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Tallinn Square Family Day was held on the 90th anniversary of the Defence !

Tallinn Defence League was held on Sunday the 90th anniversary of the Family Day at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds., Where the army weapons and demonstrate a technique. The hand and the eye was put to the test õhupüssitiirus and firing simulators.

For the first time had a chance to try the anti-tank system JAVELIN simulator.

Song Festival Grounds are members STRYKER Allied armored vehicles.

Naiskodukaitse offered soup and tea. There were armored troops to make a fun ride.


Fall Putin’s rating could provoke direct intervention in Ukraine: political scientist !

Intensification of hostilities in the eastern regions of Ukraine may be the only possible way to raise the collapsed rating of Vladimir Putin.

Падение рейтинга Путина может спровоцировать прямое вторжение в Украину: политолог

It is reported Joinfo.ua referring to the statement of Russian political scientist Alexei Gordeev.

The annexation of the Crimea and fighting the Russian army in the Donbas allowed Putin to achieve unprecedented early popularity and support rating of 80%. However, against the backdrop of a severe economic crisis, the Russians express all claims more power. In the context of the risk of mass popular uprising against the background of the economic problems faced Kremlin faces a major challenge to keep the situation in the country and prevent the overthrow of the Arab spring by the formula, “- said the analyst.

Mood of Russians and their degree of loyalty to the Kremlin are currently subject of intense study of Russian special services representatives of these agencies conduct focus groups in the regions of the Russian Federation, in order to determine the level of dissatisfaction with the Russians authorities and readiness to go to the streets to participate in the protests. To switch the attention of the general public with the Russian economic collapse, collapse of the ruble and the general decline in living standards, it can be played decisive map – the map of the war with Ukraine.

“When the war in the neighboring country, people will devote all his time to it, shifting attention from internal problems. In the spring of Kremlin propagandists have tested this option, flooded the news stories about the crimes ofKiev junta. “

After Putin discontent, knots, only the war as a more emotional “story” will allow to block the economic problems of the people and submit again Putin a major geo-strategy“, – concluded Gordeev.

Earlier, we reported that, according to Inosmi, 2015 will be the year for the collapse of Vladimir Putin.

Paul Craig Roberts: Washington is preparing a nuclear attack on Russia and China !!!

Washington thinks that a nuclear war can be won, and plans to launch a first strike against Russia

Пол Крейг Робертс: Вашингтон готовит ядерный удар по России и Китаю

This is a former assistant for economic policy US Treasury warns primarily of their own citizens

Washington believes that a nuclear war can be won, and plans to launch a first strike against Russia, and possibly China, to avoid any challenge Washington’s global hegemony.

The plan is far advanced, and now turns its implementation. As I reported earlier, US strategic doctrine has changed, nuclear missiles, which previously was assigned the role of retaliation, now relegated to the role of the first offensive strike. Base anti-ballistic missiles the US has been deployed in Poland on the border with Russia, in the plans the construction of new bases. When it is completed, Russia will be surrounded by US missile bases.

Anti-ballistic missiles, known as “Star Wars” a weapon designed to intercept and destroy ballistic missiles. According to the military doctrine of Washington, US first strike on Russia, and, regardless of what means of retaliation remain in Russia, they are not able to reach the United States, thanks to the shield of anti-ballistic missiles.

As a reason, which Washington says changing its military doctrine, called the possibility that terrorists will acquire nuclear weapons, with which they can destroy an American city. This explanation is ridiculous. Terrorists – a single or a group of people rather than a country with armed forces that threaten. Use of nuclear weapons against terrorists will lead to the destruction of much more than the actual terrorists, in and of itself is meaningless, since cope with this task and drone with a missile.

For reasons that are explained Washington create a database of anti-ballistic missiles in Poland, was named to protect Europe from Iranian intercontinental ballistic missiles. Washington and any European government knows that Iran has no intercontinental ballistic missiles that Iran and showed no signs of intentions to attack Europe.

Any government is aware that there are reasons for Washington‘s feeble attempts to hide the fact that the creation of opportunities to win a nuclear war on the ground.

The Russian government understands that a change in US military doctrine and the base of anti-ballistic missiles on the borders of the United States directed against Russia and are a sign that Washington is planning to launch a nuclear first strike against Russia.

China also realized that Washington has similar intentions against him. As I wrote a few months ago, in response to a threat to Washington’s China drew the world’s attention to their ability to destroy the United States if Washington will initiate a conflict.

But Washington believes that he can win a nuclear war with little damage and without prejudice to the United States. This belief makes nuclear war possible.

This belief is based on ignorance. In a nuclear war there will be winners. Even if the city will be able to avoid US retaliation because of anti-ballistic missiles, radiation and nuclear winter of the use of weapons against Russia and China and also destroy the United States.

Media that during the corrupt regime Clinton fell into the hands of several people are also complicit in this, as long as do not pay attention to the problem. Governments vassals of Washington in Western and Eastern Europe, Canada, Australia and Japan – also partners, as they have been Washington’s plan and allow you to build a base for its actuation. Distraught Polish government may have signed the death sentence of humanity. US Congress – the same partner as makes no hearings on executive plans to unleash a nuclear war.

Washington has created a dangerous situation. Since it is obvious that the first blow threatens Russia and China, they can decide themselves to strike first. Why Russia and China have to sit and wait for the inevitable, while their opponent creates an opportunity to defend themselves with a shield of anti-ballistic missiles? When Washington will complete construction of the shield, Russia and China will obviously be attacked if not surrender immediately.

Of the 10minute talk channel «Russia Today» it follows that the secret plan of Washington first strike on Russia not a secret. The report also makes it clear that Washington is ready to eliminate all the European leaders who disagree with him.

Readers ask me: “What can we do?And you can do this. You can plug the mouth of the Propaganda Ministry, turning off the TV, “Fox News“, “CNN en“, “Bi-bi-si“, “Hey BBC“, “CNN-BBC“, “sys- CBS, “stop reading” New York Times “,” Voshington Post “,” Los Angeles Times “. Yes, just walking away from the official media. Do not believe a word of the government. Do not vote. Realize that evil is concentrated in Washington. In the XXI-st century Washington completely or partially destroyed several countries. Millions of people are killed, maimed, driven from their homes, and even Washington has never repented. Did not repent and other “Christian” country. Devastation that struck Washington, portrayed as a huge success. Washington triumphs.

Washington aims to triumph, and the evil that is Washington, leads to the destruction of the world.

US Expert: US preparing its nuclear forces to a surprise attack on Russia !

СЯС самое время. Американский эксперт: США готовят свои ядерные силы к внезапному удару по России

US nuclear forces are preparing for a conflict with Russia. Characterizes Washington’s plans, American expert on international security issues, MIT professor Theodore Postol in the weekly Nation.

According to the professor, a plan of the trillion-dollar calculated for several decades, aims to prepare the US nuclear weapons to a direct military confrontation with Russia. According to Postol, theorists in Washington are convinced that the United States will be able to win in such a conflict. To do this in the coming years to improve the accuracy States plans warhead intercontinental ballistic missiles and increase the power of their charges.

Anyone who has studied history knows that a serious political crisis can not be avoided, they periodically arise due to unforeseen and unexpected events – warns Postol.

Expert opinion has not gone unnoticed in the power circles in the US. For example, US Undersecretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Rose Gottemoeller December 17, during his speech at a seminar at the Brookings Institution in Washington was “deeply disagreedwith abstracts Postol. According to her, Russia and the United States in the past has moved along this road existed in the cycle of action-reaction”, meaning the arms race.

The last thing we need is to repeat the mistakes of the Cold War, to pour resources and unimaginable human capital in such programs, – said Gottemoeller, noting that the practice of non-use of nuclear weapons should be extended forever. While at the same time, Washington believes modernization of strategic offensive arms, undertaken and Russia, and the United States, reasonable.

It should be noted that on 3 October 2014 the State Department released data that has been provided to Washington Moscow in the Russian-US Treaty on Strategic Offensive Arms (START-3). According to them, Russia for the first time since the beginning of the XXI century overtook the United States as the number of carriers of nuclear weapons as part of the strategic nuclear forces (SNF) and the number of warheads on deployed delivery vehicles.

Theodore Postol always had a catchy statements. For example, he is one of the main critics of US missile defense system – the director of the Center for Strategic conditions Ivan Konovalov. – Now in a difficult geopolitical situation vivid statements on the subject of strategic nuclear forces become part of the information. In 1962, during the Cuban missile crisis, the two countries were on the verge of a possible pressing the “nuclear button“. Now there is a kind of game. In this sense, lobbyists in the United States use a window of opportunity to strengthen its strategic nuclear forces.

The fact that the US administration last decade made a bet in favor of conventional forces, as the number of armed conflicts in which the States involved, required the development of conventional weapons. Naturally, this shifted direction and financing. Unlike Russia, which even under difficult conditions collapse of the Union, default, reform of the army still found the strength and resources to maintain its strategic nuclear forces in the normal state. Because only they were a shield and a guarantor of the country’s integrity. Now our country has reached a fairly good level of combat readiness.

I should also note that the United States a lot of time has been paid to the implementation of the concept of “prompt global strike” – defeat the enemy for several hours non-nuclear forces cruise missiles and ICBMs with conventional warheads. Application of the latter is believed to enable guaranteed to destroy the objects of affection without radioactive contamination. This factor also had an impact on slowing the development of strategic nuclear forces the United States.

With regard to the comparison of US and Russian strategic nuclear forces, when it comes to such powers, unprincipled one 100 or 150 more warheads, considering how much damage will be to hit the target at least a small part of these ballistic missiles. It is clear that nuclear parity must be maintained. But until recently, the Russian Federation and the United States have expressed the desire to reduce their strategic nuclear forces to the maximum that you will agree, is correct.

Everyone knows what a disaster way to end a nuclear conflict. Therefore, it is hardly possible, says a leading researcher of the sector in regional security RISS Candidate of Military Sciences Vladimir Karjakin. Another thing is that lack of knowledge about what means and methods of warfare has the enemy, what are his real possibilities, introduces a potential aggressor in a state of uncertainty, since it can not be completely sure of the success of their actions, and therefore can not start attack. This is a deterrent.

“SP”: It is believed that after Ronald Reagan in 1983, announced the “Strategic Defense Initiativein the USSR, all land and sea missiles were created with the maximum number of elements to overcome missile defense, so our carriers can easily overcome the US missile defense. That is the vaunted US missile defense – is a myth.

US missile defense system is, as they say, at the stage of laboratory tests. Well, the Americans shot down a satellite at an altitude of 200 kilometers. But who today would be just one missile attack? Test their systems were, so to speak, in a lightweight environment without jamming was known beforehand trajectory purposes, their parameters. So, the US missile defense system is not such a formidable force, as is sometimes write.

Another thing that matters Geography placement of missile defense: the further sensors, the wider the operative field. In addition, we are concerned that the US missile can be used not only for defense, but also for a preemptive strike against ground targets First of all – the positions of our Strategic Missile Forces.

Director of the Center for Public Policy Research Vladimir Yevseyev says: in Russia believe that the US strategic nuclear forces this is not the main problem.

– We believe that the threat is increasing the capacity of US precision weapons in nonnuclear (which is why there is talk about how to bring an updated military doctrine of the Russian position on the non-nuclear deterrence, which did not exist). We are talking about a sea-based cruise missiles type BGM-109 Tomahawk. It is assumed that if these missiles will be a lot, then it will inflict a disarming strike on US strategic nuclear forces of the Russian Federation. But, in my opinion, these estimates are somewhat exaggerated.

The fact is that until 2025-2030, the United States does not have the capacity disarming strike with precision weapons in nonnuclear. That is, in such capacity until the US simply does not have because to implement their concept of “prompt global strike” alone sea-based cruise missiles is not enough. Need to withdraw strike systems in space, develop hypersonic vehicles.

Now we do not know whether the United States will go to the deployment of ground-based cruise missiles in Europe, will withdraw from the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF). Of course, this the worst case scenario. Realized he? I think not. How Come? Because all this will require huge costs and the militarization of space, which is dangerous, as both Russia will not sit idly by.

With regard to the strategic nuclear forces, the nuclear triad of Russia and the US are fundamentally different things. In the US, its main element – a marine component. Namely – the ballistic missile submarines (SLBM). Americans have the advantage in the number of ballistic missiles, besides potentially every SSBNs “Ohio” can carry 24 SLBM.

Marine component complements the air component of the United States, which significantly exceeds the potential of the Russian long-range aviation.

As for Russia is responsible? Historically, we have the basic element of the strategic nuclear forces ground component. But in view of the fact that it is difficult to work within the retaliatory strike and, even more so – a deep response, Russia deploys mobile missile systems, which the United States is not at all. It’s not just about moving underground complexes such as RS-24 yars”, but also the completion of development and even construction BDZHRK (railway rolling combat missile system), a new type. Also on the basis of Yarsa.”

Such a response to the impressive marine components SNF US is quite adequate and sufficient. But to within the triad was resistance, the Russian Federation to replace the submarine project 667BDRM creates a new group SSBN type “Northwind” of eight boats, which will be placed on the type of “4 + 4″ – the Northern Fleet and the Pacific Fleet. This, in principle, sufficient. And there are no opportunities to create borders defense to keep fighting back these weapons, the US does not.

For example, States are Alaska strategic interceptors GBI. However, firstly, there are few. And secondly, they intercept in space at altitudes of about 1.5 thousand kilometers, where it is difficult to identify the target, because it does not fly alone. That is to intercept a warhead need to hit all the “cloud” that would require starting the whole building, located in Alaska. Again, the possibility of the US to intercept without the deployment of space-tier limited.

Thus, the actual SNF until upgrades only Russian. They are also building up China. But the United States on any item not lead modernization. They no longer maintain the health of the funds, which have long been. And work on tactical nuclear weapons. But Russia and this is your answer.


Mass media warned of the impending Third World War !

ИноСМИ предупредили о грядущей Третьей мировой

The world can immerse themselves in the gloom of a third world war, which provoke the United States, with the active participation of the EU. In the first place it is directed against Russia and indirectly against China. About it in his article writes the correspondent “Publico.es” Boaventura de Sousa Santos.

In the article “World War III”, the author emphasizes that “we are witnessing a rare moment of agreement between the two parties of the USA. 4 December, the US Congress passed a resolution 758, authorizing the president to tighten sanctions measures and strengthen the isolation of Russia, to supply weapons and other assistance to the ruling circles of Ukraine and strengthen American military presence in countries bordering Russia.

All growing provocative actions against Russia contain a number of elements that combine to suggest a new Cold War, I suppose, in contrast to the first, the likelihood of a global war and, as a consequence, the use of nuclear weapons. “

According to the author, the provocative actions of the West consists of three elements: it sanctions aimed at weakening Russia, ensuring came to power in Kiev puppet government and shameless propaganda campaign. The article emphasizes that especially painful blow to Russia decline in oil prices, a major source of filling the state budget. Along the way, it creates difficulties for other countries considered hostile (Venezuela and Iran).

“The decline in prices was made possible by an agreement between the United States and Saudi Arabia, according to which the United States is taken under his protection royal family (hated throughout the region) in exchange for the continued commission of oil transactions in US dollars, without which the dollar will cease to exist as a world currency, causing, in turn, the collapse of the US economy. it should be recalled that the public debt of this country – the largest in the world, “writes de Sousa Santos.

The second element is the full control of the Kiev authorities that turn Ukraine into a puppet state. Journalist Robert Parry reports that the new Minister of Economy of Ukraine Natalia Yaresko, a former employee of the State Department and US citizen, received Ukrainian citizenship only a few days before taking office. Until recently, she led a number of companies funded by the US government and designed to work in Ukraine.

Now it becomes more understandable phrase« fuck EU », which is in the hearts burst out in February, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland. And in fact she wanted to say:” Yes, what the heck! Ukraine – ours, we paid for it “observes the author.

Pays particular attention to the US propaganda war. For large media and journalists under pressure in order to write only about what justifies the provocation of the West, and hide everything that puts them into question. “I offer readers a moment to imagine the scandal that erupted in the media would be if all of a sudden it became known that the Syrian president has just appointed to a ministerial post Iranians who a few days before it gave Syrian citizenship. Or let filing will compare and analyze reports of February the protests in Kiev and recent actions in Hong Kong. and let statements to evaluate the significance of Henry Kissinger that provoke Russia rather recklessly, “concludes de Sousa Santos.

How many Ukrainians have to die in the impending war? And the citizens of other countries? What kind of democracy can say when 67% of Americans are opposed to the supply of arms Ukraine, and 98% of their representatives voted” for “? What kind of democracy in Europe can say when there similar or even larger differences between citizens on the one hand and EU governments and the European Commission on the other? or when the European Parliament continues to engage in business as usual, while Europe is going to become the next theater of war, and Ukraine – the next Libya? completes the material author.

Independent: Russia prepares West “terrible novelty” !

Arms manufacturers in recent years actively working on a stealth types of weapons that let you control the battlefield, avoiding the enemy, writes Independent. Russia is not going to lag behind other countries. Its highly automated submarine fifth generation will be equipped with underwater robots that will create a false target and allow the submarine to escape from persecution.

Independent: Россия готовит Западу «ужасную новинку»


Global arms race has recently been carried out in a new direction: the developers weapons tend to create patterns that combine stealth with the ability to control the battlefield as in war, and in times of civil unrest, writes Independent. According to the newspaper, this trend also affected Russia – Moscow recently announced plans to improve the fleet of nuclear submarines, including equipping them with unmanned underwater vehicles.According to the Independent, referring to the Russian media, Russian submarines will be equipped with special drones that will be used to evade prosecution. As conceived by Russian engineers, such a device, launched from a submarine will have to remain in place, thus creating a false target for the devices of the enemy, and the submarine itself at this time will be able to leave the area of research.
In addition, a fifth-generation submarines will be largely automated, so that the quantitative composition of the team will be relatively small, according to the material. At the moment, we know that they will be equipped with powerful torpedoes and cruise and anti-ship missiles. Displacement of one such vessel in submerged at 13 800 tons, and speed – up to 30 knots.

Fifth-generation submarine only the last of a whole series of horrible novelties” that claim the world powers, said the journalist Independent. For example, China has recently announced the creation of the so-called pain ray” – a special non-lethal weapons that due to the directional microwave radiation heats the water molecules in the human body, causing excruciating pain. Wherein the beam emitted from the device is invisible to the human eye. Similar developments are already in the armed forces of Russia and the United States, the article said
Science fiction has long believed that the future army will grow in size and become worse that is, such as the droid army in the” Star Wars and other films. But, apparently, the armed forces, thanks to new technologies and increased funding, on the contrary, decreases and becomes less visible – in fact an invisible army, defending and attacking on the ground, in the air and in water may be much more powerful than any of the fictitious forces “- concludes the author.

Global arms race has recently been carried out in a new direction: the developers weapons tend to create patterns that combine stealth with the ability to control the battlefield as in war, and in times of civil unrest, writes Independent. According to the newspaper, this trend also affected Russia – Moscow recently announced plans to improve the fleet of nuclear submarines, including equipping them with unmanned underwater vehicles.According to the Independent, referring to the Russian media, Russian submarines will be equipped with special drones that will be used to evade prosecution. As conceived by Russian engineers, such a device, launched from a submarine will have to remain in place, thus creating a false target for the devices of the enemy, and the submarine itself at this time will be able to leave the area of research.
In addition, a fifth-generation submarines will be largely automated, so that the quantitative composition of the team will be relatively small, according to the material. At the moment, we know that they will be equipped with powerful torpedoes and cruise and anti-ship missiles. Displacement of one such vessel in submerged at 13 800 tons, and speed – up to 30 knots.

Fifth-generation submarine only the last of a whole series of horrible novelties” that claim the world powers, said the journalist Independent. For example, China has recently announced the creation of the so-called pain ray” – a special non-lethal weapons that due to the directional microwave radiation heats the water molecules in the human body, causing excruciating pain. Wherein the beam emitted from the device is invisible to the human eye. Similar developments are already in the armed forces of Russia and the United States, the article said

Science fiction has long believed that the future army will grow in size and become worse that is, such as the droid army in the” Star Wars and other films. But, apparently, the armed forces, thanks to new technologies and increased funding, on the contrary, decreases and becomes less visible – in fact an invisible army, defending and attacking on the ground, in the air and in water may be much more powerful than any of the fictitious forces “- concludes the author.

Turchinov declared war on Russia: Ukraine is preparing an invasion of the Crimea.

Kyiv, December 17 (PolitNavigator Mikhail Ryabov) – Secretary of the Security Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov said that Kiev would take the war over only if returned control of not only the Donbas, and the Crimea.

Турчинов объявил войну России: Украина готовит вторжение в Крым

About this Turchinov said at a briefing in Kiev.

Our war will end only when will be available the whole territory of Ukraine, including the Autonomous Republic of Crimea“, – he said.

According to Turchynov, Ukraine should build a powerful defense complex.

“Russia may unleash a full-scale continental war. And this can happen at any time. We have no alternative but to be ready for this. The task of the Security Council – to ensure the full mobilization of all available resources in the country, “- he said.

To build a powerful defense complex to be ready to repel the aggressor and to liberate our territory, the first task is to ensure the NSDC full mobilization of all available resources in the country,” – said Turchinov.

Philip Giraldi: US is not worth the risk to go to war with Russia.

The US has a lot of chances to play in this war if Russia will play tit for tat” strategy by symmetric responses to rebuff overt and covert attacks on its economy, I’m sure the ex-CIA officer.

Президент России Владимир Путин и президент Соединенных Штатов Америки Барак Обама. Архивное фото

MOSCOW, December 9 RIA Novosti. The flow of anger directed at Russia by the US Congress and the White House with the help of leading media, unreasonable and official Washington should review their mistakes and to back until they are brought up to the current crisis situation that would entail catastrophic consequences for all parties involved, says Philip Giraldi, a former CIA officer, is the executive director of the Council of national interests, writes the American analytical magazine The American Conservative.

In the good old days of the Cold War, says Giraldi, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was ready to do everything conceivable and inconceivable, in order to discredit the Soviet Union. CIA regularly placed in the friendly US media articles about human rights violations in the Soviet Union, sponsored dissident movements like “Solidarity” through front Russian companies introduce technologies that contribute to malfunction conveyor assembly lines for the production and so on. There was a real war, though latent.

After more than 20 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union are many indications that Washington slips into a new completely unnecessary confrontation with Moscow. Only this time it is not “in control” of the CIA, the article says.

Unlike the Cold War with the Soviet Union, according to a former CIA officer, when the operation to discredit and weaken the enemy and were hidden from the development stage to realize their lead CIA, today the majority of new conflicts are conducted openly. Sanctions are imposed, Congress makes statements and adopts resolutions, senior State Department official policy and is regularly visited by unstable regions, hosts a variety of workshops in new media by political organizations funded kvazinekommercheskimi organizations like the National Endowment for Democracy” (the National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

All accusations against Moscow over the Crimea and its policy towards Ukraine throw all and sundry on the forums on the foreign policy. Even if someone sincerely believes that Vladimir Putin is a terrible villain who wants to get their hands on Eastern Europe, it must recognize that the arguments should be weightier slogans with bumper stickers.” And it is this, and is now yuongress and the White House.

In all of this, it is important to note that Moscow has legitimate concerns about threats to its national security, which entails a further expansion of NATO, in particular the latest crude attempt to drive in Kiev “western circle of like-minded people.” In addition, Russia and the Crimea bind the strong historical ties and interests of national security, says a former employee of the CIA.
Здание Конгресса США в Вашингтоне

However, Congress took the path of a further escalation of tensions with Moscow and adopted a resolution HR 758, which, in effect, only added fuel to the fire. It accused Russia in all the most grievous sins. The resolution also calls on President Barack Obama to give the green light for the supply of lethal weapons Kiev, as well as provide military experts and soldiers for the preparation of the Ukrainian army.

“If you ask, what does the US have to relations between Russia and Ukraine, you will be told that Russia’s interest in Ukraine threatens international peace and security” – says Philip Giraldi.

The author believes that many of the accusations against Moscow over its bad behavior would have sounded more credible if they were brought against Washington, who leads a secret war on the global currency markets and against the Russian corporations.

He also notes that even if the sanctions will be strengthened, Moscow will not back down from the Ukraine, because it is a vital interest of Russia.

The US has a lot of chances to play in this war if Russia will play tit for tat” strategy by symmetric responses to rebuff overt and covert attacks on its economy.

Russia is actively cooperating with the US and EU in tracking financial flows to terrorist groups and drug cartels, but now she feels that the West intends to act against its financial institutions and the economy as a whole.

In addition, Russia can answer the US close cooperation with Iran, Syria and North Korea. It can get out of the sanctions against Tehran and start buying Iranian oil, with the same success it can begin to supply arms to Damascus, including air defense system that can not miss in the Syrian airspace single American aircraft. Moscow also can weaken the restrictions on trade with North Korea. At the UN, Russia could with equal success to block all US initiatives.

Use of overt and covert means to drive Russia into a corner from which it can not escape – not smart politics. According to Ron Paul: Do it, then start a war.”

According to former CIA officer, is not wise to provoke powerful enemy if vital national interests are not at stake, and Ukraine and Crimea are not among them. The consequences of inciting conflict can be devastating for all of its participants.

Alexander Zapolskis. Paper tiger NATO.

Коллаж ИА REGNUMChinese have such an apt expression a paper tiger. This is when visibility is considerably detached from the real situation. Ukrainian UNIAN news agency published a comparative analysis of the military capabilities of NATO and Russia conducted a Polish television channel TVN24. From his calculations, it follows that NATO in its capabilities conceals Russia as an elephant pug. Get at least a military budget of $ 950 billion. A year, the alliance and less than 90 billion dollars. In Russia. Or the total number of armed forces: 3.5 million NATO and 766 thousand. In the Russian Federation. In short, the paper comes out that the alliance is superior to the Russian Federation on all the articles. But is it really? In the end, on paper Ukraine in February 2014 to the number of soldiers and equipment is the sixth army of the world. However, for some reason she was defeated Donetsk militia troops commanded by former musicians, amateur theaters, and one kamnetёsy historic reconstructor.

If you keep all of the major indicators of the armies of countries members of the Alliance, in one electronic tablet, the picture is somewhat different offers. At first glance, all formally correct. The block consists of 28 countries with a total population of 888 million people. They all have a 3.9 million soldiers, more than 6 thousand. Warplanes, about 3.6 thousand. Helicopters, 17.8 thous. Tanks, 62,6 thous. Of various armored vehicles, nearly 15 thousand. Pieces, 16 thousand. mortars, 2.6 thousand. multiple rocket launchers and 302 warships main classes (including submarines). But the point is that all of the above is by no means NATO, because the said calculation gives much cheating.

Take, for example, France. Its armed forces are often included in the overall balance. While leaving behind the scenes of the fact that this country has long been out of the military structure of the block, or even in the ideal case would support it only a couple of leased” hull-scale foundations. Ie of the overall figures immediately disappear 64 million population, 654 thousand. officers and men, 637 tanks, 6,4 thousand. armored vehicles and so on. It would seem a trifle. Just think, even without the 600 French guns, NATO is still 14 th. Barrels. So, if you do not take into account that the vast majority of the listed weapons is mainly in warehouses and storage depots. In Ukraine, too, there were more than 2.5 thousand. Any tanks. But when it comes to war, it became clear that the real battle-ready are about 600, and more in real terms relative to remaining in the system can be put in the ideal “plus the same amount.” Others – trash. I will not argue. I hope that in Germany (858 MBT and 2002. BBM) or Spain (456 MBT 1102 and AFV) for storage of property should be better Ukrainians. But actually it does not change.

Tabulated figures do show a striking result. On paper, NATO has 55.6 thousand. (62 thousand. Minus 6.4 thousand. French) all kinds of armored fighting vehicles. Of these, 25.3 thousand. In the US, of which 20 thousand. Warehouses are long-term storage! However, the Americans would be okay. It turns out that the largest number of “reserves” BBM 11.5 thousand. Pc. Focused on warehouses in countries with armies numbering less than 100 thousand. Man. For example, a member of NATO – Bulgaria – contains all the armed forces of 34,970 people, and the legacy of the Warsaw Pact she got 362 tanks and 1,596 armored fighting vehicles. So the warehouses where they are almost all.

A similar pattern in the Czech Republic. Army 17,930 people, and on paper “has” MBT 175 and 1013 BBM. In general, even if you do not go into the complexity of logistics, supply of spare parts and obviously impossible, for example, to deploy a tank battalion based on the Soviet T-72 from some British reservists, still turns out that almost all the figures on armored vehicles and artillery can be safely divided by four. From 17.8 thousand. Tanks are” 4.45 thousand., Of which only half is the troops” and accurately on the move. The second half is still in warehouses under a thick layer of grease on the removal of which requires considerable time. For reference: Ukraine to deploy the army took 4 months. And that almost ideal conditions, when no one bothered her.

However, Ukraine has demonstrated another key point. The army is more than a mere collection of people, machines, tanks and armored vehicles. Army, primarily a structure. So, in a structural sense to NATO are not all national armed forces of member countries, but only about a third of them. And this third is also divided into three very different categories. Approximately 15% of units (ie, 15% of the 30% of the national armies that attributed to the alliance“) are the so-called “priority Forces engagement» (RNF). They are found in the states in 75-85% of war and are ready to begin the combat mission within 7 days of receipt of order. Another 25% are in the category of “operational readiness” (60% of the state) and can be used every 3-4 months. The remaining 60% is often required not less than 365 days to bring themselves in combat readiness. All other military units participating countries are contained in the states under their national military programs. Given the continuing reduction of military budgets, many of them, according to Soviet terminology, Crop”.

First and foremost this applies to the Eastern European States. If from 3.6 million of the army to take away 1.5 million Americans, as well as 350 thousand. French is still 1.75 million bayonets. Of which Germany, the UK and Italy account for only 654.3 thousand. People. Greek and Spanish army (156.6 and 128.2 thousand. Pers. Respectively) with confidence can not be considered.” As well as in serious doubt is the Turkish army (510 thousand. People). In light of recent gas and military agreements Istanbul unlikely to wish to be the Euro-Atlantic unity. And so it turns out that, in addition to 100 thousand. “Polish bayonets,” the other half of the 19 soldiers put the size of its army of 73 thousand. (Romania) to 4,700 persons (Estonia). Oh, yeah, it is important not to forget the sun in Luxembourg as part of 900 people!

It so happens that the “old” NATO in the face of the first 12 states too overdo samopiar. Once the history of glossy booklets actually reflect reality. In 1990, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Bundeswehr had only one 7 th. Tanks, 8,9 thousand. Armored vehicles, 4.6 thousand. Guns. Plus in Germany based 9.5 thousand. American tanks and 5.7 thousand. Their own infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers, 2.6 thousand. 300 artillery systems and combat aircraft. Now they are on German soil no. Almost all left Germany. In 2016 home leave, the last British soldiers. Of all the American forces were two brigadier bases without people and technology, and less than 100 aircraft. A Bundeswehr own sizes decreased to 185.5 thousand. People. This is 2.5 times less than the Turkish army on the people, 5.2 times less MBT, 2.2 times less in BBM. As they say in Odessa you’ll laugh but in warehouses in Poland tanks and armored vehicles worth more than in Germany! The Poles and 946 MBT 2610 BBM against 858 in 2002 and the Germans.

The irony is that all Eastern European and Baltic states into NATO sought, above all, to be a defensive umbrella USA, Germany, UK and Italy. In the first place, to be able to carry themselves not burdensome military expenditure. For defense – it is always very expensive. By the beginning of zero was a paradoxical situation. Only alliance includes more than two dozen countries, but defenses block continues to hold on dreams of military might of Germany and the United Kingdom on land to the sea. For example, the growth of aggressive rhetoric and behavior of some leaders of the Baltic states to this day based on the belief that “if thatprotect, say, Vilnius, primchatsya eight hundred German Leopard”.

Behind the scenes are dramatic changes that have taken place in NATO over the past 15 years. Brussels almost openly admits that existing alliance forces and resources will only last for two categories of problems. Limited participation in humanitarian operations (ie no war at all) and operations to ensure the embargo. And then, in the second case only to a small and weak country, rather than Russia. Even tasks such as the evacuation of the civilian population, support for counter-terrorism operations and a show of force, are no longer possible. As due to the limited powers of its own, and in the light of unacceptably high level of losses. A problem of the class “operation to resolve the crisis” and “providing immediate intervention” in general is beyond the capacity of the block. From the word at all.

Yes, in the past decade, NATO has participated in a variety of military operations. Iraq. Afghanistan. The Middle East. But in reality all fought primarily USA. NATO forces only “present.” And this is done cleverly. Germany and the UK, of course, sent to Afghanistan, some small units, but first and foremost they are the war, they say, gave to outsource! Ie paid money Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians, Czechs, Poles and other “partners” so that they could send a “war onsome own contingents. There’s a company, then a platoon, battalion here, here and typing Mala Mala soldiers for combat tasks together Germans and Britons.

This nuance lies the answer to the question, every day more and more disturbing Ukrainians. Why the US and NATO are so many vkusnyashek promised last winter, and Nenka still fighting alone? It’s simple. Because on paper, NATO has, but in reality it is almost none. At all. Is it possible to revive the former power? Of course, you can. But only at the cost of reducing the European standard of living as 20-25 percent.

For the position of Business Ombudsman of Ukraine nominated former EU Commissioner
Retired Lugansk required to recognize the illegal cancellation of Kiev …
Snowden: My Life in Moscow is different from the former only in the absence

Again, the army it’s very expensive. The army does not produce anything, but eats a lot. As in the literal sense, in the form of budget funds for its maintenance, and indirectly, in the form of separation from the people working in the civil sector, thus turning them from the tax payers in nalogoproedateley. European countries are not interested in this option once. Mladonatovtsy so generally sought the alliance is to for his army not pay to have their protected stranger. German there or some Portuguese. A Portuguese totally not interested to give up their bread and butter to go to protect some Baltic states, which is not even any European map immediately able to correctly show.

It is time for this nuance of contemporary realities finally understand. And in the Baltic States and Ukraine. Tiger NATO, while he was still big and beautiful, but it has long paper. And this Tiger concerned primarily with their own internal problems. The rest are the only basis for a beautiful rhetoric on camera.

Kremlin attacks from the air !

Кремль атакует с воздуха. НАТО опасается наших истребителей, забывая про создаваемые в России аналоги американских систем ПРО

NATO fears of our fighters, forgetting created in the Russian equivalent of the American missile defense systems

The European Union and NATO launched an investigation about the threat that can cause the Russian military civilian aircraft. This was December 9 media reported, citing the director of the European Agency for Air Safety (EASA) Patrick Ki.

This is a very serious matter. We will consult with the competent civil and military structures to gather the necessary information, – said Key, adding that the results of the investigation will be announced in the spring of 2015.

Recall November 20 NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said the interception of 400 Russian fighters in the 2014th, which, according to him, 50% more than last year.

Previously – November 13 US State Department spokesman Jen Psak said the United States did not feel justified in increasing the intensity of long-range aviation aircraft flights near the Russian Air Force, United States. Then, in an interview with “SP” head of the directorate of military aircraft programs, the United Aircraft Corporation, the former commander in chief of the Russian Air Force, Army General Vladimir Mikhailov rightly said that the Americans and their allies should be glad that they have the opportunity to practice intercepting Russian military aviation it is extremely important for quality training of flight crews all sides.

NATO, led by the United States announced the Russian Cold War (or as it is now called “hybrid”), so all controlled structures formal and informal fit into this project keeping in the Western community barbaric and aggressive image of Russia, says former chief international Military Cooperation of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense, Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov.

NATO and US commanders say every day of the alleged active preparations Russia for military action against the “poor and unfortunate European countries.” Military can not unfounded, for example, Jen Psak, accuse us of anything, so they seek some occasions, transform them and serves as the “Russian threat.” As we remember, were first mythical “Russian colony”, aimed at Kiev, then – a submarine in the territorial waters of Sweden, today at the forefront aviation, tomorrow, perhaps, the EU and NATO will come up with something else.

Combat aircraft of all countries are obliged to fly, and – in neutral airspace near the borders of neighboring countries, especially those where potentially pose a threat. It is a recognized and indisputable fact. But if NATO planes flying near the Russian border from the Baltic and Poland and it is like a self-evident phenomenon, flying around Russian strategic bombers or fighters raised wild hysteria. Our planes, in the language of sailors, showed flag near the western borders always once more, once less, but as soon as the situation is exacerbated in the world, the buzz around fly combat aircraft of the Russian Federation raised with renewed vigor. It is necessary to react calmly, but left unanswered, however, it is not a question of military work, and propaganda.

Military expert Viktor Myasnikov draws attention to the fact that cases of dangerous proximity of military aviation civil aircraft have taken place, but these incidents always occurred with NATO fighters over the Mediterranean Sea and beyond.

Although the military and passenger aircraft set aside various echelons and height, in addition, civilian airliners flying from the known and certain air corridors where military aircraft should not get involved. But such cases are regularly occurred with NATO planes, but with regard to convergence of Russian combat aircraft with civilian airliners, that such was not the case at all ever. I think the fact that the results of the investigation will be announced NATO allegedly spring 2015, says that this investigation” there is no emergency, requiring immediate response. Most likely, NATO and the EU needs time to at least something to dig and pull any fact behind the ears, which, frankly, would be extremely difficult to do. But, somehow, it all fits into the overall concept of NATO and the US pressure on the Russian Federation, which create an image of Russia aggressive state. Such a “smokescreen” Alliance is trying to cover up their own military preparations.

In this sense, interesting application designer general “Concern PVO” AlmazAntey “Paul Sozinova, 8 December reported that the Russian missile defense systems are analogues of the United States – THAAD ((Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system) – the missile defense system, working on missiles and less medium-range for a few minutes before hitting the target) and GMD (Ground-based Midcourse Defense) – major US system to intercept ICBMs (intercontinental ballistic missiles). According to him, the prototypes of these complexes will soon be tested and in the near future” will go to the troops. What are we talking about? It can be assumed that the potential analogue THAAD – is C-500 air defense missile systems, the more recently the media, citing a source in the Russian defense industry said that in the future the complex will be combined with the missile defense system A-135 “Amur”, which stands for the defense of Moscow . The latest in the near future will be replaced by a mysterious missile defense system A-235 aircraft-M” (which, for a moment, have a strategic missile defense system). However, no specifics on the novelty” no, there is only a ghostly hints.

Viktor Myasnikov said that the words Sozinova the “Russian system GMD» should be interpreted as follows: the existing achievements and even products will be further developed to a level equivalent.

– Working “from scratch” require huge financial and human resources, and we are still going work on the C-500 and related missiles over C-350 “Vityaz”. So, most of all, we are talking about interceptors based mobile complexes Topol-M” and “yars”.

According to Leonid Ivashov, Russia looked implementation of the concept of rapid global strike the United States, changes in US nuclear doctrine, and now the country’s leadership understands that rely only on the nuclear potential dangerous.

– Now we need to concentrate efforts on the analysis of the possible dangers to the simulations, for the preparation of the “Atlas of threats” and “Atlas of answers.” Somewhere we can fend off the threat of diplomatic means, for example, the debate in the Security Council of the UN, OSCE, etc., somewhere – our “gas pipe”, well, somewhere – the improvement of military-technical means. And then, I note, our designers do not have to engage in useless work and mindlessly chasing the Americans on missile defense is still not catch up. It is necessary to seek a cheap but effective means and opportunity to do so we have.

What could be the scenario of war between NATO and Russia !

Каким может быть сценарий войны НАТО и России

The armed conflict between our country and NATO is possible in the near future, if the parties do not immediately begin to look for a compromise.

This was in an article in the Financial Times writes Professor of Conflict Resolution at George Mason University (USA) Dennis Sandole.

According to Sandole, permanent NATO’s eastward expansion and plans to include in the block Georgia and Ukraine, Russia put in an impossible position.

After the end of the Cold War, it seemed that a world war is no longer possible. But if in Moscow constantly talked about our love of peace, the foreign policy of the West has not changed significantly. NATO military bloc was not dissolved, while continuing to be involved in many armed conflicts in the world. As equal opposing forces in the world he did not exist, the Alliance was able to actually usurp the functions of the global arbiter.

Now that Russia is not as it was in the 1990s, and is actively pursuing its geopolitical interests, the West is doing everything to build a confrontation with our country. Often, even to their own detriment. So the script Sandole American professor does not look so fantastic.

But is our country for a major confrontation with the West, if it will not at the level of sanctions?

According to a leading expert of the Center for MilitaryPolitical Studies, Moscow State Institute Mikhail Alexandrov, the probability of a major war really big, but we will defend ourselves can:

Professor Sandole absolutely right: NATO policy has led to a sharp deterioration in relations of the Alliance and Russia. Block headed for the environment of our country, now poses an imminent threat to our security. The trend became clear at the time of “color” revolutions in Georgia, now the West is trying to take full control of Ukraine.

In fact, we are already seeing an escalation of the conflict. In Ukraine, the army comes, militias are trying to fight back. In the future, possible arrival of volunteers from Russia, launched an attack on Kiev and the capture of the capital. West will increase its assistance to Ukraine, Russia will have to intervene has its armed forces, to go to the borders of Ukraine and Transnistria.

There is already a NATO will depend on the Alliance to intervene or not. If he intervenes, there will be a large-scale war. The only thing he does not have the strength and resources for the war with Russia. The army, of course, numerous NATO, but it is scattered, not able to maintain consolidated hostilities in Europe is not enough heavy equipment, ammunition, poorly developed logistics.

Therefore, theoretically, Russia could easily get out to the Balkans, defeating Bulgaria and Romania. Together with Serbia would be to create an alliance and defeat Kosovo, Montenegro. In fact, we would take NATO in a semicircle. So we have a good opportunity.

Of course, NATO can build weapons, raise an army. But we will not sit idly by. We will carry out a partial mobilization, transfer troops from the Urals, where we have large stocks of weapons.

By the way, this is not NATO, they destroyed all the reserves. We in the Urals 10,000 tanks, it takes several months to bring them into fighting condition. We have a mobilization reserve, and it is not NATO. They will be able to create a million-strong army, and we quickly can deploy an army of two to three million.

Likely to be used tactical nuclear weapons. In aviation, the Alliance has an advantage because in front of us will be challenged to quickly destroy their airfields. To do this, it will be necessary to use tactical nuclear weapons, in particular, cruise missiles. We do not have a sufficient number of medium-range missiles, but there are missiles and sea-based aircraft capable of reaching anywhere in Europe.

This will start a war of attrition in the spirit of the First World War. Electronic systems will be put out of action, and without it will not be possible to use NATO precision weapons, but it is not so much the Alliance. NATO will have to fight conventional arms, and they know how to fight in the West is bad.

So it is not the fact that the victory will be on the side of the West. I think that NATO generals understand this and lately try not to flaunt their power.

Is NATO takes Russia into the environment without having sufficient power?

Who preference paramilitary method combining political violence with the actions of subversive groups. Essentially, most NATO war is not necessary. It may require us, if we will see that not cope with the situation. We just have to respond asymmetrically.

But NATO strategy political and paramilitary techniques to master the post-Soviet space, as is happening now in Ukraine. Then begin to destabilize the situation in the North Caucasus, the Volga region, blocking our trade routes and energy supplies.

That is, NATO expects to grueling conflict, which will lead to a gradual weakening of Russia, falling away from her territories and, finally, the disappearance of the country.

But we plan broke in Ukraine, going to the action. Unfortunately, we did not come to the borders of the former Soviet Union. Then NATO would not think about the development of the post-Soviet space, and about his own defense, creating bastions in Eastern Europe in the case of our invasion.

West is waging against us undeclared war, and our management wants to appear pious, talks about some partnership.

– It turns out that the success of the plans of the West in our indecision.

That’s right. In 2008, it was necessary to defeat Georgia demonstratively judge Saakashvili, a pro-Russian authorities to establish there. Then West would not venture to meddle in Ukraine. But everyone saw our hesitation, we were limited to Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Therefore, staged a coup in Ukraine, and again we are playing in debt.”

Some make payment to the division of Europe and the United States. But it is trying to do more, Stalin, Khrushchev, Gorbachev tried to maneuver with Germany. It is not necessary to us now for the tenth time to step on the same rake. But this tactic is pumped resources, rather than to act decisively.

Although we could now create problems Americans in the Middle East, around Saudi Arabia. And oil prices have soared again.

While Yanukovych was the legitimate president, the Ukrainian army would not defend the regime in Kiev. We could establish a pro-Russian government in Ukraine, but missed the point.

In the West, saying that Russia’s economy is only 2.5% of world GDP and, if desired, our country can crush economic measures very quickly.

It sounds ridiculous! Russia controls most of the world’s resources, has a vast territory, we have the highest nuclear capability. If you wish, we can destroy both Europe and the United States. Here Stalin had no such opportunities, and we are there.

As for the economy, the share of the West in the world economy is constantly decreasing, is now about one-third. That is, you can do without the West in general. At the time, the Soviet Union had only full trade relations with Afghanistan and Iran, and was able to survive. Now we have a partner in China, India and many other countries. The West was the last lever of influence on the rest of the state – control over finances. But talk about the calculations in national currencies within the BRICS.

– When a military confrontation important mindset people, their willingness to sacrifice something.

When Putin made the return of the Crimea, he had incredible support. This level of trust has been, perhaps, only to Alexander the Great, when he took to Paris, or Stalin, when he was taken to Berlin.

But then the speaker has been lost, and success in the international arena is not visible, the ruble is falling, the economy weakens. And this causes irritation. If we took all of Ukraine, the people would know for what to suffer. By the way, in the areas Novorossia huge industrial potential, excellent arable land.

Another problem – representatives of the “fifth column”. Here in Moscow introduce paid parking, unite schools and hospitals. This policy causes irritation citizens.

– Is the Western society at war with Russia?

The small states of Eastern Europe will not fight. Will fight the Germans and Anglo-Saxons, maybe they will be joined by the French. There are haters of Russia as Poland and the Baltic countries. Unfortunately, supporters of friendship with Russia in the West do not control. In Nazi Germany, too, was resistance, but it did not make the weather. All elite controlled Washington Regional Committee.”

The confrontation between Russia and NATO will be a catalyst for conflicts in other parts of the world?

– Of course. As soon as the war in Europe, China will take advantage of the situation and take Taiwan. North Korea is a blow to South Korea in order to unite the country. Iran is certainly a blow to Saudi Arabia. There will be a unique situation where all resources will be concentrated in Western Europe, and he will have no opportunity to influence the situation in other regions of the world. So will the full Kotovasiya.”

According to the vicepresident of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, Konstantin Sokolov, the war between Russia and NATO is already underway, but it is taking place in an unusual form:

– In my opinion, the direction of the West to strike at Russia manifested obvious. We are talking only about the nature of war. The shape of the war written into the concept of US national security. We are talking about a “world civil war.”

We are now seeing a weakening of the ruble, the collapse of small and medium-sized businesses in Russia, the fall in oil prices. In fact, the fighting has already begun. Just no one will declare war on each other, there will be the front line.

For civil war characterized by a variety of groups that fight each other. There is no obvious external enemy, but will be at war with the power of the opposition. It’s just another technology war.

– War involves mutual blows. Will Russia be able to respond to the West?

I’m talking about the “world civil war“, and it will not withstand Russia and the West, and a variety of global social groups. For example, in Russia‘s oligarchs are patriots of our country? No, they are representatives of the force which attacked Russia, destroys its economy.

There are people, there are surrogates global financial groups. It is necessary to think in these categories. New tactics the establishment of power, which destroys the population of social transformations.

Russia can not defend themselves?

– Naturally, people must defend themselves. First of all, we need to defend the spiritual and moral level. We need to resist the influences that come to us from the West, to keep traditional values. Who in the world is Russia with its values of teamwork, but there were advancing on us the power of the “golden calf“.

But there will be armed conflicts.

Of course there will. But it will confront entities. Right now everyone is discussing how to deal with “Islamic state”. But at the same time unless some country declared war on the other? No, they do not fight each other. People are going to the proper religious or social ideas, not the state, and this is a sign of the Civil War.

We are making some effort to avoid being crushed in a global confrontation?

– Now save the military-industrial complex. But the system of national security is much more difficult. Need a systematic approach, which, alas, is no.

Is it possible to “hot” conflict on the territory of Russia?

Our opponents in September demonstrated their strength. When the majority of public opinion supported the Russian policy in the Crimea and Ukraine, Moscow came under people liberal slogans. It was a workout. Our enemies will be able to arrange in Moscow and “Maidan”, and other disorders.

But the problem is that the government itself creates discontent. Here I am forced to remove the car from the yard, paid parking is introduced, removed all the stalls in the capital in the shops become more expensive. In fact, I survive out of the house, brings me to the condition”. And even now, there is a mass layoff of small and medium-sized businesses. People have no choice but to go to rallies like.

Is there any chance that public opinion in the West would not support a war with us?

Any Bulgarian, regardless of skill level, it is clear that the management of Bulgaria’s “South Stream” is decided not in the national interest. Already it is clear that Europe’s elite is the representatives of the world of oligarchic structures, no democracy on the continent remained.

We must understand that our enemy is not the usual American or Englishman, and the owners of financial capital. This they decided to pit the nations together. World oligarchy should not feel safe. Here is a need to understand the people of Russia and the West.

Stop Frau Merkel !

Остановить фрау Меркель. Влиятельные немцы призвали канцлера Германии отказаться от антироссийского курса

Influential Germans called German Chancellor abandon anti-Russian policies.

Subject: Sanctions.

More than 60 influential European politicians and public figures signed a declaration entitled “A new war in Europe? Not in our name “, which was sent to the federal government of Germany, the members of the Bundestag and the largest media Germany. The authors call for treatment Berlin to take on an important mission and begin the process of detente in relations with Russia.

The declaration states that in 1990 the society had hoped that the confrontation of East and West came to an end, and soon established a “new European order of peace and security from Vancouver to Vladivostok“, “common European home”. But politicians quickly forgotten about the need to abandon war as a method of solving conflicts” and now in Europe, people are afraid again.

In the opinion of those who signed the appeal, and among them, the former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, former German Interior Minister Otto Schily, the head of the Eastern Committee of German Economy Eckhard Cordes, cosmonaut Sigmund Jahn, Dutch film director Wim Wenders and others, now the West is trying to “oust Russia of Europe “, which is contrary to history and dangerous for the world. After all, “since the days of the Congress of Vienna in 1814, Russia is one of the fundamental European countries“, and “all those who tried to force change this state of affairs, suffered a bloody failure“, including Hitler’s Germany.

The authors of the declaration indicate that NATO’s eastward expansion without deepening the dialogue with Moscow understandably causes concerns Russia. “The need for security is a Russian legal and as serious as that of the Germans, Poles, Balts and Ukrainians,” – the authors write, and as an example of “aggressive expansion of the Westresult in an invitation to Ukraine and Georgia into NATO in 2008. Politicians and public figures have come to the conclusion that the West needs to properly assess the gravity of the situation and resume a constructive dialogue with Russia. They also encourage the media to comply with the duty of convincing unbiased coverage of events as they often demonize whole nations without understanding their history.

In recent years, the rhetoric of Germany, which was considered the main “evroadvokatom” Russia is becoming increasingly fierce and peremptory. Hear whether Angela Merkel‘s call to review their policies?

In Germany, the first week is a discussion about how to deal with Russia as productive sanctions, in which Germany takes a leading role – says a leading researcher at the Department for European Policy Studies IMEMO, Germanic Alexander Kokeyev. There is an opinion of the government, and we must bear in mind that this is the opinion of the two largest parties of Germany: CDU / CSU coalition with the Social Democrats (though the latter in favor of a softer policy toward Russia).

But there is a certain amount of pressure on the government from different circles. This declaration is presented, for example, former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, who was appointed to one of the leading positions in the company, which is close to “Gazprom”. His friendly relations with our President. Merkel does not support this so-called “friendship sauna.”

Was named Cordes, industry representatives. Big business in Germany, firms such as Siemens, Adidas, BMW, Daimler-Benz and many other sanctions are concerned, as they bring them substantial losses. The list is also present Shealy, representatives of “green” and just people who pay attention to the fact that the sanctions do not give the West in ideological terms. Russia, by contrast, is increasingly rallying around the president, in the country there are anti-Western sentiment, which only aggravated by the sanctions. Therefore, there are voices and there are letters.

“SP”: How big is the value of such appeals, is there a chance to be heard?

I think it’s important. Germany – a country with the most extensive connections with Russia, which she in general, does not want to break. Yes, government support sanctions. But it must be emphasized that both the government and Merkel, and especially Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier advocated that the dialogue with Russia will not tear, to continue to use all possible diplomatic means. They are opposed to squeeze Russia out of the negotiation process, but at the same time in favor of retaining the sanctions because, in their view, Russia has committed illegal acts.

But, again, there is an opposite point of view. Is there a US pressure? Of course there is. But I would not be so exaggerated. With all the pressure of Germany, along with France during the American invasion of Iraq refused to participate. Unfortunately, now is not the only pressure, but also that the interests and views of the Allies on the Euro-Atlantic bloc largely coincide. Of course, such treatment of the public, where there is a major political figures and representatives of big business to play a role in the fact that Germany tries to not only maintain but also expand the dialogue.

“SP”: – Can Germany and the West to compromise, for example, in the expansion of NATO to the East?

In principle, it is possible. After the Georgian-Ossetian war Berlin, for example, took the position that we should not rush and promise of Georgia‘s membership in NATO. And even today, leading to the policy of sanctions Germany clearly says that Russia needs to be explained: the West is not ready to accept Ukraine into NATO. Another thing that is meant to NATO, saying safeguards.

Very often recall a conversation Helmut Kohl and Mikhail Gorbachev, when Russia allegedly promised not to expand NATO to the East. I will say, as a political scientist: these promises do not exist. Kohl promised to make this request, Gorbachev said that NATO is its understanding. But NATO can not promise anyone anything. The Union is founded on the fact that if someone wants to be a member, the entry ban for relations with third countries, the Alliance can not. If the country will ask NATO membership will be a question on how she is ready for it. Georgia is not ready because it has an internal conflict. Ukraine certainly not ready, there are fights, it still considers its Crimea. On its accession to NATO in the foreseeable future, even out of the question.

“SP”: And in the future be?

In the process of NATO enlargement Russia’s interests must be taken into account. Initially, it was a requirement that the Alliance is not approaching our borders. But he approached and extended. Now the West clearly understands that Russia pressed and under pressure, and that Ukraine may take the unit. Therefore, in the West say they are not ready to join her. In this regard, it was Germany, not the US or weakened France, with all the complexities of the current relationship remains our main partner. Germany’s role in the world in recent years has increased very much. Therefore, Russia is also trying to identify their position. Characteristically, President Putin in his message to the Federal Assembly said “our European friends” and not simply “the European countries.” Russia remains ready to consider them as friends if they are willing to consider our interests. The situation is very difficult, but there are prospects for an agreement, including on sensitive issues such as NATO enlargement is not. But no promises, no guarantees can be expected.

Director of the Center for German Studies, Institute of Europe Vladislav Belov believes that a significant part of German society shares the view expressed in the Declaration. But the government’s position does not coincide with it.

In Germany, have not conducted surveys, which were set to clear questions, not formulated in such a way as to obtain a particular response. Therefore it is difficult to say how German society supports and thinks along the same lines as the authors of the appeal. To some extent you can judge by the blogs and comments to articles. It seems to me that the majority of the discussion participants, in general, agree with this view. Not accidentally closed the Süddeutsche Zeitung comments on articles related to Russian subjects.

If we talk about the official Berlin‘s position here is different. It is extremely tough and condemns Russia’s policy towards Ukraine. This is reflected not only in the criticism of Moscow and support the sanctions, but in excessive rigidity in the Russian top political leadership. While the conflict in Ukraine is not allowed, neither Angela Merkel nor her government‘s position will not change.

“SP”: – Is the German society to accept the position expressed in the declaration, or propaganda has done its job?

– German society is divided. There are actively thinking part of it on their perception of the situation closer to those who signed a petition. Declaration because seeks to strengthen the dialogue on the transition from hard-liners who preach Merkel for talks. There is a call to return the discussion platforms, which closed today an indirect criticism appeal Merkel freeze “Petersburg Dialogue”.

But there is a passive part, which is guided by a propaganda machine. This and television, and print media, which are generally very negatively disposed towards Russia and form a subjective picture, often do not match reality. That part of the society that consumes propaganda cud not accept this treatment. So far I have not seen a large number of references in the German media on this declaration. Quite possibly, it will remain unnoticed.

“SP”: In recent years, we thought our main partner of Germany in Europe. Why is the current tough stance?

This position is associated with a shock that experienced ordinary citizens and politicians in Germany on the speed with which the Crimea moved from one state to another jurisdiction. For the Germans it is unacceptable in view of their historical memory associated with the decoupling and the consequences of the Second World War. They regard the incident as an armed redistribution of boundaries. In Europe and Germany, there is no understanding of the complex processes that occurred after December 1991 is the international legal framework, since the Soviet Union collapsed outside the existing Constitution.

“SP”: The expansion of NATO to the East does not violate the international security system?

The system in general is in deep crisis. Next year marks 40 years of the Helsinki Act. Events in Ukraine became the catalyst that forces a lot of things and discuss the current situation in Europe as a whole. Such a call of politicians and public figures – a good reason to start a comprehensive discussion about the European security system, including Russia’s fears regarding NATO’s eastward expansion.

Generational theory: the world is approaching the tip of another global crisis !

 Generatsioonide teooria: maailm läheneb järjekordse globaalse kriisi tipule

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Authors William Strauss and Neil Howe has become known for his theory in terms of generations, the mood of the population of certain repetitive cycles. Comparing the history of the theory of these cycles can be noted that the US and the rest of the developed world is increasingly growing in the middle of the global crisis, which reaches a dangerous peak in about fifteen years.
In the book The Fourth Turningwrote the authors of the crisis prompted by the amount of precipitation may be something quite ordinary, such as elections or halvaendelist as the economy crashed. This, however, leads to spark a chain reaction in which the basic elements (debt, the disappearance of the middle class, global unrest) connection and lead society to the brink of rupture.
fourth Generatsioonide teooria: maailm läheneb järjekordse globaalse kriisi tipule
Masse led by an invisible government

Strauss and Howe said that the world is a major problem is that those in power to think linearly, making decisions based on their own interests, but in the belief that their actions do not have consequences and that their position does not invalidate anything. In fact, the history and the people running the mood in circular cycles, forming a pattern of a certain regularity. Those who have not taken the time to examine what the consequences of this behavior led, are now struggling with understanding the changes.

Linearly thinkers are accustomed to human advancement can be controlled by various measures, which are described by Edward Bernaysi book “Propaganda”. Namely, the organized habits and opinions of the people conscious and intelligent manipulation of an important element in democratic society. Those who run this mechanism, constitute an invisible government which actually prevails throughout the country. Prevail over the people and their opinions and shape the tastes of the people whom they themselves have never heard of, but who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. This type of control is, however, important to keep a large group of people working together as a functional society.

History repeats itself, the 80-year cycle

However, now come to a new level of cycling history, with the last 70 years, the plan will be worked cracked. Through the media lying, cheating, propaganda transmission, easily available credit, the so-called cheap oil, endless commercial expansion, effortless marketing, ongoing war, the banks and large corporations, elected politicians, high-class in favor of the tax system, and lobbying by the staff of the oligarchs benefit of written laws all of these have been created check the commoners and enrich the modern aristocracy, at least for the 2008 economic crisis. Linear thinkers in government, commerce, banking and the media confirm straightforward triumph of progress, while allowing recovery from the crisis, but in reality, they deliberately ignore the evidence of the history of the situation from a different evolution because they recognize how vulnerable their positions of power.

StraussHowe theory is that history repeats itself in cycles of about 80 years a new crisis comes about 60 years after the previous approach, the crisis peak occurs around 80 years after the last peak of the crisis. Each such a turning point, however, swept away the last of the existing social order. According to this theory, the US kriisitsüklid occurred as follows: first crisis was the American War of Independence (1775-1794 took place, was the peak of the crisis year of 1781), secondly, the US Civil War (from 1861 to 1865, the peak year 1863); thirdly, the Great Depression and World War II (1929-1946 , culminated in 1944), and the fourth global economic crisis (2008 to about 2029, presumably peak of 2025).

Misleading the People’s total

In September 2008, the global economic crisis that started two decades, probably noted the length of the episode begins, whose harsh conditions become progressively worse, the closer we come to the tip of the crisis. This time, most of those in power are trying to implement all kinds of fiscal measures, valeinformeerimise organizing campaigns to keep the attention of the people dispersed and confused houses. Already have managed to convince a large part of the public at 0% interest rates, while the addition of 1 trillion dollars (per year), the already large national debt of the United States, allowing the Federal Reserve to buy Wall Street 3 trillion dollars in debt. It has, however, created a high level of inflation, energy, food, health care and student areas and the real wage decline. All of these changes are advertised as the necessary steps to normalize the situation, but in fact serve only benefit from them the most affluent.

The current state of the US economic, financial, political and legal system indicates a malfunction and does not remember a strong structure to be working properly. This fact, however, masked, and the crowd’s attention is diverted humblest problems – as long as that is not noticed how the state vaesub corporations and bankers skeemitamiste through.

Those in power have no way to sell their arguments on the development, even if the enormous amount of evidence suggests the opposite. In order given to the public’s attention to other issues such as the massacres between the parties nääklused and the constant threat of terrorism in the unseen. A large part of the population is not interested even in these issues and happy to hold it is sufficient mass culture – different contents empty televised fancy celebrity”, independent thinking and discussing foreign films cinema, an obsession with social media, the importance of rapid and short-term rewarding for fast food, etc. The world is filled with trivial problems, unintelligent käpiknukkude, clock propaganda and mindless consumption.

The problems get worse in the world

All of these measures to calm the crowd, however, at some point begin to crack. History repetition of cycles can not be stopped – the people will wake up and demand change that is reshaping the current social and economic environment.

Strauss and Howe wrote his theory in 1997, based on centuries of generations, based on the analysis of non-events, but the mood of crisis in generations, the basic elements. Even before the 2008 economic crisis in the beginning, it was clear that these basic elements – the debt, the disappearance of the middle class, and global unrest and there were ägenemas. Mass media tend to ignore these problems, showing them smaller than they actually are, but if you do a bit of research, it is clear that the problems get worse. Are struggling with debt in the United States, China and several European Union countries, trying to cope with the ever-growing credit debt, student loans, housing bubbles and oil prices.

The disappearance of the middle class does not come as a surprise, given that unemployment is a major problem in the developed countries, and more than 50% of the world’s assets is only 1% of people in. The US is a major problem in the militarization of local police stations, officials preparing for massive unrest, which alienates communities of their rulers, and the so-called defenders. Global anxiety are good examples of Hong Kong, the Middle East and held in Ukraine, as well as the direction of Japan’s more aggressive foreign policy.

Propaganda will not be able to change the course of history

Propaganda can be formed opinions, but can not change the course of history or facts. US national debt has reached a record 17.5 trillion, an increase of 2 billion a day. Consumer debt has risen to new heights, reaching 3.2 trillion. Global debt level exceeds 230 trillion dollars, accounting for 313% of the global GDP. Most of the focus of launching huge corporations earn profits. If countries are trying to solve their debt problems, allowing bankers, politicians and government bureaucrats to determine more debt, reducing interest rates to zero and to enrich the oligarchs, it all ends in disaster. People suffering must be interrupted at some point, and this may occur if the crisis worsens and people are discovering how their assets, hopes and dreams are destroyed.

Given the high percentage of the population is unemployed or working in low-paying part-time job, it is easy to understand how you can grow discontent with the current system. This is how the situation is managed anti meeleavaldamisega, 2011, showed us the Occupy Wall Street protests. Instead, in order to initiate a dialogue with the protesters, the search for solutions that would help ease the situation and take account of their voice, instead of protesters began to oppress the help of the police forces. At the same time it was shown in the media as protesters näotuid, riotously vain young people who just want to cause chaos. In the later stages of the mass media of the United States came into force at the Occupy protests in complete silence – Contribute to the fact that if they do not talk about, it is believed that no protest is taking place, and the whole business will sink into oblivion.

Fight terror waged by the people behind the mask luuratakse

In addition to public voting irregularities Edward Snowden revelations have also shown that the government does not respect people’s right to privacy, at least not if they can justify the violation of privacy, national security issues. If real, these alleged threats to people is, it let everyone decide on their own, but it is certain that the alleged terrorist threat to fight under the guise of a militarized local police forces to monitor citizens’ reluctance to come into, the spread of ideas and potential leaders of the protest.

Global unrest has reached a new level when you look at Brazil, Mexico, Hong Kong, Egypt, Spain, Greece, France and Turkey jerkily demonstrations. It is also lokkamas violence in Ukraine, Iraq and Syria. A number of armed conflicts can be blamed on the decisions of the US armed with various dictators who were useful to them at some point. There are also problems former CIA plans that have undermined the influence of various democratically elected governments. Rampant violence, however, reap the benefits of the war industry and banks can be enormous income from the sale of weapons of war will be financed through borrowing. Contributing to the war is therefore practically equal to the national debt slavery arms and dependence.

What is not discussed in the mass media

The mass media do not talk about how the United States has historically been an armed terrorists who are killing in Syria now massively both soldiers and civilians. It also ignores the fact that, under the reign of Hussein’s Iraq was a modern, stable, non-religious, the oil-producing country, which was not of Al Qaeda or crazily violence. All that changed when the US invaded a sovereign state valeettekäänetel, wasted 1 trillion dollars in state assets, killed more than 100,000 Iraqis and left tallermaaks religious violence in Iraq. Also, do not talk about how the Libya deposed former dictator auxillary leaving the country into chaos and civil war.

The world has reached a point where the heads of the various decisions have an extremely sensitive topics (debt, the disappearance of the middle class, and global anxiety) to high pressure. If the crisis worsens and reaches its peak, the world can be thrown into chaos, which hopefully will not be completed using a nuclear missile of a button. Sooner or later, the debt bubble burst in the world, which leads to the property, labor, rights, and loss of confidence. This process is triggered by the massive civil unrest, which has been quietly preparing for the years of decline of the middle class and the destruction of the current structure of society.

Where in the world are exacerbated by resource wars, religious extremism and the spread of nationalism, the global war becomes an increasing probability. Where would our world and society at the heart of this crisis is moving, it is not yet certain. This could result in a crash if the progress, but it is certain that cooperation, sharing of responsibility, bold positions of peace and co-existence, and inspired leaders are essential to survive the upcoming challenges.

Sources: The Burning Platform (longer article in English, we recommend you read!), Wikipedia.

Sensation! Putin spoke by phone with Poroshenko. “Ukrainian leader gave 48 hours to the recognition of the DNI and the LC. Otherwise – war “!

Сенсация! Путин поговорил с Порошенко по телефону. «Украинскому лидеру дали 48 часов на признание ДНР и ЛНР. В противном случае — война»

The main theme of the day – talking on the phone Russian President Vladimir Putin and the head of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. The Russian side soothes, Ukrainian hysteria.

According to the Kremlin press service, last night at the initiative of the Ukrainian side a telephone conversation between Vladimir Putin and Peter Poroshenko. It clarifies the “Interfax”, discussed issues of bilateral relations and the situation in the south-eastern Ukraine.

Initially, this morning in the Ukrainian media were shocking message – about the details of the conversation. Ostensibly it was held in the presence of the Ambassador of Russia to Ukraine Mikhail Zurabov and approximate Poroshenko. As Ukrainian media, after some time left Zurabov Bankova and Poroshenko, returning to the faction, spoke about the requirements of the Kremlin. He said that Putin had a conversation in a raised voice, demanding immediate, within 48 hours of the official recognition of the DNI and LC, as well as the legislative failure to join NATO and the EU”, – says Ukrainian portal. Otherwise, the president of Russia allegedly promised to start a full-scale offensive, no longer hiding affiliation troops.

Meanwhile, the Kremlin denied these reports. “With regard to a number of media messages about the alleged contents of the conversation some threats, they are fiction and do not correspond to reality,” – said the president’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov. His words are quoted by “Interfax”.

Andrew Varkentin


US policy call for Obama to launch a nuclear strike!

СМИ: Политики США призывают Обаму нанести ядерный удар

American politicians are calling for the head of the United States to use nuclear weapons against Russia, joined the statement of Senator McCain about the need for the order to attack the Russian Federation that “sooner or later give Republican President.”

In particular, the newspaper “Tomorrow”, referring to the Bulgarian newspaper BG-VESTNIK, cites alleged interview former candidate for US vice presidential Sarah Palin. Recall Palin demanded that Obama to use nuclear weapons to stop the Russian attack on Ukraine.”

СМИ: Политики США призывают Обаму нанести ядерный удар

“I have a consistent policy and when to take a position to defend it firmly and unwaveringly. Nuclear weapons are created to use it as any other weapon. The winner is not the one who is bullying, and the one who acts. And President Putin has shown this clearly “- in the words of” Tomorrow “said Palin.

“While clever clever, he without any threats, took the Crimea. In such action is necessary to give a fitting reply – this modern reality. If we do not strike first, while others hit us,” she assures. Unfortunately, today we have become a nation of backing, which was not in our history. Take only examples of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Are we warned or intimidated !? We decided to act and won,” – the politician believes that seriously considered the second position in the US.

Talking about the death of women and children, according to BG-VESTNIK, Palin allegedly said, “And in Hiroshima and Nagasaki were old men, women and children. But they did not stop anybody,” adding that the Allies (including Ukraine) “correctly understand us .

We add that the wording Politonline.ru failed to verify this interview with Sarah Palin officials, as well as get in touch with the editors of Bulgarian messenger.” However, note that in 2013, after the terrorist attack in Boston, she said about the terrorists‘ Let’s send some nuclear missiles in Islamabad. We have to show them how we are able to do business. “

Note that earlier CIA officially announced Russia purpose №1″, NATO leaders talked and talked about Russia as “enemies and adversaries,” although “smart and modern.” However, as we have already mentioned, Senator McCain said that any Republican President, sooner or later sign a decree on the ground operation in the territory of Russia.”

СМИ: Политики США призывают Обаму нанести ядерный удар

However, although the Russian opposition and again and again begs the West to destroy Russia we should not forget that the Tu-95 (according to most of the American press!) As part of the exercise fun’ bombed the United States, before the Russian Air Force bomber strikes carried out simulations on the US missile defense system, and the country’s leadership and the Strategic Missile Forces conducted globlnye exercises reflection and application of nuclear strike counter-strike. Like that terrible after US claims, the Russian Air Force (according to Western media) conducted exercises neutralize” the European missile defense and NATO military bases, while in solving international airspace.

Or, what is more important about the teachings of failed US Strategic Command. Recall that according to press reports, the United States tried to simulate fast partial nuclear strike on Russia, but as a result of lost. More precisely, we lost everything – the US military found that RF causes retaliatory strike, then the world begins thermonuclear apocalypse.

СМИ: Политики США призывают Обаму нанести ядерный удар

Probably should fate and what is known scholar Noam Chomsky announced – the planet is on the brink of nuclear war because Russia and the West returned to a new confrontation.” Earlier, the “hawk” and the father of Reaganomics” Paul Craig Roberts also stated that the likely outcome of a strategic threat, c which Washington makes face Russia – a nuclear war.”

Media: US politicians call for Obama to launch a nuclear strike

СМИ: Политики США призывают Обаму нанести ядерный удар

Published Oleg Petrenko, 24/11/2014 at 17:19.



В противостоянии с США Россия возвращает себе роль сверхдержавы ! / In the confrontation with the United States Russia is regaining its role of a superpower !

В противостоянии с США Россия возвращает себе роль сверхдержавы

Отношения РФ и США наладятся не скоро, уверен автор статьи в иранском издании Iras

Для восстановления своего положения сверхдержавы на международной арене Россия реализует две стратегии.

Первая – это стратегия многополярности для оспаривания международного положения Соединенных Штатов. Вторая – это энергетическая стратегия.

Рассмотрению этих двух стратегий и посвящена настоящая статья.

В 1944 году, на завершающем этапе Второй мировой войны термин «сверхдержава» использоваться по отношению к двум государствам – США и Советскому Союзу. Из-за этого в биполярной системе международных отношений во главе двух блоков Запада и Востока оказались два государства, занимающие ведущие позиции в политике, экономике и военной сфере.

В 1991 году с распадом СССР и крушением коммунистической идеологии внешняя политика России поблекла на международной арене, утратив всякую инициативу, поэтому Соединенные Штаты стали единственной сверхдержавой в целом мире.

Девяностые годы прошлого века отмечены острыми политическими и экономическими кризисами в России, ситуация в которой была усугублена крайней нестабильностью и общественными волнениями. По этой причине у страны не было возможности играть заметную роль в международных делах, а экономическая слабость лишала ее всех шансов в соперничестве с Западом.

В тот период Россия фактически утратила свое международное влияние, и причины этого были самые разные: развал целой империи и возвращение к границам XVII века, экономический спад и социальный кризис, экологические катастрофы, ослабление государства и армии, рост преступности и коррупции, шаткая экономика и высокая инфляция.

Однако, начиная с 2000 года, и особенно с приходом к власти Путина Россия заняла реалистичную позицию по вопросам внутренней и внешней политики и стала добиваться восстановления своего положения сверхдержавы на международной арене.

Сейчас вопрос заключается в следующем: какую стратегию реализует Россия для возвращения утраченных некогда позиций?

Для ответа на этот вопрос необходимо отметить, что в последние годы для достижения этой цели Россия придерживается двух стратегий. Во-первых, это стремление к многополярности и вызов положению США в международной политике. Во-вторых, это реализация определенных мер в энергетической сфере.

Стратегия многополярности является ответом на политику экспансии и однополярности, проводимую Соединенными Штатами. Энергетическая стратегия служит осуществлению национальных интересов России во всем мире и особенно в странах Европы и Азии.

Российская стратегия многополярности

В настоящее время Россия строит свое внешнюю политику на принципе многополярности. Она делает это с учетом международного положения США и в целях обеспечения собственных интересов в плане безопасности.

Судя по официальным заявлениям представителей российского руководства, русские добиваются проведения независимой внешней политики, направленной на создание многополярного мира, в котором Россия должна занять свое место и тем самым сузить гегемонию Соединенных Штатов в международных делах. Чтобы этого достичь, Россия, решив свои наиболее острые экономические проблемы и улучшив собственное финансовое положение, опирается на военный потенциал.

С момента прихода к власти Путин анонсировал три основополагающих принципа своего курса: модернизация экономики, достижение видной роли в процессах мировой конкуренции и восстановление положения России в качестве новой крупной державы.

Тактика и конкретные шаги российских политиков доказывают тот факт, что они крайне недовольны односторонними действиями Соединенных Штатов. Явно с 2007 года, а тайно еще раньше, Россия, поверив в собственные силы благодаря достигнутым успехам в разных сферах геополитики и геоэкономики, проводит политику «прямого сопротивления» американскому волюнтаризму и гегемонии.

Россия при Путине официально не признает однополярный режим как упорядочивающий принцип устройства мира и считает, что он противоречит ее национальным интересам.

Например, в своем весьма резком выступлении на Мюнхенской конференции по безопасности в 2007 году Путин бросил вызов односторонней тактике США и попыткам этой страны установить в мире режим однополярности. Еще тогда российский президент заявил следующее: «Режим однополярности не только не приемлем, но и его установление в нынешних условиях невозможно в принципе».

Он опроверг утверждение о том, что в современной международной обстановке существует «один центр власти, один центр принятия решений, один хозяин и одно правительство», и ясно определил намерение России добиваться установления разумного баланса интересов всех игроков, присутствующих на международной арене.

Другими словами, режиму однополярности, сложившемуся после окончания холодной войны, так и не удалось окончательно закрепиться. Наступательная политика в энергетической сфере с акцентом на собственное положении энергетической сверхдержавы, масштабная программа модернизации армии, крупные поставки вооружения другим странам, несогласие с установлением систем противовоздушной обороны в Восточной Европе и отказ от Договора об обычных вооруженных силах в Европе (ДОВСЕ), установление новых систем противоракетной обороны в Ленинградской области, поддержка ядерной программы Ирана, участие в сирийских событиях и помощь правительству Башара Асада и, что самое главное, отношение к последнему кризису на Украине – все это является ясным доказательством попыток России повысить свой статус в решении международных вопросов, результатом которых и стала напряженность в отношениях с Соединенными Штатами.

Российское руководство убеждено в том, что установленный США однополярный режим существует лишь временно, он неустойчив и действует несправедливо, поэтому последние события в мире, новые коалиции государств и появление таких держав, как Китай, Индия и Россия, бросают вызов этому режиму. Сторонники этой точки зрения считают, что сложившийся империалистический режим не отвечает современным международным условиям, и довольно скоро в мире установится новый баланс сил.

Таким образом, усиление напряженности между Россией и Соединенным Штатами убедило русских в том, что данный процесс может не только еще больше ослабить американцев, но и привести к их международной изоляции. Российское правительство, ссылаясь на современные события в мире и ослабление США из-за их неверной политики в последние годы, считает нынешнюю ситуацию вполне подходящей для превращения своей страны в крупную мировую державу, или, выражаясь иначе, межрегиональную силу, способную влиять на международную систему и принимаемые в ее рамках решения.

Россия решительно добивается нового распределения власти в мировых делах. Возрастающее стремление этой страны к новому разделению власти основывается на прямом несогласии с американской однополярностью и представлении о том, что управление международными делами едва ли возможно без участия российской дипломатии. Путем создания коалиции с такими державами, как Китай и Иран, Россия пытается положить конец волюнтаризму и политике силы Соединенных Штатов на международной арене.

На данном основании Россия позиционирует себя в качестве крупной державы и постоянно в разного рода обращениях по тем или иным международным вопросам критикует США за их однополярность, гегемонию и вмешательство во внутренние дела других государств. Президент Путин пытается позиционировать свою страну как державу, играющую мировое значение и активно участвующую в урегулировании глобальных проблем.

Между тем, Соединенные Штаты стремятся лишить Россию права участвовать в решении международных вопросов. Если Россия вновь окрепнет, влиянию и интересам США в соседних с нею регионах будет брошен серьезный вызов. Декларативные и практические меры России с целью постепенного изменения существующего положения и достижения более высокого уровня в решении судеб мира порождает у американского руководства чувства тревоги за собственное лидерство в международных делах после распада Советского Союза и все больше заставляет его оценивать ситуацию как фактическое сохранение статус-кво, поскольку Россия постепенно набирает силы, а США слабеют. Именно по этой причине США стараются создавать как можно ограничений на пути развития России.

Энергетическая стратегия России: энергоресурсы как рычаг политического давления

Суть внешней политики России при президенте Путине заключается в конкуренции за возвращение своей роли сверхдержавы. По мнению российского лидера, распад Советского Союза в 1991 году был самой большой трагедией ХХ века, поэтому он добивается восстановления позиций России, которые она имела еще в советскую эпоху. В этом ключе энергетическая стратегия России направлена на восстановление ее статуса сверхдержавы.

Обладая самыми большими в мире запасами газа и нефти, Россия на международной арене смогла продемонстрировать свою силу в противостоянии Европейскому Союзу и США. Используя скрытую политику угроз в энергетическом плане, кремлевское руководство полагает, что у Запада, который крайне нуждается в российских энергоресурсах, нет никаких шансов. Поэтому энергетика стала для России мощным рычагом контроля политики Европейского союза и стран на Ближнем Востоке и в Центральной Азии.

Свою энергетическую стратегию Россия разработала летом 2003 года, когда Владимир Путин отвел ей центральное место в российской дипломатии. Тогда в целях сохранения за Россией лидирующих позиций на мировом газовом рынке были предприняты меры для предотвращения диверсификации энергопоставок, особенно для европейских стран.

Запасы нефти и газа играют ключевую роль в возвращении России главной роли на мировой арене. И в Кремле, и в политических кругах других стран существует представление о том, что благодаря своим огромнейшим запасам энергоресурсов Россия способна вернуть себе позиции сверхдержавы. Не вызывает никаких сомнений тот факт, что Россия уже стала сверхдержавой в плане энергетики.

Сейчас эта страна относится к числу самых крупных поставщиков природного газа, а за период с 1998 по 2004 года российский экспорт нефти составил почти 48% от общего объема мировых поставок этого сырья. В настоящее время Россия поставляет на мировой рынок 22% природного газа и четверть от 40% газового импорта в Европу. Нефтяные поставки этой страны составляют 12% от мирового объема, в то время как в Европе доля «черного золота» из России составляет 22%.

Кроме того, Россия контролирует поставки нефти и газа из Туркмении и Казахстана. Таким образом, ее нефтяная дипломатия, в первую очередь, завязана на европейских странах, потому как экономически они сильно зависят от российской нефти. Европа осознает, что это является ее слабым местом, и поэтому ищет альтернативные поставки энергоресурсов.

Активность российской энергетической дипломатии ощущается и в Азии. В этот регион Россия поставляет всего лишь 3% своей нефти. Тем не менее ожидается, что к 2020 году этот экспорт может увеличиться до 20%. В связи с этим Россия пытается не ограничиваться привязанностью только к одному потребителю (имеется в виду Китай), а расширить круг покупателей своего топлива за счет Японии и Южной Кореи.

Итак, Россия превратилась в энергетическую сверхдержаву, поэтому она использует свою энергетическую стратегию для подъема собственного национального духа. Ее руководство заботится о сохранении территориального единства своей страны и предотвращении внешних угроз, в том числе и военного характера.

Для этого усилия Москвы направлены на то, чтобы использовать энергетический экспорт в качестве инструмента политики. Так, враждебные страны наказываются отказом осуществлять поставки в них российских энергоносителей, в то время как сильные дружественные государства наоборот получают всяческую поддержку, а их компаниям позволят инвестировать в развитие российской нефтегазовой отрасли.

Многие арабские страны тоже используют энергоресурсы в качестве инструмента политического давления, однако они бессильны в плане достижения своих целей и, в частности, не могут добиться поражения Израиля. Вместе с тем энергетика играет отрицательную роль в деле становления сверхдержавы. Дело в том, что зависимость от энергоресурсов обычно ведет к незначительному экономическому росту и политической нестабильности.

Однако здесь надо отметить, что в этом плане Россия отличает от других стран. До 1991 года эта страна была военной сверхдержавой, и после распада Советского Союза она частично сохранила его оружейный потенциал, включая ядерный арсенал и современные технологии. Кроме того, Россия, как и прежде Советский Союза, продолжает поставлять оружие в другие страны. Таким образом, потенциал этой страны основывается на огромных запасах энергоресурсов и советской военной технике, что и подкрепляет представление о ней как «энергетической сверхдержаве».

В настоящее время вместо подразделений Красной Армии для давления на Украину, кавказские и среднеазиатские республики используется энергетика, природный газ и связанные с этим компании. Россия способна изменить сложившуюся ситуацию на евразийском пространстве только за счет энергетики. Эта страна приобретает свой новый потенциал для «мягкой силы» и увеличения политического и экономического влияния благодаря огромным запасам нефти.

Начавшееся с 2000 года увеличение цены на нефть и газ привело к экономическому росту России и осуществлению важных реформ в этой стране. Как результат, российское руководство пересмотрело свою внешнюю и внутреннюю политику. В современной международной ситуации нефть и газ сделали Россию настоящей державой и соперником Соединенных Штатов. Энергетические компании России при поддержке национального правительства работают по всему миру. С 2000 года российские нефтяные и газовые гиганты, такие как «Лукойл», заняли видное место в энергетической сфере стратегически важных регионов Ближнего Востока, соседних государствах Восточной Европы и даже в США.

Россия обеспечивает половину поставок газа в Европу. Так, например, в 2006 году Германия на 40% обеспечивала себя поставками российского газа, Греция – на 84%, Австрия – на 78%, а страны Балтии и Финляндия – на 100%.

До прихода Путина к власти иностранные аналитики говорили о слабости и деградации российской экономики, а правительство этой страны обвиняли в коррумпированности и непрофессионализме. Тогда Россия была поверженной страной, не способной установить внутренний порядок. В 90-х годах прошлого века никто не думал, что эта страна когда-нибудь сможет вернуть себе положение сверхдержавы.

Улучшение экономической ситуации началось в 2000 году. Именно после этого благодаря политике российского руководства начала реализовываться идея «России как энергетической сверхдержавы». В рамках данной идеи мощь страны стала трактоваться как использование нефти и газа в качестве орудия усиления собственного влияния на соседние страны и на мировой арене в целом.

В результате этого в 2000-х годах с ростом мировых цен на топливо энергоресурсы стали базой развития российской экономики и сильным инструментом внешней политики и дипломатии. На саммите «Большой восьмерки» в 2005 году Путин заявил, что Россия, будучи к тому же и ядерной державой, обладает самым большим потенциалом в нефтегазовой области и лидирует на мировом энергетическом рынке. И действительно, Россия стала крупным производителем и экспортером нефти и природного газа и обладает наибольшими в мире запасами нефти и урана.

Словом, в 2003 году энергетическая стратегия России недвусмысленно заявила об энергоресурсах как политическом инструменте, а в доктрине 2009 года подчеркивается, что энергетическая тематика является новым направлением внешней политики этой страны.


Итак, в своей статье мы коротко рассмотрели стратегию многополярности и энергетическую стратегию, которые применяет Россия в целях восстановления собственного положения сверхдержавы на глобальном уровне.

Как было отмечено, именно с приходом к власти Путина в 1999 году и улучшением ситуации в экономической, политической и военных сферах эти две стратегии оказались во главе угла российской внешней политики. В нашей статье мы рассмотрели стратегию многополярности и оспаривание Россией положения США в качестве гегемона на международной арене.

Испытав сильное унижение в постсоветский период, начиная с 2000 года русские, урегулировав свои внутригосударственные проблемы, вознамерились отомстить США и ограничить сферу интересов этой страны в геополитически важных регионах, таких как Кавказ, Западная и Центральная Азия.

Сделав ставку во внешней политике на стратегию многополярности, в последние годы Россия пытается играть активную роль в международных делах и проводить политику, совершенно не зависимую от Запада и США. С 2000 года Россия всевозможными способами старается нивелировать роль США в решении политических вопросов разных регионов мира и по некоторым из них занимает весьма принципиальную позицию, действуя вопреки воле американцев.

Протесты по поводу размещения систем противоракетной обороны США в Восточной Европе, война в Грузии, поддержка ядерной программы Ирана, поддержка правительства Башара Асада в Сирии, несогласие с военным вмешательством западных стран в эту страну и, наконец, последние события на Украине отчетливо демонстрируют решительную позицию России, направленную против Соединенных Штатов.

Принимая во внимание все эти шаги российского правительства, многие политологи и специалисты по международным отношениям говорят об окончании периода однополярности и начале новой холодной войны между Россией и США.

Подводя итог, можно прогнозировать, что Соединенные Штаты продолжат попытки сохранить нынешнее положение и собственную роль лидера и экспансиониста в мире, а Россия будет предпринимать усилия для изменения существующих условий и установления многополярной структуры в международных делах, бросая при этом вызов империалистическому строю.

При этом существует целый спектр тем, связанных со стратегиями безопасности, который свидетельствует о серьезном соперничестве между США и Россией. Сейчас основная часть международных проблем, в которых проявляется конкуренция между Москвой и Вашингтоном, касается стратегического паритета, проекта установления систем противовоздушной обороны, региональных кризисов в Афганистане, Северной Корее и Сирии, геополитического соперничества в плане расширения НАТО, нынешней дестабилизации ситуации на Украине, а также такого ряда вопросов, как соблюдение прав человека и предоставление политического убежища Эдварду Сноудену.

Таким образом, в настоящий момент все эти проблемы наводят на мысль о том, что российско-американские отношения наладятся еще далеко не скоро. На пути сближения двух стран постоянно находятся определенные негативные моменты, которые препятствуют их развитию.

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Relations between Russia and the United States will improve any time soon, I’m sure the author of the article in the Iranian edition Iras

To restore its position in the international arena superpower Russia implements two strategies.

The first – a strategy to challenge the multipolarity of the international position of the United States. Second it’s energy strategy.

Consideration of these two strategies are addressed in this article.

In 1944, at the final stage of World War II, the term “superpower” used in relation to the two states the United States and the Soviet Union. Because of this, in the bipolar system of international relations at the head of two blocks of East and West were the two states, which occupy leading positions in the political, economic and military spheres.

In 1991, with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the collapse of the communist ideology faded Russian foreign policy in the international arena, having lost all initiative, why the United States became the only superpower in the whole world.

Nineties of the last century were marked by severe political and economic crisis in Russia, the situation which has been aggravated by extreme instability and social unrest. For this reason, the country has not had a chance to play a prominent role in international affairs, and economic weakness deprived her of all the chances in the competition with the West.

At that time, Russia has virtually lost its international influence and the reasons were different: the collapse of the whole empire, and return to the borders of the XVII century, the economic recession and social crisis, environmental disaster, weakening of the state and the army, rising crime and corruption, a shaky economy and high inflation.

However, since 2000, and especially since Putin came to power Russia took a realistic stance on domestic and foreign policy and began to seek recovery of its superpower position in the international arena.

Now the question is: what strategy implements Russia to return lost items once?

To answer this question it is necessary to note that in recent years to achieve this goal, Russia holds the two strategies. Firstly, it is the pursuit of multipolarity and challenge the position of the United States in international politics. Second, is the implementation of certain measures in the energy sector.

Multipolarity strategy is a response to a policy of expansion and unilateralism by the United States. Energy strategy is the implementation of Russia’s national interests around the world and especially in Europe and Asia.

Russian strategy multipolarity

Currently, Russia is building its foreign policy on the principle of multipolarity. It does this with the international situation and the United States in order to ensure their own interests in terms of security.

According to official statements made by the Russian government, the Russian press for an independent foreign policy, aimed at the creation of a multipolar world in which Russia should take its place, and thus narrow the hegemony of the United States in international affairs. To achieve this, Russia, deciding their most pressing economic problems and to improve their financial position, based on military capabilities.

Since coming to power, Putin announced the three pillars of its course: the modernization of the economy, achieving a prominent role in the processes of global competition and the restoration of Russia’s position as a major new powers.

Tactics and specific steps of Russian politicians argue that they are extremely dissatisfied with the unilateral actions of the United States. Apparently in 2007, but secretly earlier, Russia, believing in their own power thanks to the achievements in the various fields of geopolitics and geo-economics, pursuing a policy of “direct resistance” to the American hegemony and voluntarism.

Putin’s Russia does not officially recognize the unipolar mode as the ordering principle of the world and believes that it is contrary to its national interests.

For example, in a very dramatic speech at the Munich Security Conference in 2007, Putin challenged unilateral tactics the United States and the country’s efforts to establish in the world unipolar mode. Even then, the Russian president said: “The regime of unipolarity is not only acceptable, but also its establishment in the present circumstances it is impossible in principle.”

He denied the allegation that in the current international situation, there is one center of authority, one center of decision-making, one master and one government,” and clearly defined Russia’s intention to seek to establish a reasonable balance between the interests of all the players present on the international scene.

In other words, the regime of unipolarity, formed after the Cold War, and was unable to finally gain a foothold. Offensive policy in the energy sector with a focus on their own position as an energy superpower, large-scale program to modernize the army, large supplies of arms to other countries, opposition to the establishment of air defense systems in Eastern Europe and the rejection of the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE), the establishment of new systems missile defense in the Leningrad region, support for Iran’s nuclear program, participation in events and help the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad and, most importantly, with the last crisis in Ukraine – all this is clear evidence of Russia’s attempts to raise its status in international affairs, which resulted in and became the tensions with the United States.

The Russian leadership is convinced that the United States established a unipolar mode exists only temporarily, it is unstable and unfair acts, so the recent events in the world, the new coalition of states and the emergence of powers such as China, India and Russia, are challenging the regime. Proponents of this view believe that the established imperialist regime does not meet current international conditions, and pretty soon the world established a new balance of power.

Thus, the increased tension between Russia and the United States convinced the Russian is that this process can not only further weaken the Americans, but also lead to international isolation. The Russian government, referring to the current events in the world and the weakening of the United States because of their wrong policies in recent years, said the current situation is quite suitable for the transformation of the country into a major world power, or to put it differently, inter-regional power capable of influencing the international system and taken in the framework of its decision.

Russia strongly seeking a new distribution of power in world affairs. The increasing desire of this country to a new power-sharing based on the direct disagreement with American unipolarity and the notion that the management of international affairs is hardly possible without the participation of Russian diplomacy. Through a coalition with such powers as China and Iran, Russia is trying to put an end to voluntarism and political forces of the United States in the international arena.

On this basis Russia is positioning itself as a major power and constantly in all sorts of appeals on various international issues, criticized the United States for unipolarity, hegemony and interference in the internal affairs of other states. President Putin is trying to position his country as the powers that global significance and is actively involved in the resolution of global problems.

Meanwhile, the United States seeks to deprive Russia of the right to participate in international issues. If Russia is again stronger, influence and interests of the United States in its neighboring regions will be seriously challenged. Declarative and practical measures Russia to a gradual change in the status quo and achieve a higher level in deciding the destiny of the world gives rise to the American management of anxiety for their own leadership in international affairs after the collapse of the Soviet Union and all the more makes it to assess the situation as the actual maintenance of the status quo, because Russia is gradually gaining strength and weaken the United States. It is for this reason that the United States are trying to create as possible limitations to the development of Russia.

Russia’s energy strategy: energy as a lever of political pressure

The essence of Russia’s foreign policy under President Putin is in competition for the return of its role as a superpower. According to the Russian leader, the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 was the greatest tragedy of the twentieth century, so it is seeking recovery of Russia’s position that it had in the Soviet era. In this vein, Russia’s energy strategy aims to restore its superpower status.

With the world’s largest reserves of oil and gas, Russia in the international arena was able to demonstrate its strength in opposition to the European Union and the United States. Using a hidden policy of threats in terms of energy, the Kremlin leadership believes that the West, which is in dire need of Russian energy resources, there is no chance. Therefore, energy has become a powerful lever for Russian control policy of the European Union and countries in the Middle East and Central Asia.

His Russian energy strategy developed in the summer of 2003, when Vladimir Putin took her central place in Russian diplomacy. Then, in order to maintain the leading position in Russia in the global gas market measures have been taken to prevent the diversification of energy supplies, particularly for European countries.

Oil and gas reserves play a key role in the return of Russian leading role on the world stage. And in the Kremlin and in political circles in other countries, there is the idea that, thanks to its huge energy resources, Russia is able to regain his position as a superpower. There is no doubt that Russia has become a superpower in terms of energy.

Now this country is one of the largest suppliers of natural gas, and for the period from 1998 to 2004, Russia’s oil exports amounted to almost 48% of the total world supply of this raw material. Russia currently supplies the world market 22% of natural gas and a quarter from 40% of gas imports to Europe. Oil supply in this country is 12% of the world total, while in Europe the share of “black gold” of Russia is 22%.

In addition, Russia controls the supply of oil and gas from Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan. So its oil diplomacy, primarily tied to the European countries, because the cost they are heavily dependent on Russian oil. Europe is aware that this is its weakest point, and therefore looking for alternative energy supplies.

Activity of Russian energy diplomacy felt in Asia. In this region, Russia supplies only 3% of its oil. Nevertheless, it is expected that by 2020, these exports may increase to 20%. In this regard, Russia is trying to go beyond attachment to only one user (referring to China), and expand the number of buyers of its fuel by Japan and South Korea.

Thus, Russia has become an energy superpower, so it uses its energy strategy to lift its own national spirit. Its leaders concerned about the preservation of the territorial unity of the country and preventing external threats, including those of a military nature.

To do this, Moscow’s efforts are aimed at being able to use energy exports as a political tool. So hostile country is punished by a refusal to supply them Russian energy, while strong friendly states on the contrary receive full support and allow their companies to invest in the development of Russia’s oil and gas industry.

Many Arab countries are also using energy as an instrument of political pressure, but they are powerless in terms of achieving its objectives and, in particular, can not achieve the destruction of Israel. However, energy plays a negative role in the formation of a superpower. The fact that the dependence on energy usually leads to a slight economic growth and political instability.

However, it should be noted that in this respect, Russia differs from other countries. Until 1991 this country was a military superpower, and after the collapse of the Soviet Union, it is partially retained its weapons capability, including nuclear arsenal and modern technology. In addition, Russia, as before the Soviet Union continued to supply weapons to other countries. Thus, the potential of this country is based on the vast energy resources and Soviet military equipment, which reinforces the idea of ​​it as an “energy superpower.”

Currently, instead of units of the Red Army to put pressure on Ukraine, the Caucasus and Central Asian republics used energy, natural gas and related companies. Russia is able to change the situation in the Eurasian space only by energy. The country gets its new potential for “soft power” and increasing political and economic influence thanks to its vast oil resources.

Begun in 2000 the increase in price of oil and gas has led to economic growth in Russia and the implementation of important reforms in the country. As a result, the Russian government has revised its foreign and domestic policies. In the current international situation, oil and gas prices have made Russia the present power and rival the United States. Russian energy companies, with the support of national governments are working around the world. Since 2000, the Russian oil and gas giants, such as “Lukoil”, featured prominently in the energy sector is strategically important regions of the Middle East, neighboring countries in Eastern Europe and even the United States.

Russia provides half of gas supplies to Europe. For example, in 2006 Germany 40% sufficient in the supply of Russian gas, Greece – 84%, Austria – 78%, and the Baltic countries and Finland – 100%.

Before Putin came to power, foreign analysts said the weakness and degradation of the Russian economy, and the Government has been accused of corruption and incompetence. Then Russia was defeated country, unable to establish internal order. In the 90s of the last century, no one thought that this country is ever to regain superpower status.

Improving the economic situation began in 2000. It was after this due to the policy of the Russian leadership was launched the idea of ​​”Russia as an energy superpower.” As part of this idea became the country’s might be interpreted as the use of oil and gas as a tool to strengthen its influence on neighboring countries and on the world scene as a whole.

As a result, in the 2000s, with the rise in world prices for fuel energy resources have become the foundation of the Russian economy and a strong instrument of foreign policy and diplomacy. At the summit of the “Big Eight” in 2005, Putin said that Russia, in addition to being a nuclear weapons state and has the greatest potential in the oil and gas industry and is a leader in the global energy market. Indeed, Russia has become a major producer and exporter of oil and natural gas and has the largest reserves in the world oil and uranium.

In short, in 2003, Russia’s energy strategy clearly stated about energy resources as a political tool, and in the doctrine of 2009 emphasized that energy issues is the new direction of the foreign policy of this country.


So, in his article, we briefly discussed the strategy of multi-polarity and energy strategy, which uses Russian in order to restore their situation superpower on a global level.

As noted, it is with Putin came to power in 1999 and the improvement of the situation in the economic, political and military spheres, these two strategies have been at the forefront of Russian foreign policy. In our article, we discussed the strategy of multi-polarity and challenging position of Russia in the United States as a hegemonic power in the international arena.

Having experienced a strong humiliation in the post since 2000, Russian resolve their domestic problems, set out to take revenge on the United States and limit the scope of the interests of this country in a geopolitically important regions such as the Caucasus, Western and Central Asia.

Making a bet in the foreign policy strategy of multipolarity, in recent years, Russia is trying to play an active role in international affairs and policies, it is not dependent on the West and the United States. Since 2000, Russia is trying all possible ways to level the role of the United States in dealing with political issues in different regions of the world and some of them occupies a very principled position, acting against the will of Americans.

Protests concerning the deployment of missile defense systems in Eastern Europe, the United States, the war in Georgia, support Iran’s nuclear program, support for the government of Bashar al-Assad in Syria, the opposition to the military intervention of Western countries in this country, and finally, the recent events in Ukraine demonstrate clearly the strong position of Russia directed against the United States.

Taking into account all these steps the Russian government, many political scientists and specialists in international relations say about the end of the period of unipolarity and the beginning of a new Cold War between Russia and the United States.

Summarizing, we can predict that the United States will continue to attempt to maintain the current situation and their own leadership and expansionist in the world, and Russia will make efforts to change the existing conditions and the establishment of a multipolar structure in international affairs, while throwing a challenge to the imperialist system.

In this case, there is a whole range of topics related to the security strategy that indicates a serious rivalry between the USA and Russia. Now the bulk of international problems, which manifest competition between Moscow and Washington, concerns the strategic parity, the project of establishing air defense systems, regional crises in Afghanistan, North Korea and Syria, geopolitical rivalry in terms of the expansion of NATO, the current destabilization of the situation in Ukraine, as well as a number of issues such as human rights and political asylum Edward Snowden.

So, now all these problems suggest that the Russian-American relations will improve further away any time soon. In the way of rapprochement between the two countries are always some negative things that hinder their development.

Киев срывает «план Путина» ! / Kiev break “Putin’s plan”!

Киев срывает «план Путина». Украинские власти не хотят и не могут остановить кровопролитие в Донбассе


Украинские власти не хотят и не могут остановить кровопролитие в Донбассе.

Владимир Путин предложил воюющим сторонам на Украине «дорожную карту», как остановить кровопролитие в Донбассе. Правда, мирный план вряд ли будет реализован. Этому помешает отсутствие политической воли у Киева и тот факт, что центральная власть не контролирует все вооруженные формирования, воюющие против народного ополчения Новороссии.

Свою инициативу Владимир Путин озвучил в ходе своего визита в Монголию. План содержит семь пунктов. Первый – прекратить все военные действия. Второй – отвести вооружённые подразделения силовых структур Украины на расстояние, исключающее возможность обстрела населённых пунктов артиллерией и всеми видами систем залпового огня. При этом соблюдение условий должны контролировать международные наблюдатели. Авиация должна отказаться от бомбардировок мирных городов и сел. При этом стороны должны произвести обмен пленными по формуле «всех на всех» без дополнительных условий, открыть коридоры для доставки гуманитарных грузов в Донбасс и обеспечить условия работы ремонтных бригад для восстановления инфраструктуры.

Премьер-министр Донецкой народной республики Александр Захарченко уже заявил, что ополченцы давно предлагали прекратить огонь и поддерживают план Путина. Но Киев должен заставить прекратить огонь не только армию, но и подразделения нацгвардии и частные батальоны.

По всей видимости, именно это условие и не может выполнить украинская власть. Ведь нацгвардия и частные батальоны снабжаются олигархами и подчиняются именно им. А они, в частности Игорь Коломойский, не настроены на мир.

В то же время, не может Киев не учитывать и мнение иностранных государств. Запад же финансировал Майдан, оказывал дипломатическое давление на Януковича и требовал начала военной операции в Донбассе явно не для того, чтобы в один момент пойти на признание народных республик. «Я думаю, суть в том, что россияне не искренне заинтересованы в прекращении огня. Они продолжают дестабилизировать восточную Украину», – уже заявил генсек НАТО Андерс Фог Расмуссен. При этом Северо-Атлантический альянс не ограничился словами, а направил в Черное море свои корабли. В акваторию вечером в среду вошли с управляемыми ракетами на борту французский корвет «Коммандан Биро» и американский эсминец «Росс», на подходе канадский фрегат «Торонто» и испанский фрегат «Альмиранте Хуан де Бурбон».

Внутриполитическая ситуация на Украине тоже далека от той, которая бы позволила заключить мирное соглашение. Хоть сам Порошенко и готов обсуждать предложения Путина, но его окружение требует продолжения войны. «Семь пунктов российского президента якобы для решения кризиса на Украине удивительным образом напоминают план спасения для российских террористов», – категорично заявил премьер-министр Украины Арсений Яценюк.

Тем не менее, сама Украина буквально трещит по швам. По словам назначенного из Киева губернатора Донецкой области Таруты, если украинская армия сдаст окруженный ополченцами Мариуполь, Украина должна будет признать поражение в войне. Дело в том, что в условиях отсутствия поставок российского газа вся надежда украинской энергетики сейчас на уголь. Его много в Донбассе, но Киев не контролирует этот регион. В результате Украина была вынуждена подписать контракт на поставку миллиона тонн из ЮАР. Но единственный порт, способный принимать корабли с углем, находится в Мариуполе. Так что перспектива всей стране зимой замерзнуть вполне реальная.

Но, видимо, в Киеве об этом думать не хотят. Там политики заняты предвыборными баталиями и говорят о скорой военной победе. Так что планы наиболее радикальных командиров ополчения скоро взять столицу Украины звучат вполне реально.

– Осуществимость плана Путина зависит от того, насколько враждующие стороны воспримут его как реальную дорогу к миру, – говорит профессор ВШЭ Леонид Поляков. – Со стороны ополченцев готовность работать по этому плану намного более высокая. Они действительно готовы сесть за стол переговоров и начать обсуждать формат присутствия Новороссии в составе Украины. Что касается Киева, то тут большое количество проблем. Прекратить военную операцию Порошенко будет очень сложно. До сих пор «партия войны» доминирует в украинской политике и в массовом сознании. Большинство населения не довольны снабжением армии, но не самой войной. Для украинского руководства очень трудно переступить через себя и принять план человека, которого считают врагом. Есть и фактор наличия западных советников, которые не очень заинтересованы в движении Украины по маршруту, указанному Россией. Хотя Евросоюз склоняется к мнению, что нужно политическое решение. Но всё зависит от Киева.

«СП»: – Но украинские СМИ могут развернуть парадигму и вести агитацию за мир.

– Украинские СМИ находятся в руках нескольких олигархических групп. Так что всё будет зависеть от игр олигархов. Найдутся люди, готовые сыграть на настроениях усталости и разочарования. Но могут найтись и крайние радикалы, которые используют сложное положение Порошенко для того, чтобы самим прорваться во власть. И если не путем нового Майдана, то хотя бы на выборах в Верховную Раду.

План Путина – это абсолютно продуманный выход из ситуации, ни по одному из семи пунктов никто ничего возразить не может. Это предложение опытного политика. Но план попадает в сложный киевский контекст, где завязано много противоречий. Так что исполнение плана Киевом под большим вопросом. Хотя ополченцы готовы следовать «дорожной карте».

«СП»: – Может ли Запад уговорить Киев прекратить войну под напором обстоятельства успеха ополчения?

– В Евросоюзе нет единства на эту тему. Хотя руководители крупных стран – Франции и Германии – должны оказывать на Порошенко давление в пользу этого плана. Но есть еще и Соединенные Штаты, а их интерес в продолжении конфликта как можно дольше. Чтобы никаких вариантов сближения России и Украины не осталось. Порошенко в очень сложной ситуации. Сам он похож на договороспособного человека, но он не самостоятелен. И наверняка у его американских друзей есть какая-то информация, которая может его сильно дискредитировать.

Президент Центра системного анализа и прогнозирования (Украина) Ростислав Ищенко полагает, что Киев даже при большом желании уже не сможет пойти на мирные переговоры:

– Выполнение плана по урегулированию маловероятно. Сам план совершенно нормальный, но мы имеем дело с неадекватными людьми в Киеве. И речь даже не о самом Порошенко, которому нужна передышка, а об остальной украинской власти. Проблема в том, что президент не может чем-то управлять. Территориальные батальоны полностью вышли из-под контроля: кто хочет – дезертирует, кто хочет – разбегается, кто хочет – воюет, другие грозят свергнуть Порошенко.

К тому же, украинская власть жертвует своей собственной пропагандой. Она пропагандировала войну, теперь очень сложно будет объяснить, почему она хочет заключить мир. Все последние недели, несмотря на поражения украинской армии от ополченцев, киевская пропаганда говорит о тысячах погибших российских военнослужащих и что чуть ли вообще не всю российскую армию перебили. Сложно будет объяснить перемирие, если есть военные успехи. Общественность в Киеве и городах на западе Украины конечно не хочет отправлять своих родственников на войну, но эта же общественность хочет, чтобы кто-то эту войну выиграл. Люди настроены так, что вся проблема в неумелых командующих, а потому надо поменять Порошенко и начальника Генштаба, и тогда война будет выиграна.

«СП»: – Власть в Киеве зависит от внешних сил, они могут уговорить пойти на перемирие.

– Вашингтону совершенно не выгодно, чтобы Порошенко заключал мир. Американцы считать умеют, и не хотят соглашений о фактическом признании Новороссии. Ведь это приведет к дальнейшей дефрагментации Украины. Войска начнут расходиться по домам, а восстания могут произойти в Харькове и других городах.

Вашингтон понимает, что киевская власть обанкротилась, дальше ее содержать нет желания и возможностей. Но чтобы бросить Киев на произвол судьбы, США нужен какой-то повод. Если власть рухнет под напором внутренних проблем и руководство в стране захватят боевики, то Вашингтон сможет сказать, что легитимный президент свергнут неизвестно кем, поэтому дальше поддерживать Украину мы не будем. Но это возможно только в том случае, если будут продолжаться поражения украинской армии. Но что получит Вашингтон сейчас? Договоренности о фактическом признании ДНР и ЛНР? Тогда вопрос: почему же не надо было соглашаться на федерализацию, а сейчас признавать независимость республик?

Давайте посмотрим на позицию Вашингтона. Он пытается перенести противостояние России в плоскость усиления группировок НАТО в Восточной Европе, срыва поставок «Мистралей». Украина воспринимается как отыгранная карта, США оттуда уходят. Посмотрим, что будет дальше.

«СП»: – На Западе говорят о возможном вводе миротворцев, в том числе и российских. Тогда конфликт не перекинется на Харьков.

– Но для этого нужно развести войска, поэтому потребуется контакт Киева с ополчением Новороссии. Надо будет создать буферную зону и ввести туда миротворцев. Но если Киев даст команду войскам отойти и позволит войти российским миротворцам, то это будет последний день украинского режима, его просто свергнут радикалы.

«СП»: – Армия Новороссии наступает, украинская армия разбредается. Чем может закончиться конфликт?

– Всё зависит от того, насколько быстрыми темпами армия Новороссии будет наращивать свой боевой потенциал. Чтобы наступать дальше, необходимо контролировать свои коммуникации, держать гарнизоны в городах. Если через неделю-две количество ополченцев составит более 40 тысяч человек, то Новороссия будет наступать. Военное поражение Киева из фронтовой катастрофы перейдет в разряд уже политической катастрофы.

Но нет никакой гарантии, что ополчение сможет наращивать силы быстрыми темпами. Если сейчас наступит оперативная пауза, то киевский режим сможет укрепиться. По крайней мере, у него появится время. Станут понятны дипломатические контакты. Но сложно будет прогнозировать продвижение ополчения на Запад. Есть вероятность, что начнутся восстания в крупных украинских городах. Но мы не знаем, начнутся ли они и если начнутся, то когда. Тут слишком большое количество неизвестных.

Но, на мой взгляд, при любом варианте развития событий, даже при заключении мира, Киев утратит контроль над Юго-Востоком. Какие бы соглашения не заключались, мы увидим совершенно новую ситуацию.

«СП»: – Насколько вероятно повторение июньского сценария, когда Порошенко объявил о прекращении огня и использовал время для подготовки решительного наступления на Донецк и Луганск?

– Это маловероятно. Сейчас Порошенко уже нечего перегруппировывать, его армия деморализована, мобилизация сорвана. Былого превосходства сил уже нет, если ополчение и уступает армии, то не на порядок, а в полтора-два раза. По утверждению ополчения, в ствольной артиллерии и вовсе достигнут паритет. Даже перегруппировав силы, Порошенко не сможет начать такое же решительное наступление.

Лучшее, что может сделать Порошенко с военной точки зрения, это стабилизировать фронт, уйти в глухую оборону и добиваться политического решения. Но это будет долгое и кровавое решение. Но я очень сомневаюсь, что украинская армия сможет долго удерживать фронт даже в обороне в условиях политической нестабильности и экономического коллапса.

Старший научный сотрудник Российского института стратегических исследований Олег Неменский считает, что у Порошенко нет другого выхода, как планомерно идти к катастрофе:

– Предложение Путина имеет, в первую очередь, информационное значение. В сложившихся обстоятельствах России и Новороссии важно постоянно показывать свой мирный настрой и конструктивную позицию. Выдвижение таких инициатив важно само по себе. Но очень трудно представить, чтобы оно могло быть реализовано.

Ничего принципиально оригинального в плане Путина нет. Проблема состоит в том, что ни одна из сторон конфликта не заинтересована в мире. При этом Российская Федерация не сторона конфликта, хоть симпатии ее понятны. Переговоры о мире должны проходить между двумя народными республиками и Киевом, что, собственно, и подчеркивает Путин.

Сейчас нет запроса на мир. Прежде всего, со стороны Киева. Нет той общественной силы, которая бы вынудила Порошенко начать переговоры и перейти к установлению мира. Даже если украинская армия будет терпеть поражения за пределами Донецкой и Луганской областей, власть не сможет пойти на мирные соглашения. Народ хочет войны и хочет победы. Нынешнее состояние украинского общества можно описать как военный психоз.

Миру мешают и грядущие выборы Верховной Рады в конце октября. До выборов все политические силы будут соревноваться друг с другом в радикальности лозунгов. После выборов начнут отмечать годовщину Майдана, и массовый психоз достигнет своего апогея. Может быть, условия для мирных проектов сложатся к концу зимы или к весне.

«СП»: – Люди не хотят отправки родственников на войну, но требуют победы.

– Человеческое сознание в принципе противоречиво. Так что нет ничего удивительного в том, что люди не хотят гибели родственников, но хотят победы. Особенно в центральных и западных областях страны.

«СП»: – Если человеческое сознание противоречиво, то пропаганда теперь сможет представить Порошенко как миротворца. С потерей Донбасса тоже многие согласятся, ведь даже многие украинские политики сейчас радуются тому, что страна потеряла Крым.Ukrainian authorities do not want and can not stop the bloodshed in the Donbass.

Vladimir Putin offered the belligerents in Ukraine “road map” on how to stop the bloodshed in the Donbass. However, the peace plan is unlikely to be realized. This will prevent the lack of political will on the part of Kiev, and the fact that the central government does not control all armed groups fighting against the People’s Militia of New Russia.

Their initiative Vladimir Putin announced during his visit to Mongolia. The plan contains seven items. The first to cease all hostilities. The second to withdraw the armed units of the security structures of Ukraine at a distance, precluding the possibility of firing artillery settlements and all kinds of rocket launchers. While respecting the environment should be controlled by international observers. Aviation should abandon the bombing of peaceful towns and villages. In this case, the parties must make the exchange of prisoners by the formula all for all” without conditions, open corridors for delivery of humanitarian supplies to the Donbas and to enable maintenance crews work to restore the infrastructure.

Prime Minister of the People’s Republic of Donetsk Alexander Zaharchenko has already said that the militia has long offered a cease-fire and support Putin’s plan. But Kiev is to get a cease-fire not only the army but also the National Guard units and private battalions.

Apparently, it is this condition and can not fulfill the Ukrainian government. After all, the National Guard and private battalions supplied oligarchs and submit to them. And they, in particular Igor Kolomoisky not tuned to the world.

At the same time, can not be ignored Kiev and the opinion of foreign countries. The West funded Maidan provided diplomatic pressure on Yanukovych and demanded the military operation in the Donbas is clearly not to go at one point in the recognition of people’s republics. “I think the bottom line is that the Russians are not genuinely interested in a ceasefire. They continue to destabilize eastern Ukraine “, – has said NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen. In this case, the North Atlantic alliance is not limited to words, and sent to the Black Sea the ships. In the waters on Wednesday evening came with guided missiles on board the French corvette Kommandan Biro” and the USS Ross” on the way Canadian frigate “Toronto” and the Spanish frigate “Almirante Juan de Borbon.”

The internal political situation in Ukraine, too, is far from that which would allow a peace agreement. Though he Poroshenko and ready to discuss Putin’s proposal, but his environment requires continuation of the war. “Seven points of the Russian president, ostensibly to deal with the crisis in Ukraine wonderfully reminiscent of a rescue plan for the Russian terrorists” categorically stated Prime Minister of Ukraine Yatsenyuk.

Nevertheless, Ukraine itself is literally bursting at the seams. According appointed governor of Kiev, Donetsk region Taruta if the Ukrainian army will hand surrounded by militia Mariupol, Ukraine will have to admit defeat in the war. The fact is that in the absence of Russian gas supplies to all hope of the Ukrainian energy now for coal. His many in the Donbass, but Kiev has no control over this region. As a result, Ukraine was forced to sign a contract for the supply of million tons of South Africa. But the only port capable of receiving ships with coal, is in Mariupol. So the prospect of the whole country in the winter freeze quite real.

But apparently, in Kiev to think about it do not want. There policies busy election campaign and speak about the imminent military victory. So what’s the most radical militia commanders will soon take the capital of Ukraine sound quite real.

Feasibility of Putin’s plan depends on how the warring parties will perceive it as a real road to peace – says Professor Leonid Polyakov HSE. By militias willingness to work on this plan is much higher. They are really ready to sit down at the negotiating table and start discussing the format Novorossia presence within Ukraine. With regard to Kiev, then there is a large number of problems. Poroshenko halt the military operation will be very difficult. Until now, the “party of war” dominates in Ukrainian politics and in the public mind. Most people are not satisfied with the supply of the army, but not the war. For the Ukrainian leadership is very difficult to transcend themselves and take up of man, who is considered an enemy. There is also a factor in the presence of Western advisers, who are not very interested in going the route of Ukraine, Russia said. Even though the EU is inclined to believe that a political solution is necessary. But it all depends on Kiev.

“SP”: But the Ukrainian media can expand the paradigm and to campaign for peace.

Ukrainian media are in the hands of a few oligarchic groups. So everything will depend on the games of the oligarchs. There will be people ready to play on the sentiments of fatigue and frustration. But there may be, and the more radical, which use complex situation Poroshenko to break itself into power. And if not by new Maidan, at least in the elections to the Verkhovna Rada.

Putin’s plan it is absolutely thoughtful way out, none of the seven-point no one can argue. This proposal is an experienced politician. But the plan falls into the complex context of Kiev, which tied a lot of controversy. So that the execution plan of Kiev a big question. Although the militias are willing to follow the “road map.”

“SP”: Can the West to persuade Kiev to stop the war under the pressure of circumstances success militia?

In the European Union there is no consensus on this topic. Although the leaders of major countries France and Germany should have on Poroshenko pressure in favor of this plan. But there is also the United States, and their interest in the continuation of the conflict as long as possible. To any option of rapprochement between Russia and Ukraine left. Poroshenko in a very difficult situation. He looks like a negotiability man, but he is not independent. And certainly his American friends there is any information that can severely damage it.

President of the Center of Systems Analysis and Forecasting (Ukraine) Rostislav Ishchenko believes that Kiev even with a strong desire will not be able to go to the peace talks:

Implementation of the plan for the settlement is unlikely. The plan itself perfectly normal, but we deal with the inadequate people in Kiev. And it is not even about the Poroshenko, who need a break, and the rest of the Ukrainian authorities. The problem is that the president can not manage something. Territorial battalions completely out of control: who wants to – deserts, who wants to – runs up, who wants to – fighting, others threaten to topple Poroshenko.

In addition, the Ukrainian government sacrifices his own propaganda. She promoted the war, now it is very difficult to explain why she wants to make peace. All last week, despite the defeat of the army of the Ukrainian militia, Kiev propaganda speaks of thousands of dead Russian soldiers and that almost never the whole Russian army massacred. It will be difficult to explain the truce if there is military successes. Public in Kiev and cities in western Ukraine certainly does not want to send their relatives to the war, but the same public wants someone to win this war. People are configured so that the problem is incompetent commanders, and therefore we have to change Poroshenko and Chief of Staff, and then the war will be won.

“SP”: Power in Kiev is dependent on external forces, they can persuade to go to a truce.

Washington did not beneficial to Poroshenko made ​​peace. Americans know how to count, and do not want agreements on the actual recognition of New Russia. After all, this will lead to further defragmentation of Ukraine. Troops will begin to go home, and the uprising may occur in Kharkov and other cities.

Washington understands that the Kiev government went bankrupt on it contain no desire and opportunities. But to throw Kiev to fend for themselves, the United States needs some excuse. If the power will collapse under the pressure of internal problems and management in the country capture militants, Washington will be able to say that the legitimate president overthrown by someone unknown, so continue to support Ukraine we will not. But this is only possible if the will continue to defeat the Ukrainian army. But that will get Washington right now? Agreement on the de facto recognition of the DNI and LC? Then the question is: why do not have to settle for federalization, and now recognize the independence of the republics?

Let’s look at Washington’s position. He is trying to move into the plane of Russian opposition groups to strengthen NATO in Eastern Europe, the supply disruption Mistral”. Ukraine is perceived as overcame the United States to leave. Let’s see what will happen next.

“SP”: In the West say about the possible input peacekeepers, including Russian. Then the conflict will not spread to Kharkiv.

But you need to separate the troops, so you need to contact with the host of the New Russia Kiev. I’ll have to create a buffer zone and enter the peacekeepers there. But if Kiev will order troops to withdraw and allow you to enter the Russian peacekeepers, it will be the last day of Ukrainian regime, its just overthrown radicals.

“SP”: – Army Novorossia comes Ukrainian army disperses. What could end the conflict?

It all depends on how fast the army of New Russia will increase its military capabilities. To advance further, it is necessary to control their communication to keep garrisons in the cities. If after a week or two, the number of volunteers will be more than 40 thousand people, the New Russia will attack. Military defeat of Kiev from the front crash be joining the already political disaster.

But there is no guarantee that the militia forces will increase rapidly. If now is the operational pause, the Kiev regime may strengthen. At least he will have the time. Will become apparent diplomatic contacts. But it will be difficult to predict promotion militia in the West. There is a possibility that the start of the uprising in major Ukrainian cities. But we do not know whether they will begin to start and if so, when. Here too many unknowns.

But, in my opinion, in any scenario, even if the conclusion of peace, Kiev loses control of the South-East. Whatever agreements have not been concluded, we will see an entirely new situation.

“SP”: How likely is a repeat of the June scenario where Poroshenko announced a cease-fire and used the time to prepare for a decisive attack on the Donetsk and Lugansk?

It is highly unlikely. Now Poroshenko has nothing to regroup his army is demoralized, mobilization foiled. Former superiority of forces is no longer if the militia and inferior army, it is not an order of magnitude and a half to two times. According to the militia, in cannon artillery and does reach parity. Even regroup, Poroshenko not be able to start the same offensive.

The best thing that can make Poroshenko from a military point of view, it is to stabilize the front, go on the defensive and seek a political solution. But it will be a long and bloody decision. But I very much doubt that the Ukrainian army will be able to hold the front for a long time, even in the defense in the context of political instability and economic collapse.

Senior researcher at the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies Oleg Nemensky believes that Poroshenko no choice but to systematically go to disaster:

Putin’s proposal is, first of all, the information value. In these circumstances, Russia and New Russia is important to constantly show their peaceful attitude and constructive attitude. Such initiatives is important in itself. But it is very difficult to imagine that it could be implemented.

Nothing essentially original in Putin’s plan is not. The problem is that none of the parties to the conflict are not interested in peace. The Russian Federation is not party to the conflict, although its sympathies are clear. Peace negotiations should take place between the two People’s Republic and Kiev, which, in fact, emphasizes Putin.

Now there is no demand on the world. First of all, by Kiev. None of the social forces that have forced Poroshenko begin negotiations and to move towards peace. Even if the Ukrainian army will be defeated outside the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, the government will not be able to go to the peace agreements. The people want the war and wants to win. The current state of Ukrainian society can be described as a war psychosis.

Peace and prevent future election to the Verkhovna Rada in late October. Before the elections, all political forces will compete with each other in radical slogans. After the election, will celebrate the anniversary of the Maidan, and mass hysteria reaches its climax. Maybe the conditions for peaceful projects will develop by the end of the winter or the spring.

“SP”: People do not want to send relatives to the war, but require a victory.

The human consciousness is in principle inconsistent. So there is nothing surprising in the fact that people do not want the death of relatives, but they want to win. Especially in the central and western regions of the country.

“SP”: If the human mind is contradictory, the promotion will now be able to submit Poroshenko as a peacemaker. With the loss of Donbass, too many would agree, because even many Ukrainian politicians now rejoice that the country has lost the Crimea.

But then Poroshenko will have to explain to the people that made it so reborn, because he used to say opposite things. If he renounces his former position, then becomes another politician. And it is not clear on what grounds then he heads to Ukraine. Poroshenko for the foreseeable future, this option is not there. He the leader of the war party.”

“SP”: In the country‘s economic and political crisis, the army was defeated, and the war must continue.

It is unlikely that most Poroshenko accept such a situation. But he had no choice. A war could continue in any conditions. Even if people will not have heat, electricity, hot water and other creature comforts, and the front has moved to Kiev. The war will go up as long as the attitude of society will not be replaced with a war for recognition as an equal party militias. If now Poroshenko abandon hostilities, it will lose significant support in the community, and its former adversaries still not be supported.

– Но тогда Порошенко надо будет объяснить народу, что заставило его так переродиться, ведь раньше он говорил противоположные вещи. Если он отрекается от прежних позиций, то становится уже другим политиком. И не ясно, на каких тогда основаниях он возглавляет Украину. Для Порошенко в обозримом будущем такого варианта просто нет. Он – лидер «партии войны».

«СП»: – В стране экономический и политический кризис, армия терпит поражение, а войну надо продолжать.

– Вряд ли самого Порошенко устраивает такая ситуация. Но выбора у него нет. А войну можно продолжать в любых условиях. Даже если у людей не будет тепла, электричества, горячей воды и прочих благ цивилизации, а фронт передвинется к Киеву. Война будет идти до тех пор, пока не сменится настрой общества с войны на признание ополченцев как равной стороны. Если сейчас Порошенко откажется от военных действий, он потеряет значимую поддержку в обществе, а его прежние противники всё равно поддерживать не будут.

Google translation !


Vabaduse deklaratsioon kõigile Eesti inimestele ja kõigele elavale ! / Estonian Declaration of Freedom to all the people and all living !


Me oleme sündinud siia maailma vabade hingedena. Meil on piiramatu õigus vabadusele ja oma tunnetele. Mitte kellelgi ei ole õigust seda meilt röövida, surudes peale oma tahtmist, et kehtestada kontrolli meie üle, kasutades selleks relvi, meditsiini, toitu, hirmutamist, propagandat ja raha. Praegune rahasüsteem põhjustab ainult vaesust. Relvad ei kaitse meid vaid tapavad.

Me oleme unustanud, kellena me siia maailma oleme sündinud, sest see tunnetus, mõtlemine, armastus, õnn ja mõistmine on meilt röövitud. Oleme muutunud hoolimatuks üksteise ja ümbritseva suhtes. Kui me leiame uuesti üles tõe ja usalduse iseendas, siis me jagame seda ka teistele ja julgustame neid. Olla mina ise – see on see jõud, mida ei saa peatada ega vaigistada, sest see on sündides meile kaasa antud.

Me elame paradiisis, mida me märkame harva. Me ei kuula oma lapsi, kes on siirad ja kellelt meil on palju õppida. Me oleme loonud süsteemi, mis karistab neid, viib nende maailma tasakaalust välja, lämmatab nende harmoonia loodusega ja usu elusse. Mida me neile anname? Teadmise hukkunutest, ebaloomulikud linnad ja hävinenud külad, hiiglaslikud prügimäed, ohtlikud reostused, hinge vaakuva looduse ja tühjeneva maapõue. Me anname oma lastele võlgadel põhineva “vabaduse”.

Meil on kohustus olukorrale silma vaadata. Me oleme osa loodusest, me oleme osa universumist ja allume tema seadustele. Kas me tõesti soovime selle planeedi hukku?

Me soovime hoida oma põlvedel lapselast, kes armastab ja ütleb kunagi: “Aitäh, et sa hoolisid. Ma tõotan, et see suhtumine elusse jääbki kestma, sest ka minu lapselapsed tahavad tunda rõõmu koostööst, rahust ja armastusest.”

Armsad inimesed Eestis ja mujal maailmas! Me kirjutame sellele deklaratsioonile alla elavate inimeste nimel, kel on aukartus elu ees. Me oleme elusad inimesed ja vabadus on meie sünniõigus!

Me ütleme, et relvadele on alternatiivid. Me ütleme, et sõjale on alternatiivid! Relvad ei lahenda konflikte inimeste vahel.

Me toetame kestvust tagava elulaadi arengut, kestvust tagavate põhimõtete rakendamist hariduses, kommunikatsioonis, toidu tootmises, tööstuses, eluasemete korralduses, energia-, keskkonna- ja transpordimajanduses. Me ütleme jah kestvust toetavatele tehnoloogiatele. Me ütleme jah tõelisele vabadusele!

                                         Google translation !


We are free souls born into this world. We have the unrestricted right to liberty and security of your feelings. No one has the right to rob us, pushing against their will, in order to establish control over us, using weapons, medicine, food, intimidation, propaganda, and money. The current monetary system leads only to poverty. Guns do not kill but protect us.

We have forgotten about the capacity in which we are born into this world, because this perception, thought, love, happiness and understanding is robbed from us. We have become careless of each other and the surroundings. If we find again the truth and trust in yourself, then we will share it to others and encourage them. Being myself – this is the one force that can not be stopped or silenced, because it is given to us at birth.

We live in paradise, we rarely notice. We do not listen to their children, who are sincere and from whom we have much to learn. We have created a system that punishes them, leading to their world out of balance, in harmony with nature and the stifling of their faith life. What can we give them? Knowledge of those killed, unnatural towns and villages destroyed, huge dumps, hazardous spills, the sick of nature and  the low subsoil. We will give your children debts based on freedom”.

We have a responsibility to look out for the situation. We are part of nature, we are part of the universe, and obey its laws. Do we really want the death of the planet?

We want to keep your knees grandson who loves and never says “Thank you cared about., I vow to continue to remain attitude to life as well as my grandchildren want to feel the joy of co-operation, peace and love.”

Cute and the rest of the people in the world! We signed this declaration on behalf of people living with the awe of life. We are live people and freedom is our birthright!

We say that the weapons are alternatives. We say that war is the alternative! Guns do not solve conflicts between people.

We support the development of a way of life which ensures durability, durability ensure the implementation of the principles of education, communication, food production, industry, housing arrangements, energy, environmental and transportation economics. We say Yes to supporting technologies. We say yes to genuine freedom!

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  • Brendan Sullivan

    04.09.2014 17:03
    “Praegune rahasüsteem põhjustab ainult vaesust.”Nii ta on jah,kuula mida pajatab sellest Andro Roos.
    Andro Roosi suursugune kõne :
    href=”https:// target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>https://

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  • Rünno55

    04.09.2014 17:08
    “Me ütleme, et relvadele on alternatiivid” – Ja kui vaenlane tuleb relvis üle piiri, siis te lähete vastu, käes loosung “Relvad ei lahenda konflikte inimeste vahel”? Mnjah. Kummardan teie meelekindluse ees.

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  • Rünno55

    04.09.2014 17:16
    “Meil on piiramatu õigus vabadusele ja oma tunnetele” – Absoluutselt väär. Kui sina lased oma vabadusel ja tunnetel möllata, siis see ahistab mind (üks kesköine ülemeelik tramburai suure paneelmaja akende all). Kuidas jääb siis minu vabadusega? Meie kõigi vabaduseasted peavad olema tasakaalus teise inimeste vabadustaotlustega ja me peame üksteisega arvestama.
    Sellise manifesti kirjutab valmis 10 aastane laps oma mättalt, mitte täiskasvanud inimene, kes saab aru oma tegude tähendusest ja on suuteline vastutama oma teo tagajärgede eest.

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    1 vastus

  • Rünno55

    04.09.2014 17:18
    Ütleme ausalt, see kirjutis on viimase aja kõige infantiilsem mõtteavaldus.

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  • Mõtlev Inimene

    04.09.2014 17:51
    Väga õige mõtteavaldus. Naabrit relvadega alistav riik on täiesti valel teel ja kui ta sellest aru ei saa ja palumine ei aita, siis ei ole pääsu ka oma kodu kaitseks relvile tõusmisest. Kahjuks.

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  • Fleimar Troll

    04.09.2014 18:00
    « … kui vaenlane tuleb relvis üle piiri … » ~ Ilmselt vihjad Venemaa piiriületusele Ukrainasse. Kuid ka hunta ei läinud plakatitega Donbassi …
    « … Absoluutselt väär. Kui sina lased oma vabadusel ja tunnetel möllata, siis see ahistab mind … » ~ Kontekstist rebitud libaargument. Järgmine lause deklararatsioonis just seda ütlebki: « … Mitte kellelgi ei ole õigust seda meilt röövida … » Sa oled lihtsalt kas liiga agressiivselt häälestatud või liiga rumal, et sellest aru saada.
    « … 10 aastane laps oma mättalt … » ~ Tavaline 10-aastane tajub sügavamalt maaima, ku tavaline täiskasvanud …
    « Ütleme ausalt, see kirjutis on viimase aja kõige infantiilsem mõtteavaldus. » ~ Ütleme ausalt, su parempoolne osa ajust on surnud … reptiil …

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  • Fleimar Troll

    04.09.2014 18:05
    Rünno55 ja Mõtlev Inimene
    Kui pandora laegas on avatud, siis me võime lõputult heietada, mis kõik sealt laekast välja kargab, kuid oluliseim on – kes laeka avas …

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  • renelor

    04.09.2014 18:27

    “Meil on piiramatu õigus vabadusele ja oma tunnetele” – Absoluutselt väär. Kui sina lased oma vabadusel ja tunnetel möllata, siis see ahistab mind (üks kesköine ülemeelik…

    1 vastus
    Aga sinul on lihtsa loogikaga probleeme. Tsiteeritud lause algab sõnaga “Meil” ja oli adresseeritud kõigile. See tähendab, et kõigil oleks see vabadus võrdne ja ühesugune. Mitte ühegi inimese vabadus ei tohi järelikult teise inimese samaväärset vabadust piirata, ehk valitsekski tasakaal, kus kellelgi ei oleks mingeid eeliseid mitte ühelgi ettekäändel. See kehtiks vaid juhul, kui kõik sellest ühtemoodi ka kinni peaksid, mis omakorda ei tähenda et kõigile võiks mingeid piiranguid seada. Sundpiiranguid võiks seada ainult neile, kes teiste kui samaväärsetega ise arvestada ei soovi.

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  • ahah

    04.09.2014 16:56
    võimul värvi vahetanud kommud ja ameerika imigrant…
    korruptsioon valitsuse on juba piirid ületanud…

    Teata sobimatust kommentaarist71


  • 1.

    04.09.2014 16:59
    Meenutab kangesti noore neiu unistusi, kes esmakordselt “Ma armastan sind!” kuuldes silmapilkselt koiki ema opetussonu unustas ja mehega voodisse laks …

    Teata sobimatust kommentaarist92


  • nad eksivad

    04.09.2014 17:02

    Me ütleme, et relvadele on alternatiivid. Me ütleme, et sõjale on alternatiivid! Relvad ei lahenda konflikte inimeste vahel.Naaberriigi vägivaldse kallaletungi peatamiseks ei ole muud võimalust kui sõda ja relvad. Võrrelge Eesti ja Soome kogemust aastatest 1939-1940.

    Me soovime hoida oma põlvedel lapselast, kes armastab ja ütleb kunagi: “Aitäh, et sa hoolisid.

    Kes on jätnud oma kodumaa kaitseks relvad hankimata ja ei kaitse oma maad ja lapsi, ei ole hoolinud. Ta on oma kodumaa ja rahva kõige alatumal ja hoolimatumal kombel reetnud.

    Teata sobimatust kommentaarist82


  • Jukko

    04.09.2014 17:05
    Vegard K. Emanuelsen on ju Venemaa propagandamasina aktiivne agent Internetis. Selle deklaratsiooni tagatoa aadress on ju Drammensveien 74, Oslo.

    Teata sobimatust kommentaarist43


  • mulk

    04.09.2014 17:16
    Mitnes riigis toimetab Venemaa sõjalisi operatsioone ? Ei tea ainsatki !
    USA kaitseminister –Hagel (juut): -„ USA peab sõjaliselt sekkuma KÕIGIS MAAILMA RIIKIDES !“
    http://rt.com/usa/157336-us-military-hagel-cuts… Isegi ami blogija arvab : „See sell on peast segi ! Meil on hullumeelne valitsus !“ – „This guy (Hagel) is out of his mind! We have an insane government!

    Vaata sama kasutaja kommentaare

    Teata sobimatust kommentaarist14


    1 vastus


  • mulk

    04.09.2014 17:19
    http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2014/03…, Sinclair says that if Russia accepts payment for oil and gas in any currency other than the dollar – whether it’s gold, the Euro, the Ruble, the Rupee, or anything else – then the U.S. petrodollar system will collapse”: – „ Piisab vaid , kui Venemaa hakkab nafta eest küsima dollari asemel ükskõik millist muud valuutat – ükskõik – euro , rubla ennast , India ruupiat , jüäni , noora krooni , ükskõik – ja kogu USA finantspüramiid laguneb !“

    Vaata sama kasutaja kommentaare

    Teata sobimatust kommentaarist14


  • ….

    04.09.2014 17:19
    ma ei tahaks küll halvasti öelda, aga… bensiin ja tikud, hipi

    Teata sobimatust kommentaarist41


  • Naine

    04.09.2014 17:20
    Kas tuvi käest küsiti luba enne pildistamist? Nii naiivselt ei saa praegu enam, armastades jah, aga mitte naiivselt.

    Teata sobimatust kommentaarist41


  • mulk

    04.09.2014 17:21
    Millisele monstrumile meie seaduslikud vargad hosiannat laulavad – Marylandi kuberner kehtestas maksu maaüksustele langevatele sademete hulgale : http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=98d_1393936963

    Vaata sama kasutaja kommentaare

    Teata sobimatust kommentaarist22


    1 vastus

  • mulk

    04.09.2014 17:25
    Artikkel , mis konkreetselt räägib , et oma poliitiliste vastaste ja dissidentide tapmine obama Valge Maja poolt on liiga suur , et isegi üles lugeda , kuid arvepidamine on : http://thelastgreatstand.com/lgs/2013/12…

    Vaata sama kasutaja kommentaare

    Teata sobimatust kommentaarist13


  • mulk

    04.09.2014 17:29
    Inglise „Guardian“ kirjutab – „ Segadused Krimmis – see on lääne ekspansiooni tulemus „ http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree…
    „Obama ütles , et Krimmi referendumit ei arvestata : http://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/obama-says-c… kuid ami bloger märkis , et But when Kosovo broke away from Serbia in 2008, that was cool in the eyes of the US! Kuid Kosovo 2008 aasta separatistlikku referendumit USA tervitas !

    Vaata sama kasutaja kommentaare

    Teata sobimatust kommentaarist11


  • mulk

    04.09.2014 17:30
    Memorandum , miks USA võib oma kodanikke tappa kohtuväliselt – “Memo Explaining Why the U.S. Can Totally Kill Its Own Citizens Without Trial”

    Vaata sama kasutaja kommentaare

    Teata sobimatust kommentaarist11


  • mulk

    04.09.2014 17:34
    Londoni politsei (kõik , eranditult kuuluvad sionistlikku massooni looši) lasi maha relvitu , 6 lapse isa . http://rinf.com/alt-news/breaking-news…

    Vaata sama kasutaja kommentaare

    Teata sobimatust kommentaarist11


  • mulk

    04.09.2014 17:37
    Afganistaanis narkotoodang aastate lõikes (madalaim siis , kui võõrvägesid polnud , valitses Taliban)
    http://www2.parl.gc.ca/content/lop/researchpubli… selle uus aadress – graafik narko tootmisest

    Vaata sama kasutaja kommentaare

    Teata sobimatust kommentaarist11


  • mulk

    04.09.2014 17:40
    Kogu maailma sionistid on marus ÜRO (Goldstouni raport ) peale . Iisraeli peaminister tegi avalduse :
    http://desertpeace..com/2009/10… Me ei talu seda ja hakkame võitlema sellega individuaalsel alusel , hakkame võitlema nendega , kes meid püüab deligitimitiseerida , st. Keeratakse hapnik kinni neil , kes on rahvusvahelisel areenil Iisraeli vastu – individuaalselt Mossaadi abil . Juba on esimesed teated individuaalsest israeliitide lähenemisest .
    Viinis , inglise tuumaekspert ÜRO juures , kukkus 40 meetri kõrguselt trepimademele .
    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews… и http://austriantimes.at/news/General_News…
    22/17455/BritUNnuclearexpertmayha vebeenmurdered%2Cpolice_say
    Kusjuures , 4 kuud tagasi kukkus veel üks ÜRO ekspert sellesama hoone , sellesamale trepimademele . Nagu inspektor Leistred konstateeris , „ on see kahtlematta kokkusattumus“ . Individuaalne Iisraeli lähenemine ÜRO töötajatele – töötab tõrgeteta !

    Vaata sama kasutaja kommentaare

    Teata sobimatust kommentaarist11


  • mulk

    04.09.2014 17:45
    (“Rodger’s recovery from AIDS” Bob Owen) http://www.amazon.com/RogersRecovery-AIDSDefeate… – kuidas kaks arstidest sõpra ravisid nälja ja tooreste toiduainetega ühe neist AIDS-ist terveks . Peale edukat ravi , hakkasid sõbrad teisi „AIDS-i“ haigeid ravima . See toimus California osariigis . Selle peale võeti neilt arsti litsentsid , „CBAT“ – erioperatsioonide rünnakrühm , võttis rünnakutega mitmeid kordi nende kontori enda valdusse ja pitseeris , neid endid taheti mitmeid kordi vangi panna . Lõpuks läksid nad AIDS-i Mehikosse ravima . Vaat , mis maailmas toimub . Te veel pole mõistnud , kuhu olete sattunud – lähtuge halvimatest eelaimdustest ja te ei eksi kunagi . Kujutage endale ette kasvõi minutiks , et mingi ülisuur , ülivõimas võim tahab teid isiklikult – hävitada – see olekski lõppinstantsis puhas tõde !
    Kusjuures see jõud ei taha teid hävitada iseenda kätega . Ta tahab , et te hävitaksite end ise .

    Vaata sama kasutaja kommentaare

    Teata sobimatust kommentaarist11


  • arvan

    04.09.2014 17:52

    Millisele monstrumile meie seaduslikud vargad hosiannat laulavad – Marylandi kuberner kehtestas maksu maaüksustele langevatele sademete hulgale : http://www.liveleak.com/

    1 vastus
    ainult arvan, et tegemist on sadevee ärajuhtimise infrastruktuuri, kasutamise eest korjatava maksuga(enamasti lina oludes).Mis võimalik et on seotud sademetega(tõesti nalja koht), kuid suure tõenäosusega oleneb selle suurus siiski ruutmeetritest või suisa hektaritest.



  • abc

    04.09.2014 18:34
    Mina võtaksin kogu selle deklaratsiooni kokku ühe printsiibiga – võõrandamatu vaba tahte õigusega. Kõigil on õigus oma vaba tahet piiramatult, kuid ühtemoodi võrdselt realiseerida. Reaalsed piirid on aga loomulikult olemas, kuid neid ei ole vaja määrata… selleks on kaasinimeste samaväärsete õiguste austamine. Samasugune suhe peaks valitsema ka kogu loodusega. Mis relvi puudutab, siis nende ainus eesmärk ongi teiste inimeste eluõiguste jäme rikkumine, või sellega hirmutamine (nn. heidutus või kaitse)…. ja siin ei ole sisulist vahet, kas seda tehakse vastusena, või omaalgatuslikult.

  • head paranemist

    04.09.2014 19:16

    Mitnes riigis toimetab Venemaa sõjalisi operatsioone ? Ei tea ainsatki !
    USA kaitseminister –Hagel (juut): -„ USA peab sõjaliselt sekkuma KÕIGIS MAAILMA RIIKIDES !“

    1 vastus
    Jämejala kompleksis ravil olek ei tee Sinust mulki, oled lihtsalt patsient.
    Mulgimaa: http://et.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mulgimaa#mediaviewe…

    Teata sobimatust kommentaarist10


  • Nojah

    04.09.2014 19:44
    Naiivsus on ju armas. Kahjuks tuleb vabadus kätte võidelda ja selle kaitsmisega vaeva näha. Iga päev tahab seda meilt röövida kas vene agressor või mõni “tark” riigiametnik. Peame oma vabadusest kõvasti kinni hoidma!
  • Goole translation !

Brendan Sullivan
09/04/2014 17:03
The current monetary system leads only to poverty.

So yes it is, listen to what it tells us about Andro Roos.
Andro Rose majestic voice:
https: //www.youtube.com/watch? x75i9 v =kVaLk
Look at the user reviews
Report inappropriate kommentaarist41
09/04/2014 17:08
We say that the weapons are the alternatives And if an armed enemy of the cross over, you are going to adopt, with the slogan Guns do not solve conflicts between people“? Mnjah. I bow in front of your fortitude.
Look at the user reviews
Report inappropriate kommentaarist82
09/04/2014 17:16
We have the unrestricted right to liberty and security of your feelings Absolutely false. If you let your feelings run riot and freedom, it harasses me (one of the midnight perky sort of high jinks large panel windows down). How then is my freedom? We all vabaduseasted must be a balance between freedom of other people’s requests, and we have to take into account each other.
This manifesto is written to the 10-year mättalt your child, not an adult person who can understand the implications of their actions and are able to be responsible for the consequences of his act.
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Report inappropriate kommentaarist52
1 reply
09/04/2014 17:18
Let’s be honest, this is the last time the writings of the most infantile sentiment.
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Report inappropriate kommentaarist52
thinking Man
09/04/2014 17:51
Very true deliverance. Neighbors weapons subduing the country is absolutely the wrong way, and if it does not understand and does not ask for help, you do not have access to arms to protect their own ascension. Sadly.
Look at the user reviews
Report inappropriate kommentaarist31


Fleimar Troll
09/04/2014 18:00
… If an armed enemy of the cross over ~ Apparently alluding to the Russian border crossing Ukraine. But the junta has not gone Donbass posters
Absolutely false. If you let your feelings run riot and freedom, it harasses me … ~ Context-torn scarp argument. The next sentence is just that deklararatsioonis has said, No one has the right to rob us You‘re just either too stupid or too aggressively tuned to figure it out.
My 10 year old child mättalt ~ Normal 10-year-old perceives a deeper maaima, ku normal adult
Let’s be honest, this is the last time the writings of the most infantile sentiment. »~ Let’s be honest, the right part of your brain is dead reptile
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Report inappropriate kommentaarist03
Fleimar Troll
09/04/2014 18:05
Rünno55 and thoughtful man
When Pandora‘s box has been opened, then we can ramble on endlessly, all coming out of a locker hasp, but the important thing is who opened the ark
Look at the user reviews
Report inappropriate kommentaarist13
09/04/2014 18:27
We have the unrestricted right to liberty and security of your feelings Absolutely false. If you let your feelings run riot and freedom, it harasses me (one of the midnight perky
1 reply
But yours is a simple logic problem. Quoted sentence starts with the word we” and was addressed to everyone. This means that everyone would have the freedom to be equal and uniform. None of the other person’s freedom should not, therefore, restrict the freedom of the human equivalent, ie valitsekski equilibrium, where no one would have any benefits under any pretext. It would apply only if all of this should also be respected in the same way, which does not mean that everyone might no limits set. Enforced restrictions could be imposed only on those who do not take into account other than myself having the same desire.
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09/04/2014 16:56
Freedom ….
power to change colors commies and American IMIGRANTE
Government corruption has crossed the boundaries of
Report inappropriate kommentaarist71
09/04/2014 16:59
Strongly reminiscent of a young girl dreams of that first “I love you!” ears instantly navigate all opetussonu mom forgot to bed with a man and Laks
Report inappropriate kommentaarist92
they are wrong
09/04/2014 17:02
We say that the weapons are alternatives. We say that war is the alternative! Guns do not solve conflicts between people.

The neighboring state of violent assaults has no other choice than to stop the war and guns. Compare the experience of Estonia and Finland in 1939-1940.

We want to keep your knees grandson who loves and never says “Thank you cared about.

Who have left their homeland to protect guns from sourcing and does not protect their lands and children are not cared for. He is his country and its people, and the most alatumal hoolimatumal way betrayed.
View the entire comment
Report inappropriate kommentaarist82
09/04/2014 17:05
Vegard K. Emanuelsen Russia‘s propaganda machine has been an active agent in the Internet. It‘s a declaration of back room address Drammensveien 74, Oslo.
Report inappropriate kommentaarist43
09/04/2014 17:16
Mitnes delivered in Russian military operations? I do not know a single!
United States Defense -Hagel (Jew) the United States should intervene militarily in all countries worldwide!”
http: //rt.com/usa/157336-usmilitaryHagelcuts Even ami blogger thinks, “This guy is crazy! We have a crazy government! -” This guy (Hagel) is out of her mind! We have an insane government!
Look at the user reviews
Report inappropriate kommentaarist14
1 reply


09/04/2014 17:19
http: //www.washingtonsblog.com/2014/03, Sinclair says That if Russia accept payment for oil and gas in any currency other than the dollar – Whether it’s gold, the Euro, the Ruble, the Rupee, or anything else – then the U.S. petrodollar system will collapse -” It is enough just to ask if Russia begins oil for dollars instead of any other currency – whatever the euro, the ruble itself, Indian rupees, Juan, Noora euros, whatever and throughout the United States financial pyramid breaks!
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Report inappropriate kommentaarist14
09/04/2014 17:19
I do not want to say bad, but … gasoline and matches, hippie
Report inappropriate kommentaarist41
09/04/2014 17:20
Does the dove was asked permission before taking a picture? So do not be naive anymore right now, loving yes, but not naive.
Report inappropriate kommentaarist41
09/04/2014 17:21
What kind of monster in our legal thieves hosiannat sing Maryland’s governor imposed a tax land units declining rainfall: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=98d_1393936963
Look at the user reviews
Report inappropriate kommentaarist22
1 reply
09/04/2014 17:25
An article that speaks specifically to his political opponents and the killing of dissidents by the Obama White House is too big to even be counted, but the accounts are: http: //thelastgreatstand.com/lgs/2013/12
Look at the user reviews
Report inappropriate kommentaarist13

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09/04/2014 17:29
British “Guardian” writes Confusion in the Crimea – it is the result of the expansion of the Westhttp: //www.theguardian.com/commentisfree
Obama said that the Crimean referendum will not be counted: http: //www.cnsnews.com/news/article/obamasaysc but ami bloger said that Kosovo broke away from But When Serbia in 2008, That was cool in the eyes of the U.S.! But Kosovo’s separatist referendum in 2008, the United States welcomed!
Look at the user reviews
Report inappropriate kommentaarist11
09/04/2014 17:30
Memorandum why the United States can kill its own citizens out of court Memo Explaining Why the U.S. Can Totally Kill Its Own Citizens Without Trial
http: //www.slate.com/blogs/weigel/2014
Look at the user reviews
Report inappropriate kommentaarist11
09/04/2014 17:34
London police (all belonging exclusively Zionist mason raffle) gunned down an unarmed, father of 6 children. http: //rinf.com/altnews/breaking-news
Look at the user reviews
Report inappropriate kommentaarist11
09/04/2014 17:37
Drug production in Afghanistan over the years (the lowest when the foreign troops had not, the Taliban ruled)
http: //www2.parl.gc.ca/content/lop/researchpubli its new address – a graph of drug production
Look at the user reviews
Report inappropriate kommentaarist11
09/04/2014 17:40
The whole world is pissed UN Zionists (Goldstouni report) after. Israeli Prime Minister issued a statement:
http: //desertpeace..com/2009/10 We will not tolerate this and begin to fight it on an individual basis, we begin to fight those who are trying to deligitimitiseerida us, ie. Oxygen wrapped stick for those who are against Israel in the international arena individually using Mossaadi. Already the first reports on the individual approach of the Israelites.
Vienna, the English nuclear expert at the United Nations, collapsed the landing from a height of 40 meters.
http: //www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews и http: //austriantimes.at/news/General_News
22/17455 / BritUNnuclearexpertmayha vebeenmurdered% 2Cpolice_say
In fact, fell a further 4 months ago, a UN expert in the same building, the same the landing. As Inspector Leistred stated, It is no doubt bury coincidence.” Individual approach to the Israeli UN staff running smoothly!
View the entire comment
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Report inappropriate kommentaarist11
09/04/2014 17:45
(Rodger’s recovery from AIDSBob Owen) http: //www.amazon.com/RogersRecoveryAIDSDefeate how two doctors friends therapies hunger and raw food cured AIDS is one of them. After successful treatment, other friends began to AIDS” heal the sick. It took place in California. It was taken from them after the doctor’s licenses, CBAT” a special operations assault team took the attack to the number of times their possession and sealed the office, they themselves wanted to jail several times. Finally, they went MEHIKO treat AIDS. That’s what the world is going on. You still do not understand where you have been involved refer worst eelaimdustest and you‘re never wrong. Imagine even a minute that an extra-large, super high power wants you personally to destroy lõppinstantsis it were pure truth!
However, this power does not want you to destroy your own hands. He wants you to destroy yourself.
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I think
09/04/2014 17:52
mulk wrote:
What kind of monster in our legal thieves hosiannat sing Maryland’s governor imposed a tax land units declining rainfall: http: //www.liveleak.com /
1 reply
only guess that it is a stormwater drainage infrastructure for the use of the pick-paid (usually linseed conditions) .What able to relate precipitation (really funny part), but in all probability, however, depends on the size of the square or even hectares.
Report inappropriate kommentaarist20
09/04/2014 18:34
I would take the whole of the declaration of a total of one principle – the inalienable right of free will. Everyone is entitled to their free will, without restriction, but one way to realize the same. In real terms, however, the boundaries are, of course, exist, but they do not need to fix this is the equivalent rights of fellow human beings. A similar relationship should prevail in all the scenery. With regard to weapons, their sole objective is a flagrant violation of other people’s right to stay alive, or intimidation (the so-called. Deterrence or defense) …. and there is not any difference whether this is done in response to, or spontaneously.
Report inappropriate kommentaarist11
good recovery
09/04/2014 19:16
mulk wrote:
Mitnes delivered in Russian military operations? I do not know a single!
United States Defense -Hagel (Jew) the United States should intervene militarily in all countries worldwide!”
1 reply
Jämejala complex treatment status does not make you mulki, you’re just patient.
Mulgimaa: http: //et.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mulgimaa#mediaviewe
Report inappropriate kommentaarist10
09/04/2014 19:44
‘s Naivete is cute. Unfortunately, the freedom to pick a fight, and the protection effort. Every day, it wants us to rob the Russian aggressor, or some wise” government official. We need to hold on tight to your freedom!

Знакомьтесь, Эстония ! / Meet Estonia !

Эстония имеет население 1.300.000 и это одна из самых малонаселенных стран в Европе. / Estonia has a population of 1,300,000 and is one of the most sparsely populated countries in Europe.

Знакомьтесь, Эстония

Почти 50% территории Эстонии покрыто лесом. / Almost 50% of the Estonian territory is covered by forest.

Знакомьтесь, Эстония

Старый город Таллина занесен в список всемирного наследия ЮНЕСКО. / Tallinn’s Old Town is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Знакомьтесь, Эстония

В Эстонии один самых высоких показателей моделей на душу населения. /  Estonia has one of the highest performance models of per capita.

Знакомьтесь, Эстония

Эстонцы имеют самую большую коллекцию народных песен в мире. У них хранятся записи 133000 народных песен.. / Estonians have the largest collection of folk songs in the world. They kept records 133000 folk songs.

Знакомьтесь, Эстония

Эстонские школы учат семилетних детей программированию. / Estonian schools teach children seven years of programming.

Знакомьтесь, Эстония

Эстония – родина Skype и Hotmail. / Estonia – the birthplace of Skype and Hotmail .

Знакомьтесь, Эстония

Эстония – самое нерелигиозная страна в Европе. В Эстонии только 14% верующих.. / Estonia – the most non-religious country in Europe. In Estonia, only 14% of believers..Знакомьтесь, Эстония

И здесь девушек намного больше чем мужчин… 😉 / And here the girls much more than men …😉.

Знакомьтесь, Эстония

Раздел Украины будет лишь прелюдией к большой войне Запада и России — эксперт ! / Section of Ukraine will be only a prelude to the great war of the West and Russia – expert !


Наступление ополченцев вынудит Запад договориться с Москвой о разделе Украины, чтобы та не досталась русским целиком, считает Алексей Фененко, доцент факультета мировой политики МГУ. Но это вовсе не конец геополитического противостояния между Балтикой и Черным морем. Рано или поздно где-то здесь может начаться большая война между НАТО и РФ.

Фененко не исключает «второй Ялты». Это понятие придумали американские аналитики в начале 2011 года. Под ним понимали проведение международной конференции, которая определит правила игры на территории бывшего СССР, подобно тому, как Ялтинская конференция 1945 года определила раздел Европы на сферы влияния. Вице-президент США Джозеф Байден тогда заявлял, что Белый дом отвергает подобный сценарий. Однако его вероятность может возрасти в двух случаях. Первый – распространение войны на другие территории Украины, например на Харьковскую или Запорожскую области. Второй – экономический коллапс Украины, вызванный газовыми проблемами или деградацией ее социальной инфраструктуры.

Запад не заинтересован в разделе Украины, считает эксперт. Для него украинское государство в его нынешних границах – это гарантия невозможности восстановления СССР. Однако события могут вынудить их пойти на участие в подобной конференции. Приоритеты для ЕС — проблемы украинских АЭС и Химпрома, а также судьба ГТС. Поэтому, считает эксперт, ситуацию, когда Россия и НАТО будут вынуждены сообща решать судьбу Украины, исключать нельзя.

Однако в ходе раздела Украины НАТО постарается отодвинуть линию своего влияния как можно дальше на восток украинской территории, предупреждает эксперт.

Кроме того, по его словам, расширение НАТО на восток возродило Балтийско-Черноморскую конфликтную систему, или «междуморье»: соперничество Москвы и Вашингтона за влияние в широком поясе государств от Финляндии до Грузии и Азербайджана. И не исключено, что где-нибудь на этом пространстве может вспыхнуть прямая война между НАТО и РФ, пишет Фененко в своей статье для НГ.

Михаил Штамм

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Offensive militia force the West to negotiate with Moscow on the division of Ukraine, so that she did not get the whole Russian, said Alexei Fenenko, Assistant Professor, Department of World Politics, Moscow State University. But this is not the end of geopolitical confrontation between the Baltic and the Black Sea. Sooner or later, somewhere here can start a big war between NATO and the Russian Federation.

Fenenko does not exclude “second Yalta.” This concept came up with American analysts in early 2011. It refers to an international conference, which will define the rules of the game in the territory of the former Soviet Union, just as the Yalta Conference in 1945 defined the division of Europe into spheres of influence. Vice President Joe Biden then said that the White House rejected a similar scenario. However, it may increase the probability of two cases. The first the spread of the war to other areas of Ukraine, such as Kharkov or Zaporozhye region. The second the economic collapse of Ukraine, caused by gas problems or degradation of its social infrastructure.

West is not interested in the topic of Ukraine, the expert said. For him, the Ukrainian state within its present borders – a guarantee is impossible to restore the Soviet Union. However, events may force them to take part in such a conference. Priorities for the EU issues of Ukrainian NPPs and Chimprom, as well as the fate of the GTS. Therefore, the expert said, the situation where Russia and NATO will have to work together to decide the fate of Ukraine can not be excluded.

However, the division of Ukraine, NATO will try to push the line of its influence as far as possible to the east Ukrainian territory, expert warns.

In addition, he said, NATO’s eastward expansion has revived the Baltic-Black Sea conflict system, or “Intermarumrivalry between Moscow and Washington for influence in a broad belt of states from Finland to Georgia and Azerbaijan. And it is possible that somewhere in this space could erupt direct war between NATO and the Russian Federation, writes in his article Fenenko for NG.

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