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In Europe, 20 000 militants invaded ISIS as refugees

В Европу вторглись 20 тысяч боевиков ИГИЛ под видом беженцев

Lebanese minister says that in Europe under the guise of refugees infiltrated more than 20 thousand militants “Islamic state.” They intend to move the fighting into the EU.

Lebanese Education Minister Elias Bou Saab (Elias Bou Saab) stated that among the 1.1 million refugees who have flooded Europe, tens of thousands of fighters hiding group “Islamic State” (banned in Russia). According to him, about one fiftieth refugee is a member of a terrorist organization. This Lebanese warned British Prime Minister David Cameron during his visit to Lebanon.
Saab recognized that specific data on the number of terrorists among the refugees did not have, but the “gut feeling” tells him that this is what happens. It is concerned that the Islamists used the desperate situation of the refugees for their own purposes.

“The sixth sense tells us that LIH conducting an operation to penetrate into Europe and other regions. We assume (the refugees” – approx. Ed.), Only two percent of the radicals. But this is more than enough – said Saab, reports The Daily Express.

He noted that refugees in Europe penetrate trained militant groups that even outwardly distinguished from the general flow of migrants. In addition, Islamists recruit fighters among the refugees.

Earlier, Pope Francis also warned that with the flood of refugees to Europe terrorists. In an interview with the Portuguese Radio Renascenca, the pope acknowledged that one of the goals of the Islamists could be Vatican.

In recent months, Europe is faced with a huge influx of illegal immigrants from North Africa and the Middle East. Most of them are fleeing from war and mass terror unleashed by the rebels “Islamic state” in the territories under their control.

The situation threatens to spiral out of control. EU countries argue about who and how much should accept refugees, while those thousands of illegally crossing the border. Experts warn that a migration crisis could turn into a catastrophe and the collapse of Europe. This was stated, inter alia, the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. In Europe were heard talk about the revision of the Schengen Agreement and calls to abandon the free movement of citizens.

To curb the flow of migrants, some countries used troops. Hungary is building a wall on the border with Serbia. Denmark at the time to stop rail link with Germany. In Germany itself, clashes between opponents of mass migration and anti-fascists. The radicals set fire to shelters for refugees.

Against this background, more often heard the warnings about the penetration of terrorist groups on the territory of European states. British counterintelligence summer warned that the militants “Islamic state” are preparing for a major terrorist attack in Europe, including the use of bombs quadrocopters. Intelligence agencies claim that the leaders of the IG obsessed major terrorist attack that would have rivaled the attacks of 11 September 2001 at the Twin Towers in New York City.

Published on 09/15/2015 at 15:46

What could be the scenario of war between NATO and Russia !

Каким может быть сценарий войны НАТО и России

The armed conflict between our country and NATO is possible in the near future, if the parties do not immediately begin to look for a compromise.

This was in an article in the Financial Times writes Professor of Conflict Resolution at George Mason University (USA) Dennis Sandole.

According to Sandole, permanent NATO’s eastward expansion and plans to include in the block Georgia and Ukraine, Russia put in an impossible position.

After the end of the Cold War, it seemed that a world war is no longer possible. But if in Moscow constantly talked about our love of peace, the foreign policy of the West has not changed significantly. NATO military bloc was not dissolved, while continuing to be involved in many armed conflicts in the world. As equal opposing forces in the world he did not exist, the Alliance was able to actually usurp the functions of the global arbiter.

Now that Russia is not as it was in the 1990s, and is actively pursuing its geopolitical interests, the West is doing everything to build a confrontation with our country. Often, even to their own detriment. So the script Sandole American professor does not look so fantastic.

But is our country for a major confrontation with the West, if it will not at the level of sanctions?

According to a leading expert of the Center for MilitaryPolitical Studies, Moscow State Institute Mikhail Alexandrov, the probability of a major war really big, but we will defend ourselves can:

Professor Sandole absolutely right: NATO policy has led to a sharp deterioration in relations of the Alliance and Russia. Block headed for the environment of our country, now poses an imminent threat to our security. The trend became clear at the time of “color” revolutions in Georgia, now the West is trying to take full control of Ukraine.

In fact, we are already seeing an escalation of the conflict. In Ukraine, the army comes, militias are trying to fight back. In the future, possible arrival of volunteers from Russia, launched an attack on Kiev and the capture of the capital. West will increase its assistance to Ukraine, Russia will have to intervene has its armed forces, to go to the borders of Ukraine and Transnistria.

There is already a NATO will depend on the Alliance to intervene or not. If he intervenes, there will be a large-scale war. The only thing he does not have the strength and resources for the war with Russia. The army, of course, numerous NATO, but it is scattered, not able to maintain consolidated hostilities in Europe is not enough heavy equipment, ammunition, poorly developed logistics.

Therefore, theoretically, Russia could easily get out to the Balkans, defeating Bulgaria and Romania. Together with Serbia would be to create an alliance and defeat Kosovo, Montenegro. In fact, we would take NATO in a semicircle. So we have a good opportunity.

Of course, NATO can build weapons, raise an army. But we will not sit idly by. We will carry out a partial mobilization, transfer troops from the Urals, where we have large stocks of weapons.

By the way, this is not NATO, they destroyed all the reserves. We in the Urals 10,000 tanks, it takes several months to bring them into fighting condition. We have a mobilization reserve, and it is not NATO. They will be able to create a million-strong army, and we quickly can deploy an army of two to three million.

Likely to be used tactical nuclear weapons. In aviation, the Alliance has an advantage because in front of us will be challenged to quickly destroy their airfields. To do this, it will be necessary to use tactical nuclear weapons, in particular, cruise missiles. We do not have a sufficient number of medium-range missiles, but there are missiles and sea-based aircraft capable of reaching anywhere in Europe.

This will start a war of attrition in the spirit of the First World War. Electronic systems will be put out of action, and without it will not be possible to use NATO precision weapons, but it is not so much the Alliance. NATO will have to fight conventional arms, and they know how to fight in the West is bad.

So it is not the fact that the victory will be on the side of the West. I think that NATO generals understand this and lately try not to flaunt their power.

Is NATO takes Russia into the environment without having sufficient power?

Who preference paramilitary method combining political violence with the actions of subversive groups. Essentially, most NATO war is not necessary. It may require us, if we will see that not cope with the situation. We just have to respond asymmetrically.

But NATO strategy political and paramilitary techniques to master the post-Soviet space, as is happening now in Ukraine. Then begin to destabilize the situation in the North Caucasus, the Volga region, blocking our trade routes and energy supplies.

That is, NATO expects to grueling conflict, which will lead to a gradual weakening of Russia, falling away from her territories and, finally, the disappearance of the country.

But we plan broke in Ukraine, going to the action. Unfortunately, we did not come to the borders of the former Soviet Union. Then NATO would not think about the development of the post-Soviet space, and about his own defense, creating bastions in Eastern Europe in the case of our invasion.

West is waging against us undeclared war, and our management wants to appear pious, talks about some partnership.

– It turns out that the success of the plans of the West in our indecision.

That’s right. In 2008, it was necessary to defeat Georgia demonstratively judge Saakashvili, a pro-Russian authorities to establish there. Then West would not venture to meddle in Ukraine. But everyone saw our hesitation, we were limited to Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Therefore, staged a coup in Ukraine, and again we are playing in debt.”

Some make payment to the division of Europe and the United States. But it is trying to do more, Stalin, Khrushchev, Gorbachev tried to maneuver with Germany. It is not necessary to us now for the tenth time to step on the same rake. But this tactic is pumped resources, rather than to act decisively.

Although we could now create problems Americans in the Middle East, around Saudi Arabia. And oil prices have soared again.

While Yanukovych was the legitimate president, the Ukrainian army would not defend the regime in Kiev. We could establish a pro-Russian government in Ukraine, but missed the point.

In the West, saying that Russia’s economy is only 2.5% of world GDP and, if desired, our country can crush economic measures very quickly.

It sounds ridiculous! Russia controls most of the world’s resources, has a vast territory, we have the highest nuclear capability. If you wish, we can destroy both Europe and the United States. Here Stalin had no such opportunities, and we are there.

As for the economy, the share of the West in the world economy is constantly decreasing, is now about one-third. That is, you can do without the West in general. At the time, the Soviet Union had only full trade relations with Afghanistan and Iran, and was able to survive. Now we have a partner in China, India and many other countries. The West was the last lever of influence on the rest of the state – control over finances. But talk about the calculations in national currencies within the BRICS.

– When a military confrontation important mindset people, their willingness to sacrifice something.

When Putin made the return of the Crimea, he had incredible support. This level of trust has been, perhaps, only to Alexander the Great, when he took to Paris, or Stalin, when he was taken to Berlin.

But then the speaker has been lost, and success in the international arena is not visible, the ruble is falling, the economy weakens. And this causes irritation. If we took all of Ukraine, the people would know for what to suffer. By the way, in the areas Novorossia huge industrial potential, excellent arable land.

Another problem – representatives of the “fifth column”. Here in Moscow introduce paid parking, unite schools and hospitals. This policy causes irritation citizens.

– Is the Western society at war with Russia?

The small states of Eastern Europe will not fight. Will fight the Germans and Anglo-Saxons, maybe they will be joined by the French. There are haters of Russia as Poland and the Baltic countries. Unfortunately, supporters of friendship with Russia in the West do not control. In Nazi Germany, too, was resistance, but it did not make the weather. All elite controlled Washington Regional Committee.”

The confrontation between Russia and NATO will be a catalyst for conflicts in other parts of the world?

– Of course. As soon as the war in Europe, China will take advantage of the situation and take Taiwan. North Korea is a blow to South Korea in order to unite the country. Iran is certainly a blow to Saudi Arabia. There will be a unique situation where all resources will be concentrated in Western Europe, and he will have no opportunity to influence the situation in other regions of the world. So will the full Kotovasiya.”

According to the vicepresident of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, Konstantin Sokolov, the war between Russia and NATO is already underway, but it is taking place in an unusual form:

– In my opinion, the direction of the West to strike at Russia manifested obvious. We are talking only about the nature of war. The shape of the war written into the concept of US national security. We are talking about a “world civil war.”

We are now seeing a weakening of the ruble, the collapse of small and medium-sized businesses in Russia, the fall in oil prices. In fact, the fighting has already begun. Just no one will declare war on each other, there will be the front line.

For civil war characterized by a variety of groups that fight each other. There is no obvious external enemy, but will be at war with the power of the opposition. It’s just another technology war.

– War involves mutual blows. Will Russia be able to respond to the West?

I’m talking about the “world civil war“, and it will not withstand Russia and the West, and a variety of global social groups. For example, in Russia‘s oligarchs are patriots of our country? No, they are representatives of the force which attacked Russia, destroys its economy.

There are people, there are surrogates global financial groups. It is necessary to think in these categories. New tactics the establishment of power, which destroys the population of social transformations.

Russia can not defend themselves?

– Naturally, people must defend themselves. First of all, we need to defend the spiritual and moral level. We need to resist the influences that come to us from the West, to keep traditional values. Who in the world is Russia with its values of teamwork, but there were advancing on us the power of the “golden calf“.

But there will be armed conflicts.

Of course there will. But it will confront entities. Right now everyone is discussing how to deal with “Islamic state”. But at the same time unless some country declared war on the other? No, they do not fight each other. People are going to the proper religious or social ideas, not the state, and this is a sign of the Civil War.

We are making some effort to avoid being crushed in a global confrontation?

– Now save the military-industrial complex. But the system of national security is much more difficult. Need a systematic approach, which, alas, is no.

Is it possible to “hot” conflict on the territory of Russia?

Our opponents in September demonstrated their strength. When the majority of public opinion supported the Russian policy in the Crimea and Ukraine, Moscow came under people liberal slogans. It was a workout. Our enemies will be able to arrange in Moscow and “Maidan”, and other disorders.

But the problem is that the government itself creates discontent. Here I am forced to remove the car from the yard, paid parking is introduced, removed all the stalls in the capital in the shops become more expensive. In fact, I survive out of the house, brings me to the condition”. And even now, there is a mass layoff of small and medium-sized businesses. People have no choice but to go to rallies like.

Is there any chance that public opinion in the West would not support a war with us?

Any Bulgarian, regardless of skill level, it is clear that the management of Bulgaria’s “South Stream” is decided not in the national interest. Already it is clear that Europe’s elite is the representatives of the world of oligarchic structures, no democracy on the continent remained.

We must understand that our enemy is not the usual American or Englishman, and the owners of financial capital. This they decided to pit the nations together. World oligarchy should not feel safe. Here is a need to understand the people of Russia and the West.

Timeless: Michael CREMO: The human race has existed for millions of years.

michael cremo 224x300 Ajatu: Michael Cremo: Inimrass on eksisteerinud juba miljoneid aastaid






Under the heading ‘Timeless’ old publish articles that counting viable. The below story appeared telegrams for the first time on 3 May 2013.

Michael CREMO (64) is an archaeologist and Sanskrit texts researcher, who in 1993 published along with Richard Thompson great work Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race” (Forbidden Archaeology: the human race Hidden History), whose main hypothesis is that the human race is the Earth top existed for millions of years. CREMO newest book is called “My Science My Religion(In my research, my religion). Telegram published a brief summary of the CREMO recent interview with US radio program “Coast to Coast AM“.

What do the ancient Sanskrit texts UFOs flying in the sky or on the vimana?

Vimana is known under a variety of flying machines in ancient times. Some of them were made of metal and mechanical. North Indian town called Dwarka is believed that 5000 years ago, came down from heaven, vimana, those who attacked the city a variety of weapons straight from heaven. According to Sanskrit texts, Krishna was able to shoot its vimana download vimana and crashed into the sea from the town.

Do you really believe that in ancient times there were these flying machines?

I believe the vimana was different, some were mechanical, and it seems that some of them were interdimensional – they consist of energy and were able to move through the different dimensions. These were the high level of advanced technology built vimana that our perception of reality does not seem to comprehend. The reason why I believe, lies in the fact that thousands of years old Sanskrit texts describe in detail the UFO phenomena, which we are only now beginning to recognize and understand. For example, the vimana their flight patterns are similar to today’s UFO phenomena; they move us against the known laws of physics.

One told a conference of US airline airliner pilot, how he saw the UFO flying in the direction of his tremendous speed immediately before impact and the UFO moved up sharply, the high space. Similar vimanafind descriptions of the ancient texts. They also noted the radar UFOs chaotic trajectory of the movement, and at times, they are also at the same time in different places – for us it remains unclear where the UFO is actually located. Vimana, which attacked the city of Dwarka, at times, appeared to be in different places at the same time feel the sky.

hieroplanes Ajatu: Michael Cremo: Inimrass on eksisteerinud juba miljoneid aastaid
Ancient+Airplane+Vimana+UFO+Precolumbian Ajatu: Michael Cremo: Inimrass on eksisteerinud juba miljoneid aastaid
shakuna Vimana Ajatu: Michael Cremo: Inimrass on eksisteerinud juba miljoneid aastaid
Vimana Where to go?

I guess they have not disappeared, because the UFO phenomena are reported regularly. They did not show himself to everyone, but we have a huge number of credible witnesses who have seen UFOs.

Talk about your latest book, “My Science My Religion(My research, my religion ).

This is a collection of 24 of my written research work, which I have in recent years has presented at major international conferences. Many may think that I am talking about such topics only shows like “Coast to Coast AM“, but actually I‘m talking about this phenomenon in the scientific community, and conferences.

My studies coincide in my spiritual sense and condition. There are people who think that science and spirituality should not be put together. I do not agree. I think that if we want to put together a complete picture of reality, then we must accept the truth no matter where it comes from. I put a book entitled to express it, what is my specific interest in science and spirituality against. Based on the ancient Sanskrit texts, I have created a self-perception of the real history of mankind and the extraterrestrial connection.

Have your studies you are faced with the personal beliefs of the conflict?

I every day I come in contact with new information or new people, or whoever is in my beliefs about conflict. But at the same time, I realized that if, for example, to explore what we can find in books, then we run into conflict often, but when examined all the evidence is absolutely, then the total will go to the bigger picture. When I first started in ancient Sanskrit texts, examination, you got to know that people have existed on Earth for millions of years. It was for me a big contradiction, given all this, I had not yet learned about the history of the university.

So I started to learn all the archaeological history in order to better put together a complete picture. I began to discover other sources of information that supported the Sanskrit texts. I wrote it all in her first major book “Forbidden Archeology(Forbidden Archaeology, 1993).

fa Ajatu: Michael Cremo: Inimrass on eksisteerinud juba miljoneid aastaid


Did after the “Forbidden ArchaeologyYou‘re appearing learned something important that at the time did not write this book?

When I Forbidden ArchaeologyI wrote, you are accepting the modern scientific ideas that anatomically modern people are a different species than the history of the famous ahvinimesed” Neanderthals, Homo erectus, etc. But today, I think quite a few of these creatures, whom we believe to be a different species, is actually just a different variety or human-called conversion.

The reason why I think, lies in the fact that anthropologists around the world are discovering the wide variety of human types, even today. We have physical evidence of life of people, some of whom skeletilised details and refer to different features of the ancient human species such as Homo erectus and Neanderthal. If we do not classify the different categories of people today, then we should not do it in the past with people. Perhaps it would be more correct to classify these subcategories.

Tell them a little work, you‘re presented at conferences.

I took the first part of a large international scientific conference in 1994 in New Delhi, India. The work, which was presented, titled “A Time In The Pranic Archeological Record” (prana time according to archaeological data), which describes the Sanskrit texts discovered in people’s existence on Earth millions of years ago. This work was also published in several scientific journals. Archaeological evidence suggests that people have been on this planet for millions of years.

If someone says to you, “Hey, leave a mess, humanity can not be that old,” then what do you say to them?

This is a very important issue. The question “Who we are and where we come from?” Puts a lot of things in place. This is our identity who I am and where I come from. Pondering on such topics helps everyone to set their objectives and goals in this life. If a person does not understand who he is and where he is, he creates for himself and for other problems. These are the topics that you have to explore all the people, not in a way that few scholars lecture somewhere in dispute over how old we are, either 100 or 000 years for millions of years.

The issue is not these specific years, but the fact that we’ve been here so long, it is wrong for our research and education seriously. Most scientists say that people are simply no material machines, which were developed during the evolution from apes themselves a few hundred thousand years. This worldview and self-identity will lead to bad implications, both individually and collectively. For thus become mere materialistlikuteks our goals in life. We are not just machines that are made of matter, but matter made by machines, which are competing with each other for survival.

All of this creates a terrible conflict, we are seeing around the world at the moment. Self-destruction of the planet and the financial crisis, the endless competition, deadly diseases, etc. – all of this because we do not know who we are and where we ourselves really old we are. If we really are so old, you must begin to rethink the origin of a person, and I believe that here in the formula fit in the non-physical elements.

smile Ajatu: Michael Cremo: Inimrass on eksisteerinud juba miljoneid aastaid


If we really are so old, why so much of this research has been misunderstood?

The reasons are many. One reason is certainly the fact that today’s education and research in government. Thus, only the idea of a talking point. So something‘s not possible for teachers to doubt it, otherwise they will be your job. Darwin’s theory of evolution can not be doubted! A large role in power. People who are in power do not want to abandon it for any price. Today’s theories of finance, after all, the government monopoly. Thus, they do not immediately recognize it definitely interested in that, perhaps, they are offered by the Knowledge wrong.

All sorts of alternatives is suppressed, so that people will not be able to make decisions on its head. I respect every person’s right to make their own conclusions on human pärinemisloost. But the people who run the education system does not respect this right. They think that only one person ‘origins theory must be applied. This needs to change. They also know that alternative theories are moving towards a much more spiritual.

Would come to be discussed at a higher co-participation of the human race and the creation of non-material consciousness as a part of our body. If such issues would be acceptable, then we would see a very different society than that which dominates today. We would see a society in which the balance between the spiritual and the physical reality would be more in place. People would direct their energy sources consciousness, not physical force to attempt to control the material resources and with a total of Fortunes. Of course, they want the continuation of the previous system.

Suppose that mankind is millions of years old. Have we were brought here, or we somehow evolved into yourself?

We have been here. Our bodies, whether it is the human body, plants or animal body, the soul or consciousness of all interfaces. And it is not tangible. For the soul of the body is just one interface, which they can use for the existence of the material world. Consciousness that all of our own reality, we are much older than any of the material world.

This means that we are all aliens, we are all here inseminated into the universe. We do, however, comes from the soul of immaterial reality. If we can understand this, we are able to achieve collective harmony and cease to exist in competition with various conflicting groups.

What do you think, for example, the moon could be the remnants of previous civilizations who were there before us?

I think so. The universe in which we live, is a multi-level. Here are the different energy levels. We exist at a very close and low frequency energy. We build all of our tools in the material things in large factories. But less dense and high-frequency energy is used for different machines and mental energy. Many ancient texts tell us that the moon and the planets in our solar system have a higher frequency than the Earth, but still tangible. Thus, the technology that they use is different. I think that they are gone before us, not only there, but they are there now.

But what happened to humanity, if we are so old? Have graduated from a disaster of a civilization? Something has happened, possibly even several times.

That’s it. The ancient texts say that the concept of time is cyclical. It reveals that wiped after each cycle of life on planet Earth, and life continues to go above the level of the second reality. Higher densities of physical life, however, there are creatures put on earth to walk again. It‘s like a computer for file storage in the clouds we no longer need large hard drives to keep your files, because we can also do it online within itself. If your device gets damaged, you can re-download your files. I think that the universe is similarly built.

The Sanskrit texts, according to the last 2 billion years, during six hiigelkatastroofi that all life is wiped away. And modern palaeontology says that in the last 2 billion years there has been a huge month caused the extinction event on Earth. Furthermore, it has begun a new cycle. So, if we look at ancient texts or modern science, we see strong parallels.

cremoveritasshow annunakia Ajatu: Michael Cremo: Inimrass on eksisteerinud juba miljoneid aastaid

Additional Sources: Michael CREMO website, Coast to Coast AM





Знакомьтесь, Эстония ! / Meet Estonia !

Эстония имеет население 1.300.000 и это одна из самых малонаселенных стран в Европе. / Estonia has a population of 1,300,000 and is one of the most sparsely populated countries in Europe.

Знакомьтесь, Эстония

Почти 50% территории Эстонии покрыто лесом. / Almost 50% of the Estonian territory is covered by forest.

Знакомьтесь, Эстония

Старый город Таллина занесен в список всемирного наследия ЮНЕСКО. / Tallinn’s Old Town is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Знакомьтесь, Эстония

В Эстонии один самых высоких показателей моделей на душу населения. /  Estonia has one of the highest performance models of per capita.

Знакомьтесь, Эстония

Эстонцы имеют самую большую коллекцию народных песен в мире. У них хранятся записи 133000 народных песен.. / Estonians have the largest collection of folk songs in the world. They kept records 133000 folk songs.

Знакомьтесь, Эстония

Эстонские школы учат семилетних детей программированию. / Estonian schools teach children seven years of programming.

Знакомьтесь, Эстония

Эстония – родина Skype и Hotmail. / Estonia – the birthplace of Skype and Hotmail .

Знакомьтесь, Эстония

Эстония – самое нерелигиозная страна в Европе. В Эстонии только 14% верующих.. / Estonia – the most non-religious country in Europe. In Estonia, only 14% of believers..Знакомьтесь, Эстония

И здесь девушек намного больше чем мужчин… 😉 / And here the girls much more than men …😉.

Знакомьтесь, Эстония

Сверхспособности Мирина Дажо — загадка истории. / Myrina Dazho superpowers – mystery stories.

Марин Дажо посвятил жизнь демонстрации людям сверхспособностей. Он выступал на медицинских конгрессах, в присутствии множества докторов, врачей и журналистов, которые фиксировали показания его организма. Острые спицы и кинжалы проходили сквозь его органы сердце, лёгкие и селезёнку, иногда через несколько органов одновременно без крови. Он говорил что предметы просто дематериализуются внутри его, поэтому не наносят вред. Время от времени лезвия посыпались ядом или вонзались преднамеренно заржавевшие. В одном выступлении в Цюрихе, чтобы доказать публике, что это не обман, Дажо пронзили тремя полыми 8-миллиметровыми трубками, через которые подавалась вода.


Его ассистент отмечал телепатические и целителькие способности Дажо, лечение людей происходило в присутствии врачей. На его выступлениях зрители часто падали в обморок от увиденного. Во время одного из выступлений у особенно впечатлительной зрительницы случился сердечный приступ. 31 мая 1947 года он продемонстрировал свои таланты в Цюрихском кантональном госпитале в присутствии комиссии. Там же были сделаны рентгеновские снимки, показывающие пронзённые шпагой внутренние органы. После изъятия шпаги кровь отсутствовала, а на теле остались лишь маленькие пятнышки. Подобные исследования были проведены также в Базеле и Берне.


Для Мирина Дажо его выступления не были целью получения славы или богатства, он хотел показать миру, что есть нечто большее, чем реальность, и человек может существовать вне материального мира. Люди должны понять, что существует высшая сила, источник, Бог, который даёт эти способности, как ясный знак того, что существует нечто большее за пределами материалистической картины мира. Он утверждал, что доносит послание мира, а материалистический путь человека может привести к нищете и войне.

Sorry,Google translation !


Marin Dazho devoted his life to demonstrate to people super-powers. He has spoken at medical congresses, in the presence of many doctors, doctors and journalists who recorded the testimony of his body. Sharp needles and daggers passed through his organs heart, lungs and spleen, sometimes through several bodies at the same time without blood. He said that just dematerialize objects inside it, so no harm. From time to time the blade fell poison or stabbed deliberately rusted. In a speech in Zurich in order to prove to the public that it’s not cheating, Dazho pierced three 8mm hollow tubes through which water is supplied.


His assistant noted telepathic abilities and tselitelkie Dazho treatment of people occurred in the presence of doctors. At his audience often fainted from what he saw. During one of the performances in particularly impressionable spectators had a heart attack. May 31, 1947, he demonstrated his talents at the Zurich cantonal hospital in the presence of the commission. There also have been made ​​by X-rays showing a sword thrust through the internal organs. After removal of blood missing sword and his body were only small specks. Similar studies were also conducted in Basel and Bern.


Myrina Dazho for his performances were not to obtain fame or fortune, he wanted to show the world that there is something greater than the reality, and man can exist beyond the material world. People need to understand that there is a higher power source, the God who gives these abilities as a clear sign that there is something more beyond the materialistic world view. He argued that conveys a message of peace and materialistic way of man can lead to poverty and war.

Аятолла Систа: Древнее пророчество сбывается:”Начнется на Ближнем Востоке и перекинется на весь мир./ Ayatollah Sista: An ancient prophecy comes true: “starts in the Middle East and spread to the whole world.

Мусульманская ненависть разрывает Ближний Восток: результат 1400-летней вражды между Шиитами и Суннитами… и теперь грозит поглотить весь Ирак, а потом и весь мир.

Аятолла Систа: Древнее пророчество сбывается:"Начнется на Ближнем Востоке и перекинется на весь мир

Сегодня Аятолла Систа заявил: “согласно древнему пророчеству записанному в старых книгах, в этом году истекает 1400- летний срок и  начинаются события согласно этому пророчеству. После 1400-летней вражды между Шиитами и Суннитами,эта вражда поглотит весь Ближний Восток, а потом перекинется на весь мир и утопит его в крови .
Если смотреть на события в Ираке, то видно, что пророчество начало сбываться.”

В центре ужасающего кризиса в Ираке является многовековая ненависть между двумя мусульманскими идеологиями: суннитов и шиитов.

Смертоносная борьба за власть между этими двумя соперничающими версиями одной и той же веры, вспыхнул с ужасающей силой.

В этот раз эта борьба приобретает небывалый размах и за ней с трепетом наблюдают на всем Ближнем Востоке, где эскалация традиционной суннитской / шииты конфликта угрожает правительствам и национальным границами.

[fvplayer src=’http://kalevholland.planet.ee//wp-content/uploads/2014/06/ISIL-Death-Cult-Kills-Three-Syrian-Truck-Drivers-in-Iraq-after-Failing-the-Are-you-Sunni-Test1.mp4′ width=640 height=360]

Аятолла Систа: Древнее пророчество сбывается:"Начнется на Ближнем Востоке и перекинется на весь мирБитва за Ирак – саудовская война против Иран.



“Бойтесь того, чего вы желаете” – таков должен быть совет Вашингтона Саудовской Аравии и другим государствам Залива, поддерживающим джихадистов в их войне против режима Башара Асада в Дамаске. Это предупреждение звучит как никогда актуально именно сегодня, когда кровожадные боевики ISIS стремительно продвигаются через северо-западный Ирак, вынуждая к бегству сотни тысяч своих суннитских единоверцев и создавая панику в шиитском центре вокруг Багдада, чье население знает, что милости от ISIS ждать не стоит – в случае, если моторизованные колонны джихадистов не будут остановлены.

Подобный провал Нури аль-Малики был самой сладкой мечтой короля Саудовской Аравии Абдаллы. Для него Малики – не более, чем иранская марионетка. Абдалла отказывается отправить своего посла в Багдад. Вместо этого он подстрекает своих коллег в клубе деспотий Совета Кооперации Стран Персидского Залива (GCC) – занять подобную тупиковую позицию. Все эти страны уязвимы для ударов Аль-Каиды, но смотря сквозь пальцы на то, как их граждане финансируют радикальные группы вроде Джабхат ан-Нусра в Сирии.

Абдалла находится на отдыхе в Марокко. Он пока никак себя не проявил в связи с иракским кризисом. Возможно, каникулы будут прерваны. Нет никаких сомнений в том, что 90-летний монарх осознал – после того, как его политика в Сирии провалилась, благодаря отпору, организованному Ираном, события в Ираке предоставляют ему новый шанс.

Подобная перспектива ломает многие предсказания и сконфузит многих предсказателей. В последние недели пресса была наполнена сообщениями о начинающемся – хотя и неохотном – сближении GCC с Ираном. Свидетельствами этому стали визит эмира Кувейта в Тегеран, и посещение Тегерана несколькими торговыми делегациями GCC. Был и прямо противоположный тренд – КСА впервые публично продемонстрировало китайские баллистические ракеты, которые могут долететь до Тегерана, а в ОАЭ ввели всеобщую воинскую повинность.

Преимущество, если этот термин может быть употреблен в подобном контексте, бойни в Ираке в том, что она вносит ясность. Есть конечно соперничающие племена и враждующие нации, но доминирующее напряжение создается противоречиями между суннитским (большинством) и шиитским (меньшинством) исламом. Этот феномен, характерный для всего региона, доведен до абсурда ISIS, который, в дополнение к прочему, рассматривает свои действия в Ираке против Малики и как удар по Асаду.

ISIS – безжалостная машина убийств, доводящая суннитское презрение к шиитам до логического, и кровавого экстремума. Саудовский монарх, в отличие от его коронованных собратьев, весьма осторожен, и не допускает прямых религиозных оскорблений., но его ненависть к шиитам проявилась в комментариях, опубликованных wikileaks: “отрубите голову змее (теократическому режиму в Тегеране)”.

Несмотря на попытки многих, в том числе и в Вашингтоне, списать его со счета, король Абдалла крепко вцепился в жизнь. Не далее как 4 июня он встречался с шейхом Мухаммедом бин Зайядом, наследным принцем Абу Даби. Брат Мухаммеда недавно перенес инсульт, и теперь Мухаммед является фактическим правителем ОАЭ. Никто не знает, о чем говорили Абдалла и бин Зайяд. Предположительно – о выборах в Египте и триумфе генерала Сиси. Сиси рассматривается и в Эр-Рияде, и в Абу-Даби в качестве “стабилизирующей силы”. На настоящий момент Абдулла, Зайяд и Сиси – три главных лидера арабского мира. Дальнейшая судьба арабских государств зависит от этих трех лидеров.

Для тех, кто сконфужен разделами в арабском мире и находит что выражение “враг моего врага мой друг” имеет ограниченную ценность, стоит напомнить, что в грубом приближении суннитский /шиитский раздел совпадает с границами персидского и арабского миров. В геополитическом смысле Ирак – связующее звено – с шиитским большинством, которое по происхождению своему является арабами. Есть еще одно и совершенно запутывающее все измерение, которое исторически является стержнем саудовской политики – поддержка исламских радикалов за рубежом и их сдерживание на территории королевства. Отсюда – поддержка бин Ладена, пока он воевал в Афганистане, джихадистов в Чечне, Боснии и Сирии.

Когда в 2011 начался мятеж против Асада – вместе с ростом озабоченности Эр-Рияда в связи с иранской ядерной программой – саудовская разведка вновь открыла свой сборник пьес. Она начала поддержку суннитских оппозиционных групп – наиболее радикальных из них. Вдохновитель и энтузиаст подобного подхода, принц Бандар бин Султан ушел в отставку в апреле, якобы разочарованный бездеятельностью Обамы. Тем не менее, поддержка джихадистов продолжилась. Нынешний прорыв ISIS выглядит именно такого рода тактическим сюрпризом, о котором принц Бандар мог только и мечтать – хотя доказательств подобному сценарию нет.

Северный Ирак погрузился в быстротечную битву. В ней есть много переменных. Для Вашингтона, выбор – не предпринимать ничего должен быть сбалансирован заботой о судьбе 20 тысяч американских граждан, находящихся в Ираке. Катар – региональный оппортунист, постарается подразнить своего соперника – КСА, но так, чтобы не вывести из себя регионального медведя – Иран. Отпечатков пальцев Катара пока не видно. Шейх Тамим только что отпраздновал первую годовщину своего правления – после отречения родителя – шейха Хамада. Тамим воздерживался от интриг, которые были столь характерны для политики его отца. Возможно, он не станет лезть и иракское пекло, чтобы не вызвать гнев Ирана. Но, только что предоставив убежище в Дохе пяти лидерам Талибана, Тамим ясно дал понять, по какую сторону суниитско-шиитского разлом он стоит.

Существует потенциально важный исторический прецедент к нынешней поддержке КСА ISIS, и одновременному нежеланию его чрезмерного продвижения, которое может начать угрожать королевству. В 20-х годах религиозные фанатики Ихван – после того, как помогли Ибн Сауду завоевать Аравию, начали угрожать британским протекторатам в Ираке и Трансиордании. Ибн Сауд, отец нынешнего саудовского короля, дал британцам карт бланш на уничтожение Ихвана с помощью пулеметов и самолетов, и лично возглавил силы, добившие Ихван – в битве при Сабилла в 1929.

Сегодня трудно себе вообразить настолько аккуратное окончание хаоса, в который погружается долина Евфрата. На этом этапе прямая конфронтация между иранскими и саудовскими силами представляется маловероятной – несмотря на возможное участие корпуса стражей исламской революции в сирийской войне. То что ясно уже сейчас – к сирийской гражданской войне прибавилась иракская гражданская война. у ISIS готово имя для нового государства – Халифат аш-Шам. Вашингтону придется искать свое собственное новое имя для новой территории – и собственную новую политику.

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Muslim hatred breaks the Middle East: the result of 1400 years of enmity between Shiites and Sunnis … and now threatens to engulf the whole of Iraq, and then the whole world.

Ayatollah Systems: An ancient prophecy comes true: “starts in the Middle East and spread to the whole world

Today Ayatollah Sista said: “according to ancient prophecy recorded in old books, this year will expire in 1400 – year period and start the event according to this prophecy. After 1400 years of enmity between Shiites and Sunnis, this enmity engulf the entire Middle East, and then spread to the whole world and drown it in blood.
If you look at the events in Iraq, we see that the prophecy began to come true. “

In the center of the horrific crisis in Iraq is a centuries-old hatred between the two Muslim ideologies: Sunnis and Shiites.

The deadly power struggle between two rival versions of the same faith, flushed with terrifying force.

At this time, this struggle becomes an unprecedented scale and it watched in awe throughout the Middle East, where the escalation of traditional Sunni / Shia conflict threatens governments and national boundaries.

Ayatollah Systems: An ancient prophecy comes true: “starts in the Middle East and spread to the whole world

Battle for Iraq – Saudi war against Iran.


“Be careful what you wish” – this must be the Washington Council of Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States, supporting jihadists in their war against the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Damascus. This warning sounds more relevant than ever today, when the bloodthirsty rebels ISIS rapidly advance through the north-western Iraq, displacing hundreds of thousands of their fellow Sunni and Shiite creating panic in the center around Baghdad, whose population knows that the mercy of ISIS should not wait – if the motorized column jihadists are stopped.

Such a failure of Nouri al-Maliki was the sweetest dream of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. Maliki to him – nothing more than an Iranian puppet. Abdullah refused to send an ambassador to Baghdad. Instead, he incites his colleagues at the club despotisms Cooperation Council countries of the Gulf (GCC) – take a similar position deadlock. All these countries are vulnerable to attacks al-Qaeda, but looking through his fingers at the way their citizens are funding radical groups like Al-Nusra Dzhabhat in Syria.

Abdullah is on vacation in Morocco. He still does not show in connection with the Iraq crisis. Perhaps a vacation will be interrupted. There is no doubt that the 90-year-old monarch realized – after his failed policy in Syria due to resist organized by Iran, developments in Iraq give him another chance.

That prospect breaks many predictions and embarrassed many predictors. In recent weeks, the press was filled with reports of the beginning – albeit reluctantly – GCC rapprochement with Iran. Evidence for this was the visit of the Emir of Kuwait to Tehran, Tehran and visit several trade delegations GCC. And was the opposite trend – KSA first publicly demonstrated the Chinese ballistic missiles that could reach Iran and the UAE have introduced conscription.

Advantage if the term can be employed in this context, the slaughter in Iraq is that it brings clarity. There is certainly a rival warring tribes and nations, but the dominant strain is created tensions between Sunni (majority) and Shia (minority) Islam. This phenomenon is typical for the region, has been reduced to absurdity ISIS, which, in addition to other, considering their actions in Iraq against Maliki and as a blow to Assad.

ISIS – a ruthless killing machine put their contempt for the Sunni Shiites to its logical and bloody extreme. Saudi monarch, unlike his fellow crowned, very careful, and do not allow direct religious insults., But his hatred of the Shiites emerged in comments published wikileaks: “chop off head of the snake (theocratic regime in Tehran).”

Despite attempts by many, including in Washington, write it from the account, King Abdullah gripped in life. Not later than June 4, he met with Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayad, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi. Brother Muhammad recently suffered a stroke, and is now the de facto ruler Mohammed UAE. Nobody knows what they talked about, and Abdullah bin Zayad. Presumably – on elections in Egypt and the triumph of General Sisi. Sisi seen in Riyadh and Abu Dhabi as a “stabilizing force.” Currently Abdullah Zayad and Sisi – three main leader of the Arab world. The further fate of Arab States depends on these three leaders.

For those who are confused by sections in the Arab world and finds that the phrase “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” is of limited value, it is worth recalling that in rough Sunni / Shiite section coincides with the boundaries of the Arab and Persian worlds. In geopolitical terms, Iraq – link – with the Shiite majority, which in origin is the Arabs. There is another and totally confusing all dimension, which historically is the linchpin of Saudi policy – support for Islamic radicals abroad and their containment in the Kingdom. Hence – the support of bin Laden while he fought in Afghanistan, the jihadists in Chechnya, Bosnia and Syria.

<iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”http://www.liveleak.com/ll_embed?f=938b6a1a0dfe” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>


When the 2011 revolt against Assad began – together with growing concern in Riyadh in connection with Iran’s nuclear program – Saudi intelligence reopened his playbook. She began supporting Sunni opposition groups – the most radical of them. Inspirer and enthusiast of this approach, Prince Bandar bin Sultan resigned in April, allegedly disappointed Obama inactivity. Nevertheless, support for jihadists continued. The current mess ISIS looks exactly the kind of tactical surprise, which Prince Bandar could only dream of – though no evidence of such a scenario.

Northern Iraq plunged into fleeting battle. It has a lot of variables. For Washington, the choice – to do nothing is to be balanced by concern for the fate of the 20,000 American citizens in Iraq. Qatar – regional opportunist try to tease his opponent – KSA, but so as not to ruffle the regional bear – Iran. Fingerprint Qatar has not yet seen. Sheikh Tamim just celebrated the first anniversary of his reign – after the abdication of parents – Sheikh Hamad. Tamim abstained from the intrigues that were so characteristic of the policy of his father. Perhaps he will not climb and the Iraqi hell, not to incur the wrath of Iran. But just providing shelter in Doha five leaders of the Taliban, Tamim has made it clear on which side suniitsko-Shiite rift he stands.

There is a potentially important historical precedent to support the current CSA ISIS, and simultaneous unwillingness of its excessive promotion, which may threaten to kingdom. In the 20-ies of religious fanatics Ikhwan – after Ibn Saud helped conquer Arabia, began to threaten the British protectorate in Iraq and Transjordan. Ibn Saud, father of the current Saudi king, the British gave carte blanche to the destruction of the Ikhwan using machine guns and airplanes, and personally led forces dobivshie Ikhwan – at the Battle of Sabilla in 1929.

Today it is difficult to imagine such a neat ending chaos that plunges the Euphrates valley. At this stage, direct confrontation between Iranian and Saudi forces seems unlikely – despite the possible involvement of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps in the Syrian war. What is already clear – to the Syrian civil war was added the Iraqi civil war. ISIS have ready the name for the new state – the Caliphate Al-Sham. Washington will have to find their own new name for the new territory – and its own new policy.

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