:29

05/01/2014 21:38
let’s not only take into consideration the prices and wages. NL is not damaged and destroyed in Estonian culture, language and values ​​70aastaga as much as it has happened in the last few years. the nation and the country has been threatened with collapse. Rural, where the state eksitentsi base has been destroyed, schools are destroyed, people are forced to leave home places economic pressure. The EU has been able to destroy us faster than a few years, when the NL 70aastaga. Methods are simply clever propaganda better. all still freedom, democracy, and freedom of movement under the banner. The EU, however, has already started about eeltegevus 20a back.

20 years of corporate
02/05/2014 10:03
I personally have gone or material is cooler than what can be said about all of my dear acquaintances , which includes a lot of good professionals, educators , musicians , and artists. They do not treat their teeth , their every penny spent on housing , educating children and kasvataminele . The parts are bankrupt and are looking for new outlets meelehetlikult .
Our children are raised and educated in the world , and spread out a few of them are returning , which is really a tragedy .
Hull is that foolish and short-sighted policies paremliberalistide a result of living in the country , which are difficult to love , and the incitement of hatred between them because of the crazily .

Democracy does not work at any rate , things will be decided over our heads and yell the Stalinist propaganda accompaniment. Journalism is corruptible lakeide power to make just such a brainwashed as those in power need . All are built on the opposition .

Small entrepreneurs have the force of a small-timer who habitation always have to cheat a little , because otherwise, the doors should be shut down quickly . As an entrepreneur, I find this very alatuks politics and I am offended by the bottom hinge .
Help and support for dividing those who are doing better , and allow the bubbles start to do something , not the makers.
20 years of hard driving companies have never attracted media attention , but then we read each day blissfully pernicious , decadent life promovatest werewolf heroes . Also, the state has never shared any kind of recognition .
Not long ago , we no longer have any autonomy or self-esteem. Everything is off the Haggle . In this light, the whole europalagan just ridiculous .
In that Estonia does not have a future, it simply breaks down.

02/05/2014 20:29
absolutely agree.
also has received the ultimate freedom of expression. 90s book dared to talk about things in the media.
Now listen, and wonder what the wise and educated public figures out of the mouth of doing. they can not be so dumb.
Consequently, they are either intimidated or paid for. Adult only meiesugsued commentators dare to squeak a little more. and who knows where our nimedki has already been written.
The situation is still very spooky, actually.

Läbikukkunud kapitalism tekitab globaalset ebavõrdsust / The failed global capitalism creates inequality.



Kapitalismist läbi imbunud maailm peegeldab selles valitsevat sotsiaalset ja majanduslikku ebavõrdsust; vahe rikaste ja vaeste vahel on enamikes maades alates 1980. aastatest ainult suurenenud. Thomas Piketty hiljuti ilmunud raamat “Capital in the Twenty-first Century” väidab, et kui käesolev trend jätkub, näevad inimesed ka sellega kaasnevaid kohutavaid tagajärgi. Tegemist ei ole kõigest teadusliku ennustusega. Erinevad viimastel aastatel toimunud sotsiaalsed ja poliitilised liikumised nagu näiteks Occupy Wall Street on tõestuseks sellest, et üha enam inimesi märkab ühiskonnas valitsevat ebavõrdsust ning püüab sellele jõuliselt vastu astuda.


Prantsuse majandusteadlane Thomas Piketty avaldas hiljuti 700- leheküljelise suurteose nimega “Capital in the Twenty-first Century”, mille pealkiri paljudele ilmselt saksa filosoofi ja majandusteadlase Karl Marxi tuntud teost “Kapital” meenutab. Marxi ennustatud kapitalismi lõpp kunagi kätte ei jõudnudki, kuid Piketty usub, et ka tänaste majandusteadlaste tavapärased selgitused kapitalismist ei ole piisavalt veenvad, sest erinevalt klassikalistest majandusteadlastest nagu Karl Marx, David Ricardo ja John Stuart Mill ei pööra praegused majandusteadlased piisavalt tähelepanu kapitali kogumisele – säästmisele, investeerimisele ja rikkuse kasvatamisele. Piketty usub, et kapitalism on pime ning ainus viis selle hukatuslikust spiraalist pääseda on määrata progressiivne varamaks.


Kapitalismi olemus ja ajalugu

Kapitalism on viimaste sajandite jooksul tekitanud tohutu hüppe inimühiskonna progressis – oleme saavutanud eelnevalt kujutlematud materiaalsed elustandardid ning igasuguse inimpotentsiaali kujutlematu kasvu. Kapitalismi sisemine dünaamika tekitab kasude kõrval aga ka ebakindlust ning seetõttu on kapitalismi kasv alati teatavat vastuseisu näinud. Paljude kapitalistlike ühiskondade poliitiline ja institutsionaalne ajalugu ongi tegelikkuses püüelnud justnimelt selle ebastabiilsuse maandamise poole; vaid 20. sajandi keskpaiku kaasaegse heaoluriigi tekkega on hakanud kapitalism ja demokraatia teatavas harmoonias koos eksisteerima.

Kapitalism on majanduslike ja sotsiaalsete suhete süsteem, milles olulisel kohal on eraomand, teenuste ja kaupade vahetus ning nende teenuste ja kaupade tootmise ning turustamise kontroll läbi turumehhanismide. Kapitalismi mõningad elemendid on inimühiskondades eksisteerinud juba aegade algusest alates, kuid täpsemalt loetakse kapitalismi sünniks 17. ja 18. sajandit, kui mõnedes Euroopa osades ja Põhja- Ameerikas kõik kapitalismi jaoks vajalikud komponendid kokku said. Kui läbi ajaloo olid enamik majapidamisi tarbinud enamasti just asju mida nad ise tootsid ja vastupidi, siis just kapitalismi tulekuga hakkas rahvastik enamikke eluks vajalikke tarbeasju ostma, müües selleks maha enamiku asju, mida nad tootsid.

Turule orienteeritud leibkondade kasvuga ilmnes ka kapitalismi tohutu mõju peaaegu igale inimtegevuse aspektile. Kapitalismile eelnevatel aegadel olid traditsioonilised institutsioonid need, mis allutasid inimesed erinevatele kogukondlikele, poliitilistele ja religioossetele struktuuridele, hoides seega ära suuremad muutused ja progressi. Kapitalismi tulekuga saavutasid üksikisikud suurema kontrolli ja vastutuse oma elude üle, kui nad siiani kordagi olid kogenud – tegemist oli nii vabastava kui ka kohutava muutusega, millega kaasnes nii progress kui ka tagasilangus. Täna on kapitalismi kitsaskohaks tendents, et üha enam varasid on järjest üksikumate inimeste kätes.


Kapitalism ja ebavõrdus

Majandusteadlaste kapitalismi puudutavad argumendid on kokkuvõtlikult jagunenud kaheks: esimene, Karl Marxist alguse saanud traditsioon uskus, et kapitalism leiab kasumi vähenemises oma enesehävitusliku lõpu ning teise äärmuse järgi, mille populariseerijaks oli 1971. aastal Nobeli auhinna võitnud Simon Kuznets, peaks ebavõrdsus majanduste kasvades ja keerukamaks muutudes aina vähenema. Piketty arvates ei ole kumbki neist argumentidest tõendusmaterjalidega kinnitatav. Oma teoses näitab ta, et ei ole põhjust uskuda, et kapitalism võiks kunagi ebavõrdsuse probleemi lahendada. Pigem muutub ebavõrdsus postindustriaalses kapitalistlikus maailmas peaaegu igal pool aina hullemaks.

Postindustriaalsed sotsiaalsed trendid on omanud tohutut mõju ka sotsiaalse ebavõrduse kasvule. Kui näiteks perekonna sissetulek igal majandusastmel on eelmisega võrreldes kahekordne, siis nende perekondade sissetulekud, kes asuvad karjääriredelil kõrgemal positsioonil peaksid ka kasvama tunduvalt kiiremini, kui neist madalamatel ametitel olevatel perekondadel, samas kui majanduslikult madalamal positsioonil olevatel peredel ei ole märgata mingitki majanduslikku kasvu.

Selline süsteem seletab lahti vaesuse olemasolu. Kõik, ka kõige elementaarsemad vajadused nagu näiteks toit on rahuldatavad tarbekaupadega, mida müüakse kasumi eemärgi. Seega, ehkki tehniliselt on kõigil igapäevaselt vajadus teatud koguse toidu järgi, on kapitalistlikus süsteemis tegemist “efektiivse” nõudlusega vaid siis, kui inimene suudab tarbekauba eest tasuda. Taolise olukorra vastus seisneb tootmise organiseerimises. Kapitalistlik süsteem on ebaõiglane ja ebavõrdne, sest selles osaleb väike hulk inimesi, kes kogu tootmist kontrollib. Kuidas saab olla tegemist sissetulekute võrdsusega süsteemis, kus vaid vähemus valvab ja kontrollib omandiõigust asjade üle, mis maailmas valitsevad on: tehased, farmid, miinid ja kontorihooned?

Kõik eelnev on tavalistele inimestele märgata. Occupy Wall Street ja sellega kaasnenud ülemaailmsed protestiaktsioonid kandsid endas põhimõtteid nagu solidaarsus, millega seoses püüti ka ümber sõnastada näiteks tööjõu väärtustamist; OWS aktivistid püüdsid ette kujutada sotsi-poliitilist ja majanduslikku alternatiivi, mis pakuks võimaluse suurema võrdsuse saavutamiseks. Piketty raamatu üks olulisemaid eesmärke ongi ehk näidata, et aktivistidel üle maailma on õigus – ta kirjeldab olukorda, millele nii paljud inimesed on juba ammu mõelnud. Ebavõrdsus on globaalne nähtus ning Pikettyl näib olevat sellele ka globaalne lahendus: globaalne varade maksustamine kombineerituna kõrgemate maksumääradega suurema sissetulekuga inimestele.






Capitalism permeated the world that reflects the prevailing social and economic inequality; the difference between the rich and the poor in most countries since the 1980s. increased only . Thomas Piketty have recently published the book “Capital in the Twenty – First Century ” argues that if this trend continues , people will see the dire consequences associated therewith . This is not just a scientific prediction . Different in recent years, the social and political movements such as Occupy Wall Street is proof that more and more people will notice inequalities in society and tries to forcefully confront .

French economist Thomas Piketty have recently published a 700 – page masterpiece called ” Capital in the Twenty – First Century ,” the title of which many probably German philosopher and economist Karl Marx’s well-known work “Capital ” recalls . Marx predicted capitalism, the end never received never got , but Piketty believes that in today’s economists, the conventional explanations of capitalism is not convincing enough , because unlike the classical economists such as Karl Marx , David Ricardo and John Stuart Mill did not turn the current economic researchers enough attention to fundraising – saving, investment and wealth production. Piketty believes that capitalism is blind , and the only way to escape is to determine the pernicious spiral of progressive property tax .

The nature of capitalism and history

During the last few centuries , capitalism has created a huge surge in the progress of human society – we have achieved previously unimaginable material living standards of all human potential unimaginable growth. Capitalism creates the internal dynamics of the side benefits as well as the uncertainty and, therefore, the growth of capitalism has always seen some opposition . For many capitalist societies, political and institutional history is actually precisely on this instability has striven toward mitigation ; the mid-20th century with the advent of the modern welfare state , capitalism , and democracy in particular have begun to coexist in harmony .

Capitalism is an economic and social relations in a system in which private property is important , the exchange of goods and services and the services and goods production and marketing control through market mechanisms . Some elements of capitalism, human societies have existed since the beginning of time , but more is considered the birth of capitalism in the 17th and 18th centuries , when in some parts of Europe and North America, all of the necessary components for a total of capitalism did. Where were the majority of households throughout history have used mostly just the things that they themselves produced , and vice versa , it just started with the advent of capitalism, most of the population lives utensils needed to purchase by selling to off most of the things they produced .

Market-oriented households also showed growth of capitalism huge impact on almost every aspect of human activity . Traditional institutions of capitalism in previous seasons were the ones that enslaved people to various community-based , political , and religious structures , thus avoiding major changes and progress . Achieved with the advent of capitalism, individuals have greater control and responsibility over their lives than they had hitherto never experienced – it was such a release , as well as the dreaded change , which resulted in both the progression and relapse . Today, capitalism is the bottleneck of the tendency that more and more resources are becoming loneliest people’s hands.

Capitalism and inequality

Economists capitalism arguments can be summarized into two categories: first , Karl Marx began a tradition believed that capitalism finds a decline in profits in its enesehävitusliku end and the opposite extreme , for which music to the 1971st year, the Nobel Prize-winning Simon Kuznets , the inequality in economies grow and become more complex ever- diminishing. Piketty opinion, neither of these arguments with evidence to confirm it. His book , he shows that there is no reason to believe that capitalism could never solve the problem of inequality . Rather, the post-industrial capitalist inequality almost everywhere in the world to get worse .

Post-industrial social trends have had a tremendous impact on the growth of social inequality . If , for example, family income every economic level are compared with the previous two-fold, their families, incomes , who are in their careers at a higher position should also grow much more rapidly than those of lower agencies to families , while economic positions of subordination families have not noticed any kind of economic growth.

Such a system would explain the presence rid of poverty . Everyone, including the most basic needs such as food is to satisfy the consumer products , which are sold at profit targets. Thus , although technically all need a certain amount of food on a daily basis by the capitalist system is an ‘ effective ‘ demand only if the person is able to pay for the commodity . The answer to this situation lies in the organization of production . The capitalist system is unjust and unequal, because it involves a small number of people who check the entire production . How can there be equality of incomes in a system where only a minority of supervised and monitored by the right of ownership over things that are prevailing in the world : the factories , farms , mines , and office buildings?

All this has been noticed by the ordinary people . Occupy Wall Street and the resulting global protests wore itself the principles of solidarity, which was taken in connection with the reformulated as employee appreciation ; OWS activists tried to imagine the socio – political and economic alternative that would provide the opportunity to achieve greater equality . Piketty book is perhaps one of the most important goals to show that activists around the world are right – it describes a situation in which so many people have already been thinking about . Inequality is a global phenomenon and Pikettyl seems that the global solution : a global tax assets combined with higher tax rates for people with higher incomes .

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