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Run a Ukrainian! Run!

Беги, украинец! Беги!

Let’s go back a few years ago and remember how elegantly global political elite was prepared to overcome the impending second wave of global economic crisis. The scheme was a beautiful and beneficial: the US soft “compressed” to the level of the owner of North and Central America and, in exchange, the world harness (literally, financially) in the process of ensuring a “soft landing” for the US economy. The most important marker of this scenario, in addition to the famous Obama’s “tell Vladimir that after the election, I will be more flexible,” was officially agreed to give the United States control over the rest of the world through the IMF’s refusal to “blocking stake” shares. In many conflict areas have been made compromises: the Americans, to the great joy of China cut its financial support for African politicians and Yanukovych regime invested “special purse” of the Democratic Party of the United States, Mark Mobius. Peace, for the first time in its history, was a more or less organized and bloodless transfer of leadership from one global hegemon in the hands of supporters of a multipolar world. And then everything collapsed.


I’m afraid we’ll never know the details of the invisible revolution in the American elite, which occurred about two years ago. From the visible effects need to emphasize the following: there was a “bow” between the most radical democracy (the so-called “Clinton clan”, to which he belongs and Joe Biden) and the most radical Republicans, ie neocons and “tea party.” Because of Obama’s failed American Gorbachev, and the blessing that has given Obama the presidential election last of the Kennedy clan turned out rather familial curse. As a result, instead of the supporters of the “soft landing”, some of the key points in the American “political MCC” captured supporters of the war to the end, not necessarily victorious, but Obama and what was left of his team may engage in partisan except that, the benefit of some control over economic bloc they still have.


In the new context, the US is trying to implement two plans:

1. Plan a minimum – to rob Europe via the so-called “free trade agreement” (see. Article “We need to Berlin, not Kiev” – http://politrussia.com/world/nam-nuzhen-berlin-779/) and the rest of the world – ignite.

2. Plan a maximum – to rob Europe, set fire to the whole world, to seize power in Russia and to use it as a battering ram against China with a mandatory nuclear war between the two major geopolitical enemies of the United States. And you thought nothing Nemtsov regularly wrote articles that the main enemy of Russia – this is China?

The implementation of these plans Ukraine should fulfill the role of a tool that forever separates the EU from Russia and bury any hope for a “Continental union” between Berlin and Moscow – the eternal fear of Anglo-Saxon civilization. Everything else – the secondary, though pleasant for US bonuses.

Washington’s main problem – a terrible time trouble. Obama negotiated the surrender hegemony not a good life, and also not a good life Americans had to rush to Maidan. They do not have even a few years, to how to play all the games in which they got involved; the economy may fall into a spin at any time.

In terms of implementation of the strategic objectives of the operation in Ukraine failed. If nekononov and Clinton in Washington left at least ten years, it would be a success, but they need a blitzkrieg, and blitzkrieg failed, and most likely will not happen. Despite the enormous pressure and attempts to play scheme “Take us to our economy, and we will protect you from the terrible Russian, who captured the Crimea and is about to take over Kiev ‘Europeans do not want to sign a contract TTIP and destroy its economic elite for the benefit of the United States. Worse, even an embargo on Russian energy could not push. About the seizure of power in Moscow, the Americans still dream, but the chances of them – a little bit, and the clock is ticking and ticking all monotonously counting time before the US economic collapse.

Moscow understands and acts in the wheel logic, “We need a Berlin”, despite the heart-rending cries guard patriots who like to wave a sword and help to ensure that the third time in a hundred years, Russia and Europe clashed in a battle that would benefit only the United States (not tired, huh?)

Highly recommended to see a fragment of the sign from a recent interview with Sergei Lavrov, which clearly explains why Moscow alliance with Germany: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=gJTKN0–PpE#t=2633 (beginning of the frame – 43: 40)

The bottom line: we want to “shake up” the European Union so that it began to actively defend their own interests. Not the fact that the work, but work on it – it is necessary. Even just holding the EU from becoming a “food” for the US economy will be enormous victory, which will not allow the United States to extend its existence due to the European economy, as well as the US extended its existence for two decades due to the plunder of the USSR.

The situation is slowly beginning to level off, and the recent summit Ukraine – EU, was the best proof of that.

Let’s look at the specifics:

1. Has the American radicals to make EU support Ukraine cost? No it failed. For a minimal support of the Ukrainian economy needs tens of billions of euros. They are not and never will. This way, the question of the complete submission of Europe. For a complete subordination? If it was full, the money would be allocated in the last year. No money.

2. Were you able to get tougher sanctions against Russia? No it failed.

Total defeat of Ukraine.

To complete the picture, it is desirable to read about how the Financial Times complains about the behavior of the German and French diplomats who “put pressure on Ukraine,” and rewritten beyond recognition the final document of the summit, which apparently was made in the State Department: http://lenta.ru/news/2015 / 04/27 / ft /

Moreover, moving from the language of diplomacy, the passage:

“Germany and its key European partners put pressure on Ukraine in order to accelerate the implementation of the Minsk Agreement, fearing that Russia will use procrastination to” justify the renewal of aggression “,” should be read as “The Germans and the French said: dear Ukrainians, or you merge in an amicable or we turn away and Putin will do something bad. ”

Against this backdrop, statements by the head of the Office of Trade Policy at the Ministry of Economic Development of Italy’s Federica Ayhberga looks particularly interesting:

“Italy in February is clear and makes it clear that the Council of Ministers will not vote for the extension of sanctions. We believe in Russia, in a prosperous country and a reliable partner,” – said Ayhberg. (Http://www.vestifinance.ru/articles/56613)

Before the victory in the European direction is still far, but reasons for optimism continue to appear, causing nervous American specialists:

“Some European countries have” Trojan horses “Russia:
The apparent inconsistency of some European countries in relation to the Ukrainian crisis is dictated by the national interests and the desire to conclude a lucrative contract with Russia in times of crisis, writes Bulgarian political scientist Ivan Krastev in his article published by The New York Times. “(Http://vz.ru /news/2015/4/27/742498.html)

The position of Kiev and its American curators can not be called a winner. Obama continues to block arms supplies to Ukraine, the EU does not want to save the Ukrainian economy, and direct access to the American printing press in Washington radicals fortunately not, and besides, the machine is moribund – http://fritzmorgen.livejournal.com/723625.html .

Through the IMF was able to push the injection of 5 billion, however, getting the next tranche made dependent on the success of negotiations on restructuring the debt owed to private creditors. But the restructuring of bad, bad to the point that Madame Yaresko hysteria in the pages of the Western media and Western threatened default funds.


Apparently, Ms. Yaresko first encountered financiers for whom receiving a call from Clinton or Bush is not an indication to action. It will be interesting to observe their efforts to prevail upon Mark Mobius and his friends.

No money, no prospects, supply of American weapons are not. Washington “hawks” demand the resumption of hostilities, and the newspaper Le Monde (with reference to the environment Hollande) and European diplomats at the summit Ukraine – EU thick hint at the fact that even the “delay” of the Minsk performance agreements (which Kiev can not perform in principle) It leads to the fact that Kiev will lose significant territory. Unenviable prospects.

Total for Ukraine loom three possible scenarios:

1. If Europe is finally freed from the influence of the United States, the “Ukrainian problem” will be solved Russia are likely LDNR hands. The logic of “it is already possible!”

2. If Europe finally gets full control of the United States, the “Ukrainian problem” will be solved Russia are likely LDNR hands. The logic of “do not care anymore!”

3. If Kiev itself starts fighting the “Ukrainian problem” will be solved Russia are likely LDNR hands. Logic “asked for it!” with a view to use the situation to detach from the EU US

There is another option of continuing agony, but it can not last long. Sooner or later, one of these three options will occur. There are of course exotic scenarios like the all-out nuclear war, but now we do not consider them as in the case of their realization we still alive will be gone. And the text is still written to benefit the living.

Residents of Ukraine, regardless of their political preferences, it is understood that none of the above options is not intended for the territory of the former Ukrainian (net of Donetsk, Lugansk, and can be Odesa and Kharkiv, if you are very lucky) such surprises as the economic recovery and the expense of others restoring order.

No matter how things develop and how it will share or reformat Ukraine, Russia and the EU will not allocate resources to a radical stabilization of the situation in this area, in excess of what is necessary for the protection of the pipe (until 2019) and is armed or deactivation of nuclear power plants. All. In the rest – nothing or minimum wage. Hang around your neck 40 or even 20 million people tolerate their Wishlist and restore order does not want and can not nobody. Simply do not have the resources, and any attempt to “invest” in Ukraine scraps (minus the territories of which wrote above) does not find understanding in the political class, from regional elites and the population of Russia. The Europeans and say nothing.

Hence a simple conclusion for those who are still in the Ukraine: run. Run while you still can.







In Chile stolen documents about the Nazis built underground cities in Antarctica.

In Santiago of the Syrian National Military Historical Archive of the documents stolen from the collection of the famous philosopher, conspiracy theorist and occultist Miguel Serrano, which contained material about allegedly built by Nazi Germany at the end of the war underground cities in Antarctica, where the April 28, 1945 on the aircraft, created scientists “Ahnenerbe”, flew from Berlin spouse Adolf Hitler and Eva.

Chilean press claims that the loss to the archive may be involved in environment ex-dictator Augusto Pinochet – a great friend of the famous occultist. This information was announced by the community, “In light of the Black Sun”.Before becoming a scientist, Serrano was Ambassador of Chile to Austria and India. In the 30s-50s of the last century it was close friends with the largest European scientists and mystics Hermann Hesse and Carl Jung. And in India, Serrano talked to Indira Gandhi and Nicholas Roerich, Chilean Ambassador to enlighten the mysterious Shambhala as a world center of esoteric knowledge.In the 50s-60s Miguel Serrano in several books put forward the thesis that Hitler did not die, and arranged carefully prepared “Twilight of the Gods” in the spirit of his beloved epic of the Nibelungen and Wagner’s tetralogy. Arranging mystical wedding with Eva Braun in Berlin on fire and preparing a performance with “suicide”, which was double, even teeth structure which repeats the own, Hitler and his wife left the capital of the Third Reich. They flew to Antarctica and found refuge in the vast underground city somewhere in the region of New Swabia – Dronning Maud Land.
 Pushing his hypothesis, Serrano partly relied on the well-known facts. In 1938-40 years of Nazi Germany sent two expeditions to Antarctica, which swastika pennants staked out a large area of ​​the sixth continent. Thereafter, on behalf of Admiral Doenitz expedition divers found in the New Swabia strange system of tunnels, which was the warm air.
Well-known American historian John Stevens argues that by autumn 1943 in Antarctica was a powerful Nazi underground base, held in the documents as “Base 211”.
American and British intelligence was unable to find out what the Germans were engaged in Antarctica, Chile and Argentina since then sympathized with the Nazis and prevented European allies. No coincidence that there, as well as in Paraguay, so cozy feel after the war, many Nazi criminals.
And Serrano, and Stevens argued that in the years 1942-44 in the secret laboratories in Germany, including the participation of experts “Ahnenerbe”, was created by a new generation of aircraft, only some of which – the famous “V-2”, terrifies the London, able to bring to industrial production. Creating a single spetsapparatov for the Nazi leadership seems very likely.
In his last letters Pinochet Serrano reported that in his archive there is evidence that the secret base of Nazi Germany not only survived the war, but also significantly increased. During the evacuation, which began in September 1944, there have been delivered to selected methods of the Third Reich “truly Nordic family”, and the 1960s in the depths of New Swabia there was an underground city with two million inhabitants. Now it seems that the evidence disappeared.

John Stevens in his books shared the views of Serrano, referring to him became available a report on the US Navy expedition to the shores of New Swabia in 1946-48, respectively. According to the report, American ships have been shot several times by unknown assailants, and many sailors saw suddenly appearing from under the water flying objects bizarre and strange atmospheric phenomena, causes them depression.

Boys are asked Stinger !

Хлопцы просят Stinger. Украинские власти требуют у Вашингтона оружие для элитных частей спецназа

Ukrainian authorities require Washington weapons for elite special forces units.

The hacker group “CyberBerkut” November 25 announced the access to the US State Department documents related to US aid to Ukraine. Hackers claim that information is stored on the mobile phone environment officials from the US Vice President Joseph Biden, who visited Kiev for a visit on November 21.

If you believe the published documents, the US provided financial assistance to Kiev in various fields, including the military. For example, Washington Ukrainian officers paid travel expenses during the exercise Rapid Trident“, which took place this summer in Ukraine. Part of the funds are transferred directly to the card accounts of military personnel.

Some documents tell of US military supplies to Ukraine. It is known that for a long time Kiev is asking Washington to help lethal weapons. Said this Poroshenko during a visit to the US in mid-September. The supply of arms and leaders discussed volunteer battalions” Semen Semenchenko, Yuri Birch and Andrew Teteruk at a meeting with Senator John McCain in November. Finally, before Biden’s visit to Kiev a number of high-ranking officials said that the State Department are considering to provide Ukraine with lethal weapons. But until now, officially the White House to all requests to be rejected.

Declassified materials confirm that the United States put the Ukrainian army counter-battery radar three in the amount of 400 thousand. Dollars. But of particular interest is a file in the Ukrainian language On the priority needs of the logistical support to the armed forces of Ukraine” (marked “for Congress”). It provides a list of weapons that Kiev would like to receive from their American partners. It’s 400 sniper rifles APR, Neckler & Koch and Barrett, 2000 assault rifles of the same brands, 720 hand grenade brand MGL, 200 mortars from 60 to 120 millimeters, 80 anti-tank missiles Javelin, 150 portable anti-aircraft missile systems Stinger, 280 armored MRAP, 1312 Car Hummer, as well as ammunition, mines, remote detonators and other ammunition. A separate document provides assistance to the naval forces of Ukraine, in particular, equipment for 150 combat swimmers.

It is worth noting that the US signed the document yet. Perhaps this is just the wishes of Ukraine. On the other hand, on November 26 in Kiev again flew senior US military, the commander of the US Army in Europe Philip Breedlove. Such activity USA Ukraine suggests the idea that the supply of lethal weapons, if they do not exist a matter of time.

A decisive influence on the course of military operations it can not have weapons – the director of the Center for Strategic conditions Ivan Konovalov. Firstly, it is mostly infantry weapons grenade launchers, rifles and light armored vehicles, and very much like an attempt to create some of the elite special forces, light infantry. These units are unlikely to something fundamentally change. Until now, the whole war was fought mainly artillery pieces howitzers, multiple launch rocket systems. Although clashes also occurred, but they were not decisive.

Secondly, I would note that this list of weapons so far only shows the desire of the Ukrainian side to get it. Will these supply the American side – the big question. I think not. Still, Washington is not one rules the world and looks back on its NATO allies. And they strongly oppose retraction of the Alliance in the conflict. Perhaps the United States only supports the United Kingdom, and even then very carefully. It is one thing war rhetoric, and another – the official transfer of weapons. It is not hard to imagine what the reaction of the militia of Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republic of such supplies. They definitely consider it a direct US participation in the war. Immediately be followed by Russia’s harsh reaction.

The Ukrainian side really wants to get Americans lethal weapons. And it’s not that it is so necessary. Direct supplies of arms Kiev wants to bind Washington. Please note that the list does not, for example, “Abrams”. Present Javelin” – a modern, expensive and a good weapon but in small quantities. Kiev wants to tie the Washington these supplies, and thereby to discover the path to NATO. Although this, too, will never be Ukraine does not match any of the requirements for joining the Alliance. Perhaps in the future, after six years, Poroshenko able to count on it. Although the current developments suggest that in six years will not be fast Ukraine as a state. At least its current authorities are to do that.

“SP”: You said that these weapons characteristic of light infantry. Why Kiev need these parts than they do? Recently, Ukrainian authorities said they were going to create a battalion of “Shadow”, which will deal with specific tasks

– Apparently, the Kiev authorities hope to create some elite units, but believe in it with difficulty. If this happens, they will undoubtedly prepare American instructors. In fact, this subversive groups. They may engage in conduct mobile warfare, rapid deployment of the enemy’s rear. Conventional part, relatively speaking, are fighting on the front lines. Light infantry – a special forces, elite fighters. They are well trained, armed with no heavy guns, namely this set, which is on the list. These parts are usually applied short bounces and wastes act as saboteurs, penetrating the front line.

Kiev authorities have a general problem with the infantry. It was one of the main reasons for the defeat in the war. Technology can not fight alone. Well, a lot of them MLRS, howitzers, tanks. But all this must accompany the infantry, and it has not appeared in Kiev, not to mention the special forces, which did not exist. National Guard under – it’s just thugs who have no training no.

“SP”: – Another promulgated document provides training frogmen”. Than they can deal with, given that Kiev and the fleet is almost gone – really subversive activities in the Crimea?

Frogmen – is also a riot. Americans have it seals, the British – Special Boat Service (Special Boat Service). They have a very well-trained combat swimmers. There is also clearly seen the desire of Kiev to create subversive groups.

The problem for Ukraine is that an open attack on the Crimea will direct aggression against Russia. Poroshenko, and any most rabid nationalist, is well aware. But the use of saboteurs, action and whose belonging to a country still need to prove, that’s another matter. They may commit acts of terror, sabotage, explosions. Such examples are sufficient in modern military history. For example, in Angola, the South Africans attacked our ships staged explosions, but the empirical evidence we had. Everyone knew that it was the South African swimmers, but none have been caught.

It can be seen that the leadership of the Kiev new trend the creation of such subversive parts. I doubt that they succeed. Although the decision is quite logical. Create a large and well-trained armed forces Kiev can not afford, it’s useless. But put together a few elite units, in principle, possible. Apparently, it directed the efforts of Kiev. But special forces, whatever it was prepared, can not play a decisive role in the war. In war, it is all the infantry and modern technology. Where there is no boot infantryman, there is no victory.

Deputy Director of the Center for Analysis of World Arms Trade (TSAMTO) Vladimir Shvarev not rule out that Washington can begin deliveries of these weapons, but not officially.

According to the policy, which takes the US, such illegal delivery is possible. This is a fairly inexpensive weapons systems. Party voiced a few tens of millions of dollars. In comparison with the major weapons systems, such as aircraft, which one is worth more than 50 million. US., A small amount of money. At the same time deliver systems, including mortars, granotomety, MANPADS “Stinger” quite a serious weapon that can strengthen the capacity of Ukrainian troops. These supplies will exacerbate the situation in Ukraine.

“SP”: If the facts of US arms transfers are proven, it somehow weaken the position of the United States?

– The United States will never make excuses, because they are always right. This was repeatedly told US President Barack Obama. If there are any evidence, that such deliveries took place, from Washington will not have any regrets.

“SP”: Why Ukrainian General Staff orders such weapons as MANPADS “Stinger” and equipment for combat swimmers? After all, no militia aviation or navy?

Ukrainian army, according to the President Poroshenko, is going to wage all-out war against Russia. One of the options for the purchase of MANPADS implementation of these plans into action.

If hackers CyberBerkut” not exaggerate version of these swimmers will be used for sabotage in the Crimea, has the right to life. Remains of the Ukrainian Navy relocated to Odessa, and in the condition, in which they were prior to the events on the peninsula. Most ships today is absolutely not for battle. Therefore, if you really ordered equipment for underwater sabotage units, they may only be directed against Russia.

“SP”: Is it normal that Americans actually pay salaries Ukrainian officers, paid travel to exercise?

No, this is an exception to the rule. Recently held a joint Russian-Chinese exercises in China. All shipping costs, fuels and lubricants, travel takes on the Russian side. So what makes the United States direct support of Ukraine. Of course, in such circumstances, it is impossible to talk about the independence of the Ukrainian army. The other day someone called Army of Ukraine branch of the US Army. I agree with this statement.

“SP”: Why then do not bluff Washington and begin openly supplying arms to Kiev?

Because of weapons to hot spots of the world can not be officially delivered. Ukraine is now in a state of internal conflict, and international law supplies the weapons are prohibited. In the case of the US supply openly would violate international law.

Интервью с сепаратистом из Эстонии: «На Киев снизойдет благодатный огонь Русского мира». / Interview with separatist from Estonia: “In Kiev Holy Fire descend Russian world” .


Николай один из добровольцев, воюющих на стороне сепаратистов в Украине. Себя он до сих пор считает таковым, даже не смотря на то, что находится уже далеко от боевых действий. После выхода моей статьи о сбитом Боинге Николай связался со мной, и мы договорились о встрече. Единственным требованием Николая было — полная конфиденциальность.

Николай проживает в Эстонии, о своем гражданстве он умолчал, как и о том, как он попал в Украину и как вернулся домой. Для него это вопрос его личной безопасности. Этим он обосновал свое нежелание идти в крупные СМИ.

Перед тем как мы начнем, хотел бы вас спросить: для вас принципиально как вас называют — сепаратист или ополченец?

Мне все равно. Мы сами друг друга порой называли сепаратистами. Но мы в это понятие не вкладываем ничего негативного. Сепаратист и сепаратист. Против «хунты» сепаратистом быть не стыдно.

Вы написали мне после выхода моей статьи «Вся информация о сбитом Боинге», что вам есть, что рассказать по этому поводу…

Да, эта история, можно сказать, стала последней каплей для меня. Я сразу хочу сказать, что, не смотря на то, что я сейчас в Эстонии, что я покинул Новороссию, я не считаю себя предателем. Я верю в эту идею, потому туда и поехал. Но люди, которые там сейчас командуют, они эту идею давно продали…

Давайте по порядку, когда вы туда поехали, и какая была ваша основная мотивация?

Даты я называть не буду. Поехал я туда защищать Русский мир. Невозможно было сидеть и смотреть, как русских людей уничтожают только потому, что они хотят сохранить свой язык. Эти марионетки Запада (имеются в виду власти Украины) думают, что они могут ракетами навязать нам свои ценности. Этого не будет никогда. Мы не будем сидеть и смотреть как издеваются над нашими людьми. Запомните мои слова, если надо русские мобилизуются за 1 час и тогда весь Киев будет в огне.

А сейчас мобилизовываться еще не надо?

Все к этому идет. Русских опять втягивают в мировую войну. Мы не хотим воевать, но сидеть и смотреть, как нас убивают — нельзя.

Но Киев должен быть в огне?

Если они продолжат вести политику на уничтожение всего русского, то на них снизойдет, как сказать, благодатный огонь Русского мира, который и очистит всю эту чернь. Не мы хотим войны, а они.

Вы сказали про русский язык. Но ведь и.о. президента Турчинов отменил постановление Рады и вернул этим регионам статус русского языка, а Порошенко совсем недавно гарантировал юго-востоку статус русского как государственного языка. Я уж не говорю о том, что в украинской армии в зоне АТО почти все говорят на русском языке, да и в самом Киеве тоже достаточно русскоязычных…

Скажите мне, а какого черта они вообще решили запрещать русский язык? Да вы сейчас начнете говорить о том, что их не так поняли, что это закон Януковича и т.п. Но, а как их должны были понимать работяги Донбасса? Они сначала жгли их парней на Майдане, а после захвата власти первым делом запрещают русский язык. Как это понимать? Скажите мне?

Вы знаете, невозможно остаться чистым, валяясь в крови. Это не студенты первыми применили насилие, это их жестко разогнали, спровоцировав выход на Майдан еще большего количества людей. Вы сказали, что людей уничтожали из-за языка. Как вы это видите – русскоговорящие, возможно русские по национальности, солдаты Нацгвардии идут на юго-восток уничтожать русское население?

Во-первых, кто вам сказал про русских в «карательных отрядах хунты»? Откуда у вас эти факты? А второе, они шли туда по приказу марионеток, которым в свою очередь дают команду западные хозяева. Им нужно вырезать русских на Украине, спровоцировать войну и раздербанить Россию. Эти солдатики сами не знают, зачем они идут убивать русских. Им отравили мозг бандеровской пропагандой и прочей ерундой про великую Украину. Какая «великая Украина»? Всегда была и будет Малороссией. Эта Галиция хочет навязать великороссам свою волю. Повторю еще раз, этого никогда не было и не будет. Мы, если надо, размажем Львов за 15 минут, а Киев только и ждет, когда кто-нибудь уже, наконец, отчистит страну от этой заразы, засевшей в Раде.

Я не могу участвовать в убийстве мирных жителей, а потом внушать себе, что это сделал кто-то другой. Чем мы тогда лучше «хунты»?

Место крушения малазийского Боинга

Вы, тем не менее, сейчас в Эстонии, почему покинули Украину?

Я ехал на Украину с идеей о возрождении Новороссии, а потом и Великой России. Скажем так, я увидел там много разных ребят: от националистов до троцкистов. Но я все прекрасно понимал, когда у государства нет четкой национальной идеи, а есть только олигархи с яхтами, то пацанам сложно ориентироваться в этом мире, каждый находит что-то свое. Но меня поражало другое, были у нас парни из российского спецназа, все это знали. Это война понимаете, они выполняли свой долг перед страной и народом, но когда на родине их хоронят как бомжей, без почестей и без наград – это позор государства. У меня в Пскове друзья, которые в теме этих дел, когда я узнал, что парней так хоронят, меня это… просто деморализовало… ну, просто знаете, руки опустились. Я не понимал, как так можно. «Хунта» хоронит своих головорезов как героев, а мы…

Путин говорит, что там нет российских военных, отсюда и такие похороны.

Я бы лично Путину в рожу плюнул. Я, конечно, понимаю, что Путина сейчас все на руках носят. Но поверьте отношение к нему среди пацанов воюющих в Новороссии не такое. Путин – хитрая паскуда, как и его команда. Они забрали Крым, а дальше что? Рейтинг подняли, опять там его бизнесмены что-то настраивать будут, а в Новороссии гибнут люди. Путин помог им? Ему все руководство ДНР жопу лижет, у одного бизнес в Москве, другой деньги получает. Для них это все – бизнес, а нам что – воюйте ребятки, пока мы тут бизнес переделывать будем? Насмотрелся, паскудство и предательство.

Но ведь Стрелков неоднократно критиковал Путина за отсутствие реальной помощи.

Стрелков – единственный нормальный мужик там. Я вам могу сказать, что боевой дух сохранился благодаря ему. Вот взять Кургиняна, просто собака Путина. Я бы вам рассказал, какое он оружие привез, которым разве что огород копать. Но пацаны его сами кое-как в боевое состояние привели. Мы воюем, как можем, за русских, за идею, а они там свои темные дела проворачивают.

На момент выхода интервью Стрелков подал в отставку с поста министра обороны ДНР.

Допускаете, что просто перепродают списанное оружие?

Да, конечно. Я вам говорю: для одних война, для других мать родна. Пока пацаны гибнут за Новороссию и хоронят их как бомжей, другие делают бабки и набивают себе рейтинг.

Зачем же вы туда поехали, если все понимали?

А зачем люди воевали в 43-м? Сдаваться нельзя, даже если главнокомандующий полный ублюдок. Мы победили фашистов, даже не смотря на то, что Сталин перебил всю военную элиту и миллионы русского народа. Победим и сейчас. А потом выкинем из Кремля эту чернь.

То есть, Путин для вас не лучше Сталина?

Путин просто действует более изощрено в условиях нового мира. Он убивает рассудок людей через пропаганду и ТВ. Сталин просто убивал в лагерях. Одному нужны были абсолютная власть и «вкусно пожрать». Путину хочется еще и шикарно пожить на своих спрятанных дачах. Мир изменился, раньше можно было довольствоваться трубкой и икрой, а сейчас соблазнов больше. О русском народе как никто не думал, так и не думает.

Вы спросили меня, откуда у меня информация о русскоговорящих в украинской армии. Если вы посмотрите репортажи из зоны АТО, не российского ТВ, про которое вы сами сказали, что оно «убивает рассудок», то убедитесь в этом. Они что воюют против права русских разговаривать на родном языке, когда сами на нем разговаривают?

Даже если так, да воюют. Потому что им отравили рассудок такой же пропагандой с украинской стороны. Они не помнят своего родства. Слышали про евреев антисемитов? Вот они точно такие же, только еще хуже. Настоящие зомби… гестапо.

Значит, с ваших слов, получается, что Нацгвардия Украины идет на юго-восток, чтобы уничтожить все русское, а не только сепаратистов?

Конечно. Вы поймите, что ополчение поддерживает 99% населения Новороссии. У нас могут быть свои дрязги внутри ополчения, но население нас полностью поддерживает. Потому что люди помнят, как их давили все эти годы, унижали, насильно пытались украинизировать. Вы думаете, что если бы нас не поддерживали, мы бы держали оборону так долго? У нас кривое списанное оружие, а у них новейшее американское, и все равно они нас хрен возьмут, потому что мы русские, нас никто никогда не побеждал.

И их конечная цель зачистить регион? Как вы себе это представляете?

Да очень просто, подчинят себе людей силой и устроят информационную блокаду. Запад в этом прекрасно поможет. Превратят людей в рабов и заставят работать на Киев и Галицию, как это было раньше. Только теперь это будет на положении полных рабов. Вот этого мы допустить никак не можем, наши дети нам этого не простят. Путину все это до одного места, НАТО уже взяло в кольцо всю Россию, а он какие-то идиотские санкции вводит против деликатесов. Если сейчас не ответить силой, потом будет поздно.

Если не ответит, как вы это расцените?

Как предательство русского народа.

А как вы расцениваете появление на территории России движений под лозунгом «Хватить кормить Москву», которые требует больше власти в регионы?

Я их прекрасно понимаю, Сибирь работает на Москву, все деньги утекают из региона. Но сейчас для этого не время. Сейчас надо дать отпор фашизму на Украине.

Но вы ведь сами сказали, что цель Запада – раздербанить Россию. Получается, что Кремль помогает ему в этом? И почему сибиряки, например, хуже донетчан? Ведь следуя вашей логике, их также заставляют работать на столицу.

Я не удивлюсь, если Путина завербовали еще, когда он проходил службу в Германии. Все действия России против Запада слишком театральные, реальной силы Россия так ни разу и не показала. Но что касается Сибири, то в отличие от Донецка, сибирякам не запрещали говорить на русском языке и гордиться своей историей. Но я повторю еще раз, когда придет время, мы разберемся и с Путиным, сейчас главное дать отпор «хунте» на Украине.

Как жителям юго-востока Украины запрещали говорить на русском языке и гордиться своей историей?

А вы не слышали, как запрещали литературу, насильно заставляли учить украинский язык? Как бандеровцы пытались проводить свои факельные шествия? Власти Киева постоянно прессовали русских, унижали и заставляли их работать на всю Украину.

Честно говоря, слышать можно разное, но на деле все оказывается иначе.

Ну, расскажите мне, как это на деле.

Обязательно. Но за рамками этого интервью, это все-таки не дебаты.

Вы уже сказали, что, как вы говорите «хунте» на юго-востоке Украины давал отпор и российских спецназ. Чеченцев вы там видели?

Я вам так скажу, чеченцы там были, у некоторых парней с ними были терки и вели себя некоторые из них вызывающе, но я видел русских пацанов с крестами на теле, которые вели себя гораздо позорнее.

Вы имеете в виду тату со свастиками? Что конкретно они делали?

Придет время — я все расскажу.

Почему не сейчас?

Потому что не стоит сейчас устраивать разборки. Парням сейчас нужно крепить боевой дух.

Хорошо. С чеченцами и российским спецназом все понятно. Был ли кто-то еще из стран Балтии и конкретно из Эстонии?

Мне нравится, как вы говорите «страны Балтии», как будто это делает их сильнее. Прибалтика она была и есть — территория Российской Империи. По правде говоря, я не афишировал, что приехал из Эстонии. Сложно сказать, был ли там кто-то еще из Прибалтики. Там ведь нет кружка по странам. Все считают себя частью Русского мира.

Немцы и скандинавы с вами бы не согласились…

Да плевать я хотел на немцев и скандинавов.

А на крымских татар?

А причем тут крымские татары?

Ну, вы ведь наверняка считаете Крым российским, как и Прибалтику. То есть, для вас история начинается и заканчивается на России. Не было ничего ни до, ни после.

А почему меня должно интересовать мнение других народов? Меня волнует судьба и история Русского мира, вложение моего народа. Если кто-то хочет оспорить историю, ему придется воевать с нами.

Интересно узнать в таком случае, какие у вас планы на Эстонию?

Самые благородные (смеется). Философия русских очень проста: не трогайте нас, и мы не тронем вас. Я не могу сказать, что в Эстонии все идеально, но пока я здесь живу и откровенной русофобии лично на себе не ощущаю. Но это не значит, что ее нет.

То есть для вас тут вопрос больше в личных ощущениях?

Понимаете, русофобия она везде, только в разной степени. Украина — это хороший пример для Эстонии других стран. Будете нас унижать – получите достойный ответ. Так что я призываю всех хорошенько подумать об этом. Пока мне здесь терпимо и есть дела поважнее Эстонии. Но если мне запретят говорить на русском языке и опошлят подвиги предков – «бронзовая ночь» им покажется прогулкой в летнем саду.

Получается, что «эстонская русофобия» для вас оказалась терпимее предательства от руководства России?

Смотрите. Когда вас предает знакомый – это одно, но когда вас предает отец или мать – это совсем другое. Я могу с этим знакомым ходить по одной улице, могу даже водку в одной компании пить. Но с предавшей матерью – нет. И вот в Кремле сейчас засели люди, которые предают своих детей, свой народ. Понимаете?

Интересное сравнение. Давайте вернемся к самому началу – к истории о предательстве и Боинге. Что же произошло и почему это стало для вас последней каплей?

Понимаете, я приехал в Новороссию воевать с «карателями», а не с мирными людьми. Но как можно нормально воевать с таким вооружением? Когда у тебя есть БУК, но нет системы опознавания? Ты бьешь по цели, не зная, что это. К тому же, получая информацию, что это самолет «хунты». Как можно так воевать? Для меня это был край. Ладно, Путин «ссыт» дать нам нормальное оружие. Но тогда вообще ничего не давай. Передали БУК и что? Случилась осечка и Путин начал кланяться перед Западом, обещая всех тут приструнить. Да плевать тут все на него хотели. Его политика и подставила парней с этим самолетом. Если бы давали нормальное оружие – давно бы освободили Новороссию.

У вас есть доказательства, что Боинг сбили сепаратисты, а БУК им передала российская сторона?

Я лишь могу говорить то, что знаю. Я не нажимал на кнопку и ничего не перевозил, но информация разлетелась быстро. Все думали, что сбили самолет «хунты», оказалось, что нет. Все были просто в шоке. Потом появилась версия об украинском истребителе и все быстро внушили себе, что это не мы. Я так не могу. Я не могу участвовать в убийстве мирных жителей, а потом внушать себе, что это сделал кто-то другой. Чем мы тогда лучше «хунты»?

Я приехал туда воевать за русских, понимаете? А получилось так, что пока одни воюют, другие делают бабло и подставляют пацанов. Я готов умереть, но не за Путина и не за тех, кто там сейчас командует. Будь там мой дом – у меня бы не было выбора. Но после ситуации с Боингом я решил уехать. В таких условиях вести войну невозможно.

То есть, чтобы было понятно: у вас нет никаких аудио или видео доказательств того, что Боинг был сбит сепаратистами при использовании российского вооружения?


При каких условиях вы готовы вернуться воевать в Украину?

Если я увижу, что руководство занимают не московские ставленники, а патриоты России и Новороссии, и что Россия готова помогать, а не подставлять парней.

Но я хочу сказать еще одну вещь. Я уже сказал, что я не предатель, никогда им не был и не буду. Просто в сложившихся условиях я не хочу быть сорвиголовой непонятно кого. Сейчас ситуация тяжелая, но ее еще можно развернуть, и если Россия не вмешается, то я могу пообещать Путину, что ему потом придется за это отвечать.

Перед началом интервью вы просили меня, чтобы я не спрашивал вас «всякие глупости» о пытках военнопленных и денежных вознаграждениях за убийства украинских военных…

Да, потому что мне никто ничего не платил, и я никого не пытал. Я не знаю людей, которые бы получали деньги за убийства «карателей». Ну а сплетни комментировать я не собираюсь.

Каким вы видите выход из сложившейся ситуации?

Россия должна вступиться. Победа Новороссии, дальше – наведение порядка в Киеве. Если Львов встанет – дойдем и до Львова. Говорю в последний раз: Галиция будет в огне, не будите зверя. Если кто-то захочет с нами воевать – мы будем защищать русских везде, хоть в Австралии.

Вы имеете в виду, что Россия должна применить свою полную военную мощь в Украине, уже в открытую?


Что посоветуете делать русским, которые не поддерживают вас и хотят видеть Украину единой страной?

Ничего. Когда мы придем — они замолкнут, потому что они обычные коллаборационисты.

Николай, вы действительно считаете, что ваша позиция, позиция людей близких вам по духу, помогает русским по всему миру?

Моя позиция не востребована государственной властью и, посмотрите, в каком положении находятся русские по всему миру. Я не говорю про олигархов, которые, между прочим, вообще не русские. Я говорю про простых людей. Вот вам и ответ. Когда люди с моей позицией будут в Кремле, тогда все и изменится.

С Николаем мы беседовали около трех часов. Не все вошло в это интервью, т.к. некоторые заявления Николая можно публиковать, только если иметь на руках хоть какие-то доказательства. По крайней мере, я принял такое решение. В целом позиция Николая для меня очевидна: мир наступит тогда, когда Россия завоюет полмира.

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Nicholas is one of the volunteers who are fighting on the side of the separatists in Ukraine. Himself, he still believes such, even though that is far away from the fighting. After the release of my film downed Boeing Nicholas contacted me and we agreed to meet. Nicholas was the only requirement full confidentiality.

Nicholas lives in Estonia, about his nationality, he was silent, as well as how he came to Ukraine and as back home. For him it is a matter of his personal safety. This he explained his reluctance to go to mainstream media.

Before we begin, I would like to ask you for how you basically call you or separatist militia?

I do not care. We are each other sometimes called separatists. But we do not put this concept is nothing negative. Separatist and secessionist. Against the “junta” is not ashamed to be a separatist.

You wrote to me after my article All about the downed Boeingthat you have something to tell you about it …

Yes, this story, we can say, was the last straw for me. I just want to say that, despite the fact that I am now in Estonia, that I left the New Russia, I do not consider myself a traitor. I believe in this idea, because there and went. But the people who are there now in command, they have sold this idea for a long time

Let’s order when you went there, and what was your main motivation?

Date, I will not be called. I went there to defend the Russian world. It was impossible to sit and watch as the Russian people consume only because they want to preserve their language. These puppets of the West (meaning the Ukrainian authorities) think that they can impose on us their missiles values. That will never happen. We will not sit back and watch as mock our people. Mark my words, if it is necessary to mobilize Russian 1 hour and then the whole of Kiev will be on fire.

And now even do not need to be mobilized?

All this goes. Russian again drawn into a world war. We do not want to fight, but to sit and watch us kill – it is impossible.

But Kiev has to be on fire?

If they continue to pursue a policy of annihilation of all Russian, it will dawn on them how to say, Holy Fire Russian world, which will clear all this rabble. Do not we want war, but they are.

You said about the Russian language. But acting President Turchinov quashed the Parliament and returned to these regions the status of the Russian language, and Poroshenko recently ensured southeast status of Russian as a state language. I‘m not talking about that in the Ukrainian army in the area of ​​ATO almost everyone speaks in Russian, and in Kiev itself is also quite Russian-speaking

Tell me what the hell they do decide to ban the Russian language? Yes, you now begin to talk about what they do not understand that it is the law of Yanukovych, etc. But, how they were to be understood hardworking Donbass? They first burned their guys on the Maidan, and after the seizure of power the first thing prohibit Russian. What does it mean? Tell me?

You know, it is impossible to stay clean, lounging in the blood. This is not the first to use violence students, it’s their hard-dispersed, triggering output Maidan even more people. You said that people destroyed because of the language. How do you see it the Russian-speaking, possibly Russian by nationality, the National Guard soldiers are in the south-east to destroy the Russian people?

First of all, who told you about the Russian in “punitive detachments junta“? Where did you get these facts? And, second, they go there on the orders of the puppets, which in turn instruct the Western masters. They need to cut Russian in Ukraine, and to provoke a war razderbanit Russia. These soldiers do not know why they are going to kill Russian. They poisoned brain Bandera propaganda and stuff about the great Ukraine. What a “great Ukraine”? Has always been and will Malorossiya. This Galicia wants to impose its will on the Great Russians. Once again, it never was and never will. We are, if necessary, smear Lions for 15 minutes, and Kiev is just waiting when someone has finally clean the country from this infection, who are positioned in the parliament.
I can not participate in the killing of civilians, and then to convince oneself that it is made ​​by someone else. What we are then better junta”?
Wreckage Malaysian Boeing

Wreckage Malaysian Boeing

You are, however, now in Estonia, why leave the Ukraine?

I went to the Ukraine with the idea of the revival of New Russia, and then the Great of Russia. Let’s just say I saw a lot of different guys from nationalists to Trotskyists. But I knew perfectly well when the state has no clear national idea, but only the oligarchs with yachts, the kid is difficult to navigate in this world, everyone finds something different. But I was struck by another, we were the guys from the Russian special forces, everyone knew it. This is a war you know, they were doing their duty to the country and the people, but when at home they are buried as the homeless, without honor and without winning it’s a shame the state. I Pskov friends who in the subject of these cases, when I learned that the guys have buried, I was just demoralizing … well, just know, hands dropped. I did not understand how it can be done. Junta” buries his thugs as heroes, and we …

Putin said that there is no Russian military, and hence such a funeral.

I would personally Putin face spat. Of course, I understand that Putin is now all in the hands of wear. But believe me attitude of the boys fighting in New Russia is not. Putin a sly bastard, like his team. They took the Crimea, and then what? Rating raised again his business there something will adjust, and in New Russia, people are dying. Putin helped them? He guide all DNR ass licking, one business in Moscow, the other gets the money. For them, it’s all business and that we Fight guys, while we’re going to redo the business? Seen enough, paskudstvo and betrayal.

But Gunmen repeatedly criticized Putin for the lack of real help.

Shooters the only normal guy there. I can tell you that morale is preserved thanks to him. Here take Kurginyan just a dog Putin. I would have told you what he brought weapons that unless the garden digging. But the boys do it somehow led to the firing state. We fight, as we can, for the Russian, for the idea, but they’re their dark deeds crank.

At the time of interview Gunmen resigned from the post of Minister of Defense DNI.

Admit that simply resell a deactivated firearm?

Yes, of course. I tell you, for some, the war for other mother is native. While the boys are dying for the New Russia and bury them as homeless, others do grandmother and stuffed my rating.

Why did you go there, if everyone knew?

And why people fought in the 43rd? Can not give up, even if the commander in chief of the complete bastard. We defeated the Nazis, even despite the fact that Stalin broke all the military elite and millions of Russian people. Win now. Then discard the Kremlin this rabble.

That is, Putin for you better than Stalin?

Putin simply act is more sophisticated in the new world. It kills the mind of people through propaganda and TV. Stalin just killed in the camps. One needed absolute power and “eat devour.” Putin wants more and chic to live on their hidden cottages. The world has changed, before you could settle for the handset and caviar, and now more temptations. On the Russian people as no one thought so, and does not think.

You asked me where I got the information about Russian-speaking in the Ukrainian army. If you look at reports from zone ATO, not Russian TV about which you yourself said that it “kills the mind,” then see this. They are what they are fighting against the Russian right to talk in their native language when talking to yourself on it?

Even so, yes fighting. Because they have poisoned the mind of the same propaganda from the Ukrainian side. They do not remember their relationship. Heard about the Jews anti-Semites? Here they are exactly the same, only worse. These zombies Gestapo.

So, with your words, it turns out that the National Guard of Ukraine is in the south-east, to destroy all Russian, and not only the separatists?

Of course. You understand that the militia support 99% of the population of New Russia. We can have your squabbles within the militia, but the population we fully support. Because people remember how they crushed all these years, humiliated, forced Ukrainize tried. Do you think that if we do not support, we would have kept the defense so long? We curved deactivated firearm, and they have the latest American, and still they will take us to hell because we are Russian, we have no one has ever won.

And their ultimate goal is to clean up the region? How do you imagine that?

It’s very simple, subdue people by force and arrange the information blockade. West in this beautifully help. Turn people into slaves and forced to work in Kiev and Galicia, as it was before. Only now it will be in the position full of slaves. Here, we can not allow our children will not forgive us. Putin it all to one place, NATO has encircled the whole of Russia, and he has some idiotic introduces sanctions against delicacies. If we do not react with force, then it will be too late.

If you do not respond, it is regarded as you?

As a betrayal of the Russian people.

And how do you assess the emergence in Russia of movement under the slogan “Stop feeding Moscow”, which requires more power to the regions?

I perfectly understand Siberia runs on Moscow, all the money flow away from the region. But now is not the time for this. Now it is necessary to repel fascism in Ukraine.

But you yourself said that the aim of the West razderbanit Russia. It turns out that the Kremlin helps him in this? And why Siberians, for example, is worse donetchan? After all, following your logic, they are also forced to work in the capital.

I would not be surprised if Putin recruited another, when he served in Germany. All of Russia’s actions against the West too theatrical, the real strength of Russia has never once showed. But as far as Siberia, unlike in the Donetsk, Siberians are not forbidden to speak in Russian and proud of their history. But I will say it again, when the time comes, we’ll deal with Putin, now the main thing to fight back, “junta” in Ukraine.

As residents of the south-east of Ukraine were forbidden to speak in Russian and proud of its history?

And you have not heard, as forbidden literature, are forced to learn the Ukrainian language? How Bandera tried to focus their torchlight processions? Kyiv authorities constantly pressed Russian, humiliated and forced them to work for the whole of Ukraine.

Honestly, you can hear different, but the reality is otherwise.

Well, tell me how it is in reality.

Required. But outside of this interview, it’s still not a debate.

You have said that, as you say, “junta” in the south-east of Ukraine rebuffed and Russian special forces. Chechens do you see there?

I‘ll say this, the Chechens were there, some guys were with them float and behave defiantly some of them, but I have seen Russian boys with crosses on the body, which behaved much more shameful.

You mean the swastika tattoo? What exactly did they do?

The time will come I‘ll tell you everything.

Why not now?

Because it is not necessary now to arrange dismantling. Guys now need to strengthen morale.

Good. With the Chechens and Russian special forces is clear. Was there anyone else in the Baltic countries and particularly from Estonia?

I like how you say “Baltic States” as if it makes them stronger. Baltics and there she was – the territory of the Russian Empire. In truth, I did not advertise that came from Estonia. It is difficult to say whether there was someone else from the Baltic. There are in fact no mug by country. All consider themselves part of the Russian world.

Germans and Scandinavians you would not agree

Yes, I wanted to spit on the Germans and Scandinavians.

And on the Crimean Tatars?

And where does the Crimean Tatars?

Well, you’re certainly think the Russian Crimea, as well as the Baltic states. That is, for you the story begins and ends in Russia. There was nothing before or after.

And why should I be interested in the views of other nations? I care about the fate of Russian history and the world, the attachment of my people. If someone wants to challenge history, he will have to fight with us.

It is interesting to learn in such a case, what are your plans for Estonia?

The noblest (laughs). Russian philosophy is very simple: do not touch us, and we will not touch you. I can not say that in Estonia everything is perfect, but as long as I live here and frank russophobia personally does not feel. But this does not mean that it is not.

That is a question for you here more personal feelings?

You see, she russophobia everywhere, but to varying degrees. Ukraine – is a good example for other countries of Estonia. Will humiliate us get a decent answer. So I urge everyone to think carefully about this. So far I have tolerated here and have better things to Estonia. But if I was forbidden to speak in Russian and debase the exploits of their ancestors Bronze Night” they seem to walk in a summer garden.

It turns out that the Estonian russophobiafor you was more tolerant than betrayal of the Russian leadership?

Look. When you betray friend – is one thing, but when you betray the father or mother is quite another. I can with this person to walk on the same street, I can not even vodka drink in one company. But devoted mother – no. And here in the Kremlin now entrenched people who betray their children, their own people. Do you understand?

An interesting comparison. Let’s go back to the beginning to the story of betrayal and Boeing. What happened and why it was the last straw for you?

You see, I came to New Russia at war with The Punisher” and not with the peaceful people. But as you can normally fight with such weapons? When you have a BMC, but there is no identification system? You hit the target, not knowing what it is. Moreover, receiving information that is plane junta“. How can you resist? For me it was the end. Well, Putin pissing” give us a normal weapon. But then nothing at all, come on. BEECH passed what? There was a flash in the pan, and Putin has begun to bow to the West, all promising to rein here. I do not care everything it wanted. Its policies and offered the guys with this plane. If given the normal weapons would have long ago released Novorossia.

Do you have evidence that Boeing was shot down separatists and BEECH they gave the Russian side?

I can only say what I know. I did not press the button and nothing was carrying, but the information is scattered quickly. Everyone thought that the plane was shot down, “junta”, it turned out that no. Everyone was shocked. Then there was a version of the Ukrainian fighter and everything quickly convince myself that it’s not us. I can not do that. I can not participate in the killing of civilians, and then to convince oneself that it is made ​​by someone else. What we are then better junta”?

I went there to fight for the Russian, you know? And it so happened that while some fighting, others do loot and con boys. I am ready to die, but not for Putin and not for those who are there now in command. Whether it‘s my house – I would not have a choice. But after the situation with Boeing, I decided to leave. In such circumstances, it is impossible to fight a war.

That is, to make it clear: you do not have any audio or video evidence that Boeing was shot down by separatists using Russian weapons?


Under what conditions you are ready to return to fight in the Ukraine?

If I see that the management does not take Moscow’s henchmen, and the Patriots of Russia and the New Russia, and that Russia is ready to help, not to substitute guys.

But I want to say one more thing. I have already said that I am not a traitor, never was and never will. Just under the circumstances, I do not want to be a daredevil is not clear who. Now the situation is difficult, but it is still possible to expand, and if Russia does not interfere, I can promise to Putin that he will then have to answer for it.

Before starting the interview, you asked me to, I did not ask you stupid things” about the torture of prisoners of war and a monetary reward for the murder of Ukrainian military

Yes, because I did not pay anybody, and I did not tortured. I do not know people who have received money for the murder of punitive.” Well, I do not comment on rumor going.

How do you see a way out of this situation?

Russia should intervene. Victory Novorossia on – restoring order in Kiev. If the Lions get up and we arrive to the city. I say for the last time: Galicia is on fire, do not wake the beast. If someone wants to fight with us we will protect Russian everywhere, even in Australia.

Do you mean that Russia should use its full military power in Ukraine, has openly?


What advise do Russian that do not support you and want to see Ukraine as a unified country?

Nothing. When we come they fall silent, because they usually collaborators.

Nicholas, do you really think that your position, the position of the people close to you in spirit, helping Russian around the world?

My position has not demanded a public authority and, look, what position are Russian worldwide. I’m not talking about the oligarchs, who, incidentally, did not Russian. I’m talking about ordinary people. There’s your answer. When people in my position will be in the Kremlin, and then everything will change.

With Nikolai we talked for about three hours. Not all included in this interview, because some statements Nicholas can publish only if have on hand at least some evidence. At least I made ​​the decision. In general, the position of Nicholas for me is clear: the world will come when Russia conquered half the world.

As Estonia attack Russia ?

[fvplayer src=”http://kalevholland.planet.ee//wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Как-Эстония-нападет-на-Россию.mp4″ width=”1280″ height=”674″]

Ukrainischer Pilot gibt Abschuss von MH17 zu.

„Ukrainian Air Force Su-25UB with two MiG-29s (9-13) in background“ von Original uploader was Dima Sergienko at en.wikipedia - Transferred from en.wikipedia. Lizenziert unter Public domain über Wikimedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Ukrainian_Air_Force_Su-25UB_with_two_MiG-29s_(9-13)_in_background.jpg#mediaviewer/Datei:Ukrainian_Air_Force_Su-25UB_with_two_MiG-29s_(9-13)_in_background.jpg

Letztendlich war der Druck doch zu groß. Der Pilot der ukrainischen Su-25, die in der target=”_blank”>Präsentation des russischen Generalstabs gezeigt wurde, gab gestern zu, das Flugzeug mit seiner Bordkanone flugunfähig geschossen zu haben. Übereinstimmend wurden dazu Fotos der abgestürzten Boing gezeigt, die klare Einschlaglöcher von Maschinengewehrkugeln enthielt, die übereinstimmend einen frontalen Winkel zeigten und kaum von einer Buk-Rakete herrühren konnten. Bei vielen Pro-Russland Schreiberlingen in den Foren und Kommentarspalten des Internets stießen diese Beichte auf Erleichterung. Ein kleiner Sieg für die Putinversteher, die bisher erfolglos versuchten das Internet mit ihren Fakten zu überschwemmen.


Eine kleine Auflistung der üblichen Argumente der Putinisten:

Zum einen ist da der Machtwechsel in der Ukraine. Dieser erfolgte nach Aussage der pro-russischen Schreiber durch einen Putsch: Beleg dafür: Janukowitsch ist nie zurückgetreten. Wenn er das nicht tut, kann der Präsident nur durch ein Amtsenthebungsverfahren entmachtet werden. Im Falle eines positiven Entscheids der Gerichte, kann die Rada den Präsidenten mit einer 75% Mehrheit seines Amtes entheben. Diese wurde in der Abstimmung trotz offensichtlicher Manipulationen und target=”_blank”>massiver Einschüchterungen der Abgeordneten durch den rechten Sektor nicht erreicht.

[fvplayer src=”http://kalevholland.planet.ee//wp-content/uploads/2014/07/abstimmung-im-ukrainischem-parlament.mp4″ width=”320″ height=”240″]

Ein weiterer Punkt ist die allzu offensichtliche Präsentation des neuen ukrainischen Regierungschefs Arseni Jaszenjuk auf seiner Webseite. Dort wird nach Aussagen der Putinversteher klar deutlich, dass Jazenjuk ein Agent des Westens ist, der damit der Einmischung in die inneren Angelegenheiten der Ukraine klar überführt sei. Häufig wird in diesem Zusammenhang auch die klare Parteinahme westlicher Politgrößen auf dem Maidan genannt. Auch wird n diesem Zusammenhang die innerhalb von 24 Stunden von den Außenministern von Deutschland, Polen und Frankreich, sowie den ebenfalls vom Westen gelenkten “oppositionellen Vertretern der Ukraine” Klitschko (Konrad Adenauer Stiftung), Tjagnibok (NPD/Swoboda) und Jazenjuk (NATO/USA) gebrochene Vereinbarung zur Auflösung des Maidan und zum Abzug der Polizei mit Janukowitsch genannt. Der Abzug der Polizeieinheiten machte für die gewaltbereiten Nationalisten den Weg zum Sturm des Präsidentenpalastes frei.

Und dann ist da noch der Sniper. Die Schüsse auf dem Maidan wurden von den kritischen und freien westlichen Medien einstimmig Janukowitsch in die Schuhe geschoben. Beweise dafür gibt es bis heute keine. Stattdessen verdichten sich die Hinweise, dass der Sniper vom Hotel Ukraina aus geschossen hatte, das zu diesem Zeitpunkt fest in der Hand der nationalistischen Aufständischen war. Als Beleg dafür gilt ein abgehörtes Telefongespräch mit Cathrine Ashton und Urmas Paet, sowie Aussagen des SBU und Hinweise aus der Bevölkerung. Die angekündigte Untersuchung der Vorgänge durch die neue Regierung ist bis heute nicht durchgeführt worden. Angeblich wurden sogar Bäume auf dem Maidan gefällt, um die Spuren zu verwischen.

Unstimmigkeiten mit der in freien westlichen Demokratien durch unabhängige Medien gefestigten Meinung gibt es auch hinsichtlich der Anti-Terror-Operation der demokratisch gewählten Kiewer Regierung in der Ostukraine. Angeblich sei die Bezeichnung “Pro-Russen” und “Separatisten” eine Erfindung der Westpresse. Die Menschen hätten gar nicht die Absicht gehabt sich Russland anzuschließen. Die zunächst unblutigen Proteste seien erst durch den “brutalen” Angriff der Kiewer Truppen zu einem Bürgerkrieg ausgeartet. Im Gegensatz dazu hätten friedliche Bürger versucht die Panzer der Angreifer mit bloßen Händen zu stoppen.

Schließlich das scheinbar stärkste Argument der Putin Versteher:

Es gäbe in Rechtsstaaten ein Gebot, die “Unschuldsvermutung”, die besagt, dass jemand solange unschuldig ist, bis seine Schuld bewiesen ist.

Bisher gebe es für den Absturz des malayischen Flugzeugs keinerlei Beweise, die auf die Rebellen hindeuteten, da bisher kein Beweis dafür existiert, dass sie entsprechende Kapazitäten hätten.

So bleibe ohnehin nur die ukrainische Seite als Hauptverdächtiger übrig. Das behauptet auch die Propaganda des russischen Vasallen Malaysia:

  • Angeblich wurde MH17 angewiesen auf eine Höhe herunterzugehen, in der auch ein Su-25 Kampfjet operieren kann
  • Ein Fluglotse haben MH17 angewiesen entgegen aller vorherigen Flüge über das Bürgerkriegsterritorium zu fliegen
  • Das zeige deutliche Spuren einer geplanten False-Flag-Operation

Natürlich ist hier klar ersichtlich, dass es sich bei den vorgelegten Informationen größtenteils um Fakten handelt.

Einen wichtigen Aspekt haben die Putin-Fans aber übersehen: Das wichtigste Gut in der Demokratie ist die Meinungsfreiheit. Ohne Meinungsfreiheit keine Demokratie!

Die Arbeit mit Fakten ist auch ein klarer Angriff auf die Meinungsfreiheit. Meinungsfreiheit nach westlichem Standard kann nur da existieren, wo Fakten fehlen.

Wie weit die Einschränkung der Meinungsfreiheit in Russland inzwischen gediehen ist, sah man deutlich an der Pressekonferenz des Generalstabs der russischen Armee am Montag: Während in westlichen freien Medien angesichts der gezeigten Informationen sofort ein Sturm von Anschuldigungen in Richtung des offensichtlich Schuldigen losgebrochen wäre, der in einen gesunden Ausbruch von explosiver Meinungsbildung in den Kommentarspalten geführt hätte, durften die grimmig dreinschauenden Generäle keine einzige freie Meinung formulieren, wer denn nun schuld sei.

Was sind schon die paar Fakten gegen die überwältigende Mehrheit freier und selbstständig denkender Bürger, die sich durch intensiven Konsum unbewiesener Behauptungen in den westlichen Medien eine unabhängige und unbeeinflusste Meinung gebildet haben?

Was ist die geballte Kraft der mündigen Bürger des Westens gegen ein autoritäres Regime, welches durch die Präsentation von Fakten, die Meinung manipulativ in eine bestimmte Richtung lenken will – in ihre nämlich!

Was ist die geballte Schreibkraft so wunderbarer, westlicher Meinungsbildner, wie Robert Leicht von der FAZ, Jochen Bittner in der Zeit, Jan Fleischhauer im Spiegel oder Boris Reitschuster, die der fantasielosen, wortkargen russischen Faktenpräsentation kreativ entgegentreten, dann wert?

Wir müssen uns entscheiden, ob wir in einer Demokratie leben wollen, mit Meinungsfreiheit, Vielfalt und Kreativität oder in einer Diktatur, wo uns die Enge der Fakten zu erdrosseln droht!


Borderlands: The View Beyond Ukraine.



Editor’s Note: This is the final installment in George Friedman’s recent series written during his journey from the Baltics, through Central and Eastern Europe and then east to Turkey and Azerbaijan.
I traveled between Poland and Azerbaijan during a rare period when the forces that shape Europe appear to be in flux, and most of the countries I visited are re-evaluating their positions. The overwhelming sense was anxiety. Observers from countries such as Poland make little effort to hide it. Those from places such as Turkey, which is larger and not directly in the line of fire, look at Ukraine as an undercurrent rather than the dominant theme. But from Poland to Azerbaijan, I heard two questions: Are the Russians on the move? And what can these countries do to protect themselves?

Borderlands Series

Moscow is anxious too, and some Russians I spoke to expressed this quite openly. From the Russian point of view, the Europeans and Americans did the one thing they knew Moscow could not live with: They installed a pro-Western government in Kiev. For them, the Western claims of a popular rising in Ukraine are belied by the Western-funded nongovernmental organizations that were critical to sustaining the movement to unseat the government. But that is hardly what matters most. A pro-Western government now controls Ukraine, and if that control holds, the Russian Federation is in danger.

The View to Russia’s West

When the Russians look at a map, this is what they see: The Baltic states are in NATO and Ukraine has aligned with the West. The anti-Western government in Belarus is at risk, and were Minsk to change its loyalties, Russia’s potential enemies will have penetrated almost as deeply toward the Russian core as the Nazis did. This is a comparison I heard Russians make several times. For them, the Great Patriotic War (World War II), which left more than 20 million Soviet dead, is a vivid, living memory, and so is Hitler’s treachery. Russians are not a trusting people and have no reason to be. The same is true of the Central Europeans, the Turks and the Caucasians. Nothing in their past permits them the luxury of assuming the best about anyone.
In recent weeks, three things have become obvious. The first is that the Russians will not invade Ukraine directly. You don’t occupy a country of almost 50 million people with the 50,000 troops Russia has mobilized, and you can never assume that an occupied population will welcome you. The Russians have postured as if they were an overwhelming force, but the threat of American munitions dumps and airstrikes against fuel depots — not something that the Russians can dismiss out of hand — as well as the threat of an insurgency leave the Russians wary.
Equally clear is that no European power can defend the line running from Poland to Romania with the decisive force needed to repel a Russian attack — or even support these countries against Russian pressure and potential subversion. Germany is the key country, and Berlin has made it clear that there are limits to what it is prepared to do in Ukraine and to the steps it is ready to take to defend the eastern flank of NATO and the European Union. Berlin does not want another Cold War. Germany depends on Russian energy and ultimately is satisfied with the status quo. The rest of Europe cannot intervene decisively.
Finally, this means that any support to Europe’s eastern flank must come from the United States. Washington spent the past few weeks indicating its commitment to two key countries: Poland and Romania. President Barack Obama went to Poland while Vice President Joe Biden traveled to Romania, and while both leaders stressed Washington’s absolute commitment to Poland’s and Romania’s national security, they were short on specifics. That lack of detail is not surprising — the United States is still taking stock of the situation. Washington is not ready to outline the nature and extent of its support, and from the American point of view, so long as the Russians are focused on Ukraine, there is still time to do so.
The primary concern for the United States would logically be Poland, the most vulnerable country on the North European Plain. But for now, distance and logistics limit the Russians’ ability to threaten Poland. The stability of the Baltic states is the greatest fear in the region, and the threat there is not Russian invasion, but Russian subversion — a threat that armored divisions cannot address.
More important, a primary commitment to Poland forces any alliance into a defensive posture. That made sense during the Cold War, when Soviet conventional military forces were much larger and better deployed. But Russia today is far weaker, and a more assertive strategy — one that presents Russia with risks while also defending key assets — is more appropriate.

The Emerging Black Sea Strategy

For these reasons, we see the United States beginning to adopt a Black Sea strategy centered on Romania. The Russians held on to Sevastopol because naval capability in the Black Sea is critical. A strategy that enhances Romania’s naval capability and places U.S. aircraft in the region would pose a threat to the Russian fleet. It would also extend defensive capabilities to Georgia and protect the indispensible route for any pipelines running from Azerbaijan. Put simply, a competent rival Black Sea fleet would create problems for Russia, particularly if the Ukrainian regime survives and Crimea is isolated. The visit by U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel to Romania indicates the importance U.S. strategic thinkers place on that country.
It is important to note the extensive diplomacy ongoing between the United States and Turkey, as well as meetings between Turkish, Romanian and Polish leaders. The Turks are obviously vulnerable to energy cutoffs, and Ankara does not want to see the Black Sea used as a battleground. At the same time, Turkey would want to be a part of any alliance structure the United States is constructing in the region. In the long run, the Turks have a deep interest in Iraqi and Iranian energy and little trust in Russian intentions.
What we are seeing is regional players toying with new alliance structures. The process is in its infancy, but it is already forcing the Russians to consider their future. An added dimension to this is of course energy. The Russians would appear to have the advantage here: Many of the nations that fear Moscow also depend on it for natural gas. But there is a Russian weakness here as well. Natural gas is a powerful lever, but it is not particularly profitable. Russia’s national budget — indeed, its economy — is built around oil. The chief danger Moscow faces is that it doesn’t control the price of oil. A radical decline in that benchmark would cause the Russian economy to stagger at the very least. While in Poland, Obama deliberately pointed out Russia’s economic problems. He wanted Russian President Vladimir Putin to know that he understands Russia’s weakness.
Deployment of military force, while necessary, is therefore not the core element of the developing Western strategy. Rather, the key move is to take steps to flood the world market with oil — even knowing that implementing this strategy is extremely difficult. It appears likely that once Tehran reaches an agreement with Washington on nuclear weapons, Iran’s oil market will open up, and a major source of oil will flow. Additional Iraqi oil is also moving toward the market, and Libyan production might soon resume. Washington itself wields the most powerful weapon: The United States could reverse its current policy and start exporting oil and liquefied natural gas.
There are undercurrents in this. Bulgaria announced this weekend that it would suspend construction on South Stream, a pipeline the Russians favor, after the country’s prime minister met with three U.S. senators. In the short run, the strategy may be to limit Russia’s control over Europe’s energy; in the long run, the strategy could create the means to destabilize the Russian economy.
None of this is an immediate threat to Russia. It will be years before these and other alternative sources of energy come online — indeed, some may never be available — and there are many constraints, especially in the short term. U.S. companies and oil-producing allies who depend on high oil prices would suffer alongside Russia — an expensive collateral to this policy. But the game here is geopolitical futures. Once major efforts are underway to increase the worldwide availability of oil, those efforts are hard to stop. The Russian strategy must be to diminish the influence of energy on Moscow’s geopolitical imperatives. The Russians know this, and their aim now is to diversify their economy enough within the next 10 years to reduce their vulnerability to fluctuations in energy markets. The threat to Moscow is a surge in supply that cuts into Russian markets and depresses oil prices before Russia completes this effort.
For the United States, the game is not to massively arm Poland, build a Romanian navy or transform the world oil markets. It is simpler than that: Washington wants to show that it is ready to do these things. Such a show of will forces the Russians to recalculate their position now, before the threat becomes a reality. It is not that the United States is bluffing — it is that Washington would prefer to achieve its goals without a major effort, and frankly, without tanking oil prices.

New Calculations

The United States now has a pro-Western government in Ukraine. If that government survives and is strengthened, the Russian position becomes entirely defensive, and the threat Moscow poses is gone. Further, Belarus could destabilize and end up with a pro-Western government. In either case, the Russian position becomes enormously difficult. Its principal weapon — cutting off natural gas to Europe — would then have to take into account Russia’s strategic vulnerability, and possibly even calculate the potential for instability in Russia itself. The future for Russia becomes the one thing no nation wants: uncertain.
Russia now has two choices. The first is to destabilize Ukraine. Success is uncertain, and Moscow cannot predict the U.S. response. Washington’s moves in Poland, Romania and even Turkey have made this option riskier than it was. The fallback for Russia is to neutralize Ukraine. Russia would leave the current government in place so long as Kiev pledges not to join Western-led multinational structures and not to allow any foreign military presence on Ukrainian territory. In return, the Russians would guarantee Ukraine’s territorial integrity and might even reconsider the status of Crimea.
The Western strategy is to create a credible threat to fundamental Russian interests. That means guaranteeing Poland’s defense while setting up offensive military capabilities in Romania. But a linchpin of the strategy is to let Moscow know that the United States is prepared if necessary to stage an all-out attack on the price of oil. The goal is to make Putin rethink the long-term risks he is running by cashing in on Russia’s short-term advantage in natural gas exports.
The Russians must now calculate whether they can destabilize Ukraine enough to displace the pro-Western government. They must also consider the costs of doing so. In the meantime, Moscow is exploring possibilities for the neutralization of Ukraine. Germany will be key, and I suspect the Germans would be happy to see Kiev neutralized if doing so brought an end to the crisis.
From the U.S. point of view, a Western-oriented but neutral Ukraine would create a buffer zone without forcing a confrontation with Russia. What the Americans must calculate is how stable this arrangement is and what the Russians might later do to undermine it. The problem with agreeing to any deal is in its enforcement. You enforce it by being able to threaten the other party with the one thing they don’t want. And the one thing that Russia doesn’t want is anything that threatens its weakened economy. If a control mechanism doesn’t emerge, then Ukraine will remain a battleground in a little cold war.

Europe’s Political Mainstream Gets A Wake-Up Call !



The resounding gains made by the anti-EU parties in last week’s European parliamentary elections have alerted Europe’s mainstream leadership to its fundamentally precarious position. This is a warning Stratfor sounded more than two years ago, when we predicted the rise of the far right and cautioned that these fringe groups should not be underestimated, precisely because they were tapping into very real and deepening sentiments that emerged from the economic and social malaise that has developed since 2008.

The highest levels of European leadership are finally and unequivocally feeling the political consequences of years of unemployment and stagnating growth across much of the continent. The dismal election results for many of the mainstream European parties (particularly in France, Spain and the United Kingdom) overshadowed the small but much-lauded gross domestic product growth figures for the year to date that dominated headlines until last week.

The current European leadership sees the rapid rise of Euroskeptical parties as an existential threat to the postwar order in Europe. This is not only because of old specters of Europe’s bloody nationalist past, but also because the economic and financial stability of the continent has been rigged (sometimes haphazardly) around the open market and common currency that these Euroskeptical parties want to recuse.

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